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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz , California

Wednesday, January 8,1969

Page 4

On The Club CalendarW. T h o m a s F le tc he r.

UCSC Community Services

Officer and fellow at Mer-

rill College, will describe the

I CSC Education al Op port u-

nity P r o g r a m for the 8o’clock meeting tonight of

P rents Without P rtners


Room 911, Cahnllo College.

The general public is invited.

A special message from the

Ros irruci n O r d e r ’ s new 

grand master. Chris Warn

ken, will be read whenRose 

Ch pter

meets at8

 p.m. Fri-

day at Arion H ll.

The H mmond Org n Club

meets Friday at 7:45 p.m. at

the Santa Cruz Music Center,

107 Walnut Avenue.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, C alifornia

Sunday, January 12, 1%9

Page 8



FREE PUBLIC LECTURE |$non*>o‘cd by Ro'>e Ch ap ter of San1« Ctuz «■

" R E I N C A R N A T I O N " f  


Film: "EGYPT, CRADLE OF CIVILATION"Question flnd Answe r Period. jjj

Sonal Hour. 2



230 Plymouth S t , S « n t« Cruz r

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, February 11, 1969Page 14


To Meet FridayRalph M. TjCttis of San Jose,

impcrator of the Rosjcrucian

Order. A.M 0 R C., will speakto members of the order's localRose chapter Friday at 8 Afion Hall, 230 PlymouthStreet

Robert Malat chapter master,

said the meeting will be fol-lowed by a social hour to honorLewis' birthday. A.1J gra ndlodge members are invited.

Lewis is the author of a bi-ography of H. Spencer Lewis,

first imperator of the presentevr le of tb»* order in th<‘ 1'nitedStates, and of other mysticaland philosophical books

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The Independent

Pasadena, California

Tuesday, March 4, 1969

Page A3

An ex ce rp t f rom t h e a r ti cl e: "S i rh an A d m i t s K i l l i n g ”

was implanted. I did not learn to live with it."

BuC Sirhan, he said, didnoc want lo come to theUnited States.

Ado) olso described an-

other pari of Sirban's life,in the Pasadena house liecalled home until his ar*resi June 5. 19US.

"He full from a horse inIfHifi and wus nervous af-terwards and spent muchtime in his room talkingto himself. He wuuld sitstar ing at u candle on hisdesk, reading some Rosicrucian liters In re andmaking experiments. He

would say he could seethe colors change or see across in the flame orwhatever his mind wantedto see. He also said ynucould think something andnot actually rio it and itwould be dune.**

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The Des Moines Register

Des Moines, IowaThursday, March 6, 1969

Page 16

An excerpt from the article:

Sirhan Tells How Israeli  Ad Led to   AssassinationLOS ANGELES, CALIF. (AP) Sirhan Blshara Sirhan told

About a month before the assassination, Sirhan read an article in a religious magazine urging the reader to “put your plan, your goal, your idea in writing and see how It catches fire.”

Sirhan said he read the article  

in the Rosicrucian Digest, a 

publication issued by the mysti

cal Rosicrucian religious order 

to which he belonged.

“See how your idea gains mo

mentum by the simple process 

of writing down/* said the arti

cle in the May, 1968, issue.

. Sirhan grinned sheepishly as 

Cooper read from two notebooks 

of private entries and sighed  

“Thank God” when the reading 

was concluded.

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Freeport JournalStandard

Freeport, Illinois

Thursday, March 6,1969

Page 4

An excerpt from the article: ’’Some Thoughts on Sirhan” by Max Lerner

Such men arc likely to use big 

words they don’t quite under

stand, or grammatical syntax 

they have not mastered. Here is 

a rather pathetic example: “For 

a person to put his thoughts into  

words is a difficult task if you are to remember that that per

son is a troglodyte who is there

fore more physically inclined 

than his urban contemporary.” 

Or the note at the top of the 

page on which one finds the re

peated scrawl, “Robert F. Ken

nedy must be assassinated”—a note reading: “My determina

tion to eliminate RFK is becom

ing more the more of an unsha

kable obsession.”

It is not surprising that such a man, with little or no knowledge  

of Marxism, should write “I 

firmly support the Communist 

cau se and its people'* or should 

assert “I believe that the U.S. is 

ready to start declining.” Nor is

it surprising that he should have 

reached out to the mysticism of  the Rosicrucian Society, writing 

on an application, “By reading 

your book, Mastery of Life,  I  have discovered how much I do not know about myself despite 

all the philosophical works I have been reading."

It is exactly out of such a hotch

potch of contradictory strands that the master strand may  

emerge: to wreak oneself on cir

cumstance by seeking out the 

enemy and killing him, to im

press oneself thus on life and history'.

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The Van Nuys News

Van Nuys, California

Friday, March 14,1969

Page 5A

R o s i c r u c i a n s ’N e w Y e a r ’ sE v e n t S l a t e d

Rosicruclanti throughout the 

Valley will h oi 1 Jieif annual 

New Year’s ceremony on 

Sunday at 7:45 p.m.

The event will be held at the 

San Fernando Valley Lodge 

quarters, 15716 Parthenia St., 

Sepulveda. Many visiting 

members from surrounding 

cities will be in attendance.

The new officers of San Fer

nando Valley Lodge who will 

be Installed are: Delores Cas

teel, secretary; David Williams, chaplain; Louis 

Sorensen, outer guardian; 

Ann Rainerl, inner guardian; and Ernie Grothe, secretary of the board of trustees. ^

According to Nancy-June Thomas, lodge master, the ancient Egyptians, from the time of Memphis to the Ptolemaic Period, began their new year always on or about the 

time of the vernal equinox, when the sun on its journey crosses the celestial equator and enters the zodiacal sign of  Aries, which always occurs on or about March 21.

This was considered the beginning of the new year because spring is the dormant period of winter, the bursting forth of blossoms, and the growth of living things.

The occasion of the New Year will be celebrated, states Nancy-June Thomas, by a symbolic feast in w’hich the 

participants receive simple foods, corresponding to certain basic elements of nature, such as salt, com and unfermented grape juices.

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, a nonreligious, philosophical fraternity, maintains that its traditional origin occurred during the reign of Pharaoh Akhnaton in 1350 B.C. The order commemorates the ancient New Year’s beginning with a nonreligiou? ceremony that embraces the allegorical significance of .the age-old Egyptian rite.

March 21 is also the begin

ning of the fiscal period ti t    all Rosicrucian lodges and chapters throughout the world, and the date is marked by the installation of new ritualistic and administrative officers.

For additional information contact 0. L. Peterson, office 391-0311, Ext. 6181 or 7421 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) or at home, 343-1248.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa C ruz, California

Sunday, March 16, 1969

Page 12

Rosicrucians Slate Installation

Rose Chapter of the Rosicruc

ian Order, A.M.O.R.C., will cele

brate its annual New Year's Fete, followed by the installa

tion of new officers, Friday at 

8 p.m. in Arion Hall, 230 Ply

mouth Street.

New officers to be installed are Charles Rizzo, master; Paul 

Veatch, deputy master; Robert

Thrift, chaplain; Don Strike, out

er guardian; Esther Ross, inner guardian; Villy Dali, chairman of the board of trustees.

The order is a non-religious, philosophical faternity that 

maintains that its traditional ori

gin stems from the reign of  Pharaoh Akhnaton in 1350 B.C.

The Order celebrates New Year’s, as did the Egyptians, at 

the time of the vernal equinox, about March 21.

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The Terre Haute Tribune

Te rre Haute, Indiana

Wednesday, March 19,1969

Page 21

R o s i c r u c i a n s  P l a n C e r e m o n y  F o r S u n d a y

A ceremony that began in

ancient Egypt will be reenacted

 by local Rosicrucians at th ei r

m e e t i n g Sunday, March 23.

According to Fran k Horn, Masterof the Rosicrucian Chapter in

Terre Haute, the ancient Egypt-ians began their New Year onthe first day of spring, at thetime of the vernal equinox whenthe sun crossed the celestialequator, which occurs on orabout March 21 each year.

As the Rosicrucian O r d e rAMORC traces its traditionalorigin to the reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhnaton in 1350B. C. the Order commemoratesthis ancient New Year with aceremony that embraces thesymbolism of the ancient Ecyptian rite. In this ceremony, saysMr. Horn, the members partakeof simple foods that representc e r t a i*n basic elem ents of 

na ture — *alt. corn , u n f e r -

mented grape juice.March 21 is also the beginning

of the fiscal year for all Rosicrucian lodges and chaptersthroughout the world, ana theday is marked by the installtion of new ritualistic and ad-ministrative officers.

 New officers of the IocpI Rosi-crucian chapter who will be in-stalled are: Verna M. Horn,master; Cletis Dunham, secre-tary, and Douglas Crow, guardian. The ceremony Is to be heldat the Rosicrucian Ix>dge quart-ers . 215217 O dd F e l l o w sBuilding.



INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Po-lice sought a young man witha red goatee, wearing a blackieather motorcycle riding outfit,after the pistol slaying of DaleWing. 33. in a southside Indian-apolis tavern early today.

Police reported at least adozen persons were involved ina brawl in the tavern. ClarenceMcDonald, 31. was arrestedlater on a charge of disorderly

conduct and hospitalized with a bu llet wound in the righ tshoulder.

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The Van Nuys News

Van Nuys, California

Tuesday, March 25, 1969

Page 3A

An excerpt from the article:

"S irha n ’Hipnotized by M irro rs’ at Time of Slaying, Witness Says”

“I told him I was . . . (and) he went into a tirade on why he hadn’t been told,” the witness said.

“I’m quite sure he knew perfectly well I was Jewish," Dr. Diamond said.

During the interviews when1Sirhan was “awake,” the psy

chiatrist testified, the defen dant was “resistant and eva

sive” when thej' discussed his belief in * “Rosicrucian magic.”

He wanted the discussion of  the AMORC “off the record,” the witness said. ^

Dr. Diamond also contended Sirhan “tells lies when it comes to revealing anything that could be an indicator of  mental illness . . . ”

Concerned on BombersUnder hypnosis, the psychi

atrist added, Sirhan “Admits he thought of the death of San. Kennedy.

“He willed him to die so

Sirhan had hypnotized himself  and written In his diaries.

“His writing (under hypnosis) is much more fluent,” Dr Diamond testified.

\ o Oonrt Te*t

At one point, Defense A tty Emile Zola Berman asked trial Judge Herbert V. Walker 

f he would allow Sirhan to be lypnotized by Dr. Diamond in h e c o u r ro o m .

Judge Walker said it was lot necessary and would not allow such a demonstration.

Dr. Diamond said Sirhan hever trusted him or believed ho was working for the defense.

The psychiatrist was the only one hired by the defense. 

Dr. Eric H. Marcus, a psychiatrist who testified last week, was court-appointed.

Sirhan’s “extreme resis-

tance'* to the diaries beingmade, public, acco rding to Dr.

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The Van Nuys News

Van Nuys, California

Tuesday, March 25,1969

Page 3A

©“!■ this craiy writing”

asked the psychiatrist.He said Slrhan wrote “4Yes‘ 

eight or nine times."

Wrote Fop “Practice"

Dr. Diamond asked Slrhan if It was “crazy writing*’ why was he doing it?”

Slrhan, he testified, replied “practice" for “mind con trol."

The mind control, Dr. Dia mond quoted Slrhan as writ mg was for “self Improve ment." i

If he was hypnotised when he wrote in the notebooks at home and the defendant wrote that he was.

Who hypnotized you?” the psychiatrist said he asked.

“Mirror, mirror, my mir* •or, my mirror . . . he said Slrhan wrote.

“Who taught you (to hypno- ize yourself)?" Dr. Diamond asked Slrhan.

He said the defendant wrote, “AMORC," several time*.

Slrhan, the psychiatrisf w   n r# Diamond told he previ-said, claimed he taught himself selfhypnosis.

Sirhan continually insisted he was never successfully hypnotized and felt “we were bugging him," said Dr. Diamond.

The psychiatrist also taid  Sirhan once asked him if he was Jewish.

“I told him I was . . . (and)  he went into a tirade on why

ously had suspicions Sirhan had been hypnotized before because of the defendant’s 

ability to easily slip into a trance.

He said the mystery of why the young Arab was sometimes uncommunicative was solved when he learned Sirhan had hypnotized himself  and written in his diaries.

Sirlwn 'Hypnotized by Mirrors' at Time of Slaying, Witness Says " S X X S Z L .

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The Arizona Republic

Phoenix, Arizona

Wednesday, March 26, 1969

Page 15

 Sirhan trial delayed one dayUnited Press In fem tfofttl

LOS ANGELES — Crossexamination of

Dr. Bernard Diamond, a key defense wit-

ness In the murder trial of Sirhan B. Sirhanwas postponed yesterday to give the prose-cution time to marshal its attack upon histestimony.

Diamond, a psychiatrist as well as a law-yer and a professor of criminology at theUniversity of California at Berkeley, testi-fied Monday Sirhan killed Sen. Rotttrt F.Kennedy while Ui a selfinduced hypnotictrance.

When court convrned yesterday mining,associate prosecutor David N. Fitts askedfor a recess to allow him to study thelengthy testimony given by Diamond.

Trial Judge Herbert V. Walker adjournedthe proceedings until today at 9:30 a m

Diamond, just as other expert witnesses before him, expressed the belief Sirhamwas mentally ill, a paranoid schizophrenic,and his illness had roots in his boyhoodwhen he was exposed to violence in theArabIsraeli conflict in his native Palestine.

His resentment of the Jews who took over pa rts of Arab ter rito ry to form the state ofIsrael grew with the years and was trans-ferred to Kennedy when the New York sen-

ator said he would send 50 Phantom jet bombers to Israel if he were elected pre si-dent, according to Diamond.

“ftje assa ssina tion of Kennedy was strictlya fantasy and found expression only In ram-

 bling thr eats Sirhan wrote In notebooksuntil the night of June 4 when he wanderedinto the Ambassador Hotel and shot thesenator, Diamond said.

Sirhan had been experimenting with self-hypnosis, Induced by staring into a mirror  in a room lighted only with two candles,Diamond said. On one occasion, he saw nothis own face but the face of Kenendy inthe mirror.

Some of the experiments were suggestedin literature received from the occult Roslcruclan Society to which Sirhan subscribed.

In summariilng his own examinations ofSirhan which included placing the subjectunder hypnosis six times, Diamond said.

r"With absolutely no knowledge or aware-ness of what was actually happening in hisRoslcruclan and occult experiments, he wasgradually programming himself exactly likea computer la programmed by Its magnetic

type, programming himself lor the coming^assassination.

"In his unconscious mind there existed a plan for the total fulfillment of his side, paranoid hatr ed of Kennedy' and all whomight want to help the Jevre,

"In his conscious mind there was no aware-ness of such a  plan or tha t he, Sirhan, wasto be the Instrument of assassination.”

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San M ateo Times

San M ateo, California

Tuesday, May 20, 1969

Page 15

ESP Talk  ' : Is Slated

Peninsula Chapter. AMORC, 

(Rosicrucian Order) is sponsor

ing a free public lecture on "Extra Sensory Perception” (KSP> :o be given by a well 

•known and we!i qualified speak

er Arthur C. Piepenbrink. su

preme secretary of the Rosicru

cian Order, with headquarters at San Jose. The Rosicrucians  

are a n o n - s e c t a r i a n , non- religious fraternal organization 

devoted to the investigation, .stu

dy, and practical application of  

natural and spiritual laws 

At the end of the lecture there  

will be a question and answer 

period on the subject oC ES P 

and following this, refreshments 

will be served  

The time is Saturday, May 24, 

B p.m. at Lind Hall; 621 Masonic  

Way, Belmont which is located  

 ju st off Ralston Avenue and  across from the Belmont Post 


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Alton Evening Telegraph

Alton, Illinois

Saturday, May 31,1969

Page A7

 Rosicrucians Have  Ancient Beginnings

§f mm   h u mIM WrtW

fl it ottrnai fm it for m i   generated b y « a* or  pniiu iw mm •wti Upin

tin  birth af chrtet li to jp rt ta g spiri t for • ntU pub*Udtod  b y ittUi known, aemi*reii o ie iHv,

TIM lywWU and ihorl(MU of t o Boticnidifwere prtbtbly recaned byt y m who raids the shortada In many mags tines.

At la s t Alton woman,Mre. Mildred Archar. amember of the ardor for 10yeart, wfU give a free, pub-lic lactam Sunday, at 7:M

 p.m In the E m Alton —Wood River High School

auditorium.Mra. Archar will talk

about the "ancient truth ifrom Atlantia" promulgatedIn 1350 B.C. by an Egyptian pharaoh. Amenhotep TV,termed by ancient historianas "tha flrat monotheist,"Mrs. Archar Mid

The proper name of thegroup la the Ancient andMystical Order of the RosyCress (AMORC) and mem-

 bers emphasise that It Isnet a religious organization.

altoagh tha mystical aurawwen smToenM taer utsr tare leaves one with the im*prtsalM that It la.

THe ardor la "devoted tot o investigation, study am practical application of na-tural and setrttual laws . . .to amble aB to live in ha* .mony wfth the oroaUve, con*etnicttve cosmic forces fortha attainment of health,happiness and peace;1 Mrs.Archer, who' Is a registerednum. said

She will repeat the lec-ture at Southern Illinois Uni-versity • KdwartavtUe, onMonday at S p.m. at theuniversity center.

The flyer which Mrs.

Archer Is distributing hasthe Intereating subtitles of“The Truth about Reincar-nation, Psychic Phenomenaand Personal Magnetismand Human Aura."

She Is a member of theSt. Loula Lodge of AMORCwhich numbers between S50and 400 people, she said Shetermed the midwest "a Ut.tie backward*’ in the ac-ceptance of tha prtndpleawhich Roei crude os da tmto have been accepted by

e-Hr frm6t   Reoafc Isaac

PfWvSLand fcstjamm franklin.

1 Mn. Archer expects the

movement to "spread like

fire through the whole

United States ” In refem agto t o pri n t unreal, theaaya "we have t o answer, but we have to get totom”

Among the tenets of theorder la an advocacy of "ra-cial eqaellty , freedom ofconscience and of thought.”a Roelcrucian booklet ex* plains Mrs Archer saidthat "thoughts about ourcosmic origin and tha de-sire to awaken and utiliseour latent powers and tal-ents are not limited to anyrace, creed or color or anyspecial daaa of people."

Hie order, which claimsmembers In M countries,had its forms! beginningwith Amenhotep IV whohelped to form the "Mys-tery Schools of AncientEgypt" which becsme theguanUana of "certain truthsand prindples/’ Mrs. Arch-er said.

The principles spread

from t o shadows of t o py rm vt* th m ghoit tow w larouffl tm matotHebrews into t o "EaaenaOrder ef Enlightenment”and into Greece. Palestine,Persia and India, she add*ad..

Hie Roatcrudans takato re tame from the aym boUe qualities of the rotaand the croes

The rooe, Mrs Archeraald. la the "aoul of manwhich unfolds m beamy andfragrance." while the croao,originally dilfcn from man’sarms outstretched in the

 poeture of salutation to therising sun, has been extend-ed to "signify man'e body

crucified by the tests of suf-ferings of life."

The symbol has unitedmen of every religion. MidMrs. Archer, to help In the"great work of glorifyingGod through service to man-kind, and from the slaveryof ignorance. The Silent Bro-thers of the Rosy Crosshave been a mighty factorin t o eodal, spiritual, eco-nomic, and cultural devel-opment of men and na-tions.”

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Alton Evening Telegraph

Alton, Illinois

Saturday, May 31,1969

Page A6

FREE LECTUREThe Truth about   Reincarnation 

 Psychic Phenomena  Personal Magnetism 

and Human Aura

 Learn about Roiicrucian Order and   Eternal Truths.w i i i i r n k M C W C B    N O I U I

 N O O B L IG A T IO N — A L L W E L C O M E


SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 1969 at 7iS0 P.M.


H n m «< ** *tW I t i M k U 4 | i ' < U W I A  t h e   B o a i c B v e u N a ,  n m   » w t H fi M i o n u w i t a

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IndependentLong Beach, California

Tuesday, June 17,1969

Page B9

Abdiel Lodge 

se+s game nightAbdiel Lodge of the  

Rosicrocian Order will en

tertain at a "bring, your  own people1' party at 7 

.p.m. . Saturday at .rhe lodge, 2455 Atlantic Ave.

.. Guests are inv ited to bring their own card table  and friends for an evening of Bolivia, canasta, Yaht- zee, bridge, pinochle and other Table prizes  will be awarded.

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The Odessa Am erican

Odessa, Texas

Tuesday, August 19,1969

Page 3

Order Plans New ChapterMembers of the Rosicrucian 

Order, whose headquarters are in San Jose, Calif, met Sunday, Aug. 10 in the First National Room of the First National Bank  in Midland.

Grand councilor, Dr. William H. Clark, Plainview, acted as advisor to the group, led by Ed. L. McCollum.

The project for organizing a chapter of the Permian Basin Rosicrucian Order in Odessa was discussed and all members in this area are invited to participate.

Interested members m a y  specify their acceptance of this invitation by calling Mrs. E. M. Jones. 1604 Redbud. They will then be notified of meeting  plans.  ________ 

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, August 19,1969

Page 3

Margaret McGowan, direc-

tor of the Department of In

struction of (he Rosicrucian

(irand Lodge, will be the

speaker Friday at the local

convocation at 8 p.m. at Ari

on Hall. The lecture is en-

titled “Self Examination"

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The Corpus Christi CallerTimes

Corpus Christi, Texas

Monday, September 1,1969

Page 2B

Man With 

Two MindsThe man with no face ami (wo minds is Sirhan B.

Sirhan. lie shot a blight and ambitious young senator,

Robert F. Kennedy. The senator died. The Stale ofCalifornia says that Sirhan must die. He showed no

mercy; he gets none.

• • •

Sirhan's hatred ol Jews begun when his neighbor-hood in Jerusalem was bombed in the 1048 battle forIsraeli freedom. He was small and insecure and he

 began to dream of glory and heroics. When he cameto America, he learned that the United States govern-ment has a political affinity for Israel and a chronicsuspicion of Arab intentions and motives.

Lite became a series of fantasies. He bought arevolver nnd fired hundreds of rounds inlo imaginary

targets. He joined a group of mindcontrollei's calledthe Rosicrucians. He would light candles in front of a

mirror in his room, dwell upon love and peace, and gointo a paroxysm of selfhypnosis.

When he emerged, he found a notebook filled with

words calling for violence and assassination. He be-gan to believe 1hat if enough Rosicrucians got togeth-er and fixed iheir minds to it, they could cause Sen.Robert Kennedy’s campaign plane to crash. In Kenne-dy, Sirhan Sirhan was caught in two swirling andopposing currents: He admired the senator, but hehated him for demanding that the U.S. government

send 50 bombers to Israel.

In a short while, the young man had two separateand distinct minds working in his head. One wasviolent and decreed that Sen. Kennedy be killed before•Tune 5. (The California primary was June 4.) Theother mind was fearful, impotent and cowardly.

 Jim Bishop‘ 0 ;Waci.r y:4

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 Nor th Hills NewsRecord

 Nor th Hills, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, September 17,1969

Page 10

Rosicrucion ceremony  

on Sunday The First Pennsylvania Lodge of the

Ros icruc ian Or de r AMORC I Ancient.

Mystic al “Ord er TTosae XfucTsT.' 724

Wood St.. Wilkmsburg. will have a

convocation for me mb ers Sunday. Sept.

21. at 3p.m.The grand m as te r will speak: on

. T h e R e a sg n f o r R u l e P ' *

Rosicrucians will meet in the lodge

hall to commemorate the building of

the Great Pyramid of Cheops when The


  theequator signalling the

autum nal equinox.

Frater Frank Cumimondo. master

of the local AMORC. said Rosicrucians

throughout the world will gather to

reenact the building of the pyramid. — According to ResicruetatHf^drtionsT- 

said Master Cunimondo. the Great

Pyramid at Gizeh was begun at the

time of the autum nal equinox Unlike

other pyramids built as a bufial place

during the pyramid age. it was erected

as a temple of learning.

It is said that its contruction

demonstrates a knowledge of all the

known sciences of the period including

higher mathematics, physics and the

fundamentals of astronomv recognizedtodav.

me Kosicrucians trace theirbngm

 back to Akhnaton. Ph aroa h in 1350 B

C who has been described as the first

great perso nality in historv They

commemorate their ancient origin by

th e r i t u a l i s t i c a n d s y m b o l i c

construction of a miniature pvramid

The placing of each piece symbolizes

the cultural accomplishments of theorder 

The ceremonv will be followed bv

dinner at which 20vear Grand Lodgemem bers will be recognized

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San Antonio Express

San Antonio, Texas

Thursday, October 2, 1969

Page 9A

Mystic Order 

Plans MeetThe San Antonio Chapter of  

the Rosicrucian Order, an international fraternity of religious 

mystics, will meet this Saturday and Sunday at La Posada Hotel.

San Antonio Master Rosicrucian William E. christilles saidi Tuesday several internationally prominent Rosicrurians will bei at the conclave as will be “the ritualistic teams’' of the Houston and Reynosa Chapters of the 

Rosi crucians.All Rosicrucians are invited toattend.

Page 24: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 24/245


Long Beach, California 

Friday, October 17,1969 

Page B 11 Amorc confabHollywood Masonic Tem-

 ple will be setting whenstudents of Amorc gatherfor their Southern Califor-nia conclave Saturday andSunday.

Special guest will be Ar-thur C. Piepenbrink, su-

 preme secretary of Amorcat San Jose. Also on the program will be Erwin

Watermeyer, director ofteclinical department.

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8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 25/245

Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, October 23,1969

Page 14

SC Rosicrucian 

Chapter To Join 

In Conclave

Hose Chapter of Santa Cruz

will participate Nov. 12 in the

sixth annual Central California)

Conclave of the Rosicrucian Or-der. AMORC in the Scottish Rite

Memorial Temple, San Fran-cisco.

Featu red speaker will b eChris R. Warnkcn, grand mas-

ter of the order, according to

Charles Rizzo, Chapter master.Chapter participants will in-

clude Margaret Goodman. S

Ann Clark. Robert Thrift. Karl

Goescle. I>)ii Strike. Villy Dali.

Kina Jensen. Janice Luehich,Jack Matthews. Saul Nasario.

Rosalie T e m p e s t and Paul


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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Sunday, November 9,1969

Page 12

Humanitarian AwardSadako Oklamura, a Goodw- 

will Industries employe who 

resides at 840 32nd Ave., re

cently was presented the Hu- 

namitarian Award of the Ro- 

sicrucian Order, AMORC, at the order’s Sixth Annual Cen

tral California conclave in

San Francisco. Robert Malat, 

right, inspector general of the 

Order for Santa Cruz area, 

said the award was given to 

non-Rosicrucians in recogni

tion of work with the handi

capped of all ages.

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, November 20, 1969

Page 8

Chrii R. Wamlton


FREE PUBLIC LECTURESponsorad by Rose Chapter


by CHRIS R. WARNKEN, Grand Matter

Question 8> Answer Period


Arion Hall, 230 Plymouth

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The Arizona Republic

Phoenix, Arizona

Sunday, December 14, 1969

Page M13

Kos i c ruc ians p l an to meet

Mrs. Joseph ine Huff will friends and family arc invit prc sent he r vers ion of "The cd.

Other Wise Men” at the an-

nual Christmas party of

AMORC. Uosicrucian Chapter

of Phoenix, at 7:30 p.m. Tues |day in the Camelback Worn 1an*s Clubhouse, 3802 E. In-dian School.

A film for children and

group caroling will complete

the p r o g r a m . M embers.

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Page 30: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, January 13, 1970

Page 18

Speaks Friday

Ralph Lewis of San Jose,Impcrator of the RosicrueianOrder, will make a slide pres-

entation of his recent trip to

the Middle and Far East tomembers of the local chapteron Friday at 8 p.m. at ArionHall. Lewis has l e c t u r e d

throughout the world and Isthe author of numerous books.

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Page 32: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Sunday, January 25, 1970

Page 6


FREE PUBLIC LECTURESponsored by Ro»t Chapter


 by ROBT. E. DANIELS, Grand Treasurer Question L   Answer Period

A much misunderstood subject.

We hope to clarify it for you.


ARION HALL, 230 Plymouth St.

Page 33: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 33/245

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, Janu ary 27,1970Page 18

Mental Telepathy Lecture Friday

A lecture on mental telepathy 

will be presented at 8 p.m. Fri

day by the Rose Chapter of  

the Rosicrucian Order AMORC in the Arion Hall, 230 Plymouth 


Robert E. Daniels, grand 

treasurer of the order, will be 

the speaker. A question and 

answer period and social hour will follow.

Charles Rizzo, chapter mas

ter, said the purpose of the 

lecture is to give the public 

an opportunity to become better acquainted with the subject and with the Rosicrucian Order, 

which traces its origin to an

cient Egypt.

Page 34: Amorc Folder 10

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Port Angeles Evening News

Port Angeles, Washington

Thursday, February 5,1970

Page 17

200 Personals

ROSICRUCIAN Secret Teach, lngs are offered to those who seek to use them solely for the Perfection of their Inner  faculties and In the mastering  of the dally obstacles of llfe« The International Roslcruclan  Order, A.M.O.R.C, will be happy to receive the requests of those who believe that 

worthiness and sincerity de* term ine the right for one to have such wisdom* A copy of  “ The Mastery of L ife,” a fascinating book, w ill be given free. This book will show you how to increase your personal power. Address your letter to Scribe S# E. C.,  AMORC Temple, Roslcruclan  Park. San Jose, California 95114.

Page 35: Amorc Folder 10

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Por t Angeles Evening NewsPo rt Angeles, Washington

Sunday, Februa ry 8,1970

Page 13

200 Personals

THE CELESTIAL SANCTUM is ac osm ic meetlngplace for ad

vanced and spiritually devel. oped members of the Rosi- crucian Or der. It Is the foca l point of cos m ic radiations of  health, peace, happiness, and Inner awakening. Dur ingev ery  day, periods for spe cial at

onements are designated when cosm ic be nefits of spe

cific nature may be rece ived . Non-members as well as Ro- sicrucian students may parti* cipate in the C ele stial Sanctum Contact. Liber 777, a booklet describing the Celestial Sanctum and its several  periods, will be sent to non

members requesting It. Addr ess Scribe S. P. C., Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, California 95114, stating that you are not a member of the Or

der and enclosin g six cents to cover mailing.

