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<p> Ammar Waleed Mohammed Mohammed </p> <p>Personal information:Birth day : 14 June 1989 Mobile : 00962-790941295Nationality : Jordanian Gender : MaleAddress : AL- Zarqa Jordan Email: Career Objective: To employ my knowledge and experience with the intention of securing aprofessional career with opportunity for challenges and career advancement, while gaining knowledge of new skills and expertise.Academic Qualifications: B .Sc of accounting ,(2007 - 2011) , (71.8) , Zarqa University, Zarqa- Jordan .</p> <p> AL : Qabise High School, IT Branch, 2007, (72.8) Zarqa , Jordan.EXPERIENCE (2 years): Working as Accountant at Arabic World For Clearance - Jordan Office From May - 2013 to May- 2014 .</p> <p> Perfect Printing Press Co (Nuqul Group) - Amman, Jordan from February -2012 to may 2012.</p> <p> Accountant at Association of Social Reform - Jordan Office from March-2011 to October - 2011 .</p> <p>Training courses: Advanced Excel course in platinum academy . Training course of accountants in practical ( equal 1 year experience ) .</p> <p> Preparation Course for (JCPA) through August-2011 until December-2011 . Languages : Arabic: native Language. English : good reading, writing and conversation.Software: Amozen soft (Accounting software)</p> <p> I scala (Accounting software) MS. Excel</p> <p> MS. Word</p> <p> Clear soft (Accounting software)Document and References : available upon request.</p> <p> thank you for interest </p>