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  • An outstanding collection of resources for everyone in primary care

    The ABC series contains a wealth of indispensable resources for GPs, GP registrars, junior doctors, doctors in training and everyone in primary care

    Highly illustrated, informative and a practical source of knowledge

    An easy-to-use resource, covering the symptoms, investigations, treatment and management of conditions presenting in day-to-day practice and patient support

    Full colour photographs and illustrations aid diagnosis and patient understanding of a condition

    For more information on all books in the ABC series, including links to further information, references and links to the latest official guidelines, please visit:

  • For more information on any of these books, please visit the ABC website at www.abcbookseries.com2

    Medically Unexplained SymptomsChristopher BurtonUniversity of Aberdeen, UK

    Distressing for the patient and difficult to deal with, medically unexplained symptoms present one of the biggest challenges in primary care.ABC of Medically Unexplained Symptoms: Presents a clear andpractical guide to the identificationandmanagement of patientswith

    symptoms not adequately explained by disease Provides an overview of general principles and techniques and discusses in detail specific

    common symptoms such as headache, pain, breathlessness, fatigue and dizziness Coversvital informationon theassessmentof symptoms,providesconstructiveexplanations,

    anddescribescognitive,behaviouralandpharmacologicalapproachestotreatment Explainshowtocommunicatewithpatientsandinvolvetheminmanagingtheirownsymptoms

    JANUARY 2013 | 9781119967255 | 88 PAGES | 21.99 / 26.40 / $34.95 / AU$42.95

    MultimorbidityStewart Mercer, Chris Salisbury and Martin Fortin

    University of Glasgow and Penicuik Health Centre, Penicuik, UK; University of Bristol and William Budd Health Centre, Bristol, UK; Universit de Sherbrooke, Canada

    The challenges of treating and managing patients with more than one morbidity within primary care are complex. ABC of Multimorbidity: Providesanunderstandingoftheextentandeffectsofmultimorbidities Addressesmultifacetedissuesincludingpolypharmacy,mentalhealthandpatientsafety PresentsguidanceonhealthcareprovisionandplanningfromtheGPconsultationthroughtothe

    effectiveuseofarangeofhealthcareservices Coverspatientinvolvementinself-managementandhowmultimorbiditiescanbebesttreated


    APRIL 2014 | 9781118383889 | 88 PAGES | 21.99 / 26.50 / $33.95 / AU$42.95


    Edited by Stewart Mercer, Chris Salisbury and Martin Fortin

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    DementiaBernie Coope and Felicity RichardsKidderminster Hospital, UK

    Themanagementofdementiainvolvesnotonlythepatientbutallthoseincontactwiththepatientincluding spouse and family members, as well as a range of both unpaid and professional care providers.ABC of Dementia: Isapracticalguidetoprovidingthebestcareforpatientswithdementiawithinprimarycaresettings Includes the diagnosis and assessment of dementia and distinguishes between the different

    cognitivepresentationsthatmayormaynotbedementia Includesoptionsforearlyintervention,drugtreatments,behaviouralandpsychologicalsymptoms,

    dementiainyoungerpeople,carepathwaysandtheplanningandprovisionofcareattheendof life


    MAY 2014 | 9781118474020 | 96 PAGES | 21.99 / 26.30 / $34.95 / AU$42.95

    Sleep MedicinePaul ReadingJames Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK and South Tees NHS Trust, UK

    Patientspresentingwithsleep-relatedsymptomsarecommoninprimarycare,butassessingandmanaging these conditions can be difficult. ABC of Sleep Medicine is a practical illustrated guide tosleepdisorderswhichwillgivehealthprofessionalsconfidenceinthiscomplexareaofdiagnosisandmanagement.It: Clearlyexplainsthedifferencesbetweennormalandabnormalsleep Examines individual disorders including sleep apnoea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs

    syndrome and the parasomnias Exploressleepdisordersasacomorbidityofneurodegenerativeandpsychiatricdisease Addressescommonsleepdisordersinchildren Includesanoverviewofpharmacological treatmentsandhowcommonly useddrugsmight

    affect sleep

    FEBRUARY 2013 | 9780470659465| 66 PAGES | 21.99 / 27.30 / $34.95 / AU$42.95


    Edited by Bernard Coope and Felicity Richards

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  • For more information on any of these books, please visit the ABC website at www.abcbookseries.com4

