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<ul><li><p>8/15/13 Amit Nagpal ( Infosys BPO Ltd.) | LinkedIn</p><p>;authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=3USR&amp;locale=en_US&amp;srchid=843027021376565791525&amp;src 1/5</p><p>People Also Viewed</p><p>Clifford Mohan Pai - GPHRHR Business Leader &amp; Head -Employee Relations at Infosys BPO</p><p>Nirmala MukherjeeCapability Solutions Senior Managerat Accenture</p><p>Nandita GurjarMember Executive council and GlobalHead Education &amp; Research atInfosys</p><p>Deepak BhatiaTower Head/ AVP Infosys Ltd., BPO,Business Platforms, SaaS, BusinessLeader</p><p>Meera InnanjeAVP at Infosys BPO</p><p>Abhay TulapurkarSr.Manager - HR at Infosys BPO</p><p>Uma SankarDirector ( Learning &amp; Development)and Head of Capgemini IndiaUniversity at Capgemini ConsultingIndia Pvt Limited</p><p>Karthikeyan RavindranAVP at Wipro BPO</p><p>Raghavendra KVice President and Head - HumanResources Development, InfosysBPO</p><p>Dependra MathurHead - Compensation and Benefitsand International Centres (AVP atInfosys BPO)</p><p>How You're Connected</p><p></p><p>Background</p><p>Summary</p><p>,</p><p>Amit Nagpal brings 24 years of rich and impactful experience in Sales, Business Operations and</p><p>Training. After having spent a decade with organisations such as Glaxo and NIS SPARTA, he has been</p><p>associated with the BPO/ITES world for the last 14 years. Being one of the early entrants of the Indian</p><p>BPO/ITEs industry, he worked with GECIS (now GENPACT) and Wipro BPO before joining Infosys BPO</p><p>Ltd.</p><p>Amit has led large teams in scaling up Business Operations in Life and Health Insurance, Credit Card</p><p>Operations and Technical support before venturing into the people development space .</p><p>A strong believer of the People First mantra, Amit is passionate about developing and enriching</p><p>resources across the globe and has been leading the Education &amp; Research Function of Infosys BPO as</p><p>Head Training for the last three years. His current role focuses on Internal Talent Development, Strategic</p><p>Positioning of Training Practices across Geographies and Leading large scale training consulting projects</p><p>in collaboration with governments and organisations of growing economies. His conviction around</p><p>deployment of technology aided and blended training methodologies being the future, helps him drive and</p><p>implement several initiatives in this area.</p><p>With a penchant for thought stimulating conversations on L&amp;D , Amit is keen to share insights from his</p><p>experiences of leading a training function that manages award winning initiatives across the globe!</p><p>Rajshekhar BhideServices Head - Client Operations</p><p>Amit is always there to help you with "right"workable solutions. Just approch him with aproblem and he will help you... View</p><p>Smitta kejriwalRecruitment</p><p>Amit is one of the few people I have met in the BPOindustry who is an all rounder. Well spoken,wellread,thorough... View</p><p>Experience</p><p>Head -Training</p><p>Infosys BPO Limited</p><p>May 2010 Present (3 years 4 months) | Pune Area, India</p><p>I manage Foundation and Behavioural Training for revenue generating entry level and SME population</p><p>including entry level Leaders and touch the lives of 20000+ resources across our India and global</p><p>centres.</p><p>4 courses</p><p>Gallup Strength Finder ProgramBelbin Team Roles ProgramLeader as a Coach WorkshopGlobal Performance Management WorkshopSee more</p><p>2 recommendations</p><p>Delivery Lead -Customer Services</p><p>Infosys BPO Ltd</p><p>October 2007 May 2010 (2 years 8 months)</p><p>People Similar to Amit</p><p>Sharda Subramanian GROUP</p><p>Head - Leadership &amp; Talent Development a</p><p>Connect</p><p>You</p><p>ADS BY LINKEDIN MEMBERS</p><p>Life sciences in growth</p><p>Adapting supply models can helpseize the opportunity</p><p>Invitation from LinkedIn</p><p>Place ads on LinkedIn. Acquire newcustomers for your business. Try itnow.</p><p>LinkedIn Ads with Video</p><p>Use the power of video to reach yourtarget audience on LinkedIn.</p><p>500+connections</p><p>Amit Nagpal ( Infosys BPO Ltd.)Head- TrainingPune Area, India Information Technology and Services</p><p>Current Infosys BPO Limited</p><p>Previous Infosys BPO Ltd, Cognizant Technologies, Wipro BPO</p><p>Education St.George's School Agra, Agra College Agra, Bhartiya Vidya</p><p>Bhavan New Delhi</p><p>Connect Send InMail </p><p>3rd</p><p>Home Profile Network Jobs Interests Business Services Upgrade</p><p>Advanced1</p><p>Search for people, jobs, companies, and more...