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Santa Cruz  Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Monday, February 16, 1970Page 17


Editor: I was intrigued bya letter from E. W Chattin

which appeared in the Voiceot tin People column, w which

he recommended the formationof a   Human Improvement As-

sociation. to upgrade the qualityof humans as we do with our

 plan ts and animals.

There is no doubt that the

human race sadly needs im

 provemenl and 1 quite agreewith Mr Chattin tha t an or-ganization devoted to this goalcould and would be of greatassistance As he says, the diffi-culty is to get people to work

at it. since the knowledge andthe means have been availablefor many hundreds of years

It might be of interest to Mr.

ChatUn and othe r interested per-sons to know that an appropri-ate organization already exists,though it does not go by thetitle he suggests It is the An-

cient Mystical Order Rosae Cru

cis, commonly known as theRosicrucian O r d e r , AMORCwith headquarters at Roslcru

cian Park in San Jo*e. The purpose of the Order Is to en -able all to live in harmony with

the creative, constructive, cos-

mic forces for the attainmentof health, happiness and peaceThe method is through the in-

vestigation. study and practicalapplication of natural laws onall three planes, the physical,mental and what is usually

called the spiritual

The Order is not a church

or a religion but is nonscctarianand includes members of allraces, nations, creeds and   cul-

tural levels. It had Its tradition-al origin in andent Egypt andhas written records back to the10th Century

The local Rose Chapter of theOrder sponsors local p u b l i cmeetings, including one heldlast Friday at Arion Hall Hereis nn opportune for all to

learn that the organization,

knowledge and means for hu-man improvement exi«U. All

we need is greater numbers of   individuals who are willing towork at it. Nature has decreed

that all high goals have their price, and the price is effort.

Paul J Veatch 135 School St.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, February 26, 1970Page 4

Inspector General RobertMalat will speak on the topic“Why We Serve” at the 8

 p.m. convocation Friday ofEosicrucians at Arion Hall.

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Friday, March 20, 1970

Page 32

Rosicrucian Order To Install 

New Officers In Rites Tonight New officers of the Santa Cruz

Rose chapter, Rosicrucian Or-der, will be installed at 8o’clock tonight in Arion Hall

in the order’s annual New year


According to Robert Malat,inspector general, the officers

will be Paul J. Veatch, master;Betty Jo Weatherbie, secretary;

Jack Matthews, chaplain; Saul

 Nazario, outer guardian ; Elna

Jensen, inner guardian and

Romney Masters, secretary ofthe board. Villy Dali will con-

tinue as chairman of the board

and Lillian Kueck as treasurer.

Charles Rizzo, current mas-

ter of Rose chapter, says theancient Egyptians, from the

time of Memphis to the Ptol-

emaic period, began their New

Year at the time of the ver-nal equinox, when the s u n

crosses the celestial equator andenters the Zodiacal Sign of Ar-

ies, which always occurs on orabout March 21.

The Rosicrucian O r d e r ,

AMORC, a nonreligions, phil-

osophical fraternity, maintains

that its traditional origin oc-

curred during the reign o f

Pharaoh Akhnaton in 1350 B.C.

The Order commemorates the

ancient New Year's beginning

with a nonreligious ceremony

that embraces the allegorical

significance of the age oldEgyptian rite.

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The Dominion News

Morgantown, West Virginia

Saturday , April 11,1970

Page 9A

 M e d i t a t i o n  

b e a t a t r i p ?Resolved Is medita t ion a bet te r “ tr ip ’

than one resulting from drug u se9

A panel discussion, lecture and bull

sessions concerning the resolution are

sched uled to be held at 3 30 p m Sundayin Po tter s Cellar, the b asem en t of

 Newm an Hall

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. is

sponsoring the prog ram According to a

spokesman for the group, the Rosicrucian

Order bel ieves that “ medita t ion, when

 prac ticed co rrec tly , will no t onl y provide

res ult s, but ’ will allow a ‘trip tha t is not

only safe but as rewarding as a high

obtained through drug use

Page 40: Amorc Folder 10

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FREE PUBLIC LECTURESponsored by Rose Chapter



Question & Answer Period

The Rosicrucian Viewpoint of Intuitive

Thoughts, Feelings and “Hunches"



Page 41: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, May 12, 1970Page 20

Speaks Friday

Robert C. Malat, inspector general of the Rosicrucian Or

der for Santa Cruz and Mon

terey, will speak on “Proph

ecy or Intuitive Insight1' at 

a free public lecture, Friday at Arion Hall, 330 Plymouth 

St. He is the former master of the Santa Cruz Rose Chap

ter. A question and answer 

period will follow. The Rosi- 

crucian Order is a philosophi

cal fraternity.- - __ _

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Page 43: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cru z, California

Sunday, September 13,1970

Page 33

Rosicrucian Rites To Mark 

Autumnal Equinox Sept. 18When the sun crosses the ce physics and the fundamentals nf

lest ial equator. signaling the an astronomy which are recognizlumnal equinox in September, ed today,

the worldwide Rosicru cians will The Rosicrucians trace theircommemorate the building of tradit ional origin back to Akhna

the Great Pyramid s of Egypt, ton, Pharaoh in 1350 B C.* whoPaul Veatch. master of the lo has been described as the first

cal Rose chapter. AMORC. said great personality in histoory.

Rosicrucians will gather Sept Thus, said Veatch. they com18 for a ceremony in which they rncmoratc their ancient origin

will reenact the building of the bv the ritualistic and symbolic

Great Pyramid of Cheops construction of a miniature pyrAccordinc to Rosicrucian tra amid,

dition. the Grea t Pyramid at Gi The placing nf each piece sym was becun at the tim e of bolizes the cul tura l accomplishthe autumnal equinox, mcnts of the order.

Unlike other pyramids huilt Locally, the cerem ony will be

as a burial place, it was erected enacted at Arion Hall. 230 Plymas a temple of learning

It is said that its construction

demonstrates a knowledge of allthe known sciences of the period,

including higher mathematics,

outh St., at 7:30 p.m. and will

 be followed by a dinner honor

oai?h  oijm  sjaqujaui asoijj  8uj

 been Rosicrucians for 20 year sor more.

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Friday, September 18, 1970Page 6A

R o s i c r u c i a n s t o O b s e r v eB u i l d i n g o f G r e a t P y r a m idWhen the sun crosses 

thr celestial equator sig

nalling the autumnal equi

nox in SeplcmiJer. the \v u r klwlde Koaterusbms w i l l commemorate the building of live Great pvi-amifl m Egypt

T h a r les V Heckcr*. m irie r nf the San Kcr- 

n a 11 d o V a I ley Lodge. AMORC, states lhat Uosl- cmcians throughout the world will gather for a ceremony on Sunday, at which time they will reen

act the building of the  Great Pyramid ol Cheops.

According to Rosicru- s i a n tradit ions, stated Rerkers, the Great Pyramid at Gizeh was begun at  

the time of the autumnal e n u i n ox. Unlike other pyramids built as a burial 

place dtiring the pyramid age. it wa# crected a« a t fir pie of learning

It ’Is said that its construction demonstrates a knowledge of all the known sciences of the peri od Inclu ding higher mathematics, physics and ihe fundamentals of astronomy recognized todav

The Rosicrucians tracc their traditional origin hack to Akh naton Pha- roah in 1350 HC, who has been described by leader  

of the order as the first  great personality in his

tory Thus, they commemorate th e i r ancicnt origin by the ritualistic and symbolic construction of a miniature pyramid The placing of each piece  symbolizes the cultural accomplishments of the or


The ceremony will be locally enacted on Sunday at 4 p.m. at the San For-  n a n d o V a 1lev Lodge.  AMORC, 15716 Parthcnia St , Sepulveda T he public is invited to witness the ritual.  _  ___ 

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Page 46: Amorc Folder 10

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The Terre H aute Tribune

Terre Haute, IndianaWednesday, December 2,1970

Page 28


The R o s i c r u c i a n Order,AMOHC, will sponsor a free lec-ture Sunday, Dec. 6, at 2:30 the Odd Fellows Temple.

Franz Hartmann Pronoas willdiscuss the following questions:Do tihe stars influence behavior?

Does the moon affect plant growth? Are moods rtivthmical?Are there seasons in our dailylives that we can use to advan-tage? Can we harness Me law ofchange for ■constructive results?

Page 48: Amorc Folder 10

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Frida y, Decem ber 25, 1970

Page 18B

4 w u


graduate of San FernandoHigh School, is currentlyholding an exhibition ofher paintings which willcontinue through Jan. 12at the Rosicrucian Egyp-tian Museum Gallery inSan Jose.

Theme of the collectionis “In Search of Tradi-tion." Mrs. Kruskamp’s

 pa intings include a widerange of subject matterand style. Race horses

 pounding down a trackwith turf flying are de- picted in her own im- pressionistic sty le whilean antique store windows c e n e i s d o n e i n a’■Trompe ro eil” technique.

A native of SouthernCalifornia. Mrs. Kruskamphad lived in Los Gatossince 1968. She studied inChouinard Art Institute inLos Angeles and with pri-vate instructors. She is amember of the Society of

Western Artists.

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Page 50: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 50/245

Rosicrucian ! Order Sets 

ConvocationHie newly organized Triangle Rose Pronaos of the Rosicrucian .Order, AMORC, will hold its first convocation of the year on Sunday   a f t e r n o o n  at 2:30 p.m. at the YMCA. 217 W. Jones St., Raleigh. Membership for the group is drawn from the Triangle Area. Tbe 

new Pronaos, authorized by the Supreme Grand Lodge of  AMORC, is one of over 200 local groups in this jurisdiction.

According to Robert G. Pease of 2114 Woodland Ave., a member of the new Pronaos, the Ancient Mystical Order, Rosae Crucis (AMORC) is an inter

national philosophical fraternity of men and women. It was traditionally founded in ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty reign of Amenhotep TV. also known as Akhnaton, who promulgated the doctriae of the “one true God” about 1K0 B. C. ,

“It is not a religious organization.” stated Mr. Pease. “The membership includes not only Christians of almost every denomination, but also those of  other religions and those who

The D aily TimesNews

Burlington, North Carolina

Friday, Jan ua ry 8, 1971

Page 6B

Page 51: Amorc Folder 10

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The Daily TimesNews

Burlington, North Carolina

Friday, January 8, 1971Page 6B

Christians of almost every denomination, but also those of  other religions and those who belong to no religious group but who believe in a Supreme Being, a Divine Mind or a first Cause.

“The Rosicrucian Order is open to all sincere seekers. It is a nonsectarian, nonpolitical, nonprofit fraternity devoted to

the investigation, study, and practical application of natural and spiritual laws as exemplified in man and nature. Its purpose is to understand these laws more fully and to live in harmony with the creative, constructive forces of the universe to attain health, happiness 

and inner peaceAs the membedship increases, a ' pronaos'* can grow into a chapter and later a lodge, as the larger organized groups are known. Headquarters of the Rosicrucian Order is located in Rosicrucian Park, San Jose. Calif.

Among its public cultural ac- tivitiee, the order maintains a science museum, a planetarium, an Egyptian museum which bouses the largest collection of  Egyptian antiquities in the western part of the United States,

ologkal sites in remote pots of the world.

Convocations of the Triangle Rose Pronaos will be held atthe Raleigh YWCA at 2:30 p.m. |

and an art gallery. It also sends'on the second and fourth Sun-: camera expeditions to archae-idays of the month. j

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The Pocono Record

The Strou dsburg , Pennsylvania

Tuesday, January 26,1971

Page 3

AAIORC mee/ingPORTLAND The lliird

rnontliiy menling of the* Allen-town C h a p t e r . RosicrucianOrder of AMORC, will be heldat if: IS p.m. today in theMasonic Temple building, 1524Linden St., Allentown. All

grand lodge members arc in-vited to attend,

Page 53: Amorc Folder 10

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The Terre H aute Tribune

Terre Haute, Indiana

Sunday, March 14,1971

Page 62


Member* of the Fr nt H rt -

m nn Ch pter of the Rosicru cl n O rde r AMORC will cele-

br te Its tenth nn ivers ry Sun-

d y, M rch 14, with speci l convoc tion t 2:00 p.m. t the 

Odd Fellow* Building.

P st M ster Bern dine Wirt ,

who w s the first. M ste r n t  Ihls C h pter will cond uct the  convoc tion ssisted hy the  Ch p ter ritu l te m nd by P st  M ter Mildred B chsteln who w s the first ch pter Secret ry.

A cove red di h dinn er for m em bers nd friends will follow the conv oc tion. All m em bers of this Intern tion l 

Order re invited to h r In this d y of celfebr tion. 

Page 54: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 54/245

The Terre Haute Tribune

Terre Haute, Indiana

Monday, M arch 15,1971

Page 9

Rosicrucians to Celebrate Ancient New Year Rite

The reenactment of a cere* [that embraces the allegorical mony that began in ancienlislgnlflcance of the age-old Egyp-Egypt over 40 centuries ago will be the highlight of a local Rosi crucian Conclave to be held here Sunday, March 21, 2 p.m.

According to Mrs. Cleo EngJe- hart, master of the Rosicrucian Franr Hartmann P r o n o a s, 

AMORC, the ancient Egyptians, from the time of Memphis to the

Man rite.

March 21 is also the beginning of the fiscal period of all Rosi- cniclan lodges, chapters and pronaol throughout the world: and the date Is marked by the Installation of new ritualistic 

and administrative officers.New officers of the local Rosi-Ptolemaic Period, began theiricr\jcinH organization who will New Year on or about the time ^ Installed are Mrs. Mary Eng- of the vernal e<|umox. when th e ,|, ,hi master; Mrs. Plaseak.sun crosses the equator and en- i e c r c ^ r y . j o c j  f)j^her, guar* ters the zodiacal sign of Arles,|fjjarlwhich always occurs on or about i. u      a 

March 21. This was considered . . oHrt FHMw, T# J^ l» » ^  the beginning of the New Year "th^ dand was symbolic of new life. JJJ, St - Bo0m 21T' l r r T K     H,ut,!' 

The occasion of the New Year Many visiting members fromis celebrated, states Mrs. Cleo Engleharf., by a symbolic feast in which the celebrants partake, of simple foods corresponding to certain basic elements of  nature, such as: salt, corn and unfermented grape juice.

As the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, a nonreligious, philosophical fraternity, maintains1that its traditional origin oc- currcd during the reign of  Pharaoh Akhnaton, in 1350 B.C. the order commemorates this ancient New Year beginning with a nonreligious ceremony

the surrounding cities are expected to he in attendance. .

Page 55: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, March 16,1971Page 20

Rosicrucians Set Installation

Hose Chapter of the Rosicruc-

ian Order, AMORC, will cele-

 bra te the ord er’s new year. 3324Friday at 8 p.m in Arion Hall,230 Plymouth St. All grand lodgemembers are invited.

 New officers in the RosicrucianOrder arc installed world wide

on March 21. Local officers areMargaret Goodman, master;Robert Thrift, deputy master;

and Karl Goesele, board trea-surer. Incumbents Betty Jo Weatherbie, chapter secretary; VillyDali, board chairman, and Rom

new Masters, board secretary,will continue in office throughthe year.

Ritualistic officers are JuniusHutton, outer guardian; Ailene

Angel, inner guardian; G r a c eSanders, matre; William Ham-

monds, chnplin; Karl Goesele,chanter; Janice Lucich, chant

ress, and Charles Rizzo, musi-cian.  _________  _

Page 56: Amorc Folder 10

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Page 57: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 57/245

Albuquerque Journal

Albu querque, New Mexico

Sa turda y, M arch 20, 1971

Page A8

 Ancient Rite Set By Rosicrucians



ancient E g y p t i n N e w Y e r  

eelobrutbn will h i g h l i g h t t h e  

local Rosicrucian conclave 

Sunday at 7:HO p.m. at 1027 Eubank N E i n the h e l t h food store Tecture hall.

Mrs. Donald D . Iloiine,m s t e r cf t h e R o s ic r u c i n o r  

A l b u q u e r q u e P r o n o s , s i d th e  

c c i e in o u y i s o v e r forty ceu* 

lur ic old n d i s k v y s  

c e ! e b r & l c d w h e n t h e s y n  

c r o s s e s t h e c e l e s t i l e<|»ntor

and enters t h o s i g n 10I A r i e s , u s u l l y on March 21.

Page 58: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 58/245

The Brownsville Herald

Brownsville, Texas

Sun day, March 21, 1971

Page 10A

RosicrucianFi alernily 

To Install! M A T A M O R O S TheA r i s t o t l e chapter of theR o s i c r u c i a n fraternity(AMORC) in the TUo GrandeValley \vdl jnstal! n ew   officers«UkI celebrate the new yearSunday at Ihc chapter meetingsit ft a: Cn’le *1between CristobalColon and Pedro de C'nronado

; St.

ridef07iso Z p t Vill rre l is to he ln.^n )‘prt s loc l m ste r;  J sefin Z. de M rtinez, se cre t ry , nd Cecili C v zos de Lope*, gj rdi n.

Resume! ens st rt their new ye r from the Vern l Equinox  or rebirth of life which occurs on or nboul M rch 21. This nistorr. Is derived from the  

fr ternity's ncient b ckground d ting from the relgr. of Pltftr oh Akhn lon in thn I4tb  Oen1i:r>r HC* V rt of th e 

.cen m on y of (he Rosicniri n  New Ye r ts ‘'m ystic l s u p p e r ”

A l l visiting and areaRoslmielnns are • invited", ac -cording to Master l,opcxTrevino.

Jloslcnid ns re confidenti l group* who  sser t oriRiris golr.R, b de lr> :icicnt Egyp t. Secret le rnings l tlghl initi tes de l 

•with occult sym bols nd  Ic b listic writings.

Page 59: Amorc Folder 10

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Hamilton Jo urn al Th e Daily News

Hamilton, Ohio

Monday, April 19,1971

Page 26

Rosicrucian Secret Teachings are offered to those who seek to use them solely for the

 perfection of their inner faculties and in themastering' of the daily obstacles of life. TheInternational Rosicrucian Order, A.M.O.R.*C., will be happy to receive the requests ofthose who believe that worthiness and sin-

cerity determine the right for one to havesuch wisdom. A copy of The Mastery of  Life, a fascinating book will be given free.This book will show you how to increaseyour personal power. Address your letterto Scribe S. E. C., AMORC Temple, Rosicru*cian Park, San Jose, California 95U4.

Page 60: Amorc Folder 10

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Evening CapitalAnnapolis, M aryland

Thursday, May 6,1971

Page 4


The "p ydtic er se" which scents to be infecting w> m ny

people needs some leveling in-

fluence, nd I h ve found none 

better th n th t offered by the 

Rosicruci n Ord er, A.M.OR.C. This intern tion l philosophic l 

fr tern ity provides r t ion l  

nswers to p6ychic phenomen

nd brings them into proper 

perspective s n tur l con-

sequen ce of s pec i l m ent l f culties which re l tent in ll 


They dispel the notion th t 

there re supern tur l entities cting upon m n, or th t divine 

power* die "g r nte d to so* 

c lled holy m en. Such 

popul rized subject s rein-

c rn t ion, strology, spirit 

c o m m u n i c t io n s , p s y c h i c  

re dings , nd w itchcr ft h ve 

c used flurry by their tendency 

tow rd sens tion lism, but they  

re ll simply p rt of the ex-

tension of m n’s consciousness into nonobjective re s of his 


The ttempt by m ny in-

dividu ls to m ke something 

my sterious out of !) this is

disservice to the entire subject 

re . Me nwhile the volume of 

misinform tion put out on these 


le ds

to weird pr ctices 


w sted

effort on the p rt of m ny who re


up Mind

p th.

Ch rles H. Br nd berry 1223E Scot's M nor Cout 

Odenton.'Md., 21113

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sunday, May 9,1971

Page 10W *

w sNMortensen-Bailey

St. Mark'a Episcopal Cathedral was serJng for the Saturday wedding of Klrstin Dawn Mortensvn and Gerald Arthur lilley

u p t i aA reception wa» given at 

the Regal Room of L« Cita- 

ddk.Tne bride, daughter of Mr. 

ar.d Mr*. H. Vernet Bollard, 

Saif Lav-! C i t y ,  graduated

1 n efrom Utah Technical College. 

She attended the University of 


The bridegroom, te n   of Mr. 

and Mr». Arthur A. Baitcy, 

Fredericton, New Bnjntwick,

Canada, graduated rrcm the 

University of New Brunswick. 

He ha* done graduate wxirk at 

the University of London. 

England. He It on the admin-  

litratlve #uff for the Rosicni- 

elan Order. AMORC. San 

Jose, Calif., where he Is editor 

nf the Roslcmdan Digest and 

Dear el the P.«se Croix Uni


M n. Geraid A. Balky

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thursday, May 20, 1971

Page 3C

L o ca l M a n N a m e d  R o s i c r u c i a n V o l u n t e e rL m r K ilgore, 516 N. Swope 

Ave . , w s re c e nt ly pre s e nte d

c e r t i f ic te of ppo intm e nt s n  

extension volunteer for Rosicru-

c i n O rde r (AM O R C ) in S n  Jose, C l if .

Volunte e rs provide inform -

tion on the ord e r nd m ke pub-

l ic t ions v i l ble to l ibr r ies  

nd book stores nd id in ny  

c om m unity s e rvic e s in whic h  

the orde r c n p r t ic ip te .

T he R o s ic ruc i n O rde r i s

. n o ns ect ri n fr tern l body 

people devoted to the investig -

t ion, s tudy , nd pp lic t ion of 

n tur l nd s p ir i tu l l w s . 1

Page 63: Amorc Folder 10

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Long Beach, California

Thursday, May 20, 1971

Page A23

AMORC festival I

slated SundayAnnual Strawberry Fes

tival and Art Exhibit, 

s p o n s o r e d by Abdiei Lodge, AMORC, is sched

uled Sunday at 2 p.m. in 

the Rosicrucian Lodge, 

2455 Atlantic Ave.

S h e r m a n Livingston, 

i n s p e c t o r general of   

AMORC, will speak on 

“Universal Truths.”

Page 64: Amorc Folder 10

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The San Bernardino Daily Sun

San Bernardino, California

Sunday, August 22,1971

Page F6

Inland (lliaplrr 

Kosierueian Order A.M.O.R.C.

Open House, Sunday, Aug. 22

.3:30 P.M. Mafinnie Trmplp

Jftfi.iO Arrow, Fontana

 P ro fi r a m :

W h a t are the Rosicrucians 

Rare & Unique Books on display

 I’nltlir Invited HpfrrshmenIn S crm l 

Page 65: Amorc Folder 10

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San Antonio Express

San Antonio, Texas

Monday, July 12,1971

Page 7A

Have you ever experienced a sense of fu til ity seemed to be thwarted in your accomplishment?Have you ever struggled for a new vital idea orsolution to n problem? Behind your thinkingmind may lie the very answer or vision you need.

You have a tremendous reservoir of mental power waiting to be called forth. I t lies j us t be-yond your surface thoughts. Tru e meditation isnot idle   random thinking—  or mere concent  ra-tion which tics the mind to fixed ideas. It is atechnique th at opens channels to th e full poweror mind and a realization of self. Every achieve-ment—in anyone’s life—began with meditation.

THIS FKEE BOOK EXPLAINSMeditation is neither strictly an  oriental nor oc-cidental practice or fantasy. It is a natural func-tion of mind power. Let the Rosicrucians (not areligion), an international society of men andwomen devoted to the study of natural laws,explain thi3 marvelous phenomenon of medita-tion to  you. Write today for  the free book, Mas-tery of Life. It tells how you may use this tech-nique fora fuller life.


San Jcso, California 95114

rv . f : . f . fa : SCRIPE: A.D S.

 j Scrib * A.D.S li T M c H O S I fW l A N S (AMORC)


! Sim Jom \ Cnl:!v>rni.i '.•'•111 l• I am sincerrly in u ro tH in thr vrnrtioal «pt»»*cation of I! rr.t filiation awl relate-1n 1sws. PI e sen<l me a frro i

 j copy of MASTERY OF 1 HE .

. . .. 1



MEDITATIONThe Psychic Bridge...

Page 66: Amorc Folder 10

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wednesday, August 25, 1971

Page 1B

] P r o n a o i G r o u p  E l e c t s O f f i c e r s

The Color do Springs Pron oi 

h s received offici l s nction  

from the G r nd Lodge of the 

A ncient M y s t i c l O rd er of 

Ros e Crucis .

Newly elected officers of the  P r o n o i r e : m s t e r , L m r  

Kilgore, s ec ret ry , Leslie Z k, 

nd gu rdi n. St n V n de 


The Ro sicruci n O rder is

nonsect ri n fr tern l body of 

men nd women dedic ted to 

the investig t ion, study nd p-

plic tion of n tur l nd spiri-

tu l l ws.

Page 67: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Frid ay, S eptem ber 3, 1971

Page 15

f f i c  


EGYPTAdmission Free

Travel behind the veil oftime in llus Museum ofAntiquities. See the larg-est collection of Kpypt ism and Babylonian art-ifacts in the WesternI'nited States. Locatedin colorful RosicrucianPark amid spaciousground*, beautiful flow-

ers and Egyptian archi-tecture.


Sun.. Mon 12 p.m. lo I p.m. thru Fri. . 9 • m. lo S p.m.



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Page 69: Amorc Folder 10

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C DThe Abilene ReporterNews

Abilene, TexasSaturday, September 4, 1971

Page 7A

Cult Cultivates Followers

 WITNESS ILIIM iuna bswim

SAN JOSE, C lif. — ‘ STOP one full block of this burning  

BEING EARTHBOUND,’ urgescity. For the he dqu rters of,

th e d vertisem eftt o * 1 * r ) n * o i f e Cm ? )  

m em bers hip in The Rosicru i^ing 0 f tn Egypti n Disneyl nd

ci n Orde r — A.M.O.R.C

— muiti*irJlUofl do ll r com

• SECRE T PO W E R.. .INNER pie* composed of Egypti n mu 

V IS IO N .. .T HE A N C I E N T S s ^ ri “ d tem ple, p l n et riu m, i

CALLED IT COSMIC CON';1* « > » « . Sphinx,. , „ m ulets, scrolls nd sc r bs.  SCIOUSNESS, note the f mil; lt c . . . , . . . . .

. . . . , . ! U.S. history repe iedly ttests

i r ds in wide v riety of p b * ; ^ m ssive Americ n f scin -

tion for the biz rre nd occult, p rticul rly when it is skillfully  

pitched s uthentic lly ncient 

(like Mo rmon ism), nd gilded with the exciting llurement of

lic tions. from ‘'The New York 

Times'’ to “Popul r Science.”

While this dvertising costs 

consider ble money (Chief R<isi cruci n, “ lmper tor,” R lph Lewis dm its to “ h lf million sec ret society 

or m o re ") the d investmen t re; But s C rlton Brown, writ turn is Impressively visible in:er who for purposes of investi-

g tion joined the Rosicruci ns, observed:

“ Secret, superwise nd d-

v nced s these te chings re, 

they c n be m stered t home by nyone who c n re d ."  (Th ere is even home initi tion ceremony, with the “Neophyte”  

Jooking into m irro r, m c nd le-

light, nd ch nting: “ H il Rosy Cross.” )

In ctu lity, therefore, the jonly re l 3ecrecy bnut the Ros

Page 70: Amorc Folder 10

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The A bilene ReporterNews

Abilene, Texas

Saturday, September 4, 1971

Page 7A

kruc i ng is their income nd to, m ple, fe tures contentions th t  

t l membership, which imper juflder the P cific Oce n there is  tor Lewis, during n inte rview ,'the ‘‘Lost Continent of Limuj 

indign ntly refused to disclose. ri .")

jUe did concede, however, th t And while lm per to r Lewisj 

me mb ers p y $10 initi tion disclosed th t “ We re not dij 

fee, plus per month; th t rectlv rel ted to the Egypti n

there are members all over the

world; and that the Order hasPh r oh s — only tr dition lly!. . . . — • . . i

re la ted,1’ his erection of Little!grown consider bly since 1938,1 Eg ypt in R n Jos e h rdly rein when court records reve led forces thJs discl ime r.

membership of 60.WU. (At the current dues r te, this would ex-

ceed S3 million per noum .) 

lm pe r tor Lewis, n elderly,

Roslcrucl nlsm h s b e e n  bouncing round cultic circles ever since Mediev l G erm ny,1

  nd there h ve been number!

whiteh ired, musi chioned of m o d e r n m nifest t ions .; 

m n. vehemently nd repe tedly .There w s, for ex m ple, Dr.i

contended: “ We re not reli gion.”

Some Investig tors of Rosicru 

ci nlsm , such s U.S. C tholic

K il G rdner's “Holy Rosikru| ri n Order" — during pi'ohiblv tion. As a cull, the order w s 

ilowed by l w to dispense s

m g zine, would in some m e 'cru m en‘ l wine. Bu t b nd of sure gree wtth this contention r iding Feds discovered th t Dr.

In describing the cult s: “A 

popul rized mixture of Theoso-

phy. lchemy, Gnosticism, M -

sonry, Ved nt , Astrology, C -

b lism nd ntiqu ted science .” 

(Rosicruci n liter ture, for ex'

G rd ne r h d provided his 31H)

Page 71: Amorc Folder 10

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The Abilene ReporterNewsAbilene, Texas

Saturday, September 4, 1971Page 7A

followers with »om« 50,to# pints within ofle IQdiy period (togeth-

e r with rde nt Biblic l dmoni tioui to “ Drink no longer w -

iter . but use little win* for ‘thv stom ch’s & k«," — I Tim* ’othv 5:23.)9 9 

lm pe r tor Lewis rdently de-

nied ny connection with this br nch of Rosicrucl nlsm — l1

though he did not deny reports  th t his own org niz tion w s, 

r ided by the New York District: 

Attorney’s office in 1910. It w s  subsequently reloc ted in S n 

!Fr ncisco , then In T irtp , nd 

'fin lly in S n Jo se . .

j lmper tor Lewis lso rec lled 

■th t in T m p one Albert S ufl* jders w s ousted lrom the Order. 

•(S unders publicly ccuse d H..

