amy groh, ma director of crisis intervention services 19 n. 6 th street. reading, pa 19601 (610)...

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  • Amy Groh, MADirector of Crisis Intervention Services19 N. 6th Street. Reading, PA 19601

    (610) 236-0530Crisis Intervention & Emergency Services

  • Sam is the gateway to mental health services in Berks county.

    Sam, Inc. is an agency dedicated to provide access to mental health treatment for anyone in Berks County regardless of income or ability to pay.

    About Sam, Inc.

  • How is Sam, Inc. able to help?

    Sam provides intake/referrals, early intervention program for children birth to three, Mental Health Case Management, Intellectual Developmental Disability Supports Coordination, Forensic Case Management, and Crisis Intervention and Emergency Services.

    In Berks County Sam, Inc. is located at 19 N. 6th Street in Reading, PA

  • Our case management and crisis services have been accredited by the commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).Certified by the American Association of Suicidology

  • Crisis Intervention Services What are Crisis Intervention Services?Who is eligible for services?How and where are Crisis Services provided?What are Emergency Mental Health Services?When are Crisis Services provided?What is Act-147?

  • What are Crisis Intervention Services?Assistance to consumers in resolving and/or diffusing crisis situations via problem solving, support, and referral.

    Assessment and consultation in identifying mental health problems and needs, as well as options for mental health treatment or other interventions and community services.

    Information and referral for other human services and community Resources.

  • Who is eligible for services?Anyone who requests them regardless of age, income, or health insurance.

    Mental health consumers and persons interested in their wellbeing including, but not limited to, family, friends, human services agencies, school personnel, and law enforcement and court officers.

  • How and where are Crisis Services provided?Staff members will work to understand a callers needs and requests and then consider how and where to most effectively interact with consumers and/or other callers.

    Telephone contact.

    Mobile outreach to conduct ace-to-face contact in the community.

    Walk-in at Sam, Inc.

  • What are Emergency Mental Health Services?Emergency Mental Health Services consist of the review and execution of requests for involuntary mental health evaluation and treatment.

    Emergency Mental Health Services are provided only after less-restrictive and less-intrusive crisis intervention services have been provided.

    Emergency Mental Health Services are provided in accordance with the Mental Health Procedures Act of 1976, Section 302.

    Emergency Mental Health Services are provided by SAM, Inc. staff under the authority delegated to them by the Berks County Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities program.

  • When are Crisis Services available?Crisis services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week by calling:

    (610) 236-0530 or(877) 236-4600 TOLL FREE

  • SAM, Inc. Crisis Center staff does not have the means to restrain or otherwise restrict peoples movements, or to provide care for medical problems, drug/alcohol intoxication, or withdrawal.

    Crisis Intervention Services are not an effective substitute for on-going mental health case management or treatment services.

    Please note:

  • ACT 147

  • Minors Consent ActAct 147 Amends the Minors Consent to Medical, Dental and Other Health Services (35 P.S. 1010 et seq.) (the Minors Consent Act)Nothing in Act 147 is intended to restrict the rights of a minor who satisfies the conditions of the Minors Consent Act. Act 147: 1.1(c) Effective January 22, 2005


  • ACT 147:Outpatient Treatment Any minor who is fourteen years of age or older may consent on his or her own behalf to outpatient mental health examination and treatment, and the minors parent or legal guardians consent shall not be necessary.

    Act 147: 1.1(a)(1) *

  • ACT 147Outpatient TreatmentA parent or legal guardian of a minor less than eighteen years of age may consent to voluntary outpatient mental health examination or treatment on behalf of the minor, and the minor's consent shall not be necessary.

    Act 147: 1.1(a)(2)


  • ACT 47Outpatient Treatment

    A minor may not abrogate consent provided by a parent or legal guardian on the minor's behalf, nor may a parent or legal guardian abrogate consent given by the minor on his or her own behalf. Act 147: 1.1(a)(3) - Abrogate means to cancel, repeal or annul.


  • ACT 147Inpatient Treatment

    Parent/Legal Guardian of minor under 18 may consent to voluntary inpatient treatment pursuant to the Mental Health Procedures Act of 1976 (MHPA) on the recommendation of a physician who has examined the minor. The minor's consent is not necessary.

    Act 147: 1.1(b) *

  • ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

    Act 147 does not restrict or alter a minors rights in the Mental Health Procedures Act (MHPA) to consent to voluntary inpatient treatment at age 14 or older. Act 147: 1. 1(b)(2) *

  • Act 147 does not restrict or alter a parent/guardians right to object to minors (14+) consent to voluntary inpatient treatment under the MHPA. Act 147:1.1(b)(3)

    *ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • Parent/legal guardian may not abrogate consent of minor; minor may not abrogate consent of parent/legal guardian. Act 147: 1.1(b)(4)*ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • Parent/legal guardian consent to inpatient treatment may be revoked; treatment will terminate unless minor 14 to 18 consents to continued inpatient treatment.

    Act 147: 1.1(b)(5)

    *ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • Minor 14-18 who has consented to inpatient treatment may revoke his/her consent; minors revocation of consent is effective unless parent/legal guardian of minor has provided for continued treatment.

    *ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • Facility Director shall:

    Provide minor (14-17 years of age) with an explanation of the nature of the treatment and minors rights;File a petition with the Court, if minor objects to treatment consented to by parent/legal guardian.

    Act 147: 1.1(b)(7)(8)*ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • Court shall promptly:Appoint attorney for minor.Schedule hearing within 72 hours of the filing of the petition.Judge or mental health review officer determines whether voluntary mental health treatment is in the best interest of the minor.Act 147: 1.1(b)(8)*ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • For patient treatment to continue against minors wishes, the Court must find voluntary inpatient treatment necessary by clear and convincing evidence that:Diagnosed mental disorder existDisorder is treatable in the particular facilityLeast restrictive environment.*ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • If Court orders minor to undergo treatment, minor shall receive services for up to 20 days.Minor shall be discharged whenever:Attending physician determines that minor is no longer in need of treatment; Consent to treatment has been revoked;The end of the time period of the order; or Whichever comes first.Act 147: 1.1(b)(9)*ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • Court conducts a review hearing to determine whether to:release the minor;make a subsequent order for inpatient treatment not to exceed 60 days, subject to discharge whenever the attending physician determines the minor is no longer in need of treatment; consent (parental) is revoked under Paragraph 5; orCourt may order 60-day period of treatment.

    Act 147: 1.1 (b)(9)(10)*ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

  • Nothing in this subsection shall prevent a non-consenting parent who has legal custody rights of a minor child to object to voluntary inpatient services approved by consenting parent by filing a petition in Court; hearing to be held in 72 hours.

    Act 147: 1.1(b)(11)

    *ACT 147 Inpatient Treatment

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