    Dermatology6ThEdITIonRachael Morris-JonesKings College Hospital, London, UK

    Thismajorrevisionofalongestablishedandsuccessfultextbringsthisresourcefullyuptodate.ABC of Dermatology, 6th Edition: Providesapracticalguidetothecoreknowledgebasefordiagnosisandtreatmentofcommon

    dermatologicalconditionsfornon-dermatologists Includesover350newfullcolourimagestoenabletheidentificationandrecognitionofthe

    most common dermatological presentations encountered within primary care Incorporates updates on new developments and treatments such as updates on psoriasis,

    eczema,inflammatorydermatosesanddrugphotosensitivity Covers the management of onychomycosis, scabies and lice, hair and scalp biological

    treatments,lymphoedema,communityacquiredMRSA,pityriasisrosea,immunereconstitutionsyndrome and antifungal drugs

    MAY 2014 | 9781118520154 | 224 PAGES | 34.99 / 43.40 / $55.95 / AU$42.95

    Wound Healing2ndEdITIonJoseph E. Grey and Keith G. HardingUniversity Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and Cardiff University, UK; School of Medicine, Cardiff University, UK

    ABC of Wound Healing, 2nd Edition is a fully illustrated practical guide to wound assessment, specific chronic and acute wound types, and the treatment of wounds and healing procedures. This new edition: Coverstheassessment,diagnosisandmanagementofallwounds-fromtraumatictochronic,

    givingpracticaladviceondressingsanddevicesusedinthemanagementofwounds Includesinformationondressings,devices,drugs,surgeryandphysical,chemical,biological

    and emerging therapies for patients with wounds Ishighlyillustratedwithfullcolourexamplesofwoundsandtreatments

    MAY 2014 | 9780470658970 | 88 PAGES | 23.99 / 29.80 / $36.95 / AU$47.95

    ABCDermatologysixth edition

    Edited by Rachael Morris-Jones


    ABCWound Healingsecond edition

    Edited by Joseph E. Grey, Keith G. Harding and Girish Patel


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    Domestic and Sexual ViolenceSusan Bewley and Jan WelchKings College and NHS London, UK; Kings College Hospital and South Thames Foundation School, London, UK

    ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence is a practical guide for all health care professionals caring forabusedindividuals.ThisnewABC: Provides practical guidance on improving clinical skills and patient care in what is often

    consideredasensitiveordifficultsubjectarea offersproblemsolvingcase-basedscenarioswithclinicaltipsongoodpracticeandpotential

    pitfalls Incorporates nICE guidelines throughout and meets the requirements of the Foundation

    Curriculum Includes clinical tipsandpitfalls to clearlydemonstrate keypoints andemphasizes simple


    APRIL 2014 | 9781118482186 | 112 PAGES | 21.99 / 26.70 / $34.95 / AU$42.95

    Alcohol5ThEdITIonAnne McCuneBristol Royal Infirmary, UK

    Themisuseofalcoholpresentsbothindividualphysicalandpsychologicalproblemsaswellaswider social consequences. ABC of Alcohol, 5th Edition: Presentsapracticalguidetoprovidingthebestcareforpatientswithalcoholrelatedproblems

    withmultidisciplinaryteamperspectives Includes new chapters on alcohol and the young person, alcohol related liver disease,

    neurological problems, alcohol and the older person, alcohol and cancer, and the alcohol nurse specialist

    Containsafinalresourceschapterwithfurtherguidanceonhowtoaccessappropriateservice offers improved coverage of the role of alcohol health workers and guidance on the

    availabilityofvoluntaryalcoholservices Presentscasestudyscenarios,examplesofbestpractice,patientperspectivesandtestimonies

    throughout IncorporatescurrentnICEguidelinesandtheGovernmentsAlcoholStrategy2012

    APRIL 2014 | 9781118544792 | 104 PAGES | 24.99 / 30.30 / $39.95 / AU$47.95

    ABCAlcoholfifth edition

    Edited by Anne McCune


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  • For more information on any of these books, please visit the ABC website at www.abcbookseries.com6

    Major Trauma4ThEdITIonDavid V. Skinner and Peter A. DriscollJohn Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK; Hope Hospital, Salford, UK

    Major trauma and prehospital care is a growing area in medicine, and emergency treatments are becomingmoresophisticatedasthepotentialtosavelivesgrows.Thisfourtheditionofthelongestablished and bestselling ABC of Major Trauma is: Acomprehensiveguidetothemanagementofthemultiplyinjuredpatientduringtheinitialhours

    after injury Thoroughly updated throughout, and includes newmaterial on traumamanagement in the

    developingworld Providesconciseandclearguidancewithaccompanyingphotographsanddiagrams Editedandwrittenbyleadingtraumaauthorities,thisisatrulyaccessibleandpracticalbook

    for everyday use by emergency medicine staff, nurses, hospital doctors, paramedics, andambulanceservices

    MARCH 2013 | 9780727918598 | 238 PAGES | 29.99 / 37.40 / $49.9


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