JSpencer Lewis — the present  

Imp er tor’s f ther nd prede-

cessor in th is office' — of usingi n li s, “ Rolye Th urston ." nd 

cl iming credenti ls from non-

existent educ tion l Institutions  

'.in Indi nd New York .)

i He lso conceded th t onej iThord Kiim hleto "w s once . c o n n e c t e d to our or> 

g n i z t i 0 n .” (Kiim h 

lcto ’s widow tiled $2 mil, lion l wsuit in 1949. ch rging:  th t Lewis h d ousted her com-

pletely from wh t her l te hus_ 

b nd h d in 1915 b nkrolled s 

h  business," with Lewis Sr., providing none of the funds, only promotion l bility.)

: In ddition to loftily dismiss-

ing Mrs. K iim hleto ( “ She w s n extortionist — who died in 

|Agnew s.” — loc l me nt l hos-

pit l) lmper tor Lewis ch rged  

the *' Hom n C h u r c h” with "jnisre prese ntinc nd distortion in ttemp ts to expose us ."

I Simil r resentment ppe red  

l ter when lmper tor Lewis w s sked bout repo rts th t Sirh n 

Sirh n h d joined the Rosicru* ci n Order.

‘•Yes, nd A] C pone nd ll! the M fi re ll C tholics/' he. 

retor ted ngrily, “ but who ever! writes bout th t?! "

Page 72: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 72/245

Lester K insolving

The cult of RosicrucianismSAN JOSE. Calif.—“STOP

BEING EARTHBOUND." urgesthe advertisement offeringmembership in "The Rosicru-cian Ord er — A.M.O.R.C.”

“ S E CR ET P O W E R . . .

INN ER VISION . . . THEANCIENTS CALLED ITCOSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.”note the familiar ads in a widevariety of publications, from“The New York Times’* to“ Popular Science."

While this advertising costsconsiderable money (ChiefR o s ic r u c i an , “ lm p e r a to r . ”Ralph Lewis admits to “half amillion or more") the adi n v e s t m e n t r e t ur n isimpressively visibly in one full block of this booming city. Forthe headquarters of A.M.O.R.C.("Ancien t Mystical Order Rosea

Crucia") is something of anE g y p t i a n D i s n e y l a n d —amultimillion dollar complexcomposed of Egyptian museumand temDle.  planetarium, artgallery, idols, tablets. Sphinx,am ulets, scrolls and scarabs.

U.S. history repeatedly attes tst h e m a s s i v e A m e r i c anfascination for the bizarre andoccult, particularly when it iss k i l l f u l l y p i t c h e d a sauthentically ancient (likeMorminism), and gilded with theexciting allurement of a secretsociety.

But as Carlton Brown, a writerwho for purposes of investigation

 jo in e d th e R osi cru cia ns,observed:

‘’Secret, superwise andadvance d as these teachings arecthey can be mastered at home byanyone who can rea d.” (There iseven a home init iat ionceremony, with the “Neophyte"looking into a mirror, incandlelight, and chanting: “Hail,Rosy Cross.")

In actuality, therefore, the

only real secrecy about theRosicrucians is their income andtot al mem bership, whichlmperator Lewis, during aninterview, indignantly refused todisclose. He did concede,however, that members pay a

$10 initiation fee. plus $4.50 permonth; that there are membersall over the world; and that theOrder has grown considerablysince 1938, when court recordsreve aled a m embership of 60.000.(At the current dues rate, thiswould exceed $3 million perannum.) ,

Impefator Lewis, an elderly,whitehaired, mustachionedma n. vehemently and repeatedlycontended: "We are not areligion."

So m e in v es t ig a to r s o fRosicrucianism. such as U.S.Catholic magazine, would insome measure agree with thiscontention in describing the cultas: "A popularized mixture ofT h e o s o p h y , a l c h e m y .Gnosticism. Masonry. Vedanta.Ast ro logy . Cabal ism and

a n t i q u a t e d s c i e n c e . ’ '(Rosicrucian literature, forexample, features contentionsthat under the Pacific Oceanthere is the "Lost Continent ofLimuria.”) .

And while lmperator Lewisdisclosed that "We *are“ notdirectly related to the EgyptianPharaohs—only traditionallyrelated.” his erection of LittleEgypt in San Jose hardlyreinforces this disclaimer.

Rosicrucianism has been bou ncing aro und cul tic circlesever since Medieval Germany,

and there have been a number ofmodem manifestations. Therewas. for example. Dr. KarlGardner’s "Holy Rosikrucian

Order "—during Prohibition. Asa cult, the order was allowed by law to dispense sa cram en ta lwine, dui a band ol raiding Fedsdiscovered that Dr. Gardner had provided his 300 followers withsome 50.000 pints within one60day period (together withardent Biblical admonitions to"Drink no longer water, but usea little wine for thy stomach's

sak e,” —I Timothy 5 :23.)

lmperator Lewis ardentlydenied any connection with this bran ch of Ro sic rucianism — although he did not deny reportsthat his own organization wasraided by the New York DistrictAttorney’s office in 1918. It wassubsequently relocated in SanFrancisco, then in Tampa, andfinally in San Jo s^

Page 73: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 73/245

lm pera tor Lewis also recalledthat in Tampa one AlbertSaunders was ousted from theOrder. (Saunders publiclyaccused H. Spencer Lewis—the pre se nt Im pe ra to r’s fa th er and pred ec es so r in this of fic e—ofusing an a l ias , "RolyeT h u r s t o n . ” * and claiming  credentials from nonexistent

educational institutions in Indiaand New York.)‘ He Also conceded that oneThord Kiimahleto "was oncec o n n e c t e d w i t h o urorg an izati on :' ' (Kltmahleto’swidow filed a $2 million lawsuitin 1949. charging that Lewis hadousted her completely from whather late husband had In 1915 bank rolled as “a b usine ss.” withLewis. St.. providing none of thefunds, only promotional ability. )

In addition to loftily dismissingMrs. Kiimahleto ("She was anex to r t i o n i s t w h o d ied In

Ag news." a local mentalhos pital) lmp erator Lewischarged the "Roman Church”will “ misrepresenting anddistortion in attempts to exposeus .” _  

Similar resentment appearedlater when lmperator Lewis wasasked about reports that SirhanSi r h an h ad Jo in ed th eRosicrucian O rder .

"Yes. and Al Capone and allthe Mafia ore all Catholics." heretorted angirly. "but whQ everwrites about that? !"

The FreeLance Star

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Saturday, September 11, 1971Page 4

Page 74: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 74/245

Mail-order religious cults bloom

By LESTER KJNSOLVING “ S lop being earthbound,” 

urges Uve advertisement offering membership in “The HosicoJcian Order-A.M.O.R.C."

“ Secret  p o w e r . . , i n n e r

vision . . . the ancients called it cosmic consciousness,” note the familiar ids In a wide variety or publications, from “The New 

York Tim es” to “ Popular Science.*’

While thU advertising costs considerable money (Chief  Rosicrucian “lmperator” Ralph Lewis admits to “half a million or more”) the ad Investment return is impressively visible in one full block of this booming city. For the headquarters of A.M.O.R.C. (“Ancient Mystical Order Rosac Cruris”) is something of an Egypt ian Disney land-a  multi-million dollar complex composed of Egyptian museum and temple, planetarium, art gallery, Idols, tablets, Sphinx* amulets, scrolls an d scarabs.

U.5. history repeatedly attests uc ihwtt .Fumncui taw natron for the bizarre and occult, particularly when it is skillfully pitched as authentically ancient and gilded with the exciting allurement of a sec**t 

But as Carlton Brown, a writer 

who for purposesof investigation  jo ined the Rosicrucians,  observed:

“ Secret , superwise and advanced a* these teachings are, they can be mastered at home by anyone who can read.” (There Is even a home Initiation ceremony, with the “Neophyte” looking into a minor, in candlelight, and chanting: uHail Rosy Cross.”)

In actuality, therefore, the only real secrecy about the 

Rosicrucians Is their income and total membership, which lmperator Lewis, during an Interview, indignantly refused to

disclose. Hf did concede, however, that members pay a $10 Initiation fee, pit* $4.50 per month; that there are members all over the world; and that the Order has frown considerably since 1938, when court records revealed a membership of 60,000. (At the current dues rate, this 

would exceed $3 million per annum.)lmperator Lewis, an elderly, 

white-haired mustachioed man, vehemently and repeatedly contended: “We are not a religion.1'

Some investigators of  Rosicrucianism, such as U.S. Catholic magadne, would In some measure agree with this contention in describing the cult is: “A popularized mixture of  T h e o s o p h y , a l c h e m y ,  Gnosticism, Masonry, Vedanta,

Astrology, Cabalism and a n t i q u a t e d ae j « n e t . M(Rosicrucian literature, for example, features contentions that undrr the Pad Tic Ocean there *    the “Lost Continent of  Limuria")

And whilr lmperator Lewis disclosed that “We are not directly related to the Egyptian pharaohs—only traditionally 

related/’ his erection of Little Egypt in San Jose hardly reinforces this disclaimer.

Rosicrucianism has been bouncing around cultic circles eversinoe Medieval Germany, and there have been a number of  modem manifestations. There was, for example, Dr. Karl Gardner's “Holy Rosikrucian Order”—durittf frohlbition. As a cult, the order was allowed by law to dispense sacramental wine. But

a band of n iO lf revs wco wm r  that Dr. Gardner had provided his 300 followers with some bQfiOQ  

pints within one 60-day period (together with ardent biblical admonitions to MDrink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake/*—1 Timothy 6:23.)

lmperator Lewis ardently denied any connection with this branch of Rosicrucianbm- although he did not deny reports 

that his own organization was

Page 75: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 75/245

that hb own organization was raided by the New York district attorney's office in 191S. Jt was subsequently relocated In Sin Pmndwo, then in Tam pa, and finally in San Joee.

lmperator Lewis also rectikd 

that in Taropa one Albert Saunden was ousted from the Order. (Saunders publicly accused H. Spencer Lewij-the 

present lmperator4* father tod predecessor In this office—of  using an alias, uKoJye Thurston/' and claiming credentials from non ex is te nt educational institutions In India and New York.)

He also conceded that one Thord Kiirasbieto “was ottce c o n n e c t e d w i th our  organization.M (Kiimahleto’*widow filed a two million dollar lawsuit in 1949, charging that Lewn had ousted her completely from wbat her late husband had In 1915 bankrolled as “i busin ess/’ with Lewis, Sr,, providing none of the funds, only promotional ability.)

Similar resentment appeared later when lmperator Lewi* was asked about reports that Sithan Sirhan had joined the Rosicrucian Order.

Fairbanks Daily News-Mincr  

Fairbanks, Alaska 

Saturday, September 1 1 , 1971Page 6

Page 76: Amorc Folder 10

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Page 77: Amorc Folder 10

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The Corpus Christi CallerTimes

Corpus Christi, Texas

Monday, September 20, 1971

Page 2A


Ceremony Set

Members of (he AMORC. R osicruci n Corpus Christi C h p t e r , w i ll c o m m e m o r t e  the order's founding with

cerem ony t S p .m . W ednes-

d y t 902 Buff lo.

They will h ve sym bolic  reconstruction of the building  o f t h e G r e t P y r m i d o f Cheops, M rs. Ros H. H ern n-

dez , m ster of the ch pter ,  s id .

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, September 21, 1971

Page 2

Rosicrucian Ritual Friday

Loc l R os icru ci ns will com -

mem or te the building of the  

gre t pyr mid of Cheops 8 p.m.  

Frid y t Arion H ll, 2 3 0 

Plymouth St.

th e Ro sicruci ns. who tr ce  

their origin b ck to Akhn ton, Ph r oh in 1350 B.C., co m -

mem or te the ir origin by con-

structing m ini ture pyr mid.  

The pl cing of e ch stone sym-

bolizes the c u l t u r l c -

complishments of the order.

The public is invited to  

witness the ritu l.

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The Terre Haute Tribune

Terre Haute, IndianaWednesday, Se ptem ber 22, 1971

Page 40

R o s i c r u c i a n s  C e r e m o n y S e t  F o r S u n d a y

* A cevemnnv commemorating the building of the Great Pvra mid in Egypt will bp held in 

Terrr Haute Sunday. Sept 2fi. iat 2 4S p m at the Odd Fellow s Temple. ?2 S Pth St

Mrs Mary English, master of  the local AMOU(\ said that worldwide Rosicrusians wi l l  gath er for the ceremony at which time thev will re enact the building of the Great Pyramid of Cheops

According to Rosicrucian tra dilions. Mrs English said the Great Pyramid at Gizch was , begun at the time of the au *

 jtumnal Equinox t ’nlike other pyramids built as a burial place during the pyramid age it was* erected as a temple of learning.It i* said that its construction demonstrate* a knowledge of  all the known science* of the period including higher mat he mattes. physics and th»* fundamentals of astronomy recog ni/ed today 

The Rosicrucians trace their; t r a d i t i o n a l origin hack to Akhnaton. Pharoah in 1350

B. C.. who has been described as the first great personality in history Thus, they commemorate their ancient origin by the ritualistic and symbolic construction of a miniature pvra mid The placing of each piece  symbolizes the cultural accom plishment* of the order.

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The Brownsville Herald

Brownsville, Texas

Friday, September 24,1971

Page 3

Rosicrucian Celebration'    - _

On Sunday Local m em bers ol liie Ro ;

sicruclan Order will celebrate!the annual festival of the py ramid Sunday, a! 4 p.m. alUie Maiamoros lodgo on Calle4, between Pedro de Coronado

and Cristobal Colon.According to lodge masterIldcfonso Zapata Villarreal, Uiefestival celebrates Lhe buildingof the great pyramid of Egyptwhich, according to Rosicruciantradition, was not constructedas a burial place, but as a tem* j pie of higher learning .

Festival ritual reenacts syr»' bo lically the con stru ct ion of this py ramid to commemora te theR o s i e r u c l a n founding by

Pharaoh Aknaton Abput in 1350,|B.C.. Villarreal said . i

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Traverse City ReeordEagle

Trav erse City, Michigan

Thursday , September 30,1971

Page 17


ROSICRUCIANMYSTICALT E A C H I N G SRosicrucian Mystical Teachings are offered to those who seek  to use them for the perfection  of their inner faculties and in mastering the daily obstacles  of life. Thu International R osi

crucian Order, A.M.O.R.C., will be happy to reccive the re-   j quests of those who believe sin-  

 j cerity and worthine ss are the  ! cornerstones of po ssessin g such  

wisdom. Health, happiness, and ! peace — these are attainable. :Jhe Mastery of Life, a fascinat-  ! ing book, will be given free, i Allow this tbo k to show you  

greater potentials uf living. Adi cr es s your letter to Scribe  : S E C., Kosicrucian Pa rk, San

*Jose. California 05114.

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Fairbanks Daily NewsMiner

Fairbanks, Alaska

Satu rday, O ctober 2, 1971Page 4

W H O a n d W H A T A r e

The RosicruciansThis Is What They Are:• A fraternal organization   devoted to thn investiga-

tion and study of cosmic and natural laws.

• Their purpose in the awakening and developmentof the faculties and talents of man for his greater prn mnal attainmen t.

• Worldwide in extent and centuries  «/rf.• Active in dispelling superstition anrl stimulating

creative, original thought.  .

• Operatin g a? a nonprofit   and cultural organisation.

Thii Is What They Are Not:• Not a religious group,  sect or cult  —ulisolutely non-


• Not political in purpose or function.

• Not an eccentric society   promulgating any ideas,doctrines or concepts contrary to accepted publicmorals or customs.

For further interesting literature, write for your free  copy of The Mastery of Uje.  Address Secretary IN I

The  Rosicrucians   IAMOICISAN /OSE, CALIFORNIA 95 fM

r --------------------------------------------------------------------- ;I Secretary I NIt The JtiMtcrucians (AMORC) 

 j San Joae. California 95114

] I wo uld like to kno * mo re Pleav* tier*! m.v /«•*• rojiy uf .

The Maslcry ol Li/p. Nu utilisation.

Naim-------------------------------------------- --------------.. -

J • Ar ldr ew ______________________ _ . ----------

! City_ . ------ - . — Zip C ode-------- ---  Jlt»** Iwludp V'«w7i|i t"i»k 

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Sunday, October 10,1971

Page 20



Free Public LectureS p o n t o r a d b y R om   C h a p t e r  


TO A CHANGING WORLD">r»r h t   oil I «»

S p a a h a r , H u r r y    Bartok. fn%trwc»ion

D t p i . , G r a n d L o d g a , S a n J o w

O u a %t i o n A m i w t r p a r t od R e l f t » h m * n » »



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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Friday, November 12, 1971

Page 9

Rosicrucian Conclave Set

Rose c h ap t e r o f S an t a Cr u z  

w i ll b e am on g n in e o t h e r lod ge s  

t h e an n u a l Ros ic r u c ian Or d e r  

c on c lave in Oak lan d ’ s M ason ic  

M e m o r i a l T e m p l e t h i s w e e ke n d .

Highl ight ing the af fa ir wi l l be  

a ta lk by the Grand Treasurer  

of the Order. Ro bert E . Da nie ls. 

The Third D eg ree in i tiat ion wi l l 

b e p r e se n t e d S a t u r d ay .

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Wednesday, November 17, 1971

Page 14

SC Rosicrucians Join In Rites

Santa Cruz Rose Chapter ofthe Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.c o n t r i b u t e d musical anddramatic numbers to the eighthAnnual Central C a l i f o r n i aConclave held in Oakland lastweekend.

Grace Ramsay played theviolin and Robert Thrift playedthe gu it ar and sang . P a u lVeatch gave a poetic reading.

A dramatic presentation ofthe history and symbolic mean-ing of the Great Seal of the U.S.was written and directed by S.Ann Clark. The cast includedEsther Ross. Thr if t. K a r lGoesele. Richard Svihus. JaxonMatthews, Charles Rizzo, FredMcPherson, Russell Barden, L.M. Hamblen, and Robert Perry.

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Pottstown Mercury 

Pottstown, Pennsylvania 

Friday, December 31, 1971 

Page A9

A d v e rt is e m e n t


KEY TO SEC RET S. Rosicruci an Mys

ticism in Modern Form . The Rosicru

cian Order, AMORC, which producedsome of the world's qreafest Mastrr*.is today a dynamic, vital force in thelives of tho usa nds of pers ons. In i s

 pr iva te teachings it pr e se rv es the a n cient wisdom that was fostered by thePyramid builders of Ancient EgyptWith a knowledge of cosmic laws andmystical principles you can change th»course of your life and attract SUCCESS, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and a

development of mental foresight thatwill be both satisfying and rewarding.The official Rosicrucian teachings arenev er sold in books. You ma y, however, write for a free book called THEMASTERY OF LIFE in which thestrange story of the Rosicrucians istold and full particulars given as tohow you may have their private teachinos. Addres s: Scri be I. I. I. Rosi crucian Order, AMORC, San Jose, California 95114.

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Monday, December 13,1971

Page 4


Yule PartyRose C h a p t e r of the

Rosicrucian Order will hold itsannual Christmas party Fri-day at 7:30 p.m. at Arion Hall.

A potluck supper w i l l

 precede the program withfamilies and f r i e n d s of     members invited. Each personis to bring a gift ($2 max-imum) m arked ‘ ‘ m a n , ’ ’••lady/* “ g ir l” o r “ b o yEn tertain me nt and s p e c i a 1music are planned.

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San Mateo Times

San Mateo, California

Friday, February 18, 1972

Page 8

 H as Man a C reative M ind   Pouter T h a t  May Be Used to De t e rm i n e  His F u t u r e ?




by the


Fr. Robert t . Danials, Speaker

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 8: 30 P.M. .

Burlingame Woman's Cfub 241 Park Road, Burlingame

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Independent PressTelegramLong Beach, California

Sunday, March 19,1972Page W5

Rosicrucians to install

new slate of officers New officers of Abdiel

L o d g e w ill be in sta lle d

during formal ceremonies

at 0 p.m . Friday in Rosi-

cr uc ian Hall, 2455 Atlan tic

Avr .

Mrs. Aleck N. Edwards

will take over as master.

Others assuming new du«

t ies re M rs. Florence

Chappel, Thomas J. Bod

ine, Sylvester Wiseheart,

John Delahu nt and Mrs.

Emma P. Delat iunt .

The installation coincides

with the beginning of the

Rosicrucian N e w Y e a r

which starts with a sym-

 bolic feast at the time of

the vernal equinox.

The Rosicrucian Order

da tes back Lo the reign ol

Pharo ali Akhna ton in 13f>0B.C.

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The Terre Haute Tribune

Terre Haute, Indiana

Thursday, March 23, 1972Page 26

R o s i c r u c i a n s  T o C e l e b r a t e  N e w Y e a r

The Franz Hartmann Pronaos of The Rosicrucian O r d e r ,  

A.M.O.R.C., will hold its annual New Year’s Ceremony Sunday, March 2 6 ,   at 2 p m. in its lodge rooms in The Odd Fellows Temple, 22 S. 8th St.

A c c o r d i n g to Mrs. Mary English. Master of the local body, such a ceremony was customary in ancient Egypt from t h e Memphite to Ptolemaic times to mark the beginning of  the new year at the time of the spring equinox.

The event was symbolic of  new life in the earth and was commemorated by the use of  the basic food elements of corn, grape juice and salt.

Since The Rosicrucian Order traditionally had its beginning in the reign of Akhnaton in B.C. 1350. it memorializes its ancient origin Ih this symbolic feast.

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, C alifornia

Thursday, March 23,1972

Page 29

Rosicrucians To Observe 

Vernal Equinox

The Rosicrucian Order’s loc l Rose chapter will celebr te the

ancient rite of new year Friday,

observing the vernal equinox.

The order, known fully as theAncierrt and Mystical Order of

Ihe Rosae C rue is (AMORCi » aii o n r e I i glous philosophical

fraterni ty which claims i t s

origin in the* reign of the Kgyptian Pharoh, Akhnatop in 1350


 New chapter officers who will

installed in the Tieeting at

Arion Jail, 230 Plymouth St., at8 p m are Robert T h r i f t ,

m a s t e r ; J a n i c e Lucich,e cre ta ry ; Marlene S m i t h ,

ch air m an of the board o f

trusties; Hassell B a r d v   n ,

chaplain; Charles Rizzo, out'Tg u a r d i a n . and Betty Jo

Weatherbie. inner guardian

The vernal equinox, marking

the beginning of spring, isMarch 21. when the sun crosses

the celestial equalor and enters

^the zodiacal sign of Aries.

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The Odessa AmericanOdessa, Texas

Sunday, March 26, 1972Page 16A

I n s t a l l a t i on  O rd e r S la t e dAdministrative and ritualistic

officers of the Rosicrucian Per-mian Basin Pronaos will be installed in special ceremonies at3:15 p.m. Sunday.

The celebration of the ancient New Year ri te will be he ld in theMurphy Rochester Building, 420

 North Lincoln.

 New officers to be instal ledare F. B. Corbell, master; Mrs.Clemence Caston. guardian; andBen McGlamery, secretary.

According to Mrs. JeanneJones, currently m ast er of theRosicrucians, the ancient Egyp-tians began their new year on or 

•about the time of the vernalequinox, when the sun crosses

the celestial equator and entersthe zodiacal sign of Aries, whichalways occurs on or aboutMarch 21.

“This was considered the beginning of the New Year andsymbolic of new life.’*

"The occasion of the NewYear is celebrated by a sym

 bolic fe as t in which the cele - bra nts partake of simple foodscorresponding to certain basicelements of Nature; such as,

salt, corn and unfermentedgrape j u ic e/ ’ she said.

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Evening Independ ent

St. Petersburg, Florida

Thursday, May 4, 1972

Page 17B

 Rosicrucian Confab In TampaThe Southeastern Conclave of the 

Rosicrucian Order AMORC will meet 

May 11-13 at International Inn in Tampa.

, Principal speaker will be Gerald  

Bailey of California, editor of Rosi

crucian publications.

Other speakers are: Fern Palo, Grand Councilor of the North Atlan

tic States; Leo Toussaint, Grand Councilor for Southeastern States;

Dr. John Palo and three Regional 

Monitors, Ted Shephard of Miami- Fort Lauderdale, Haley Scurlock of  Atlanta and Andrew Powell, St. Pe

tersburg.Theme of the three-day session is 

“ I Will Add My Light to Yours.” The  program will include mystical dis

courses, films and slides, a ritual drama, a banquet and other special 


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Independent PressTelegram

Long Beach, California

Sunday, May 14, 1972

Page W12

AM O RC slates strawberry feteThe annual Strawberry Mrs. Frances R. Holland,

Fe stiv l, sponsored by . AMORC gr nd .cou ncilo r. AMORC R06ieruc i n Or* de r. will t ke pl ce n ext Sund y t 2 p.m . in the p** tio g rden of Abdiel Ixnlge,

2455 Atl ntic Ave.

Fe tured spe ker will be !

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Long Beach, California

Tuesday, June 13,1972

Page B10



award fo doctor ' Ch rles LeRoy Lowm n,  

M.D., of Los Angeles, foun-

der of Orthopedic Hospital, is recipient of the 1971 Ros-

icruci n Hum nit ri n  

Aw rd presented by Long Be ch Abdiel IiOdge.

D r. Lowm n, now 01. h s retired fter devoting rposl of his life to idin g  

underprivileged crippled  children nd polio victim s.

• P re se ntin g th e w rd  w h s C rol Young, m ste r  of the lodge.

DR. C. L. LOWMAN Wins hu m n it ri n w rd

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Daily Northwestern

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Saturday, July 1, 1972

Page 222

Rosicrucians Name 

Extension VolunteerNEENAH — Mrs. Ruth Barry, 

1733 iNorth St., lias been appoint

ed an extension volunteer by the 

grand.lodge of the Rosicrucian  

order (AMORC), San Jose, Cal

if. Her duties will be to dis

sem ina te information about the 

nonsectarian fraternal order 

which is “ devoted to the investigation, study and practical 

application of natural and spiri

tual laws,” she said.

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Idaho Free Press

 Nam pa, Idaho

Thursd ay, August 3, 1972Page 12

Rosicrucians gather for convention

 NAMPA  — Mr. and Mrs. Har

ry C. Lord 1235 Canyon S t ,  

recently attended the Rosi* 

crucian InternationalConvention 

hold in San Jo se , Calif. From 

July 9-14, more than 1,200 Ros- icrucians from throughout the 

world attended classes, lec

tures, and demonstrations of  

scientific Rosicrucian philoso

phy.The Rosicrucian Order (A- 

MOKC) is a non-profit, cultural 

and educational fraternity of men 

and women. It is nonsectarlan. 

The organization sponsors an 

Egyptian Museum in San Jose  which houses the largest Egyp

tian collection west of Chicago.

Among many activities, con

sulting Egyptologist Dr. Max 

Guilmot of Brussels, Belgium, 

lectured on Egyptology—Ros- 

icrucian history dates traditi

onally to one of the Egyptian 

Pharaohs. The entertainment 

highlight was a performance by 

the British concert pianist, Al

bert Ferber.

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The Terre Haute Star

Terre Haute, Indiana

Saturday, September 23, 1972Page 6


FALL CEREMONYThe Franz Hartmann Pronaos 

of the Rosicrucian O r d e r ,  (AMOHC) will conduct its annual fall Pyramid Building Ceremony Sunday al 3 p.m. in the lodge roms in the Odd* Fellows Temple, 22 S. 8th St.

The ceremony, wlidch Lakes place at the time of • the  f Jl equinox when -the sun enters Libra, cornmemoraies tbe building of tohe Great Pyramid of Glzeh in Egypt, begun at that time of  the year.

As the Rosicrucians traditionally trace their beginning lo Egypt around 1350 B. C.. they commemorate their a n c i e n t  origin and reaffirm their com -. mitment to en listm en t by building a symbolic pyramid, eadi stone representing some cultural achievement of the or

der. .T^ie public is invited bo 

witness the ritual.

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Palm Beach Pos t

Pa lm Beach , F lo r ida

M onday , Sep tem ber 25, 1972

P a g e s C l a n d C 4

 AMORCs Mark  

Order's Founding By MARSHA MAY


All over the world yesterday, tliey gathe red to build pyramids.

kven in Lake Park, nine people constructed a pyramid of wooden blocks

The threefoot (all pyramid was bull! by local

mem bers of (he Rosicrucian orde r a cultura l, philo-sophical organiza tion (o com me mora te the building

of (heCread'yramidoffhcopsin Kgypl*l( was (he pyramid ul learning and achievement”

said ArUiur Hess, master ul the local Anctcn( MysticalOrder of (lie Rosy Cross tAMOKCi, as (he pyramidslowly rose.

About 10 people watrhod the Rosicrucians build the

small structure with 10 layers of long wooden blocks,(he name of a virtue wnu cn on each laye r 

First came (cmperance, (hen tolerance, fortitude.

chas(Ky. morality, honesty, justice, (ruth, honor. andlopping off the pyra mid. du(y.

Symbolically (he immature pyram id comm emo-

rated (he founding of (lie nonsecUinan organtzadon byAkhna(on, Kgy pdan lluiroah in 1350 UC and (he

 building of his py ramidRosicrucians construct the pyramids annually near

(he day of the auUimnal cquinux. when cons(rucdon of(he original py ram id is said (o liave been begun m ore

Ilian I uuo years be fore (lie birth of Chr ist

In (he 18th century, the organization was rebornand has flourished throughout the world since tliat



CeremoniesContinued from Page Cl

The local order, which meets every second Sunday, has existed since last Novem

ber; 70-80 people from Palm  Beach and Martin counties be


“ It’s devoted to bringing out capabilities in people — they have a wealth of hidden capa

bil ities We teach them how to control their minds," Hess ex


• Rosicrucian is the realiza

tion of God and man. truth, how the world began. . seve r

al studies, but it's mostly cdu* caliona! and charitable."

Turn 10 ROSlfllUCIAN, C4

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, September 26, 1972

Page 5


Free Public LectureSponsored by Rose Chapter


Speaker: Chapter Master, Robert Thrift 

Question and Answer Period 

Films "IGYPT, CRADLE OF CULTURE"Social Hour — Refreshments


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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Wednesday, September 27, 1972Page 18


Order To MeetRobert Thrift will present a 

lecturc on “Awakening the Power of Mastership” when the Rose Chapter of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, meets Friday at 8 p.m. at Arion Hall, 230 Plymouth.

Thrift is the local chapter master and the lecture will be followed by a question and answer period. A film on “Egypt, Cradle of Culture” also will be shown, and a social hour will follow.

The Rosicrucian Order in an i n t e r national, nonsectarian, fraternal body of men and women devoted to the investigation of natural and  spiritual laws.

