Amplifying Your Auction: How Online and Mobile Bidding Can Transform Your Silent Auction

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The silent auction, whether it's for a school or a nonprofit, has expanded outside of just the auction room and can now reach all different audiences before, during, and after the live event.


1.1New cover slide with amplification image and titleAMPLIFYYOUR AUCTIONHow online and mobile biddingtransform the silent auction2. Where do auctions fit in thefundraising landscape? Peer to Peer fundraising Direct appeals Capital Campaigns Events Social Media has changedthe rules for allof these tactics2 3. Auctions tap a different pool of $$ Supporters have a budget that they tapto give charitable donations Auctions tap householddiscretionary spending:- Sports tickets- Theater tickets- Restaurant certificates- Travel: all come out ofa household budget3 4. The Charitable Commerce Eco-systemNonprofitsCharitableShoppers/SupportersGenerousbusinesses/Individuals4 5. The Anytime, Anywhere AuctionA fundraising auction that allowsbidders to bid on any device fromanywhere.5 Online At school events At galas At golf tournaments In stadiums 6. Its all about6 7. Lets start with the gala7 The larger bidding community Gala attendees Your community Their networks400+ 2000_____2,400X 25______60,000+ 360,000_______420,000 8. Traditional silent auction = crowds8 9. 9Traditional silent auction = party distractions 10. Traditional silent auction = awkward endings10 11. New mobile auctionbegins with an invitation11Fab Gala Celebration 12. And a visit to the auction homepage12 13. Guests buy tickets and browse the auction13 14. 14They come for the partyThey arrive ready to bid. No need to fightthe crowd or worry about getting outbid.The night of the event 15. A leaderboard keeps them engaged15 Promote sponsors and highlight featured items Show auction progress and thank auction donors volunteers 16. Encourage more bidding165 MINSLEFT TOBID!PLACEMAX BIDYOU HAVEBEENOUT BIDOutbid Alerts Max Bids Bid Extension 17. Another amplification idea17 The larger bidder community Gala attendees Your community Their networksFrom the ballroom to the hotel guests to the broadercommunity = more $$ raised 18. Checkout is a breezethey go home happy18 19. Best practices for online auctionsand mobile bidding events19 20. Lets start with some inspirationOrganize, dont agonize. Nancy PelosiBy failing to prepare,you are preparing to fail. Benjamin FranklinHe who is best prepared can bestserve his moment of inspiration. Samuel Taylor Coleridge20 21. Organizing your volunteersis a lot like managing a family Checklists Collaboration tools Volunteer log in Reporting Item Donation Status Tickets sold $$ raised to date Cash Donations21 22. Its All About the Items22Harrison FordExperience(lunch +plane ride)$70,000Navy Seals Motorcycle$25,000Classic LunchBox Collection$10,000Antique Tea Set$20,0002011 Smart Car +$500 ingas$12,000William WegmanPhotoSession$10,000 23. Different Auction Formats 23 24. Different Auction Formats 24 25. Different Auction Formats 25 26. Tip #1:Pre-promotion, prepare your guests26 Send multiple emails To solicit donations To sell tickets To announce auction To countdown to auction close. Recommended best practice: 5emailsWestchester Arts 27. Using Facebook before, duringand after your fundraiser27 Post updates on eventdetails includingentertainment, speakers,special guests Provide date, time andlocation Link to registration orticket page. Post updates onfeatured items withimages. 28. Using Twitter before, during andafter your fundraiser28Use Twitter to create a place for conversations about the event. 29. Tip #2Connectivity matters Plan for peak times Negotiate terms upfront Have IT personscontact info for trouble-shooting Have a plan B29Private School Gala in Boston 30. Tip # 3Venue selection is key30Academy of Friends in SFStatesville Family YMCA 31. Tip #4Pre-RegistrationCut registration time by 1/3rd or moreat your event when attendees pre-registerEliminates linesat the event.Sell tickets on yourAuctionhomepage!31 32. Tip #5One bid learning curveand bidder buddies32 33. Tip # 6Open the doors to your auction Larry King Cardiac Foundation33Raised 25% of their revenue from outside theircommunity by putting auction online 34. Tip #7Broadcast Your auctionGLOBE SANTA Actors revved up bidding Amplification: bat boyor girl at Fenway Park $1,000 with closed auction $2,500 with open auction34 35. Tip #8Price your items carefullyThere is an art to pricingyour auction items: Set your opening bids Recommendation - set at1/3 value of the item You know your communitybest and what prices will fly35 36. Tip # 9Make it easy to bid Have music blasting all night long Have a casino competing with your auction Isolate the bidding area from the party Serve too much alcohol before the biddingbegins.36Dont: 37. Make it easy to bid37Do: Make sure you can make auction announcements Encourage volunteers to help bidders Sell tickets online so people arrive ready to bid Put bidding station near the items Use a leaderboard to keepbidders engaged 38. Thanks!Happy Fundraising38


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