</p></li><li><p>8/15/13 Amit Nagpal ( Infosys BPO Ltd.) | LinkedIn</p><p>;authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=3USR&amp;locale=en_US&amp;srchid=843027021376565791525&amp;src 2/5</p><p>RANA DUTT</p><p>Akshay Goel</p><p>Shreyas Bangad</p><p>18 more connections can</p><p>introduce you to someone who</p><p>knows Amit</p><p>Get introduced</p><p>Amit Nagpal ( Infosys BPO</p><p>Ltd.)</p><p>Amit's Network</p><p>In Common with Amit</p><p>4 courses</p><p>Six Sigma Champions ProgramStrategic LeadershipCompetancy Based Interviewing SkillsBusiness Buidling Through Customer Value CreationSee more</p><p>Director- Healthcare SBU</p><p>Cognizant Technologies</p><p>March 2007 October 2007 (8 months)</p><p>General Manager Operations and Training</p><p>Wipro BPO</p><p>April 2000 November 2005 (5 years 8 months)</p><p>5 recommendations, including:</p><p>Ops Head BPO</p><p>Zensar Technologies</p><p>2004 2004 (less than a year)</p><p>AVP-Operations</p><p>GECIS ( Now GENPACT)</p><p>January 1998 March 2000 (2 years 3 months)</p><p>Group Manager</p><p>NIS Sparta</p><p>1996 1998 (2 years)</p><p>Courses</p><p>Infosys BPO Ltd</p><p> Six Sigma Champions Program</p><p> Strategic Leadership</p><p> Competancy Based Interviewing Skills</p><p> Business Buidling Through Customer Value Creation</p><p>Infosys BPO Limited</p><p> Gallup Strength Finder Program</p><p> Belbin Team Roles Program</p><p> Leader as a Coach Workshop</p><p> Global Performance Management Workshop</p><p>English, Hindi and Punjabi</p><p>Languages</p><p>5757</p><p>4545</p><p>4343</p><p>3131</p><p>Skills &amp; Expertise</p><p>Most endorsed for...</p><p>Management</p><p>BPO</p><p>Talent Management</p><p>Training</p><p>Company</p><p>182Infosys BPO</p><p>61Infosys</p><p>24</p><p>18</p><p>13</p><p>11</p><p>10</p><p>10</p><p>9</p><p>8</p><p>3Groups</p><p>1Location</p><p>People Similar to Amit</p><p>Sharda Subramanian GROUP</p><p>Head - Leadership &amp; Talent Development a</p><p>Connect</p></li><li><p>8/15/13 Amit Nagpal ( Infosys BPO Ltd.) | LinkedIn</p><p>;authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=3USR&amp;locale=en_US&amp;srchid=843027021376565791525&amp;src 3/5</p><p>3030</p><p>2323</p><p>2020</p><p>1313</p><p>1212</p><p>1212</p><p>Amit also knows about...</p><p>1111 1010 99 55</p><p>33</p><p>Team Management</p><p>Vendor Management</p><p>Operations Management</p><p>Leadership</p><p>Employee Engagement</p><p>Change Management</p><p>Performance Management Outsourcing Six Sigma Talent Acquisition</p><p>Sales Training/People...</p><p>Education</p><p>St.George's School Agra, Agra College Agra, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan New Delhi</p><p>Bsc.,PGDSM, Botany, Sales &amp; Marketing</p><p>1984 2001</p><p>St.George's , Agra</p><p>ISC, Physical Sciences</p><p>1972 1986</p><p>Additional Info</p><p>Personal Details</p><p>Birthday October 28</p><p>Recommendations</p><p>Head -TrainingInfosys BPO Limited</p><p>General Manager Operations and TrainingWipro BPO</p><p>Rajshekhar Bhide</p><p>Services Head - Client Operations</p><p>Amit is always there to help you with "right" workable solutions. </p><p>Just approch him with a problem and he will help you solve it. More importantly he ensures</p><p>his entire team also follows the same style and culture, so teams behaving diffferently before</p><p>Amit takes them over, completely rediscover them and start treating you as customers and</p><p>give you solutions. Amit is expert in ensuing burocracy dosent creep in, in what ever he</p><p>does. less</p><p>February 1, 2013, Rajshekhar worked with Amit at Infosys BPO Limited</p><p>Smitta kejriwal</p><p>Recruitment</p><p>Amit is one of the few people I have met in the BPO industry who is an all rounder. Well</p><p>spoken,well read,thorough professional at the same time very gentle and warm. He is a great</p><p>leader and an amazing boss,with forsight and the capabilty to guide large teams and</p><p>ventures and lead them to success.</p><p>May 15, 2009, Smitta reported to Amit at Infosys BPO Limited</p><p>Given (16)Received (7)</p><p>ADS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN</p><p>17th IRF World Meeting</p><p>The Premier Event forTransportation Officials in 2013</p><p>Invitation from LinkedIn</p><p>Place ads on LinkedIn. Acquirenew customers for your business.Try it now.