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The VidetteMessenger

Valparaiso, Indiana

Monday, October 2,1972

Page 3

 Rosicrucians Observe Rite

“Over 250 years ago upon the 

continent of North America, 

near wh ere now is located the 

city of Philadelphia, Brethren of the Rosy Cross, who had 

braved the dangers of the 

elements as well as the unjust 

prejudices of public opinion to 

reach this new land, laid the 

foundation of a great pyramid - 

a pyramid of ideals, which  

envisaged a future freedom to 

inquire into the nature of God, 

the universe, and self; ideals 

which conceived an era when knowledge would be applied to 

the betterment of mankind  without restraint by dogma,

selfish power, or fame,” notes 

Mrs. Mary D. Far low, Hobart.

Mrs. Farlow, Master of the 

local AMORC, Rosicrucian  

Calumet Chapter, states that 

Rosicrucians throughout the

world gathered to commemor

ate the building of the great  

pyramid in Egypt at the time of  

the autumnal equinox in September. The local Rosicru-. 

cians of Calumet Chapter held  

th e i r co m m em o ra t i v e cere

mony at the hilltop home of the 

James Andersons of Hobart 

with Mrs. Farlow , master , 

officiating. .

The Rosicrucians trace their 

traditional origin back to 

Akhnaton, Pharaoh in 1350 B.C., 

who has been described as the first great personality in 

history. Thus, they commemo

rate their ancient origin by the  

ritualistic and symbolic con

struction of a miniature  

pyramid. The placing of each 

piece symbolizes the cultural 

accomplishments of the Order.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, November 7, 1972

Page 10

HosicrucianKites Slalcd

I his Weekend

77ic local Rose Chapter of theR os i c r u c i a n O r d e r .A M O R C . will conduct aritual convocation a t the annualCentral California Conclave ofthe order Friday and Saturdayat flic Oakland Masonic

Memorial Temple. . '{903Broadway

Margaret McGowan, sn rctarv of ihr Grand l.odgr,

will speak Degree initiations,

discussion periods, forums,seminars, experiments andmystical dramas will he on the

 programThere will be a banquet and

entertainment Saturday night .

Saturday night

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sunday, December 10, 1972Page 7A





Lecturer: Dr. William H. Clark, FRCGrand Councilor of the AMO RC

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC( A P h i l o s o p h i c a l , C u l t u r a l , F r a t e r n a l O r d e r )  


Page 106: Amorc Folder 10

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Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C

Rosicrucian Order, AMORC# a nonsectarian fra

ternal body devoted to the investigation, study, and 

practicaf application of natural and spiritual (aws 

will have an open meeting at the Ann Arbor Public 

Library (corner of 5th Ave. and Wil l iam) at

8:00 p.m., Friday, Dec. 15

A lecture enti lled "V IBR A T IO N S A N D Y O U " and

and movie "D O M A IN OF D E S T IN Y " will be feau-

tured. There will be no charge ond the public is

cordially invited.

The Michigan Daily

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Wedn esday, D ecember 13, 1972  Page 6

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Arcadia Tribune

Arcadia, California

Sunday, February 4,1973

Page 12

Nflit' Rosicrucian  Rook Available 

 At Local Library

Local readers will now  

hn\«? access to <\  new Rosi- 

crucian book in the D ua rle  

public library. It has been  

donated to  the library by the  

Order and, che "Rosicrucian  

yu eM ion s ar.rj A ns w ers W ith 

Complete History of rhe Or

d e r ” by H. Spencer Lewis .

This donation to the library  

is the result of several re* 

miesis from local readers  

that these books be m ade  

available to the public. A 

yearly apprnpiiatici; is made  

by tlie Ro sicrucian Order :o provide the etlucnlionaJ, philo s o p H i c a l , rsTiscclarinn  

works of Hie organization to 

such public institutions ,v, li

braries and hospitals. I! is 

said lhat the rum her of Ro si

crucian books nt the lCLal li

brary will bo incre ased as  

public interest c ienles a de

mand for then:.

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Sunday, February 25,1973

Page 7B


F O R W E D N E S D A YThe Valley Lo dge of tlu* 

Ancient Mystical Order ol 

Rosicrucians will host u 

public lecture on Wednesday at 8 p.m. at th e lodge. 

J0716 Parthenia St.. Sepul


The Rosicrucian Order 

is a group of m en and 

women devoted to the in- 

\ c s ligation, stud y and 

p r actical app lication of  

natural and spiritual laws, 

which will enable man

kind to live in harm ony  

with the creative, con

structive cosmic forces.

Guest speaker for the 

evening will be Francis 

Holland, grand councilor  

for the Southern Califor

nia area. She will speak on  

•The Thr ee F old Path.** 

v  o v ering the physical, 

mental and spiritual parts 

of man's being.There will be opportu

nitie s to participate in ex

periments. and question*  

will I k * an<wen»d.

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The T imesStandard

Eureka, California

Sunday, March 4, 1973

Page 1*3

Egyptian . Museums 


SAN JOSE (UPI) - Each year 350,00ft persons visit one or (lie world's finest Egypitan museums or. a tour that includes walking through a. tviil sited replica of a tomb of 2000 B.C.

The museum Is housed in one of nine buildings making up the headquarters of llw> in* 

IcrnntionMl fraternal organization called the Rnstcnicinns, j located in this Santa Clara County city since 1927.

"We have aa iargo a mummy collection as anywhere in the United States," Rays Arthur Plepenbrlnk, the g r o u p ' s !  •ecrelsry.  j. The fraternal order traces its. 

origins back lo the Bnoienls of; Eftypt and al! its Impressive bulldlnfls fire in- Egyptian architecture.

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Daily Independent Journal

San Rafael, California

Monday, March 5, 1973 

Page 36

Museum Of Rosicrucians 

Draws Thousands Yearly

EGYPTIAN MUSEUM — One of the world’s year some 350.000 persons visit the museumfinest Egyptian museums is found in San and are taken on a tour which includesJose at the headquarters of the Rosicrucians. walking through a fullsized replica of aan international fraterna l organization. Each tomb of 2000  B D.  .w>i «•**<*••

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Daily Independent JournalSan Rafael, California

Monday, March 5, 1973

Page 36

Museum Of Rosicrucians Draws Thousands Yearly


year 350.000 persons visit one of   the world's finest Egyptian mu-seums on a tour that includes

walking through a full sizedreplica of a tomb of 2000 B.C.

The museum is housed in one  

of nine buildings making up theheadqua rters of the internation-

al fraternal organization called

the Rosicrucians. located in this

Santa Clara Countv citv since1927

‘‘We have as large a mummycollection as anywhere in the

Uni ted S tates .” says Arthur

Piepenbrink. the group s secre-tary.

The fraternal order traces its

origins back to the ancients ofEgypt and all its impressive

 buildings ar e in Egyptian arch i-tecture.

“ We feel Western civilization

stems   from Egypt and fashionour buildings after ancient

Egypt in the same way many

 public buildings use Greek a r-chitecture.” Piepenbrink said

A stately row of ram sphvnx

es leads up to the golden doorsand papyrustype columns of

the museum, built in 1968

In one   museum gallery is a

fullsized reproduction of the

mummy case of the famousKing Tutankhamen, the onlyreproduction in the world of thecostly original located in Cairo.

Standing before the mummy.

one can appreciate the words of

British archeologist Howard

Carter when he discovered it in1922.

"For a moment, time as a

factor in human li/e has lost its

meaning.” he said. “The very

air you breathe, unchanged  

through the centuries, youshare with those who laid the  mummy to its rest."

often depicted as a humanhead-

ed bird.

The Egyptians believed that

the soul flew about by day andreturned to the body at night. It

entered the   outer coffin through  another false door and identi-

fied the mummy by its facial  


 No m atter how impressive

A few yards from Tutankha-men’s mummy is the highlight

of the tour: a fullsized repro-duction of a noble's tomb of the12th Dynasty.

The tomb, the only one of its  kind in North America, is fash-

ioned after those found near theArab village of Beni Hasan.

The initial chamber of the

tomb has massive columns, a

false door, a recessed alcoveand sculptured walls.The guide says the false door

was for the soul which was

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Daily Independent Jou rnal

San Rafael, California

Monday, March 5,1973

Page 36

EfiVPIWN' MfSKt’M- Onr<>l  II)e  «tirid *iinr»l Egyptian mUHTim>ia fmind in SanJ»*r al I hr Sr.u|quarlrr*of Ihr RixirniriaiVaan mtrrnation al fralrm al urv.ini/uiinn Each

M - a r Mime ttfl onti prrw n* vm i ihr m um m.irtrt art* lakcn on a lour ahirh include• alkirn; through a f ulla im l r rplica o( al i x n b u l 3 » « H 1 )

Museum Of Rosicrucians 

Draws Thousands Yearly

m r h r i i   IV •utrr rkamiHnprrpamha*aiaaain iaa«r cl

%j i■*» a njrmo■ M T t « Car*

Vaa«aaArrt at <vnmviwat Iratrraal artaaataoaaraM(lapIwncuii lorab-4atHim

Mi Clara('nan nij amHB

Hr hua*« lar*r alaamni)nAartnaaamtilim »Ihrt'ailr stain *' ufi ArthurIVpraV-naIhr rnaapaarrrrlar,TVIrUrraal «n*rr irarraita

aim hart taIhr aaavataulEoy ir t  al it*lanwnmhattan anmEoahaaarrlwMai

Hr lari WmmmHualaia<Mi Inn tic* and(adwia> mt  baiMiaiaallrr aariraiIti H  at (hr «n*»a<laaatpuhUrtwUuKt tnrilrrrk  arrhilrafunr l*irtaraahrial lulA«taMt naa>4 rawn>m

n Ira*a*toIV mMr*«niaa*wtntllir n*una. alIhr aww MaMla aar mm (aimaaa

Ml aaart rrpnadartma<4Ihrm«aaa-, raa*a<thala*« Ka u TMiMUUUMmIhrtmly 

rryrnaanwlaIhr »Mrtdill Ihrartftaaj laralrdtaCairn

■niiaaartValagtat InaHrartar aVahr «araarw<aa N0

rat aaaumi laar aaatartarm haaaaeW*haataal atmraaaM hr aaad TV «mair J»ahrraiV aartuairdIkroaifhIhr rralanra.  ym i  

Jun »nhIhaaaa«V taut IVi*w»m> Id aa r r>«

VIrajanbIranTuiaaiklummi aaamait <aIhr hacMichi•rf IVlaar a(al aaaadrrprv<lur<»a•*aaaftir •laatahal IhrinhOtaaattTVtaahIV«a/i aaara4iia

kmamVaihAmrrtra»lathluaral aftrr ihr haiaal farar IVAnaha«acr4  Val HaaaaTV Mltal cfcaMVt al ttar

Itanaa afcf «raaavaaaa

TVtnUuaU>«arim*my4aj acaaaramm Mr firmra hrrfb

TVCCrptaanahalaraa**alIV aaul firwahnah, «ayaaalaiaiai totV M>a a<«>rairrrdtV naarrraile Br**«aaalhrr 'alar «aar atarf alral)M IVaaainaai h, ill lartal

laV>r«rlMnlaaaaai ■ill IV rrttlrraIIV r*aaTVMtfrr raffia har

tfamaaaal 4aaa| I

I alar 4aar arrrraardaJrvarandwMlprurtrl «aj<TV (war u)nIV lilar ihanf

aa>lor IVaaal aharhaw

SrjnritacV«imIV aaamatt

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Daily Independent Journ alSan Rafael. CaliforniaMonday, March 5,1973Page 36

I t fct imitnr l M f l . Kotiy Hut* i  H73

Museum Of Rosicrucians

Draws Thousands Yearly ■inmrHjj mn WCor■ ■ . . . . .. . . . . . .. . .. .


. "1*»W til' Lot tmutin U» i- tM  Hot art * t*rt   u tj0fcMm, a . . W *r t o , . t o tW -ct u - — , «- tawm•nmH*» ^ H (fti«Mthtnm i  >■■■w

 J 7 ^ ? J , 4r * f * V « J » M* V « V « * . r t t r r dt*rMiff twtlm ***&   b r |m M K B I T ■ I^ I W n r r o t o l t o t o » r i t o l > . h M t d l k M O r  «wm i - uM a aw*ir >•«Null* ntkujrt M *»*—>*J* W IV —», r-ta hmt n


t m  0 » I W r m t t n r vnuta* Jufr •«* (fc*• r»£M MlMM) ki tft f 

* lfcr B 3 H .•* V** •• Imnt*   • m u m <rfa • Mnk Wttwnfla*—ji wrtm«ttr !Sftt»nairy

r«Nvtf *•*»#» M*i 4rtU r TV M l »» w u>

•wm*\rr  V«i rww*itwrtM■

TV utfmiW «r#rr trw * M* Arak ttfUcv rf IM I (mmmmm Wli la IM n n n li «f TW m«mI fiiw ltr «l tW

Mtaf*m ■Eciptm«nk«^* » *e rt m f tu l«

•w«n* frMB Ko * *mdI».W«a«r after nr aa l f t>p* m »wmov«ij ■IKbbr •«Gml


r4UMTO 4 flHfMM r *flCO*tf 4 f . . . ,

CAL'f fTCAfC MOUSEK M and C t*.. Son toHj>Wnq

■triAJt  •»MMMPKMCUNMn.kmi „lt Ulm

rr.v m w  V IXfTM Our . .I I hr . . . r id .f i w * l E r y j K u n m u i r u n o » l o ii n d in Sa n

J o w a t I h r h r j i i q iM r t r r i <af Ih r R ix t r n i r u iM

j «   m t r m a i i o n a l ( r a l r m a l n n ! a n i » l M n R *o to

>rar Mimr OOMXI prr*ont nut Ihr miucum jnJ at r  mlumcma lour ottrh inrludriwalkinz !knm|h t  lallnml rrplin a I  *•omb.rf .WnBI) mlM.

Radical Capitalists Would Give  

Everyone A Piece Of The Action 2^2Jr5?HHt*r   IN 0  ^ w r r M (I « m

iii KKrt n mm r»"M' <»r>tmtr'  lwi  Vcxmw#(Ut -

TV. Vnw••»»•*»>«*•<kk Vttwdrn«n >u>|lt af M*d u%yt m

rnr*4mrt*m m rW Wn»« V m I >« > W m C m


Impact Report Due Discutsionn» L»rt*«vvw DMmn


•G( i EkW* >ihvFIbWc*Action-tor•1 Wo* 7 t « M

fUK—• 3 Wo * CfCtot ■ Nor mol 

ArfrinMdSog*• hktaof]

$2 0 9 95ta'WIrVf■nrsiVr n-

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Museum Of Rosicrucians 

Draws Thousands Yearly

EGYPTIAN MUSEUM — One of the world’sfinest Egyptian museums is found in SanJose nt the hradquarters of the international fraternal organization. Each

year some 150.000 persons visit the museumand are taken on a  tour which includes

walking through a fullsized replica of atomb of 2000 B D. <rri

Page 116: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 116/245

Museum Of Rosicrucians 

Draws Thousands YearlyBy JAMES 0. CLIFFORD

SAN JOSE (UPI> Eachyear 350.000 persons visit one of

the world s finest Egyptian mu-seums on a tour that includeswalking through a full sizedreplica of a tomb of 2000 B.C.

The museum is housed in oneof nine buildings making up theheadquarters of the internation-al fraternal organization calledthe Rosicrucians. located in thisSanta Clara County city since1927

“ We have as large a mummycollection as rmywhere in theUnited States.” says ArthurPiepenbrink. the group s secre-tary.

The fraternal order traces itsorigins back to the ancients ofEgypt and all its impressive

 buildings are in Egyptian archi-tecture.

"We feel Western civilizationstems from Egypt and fashionour buildings after ancientEgypt in the same way many

 public buildings use Greek ar -chitecture." Piepenbrink said

A stately row of ram sphynxes leads up to the golden doorsand papyrustype columns ofthe museum, built in 196ti

In one museum gallery is afullsized reproduction of the

mummy case of the famousKing Tutankhamen, the onlyreproduction in the world of thecostly original located in Cairo.

one can appreciate the words ofBritish archeologist HowardCarter when he discovered it in1922.

"For a moment, time as afactor in human life has lost itsmeaning." he said "The veryair you breathe, unchangedthrough the centuries, youshare with those who laid themummy to its rest ”

A few yards from Tutankha-men's mummy is the highlightof the tour a fullsized repro-duction of a noble's tomb of the12th Dynasty.

The tomb, the only one of itskind in North America, is fash-ioned after those found near theArab village of Beni Hasan

The initial chamber of thetomb has massive columns, afalse door, a recessed alcoveand sculptured walls.

The guide says the false doorwas for the soul which was 

often depicted as a humanhead-ed bird.

The Egyptians believed thatthe soul new about by day andreturned to the body at night. Itentered the outer coffin throughanother false door and identi-fied the mummy by its facialmask 

 No ma tte r how impress ive

' one feels the outer chamber is,nothing prepares him for thes tunning inner chamber ,reached via a descending corri-

dor The brilliantlycolored walls

show everyday scenes of Egyp-tian life: farmers herding cowsto market, butchers slaughter-ing cattle, hunters going after

 preyThe Egyptians were fearful ofgrave robbers and buried their

 bejewelled mummies in a shaftin the center of the chamber.

The outer coffin, however, isdamaged — showing that thethieves were even more clever.

Standing before the mummy.

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Thursday, March 15, 1973

Page 30A

R o s i c r u c i a n s S e t t o I n s t a l lN e w S l a t e o n S u n d a y N i g h t

N ew officer* of the Ro

sicrucians Valley Lod ge  

will be installed Sunday at  

S p.m. at 15716 Parthenia  St., Sepulveda, with many  

v i sit ing m em bers from  

surrounding cities attend-  

i n g t h e c e r em on y , a spokesman of the order  


The new officers are 

John Phillipson, master; 

Ada May Weitv, secre

t a r y; Gw endolyn W et-  

terstrom, chaplain; Lorin  

Rambo, outer guardian;  

Mary Vann, inner guardian; and Mickey Adams, 


According to April Man-  

tonya, master of the Rosi-  

c r u cian San Fe rna nd o  

Valley Lodge, the ancient  

Egyptians, from the t im e  

of Memphis to the P tole

maic Period, began their  

New Year always on or

about the time of the ver

nal equinox, when the sun  

on its journey crosses the 

celestial equator and en

ters the Zodiacal Sign of  Aries, which always oc

curs on or about March 21.

This was considered the 

beginning of the New  

Year, because spring is 

symbolic of new life —  

emphasized by the reawa

kening of nature from the 

dormant period of winter, 

the bursting forth of blos

soms, and the grow th of  

l iving things.The occasion of the New  

Year will be celebrated, 

stated April Mantonya, by 

a symbolic feast in which  

the participants receive  

simp le foods, corresp ond

ing to certain basic ele

m ents of nature, such as 

s a l t , c orn and u nfer

mented grape juices.

As the Ro sicrucian Or

der, AMORC, a non religious but philosophical 

fraternity, maintains that  

its traditional origin oc

curred during the reign of  

Ajnemhotep IV, in 1350 

B C , t h e o r d er co m -

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Thursday, March 15, 1973Page 30A

memorates this ancient 

New Year beg inning wi th  

a ceremony though non

religious, that embraces  

the allegorical significance  

of the age-old Egyptian  

rite.March 21 is also the be

ginning of the fiscal peri

od of all Rosicrucian lodg

es and chapters through

out the world, and the  

date is marked by the in

stallation of new ritual

istic and administrative  

officers ____________________ 

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Sunday, March 18, 1973

Page 38

RosicruciansInstall FridayNew officers for the Rose  

Chapter of the Rosicruc ian  

Orde r. A M O R C will be in

stalled for the coming Rosicru

cian year 3326. at a special  

convocation Friday at ft p m . in 

Arion Hall. 230 Plymouth St

They are: Lillian Boyle, m aster; Robert Meader. depu

ty m a s t e r , A l i e n e A n g e l ,  

s e c r e t a r y o f t h e b o a r d o f   

t r u s t e e s ; S a u l N a z a r i o .  

c h ap la in . Dwayn e B ic k n e l l .  

o u t e r g u a r d i a n ; R o s a l i e  

Tempest, inner guardian.

Carryover officers for 

a n o t h e r y e a r a r e :  J a m e e  L u c i c h . c h a p t e r s e c r e t a r y .  

M a r l e n e Sm i t h , c h a i r m a n ,  

board of trustees; and Karl  

Goesele . treasurer.

Robert Thrift. retiring  

m a s t e r , w i ll c o n d u c t t h e 


The Rosicrucian Order is a 

n o n r e l i g i o u s . p h i l o s o p h i c a l  fraternity and maintains that 

its traditional origin occurred  

during the reign of Pharaoh  

Akhnaton of Egypt, in 1350 B C

Because the Egyptians begen  

their N ew Year at the ti me of  

t h e ve r n a l e q u in ox , wh ic h  

always occurs on or about  

March 21. the Order does the sam e T h is d a t e was c on

sidered the beginning of a new  

year because Spring is sym

bolic of new life

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The Terre Haute Tribune

Terre H aute, Indiana

Wednesday, March 21,1973

Page 21


Members of the Franz Hartmann Pronaos of the Rosicrucian Order. AMORC. will participate in their annual New Year's celebration during the period of the spring equinox. Nonreligious in character, the event commemorates the or

der’s traditional beginnings in a n c i e n E g y p a r o u n d   1350 B.C.

According to Mrs. Mary Eng  liah. the presiding master; the ceremon y is a dual one: A sy m bolic feast in which basic ele  ments of nature such a-s sadt. com and unfermented grape 

 ju ice are made use o(; a*nd a rorma! induction of new officers for the coming fiscal year

The feast emphasizes the allegorical significance

o f

  this age- old Egyptian Spring Festival which ushered in the new year  symbolic of new We. This year’s induction ceremony will install Cletis E. Dunham, master; Mrs. Verna Horn, secretary, and Mrs. Mildred Bachstein. guardian.

Visiting members from sur

rounding area<s are expected tobe in attendance. The observance will be held in the Pronaosquarters. 217 Odd Fellows Tem  pie. this coming Sunday afternoon. March 25. at 2 p.m.

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Reno Evening Gazette

Reno, Nevada

Wednesday, March 21, 1973

Page 12

RosicruciansAn ancient ceremony cele

brating the Egyptian new year  

of the Vernal Equinox will 

be performed March 28 by 

the Reno Fronaos Rosicru- 


After the ceremony, which 

will be held at the American  

Legion Hall at Ninth and Ral

ston streets at 8 p.m., a sym

bolic meal will be served.Officers will be installed. 

Don Lynch1will be installed 

as new master, Minda Shields, 

secretary and Mary Vannoy, 


Grand Lodge members are 


Page 122: Amorc Folder 10

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado S prings, Colorado

Thursday, March 22,1973

Page 2C

 Rosicrucians To Celebrate  New Year Ro sic ru ci ns of the Color do!

Springs re nd visi ting m em -

bers from surrounding ci t ies  

will eeleb r te the Rosicruci n  

New Ye r Frid y night t C r-

penters H l l .

I t is the reen ctm ent of cer -

emony th t beg n in ncient  

Egy pt over 40 centuries go. 

This occ sion is lso m rk ed by 

the inst ll t ion of new ritu l-

is tic nd dm inistr t ive offi-

c e rs .

Officers of the Color do I

Springs Pron os who will be in-

s t l led re: J ck Kumpf, m s-

ter; Lorett Henry, secret ry  

nd Melvin McCullough, gu rd-

i n .

According to L m r Kilgore, 

m ster of the pron os , the n-

cient Eg ypti ns , from the t ime  

of Mem phis to the Ptolem ic i

Period , b eg n their New Ye r  

on or bout the time of the ver! 

n l equinox, when the sun  

crosse s the celest i l equ tor  

nd ent ers the zodi c l sign of 

Aries, which lw ys occu rs on 

or bout M rch 21. This w s

iconsidered the beginning of the

 New Y ear and was symbolic of

new life.

The occasion of the New Year

is celebrated, by a symbolic

feast in which the celebrants

 p a r ta k e of s imple foods c o r r e -

sponding to cert ain basic ele-

ments of Nature, such as: salt ,

corn and unfermented grape

 juice.As the Rosicrucian Order.

AMORC, a nonreligious, philo-

sophical fraternity, maintains

that ils traditional origin oc-

curred during the reign of Pha-

raoh Akhnaton, in 1350 B.C., the

Orde r commemora te s th i s an -

cient New Year beginning with

a nonreligious ceremony thatembraces the al legorical s ignifi-

cance of the ageold Egyptian


For further information tele-

 phone Mrs. Leslie Zak. se c re -

tary at 6859790.w

Page 123: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 123/245

Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday, April 7, 1973

Page 14B

★ ★ ★

Lamar KilgoreIs Speaker j

This Sunday i“ T he Hum n Aur F c t or 

Fiction" will be the topic of 

L m r Kilgore t 10:30 .m .


this Sund y’ t The U nit ri n  C om m unity C hurc h.


iKilgore is the Region l Moni-

tor of the R osicruci n Order.  

AMORC. In his discussion, he  

will pres ent the scientific nd  

lpsychic pp ro ch to this dis-

puted subject .

Page 124: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Wednesday , May 30, 1973Page 12

CalendarRose Chapter, Rosicrucians, 

meets Friday at 8 p.m. at Arion Hall, 230 Plymouth Street. The convocation lecture will be “Health: The First Law of  

Man" presented by Master Lillian Boyle. Social hour to follow.

Page 125: Amorc Folder 10

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Arizona Daily Sun

Flagstaff, Arizona

Friday , June 29, 1973

Page 5

 Karyn Lawrence New "Extension Volunteer 

The Rosicrucian Order,AMOItC. with its inlernation.ilheadquarters in San Jose, Cal.nas» recently issued a certificateof appointment to KarynLawrence of.27B0 W. Darken.S\e has been appointed .is an

Extension Volunteer to help theOrder in its extension activities.Among other duties, these

volunteers tike the responsibili-ly lo see that ail of those whowish to know more about theOrder are given the informationthey wish, or arc referreddirectly to the Order.

Volunteers also see thatrc.iding and reception roomsare offcrred free subscriptions1j the Rosicrucian Internal focalmagazines, and that the official

 publications of the Order are!:nade available to the librariesand bookstores. According to

.Miss Lawrence live volunteeralso needs to be aware of thecommunity services In whichthe Order /nay be able to pa r-ticipate and help.

The Rosicrurians are a nonseetarian fraternal organizationdevoted Id  the study of naturaland sp i r i tua l l aws . Theemphasis of ibe study Is on prac-tical application, to belp eachindividual attain a happier,

healthier, more peaceful life.The concerns of the Orderextend also beyond the im*mediate membership to helpcommunities and nations.

The Rosirrucian Order is non- profit. It is open to those whoseek sincerely for knowledge lohelp perfect their Innerfaculties, and knowledge to helpthem to better meet their own

 problems. The Order has itsroots In the beginning mysteryschools of Kgypl, and is believed

to have been spread to Palestine by Solomon, to Greece by Solon,and to Italy by Pythagoras.

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The Van Nuys News

Van Nuys, California

Thursday, September 20,1973

Page 31B

M y s t i c a l O r d e r  t o ( o m m e m o r a l e  

R i l e o l P y r a m i dThe Rosicrucians are 

s c h e d u l e d t o commemorate the building of  

the great pyramid in Egypt.

The ceremony will be locally enacted Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at the San Fernando Valley Lodge. 15716 Parthenia St., Sepulveda. The public is invited to witness the ritual.

John Phillipson, master of the San Fernando Val

ley Lodge, Ancient, Mystical Order Rosae Cnicis, said Rosicrucians throughout the world will gather for a ceremony on Sunday, at which time they  will reenact the building of the great pyramid of  Cheops, an Egyptian pha- roalt

Page 127: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Friday, September 21, 1973Page 30


CommemorateGreat Pyramid

During the autumnal equinox in September, Ro«icnici*n» 

worldwide will commemorate 

the building of the Great 

Pyramid in Egypt

Lillian Boyle, mailer of the local lodge. Rose Chapter, states that Rosicrucians throughout the wor ld will gather for ceremonies today at which time they will reenact the building of the Pyramid of  


According to Rosicrucian tradition the Pyramid at Gizah was begun at the time of the autumnal equinox Unlike other pyramids built as burial places, it was erected as a temple of  learning It is said that its con

stru ction demonstrates a 

knowledge of all the known sciences of the period including higher mathematics physics and the funda m entals of   astronomy

The Rosicrucians trace their origin back to Akhnaton. Pharaoh in 1350 BC who has been described as the first great personality in history The lodge commemorates its ancient origin by the ritualistic andsym* bolic construction of a miniature 

pyramidLocally the ceremony will be 

conducted at Arion Hall tonight at 8pm with the public invited

Page 128: Amorc Folder 10

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Take a closer lookat Rosicrucian Order .

Although your rticle (“Rosicru-

ci ns Disrupted by Fin nci l Sc n* •' 

d l,” Sept. 19) concerning the  fin nci l mism n gement of the Bo* sicrud n Order CAAfORO w s tech *

nic lly correct, the perspective' g ined from your description of the purpose nd go ls of the Rosicruci n movements w s extremely distorted. Your perspective w s n logous to th t ot Jud s describing the growth of Christi nity! As one ncient put it, “one c n know everything nd un-

derst nd nothing."

Wh t is the Te ) re son for such 

org niz tions s the Rosicruci ns? Wh t re they ttempting to ccom-

plish? Wh t is the v lue of Rosimi* ci nism in world where life c n so often be insipid, tedious nd empty? Unfortun tely, this is often true even for the sm ll minority of the world th t controls most of its m teri l 

ssets. The p r dox is “the more we get, the less wd enjoy it” For me, the v lue of the gr ded Roekruo n  te chings is th t it m kes me whole.

It helps me to become consdous of 

my soul nd my life t kes on new me ning.

When one h s experienced th t he/she is more th n just physic l body, the fe r of de th v nishes. Hie ioy of living intensifies, nd ooe begins to welcome llenges of d ily living.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazctte 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Wednesday, October 6,1993  

Page B2

Integr tion of the self is nother  benefit of Rosicruci nism. Le rning to love the m sculine nd feminine 

spects in us will ssist one in getting long with the opposite gen-

der. Life is lived from the inside out, so if one is h ving problem with 

“women” or “men/’ perh ps th t is mirroring some unresolved conflict within. The integr tion of our sh d-

ow is the h rdest to ccomplish for it me ns th t one must respect our p ins nd f ilures ( s motiv tors) s much s our successes ( s sust in ers).

