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  1. 1. An Affirmation for Letting GoBy Larry James
  2. 2. I am willing to trust. I know that to the degree I am willing to give up my search fora healthy love relationship, I can have it. I know I can have whatever I am readyand willing to receive. Individual receptivity is everything. Without it, nothingchanges. With it, all things are possible. I no longer insist upon my choice.
  3. 3. I know that the only thing I lose when I let go ofsomething I am afraid to live without is the fear itself.I am stronger than anything that frightens me!
  4. 4. I let go of the past, and I am freeto think clearly and positively inthe present. I am not my past.
  5. 5. Letting go is the natural release which always follows therealization that holding on is an energy drain and it hurts.Letting go happens effortlessly when there is no otherchoice. Letting go does not mean giving up.
  6. 6. Letting go is a journey that never ends. Never. It only begins -- overand over again -- each time I can glimpse something higher thanmy own painful certainty over who I think I am. There is alwayssomething higher; a life beyond the limits of my present sight.
  7. 7. To see what is farther I must be willing to lift my eyesfrom their present point of focus. Release alwaysfollows revelation and real revelation is always aglimpse of something that was only just out of sight.
  8. 8. I know that stress inmy love relationshipexists because Iinsist! What I resist,persists. I am tiedto whatever I avoid.
  9. 9. It is a mistaken belief that I must push my love relationship inthe direction I choose that keeps me in a strained and unhappyrelationship with it. Reality has its own effortless course, and Ican either embrace its way or struggle endlessly with mine.
  10. 10. I do not need powerto flow. I let go of thatpart of myself that iscertain it is better tosuffer and feel likesomeone than it is tojust let go and quietlybe no one. I give birthto a new me that neverhas to hold on toanything because itis already everything.
  11. 11. I dare to walk away fromall of the familiar butuseless mental andemotional relationshipsthat give me a temporarybut unsatisfactory senseof self. My true identity iscalling me and to hearit I must be willing toendure, for as long asnecessary, the fear ofself-uncertainty.
  12. 12. This form of seemingself-abandonmenteventually turns intomy greatest pleasureas it becomesincreasingly evidentthat the only thingcertain about fear isthat it will alwayscompromise me.When it comes towho I really am, thereis no compromise.
  13. 13. Let go of the past. The past is yesterday. It is irretrievable. Whenyou relate to the past, you relate to no one or any thing. You areliterally talking to yourself. No one else is listening. You havealready heard all you have to say about that, so, let go.
  14. 14. It is certifiable insanity to conjure up your ownreality based on the past and relate to it, rather thanto relate to the present which is the only reality.
  15. 15. I say goodbye to the past andhello to the present.
  16. 16. I am enthusiastic about who I am becoming! I know that noone sincerely asks for a new life until they are thoroughlydissatisfied with the old one. I am and I let go. When I allowmyself to let go of what is old, I stay true to what is new.
  17. 17. I believe that as with all insight, higher understanding itselfcontains not only the instructions I must follow, but thestrength I will need to carry them out.
  18. 18. Starting life overagain is the key toa new me. I seethe beauty andsignificance ofstarting over overand over and over.Every presentmoment is alwaysnew and new isalways right now!The new dies tothe ever-new in anendless celebrationof Life. This is it!
  19. 19. I live in the present.I never let the past dictatethe direction of thepresent moment. I givemy best to my endeavors.What lies ahead for mecan only be good. Truepeace and harmony area part of who I am.
  20. 20. I have come to therealization that whatis possible for me tobecome only trulychanges when I amwilling to see whatis impossible for meto continue being.
  21. 21. Thank You Very MuchSompong YusoontornMy true nature is already fully independent andflying freely. I have found my wings. I let go andlet God. And so it is.