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This is so simple that you will wonder how come you have never thought of it before. This is a consistent steady money maker that really requires very little work, though it does take a little bit of money.


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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An Easy Method to Make Money From Home

This is so simple that you will wonder how come you have never thoughtof it before. This is a consistent steady money maker that really requiresvery little work, though it does take a little bit of money.

Have you heard of penny auctions?

Imagine if you had discovered eBay as a place to buy things beforeeveryone else did? I have always been pretty "plugged-in" in regards to theinternet and I did. I will tell you the deals I got there were ridiculous. Inever used it to make money, but I did use it to save a ton. I find mostthings sell on ebay now for about what they are worth. There are so manybuyers there that bids just go up and up and up. In fact, many people useeBay as their first stop when looking for something to purchase now. It'sthe first place I go when thinking about a used car.

So, penny auctions. There is a second generation of online auctions thatis just now getting started. The deals are there like they were on eBay inthe beginning. Only now I know how to make extra money on them. There


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the beginning. Only now I know how to make extra money on them. Thereare two methods to do this. The results are different so I will share bothhere.

The first thing you need to do is join a penny auction site, there areseveral out there but rather than trying to track auctions at multiple sitesstick with just one. I use Quibids, I did try a few others, and this is theone I have stuck with the longest. Their url is

Make money from penny auctions.

So, here is what we are going to do. We are going to buy products on thepenny auction site with the intent to resell them. Then at the end, I amgoing to share some tools to help increase your earnings.

Pick any product on the site, really anything it doesn't matter. Look it upin two places, eBay and your local craigslist. You will notice a difference in

prices. Ebay is generally more than craigslist. It goes to what I said above, they just have morebuyers. So why do you want to look at both?

If you need to get your cash back fast, craigslist is the way to go. It has never taken me morethan 48 hours to sell something on craigslist. That's 48 hours from when I posted the ad to whenI met the person at Starbucks and gave them the product and got my cash. (Always meet yourcraigslist buyers in a public place, never let them know where you live. Actually I even go so faras to have a tracphone just for craigslist business and not give out my real number.)

One other thought about craigslist. I sold three iPad's on craigslist before I found the right price.The first one I under priced and could have sold it a hundred times. The second I was a littleover priced and my first inquiry took two days, but he did buy it. I dropped the price a little onthe third and sold it in one day with only three inquiries about it. eBay is little more forgiving ifyou miss the price.

Which brings me to the times you would use eBay. All your auctions on eBay should be at leastfour days. Then you also have to ship the product to the buyer. It takes a little longer, and is alittle more work. You should be fine though as the prices are generally higher on eBay sales. Theother good thing about eBay is you don't have to talk to anyone. Generally buyers bid without

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asking questions, and send you their shipping info and payment as soon as the auction ends. Youcome home from work package and ship their product.

That's it. I sell three to four things a week on eBay that I buy from quibids. I stick to electronicsbecause they always sell and they have a high profit margin. Also, I cheat. I found a programthat helps me on quibids (another reason to stick with them.) Bid-Ninja is the program. What itdoes is it analyzes activity on quibids and then shares that info with you. This allows you toknow what you should pay for something. So you stumble across what looks like a really gooddeal on an iPad. Bid Ninja will tell you if it is. Then you know if you should bid on that auction orlook for another.

Even though that's a great feature, here is the real benefit. While you are at work, fixing dinnerfor the kids, taking them to soccer practice or any of the other myriad of things we have to do,bid ninja bids for you.

Remember I said this system was easy. I put maybe three hours a week into buying products onquibids using bid ninja, then posting on eBay and shipping out. In the last six months I made$4,825 from doing this. That breaks down to $61 bucks an hour for a part time job. I only planto increase that as I save up money to buy more inventory to resell.

Try this out and come back and leave me a comment about how it worked for you.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

What You Need to Know About Making Money Online

It's probably one of the most popular searchterms in the world: how to make moneyonline. But it can also be one of the mostdifficult things to accomplish. There are

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thousands of work from home jobs, as wellas literally thousands of ways to makemoney online but it can be really tricky tosort through the wheat from the chaff, so tospeak, to find the right opportunities for you.Here's what you need to know about how tomake money online.

If something seems too good to be true, itprobably is. Thousands of positions

advertise astonishing salaries, job perks and much, much more, but it is very rare for anyof these perks to actually occur. Use a little bit of savvy when searching for positions andin general, always follow the rule that if it seems to good to ever be true (especially if theposition mentions that you might think it is too good to be true), it likely is.

Competition is fierce. The work from home industry is huge and worth millions and millionsof dollars a year and because there is the potential to earn so much money if you knowwhere to look competition is particularly fierce. If you're looking for jobs online, or throughfreelancing sites, competitors in other countries that have a lower cost of living couldeasily undercut you and this does tend to mean that you really have to prove yourself inthe market. If you have the skills, you can expect to claim a higher price in the market but if you're new and still trying to prove yourself, you might well find it difficult to competeand so it's important that you spend a little bit of time on developing your skills before youget started.

You need to put in a lot of work. There isn't one magic system that can help you makethousands of dollars a week by clicking a few buttons. No system is truly automated andyou will always have to work. Although adverts might tell you that all you need to do isclick this button to receive thousands of dollars a week from Google, it is simply a way toget you to click on their ad and buy their product. If you want to make serious money, youhave to put in serious work but the bonus is that you can do it from home.

You can make more money than youwould in a real job. Some people havea bit of a misconception and believe that

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working from home isn't a proper joband that you can't make propermoney. Wrong. The only difference isthat how much money you make isdictated by what you do. You can'tcoast and play games on your phone allday. Although this can be scary, it canalso be a particularly powerful motivator.

This isn't a 9 to 5 job. Although you canwork from 9 to 5 with an hour for lunchand a break mid-afternoon, you'll findthat your earnings increase massively if you'd be willing to put in a little bit of work in theevenings and at the weekends. Also, you'll probably end up working with people who live incompletely different time zones and this means that you might have to stay up late orget up early in the morning for a Skype chat or to answer an email. But the flip side to thisis that although you might be working, you still get to be at home with your family andthat's why so many people want to work from home.

You can always go back to working in the real world. There is a bit of a misconceptionthat if you leave the world of work and set up your own business or work from home thatyou can never go back. But you absolutely can. As long as you don't leave your job andsit at home for six months before you do anything, working from home demonstrates thatyou have a lot of business savvy and the potential to be something amazing.