It is true th t G ry Stew rt w s imper tor of the Rosicruci ns for sever l ye rs. However, the unim-

port nt question for us is whether G ry Stew rt tt ined the st te of 

consciousness symbolized by the word “imper tor.” The import nt question is whether ny of us h s 

tt ined th t interior st te.

For those of us who h ve spent no little time in trying to publicize the existence nd ctivities of the Rosi-

cruci ns, your mention of its secre-

tive n ture c used me to l ugh. If one w nts to know the MecrBu” of Rosicruci nism, ple se either re d Sh kespe re or the Bible, but do it with the he rt Live ccording to your highest ide s nd quit jud£ng your neighbor. Act ccording to the l w of love nd re lize th t Uf is

t from God, then ll the secrets of e universe will pour out to you.

Bec use Rosicruci nism is non-

sect ri n nd de ls with univers l principles, it c nnot correctly be design ted sect s your rticle s t a t e d . * **

In conclusion, I h ve not experi-

enced the hostility between the sev-

er l Rosicruci n groups th t the rticle mentioned Most spir nts of 

these movements underst nd th t the different forms re from the s me essence/tr dition. In f ct, t this time, I m involved In nother org niz tion th t supposedly com* petes with (he Rosicruci ns.



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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Friday, November 9, 1973

Page 12

Rosicrucians To Attend ConclaveRose C ha pier. Rosicrucians. 

will serve the luncheons Saturday and Sunday at the 10th annual Central California Con

clave of the order m Oakland, announced Master Lillian Boyle There will be no local meeting Friday.

Honored guest and speaker at the convention will be Arthur C.

P icp en br ink of San Jose, 

supreme secretary trejisurer A reception for him will be held Friday, preceding the conclave at Oakland Masonic Memorial Temple. 3903 Broadway, where the meetings a Iso will be conducted

The program will include 

ritual convocations, degree

initiations, forums, seminars, technical lectures, mystical dramas, banquets and entertain ment on Saturday 

The conclave is sponsored by the subordinate bodies of the order from Santa Cruz. Mon terey. San Carlos Oakland San

ta R osa. Stockton. Vallejo and Sacramento 

The Rosicrucians are a 

non-sectarian body of men and w o m e n d e v o t e d t o t he

investigation, study and prac

tical application of natural and spiritual laws Its purpose is to enable all to live in harmony

with the creative, constructive cosmic forces for the attainmentof health, happiness and peace

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The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, November 13, 1973Page 34

Gets award 

P tric i Hession, director  

n d d m i n i st r t o r T w ee ds 

muir Centre, will receive the  

Hum nit ri n w rd from the 

R osicruci n O r d e r t the  

IOOF h ll, 332 Somerset St. ,  

Tuesd y, Nov. 20 t 9 p.m .  

She will spe k of the work of 

he r centre. P trici Hesson is 

the first Ott w person to re-

ceive the w rd.

Page 131: Amorc Folder 10

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San Mateo Times

San M ateo, California

Tuesday, December 4, 1973

Page 9


You ire invited to a tree lecture

D&cemb«r 7th. 8:00 p.m.1 150 Arroyo A ven ue,  

San Carlos .

M r . E d w a r d imm, 

of Roriicrucian Order,

A M O f t C , I n s t ru c t i o n

Deport merit will tp e ak 

Page 132: Amorc Folder 10

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Page 133: Amorc Folder 10

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Page 134: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa C ruz, California

Monday, March 4,1974Page 9

RosicrucianOrder To Meet

Mystical svmbnlism will be the subject ol a free pu bl ic lec

ture sponsored by the l<xal Ri>se chapter of the Rosicrucian Order, rhapter Master Ijllian Bo>lo has announced 

The discourse bv Robert 

Malat Regional Monitor ol the order f«»r the Monterey Ray 

area is set for KruJav in Anon Hall. 230 Plymouth Si .it Hp m

A question and answer period will follow the talk, and the meeting will close with a social hour including refreshments.

Boyle said Malat will explain the Rosicrucian practical application of ancient symbolic lore The purpose of the Rosicrucian organization, she 

said, is to rnahlc one to live in harmony with the creative. con

structive cosmic forces through studv and application of natural and spiritual laws

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, March 5, 1974Page 8 '

Rosicrucian O rd« r A.M.O.R.C.

FREE PUBLIC LECTURESponsored by Rot t Chapter

"MYSTICAL SYMBOLISM"* The Rosicrucian practical 

application of this oncient lore.

by Robert Molat, Regional Monitor 


Social Hour Refreshments 

F r i d a y , March 8 S p.m.

IAR ION HALL 230 Plymouth St.

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Page 137: Amorc Folder 10

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The Terre Haute TribuneTerre Haute, Indiana

Monday, March 18, 1974Page 9

Ros i c ruc i an s  Wil l Observe  Anc ient R i te

The reenactment of a cere  mony that began in Eg\pt 40 centuries ago will highlight a local Rosecrucian conclave to be held here Sunday afternoon, 

March 24According to Cletis E. Dun 

ham, Master of the Franz Hartman Pronaos of the Rosicrucianj Order. AMORC. the ancient Egyptians from the Memphite Period to the Ptolemaic began  the New Year on or a b o u t  March 21 when the sun crossed  the celestial equator and en  tered the 7odiacal sign of Aries 

 — sign ifying new life and there  fore fittingly considered the be ginning of the new y e a r .

Master Dunham states that the occasion is celebrated by a symbolic feast at which simple  foods are partaken of. food* corresponding to basic elements  of nature, such as salt, com and unfermented grape j u i c e .

Since the Rosicrucian Order. AMORC a nonreligious and philosophical fraternity - tra ditionall.% dates its origin during the reign of Pharaoh Akhnaton tea. 1350 R.C.), it commemor  ate s this ancient New Year Rwe 

with a ceremony tha< embraces Uie allegorical significance of  the event.

March 21 is also the beginning of the fiscal period of all Rosicrucian lodges, chapters and pronaoi throughout the world: therefore, the occasion  for the installation of ritualistic  and admm<i*trctfi\e officers for the coming year. New officers of the locaJ body to be metalled are: Har*s Kifbraeht. master and Marie Serban, guardian Verna Horn will serve a second year as secretary.

Many members from the sur roundmg area arr pxj>ected to participate in the p\ent which will fake place in Mr Fa II Half. YMCA Building. South 6th Street, at 2   p.m.

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The Corpus Christi CallerTimes

Corpus Christi, Texas

Tuesday, March 19,1974

Page 6B


Installation SetvOfficers of the Rosicruci n  

Order, AMORC, C orpus Christi  ch pter, will be ins t lled t 8 

p.m. tomorrow t i ts lodge, M2  Buff lo.

Tbey include Fe rn nd o L. G r z , m s t e r ; R o b e r t T u r n e r ,  d e p u t y m s t e r ; R o s H . Hern ndez, ch pl in; M r i

Ameli Cruz, inner gu rd i n;  Eugene Pierre , o uter gu rd,  

nd Bene C ntu, trustee .

Page 139: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Wednesday, March 20, 1974

Page 8

New Year Rite For Rosicrucian

New officers of Rose Chapter. Rosicrucians, who will be installed during the ancient New Year R ite of the fraternity, include Robert Meader as Master. Bob Small, secretary; 

Karl Goesele. chaplain; Jamch Lucich, guardian, and Nelson 

Boyle, treasurer.The ceremony and conclave 

are to be at Anon Hall on March 22at8p m.

Master Lillian Boyle of the local chapter notes that the ancient Egyptians from the time of Memphis to the Ptolemaic Period, began their New Year always on or about the time of  the Vernal Equinox. That is when the sun in its journey crosses the celestial equator and 

enters the Zodiacal sign of Aries, which always occurs on or about March 22.

This was considered the begin

ning of the New Year because spring is symbolic of new life, e m p h a s i z e d by t h e  reawakening of nature from the dormant period of winter.

The occasion of the New Year will be celebrated, according to Master Boyle, by a symbolic feast in which the participants 

receive simple foods corresponding to certain basic elements of  nature, such as salt, com and unfermented graDe iuice.

Roscoe Conklin, president; Ethel Young, vice president; M r s . He l l e r , r e c or d in g  secretary; Alexa Mackay, corresponding secretary; Mrs. J. W. Fair, treasurer; Hilda Van. chaplain, and Mrs. Walter Wattenberger. guard 

Newest members are Mrs. T. L. Holst and Mrs Mike Kelley.

The Rosicrucian Order is a non-religious, philosophical fraternity that maintains its traditional origin occurred during the reign of Pharaoh Akhnaton in 1350 BC.

March 21 also is the beginning o f t h e f i s c a l p e r io d of   Rosicrucian Lodges and chap

ters throughout the world and is 

marked with the installation of  

n ew r i t u a l i s t i c a n d  administrative officers, .Mrs. 

Boyle pointed out.

Page 140: Amorc Folder 10

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Sunday, March 24, 1974

Page 10A

V a l le y R o s i c r u c i a n U n i t  t o I n s t a l l O f f i c e r s T o d a yThe installation of new ritu-alistic and administrativeofficers of the Son Fernan-do Valley L odge of the Rosi-crucian O rder. AMORC. willtake p lace ton igh t a t 8o’clock at 15716 Pa rth en laSt.. Sepulveda.

 Ne w off ic er s to be In-stalled are Alfred A. Bischoff. master. Kenneth Pat-ton. chaplain; Mike Gregg,guard ian ; Ken Mel l ing ,chairman of the Board ofTrustees.

Background GivenJ. H. Phillipson. m aster of

the Rosicrucian San Fer-nando Valley Lodge, saidthe ancient Egy ptians, from

the time of Memphis to thePtolemaic Period, begantheir New Y ear always on orabout the time of the vernalequinox, when the sun oni t s j o u r n ey c r o sse s t h ecelestial equator and enter*the zodiacal sign of Aries,which always occurs on or

abou t March 21.This was considered the

 begin nin g of th e New Year beca use spring is sy mbo licof new life — em phasize d bythe reawakening of naturefrom the dormant period ofwinter, the bu rsting forth of

 blosso ms, and th e gr ow th ofliving things, he added.

Th e N ew Y ear will be cel-ebrated. by a symbolic feastin which the participants re-ceive simple foods, corre-

sponding to certain Iwisic el-

ements of nature, such assalt. corn, and unferm entedgrape juices, he declared.

Origin Occurred

The Rosicrucian Order.AMORC. a non religious ,

 p h il o so p h ic a l f ra te rn i tymaintains that its tradition-al origin occurred duringthe reign of Pharaoh Akh-naton in 13f)0 BC.

The order commemoratesthe ancient New Year’s be-ginnin g with a nonreligiousceremony that embraces

the allegorical significanceof the ageold E gyptian rite.March 21 is also the begin-ning of the fiscal period ofthe R osicruoan Lodges andChapters throughout theworld.

Page 141: Amorc Folder 10

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The Washington AfroAmerican

Washington , D.C.

Tuesday, May 21,1974

Page 3

Rosicrucian order   presents lecture 

Mrs. Mary Ann Fowler, regional monitor of llic Ho- slcrucian Order, AMORC, will present a free lecture entitled "The Truth About Reincarnation” on Sunday, 

May 20, at 3 00 p m. at the Martin Luther King \  I- brary, 901 G St., NVV, Room 315.

The public is cordially invited lo attend.

Mrs. Fowler, a native of  Toxias completed her secondary studies in Pittsburg. Texas and went on to Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkansas lor her higher education.

As an active member of  t h e Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, a cultural e&ica- 

. tional fratern ity for many  years, Mrs. Fowler has served the order in various capacities including mas

ter of the Atianlls Chapter in Washington, D.C.

She is presently the regional monitor of AMORC f o r the jurisdiction of  Maryland, Virginia and 

Washington, D.C.She Is employed by the 

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission In Bethesda, Md., where, in addition to her duties as a licensing assistant lo the chief, fuel fabrication and reprocessing branch, she serves as an equal employment opportunity representative for minority employees coun- cihng them on matters 

pertaining to employment development and advancement.

Known for her stimulating, thought-provoking lectures lo large audiences in many cities in the United Slates, she is equally well known as a writer since her articles have appeared in international publications and she is the author

of a delightful book en

titled, “Love and Live.”

Mrs. Fowler will present 

an exciting, nonsectarian 

theory on such universal 

laws as the law of Karma 

and the law of true justice. 

At the conclusion of her 

lecture, she wilt be glad to 

answer questions about the 

R o s i c r u c i a n Order, 

AMORC, and its teachings.

Page 142: Amorc Folder 10

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T h e F o r t S c o tt T r i b u n e

Fo r t Sco t t, Kan sas

Th u r sd a y , Ju n e 2 7 , 19 74

Pag e 3

Local Rosicrucian Appointment made

The Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) is be ing ass is ted in its ex tens ion ac tivi tiesin this comm unity by William Bowen ofRoute 5 who recently received a cer-tificate of appointment a s an extensionvolunteer from the Grand Lodge, SanJose. Calif.

The duties of such volunteers arevaried and their services are withoutcompensation. Among other things, 

thev are to see that Rosicrucian in-

formation is mad e available to as many pe rson s as desir e it; th at the off icia l publica tio ns of the or de r are mad e a-vailable to libraries and bookstores;that reception and reading rooms areoffered free subscriptions to the In-te rna t ional R osicruc ian magazines .Acco rding to Bowen, is also avolunteer's duty to be aware of com-munity service in which the order can

 par ticipat e and help as the occasionarises.

Page 143: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cru z, California

Tuesday, July 16,1974

Page 4

4 —Smt Criu Statist? T b **r, July 14 I*W

^ P n ' S q a

l t d - * -^ ——————   f •

W h o 's in h e Ne ws

A group of Santa Cruz members of Rose Chapter, 

Rosicrucians, attended the order's world convention in San 

Jose. * •

Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Augusto Marchi. Robert 

Meder. master of Rose chapter; Marlene Smith, Robert 

Small, Nelson and Lillian Boyle. Paul Veatch. Carl and 

Sybil Goeselle, Margaret Goodman, Charles and 

Francesca Rizzo, Grace Sanders. Romney Masters and 

Marie Fitch.

More than 1200 Rosicrucians from six continents attend

ed the lectures, classes and demonstrations of scientific Rosicrucian philosophy.

At a banquet and ball at San Jose Hyatt House. 110 new 

members were initiated into the traditional Order of Mar* 

tinists. Bobbie Heminger of Livermore supervised the in

itiation and Meder assisted as head rober.

The Rosicrucian Order is a cultural, educational, non

profit, nonsectarian fraternity of men and women. It spon

sors the Egyptian Museum m San Jose where the largest 

collection in the Western United States is displayed.

Die city-block area of Rosicrucian Park also contains a 

Science Museum and Planetarium with the latest equip


Page 144: Amorc Folder 10

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The Derrick

Oil City, Pennsylvania

Sa turda y, July 27, 1974

Page 5

Rosicrucian Appointment

Robert Lee Culbertson of 601 Compl nter Ave. h s received

certific te of ppointment s n 

extension volunteer for the Rosicruci n Order (AMORC).

He is uthorized to conduct 

extension ctivities, such s m king Rosicruci n in-

form tion v il ble nd 

becoming w re of community Services in which the order c n 

p rticip te.

Page 145: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 145/245

Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, July 28, 1974

S Page 3

 Attends  parley

Ms. Opel E. Such retz ,  5646 S. Kedzie ve., rece n-

t l y t t e n d e d t h e  Rosicruci n world conven-

tion in S n Jose, C L, July  7*12.

M o r e t h n 1 , 2 0 0  R o s i c r u c i n s f r o m  throughout the world t-

tended cl sses, lectures nd demonstr tions of scientific  Rosicruci n philosophy.

The Rosicruci n orde r  (AM ORC ) is nonprofit, cu ltur l nd educ tion l f r t e r n i t y o f m e n n d  women. It is nonsect ri n.

The org niz tion sponsors n Egypti n museum in 

S n Jose which houses the l rgest Egypti n collection in the western U.S.

Rosicruci n p rk, com-

prising n entire city block, lso cont ins science  

museum nd pl net rium,  recently remodeled to c-

c o m m o d t e t he l t e s t  comp uterized pl net rium  equipment.

Page 146: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Sunday, August 25, 1974Page 17 Show Coming 

To San JoseThe West Coast Watercolor

Society is having an exhibition

of paintings September .V30 at

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum,

Rosicrucian Park. San Jose.

The museum is free and open

to the public daily from 9 a m.

to5p m.

Membership m the society islimited to 50 noteworthy artists.

The society was organized in

1963 to exhibit the unique

qualities of transparent water

color and its wide range of

 possibi lities

• Watercolor can be fresh and

exuberant or immensely com-

 plex and subtle.' notes Bumam

Schaa. curator of the museum.“ While many of these artists

also work with other media, it is

the fluid, transparent water

color w hich appeals to them as

the most spontaneous and vital.

Every artist has a personal

 point of view and an individual

way of expression. Here you

wiil f ind ma ny dif fe rent

‘styles from the traditional tothe experimental. All of these

are artists of professional skill

a n d q u a l i t y w ho h av e

something interesting to depict

in visual terms. '’

Page 147: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Monday , Septe mber 16, 1974

Page 2


Free Public LectureSponsored by Rose Chapter 


. Edward Lee, Dept, of Instruction

Grand Lodge AMORC., San lott


Social Hour — Refreshments

TUESDAY, SEPT. 1 7 , 8 : 0 0  PJW.North*™ Cafifwwo Savings & Loan Udg.

75 Rhrer St., S««ta Crux

Page 148: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 148/245

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, S eptem ber 17, 1974Page 20


Ldward Lee of San Jose will lead an Inquirers’ Forum at a 

p u b l i c m e e t i n g of i h e 

Rosicrucians tonight at 8 p.m., 

Northern California Savings, 75 

Ri\ er St. Lee has 20 years of  

AMORC service in the depart

ment of instruction. His talk  

will be on self development.

Page 149: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 149/245

Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, September 19,1974

Page 10

Rosicrucians to Present Pyramid Ceremony

Rose Chapter. Rosicrucians. 

wi l l observ e a Pyramid 

ceremony Friday at its 7:50 

p m. meeting at Arion Hall The 

session is open to the public and 

20-vear members wil l be 

honored. Pot luck dessert will be served .

The observance is conducted by Rosicrucians worldwide, 

when the sun crosses the 

celestial equator, signalling the 

autumnal equinox in Septem

ber The building of the Great 

Pyramid of Cheops at (iizah is 

c o m m e m o r a t e d in the  ceremonies , according to 

Robert 0 Meader. master of  the local chapter.

’‘Rosicrucians throughout the 

w or Id will ga th er for a cerem on y at which time they will reenact the building of the 

Pyramid of Cheops m Kgypt 

about 2900 B.C., ’* Meader


Accord ing to Meader .  

Rosicrucian tradition has it that 

the first stone of the Pyramid 

was laid at the time of the  

autumnal equinox. Unlike other 

pyramids that were erected as  

burial monuments during the 

age of the pyramids, the  Pyramid at Gizeh was built as a 

te mpl e of learning It is said 

that its construction demon

strates a knowledge of all the 

known scicnces of the period, 

including higher mathematics, 

physics and some of the fun* 

damentals of astronomy that 

are recognized today 

The Rosicrucians trace their 

traditional origin back to 

Akhnaton. who was Pharoah in 1350 H f . and who has been 

described as the first great |>er- 

sonahty in history.

Thus, they commemorate 

their ancient origin by the 

ritualistic and symbolic con

struction of a miniature  

pyramid. The placing of each 

block symbolizes one of the 

cultural achievements of the 

Order •

The ancient ceremonv will l>o ena cted Friday at Hp in at Anon Hall. 210 Plymouth  

Street, and is open to the public

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Santa Cru z Sentinel

Santa C ruz, CaliforniaFriday, November 8, 1974Page 10

Rosicrucians Present Mystical PlayA mystical play. “ The

Stones Cry Out' will be

 presented by Rosicrucians of

the local Rose Chapter at the

Central California conclave of

the Hosirrucian order Satur-

day at the Oakland Masonic


The play was written by

Rose member Ann Clark

whose two previous plays are

"Pythagoras in the Temple"

and The ( irea t Seal of I nited

States The playwright says

her plays are slanted toward

the mystical and symbolic in-

fluences of events in the lives

of men

The Stones Cry Out" is a

dramatization of the reunion

of science and mysticism with

emphasis on new highlights on

the Kssenes and the Dead Sea

S c r o ll s a n d o t h e r

archeological findings in

Mesopotamia and Israel

Robert Malat of Boulder

Creek regional monitor ol the

Rosicrucian order, directs the

 play Mus ic ian is Rober t


Local Rosicrucians who will perform in a play. The Stones Cry Out 

Saturday at the order's conclave in Oakland are standing from left. Janet 

Lucich. Ann Clark (also the playwright). Karl Goesele, Robert TTirift. 

Barbara Duren and Sadako Okamura; seated. Fred McPhearson, Sybile 

Goesele and Robert Meader.

Page 151: Amorc Folder 10

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Page 152: Amorc Folder 10

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The LedgerLakeland, Florida

Monday, January 20,1975

Page 4C

Woman Falls For Man 

Who Is A RosicrucianI'm In love with a man

who Is a member of theRosicrucians, He's one of themo st beautiful* people I'veever known — not on the out-side, but the inside. He hastaug ht me that “ God helpsthose who help themselves."Please tell me what Rosicruclanism Is.


The Encyclopedia says thatm a n y R o s i c r u c i a n scategorically deny it is areligion. They hold it to berather a philosophy. Apparen-tly there are many branchesof Rosicrucianism.

Some claim the teachingwas started by a man namedChrist ian Rosenkruez. He

was on a p i l g r i m age t o

My Answer

*t  *%.

y jfwk 

i j Billy Graham

Da mascus in the 17th cen-tury. when he claimed herec ttived the secret wisdomt h . ft m a k e s u p R o s icru danism.

El y id en t ly , i t ' s a com-

 b in a ti o n of Egy pt ian Her

m et l sm , Gnos tic ism andcabalism, with a mixture ofalchemy, and some occult beliefs and prac tices . Theirsymbol is the cross and therose another accounting forthe name. However, you

s h o u l d k n ow t h a t t h eRosicrucian interpretation ofthe cross docs not match the N ew T e s t a m e n t I n t e r - pre tat ion of Christ’s death asthe Redeemer for the sins ofthe world. .

I a g r e e t h e m a n y o udescribe is unusual, but you be lt er chec k ou t the com- pat ibi l i ty of yo ur be lief s.Read 2 Corinthians 6:14. Fartoo many couples minimizethe importance of their In-dividual faith, and marriageis thereby greatly jeopardized

if not destroyed.

Page 153: Amorc Folder 10

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Independen t PressTelegramLong Beach, California

Saturday, February 15, 1975Page A3

 Rosicruciansl   I am interested in joining the Rosicrucians butwould like to have more information about them beforefommitting myself. Could Action   Line please find outwhat the Rosicrucians espouse? D.J., Long Bench.; The Rosicrucian. Order is a worldwide fraternalorganization based on the philosophy that a person'swellbeing Is best achieved by " attuning self to afiigbcr conscious•eM,” according to Raymond Morgan,Km;icrucian promotion director. It expounds a systemof metaphysical and physical philosophy in whirh themember Is taught the significance of the cosmic andnatural laws which an* found manifest in the universearound him and In himself. The word "Rosicrucian'’ isthe anglicized form of the original Latin name of theorder—Rosae Cruclas, which means of the rosy cross.

A cross and a red rose are the symbols for order.Although the order bases its fifties on Christianity, itvlaims it Is not a religious sect uml is uunsectarian inevery respect. Traditionally, the Rosicrucian Orderclaims to trace ita origin to the mystery schools oflearning established during the reign of Thutmose 111in Kgypt ^boot 1500 B.C. Today the Rosicrucians havelodges al; over the world, Including the Supreme GrandLodge in San Jose. For more Information write Kosi*Jjruclan Order, 1342 Naglee Avc., San Jose, Calif. 95191.

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Independent PressTelegramLong Beach, California

Sunday, March 9, 1975Page 18

Rosicrucian Museiyn Has 

New Show

W ater colo rs b y Hubert Burl 

arc on display through March 31 

at thr Rosicruc ian Egypt ian  Museum.

Art director of the* San Fran

cisco Chronicle, he currently is 

president of the West Coast  

W atercolor So c ie ty . He has 

painted many places, from the  

Pacific islands to Europe:, and 

all of his paintings arc executed  

on location The show is open 

daily, admission free.

Page 155: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, March 20, 1975

Page 13

Rosicrucian New Year's 

Feast is Friday

Janice Lucich of Rio del Mar. newlyelected master of

Rose Chapter. Rosicrucians.

will be installed Fndav even-ing in 7:15 ceremonies at

Anon Hall Other officers will

be seated, and the Rosicru-

cian New Year will be observ-

ed .

Karl Goesele is deputy

m aste r: Hiram Cooley,

chaplain. Mane Fitch, inner

guardian and Remold Ganzer.

chairman of the board

Mrs Lunch has made her

home in the Watsonville and

Rio del Mar areas for the past20 years and has been active

in PTA. 4H, Cub Scouts, Lit-

tle League and Brownies

while her three children were

growing up

Her hobbies are watercotor

 painting. She is a member

of Pajaro Valley Artists

Association i and music. She

‘plays the piano and organ.

She says she has made a

serious study of philosophical

and metaphysical subjects for

many \ears. Inner develop-

ment and the understanding of

self are the most important

goals and achievements ot the

Rosicrucian philosophy, she


T he New Year was

celebrated by the ancient

Egyptians from the time of

Memphis to the Ptolemaic

 period, on or about the time of

the Vernal Kquinox, when the

sun crosses the celestial

equator and enters thezodiacal sign of Aries. This

always occurs on or about

March 21.

“This was considered the

 beginning of the New Year

 because spring is symbolic of

new life emphasized bv the

reawakening of nature from

feast during which they will

receive simple foods, cor-

responding to certain basic

elements of nature such assalt, com and unfermented

grape juices.

The Rosicrucian Order.

AMORC. is a nonreligious

 philosophical fraternity which

maintains that its traditional

origin occurred during the

reign ol Pharaoh Akhnaton in

1350 B C The ancient New

Year's beginning is com-

memorated with a non-

religious ceremony that em-

 b r a c e s the a l l e go r i c a l

significance of the ageold

Egyptian rite March 21 also

is the beginning of the fiscal

 per iod of the Ros icrucian

JANICE LUCICH, . . new master 

celebrate with a symbolicL o d g e s a n d c h a p t e r s

throughout the world, and the

date is marked by installation

of officers.

the dormant period of winter,

the burstirg forth of blossoms

and the growth of living

t h i n g s . " n o t e s R o b e r t

Meader. outgoing master of

the local chapter

The local members will

Page 156: Amorc Folder 10

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Sp rings, Colorado

Saturday, May 3, 1975

Page 8B


Chris R. Wamken of San

Jose. Calif., will be the

£uest speaker at the sec

ond annual Colorado area  

workshop sponsored by the 

subordinate bodies of the 

Rosicrucian Order, AMORC 

in Colorado, at the Antlers  

Hotel Sunday. Wamken is 

£rand master of AMORC 

for the English and Span

ish jurisdictions.

Page 157: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 157/245

Lexington, North Carolina

Saturday, May 4, 1975

Pa8CS Rosicrucian Order 

represented hereThe Rosicrucian Order Penry Street, who recen tly 

(AMORC) is being assisted in Us received a certificate of ap- extension activities in this pointment as an extension  community by Roy C. West of 4 volun teer from the Grand

Lodge, San Jose, California.The duties of such volunteers 

are varied and their services are without compensation. Among other things, they are to see that Rosicrucian information Is 

•made available to as many persons as desire It; that the official publications of the Order are made available to libraries and bookstores; that reception and reading rooms are offered free subscriptions to the Int e r n a t i o n a l R o s i c r u c i a n  magazines.

According to Roy West, it Is also a volunteer's duty to be aware of community service In which the Order can participate and help as the occuston arises.

The Rosicrucian Order Is a nonscctarian fruternal body of  men and women devoted to the Investigation, study, and practical application of natural and spiritual laws. The purpose of the organization is to enable all to live in harmony with the creattve, constructive cosmic forces for the attainment of  health, happiness, and peace. It Is neither commercial nor religious.

The international conventions, 

which are held annually, are attended by hundreds of  members from every part of the world. Sun Jose, California, Is the lnternaUonul headquurters of the Order, where the Rosicrucians maintuln a university, planetarium,  Egyptian Museum and Art. Gullery, and a Science Museum in addition to oxtensive ad* nUnlstrative facilities.

Page 158: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, M ay 22,1975

Page 8

Award To Be 

PresentedMr an d Mrs Kd Milewski n(

the American Wildlife Re**ur

S rr v irr in V o lts Valiev Hill be

 p resen te d wi th a hum an ii anan

award f rom the ( . ranr l l /x lge

I n t r r n a t m n a l O r d e r of

R o s i c r u c i a n s . K r i d a v w h e n

R o s e C h ap t e r m ee t s a t 7 45

 p m at A non Hall

The Mi lew skis were chr*en

f or t h e i r h u m a n i t a r i a n work

with injure d a nim als and birds

D u r i n g t h e e v e n i n g a ro un d

t a b l e wi l l b f c o n d u c t e d o n

" K v o l u t i o n o f f o n a n a u v n i

Page 159: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 159/245

Santa Cruz SentinelSanta C ruz, California

Wednesday, June 4,1975

Page 11

They Receive Humanitarian Award Rose Chapter of Rosicrucians have

 pres en ted the AMORC Hu ma nitarian

Award to Ed and Jean Millewski of Felton,

in recognition of the work they have been

doing in teaching young people conserva-

tion first hand

The Millewskis not only lecture to school

children of all ages, telling how to care for

sick and wounded wild animals and how to

return them to their natural habitat, but

also actually allow the children to practice

these lessons with real animals in distress

The couple maintain at their own ex-

 pense the American Wildlife Rescue Ser-

vice in Scolts Valley where they have card

for literally thousands of injured or sick

 birds and anim als during the past few

years Donations as well as rummage and

 bake sales help keep the service in opera-


The award was presented bv Master

Janice Lunch at the chaptcr s meeting at

Anon Hall

Hose Chapter Master Janice Lucich presents Mr and Mrs. Kd Millevs^kt 

with the Rosicrucian Humanitarian award for their efforts in teaching  

young people care of animals.

