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By Ralph Eicher - This book seeks to act as a complete instructional guide for all spellcasters who wish to learn to make powerful and effective amulets with real magick.


  • Introduction

    The realms of magick, as we all know, center largely around

    the active casting of spells. There are, of course, many

    different types of spells, and many different and varied ways

    to cast them. Some spells require casting only once to be

    effective. Some spells, however, are intended by the

    practitioner to be lasting, if not permanent. For these spells,

    it can be extremely useful to bind magickal energy to a

    physical object, which then becomes a real and lasting link

    between the practitioner and the energy of his or her spell.

    Such, in very simple terms, is the basis of amulet and

    talisman magick.

  • Amulets and talismans are powerful magickal objects

    created by practitioners of the esoteric arts for specific

    purposes. They can provide protection, enhance health,

    attract prosperity, or any other magickal task to which they

    are assigned. They may be as simple as a few symbols

    quickly jotted onto a piece of paper and stuffed into a

    pocket, or as complex as a fully inscribed metal amulet

    dotted with crystals. Regardless of the form they take, their

    basic purpose is the same: to contain and sustain the energy

    of a practitioner's spell. From this starting point, their

    applications are virtually limitless.

    This book will provide the practitioner with many symbols

    that are commonly employed on amulets and talismans, as

    well as instructions on how to create different types of them.

    The goal of this book is to act as a complete instructive on

  • the creation of these magickal objects, giving spellcasters

    the necessary information and knowledge needed to begin

    crafting their.

    Amulets VS. Talismans: What is theDifference?

    The difference between these two categories of magickal

    objects is purely linguistic in nature. While the two are

    commonly grouped separately, they are, fundamentally, the

    same thing.

    With regards to this differentiation, it can simply be said

    that the word amulet applies most properly to any object

  • that is intended to protect its possessor from danger, harm,

    or bad luck. Talismans, on the other hand, are those objects

    which attract something positive, such as good luck, health,

    or wealth. Both, however, operate on the same principle:

    they both act as physical repositories of the magickal energy

    you have placed into them in casting a spell over them. As

    time passes, they continue to diffuse this energy in

    accordance with the requirements on the spell you have cast

    on them. In this sense, you can think of them like energetic

    trust funds.

    Because this difference is so trivial, we will not, in the

    context of the remainder of this book, differentiate between

    the two, as doing so would only serve to add a layer of

    complexity that is not required for the practitioner of magick.

    Therefore, from this point forward, the word amulet shall

  • be employed in reference to all magickal objects intended to

    contain the energy of a spell over a long period of time.

    How Long Can Amulets Last?

    Because amulets are fueled by the energy that a spellcaster

    puts into them when creating them, their effect is not

    indefinite. The length of time that a given amulet will remain

    potent is dependent upon two factors: the energetic

    requirements of the spell it is being used in, and the amount

    of energy that is infused into it in the first place. For

    example, a protection spell, being largely passive in nature,

    will require much less energy use than a spell intended to

    attract love, which is more active in nature. Therefore, an

  • attraction amulet will consume the energy infused into it

    faster than a protection amulet would.

    Of course, like any magickal object or spell, amulets can

    easily be recharged after they have been created. In a later

    section of this book, we will cover basic recharging, as well

    as advanced amulet creation spellcraft techniques that will

    make an amulet, for all intents and purposes, permanently


    Common Symbols Useful in AmuletMagick

    One of the key components of amulet magick is the use of

  • symbols. The use of magickal symbols can make an amulet

    more powerful and effective in its purpose. Therefore, it is

    important for our goals here to discuss many of the most

    common magickal symbols that practitioners may use to

    create their first amulets. These symbols are drawn from a

    multitude of sources across the world, and it is up to the

    individual practitioner to decide what symbols best suit his

    or her needs.


    Runes, an ancient alphabet from the far north of Europe

    used to write Norse, Old Swedish, and other languages of

    the region, have been a favorite of those who practice

    magick for centuries. The runes you see here are from the

  • Elder Futhark, the oldest rune alphabet system.


    is a universal protection symbol, as well as a symbol useful

    in the projection of magickal power. Far from simply being a

    symbol of protection from physical threats, Inguz can act to

    protect against bad luck, ill intent from others, and other

    such normal adversities. In this capacity, it can be used to

  • protect health and prosperity, as well as ward off physical


    Tiwaz is a rune that represents victory, success, honor, and

    glory. This rune serves well in any spell that is intended to

    bring wealth or to increase your chances of success in a

  • given venture. Because of this, it is most frequently

    employed in spells that are cast to improve careers or to

    bring victory in competition.

  • Algiz is another protective rune, though slightly different in

    its magickal uses from Inguz. Algiz is meant as a spiritual

    protection. Commonly incorporated into spells that are

    meant to ward off evil, black magick, or the ill will of others,

    Algiz is one of the best runes for protection against

    malicious forces.

  • The rune Kenaz is used in spells meant to bring wisdom,

    clarity, and understanding. It also represents change for the

    better, and can be inscribed on amulets that are intended to

    bring about favorable circumstances.

  • Uruz is one of my personal favorite runes. Representing

    strength, power, and will, this rune can be employed in

    practically any spell to focus your magickal energies and

    increase that spell's chances of success. Inscribed on any

    amulet meant to actively bring about a certain result, this

    rune will lend power to that amulet.

  • Isa is a passive rune symbol that strengthens the

    properties of all other runes around it. Isa is excellent to add

    to an amulet when the other symbols on that amulet all have

    similar meanings to each other. However, be aware that if

    you engineer an amulet that has contradictory symbols on it,

    the addition of the Isa rune will amplify these differences,

    making your amulet very unlikely to work as it should.

  • The Berkano rune deals with matters of the heart, intimacy,

    romance, and love. It can be used to bring about new love,

    or to refresh old. It is also useful in any spell that has to do

    with personal relationships, as it will bring clarity and

    stability to them.

    With regards to amulet magick, Perthro is the most powerful

  • rune. Symbolizing as it does magick, the occult, and that

    which is hidden, the inclusion of the Perthro rune onto any

    amulet will significantly increase its ability to act upon the

    world. Used in conjunction with Uruz or Isa, this rune

    becomes even more powerful. It is also useful in those spells

    that are meant to draw upon psychic abilities.

    Alchemical Planetary Symbols

    Medieval alchemists employed a series of symbols to

    represent the higher magickal properties of the elements with

    which they dealt, named according to the celestial bodies

    with which these elements were principally identified. In

    time, these symbols became commonplace in the world of

    magickal practice. Here, we will explore these symbols and

  • their attributes.

    The symbol of Saturn is emblematic of the passage time,

    longevity, and wisdom. This symbol, when applied to amulet

    magick, will grant the amulet the power to bring duration to

    whatever you may elect. For example, it can be used to

    protect wealth by bringing duration to your time of

    prosperity. This property may also be used in an amulet

  • intended to bring good health and long life, as this longevity

    can also apply to yourself as well.

    The alchemical symbol for Venus represents love, affection,

    intimacy, and all romantic relationships. This symbol is also

    representative of change in these matters, making it useful in

  • many love spells for healing emotional wounds. Because of

    its close association of meaning, this symbol can be used in

    conjunction with the Berkano rune to great effect.

    This symbol of the Sun is concerned almost entirely with

  • wealth and worldly success. In a later section of sample

    amulets, you will see this symbol form the basis of a

    powerful amulet meant to bring wealth and prosperity.

    The Mars symbol represents power, strength, combat, and

    victory. It is e