Page 160: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 160/245

Arizona Daily Sun 

Flagstaff, Arizona Saturday, June 14,1975

Page 5

Braud Gets Appointmentlibraries and

S T . W . W « • * *r w m a r e o I I « r c a i m ^ * ™ ;

t i0„s to the International 

Rosicrucian magazines.

According lo Braud. it is»»»

volunteer s duty to he w are

•o en ab le a n 10 l ivf ' 1(1 l l ''i r rn or '^

with the creative, constructive 

S m i c lorces lor tine attain

ment ot health, happiness, awl 

Deace It is neither commercial 

nor religious. The mternaUona 

conventions, are heldi an

a voiu iurn ^ ; .• h uv are attended by nun

- u s - a * £ 2

I S the R M * n w » »

E . > « " » i *»■Eavptian Museum am  

Ciailerv and a Science Museum 

in addition t o extensive ad

ministrative facilities.

it* >:o»icrucian Order bookstores anc

*MORr' bc*u iisstsicii in

*•' (:ri iidivU '.tN in t in s

h> David !. Braud.

^ FIc&Malf. v.tiu reccnlly 

:^i*ed u  I’Ki’iuicait of ap*Kirtinent ;ir. K . M r n s i m

i run? the Grand

t y e .  San, Calif ,nc Urdcr ‘ ariS(.s.Tie wie> ul such ••tilunieers help as o « jS10n ar,i l

vjirjfd ;md i!n;ir <ervicos iw ,r .n ir v in ur dc : i* a

*'*   Wiihoul ru n\p en sali»n . The RV , (rJlcrnal body c:

*«&n? o;htr xlnnes. ihev are nonspc a * devoted to ll'e

«* t o Rtfim tfsm .nforma- men ^ ™   prac• h a mad. available to a . i o v c s n g a . o n . ^ J ; ', and

"Mf.pwwn* as (’.•■sire a. that Ural appheauon o. nai

lh(' Sllical j.uhlicalums of the 0f thc organization is

rt,'r are marie available M ^

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The Bridge port Post

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Tuesday, September 16,1975

Page 13

Rosicrucians Plan

 Ceremony Sa urday


I.ocal Rosicrucians will join with Rost crucians throughout the world In commemorating 1lie building of the Great Pyramid In Egypt Saturday at 3 p.m. at Boothe Memorial park.

During the ceremony, which Is mndur.ted each year when lhe> sun crosses the cftlcstinl equator/ signaling the beginning of nuhimr. 

In the Northern hemisphere, the Rosicrucians reinact the building 

of the pyramid of Cheops.According to Rosicrucian 

traditions, sa ys C h a n n i n g Brown, master of the local chapter, the Great Pyramid uas  begun at the time of the autum* 

 jial equinox in the Northern hemisphere. Unlike o t h e r  pyramids built as a burial place, it was erected as a temple of  

Learning. It is said that its construction d e m o n s t r a t e s a knowledge of all known sciences  of the period including higher mathematics and physics, and the fundamentals of astronomy recognizcd today, .

The Rosicrucians trace their traditional origin back to Akhnaton, pharaoh in 1350 B. C., who they describe as the first great personality in history. Thus, they commemorate their 

ancient origin by the. ritualistic and symbolic construction of ?

Page 162: Amorc Folder 10

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Reno Evening Gazette

Reno, Nevada

Wednesday, September 24,1975

Page 15

R o s ic r u c ia n s 

to c e le b r a te  

c o n s tr u c ti o nRosicrucians in Northern 

Nevada will celebrate the building of Egypt’s Great P y r a m i d a t a p u b l i c  ceremony this evening at the American Legion Hall in Reno.

The ceremony is observed  worldwide by the order on each autumnal equinox, to reenact the building of the Great P yramid at Cheops.

Margery Rude, master of  the Reno Pronaos o f   R o s i c r u c i a n s , s a i d a c cording to Rosicrucian  t r a d i t i o n s t h e G r e at  Pyramid at Gizeh was begun at the time of the 

autumnal equinox in the n o r t h e r n h e m i s p h e r e .  Unlike other pyramids built as a burial place during the pyramid age, it was erected as a temple of learning. It is said that its construction  demonstrates a knowledge of all the known sciences of  the period including higher mathematics, physics, and t h e f u n d a m e n t a l s of   a s t r o n o m y r e c o g n i z e d  today.

The Rosicrucians trace their traditional origin back  to Akhnaton. Pharaoh in 1350 B.C., who has been  described as the first great  personality in history.

Page 163: Amorc Folder 10

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The Bee

Danville, Virg inia

Thu rsday , Oc tober 30, 1975Page 7B


--------------------------------------- -„

1 THE ROSICRUCIAN ORDER (AMORC)inv ites you to o

PUBLIC MEETING“meditation and relaxation"

Sunday, Nov. 2, 1975 ot 2:30 P.M.COMMUNITY ROOM 

NORTH CRABTREE VALLEY MALLOn Road 70, a few miles west of Raleigh, N.C.For more information please coll Raleigh 8510683

or Durham, 5442545.

Page 164: Amorc Folder 10

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Page 165: Amorc Folder 10

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Arcadia Tribune

Arcadia, California

Sunday, Feb ruary 8,1976

Page A3

1.KCTIJRK SRT — Duartean Arthur Berg, master of theAkhnaton Chapter of the Rosicrucian Order In theKoothiJIPasadena area, discusses the special Feb. 15,

 prog ram with Mrs. Frances R. Holland, grand councilor.The public is invited to the lecture on medltatkwi at 2 p.m. al 2031 E. Villa St. . Pa sadena .

Page 166: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 166/245

Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Wednesday, February 11,1976

Page 11

Calendar Master .Janice Lucich will

conduct an appelation ceremo

ny for Rachel L ou i sp  Sandhol/

when Rosicrucians meet at 7:45

p m Friday at Arion Hall.

Page 167: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 167/245

Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, February 26, 1976

Page 13

Calendar ‘ Experiment, the Changing

Aura" will be the lecture and

slide topic given hv Lillian

Boyle when Rosicrucians meet

at 7 45 pm . Fridav at An onHall

Page 168: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 168/245

The Bridgeport Post

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Friday, March 12, 1976

Page 15

I t o s i c n i c i a n s S e t   

T o A p p e a l ' T o m o r r o w  

A free program . “ Who and What arc the KosIc^ucians,, will be presented tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. In Ihe Boothe Memorial park halt on Main street, Pnlney.

Sponsored by the Pyramid  Pronaos, Rosicrucian o r d e r  AMORC, the program will include an audio visual presentation and lecture, a /jroup 

participation In mediation, a n d  simple experiments in awareness, Refreshments will he served.

Not cla ssified *as a religion, the Rosicrucians are a worldwide, n o n - s e c t a r i a n  fraternal organiiation ot men  and women devoted to studying the natural laws of the universe  and their application i  n everyday life.

Page 169: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 169/245

Santa C ruz SentinelSanta C ruz, California

Thursday, March 18, 1976

Page 9

Rosicrucians To Celebrate 

Ancient New Year RiteA ceremony that began in 

Egypt more than 40 centuries ago will be re-enacted as the highlight of a local Rosicrucian conclave set for 8 p m. March 19 at Arion Hall. 230 Plymouth Street.

According to Janice Lucich. master of Hose Chapter, the ancient Egyptians from the time of Memphis to the Ptolemaic period, began their New Year on or about the time of the Vernal Equinox when the sun crosses the celestial equa- lor and enters the zodiacal sign 

if Aries

This occurs on or about 

March 21 in Egypt with the coming of spring While not now experiencing the advent of  spring, those living in the S o u t h e r n H e m i s p h e r e  

smybolically perpetuate the traditional beginning during a basic transition in the season

This was considered the beginning of the New Year and was 

symbolic of new life, Mrs. Lucich explains

New officers also will be installed during the conclave and they include: Karl Goesele. master. Barbara Jean Duran, secretary. Marjorie Tholen. deputy master; Aldine Meader. chaplain; Saul Nazarro. inner guardian; Sunie Benchley. out

er guardian, and Marie Fitch, trustee.

Visiting members from area chapters are expected to attend the event. The Rosicrucian Or

der (AMORC), is a non-religious. philosophical fraternity that maintains its traditional origin occurred during the reign of Pharaoh Akhnaton In 1350 B.C. The order Com

memorates this date with • symbolic feast in which the celebrants partake of simple foods corresponding to basic elements in nature, such as 

salt, corn and unfermented grape juice.

Page 170: Amorc Folder 10

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Friday, March 19,1976

Page 7C

Ceremony Re-enactment   jFeatured During ConclaveThe ree na ctm en t of a core |od. began their new >ear on or \khn alon . in 1350 IU '. The

monv (hai be^an in ancient about the time of the vernal order comm emorates the an-

I * more than centuri es equinox, when the sun crosses cient new ye ar with a symbolicago will be the highlight of a *he celestial equator and enter? feast in which the celeb rants

locnl Hosicrucian conclave at 8 the zodiacal sign of Aries, par tak e of simple foods corrcP m today at Carp enter’s Hall which occu rs on or about March spending to certa in basic ele

i> K Costilla St. 21 In Kgvpf. menfs of nature,  such as sa l t .1  

According to Ray llenry. T h e Rosicrucian Ord and unfermented grapem a s t e r of the Kosicrurian \MORC, a nonreligious. philo juice. New officers of the local

Pronaos of the Sun. the ancient sophical frate rnity , mainta ins Pronaos of the Sun who will be

;M ms. from the ti me of ih*it its trad ition al origin occur* instal led are Leslie Z:ik. mas*

Memphis to the Pto lwnaic f>eri ed during the re'i»n of Pharao h ter; and Lillie Kilgore, gua rd

Page 171: Amorc Folder 10

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 Naples Daily News

 Naples, Florida

Friday, April 23, 1976Page 6D

Local Pronaos FormedI hr Supnrnv* Grand Lulge o'

I he Rosicrucian

Order. AMORC, has authorized

»ht* formation o,' a local Pror

aus. lu seive us members infun Myers and vicinity. Ac-cording to Mr. and Mrs

George Dahlgien. Cape Coral,(coil spokesmen for the Order,

the no* Prunaos makes a ictalof more than 200 Rosicrucianlocal groups in this

 jur'a iic tio n.

The neuly appointed locul

ofiireis ate. Mr. Steve Bar-chuk, master; Mrs. Rosalie

H^hiflren, secretary; and Mrs.Jane Gates, guardian

Rnsal>e Dahlgren. 730Sharar

C t. ra pe Coral, secretory nftin* newly organized Pronaos.

states that the Rosicrucian

Order is net a rehgwui society,hut Is a philosophicalmovement de w ed co the study

vl   the sconces and the laws

nature v found expressed tnnun.

Ihc traditional history nf ihe

Order places Us establishment

tn 1330 R C. during lb* reign o(Akhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt  

The Order first came to Amer-

ica m A D. 1694 and seKlpdnear what now is F ur mount

Pork in Philadelphia.

In San Jose. Calif., ihe Ro

sfcrucian Order, patron of art

and science, maintains a

science museum, b  planeia ir

um. on F ^ ’ptian museum, and

an extensive a n gallery. It

 promccc; field   and camera ex

 pediiiuns to aicl.tologiical suesin remote comers nf the world

R:«uiuiUlily reeeungs will be

held In The North Fort MyersCifiens League building, Piney Road, N. Fort Myers on the

first asd third Tuesday eachmonth at B:30 p m.

Page 172: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel  

Santa Cruz, California

Friday, April 30, 1976Page 11

Western Artists' 

Show OpensOnca again the Rosicrucian

Art Gallery is hosting the in-vitational showing by 30 mem-

 bers of the Society of WesternArtists, oldest and largestgroup of its kind in the West.

The show opens Satu rday andruns through June 9. admissionfree, and the gallery is open

daily, 9 a m to 5 p.m. It islocated in Rosicrucian Park.

San Jotfe.This year s show, in addition

to works by famed artists whohave shown in previous years,

will include a number of paint-ings by artists new to the gal-lery. The society has approx-imately 1300 members, includ-ing pa inters , e tchers and

sculptors, many of whom areworld famous.

Page 173: Amorc Folder 10

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The Pocono RecordThe Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, May 5, 1976

Page 8

AMORCto hold 

conclaveA L LE N T OW N - A re a 

Rosicrucians art* invited lo at

tend 15 nf Lhe Allen

town chaptcr of the Rosi- 

cruciiin Order, AMORC. io Ut 

on May 16 a I the chapter headquarters In the Masonic 

Temple bai.tllijc on Linden St.

All members in good sUinding are invited

The opening convocation willhr held nr 0 n.n., followed by afull day of activities which in-clude discussions, lecture*,

 panels and experiments.The mrptiw* will explore the 

mysteries of the universe aid  

lhe application of cosmic  

principles to daily life.

For further information, write John PetrosXi, 3125 S. Webster Ave., Scrar.lon lbSUo. 

or call 1 {717) 346 G772.

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The Times Record

Troy, New York

Friday, May 14, 1976

Page 2


form lodge 

in ColonieCOl-ONIK - A philosophical order 

Ji'VulOd lo the SiuJv o' tl:i* <cienci'* aid 

the \w < \yi  auviriv fuuMt-J n..*ic ihjn  

\  .Iflft years for[ore f’fcrisi in FTqypl. is 

lorinlng a l*jd?e .n Colon ie

(lfiiccrs! of if c*Husirrucjcin Order art* 

Thomas Tnkuri'Jto. Ol^j Farley J.raj Oiau lil A Ikh im jn

B m m t b ly UK    j jf toe nnU r   wil) 

i.Vsr |i I. k   r in ihr Masonic Temple o.n Gl<1 

I/*.lion R»^d. Lnthnm. i»n the sccoid :»ni ff:rlh rhurcdav oj each n:on!!i M'.v'irvs will begin ;il 7 .50 p m.

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Santa Cru z Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Sunday, May 16, 1976

Page 18


Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C.

Free Public LectureSponsored by Rose Chapter

MAN'S PHVCHIC STRUCTURESpea ker Alden Holloway, Director of 

Research and Development 

Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, Calif 

FRIDAY, MAY 21, 8 P.M.Question and Answer Forum

Harbor High Little Theatre 

300 La Fonda, Santa Cruz

I I 

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Idaho State JournalPocatello, Idaho

Sunday, June 6,1976Page 2

I --------  - —



Local readers will now have access to the 

Rosi crucian Di ge st in the public library.

it is the monthly periodical issued by the 

Rosicrucian Order (AMORC), which is an educational, philosophical, nonreligious 

fraternity. The magazine has international 

circulation and deals with discussions of  

mony philosophical and scientific subjects.

It should prove of interest to many who  

visit Ihe local library. 812  £.  Clark

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Santa Cruz SentinelSanta C ruz, California

Monday, June 28,1976

Page 4

Rosicrucians Plan Float

Santa Cnu R om  Chapter ofthe Rosicrucian Order is pre- paring a float (or the July 4 parade aa one of Its Bicenten-nial projects The float willdepict the Great Seal of the United States.

Kar l Goe i e l e , cu r ren tchapter master, says that theSeal is not just a work of art orao indication of sovereignty, but an important and mean-ingful symbol of the ideals and

aspirations of our foundingfathers.

Goesele feels that it is partic-ularly important at this time to bring this fsct to the attentionof the public

The Seal is the work of thechapter secretary. Ann Clark,and her mother. Laura Soleu,

who have done much researchon the symbutony of it. MrsClark reports that the allseeing eye and pyramid, whichalso are on the reverse of theAmerican one dollar bill, arevery old symbols which havelong been uaed by esoteric or-ders and by orders usingesoteric symbolism, for exam- ple the Rosicrucians and theFreemasons

It is known that BenjaminFranklin, who was a Rosicru-cian. greatly influenced thefinal design of the Great Sealwhich was submitted by thethird committee of the Con-tinental Congress.

Also participating in the con-struction of the chapter sBicentennial float Is Bill Shottof Watsonville

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Friday, July 23, 1976Page 10

1 0 —Santa ( rui Vnt in rl Fri day. July 23, 1976

Tre&ti’Sqa•hj L i v i n g

Who's in the News

Seventeen members of the local Rose Chapter 

were among 1800 Rostcrucians from around the world  

attending the world convention in San Jose

Lectures, classes, scientific and parapsychological experiments and demonstrations, dramas, a variety  

show, banquet and ball were features of the convention  which was attended by persons from six continents

The Rosicrucian Order is a nonprofit, non-sec

tarian, cultural and educational fraternity of men and 

women of   all races It s headquarters in San .Jose comprising an entire city block, contains the Egyptian Musuem. an art gallery. Science Museum and 

Planetarium, all open to the public. The park also 

contains a large research library, auditorium, sound studio, administration building, temple and university 


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The Salem News

Salem, Ohio

Thursday, July 29, 1976

Page 6

MRS WILLIAM WOOLF ofiir. l Liberty St, recently attended three weeks of Rose( roix Cnive rsi t\ cla ss es andthe Rosicrucian Wor'd Conventi on in San Jos e, Calif ,serving as a delegate from the*Youngstown Chapter. AMORC.

More than 17M Rosicrucians

from throughout the worldattended the classes. lecturersand demonstrations of scientific Rosicrucian philosophy.

T h e R o s i c r u c i a n O r d e r ,AMORl . is a non-profit, nons e c t a r i a n . c u l t u r a l a n deducation fraternity of men andwomen It sponsors an Eg yp

tian Museum in San .Jose.

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The Bee

Danville, Virginia

Monday, August 9, 1976

Page 8

Rosicrucian MeetDr. Margarete K. Mitchell of 160 Green croft Place , recently 

attended the Rosicrucian World Convuntion held in San Jose,  

Calif. More than 1,700 Rosicrueians from throughout the world  

attended classes, lectures and demonstrations of scientific  

Rosicrucian philosophy.

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. is a nonprofit nonsectarian 

cultural and educational fraternity of men and women. The  

organization sponsors an Egyptian Museum in San Jose which  

houses the largest Egyptian collection in the Western United  

Stares. Rosicrucian Park, comprising an cntJre city block, also  contains a Science Museum where a moon rock was exhibited at  

the lime of the Convention, a Planetarium and the Rosicrucian  Research Library.

Members from the six continents attended, giving the Con

vention an International flavor.

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The Bee

Danville, Virginia

Tuesday, August 17,1976

Page 9


'It Is You, The Real YouBy MARTHA GOINS

What would Isaac Newton, Claude Debussy, Francis Bacon.Benjamin Franklin and Dr Margare tte Mitchell of Danvillehave in common?

They have been members of the Rosicrucian Order, an“august fraterni ty whose doctrines were hinted at by the earliest

 philosophers "Dr Mitchell has recently returned from a Rosicrucian con-

vention In San Jose, CalThe Rosicrucian (Rose and Cross) fraternity is the oldest

•continuing society in culture, she said. It traces its beginning toPharoah Akhnaton. 1350B C , to Socrates

Dr Mitchell explained she had been a Rosicrucian lor years.The teachings of the Order were intellectually stimulating lo the

iDoctor of Philosophy, a professor in Romance Languages.

The former Stratford faculty member said she had searchedfor a “meaning” to life and answers to '‘why," especially sinceshe grew up in Germany where, under the Nazi regime, mem- bers of her family disappeared never to be heard of again.

"I was not ten when Hitler came in power," she explainedThe scientific findings of the Order appeal to Mrs. Mitchell,

who noted the theories of harmony of the universe and the in-dividual.

“Everything is alive The earth is a living being. There arelife (orces so there a re adjustments, natural phenomena. Motionis basic law of material li fe."

in discussing the teachings, Mrs. Mitchell said each nationand religion have had mystics, “oneness of all — who have com-mon experience and knowledge related to the source of our beings "

“Truth does not go into hiding The world is a school. Wecome here to learn our lessons We are products of institutions,society, humaneness. I knew, I knew," she quietly repealed, “weare part of relationship to life, the mystical aspect of life."

“I did not have to be told to talk to my plants," she smiled.

(Mrs. Mitchell's plants are marvels Rich, verdant leaves,trailing philodrendon and oversize plants grace the porch and

living areas. She says she is attuned with her plants )

Mrs Mitchell explained the society is not affiliated with anyreligion and is not a religion. In reading of the literature, theRosicrucians would buttress the beliefs of the individual in God

“There is no dogma. You are a student. I have found thestudies, monographs and questions I have soon answered. I couldnot dotlusakm e."

She noted she felt more "selfawareness" and her relationshipto the world about her through the teachings of the wisdom of theages to modem lime.

“The whole universe. God's law and harmony, we tune our-selves. Life has meanings, we no longer grope "

"H tf you, "she said, “the real you "

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, August 31,1976Page 4

Watercolor Exhibit 

In San Jose

The 10th annual exhibition of  paintings by the West ('oast 

Watercolor Society opens Friday at the Rosicrucian Museum  

in San Jose Ad missio n is free 

and the museum is open daily

The show, which will run 

through September 29. includes 

paintings which last year were 

exhibited jointly in lx>ndon with 

the Royal Watercolor Society 

They also traveled to other 

m useum s in K ng lan d and 

aroused some startling comments from critics who termed 

them “bold, hrash and stri


According to Burnam Schaa. 

of the Rosicrucian. the art of  

watercolor on the west cuast 

has broken the bounds of tradi

tion and has expanded our view 

of the world

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The Register Orange County, California

Saturd ay, Se ptemb er 4, 1976

Page 17

R o s i c r u c ia n s  C e l e b r a t eE q u in o xWhen sub cm***   tha ce

M il l equator tha a*tuQAii eqtune* in Sep*naher,

at reckoned in the northernhrtn sphere. the wor!t»ide Hmm m am will rommmmnra?r thr  buitdwtf of tlit Great Pyramid

o E |C T <

A an Varhafeo. \ lK e r ^ OkAMORi'. Roaiminan WhittierChapter, states that Rmimiciaas throuftmt the world «flffaihar lor a camnoot or I19. at which tune they mul

reenact ihr buiidta* of theGreat pvramid oi  Ohrot*.According to Ro**rruc»an tra

d£MR*. states Ann ' erKi«;nthe Great Pyramid at• to be*un at the tune of theautumnal equinox in thr n.>R*vem hrmrsphrrr Inlikr »4ber, pyramid* built as a bur .a! ptaceduring the pyramid it «aserected as a temple of k^rmncIt ts said that i s mns;n**tion<4emnmtrat« a VfvmW* t *'\ the known sciences of the »Tiid including higher maLVraat«», phyisrs. and ihr funrtamentals of astronomy reeajmaedtoday

The Rosicrucjans tract tfietrtraditional origin hack to AkhnMon Pharaoh in 1.150 B C . mhohas  been described as the fir tcreat persona ftty m  historyThus, they rtmmemoratr thrirancient origin by tha ritualistictad symbolic construction of aimmature pyramid Tha p4aon|o( each piaca *jrmboliaes thecultural accdnphshnoents of theOrdar.

The ceremony mil be locallyenacted at Whatier Chapter1414ft E Second Street. Whit-tier. tin* 7 43 The public  

may attend

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The Bee

Danville, V irginia

Thursday, September 30,1976

Page 3C

Ros/cruc/onsOpen Forum

Set Sunday ‘‘Who are the Rnsicrudans?", 

a public lecture, will be presented Sunday afternoon, OcL 

.3, at the DonvtUe Room nf the 

■Find   National'Bank Building in -

DtovlUe, at 2:S6‘p.m. 

’ FoD win^ - the lecture, there will br an open fonun In uWcb 

questions may be asked about the Ro sicrucian' Order ( AMORC) an d lti teachings. - *

All persons interested in mete-" physical philosophy and in 

discovering the meaning of life ■rejnvftaf (o attend,

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The Ottawa Jou rnalOttawa, Ontario, Canada

Friday, October 1,1976

Page 34

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3,197610 A.M. TO 5 P.M.



BEAUTIFUL \  J p L /   3 30 P.M. MOVIE




• F rn Draw lor a Lovely Egyptian Croee • Oddfellow*


3 9 2 S o m e r M t S t W e « i (O t ta w a )

(between Bank A O’Cenner)

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Page 190: Amorc Folder 10

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The Danville Register

Danville, Virginia

Monday, October 4,1976

Page 6

E diting For A  Butterfly, Henry Sha* Admires Ginkgo Leaf 

 A Tinkerer , He Strides  Along Life's Hard Road 


Midway through a detailed description of  his rare ginkgo tree, Henry S. Shaw spots 

something out of the comer of his eye, breaks for his tool shed, grate a butterfly net 

But the winded creature Is gone, fluttering 

beyond the lonjf nws of cabbage, nnirms and 

chard which snake away frum Ihe side of  

Shaw's borne on Ingram Rnad.

‘T wish I could get that scoundrel” says the 

spry Tft yearoJd uith twinkles in both eyes.

‘lie ’s the fellow that makes the loopers dial 

toll the nabbage.

,4I used to enllcct butterflies but I had 

trouble with fungus geitlng all over the 

hufterflics I finally decided. That's enough:IlJhunt rucks, noi ftitterflips ’ It's easier just 

to wash the dirt off them and nut worry about 

the fungus on the butterflies.”

Atfireri in a hright blue work suit which 

appears Un'lur-ioade. Siaw carefully replaces 

the butterfly net on a shetf in the tool sbed 

beneath a Eourc mandolin shined to a brilliant 


Page 191: Amorc Folder 10

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He arums a tune ami laughs, points to an 

aluminum bird cage ho formed from scratch, 

exhibits tools he manufactured without dies.

“1 do a lot of tinkering.” he says. T m the 

greatest tbikerer you’ve ever seen.’’ He ne/Ieds, “I guess Jam a nut if there ever was one.”

( Southsiders

Shaw was bom with a broad streak of  

curiosity at the end of (he fifth month after the 

turn of this century. Since then, he has been 

learning all ho can about his world.

It is a wide world, he no‘e$. though it cannot 

be measured by standards which most people 

use to define a successful life.Shaw dropped out of the public school 

system in Jus native Halifax County before he 

completed the eighth grade. He worked in

I rades—making tobarrn bam flues in a sheet 

metal .shot at 12, later working in saw and 

grist mills, and finally spending three and a 

half decades cleaning loom reeds and har

nesses at Dan River Inc 

Along the way. he and his wife. Charlotte, 

lost three of their four children in “coming up 

the hard roaci!%They suffered their ov.v illnesses Near-poverty occasionally uTapped 

il>em in sorrow.

What made it worthwhile was Shaw's 

determination to continue an informal 

education all his life. He explains that 

determination simply: 'i f I’ve got to live in 

this world. 1want to know what’s going on.,T'

Anri so Shaw has t*vn a serious sradenr of  

or has dahbled in wUd life and plants, musical 

instrument?, rocks and gems, Indian ar

tifacts. painting, magic. photography, toot- 

making and numerous other fietcis.Fro* i long walks in the wilderness. Shaw 

returns to his hfrtisc with Jerusalem ar

tichokes, crimson clover. Egyptian onions, 

wild pekeweed and other wild plants which 

most rtfonlc- would stop on and forget. He

Page 192: Amorc Folder 10

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grows the?« plan!* and more in his garden 

and eats the sweet fruit o: his labor.

‘‘Thereare thousands of things in the woods 

to be ted just for the taking." he says. “And 

with the high cost of rood, it comes in handy. 

Wi Id foods are even more delicious than some 

garden plants. One must know at what stage 

to take them and how to prepare them."

Shaw plays everv string instrument known 

to man and owns many of them, including 

cello, bass guitar, mandolin, dulcimer. He 

has a 1916 Gibson guilar which he purchased 

in the late ’20’s while earning S13.01 a week at 

Dan Hiver.

“1 play strictly hy ear. Ttie heck with 

music,” he notes. 4,ff someone says play 

‘Won't You Come Home- Bill Bailey?’ ! don't 

want to be searching around for books of  


Currently, shaw plays electric string bass 

with the Dan River Retired Gub Band. He savs it took him a couple minutes to get the 

feel of the new instrument and then. "1 

started playing that thing like a mad bull 

running through a straw field.”

Shaw gives credit to the late Johnny 

Westhnook for teaching him everything he 

didn’t already know about music. He played 

with Westbrook's band all around the area for 

nearly 15 years.

“Mr Westbrook could play any instrument 

ever invented.” Shaw savs. “He was an in

spiring man. We also hunted for wild plants for many years. He taught me to stop tilling 

things If he found a snake, he threw it out or 

the path alive."

Svsw does not just collect “rocks'’. He 

searches for the perfect rocks to be cul into 

gems and be cracks open some of those rocks 

to find fossils. .

He has hauled hundreds of pounds of jade, 

agate, amethyst and quartz from just about 

everywhere in Virginia to his hack yard. 

Some* of the stones he has cut inm gems, including a clear quartz stone with 91 carats 

and 20B facets which c*omes dose to blinding 

the beholder when it’s held behind a light.

He has performed magic tricks since he 

was 12 years old and. as a “jackleg artist” 

most of his fife, has created works with oil, 

water color and pastels to adom the walls of  

his house.

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When Shaw observes something which 

fascinates him, he often photographs ft. Owce 

he thought he broke his toe and did not trust 

the doctor's negative diagnosis. So he went 

tome and blew up the contact x-ray. Hr couldn’t find a break either.

“To u p s s   the crack was in my head, not in 

my toe.” he says, reveling in laughter at the oW joke 011  himself  

Shaw reacts everything he can find and 

talks with everyone wlio seems interesting 

and meditates on aO the significant things tie 


As a Rof-icrurian fa metaphysical In

vestigator). Shaw believes that all l)e does is 

related because everything on earth is part of  the Universal One.

“Rosicrucians study everything, both 

spiritual and physical,” be explains. “They 

(ton'! leave ofT anything Talso have a great 

respect tor natural law*. 1make ’em alt work  

for me. ’Itiat’s why 1get so old ”

Besides, Shaw notes, ihe mind rules the 

body and his mind is not about to allow his 

body to grow old.

“You always must question tife.V he says. 

“That's the way you learn. You leam to see 

things the average person doesn't see. You leam to see the small things that other people 

walk over. You get so sensitive its 

aggravating sometimes.’'

One of the things which aggravates Shaw is 

preservatives in food. He says lie con taste  

them and doesen’t like edibles which include 


\ le says lie also liears and sees things other 

people miss. "When I close my eyes. I see 

things there which have taken 40 or 50 years

Page 194: Amorc Folder 10

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of practicing to see,” he notes. “There's no 

end 1o (he wonderment.”

While Shaw has many friends, he 

sometimes has difficulty findra* people who 

are willing to talk wiJh him about the deeper 

mysteries of life. “Them ain't no end to 

conversation if you're talking con

structively,” he savs.

“It Irks me wtwn 1 read and try to contact 

people with mv interests and they tgnore it,” 

)>e adtfc. “Anyone wanting to contact me can 

drop me a card, as I don't want lo be  

swamped with phone calls.”

He smiles and slowly reaches for his net. 

The offending butterfly has returned to his 

eabhage patch Another game of life con


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The Danville Register

Danville, Virginia

Monday, October 4,1976

Page 6

Ldwnrd J. Slbrr ^iil» l>nimll:nii* la fr vi il Of R«j»i*r»K’ioii Tdpcmn

 Rosicrucians Praise Openness  But Danville Talk Attracts Few


Staff Writer 

People in Virginia and North Carolina seem to be “fairly**opeaminded and tolerant toward the R osicrucians, according to

Gene Flinter, master of the Triangle Rose Pronaos, In an in-

terview yesterday.“We don't have much of a prob lem," he asser ted *\Vc have

many members who are Southern Baptists, Methodists,Catholics and .lews. And we have never experienced any

 prejud ice .”Flinter and several other Raleigh. N.C., Rosicrucians. mem-

 bers of Die Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC),

spoke to a group of 20 persons yesterday in the Danville Room of

the Fir st National Bank 

The program was organized and sponsored by a Danvillian,Dr. Margarcte K. Mitchell, of 160 Greencroft Place. She ad-

vertised the meeting extensively and said she was not pleased

with the meager attendance. She also declined to estimate Ihe

numb er of Rosicrucians who live in Danville.Mrs. Madge Doss, a Rosicrucian spokesman, explained that

the society preserves the anonymity ofits m embers during theirlifetimes. For example, she said, a highplaced political or

social leader might waul to keep his membership confidential because “some people might not understand ”

The Rosicrucians, as a group, do not involve themselves in

 poli tical activ ity , she added, but Individual members may be

very ac tive in politics.Many wellknown persons, she said, have been members of

the society, including TJiomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,

Sir I saac Newton and Walt Disney.Further, Mrs. Doss contended, Jusus Christ traveled to

 — ^

Page 196: Amorc Folder 10

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The Danville Register

Danville, V irginia

Monday, October 4, 1976

Page 6

various “ mystery schools” between the ages of 13 and 30 andwas in itiated by the Rosicrucian*

Keynote Speaker Edward J. Silber said, “The Rosicrucian Or-der, AMOKC, is officially recognized as a nonprofit, fraternal,

cultural and educational association, ft is nonpolitical. ”

The Rosicrucian Order originated as one of die mystery

schools of the “ancient wisdom” during Egypt's lBth Dynasty period. Both men and women have been included In the mem- bership since it s inception.

Silber said membership is open to anyone who "sincerelydesires” to study the metaphysical principals and universallaws the o rder espouses.

“Members are never required to accept or believe what theyare taught,” he emphasized, “They ore urged to be ‘walking

question marks’ and to investigate the principals for them-selves.”

The AMORC mails weekly lessons to members for homestudy. Subject* offered include The Meanings of Ancient Sym-

 bolism, Inquiry Into The Nature Of The Soul, Fundamentals Of

Mental Attunem ent, The Human Consciousness and others.

The heajlquartcrs of the order Is in Rosicrucian Park* at San

 jo se , uimornTa. The setting is similar to that of theorganization's Egyptian origin. .

The Rosicrucians believe there is only one, true God. Mem-

 bers include Chris tians as well as Jews, Buddhists, Moslems

and others.“Oriental experiments and sexual practices are not condoned

 by the order,*' Silber said. "The branch of vogn, tantn ck ,

teaches that the evolution of man's consciousness can be

achieved by sexual practices. Rosicrucians don’t have to

 become vegetarians or contortionists. ”Moreover, Silber stated. ‘The Kosicnician Society fcsnot anti-

church. anti social... It’s not against anything that is fine anddecent in our socie ty. ’’ * 

He also stressed that the order Is not a secre t society. “ It is a

 brotherh<K)d in the tru est sense." Put, Silber acknowledged,Rosicrucian instruction is limited to members

“We don’t want Uie teachings to be indiscriminately spreadaround,” he explained. The teachings can provide a person with

 power which could be used for destructive purposes, Silber ad-

ded.“Rosicrucians teach healing,” Silber said. “That

the wrong hands, could be used for destruc tive purposes .”

What do the Rosicrucian rose and cross symbolize?

Dr. Albert Doss, a Rosicrucian and Raleigh psychologist, said

the rose symbolizes man’s spiritual unfolding as he discoversthe meaning of life. The cross symbolizes the trials and

trJbuln lions that man experiences .

“And together,” he suggested, "they symbolize man’s

evolution ”The psychologist quipped. “We wonder if it’s going to protect

us agninst the swine flu. But we're all going to get shots

anyway.” The audience chuckled. .

Page 197: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 197/245

Reincarnation is another Rosicrucian teaching. MBut." Dr.Doss advised, “ihe nonacceptance of reincarnation does not

 prevent one from carry ing on with the teachings."

Other beliefs of the Rosicrucians include:

 —The physical body is the temple of the living soul. —Five, and 12are “ myste ry” numbers.

 —Earth, fi re, wate r and ai r ar e the four elements of nature.

Silber said, “An understanding of God can be achieved onlythrough personal experience.”

Fllnter, the leader of the 4>member. Raleighbased pronaos,

said he became interested in the Rosicrucians because ofdissatisfaction with organized religion.

"1 felt exiled and isolated from God," he said. “ I have found

the Rosicrucian Order satisfies my search for a purpose in lie ."

He continued, “There's got to be a designer somewhere. Tbere

always has to be a purpose behind a cause. There's   always a

 plan. Maybe all the sta rs are p art ol a body — the body ol God.”

Dr. Doss pointed out that tho Rosicrucian Order had Its birthat the beginning of human history.

"Wisdom is never lost,” lie suggested. "It’s always there for those who have an open jninti."

 Rosic rucians Praise Openness 

 But Danville Talk Attracts Few

Page 198: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, October 12, 1976Page 12

Itosirrucian I1 1 1 [MT1Itor 

Here FridayIm pe rato r Ralph M Lew is,

supreme executive off icer of

w o r l d w i d e a f f a i r s of (h e

K osicru cian s since 1939. m il

v is i t (he loca l chap ter and

spea k F rid ay at ? 45 p m at

Arion Hall All (iran d Lodge

an d ch ap te r m em b er s a r e i n -

v i ted Acc omp anying Lewi*

will be his wife, (iiadvs.

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Thursday, October 14, 1976

Page 4 Section 1

Valley Rosicrucians to assemble for annual meeting in Hollywood

Wamken,g r a n d

  master for the International Jurisdiction of the Order 

The conclave, attended by members  f r o m A r i z o n a .

  California, Nevada and - 

Mexico, is sponsored by the six S outh' em California subordinate bodies o f ' the order in San Diego, Long Beach. Whittier, Pasadena. Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

San Fernando Valley members of  the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC (The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae  Crus is) along with other Ro6icrucian6 

from throughout the Southwest will assemble for their annual conclave Saturday and Sunday at 6840 Hollywood Blvd.. Hollywood.

Featured guest will be Chris R.

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cru z, California

Sundav, October 17,1976

Page 22 ______ 



 f l l t ' l  J/i m t n ' i


6 P.M 230 PLYMOUTHG<.4*S \$? CtiOtnA*. 4** 

Page 201: Amorc Folder 10

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The Valley News

Van Nuys, California

Wednesday, November 3, 1976Page 6 Section 2

Rosicrucian bazaar. San Fernando Valley Lodge of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, will hold its annual bazaar and patio sale on Friday and Saturday

Page 202: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 202/245


Long Beach, California

Monday, November 15,1976

Page B6

A B D IE L L O D G EA holiday fair is planned Sunday

from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. by Abdiel Lodge,The Rosicrucian Order, at 21156 SarilaFe Ave.

Among offerings will be homemadeice cream, Christmas and Thanksgivingdecor, posters, plants, books and bakedgoods.

Funds raised will go toward renova-

tion of lodge headquarters in LongBcaeh. .

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The Daily Chronicle

Centralia, Washington

Friday, December 17, 1976

Page 4

Exception UieaThe reason the MX" is used La

Christnjas is eiplaiaed in the Dec. *6issue of the Rwicnxiaa Digest

“The Jetter X U oftea osed n'th thesuffix mas to abbreviate ibe wordChristmas. The reason is tbal the X waskx)£ used b5 tie Greeks lo synWiz*Christ. Tbe X in this use is kIoiH j ti eGreek letter. Chr. As «e base said, themord Christ is I n n   the Creek word

Christos. Therefore, the abbreviation lorChriSTDiS is Utt letter X. The mooograroof Christ is a Jarge X with a P throughthe ceate r of it. Tbe two letter* are of theCreek Alphabet, O j  aod Rho.M— SueAnn Wickert Winxxk 

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Page 205: Amorc Folder 10

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The Register Orange County, California

Sunday, Janua ry 2,1977Page 10 (Leisure Time Section)

 Rosicrucian Museum

One of   the largest collections of anginal and rare Egyptian. Assyrian, and Babylonian antiquities m  the western United States can be found at the Rostc rucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose 

The museum contains antiquities that include jewelry, statuary, scrolls, paint ings. utensils, and mummies 

Visitors to the museum can even walk

through an exact reproduction of a l imestone tomb that is 4.000 years old

Page 206: Amorc Folder 10

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The Daily Standard

Sikeston, MissouriFriday, January 7, 1977

Page 2


Giving plants good care is necessary. Who would expect a child to grow without plenty of nourishing food, water, and sunshine? But children do not grow without loving. That has been proven over and over. And it is now being proved that plants need love, too, if one wants them to do their best, that i s ... When you talk to your plants as 

you do to your children or pets, there won’t be an immediate response like a coo or purr or a wag of the tail,  but there will be a gradual response of thick healthy leaves, lush coloring, more fruit and a wealth of beauty. This beauty will bring more joy to your life. This is the plant’s way of returning your love. — Rosicrucian Digest


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The BeeDanville, VirginiaThursday, Janu ary 20,1977

Page 2B

Library Gets 


SubscriptionA subscription to the Hcsl

crucian Digest has been given

to the Danville Public Library

 by a pat ro n, He nry S. Shaw of

Danville.Accordirgto Shaft', the R 05I

cruclan Order Is an interna-

t ional , nonsectar ian groupdedicated to the “investiga-

tion, study, and practical appli-

cation of natural and spirituallaws.*’

The monthly publica tion

deals with philosophical and

scientific subjects. The De-cem be r, 1076 Issue, which h as

r e c e n t l y a r r i v e d a t t h eLibra ry , Inc ludes a r t ic le s

about Leonardo da Vinci,

Egyptian nvammics. and a photo gra phic stud y ol snow -flakes.

Rosicrucian Digest will beshelved with other gift maga-zines in the periodical section

of the Daovil'e Public Library .

Page 208: Amorc Folder 10

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wednesday, March 9, 1977

Page 9A

Rosicrucians To Perform 

New Year RiteT h e Rosicrucian Order,

AMORC, Pronaos of the Sun,

will install Claud Thomas Jr.

as master during a ceremony

March 18 at the American Le-gion, 36 Washington Ave., Ma

nitou Springs.

Other officers to be in-

stalled are Erdice Childs, sec-

retary. and Helga Schmidt,


* The ceremony will be a re-

enactment of an ancient Eg-

yptian ceremony celebrating

thp new year. *

Page 209: Amorc Folder 10

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Danville Rosicrucian, 

Secretary In Raleigh

Dr. M arg are te K. M itchell, J60 Green croft Place, will be

installed for a tw oyear term as sec retary of the TriangJc Rose

Pron aoso f the Rosicrucian Order (A MORC) Sunday afternoon.

As secretary, she will not only function administratively, but.

she will also serve in a ritualistic capacity at Pronaos convoca-

tio ns . . • .* •

William F . A pflauer, of Cary, N.C., will be insLallerl as the new ■

mnster of the Prona os; Mrs. E dw ard J. Slbler , of Raleigh, n.C ., 'will continue in office for another year as guardian of (he

Pronao s. • • •

The annu a! installation of officers will take place following the

traditional New Year's Feast. According to Dr. Mitchell,’“The

ancient Eg yptians began their new year at the t ime of the vernalequinox, when the sun crossed the celestial equator and entered

thezodiaca ls ignof  Arles, onornbaut M arch 21.  ___ 

This was con sidere d sym bolic of new life, the starting of a new

cycle, when all nature seem ed to be reborn. In modem limes, i t .

is the time for installing new officers for the coming year in *11

Rosicrucmn lodges, chapters and pronool throughout the world/

Following tills custom, we will have our installation after the

cerem ony.’* vv . •

The New Y ea r’s F eas t will be observed , Dr. Mitchell says, by asymbolic r i tua l in which m em bers partake of simple foods corre-

sponding to certain hasic elements of nature, such «b salt, corn

anil unfermented firape juice. The significance of the ritual is

given in a discou rse.

All active m em bers of ( l ie Rosicrucian Order and m em bers of

the Junior O rder of To rchbe arers, c hildren’s organization of theOrder, arc invited to participate in tha New Year’s Feast . The

meeting will bo held in Raleigh at 2.30 p.m. at the Community

Room North, Crabtree Valley Mnll.

Last October, the Pro nao s held a public meeting in Danv lUe,in

which a lecture, ‘Who are the Ro sicrudon s?" was presented in

the Danville Room of the F irst National Bank.

The Ro sicrucian O rder is a worldwide, nonprofit philosophical

frHlcrnJIy of men and women  devoted to the study  and p rac t ica lapplication of natural and spiritual laws. It lias no religious

affiliations. Its stated purpose is "to enable men to live in har -

mony with Die creativ e, con structive forces of the Cosmic for the

attainment of health, happiness, and peace .”

It was foun ded in an cie nt E gyp t abo ut 1.350 B.C. in the da ys of

Pharaoh Aknaton of the 18th Dynasty. Its worldwide head-

qua rters is a I Ro sicruc ianP flrk.SiinJo se, Calif .

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The Bridgeport Telegram

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Friday, March 18,1977

Page 14


'Rosicrucians liccm ct  

 A Ceremony TomorrowT h e r e e n e c t m t n t o f a c e r e -

m o n y l h a t b e g a n In a n c i c n t

E g y p t w i l l h i g h l i g h t a m e e t i n g

o f t h e l o c a l R o s i c r u c i a n o r d e r

t o m o r r o w a t S p . m . in th e

H o m e s t e a d h a ll a t B o o th e M e -

m o r i a l p a r k .

T h e o r d e r w ill b e c o m m e m o -

r a t i n g i ts N 'e w Y e a r w i th n

s y m b o l i c ( e a s t , I n w h i c h th em e m b e r s e a t s i m p l e f o od s

s u c h a s s a lt , c o m , a n d u n f e r -

m e n t e d g r a p e j u i c e , c o r r e s p o n d -

in g t o th e b a s i c e l e m e n t s .

T h e g r o u p , a n u n r e l ig i o u s ,

 ph il o sop h ic a l f r a te r n i ty , m a in -

t a i n s t ha t" i ts t r a d i t i on a l o r i g in

• o c c u r r e d d u r i n g t h e r e i g n o f th e

( P h a r a o h A k h n a t o n i n 1350 H .C . I

Page 211: Amorc Folder 10

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The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, April 2, 1977

Page 70


Afcmt M n ad Older K6mc Ctuqk  W or if» oMw fraternity


to 5 P.M. ODD FELLOWS HALL,332 SOMERSET. W.  between Bank and O'Connor 




FRE E LEC TU RE A T 2 P.M.By Regional Monitor Claude Tatham

“ T H E T R U T H A B O U T R E IN C A R N A T I O N ”sponsored by the Ottawa Chapter 

Page 212: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 212/245

Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tuesday, August 16,1977

Page 11A

Rosicrucians Will Sponsor LecturePronaos of the Sun. The R o

sicrucian Order. AMOKC. wiU

hold a public lecture at 2:30

 p.m . Sunday at fhr Golden

Rule Building, 627   N. Circle


E'izaheth Angellt a repro-

sentative of the Grand Lodge

of AMOKC, w\H present a talk

on reincarnation. Her talk, ti-

t led “The Soul 's Return." is

open to  the public at no  


Page 213: Amorc Folder 10

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Gazette Telegraph

Colorado Springs, ColoradoFriday, August 19, 1977

Page 5A

Public Lecture

"The Soul's Return"

Sunday, August 21, 2:30 P.M.

627 North Circle Drive

Presented by 

The Rosicrucian Order 


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The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, O ctober 1,1977

Page 23


(Not j Religion)





ST. WEST(between Bank 8t  


Page 215: Amorc Folder 10

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Arcadia Tribune

Arcadia, C alifornia

Thursday, October 13, 1977Page C4

R o s i c r u c i a n *

t o m e e tMany Rosicrueiana from 

the Foothil l area have  

made plans to attend the 

S o u t h e r n C a l i f o r n i a  Regional Conclave fcr 1877 

Oct. 15 and 15 at the 

P a s a d e n a C o n v e n t i o n  

Center, 300 E. Green .St

The two-day event will f e a t u re A r t h u r C . P iep en b r i n k . s u p reme  

secretary ; F rances R .  

Holland, grand councilor, and Sherman Livir.gstcn 

and Joaeph W. Coon,  

regional monitors.

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Page 217: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Wednesday, Jan uary 18,1978Page 19


‘ i t r W -    •r w v . • w f   * 4

W here t he W ho l e is Grea t e r Than fhe S um o f its P a r ts

The Rosicrucian teachings truls felled and demonstrate  

svnergv in  ui fion Ih e *»sr iom and  per so na  1in sight of Rom  

»rut tans su< h as Newto n. Ba< on htin klm and letferson an* a 

part ol a harmon ious bods or know ledge which vou (an use  

for personal athiesement Mo de rn Rositrutians studv and 

apply the l a w s of time an d spate intuition .i!t*‘rr»d state*, ol  

cons cfou sn<><>,‘ an d m u<h fn of<* r<» attain -pit—mastery and  

peace ol mind

Here . /c*a//t Rosicr ucian s also ho ld meetin gs vwfh vi%< mating  

talks dealing with scientific philo sop hu al and met.iphysiral 

subjer ts You (  an en|OY the inspira tion .md stimulatio n of asso  

na tio n with others vsho share vour interests and ques t FHis is 

nnergv at its best'



for more information *rt te lodiv »or vour tree

 bo ok le t en ti tl ed Th« \ U \ t r r - , i>t l i f e    Tbisbook

lei hjs (iterallv charged th»- k« of tens ot tho u

sands of m rn an d vs om en fhr<> ^ho ut the AorUJ

uw (Nii (oupon •at »riie to 

tCIIM S . h . K•



Vi4v S* B. K.Im R O S K R U C I A S O R t X H A M O R C i

Svibnr (*kt<*r»<  ».»»!. I 14

I m i u n ri rh l r tr i r» l «) S m d m et   tier nip« ol INI 

n l I U I a tw h V l h s » * I m «« w m r tl w

Page 218: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, January 24, 1978

Page 6


R o s e C h a p t e r p r e s e r t s

a f r e e P u t t o L e c t u r e

F r i d a y . J a n u a r y 2 7  

a i 8 : 0 0 p . m .


Speaker. Robert Malat, Regional Monitor

Arion Hell, 230 Plymouth St., Santa Cruz

Speaking on Esoteric Astrology which is 

the parent or prehistory of Astrology as  

practiced today 

Question and Answer Period

Page 219: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thu rsday, Jan uar y 26, 1978

Page 32

RosicrucianLecture Friday

Rose Chapter of Rosicru-cians is presenting a free lec-ture, open to the public, onFriday at 8 p.m. at Arion Hall,230 Plymouth St., Santa Cruz.

Speaking will be RobertMalat, regional monitor, who

will discuss "EsotericAstrology, The Ancient SecretScience.’ A questionanswer pe-riod will follow his talk 

The Rosicrucians, accordingto Malat, are a group of menand women who are motivated by the etern al quest for truthBrought together in a common

 purpose, centuries ago they in-stituted the Rosicrucian Order.

It is a nonsectarian fraternal body, devoted to the investiga-tion, study and practical ap-

 plication of natu ra l and sp iritu-al laws. Purpose of the or-ganization is to enable all tolive in harmony with thecreative, constructive cosmicforces.

Page 220: Amorc Folder 10

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, March 14, 1978

Page 5

RosicruciansTo Mark New

Year's RiteThe reenactment of a cere

mony that began in ancient Egypt more than 40 centuries 

ago will be the highlight of a 

local Rosicrucian conclave in 

Santa Cruz on March 24 

According to Marjorie 

Tholen. master of Rosicrucian  

Rose Chapter of Santa Cruz, the 

ancient Egyptians, from the 

time of Memphis to the 

Ptolemaic period, began their 

New Year on or about the lime  

of the vernal equinox 

The equinox occurs when the 

sun crosses the celestial equator and enters the zodiacal sign 

of Aries which always oocurs 

on or about March 21 in Kgypt, 

with the coming of spring 

While not now experiencing 

the advent of spring, those living in the southern hemisphere 

symbolically perpetuate the 

traditional beginning during a 

basic transition in the season 

This was considered the beginning of the New Year and was  

symbolic of new life

The Rosicrucian Order, 

A M O R C , is a nonreligious, 

philosophical fraternity which 

maintains that its traditional 

origin occured in 1350 B.C. dur

ing the reign of Pharaoh 

Akhnaton The Order com

memorates this ancient new 

year by a symbolic feast in 

which the celebrants partakeof 

simple foods corresponding to 

certain basic elements in na

ture: salt, corn and unfermented grape juice

New officers of the local chapter who will be installed 

include Bill Shott. master. 

Leola Fraust, secretary; Alice  

Pierce, deputy master, and Bud 

Thrift, chairman of the board of  

trustees.The ceremony will be at 

Ar ion Hall, 230 Plym outh St , 

Santa Cruz. Visiting members 

from neighboring cities also are expected to attend

Page 221: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 221/245


H e l e n M e r ri ck B o n d

She lives with her memories and writes for the future


K la a amall room In which Helen Merrick Uund live* now, but it contain* her put . her prrser.t *r.d her luu n.

M*r pan It pholOgraphs ol her brother Georre Mrrrick. pioneer of Coral GaMe*: of Merrick Manor. Ihe family  homestead. dretired a .uttorie monument two y ea.*» ego; ol her mother. a 

minuter'* wilt, who bore seven children. two of whom art m il living,Her present la bee writing- Nine Iflapl- 

ratloaal book* to dale, whieh aha tays  are not reh gloul I n con tee. t but "help  people be nearer to Cod “

Her future it bee writing, too: Her  aumlon.  the tays. l» to wm e a book » year unt il her death.

She has enjoyed wonderful tine* and weathered difficult o nit in her *5 yean,  bui the irei a purpose la It all.

•‘I believe everythin* la life la our teacher aod ao I welcome everyt hin*,"  sheuyi

Helen Merrick w u   bom a twin, but tbt child who waa her likenea* died of  the croup one hitter winter lo D ux bury. Ma tt, ard shortly thereafter, the Rev. Solomon Merrick, their father, dfeided to leave the Inboaptubie North for I toe- Ida.

With hit risen ton. Il-yotrotd Grorg*. Kev. Merrick, a Congregational  minuter, journeyed aoulh to purtbtae a 160-acre parcel of land with hit S I. 100 tavtngt-

Tha year waa ISM . The land — a Meek tlrrtds of scrub  pine tail palmer to covering corat rock — w u lour milee Irom the setlleaenl of Coconut Grove  It did not look promising. but father and ton twsited It with dynamite and planted grapefruit tree* there. Just aoulli of  

Uta glade, they buii: a two-room cottage

A i the century turned into Ihe 20tb, Rev. Merrick aeot for kl* family lb pin  him. and Mrs. Merrick brvaght Ethel. Wedi*. Helen and Char lea to their new home Helen waa then S.

-twrythins wtt t  wilder /rent .' afce recall a. "I aaw a panther once, face to face. It waa a beautiful thing. It fust  stood there and looked al ««.”

The young est M errick child. H .chard.

wa i born a year alter the family'* arrival Id Hori&i —   ihe llru   white child born la the aa-yet-unlncorporatrd «iy.

Those earty yeari were lean one*, hut eventually the grove began to yield profiu along with fntlt. The Merrick home waa expanded, given a alone facade. a wide porch, a garage. Tbe land hewn ol  the 11)20* cMtspulird  them into vast wealth, estimated in tbe million*,  and yojog George Merrick biull a city 

of fine home*“Ooe day we were anting under a big  tree, and George put some slipa of paper Into a basket and said, 'Now, Helen, pick a name and that t whst we'll M l  the rtty." “ h i* cl tier remember*.

The name the plucked from the bai- ket wa* "Co ral Gab le* **

The bepeetnoa followed Iho land boom, and. for the Merrick family, lota

■The only thing you have to tak e with you is character. If you don t have that, you have nothing. 

followed gain. Land wsa Ion. home* were lott. a vast fortune vanished.

By that lime. Ilelen Merrick had married and borne three sor.». But her husband. Paul Kuhn died in a motorcycle  accident while she w u In Ihe hospital delivering the third.

After three years, the married John Bond, t  contractor. Helen Merrick flood was in her rald-30a when the discovered what waa to become a source of Immense strength for her: the Woslcrucun  Order.

The minister's daughter toy*. 1 al- wayt felt that there wa* aomethmg deeper than what we aaw on tbe surface. I always taught the truth. I was sl- way* taking quttuout wtiao I waa 

rount" She says that the has found her an- 

awera in the philosophy of the Hasten;-  dans.

"I learned to concentrate and medl-

Haltn Morrick Bond: Picked Coral Goblet name from a hat

tale." sh* explain* “You have to keep your v Won high but your feet on I fit ground. You have lo open your inner  self.” ,

Her beurfj encompasi karma. asi/ol-  <i*y. reincarnation (the believes thal In pervloua hvet the wu three timet u gypty and once ''a high lady of qaallly  in AUien*.- ) Her beliuf* marry the spir

itual. phyurtl and menial, the tays."The only thing you have to tak*  

with you la character." wiy* Helen Mer- nek llond. "If you don't haw lhal. you

whose death at age 00 lefthave nothin*. 

J-ulin liond.

S e i H E L E N . 3 C

The Miami News, Miami, Florida. Monday, July 17,1978. Page 1C

Page 222: Amorc Folder 10

8/9/2019 Amorc Folder 10 222/245

The M iami News

Miami, Florida

Monday, July 17, 1978Page 1C

H E L E N , ffomic

his wife twice a widow, neveradopted Uie Rosicrucian  bel iefs , buther siblings did and her tons are"Interested.” she say*.

For her. It is a wa y of life.

About a dozen years ago. shelook up residence in the RiverHouse, a deteriorating hotel/apart*rr.ent building at {he edge of theMiami Rtvtr. The view from her

 fi ng le window is 0/ lobster traps.

entwined with creeping vines.Sh e  feels tJiat living Ihere Is a 

 pa rt of he r Ko slc rud an ••assign-ment." exemplifying a wny of lifeto thoae around her. many of whomhave come on hard limes.

Her books — with titles like"The Door of the Heart." "TheLotus of Wisdom," and ”A JourneyInto the Light" — talk of her spirit-ual  jou rneys and car ry the  pseudo-

nym “Pensatia." which she says Isher “spiritual name.”

Her most recent book. "The HighMountain," Is. according 10  the

 book jack et , a ch ron icl e of Pen csti a's asccr.t "as she attempts the dar-ing climb lo ihe peak of Illumina-tion."

Dut Helen/Peiuatla says she can’ttake credit for her writing — "I'm

 jus t the re co rd er " — wh ich is gu id-ed by "Master II.” ihe  spiritual

teacher who came to her  one lone’ ago night, holding a candle. andasked her “to travel with him and bri ng back wha t the wo rld need s

"It Is my mission until I die." shesays "I didn't go into it for moneyI went Into It because it was mymission.**

Her mission brines small royallychecks every three months, a sup- ple me nt to he r $70amonth Social

Security allotment“ Uni I'll be all righ t," she says,

smiling brightly.And she seems to be verv much

all right: full of spunk and faith andgentleness and optimism for the fu-ture.

She i« at work on another bookIn the small, neat, memenlofilhdroom that has  become her home,and she is visited there eaeh Mon-

day by   her 71yearold hrnthetliichard. an accomplished artU l —I wo of his paintin gs hu ng ove r lief bed — wh o ar riv es by nt ul or rv rkand whom she calls "my inspira-tion.'' And she Mill dreams uisiuithe irip to India that a spiritualistonce luld her she wuuld one daytake.

“You  can't grow unless yourcach out 10 other thing s." she says

Page 223: Amorc Folder 10

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The Miami News

Miami, Florida

Monday, July 17, 1978

Page 1C

Helen Merrick BondShe lives with her memoriesand writes for the future

MARY JANE FINEM i a m i N t w i R t p o r U r  

It is a small room in which Helen Merrick Bond lives now, but it contains 

her past, her present and her future.Her past is photographs: of her broth

er George Merrick, pioneer of Coral Gables; of Merrick Manor, the family  homestead, declared a historic monument two years ago; of her mother, a 

minister’s wife, who bore seven chil

dren, two of whom are still living.Her present is her writing: Nine inspi

rational books to date, which she says are not religious in content but “help people be nearer to God."

Her future is her writing, too: Her  mission, she says, is to write a book


 year until her death.

She has enjoyed wonderful times and weathered difficult ones in her 85 years, but she sees a purpose in it all.

" I believe everything in life Is our  

teacher, and so I welcome everything,'* she says.

Helen Merrick was born a twin, but the child who was her likeness died of  the croup one bitter winter In Duxbury, Mass., and shortly thereafter, the Rev,  Solomon Merrick, their father, decided  to leave the inhospitable North for Florida.

W ith his eldest son, 13-year-old George, Rev. Merrick, a Congregational minister, journeyed south to purchase a 

160-acre parcel of land with his $1,100 savings.

The year wa s 1898. The land — a bleak stretch of scrub pine and palmetto  covering coral rock — wa s four miles from the settlement of Coconut Grove. 

It did not look promising, but father and  son blasted it with dynamite and planted grapefruit trees there. Just south of  the glade, they built a two-room cottage.

A s the century turned into the 20th, Rev. Merrick sent for his family to join  him, and Mrs. Merrick brought Ethel, Medie, Helen and Charles to their new  

home. Helen was then 6.“Ev eryth ing w as a w ildern ess/’ she 

recalls. “I saw a panther once, face to 

face. It was a beautiful thing. It just stood there and looked al me.”

The youngest Merrick child, Richard,

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The Miami News

Miami, Florida

Monday, July 17, 1978

Page 1C

was born a year after the family’s arrival in Florida — the first white child born in the as-yet-unincorporatod city.

Those early years were lean ones, but 

eventually the grove began to yield  profits along with fruit. The Merrick  

home was expanded, given a stone facade, a wide porch, a garage. The land  boom of the 1920s catapulted them into 

vast wealth, estimated in the millions, and young George Merrick built a city  

of fine homes.

“One day we were sitting under a big tree, and George put some slips of paper 

into a basket and said, ‘Now, Helen, pick a name and that's what we'll call the city,’ ” his sister remembers.

The name she plucked from the basket was “Coral Gables."

The Depression followed the land boom, and, for the Merrick family, loss

1The only thing you have to take with you is 

character.I f

you don't have 

thatr you have nothing. H

followed gain. Land was lost, homes 

were lost, a vast fortune vanished.By that time, Helen Merrick had mar

ried and borne three sons. But her husband, Paul Kuhn died in a motorcycle  accident while she was in the hospital delive ring the third.

After three years, she married JohnBond, a contractor. Helen Merrick Bondwas in her mid-30s when she discoveredwhat was to become a source of immense strength for her: the RosicrucianOrder.

The minister's daughter says, “I always felt that there was somethingdeeper than what we saw on the surface. 1always sought the truth. 1was always asking questions when I wayoung.”

She says that she has found her answers in the philosophy of the Rosicrucians.

“I learned to concentrate and medi

tate,” she explains. “You have to keeyour vision high but your feet on theground. You have to open your inneself." %

Her beliefs encompass karma, astrology, reincarnation (she believes that inprevious lives she was three times agypsy and once “a high lady of qualityin Athens.”) Her beliefs marry the spir

itual, physical and mental, she says.“The only thing you have to lak

with you is character,” says Helen Merrick Bond. “If you don't have that, youhave nothing.”

violin Bond, whose death at age 90 lef

S o o H E L E N , 3 C

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The Miami News

Miami, Florida

Monday, July 17, 1978

Page 3C

HELEN, from 1C

h is w i f e t w i c e a w i d o w , n e v e r

a dop te d the R os i c r uc i a n be l i e f s , bu t

he r s ib l ings d id a nd he r sons a r e

‘‘in t e r e s t e d , ” sh e s a ys .

For he r , i t i s a way of l i f e .

A b o u t a d o z e n y e a r s a g o , s h e

took up r e s ide nc e in t he R ive r

H o u s e , a d e t e r i o r a t i n g h o t e l / a p a r t -

m e n t b u i l d i n g a t \he  e dge o f t heM i a m i R i v e r . T h e v i e w f r o m h e r

S ing le w indow i s o f l obs t e r t r a ps ,

e n t w i n e d w i t h c r e e p i n g vi n es .

S he f e e l s t ha t l i v ing the r e is   a p a r t o f h e r R o s i c ru c ia n “ a s s i g n -

m e n t , ” e x e m p l i f y i n g a w a y o f l i f e

t o t h o s e a r o u n d h e r , m a n y o f w h o m

h a v e c o m e o n h a r d t i m e s.

He r books — wi th t i t l e s l i ke

“ T h e D o o r o f t he H e a r t , ” “ T h e

L o t u s o f W i s d o m , ” a n d “ A J o u r n e yI n t o t h e L i g h t ” — t a l k of h e r s p i r i t -

u al j o u r n e y s a n d c a r r y t h e p s e u d o -

n y m “ P e n s a t i a , ” w h i c h s h e s a y s ish e r “ s p i r i tu a l n a m e . ”

H e r m o s t r e c e n t b o o k. “ T h e H i g h

M o u n t a i n , ” i s r a c c o r d i n g t o t h e

 bo o k j a c k e t , a c h r o n ic l e of P e n sa t i

a ’s a s c e n t “ a s s h e a t t e m p t s t h e d a r -

ing c l imb to t he pe a k o f i l l umina -t i o n . ”

B u t H e l e n / P e n s a t i a s a y s s h e c a n ’t

t a k e c r e d i t f o r h e r w r i t i n g — “ I ’ m ju s t t he r e c o r d e r ” — w h i c h is g u i d -

e d b y “ M a s t e r H , ” t h e s p i r i t u a l

t e a c h e r w h o c a m e t o h e r o n e l o n ga go n igh t , ho ld ing a c a nd le , a nd

a s k e d h e r ” t o t r a v e l w i t h h i m a n d

 b r in g b a c k w h a t th e w o r l d needs .

“ I t i s my miss ion unt i l I d ie ,” she

says . “ I d idn’ t go in to i t fo r money

I we n t i n to i t be c a use i t wa s mym i s s i o n . ” *

H e r m i s s i o n b r i n g s s m a l l r o y a l t yc h e c k s e v e r y t h r e e m o n t h s , a s u p -

 p l e m e n t to h e r $ 7 0 a m o n th Socia l

S e c u r i t y a l l o t m e n t .

“ But I 'l l bo a i l r ig h t ,” she says ,

s m i l i n g b r i g h t ly .A n d s h e s e e m s t o b e v e r y m u c h

a l l r i gh t ; f u l l o f spunk a nd f a i t h a nd

g e n t l e n e s s a n d o p t i m i s m f o r t h e f u -

t u r e .

S h e i s a t w o r k o n a n o t h e r b o o k

in the sma l l , ne a t , me m e n to f i l l e dr o o m t h a t h a s b e c o m e h e r h o m e ,

a nd she i s v i s i t e d the r e e a c h Mon-

day by he r 7<l yea r o ld bro the r

R ic ha r d , a n a c c om pl i sh e d a r t is t —t w o o f h is p a i n t i n g s h a n g o v e r h e r

 bed — w h o a r r i v e s by m o to r c y c l e

a n d w h o m s h e ca l ls “ m y i n s p i r a -t i on . ” And she s t il l d r e a m s a bou t

the t r i p t o I nd ia t ha t a sp i r i t ua l i s t

o n c e t o l d h e r s h e w o u l d o n e d a y

ta ke .

“ Y o u c a n ’t g r o w u n l e s s y o u

r e a c h o u t t o o t h e r t h i n g s , ” s h e s a y s

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cru z, CaliforniaWednesday, September 20, 1978

Page 15



PyramidThe bui ld ing of the great pyr-

amid in Kgvpt will he com-

m em o ra t ed b y R o s i c ru c i an s .

w o r l d w i d e , w h e n t h e su ncrosses the ce les t i a l equa to r ,

s i g n a l l i n g t h e a u t u m n a l


In Santa Cruz, Rosicrucians

wi l l ga ther Fr iday fo r a ce re -

mony at Arion Hall at 8 p m., at

which t ime they wil l reenact

the bui ld ing of the Cheops Pyr-

am i d

A c c o r d i n g t o R o s i c r u c i a n

tradi t ion the pyramid at Gizeh

was begun at the t ime of thea u t u m n a l e q u i n o x a n d w a s

ere c ted as a t em ple o f l ea rn ing

It is said that i ts co nstr uct ion

demons t ra tes a knowledge o f

al l the known sciences of the

 p e r i o d , i n c l u d i n g h i g h e r

mathemat ics , phys ics , and the

fu n d am en t a l s o f a s t ro n o m y a s

recognized today

Master Bi l l Shot t heads the

local Rose Chap ter and invi testhe pub l ic to a t t end the cer em o-


“ T h e R o s i c r u c i a n s t r a c e

their t radi t ional prig in back to

Akhnaton, who was Pharaoh in

1350 B C he s ta te s

f ie has been descr ibed as

the f i rs t great personal i ty in

h i s t o r y T h u s w e c o m -

memora te ou r anc ien t o r ig in bv

the r i tual is t ic and symboliccons t ruc t ion o f a min ia tu re

 p y ra m id The p lac ing of each

 p iece sym bolizes the cu l tu ra l

acco m p l i s h m en t s o f t h e Or -

d e r ”

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The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, December 12,1978Page 37

WRONG NUM BER: Miss Girl ie M aynard kept  g e tt in g c a ll s  last

week about the Rosicrucian Christmas party scheduled for theOrang e Hall on Rosemount Street Saturd ay night. Trouble was shedidn’t know aything about it. Apparently the Rosicrucian bulletinhad mistakenly l isted her number as that of the convenor of the p a rt y . Miss M aynard wh o tu rn ed K9 th e pre vio us day d id n’t get

annoyed at the calls, though. She Just redirected them as best she

could, and all in good hum or. She finally phoned the hall and It wasexplained to her how the m istake cam e about. Fo r her troubles theRosicrucians Invited her lo the party, and she was picked up in a

sleek Mercedes. She was wined and dined, and even danced a littleand sang Christmas carols, before being delivered back home in

the Mercedes.

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Santa Cru z Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, March 22, 1979Page 14

Rosicrucians Mark New YearThe re-enactment of a cere

mony that began in ancien

Egypt more than 40 centuries ago will be the highlight of a local Rosicrucian conclave set for Friday, March 23, at 7:50 p.m at Arion Hall, 230 Plymouth Street, Santa Cruz.

According to Bill Shot!, mas

ter of Rose Chapter of Rosicrucians, the ancient Egyptians, about the time of the Ptoiemalc Period, began their New Year on or about the time of the vernal equinox when the sun cross the celestial equator and enters the sign of Aries This usually occurs on or about March 21 in Egypt, with the coming of spring.

While not now experiencing the advent of spring, those liv

ing in the southern hensphere symbolically perpetuate the traditional beginning during a basic transition In the season.

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, is a non-religious, philosophical fraternity which maintains that its traditional origin occurred during the 

reign of Pharaoh Akhnaton, in 1350 B.C. The Order commemorates this ancient New Year by a symbolic feast in which the celebrants partake of  simple foods that correspond to certain basic elements of nature such as salt, com and unfermented grape juice.

New officers of the local chapter who will be installed are Alice C. Pearce, master, and Lillian Boyle, secretary.

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The Salina Journal

Salina, KansasTuesday, May 8,1979

Page 17

The bodies of Laura Ann Welch  and her roommate are carried 

Suicide pactfrom their Boston apartment af ter the two young women appar 

ently carried out a “Jonestown-  type" suicide.

Motives still murky behind 'mini-Jonestown' in Boston‘ BOSTON (UPI ) — The candl es on the ma kes hif t al-

tar were still flickering in the tiny apartment when

.police found the bodies of two young women, dis-

ciples of a 17thcentury mystical society.The scent of burning incense wafted over the bodies of the 

.two victims — and the five housepets the women had poi

soned before taking the cyanide themselves.

Laura Ann Weich, 25, an unemployed lab technician, and 

her roommate Pamela Nagy, 24, of Fairfield, Conn., were found at 5:10 p.m. Monday in a small bedroom in a single 

family home in South Boston.

Huddled in a comer were four dead cats. A dead dog was 

leashed to the radiator.

Police said it was a “Jonestown-type" suicide and a note 

said the women had swallowed cyanide to seal their death  


Police Sgt. Gerard O’Rouke said, “There were candles  

and incense and other paraphernalia set up on what ap-

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The Salina Journal

Salina, Kansas

Tuesday, May 8,1979

Page 17

peared to be an altar.

Homicide Sgt. Frank Whalen said, “Our initial investigation shows that both females had deep feelings in regards to 

cult religions, such aa beliefs of pagan gods."

A star was carved on the apartment's corridor door and 

more were drawn on the apartment's walls and woodwork  inside the apartment, as was a cross with a single red rose 

In its center — the emblem of the Rosicrucian Society.

The secret society traces its origins to Eygpt in 1500 B.C. but flourished in 17th and 18th centuries in western Europe. 

Members, who profess to have occult powers, first appeared 

In America in 1693 in Philadelphia and expanded to hun

dreds of local lodges in this century.

The society maintains International headquarters in Vienna an<J a national base in San Jose, Calif.

“We don't know how involved they were in this particular 

group but there is no doubt they were into this mystical cult  stuff," a police spokesman said.

Sulcid* podDm M m W La«ra Am arm* tnm  Ow apa/tm* ^ m * aarf her romatU   ar» ra/Ttarf trr the twv rmmg mmaa aflpar- ‘TV m ud* 

Motives still murky behind mini-Jonestown' in Boston

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Roswell Daily Record

Roswell, New Mexico

Wednesday, May 9,1979

Page 2

Two die in suicide pactBOSTON (U PI) — The cand lcs on

the makeshift ollur were still flicker-ing in the tiny apartment when policeTound the bodies of two young women,disciples of a 17th century mysticalsociety.

Police said it wa s a ‘Jonesto wntype" suicide and a note said thewomen had swallowed cyanide to sealthe ir suicide pact.

The scent of burning inccnse waftedover the bodies of the two victims andthe five house pets the women had po isoned before taki ng the cy an id ethemselves.

Laura Ann Weich. 25. an unem- plo yed lab tech nician and her ro om -mate Pamela Nagy. 21. of Fairfield.Conn.. we re found at 5 :It) p.m.

Monday in a small bedroom in asingle family hom e in South Boston.

Huddled in a corner were four deadcats. A dead dog was leashed to theradiator.

Police Sgt. Gerard O'Rouke said,"There were candles and incense andother paraphernalia set up on whatappeared to be an altar.

Homicide Sgt. Frank Whalen said:

"Our initial investigation shows that bo th fem ales had deep feel ings inregards to cult religions, such as

 be liefs of pa ga n gods 'A star was carved on the apart-

ment's corridor door and more weredrawn on the apartment s walls andwoodwork insiae the apa rtm ent, a swas a cross with a single red rose in

its center — the emblem of theRosicrucian Society.

The secret society traces its originsto Eygpt in 15(H) B C but flourish ed in17th and 18th centuries in westernEurope. Members, who profess lohave occult powers, first appeared inAmerica in 1693 in Philadelphia andexpanded to hundreds of local lodgesin this century.

The society maintains internationalheadquarters in Vienna and a na-tional base in San Jose. Calif 

“ We don 't know how involved theywere in this particular group butthere is no doubt they were into thism ystical cull stuff ." a policespokesman said.

The women left.notes behind whosecontents police refused to disclose.However, a police source said theletters describe “some mystical,cultlype beliefs.

“ W c a r e t a l k i n g a b o u t aJonestowntype thing." the sourcesaid, referring lo last November's

mass murdersuicides of 900 PeoplesTem ple cultists in Guyana.

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Santa C ruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Monday, August 20,1979

Page 4

Lecture on Ancient Egypt Scheduled

Bernam Schaa. the former 

curator of the Rosicrucian  

Egyptian Museum of San Jose 

will speak on the artistic revolution that occurred during the 

reign of the Pharaoh Akhenton, 

who is believed to be the father 

of King Tutankhamen.

Sponsored bv the Santa CruzRos ic ruc ians the l ec tu re and

slide show will b«* follow ed bv a

demonstration of Egyptian  

vowel sounds, which were held 

so sacred by the ancient Egv-  

tians that they were purposely 

omitted from their writings.

The public is invited to attend the lecture, which will he 

Friday. August 24. at Arion 

Hal l. 230 Plymouth St , Santa ( Yuz. at 8 p m A donation of  $1 50 is requested

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Tut, Tut, TutSAN JOSE, Calif. (UPI)

Tutmania lives — in San


A local winery produced ex-

actly 50 bottles of an Egyptianstyle wine for a banquetscheduled to be served inside

Tut’s Tomb a t the Rose

crucian Museum Friday. It’s

a fundraising event to ben-

efit San Jose Community Col-


Reading Kagle 

Reading, Pennsylvania 

Wednesday, September 26. 1979 

Page 37

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The Sunday Pantagraph

Bloomington, Illinois

Sunday, September 30,1979

Page C15

Egyptian-style wine 

blended for benefitSAN JOSE, Ca lif <t’Pl i— Tutmania 

lives— in San Jose  

A local winery produced exactly 50 

bottles of an Egyptian-style wine for a 

banquet scheduled to be served inside 

lut s Iombat the Hosecrucian Museum  

on Sept. 28 I t s a fund-raising event to 

benefit San Jose Community College  

The honeyed white beverage was 

blended by winemaker Peter Stern of the 

I Lohr Winery fro m three var ietie s of  

grapes, plus beer, which history in

dicates was used in the young king’s day

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Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz, California

Thursday, April 3, 1980

Page 13

Rosicrucians Install Slate

Aldine Meader is the newm a ste r of Hose Chapter,Rosicrucian Order of SantaCruz. Other officers are FredMcPherson, deputy master;

Betty Jo Weatherbie, board

treasurer, and Huth Davis, sec-retary,

Annual installation was con-ducted at the Arion Hall.

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Page 239: Amorc Folder 10

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The Salina Journal

Saline, Kansas

Friday, May 30,1980

Page 16

Ponderous produce can't be attributed to pig manure alone

Case of the Giant Vegetables' rooted in V A L L E D E    SANTIAGO, Mexico (UPI)

Th* c m * of J Carme n Garc ia’* giant eeg*lablM g*t» curiouacr and cunouaar 

Garcia. Um marvil of Um marketplace to blf vil-la a producench valiiy in Guanajuato atate

W oulae r.o rthwe* of Mexico CMy. perennially bring* ta ttp ain d cabbt« c* u d impound ontonaand ift*t<cog collard grtant

So ban do«a Im do it'H* aaya a man claiming •xtra lrrrett rlal. ua

d*tira«M4welltog humane'.!* who Vr*» mi giantvegetaMaa bald him In • aubterranea n prlaon — (a n him a acrap ol  papor   caatainin* a formula af•ytnboU G arcia aaid ha gained lnaplrati*a far hlaown growing talent* Irom   contemplating Um for-

mulaWhatever one thlnxa of Um extra lerra al rial con-

nection. Um axMUoc* of Um r*g*taU** la uadeaiabia G ai rla produce* th*m yaar ta and yearomt   Photograph* aiia t And BUI Roblnton. a SanDiag* PoMca Dcpartmar.1 information officer,kt ip t a '.0poand Gartca onion ta hla (r«aa*r taSan Diag*

la February. United Pro** InUmaUonal tranamlttad an UliiaCratad diapatch about Garcia baaadaa an articia in San Diego Horn* and Gart)anM faa tM by Hobinaon Rabtneon bad atorabiadapao Um  ftanl regetablaa. Garcia and hla aaMtl

ata. Oicar Arredondo. while an a Mexican racetMa

After Um UPI diapMch. Robiaaon racatvad ever;,«00 letter* (r an wouldU gr**aUuarJb* arouedUia world. rtquaitlng mar* information. hacludlaat«o (ram C S Department of Agrlcullur* plant

 patboloclata in Florida an d California

Awad by Um auddan Iniaraat. RaWaaaa (all datyDound to return to M*xic* ta aaak mara informaUcn (ran Garc ia UPI faggtd along aa InUr pretar 

Garcia w*» laaa than overjoyed to aaa Rofctnaonaealn. and It waan't bacaoa* th* vUlt Interruptedirrigation chorea on Ma Va ctt parcel

“ I ar t week on oaa day I had paopla bare (ramMaw Zealand. Vanaxaaia. Franca Um DominicanReputbc. Canada. Germany and Um  UnitedSiataa. " Garcia aald "I taU tham Stay bara aUmontha and I’ll teach you the method ' F inallythey lo away, but athara come It'a hard for roe togel any work dona ”

A qalck look around the tidy parce l Alaclaaad no(lent vtgetebiaa ament Um  raw* af cabbef*. to-rn* l« and other plant*

"Tlu* 1* Um win tar cra p, and I'm e xperimentingnow with getting higher yMld* inauad af th* giantvegetable* I think I'** mad* a breakthrough with

calabaxaa de artooi a apecMa of adlbla pump-kin I." Garcia aaid "But aome of Uiaa* (or*lgn*r*aay | cant grow the M« on** aa I'm going to growthem bigg*r than m r (or Um September hanreatCaramba' l'v* been growing then ainca lt n , and1can do Uwhenever 1want to "

Ha alao aald he did nrt want lo diantaa faMfor-mula 'What la Important la that th* way to growgiant vegetable* ha* ba*n put In a aaia place forth* Unefll of humanity.'' ha tald

Th* ch**an l^a aliap far la ai r^ d R tara* eat,I* th* Raaicrartaa ( M r af Saa J*a* Cattl

Garcia aaid be would not give Um deUUa at hie

methad But h* did aay ha uaae a little organic !**•tlllirr. ^MdflcaUy pu manuro  

' A <pok*tina(i for Um Roaicnicl an Order aald UkearganUatlon had been given the formula but "wado not have Um (einteat ld*a whether U 1* valid oro*t"

Aa*lh*r official aald hi* order 1* conducting ag -ricultural experiment* *t San Jo** baaed an Um (arm ula

‘Y*» Um *xp*rtm*ataUon center* on energltiogthe aaeda." h* aald “Tba anarKy source' The•Mfglxatioa i* impart*] by th* human mind "

Carieuaar and curlouaer 

J Ctr mto Garcia hold* up aa  

ortnittd eoilard g n u grown  

oa hla tarm 

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The Salina Journal

Saline, Kansas

Friday, M ay 30, 1980Page 16

Ponderous produce can't be attributed to pig manure alone

Case of the Giant Vegetables' rooted in mystery VALLE DE SANTIAGO, Mexico (UPI) -  

The case of J. Carmen Garcia’s giant vegetables gets curiouser and curiouser.

Gar cl*, the m arvel of the marketp lace In his vil-lage in a producerich valley in Guanajuato state260 miles northwest of Mexico City, perennially brings in 50pound cabbages and 10pound onionssnd 5feetlong coilard greens.

So how does he do it?He says a man — claiming extraterrestrial, un-

dergrounddwelling humanoids who live on giant

vegetables held him in a subterranean priaon — gave him a scrap of paper containing a formula ofsymbols. Garcia said he gained inspiration for hisown growing talents from contemplating the for-

mula.Whatever one thinks of the extraterrestrial con-

nection, the existence of the vegetables is unde-niable. Garcia produces them year in and yearout. Photographs exist. And Bill Robinson, a SanDiego Police Department information officer,keeps a 10pound Garica onion In his freezer in

San Diego.In February, United Preu International trans-

mitted an illustrated dispatch about Garcia baaedon an article in San Diego Home and Garden

Magazine by Roblnaon. Robinson had stumbledupon the giant vegetables, Garcia and his associ-

ate. Oscar Arredondo, while on a Mexican vaca-tion.

After the UPI dispatch, Robinson received over1,000 letters from wouldbe greenthumbs aroundthe world, requesting more information, includingtwo from U. S. Department of Agriculture plant pathologists in Flo rida and California.

Awed by the sudden interest, Robinson felt duty bound to return to Mexico to seek more informa-tion from Garcia. UPI tagged along as inter- preter.

Garcia was less than overjoyed to see Robinsonsgain, and it wasn't becsuse the visit interruptedirrigation chores on his 3scre parcel

“ Last week on one day I had people here from New Zealand, Venezuela, France, the DominicanRepublic, Canada. Germany and the UnitedStates," Garcia said. “I tell them 'Stay here sixmonths and I'll teach you the method' Finallythey go away, but others come. It's hard for me toget any work done."

A quick look around the tidy parcel disclosed nogiant vegetables among the rows of cabbage, to-mato and other plants.

“This is the winter crop, and I'm experimenting

now with getting higher yields instead of the giantvegetabiea. I think I've made a breakthrough with

calabazas de arbol (a species of edible  pump-kin)," Garcia said. "But some of these foreignerssay I can't grow the big ones so I'm going to growthem bigger than ever for the September harvest.Carambal I've been growing them since 1973, and1can do it whenever 1 want to."

He also said he did not want to diacuas hie for*mula "What is Important la tha t the way to growgiant vegetables has been put in s safe place forthe benefit of humanity." he said.

Tha chosen depository for mankind, it turn* out, 

la the Roakrucian Order of San Joae, Calif.

Garcia said he would not give the details of hismethod. But he did say he uses a little organic fer-tilizer, specifically pig manure.

' A spokesman for the Rosicrucian Order said theorganization had been given the formula but "wedo not have the faintest Idea whether it ia valid ornot."

Another official said his order is conducting sg

ricultursl experiments at San Jose based on thaformula

"Yes, the experimentation centers oo energizingthe seeds." he said. "The energy source? Theenergization Is imparted by the human mind."

Curiouser snd curiouser.


 J.  Carmen Garcia holds up  an oversized coilard green grown on his farm.

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 Nashua Te legraph

 Nashua, New Ham pshire

Monday, June 2,1980

Page 7

The secret of giant vegetablesVALLE DE SANTIAGO, greenthu mb s arou nd the wan t to discuss his formula. Ano ther official said

Mexico (UPI) — The case of world, requesting m ore in W ha t is Im portan t is that ord er is conducting agrlc

J. Carm en Ga rcia's giant forma tion, including two the way to grow giant vege tural exp erim ents at

vegetables gets m ore curi from U S. De partm ent of tables has been put in a safe Jose based on the Inform

ous and more curious Agriculture plant patholo place for the ben efit of hu tlon on the giant vegetabl

Garcia, the marvel of the gists in Florida and Califor m anlty ," he said “ Yes. the experime n

ma rketplace in his village in nla. The chosen dep ository for tion centers on energiz

a producerich valley in Awed by the sudde n inter mankind, it turns out, is the the see ds,” h e said. “T

Gu anaju ato state 260 miles cst. Robinson felt duty Rosicruc ian O rder of San energy sou rce’ Th e ene

northw est of Mexico City, bound to retu rn to Mexico Jos e. Calif. ization is im par ted by

 pe renn ia lly bnngs in 50 to seek m ore in fo rm at ion Garci a said he wou ld no t hu m an m in d.”

 poun d cabb ag es and 10 from Garcia. UPI tagged give th e det ai ls of his m eth Mor e cu riou s an d m ore c po un d on ions an d 5feetlong alo ng as in te rp re te r. od. But he did say he us es a 0us

collard greens. Garcia was less than over uttle organic fertilizer, s p e .

So how does he do it? joyed to see Robinson again, cifically pig ma nure.

He says a ma n — claiming and it wasn ’t because the Robinson, a policem an at

ex tra te rre str ial , un der visit interrupted irrigation heart, took oil samples from  

grounddwelling human oids chores on his 3acre parc el. Ga rcia's farm and a negh

who live on giant vegetables “ Last week on one day I boring one

held him in a sub terrane an had people here from New And a repo rt said: ‘’These

 pr ison — gave him a sc rap Zealand . Ve nezuela . Fra nce, sa m ples ar e close as far as

of pap er containing a formu th e Dom inican Repu blic, acidalkalai and nutrie nts

la of symbols. Garcia said he Canada. Germ any and the are concerned. The only sig

gained inspiration for his United States." Ga rcia said, nificant difference detecte d

own growing talents from "I tell them 'Stay he re six by ou r lab was in th e soluble

contem plating the formula, mo nths and I’ll teach you salts level. The Ga rcia sam

Whatever one thought of the m etho d.' Finally they go pie reading is 2.50 and is a

the ex traterre strial connec away, but others com e. I t's s hade too high. If the plants

tion. the existence of the hard for m e to get any work used in this soil are not salt

vegetables is undeniable, done." re sis tan t , dam age mayGarcia produces them year A quick look around the occur."

in and year out. Photo tidy p arcel disclosed no He said this differe nce

graphs exist. And Bill Rob giant vegetables am ong th e could be attribu ted to fertil

inson. a San Diego Police rows of cabbage, tom ato and na tion , or to Irrigation. He

Departm ent information of other plants said the mtratephosphorus

ficer. keeps a 10pound Gari "Th is is the winter crop, potassium contents of bo th

ca onion in his freezer in San and I’m exp erim enting now sam ples were abo ut right for

Diego with getUng higher yields in norm al fertilizauon

In Febr uary . United Press stead of the giant vegeta a  spokesman for the RosiInternational transm itted an bles I think I've ma de a crucian Order said the or

illustrated dispatch abou t breakthro ugh with calabazas gamzation had b een given

Garcia based on an article m de arbol la species of edible the form ula but “ we do not

San Diego Hom e and Gar pumpkin).*’ Garcia said, have the fain tes t idea

den Magazine by Robinson. “ But some of these foreign wh ether it is valid or no t.”

Rob inson had stum bled ers say I can’t grow the big

upon the giant vegetables, ones so I’m going to grow

Garcia and his associate, them bigger than ever for

Oscar Arredondo, while on a th e Sep tem ber harvest .

Mexican vacation Caram ba' I’ve been grow ing,

After the UPI dispatch, them since 1973, and I can

Robinson receive d over do it whenever I want to.”

1.000 letter s from wouldbe He also said he did not

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The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thursday, July 3,1980

Page 36

J. 'Carmen Garcia of Valle de Santiago. Mexico, holds up anoversized coMard green in 1978 photo. The mirde’ farmer hasgiven his secret to the Rosicrucian Order of San Jose, Calif.

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Page 244: Amorc Folder 10

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The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday , July 22, 1980

Page 26

Color vital to painter’s well-being Living with red provides her with energy to fight multiple sclerosis

— ^rrr.rr.iis sss'isrusrs

i s m m m mm m * m s z s m = M

p H £ = . = 3 r : ” “c r .


Color Is the essence of Ruth McMil-lan’s life. Without the blood red drapesand lamp shades in her llvlngroom,she believes she wouldn't have thestrength to fight the multiple sclerosis(MS) that has invaded her body.

•’The fatigue of MS Is unbelievable.I need the red. It's very stimulatingand gives me the energy I need. I havethis blue around because I find It verycalming. I've had MS for 10 years andmy doctor is amazed at what l*m able

to do."McMillan, 47, is an Ottawa artistwho believes in the healing propertiesof color. She is a member of theRosicrucian Order, a worldwide fra-ternal organization that encouragesan unconventional philosophy of life

 based on inte llectual pu rsuits in th e' physical and me taphys ica l worlds.

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The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, July 22, 1980

Page 26

Not a cult

Based in California the Rosicru

out of her Clyde Avenue home since1965. She says she lakes the mysteryout of learning to paint and prefers toteach people who have never painted

 before. She wan ts her pupils to have a positive exper ience with the ir a rt-

work.McMillan's own art has progressedto a professional high she says. She’snow painting what she calls cosmicblossoms