</p><p>LinkedIn Ads with Video</p><p>Use the power of video to reachyour target audience on LinkedIn.</p></li><li><p>8/15/13 Amit Nagpal ( Infosys BPO Ltd.) | LinkedIn</p><p>;authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=3USR&amp;locale=en_US&amp;srchid=843027021376565791525&amp;src 4/5</p><p>See Less</p><p>Milind Tilak</p><p>General Manager - Operations at Cognizant Technology Solutions</p><p>Had a privilege to work with Amit on various assignments. His domain expertise is</p><p>unmatched and the insights he brought on the table were always helpful.</p><p>July 15, 2012, Milind worked indirectly for Amit at Wipro BPO</p><p>Rakesh Malhotra</p><p>Values-driven Business Leader, Expertise in Organizational Alignment,Cross Cultural</p><p>Experience</p><p>Amit is highly conscientious, knowledgeable, focused and committed professional. I also</p><p>know him as a person of great integrity with a amazing talent management skills. His ability</p><p>to listen to the input of those around him, and focus people on the right priorities, A man of</p><p>great character, sense of humor and tremendous people skills. He is great team leader and</p><p>very good... more</p><p>July 11, 2012, Rakesh was with another company when working with Amit at Wipro BPO</p><p>Stuart Hastings</p><p>Volunteer at The Greensand Trust</p><p>Amit established a new business and underwriting processing function for me in Pune,</p><p>up and running within 3 months and delivering full function expected results within a year. I</p><p>could not have asked for a more professional and competent person to do this. As an</p><p>outsourcer he had to balance the demands of his employers with my demands as a</p><p>customer`and that is not easy to do. I believe we had an open, professional and friendly</p><p>relationship that worked really well and delivered the results I was expecting. Amit is easy to</p><p>like and respect and I would recommend him to anyone. less</p><p>July 6, 2012, Stuart was Amit's client</p><p>Vishal Ravikant</p><p>Process Director at Dell International Services</p><p>I have reported directly to Amit in Wipro BPO. Amit is a very meticulous and a detail</p><p>oriented leader. He has been extremely focused on deliverables and hence was instrumental</p><p>in making a very result oriented team, me being 1 member of that. Amit evaluated</p><p>performance of his team on a regular basis, thus ensuring that none of his team members</p><p>derailed ever in their journey. He believes in making his team successful for himself to be</p><p>successful and that was very motivating for his team. He never let the pressure down on his</p><p>team, he absorbed all of it but ensured that the team was focused on delivery. I wish him all</p><p>the very best in whatever he does! less</p><p>June 5, 2009, Vishal reported to Amit at Wipro BPO</p><p>Sandeep Kejriwal</p><p>Chief Financial Officer &amp; Executive Sponsor - Corporate Sustainability</p><p>Amit is an amazing professional with great leadership qualities. His wealth of</p><p>experience, maturity and brilliance were admired by everyone in the team. At the same time,</p><p>he really knows how to handle work related pressure and conflicts. Very energetic and fun</p><p>loving... A wonderful person indeed!</p><p>June 3, 2009, Sandeep worked with Amit at Wipro BPO</p><p>Groups</p><p>ASTD National</p><p>Join</p><p>BPO Experts..The Po</p><p>Join</p><p>GENPACT GECIS Alu</p><p>Join</p><p>Harvard Business Re</p><p>Member</p><p>INDIA OUTSOURCING</p><p>Join</p><p>India Leadership Net</p><p>Member</p><p>Infosys BPO Colloqui</p><p>Join See 10 more</p><p>Following</p><p>Influencers</p></li><li><p>8/15/13 Amit Nagpal ( Infosys BPO Ltd.) | LinkedIn</p><p>;authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=3USR&amp;locale=en_US&amp;srchid=843027021376565791525&amp;src 5/5</p><p>Help Center About Press Blog Careers Advertising Talent Solutions Tools Mobile Developers Publishers Language Upgrade Your Account</p><p>LinkedIn Corporation 2013 User Agreement Privacy Policy Community Guidelines Cookie Policy Copyright Policy Send Feedback</p><p>News</p><p>Companies</p><p>Deepak Chopra MD (</p><p>Founder, Chopra...</p><p>Follow</p><p>Arianna Huffington</p><p>President and...</p><p>Follow</p><p>Jeff Weiner</p><p>CEO at LinkedIn</p><p>Follow</p><p>Anthony (Tony) Robbins</p><p>Chairman at Anthony...</p><p>Follow</p><p>Tim Brown</p><p>CEO at IDEO</p><p>Follow</p><p>Daniel Goleman</p><p>Co-Director of...</p><p>Follow</p><p>Gretchen Rubin</p><p>Bestselling author;...</p><p>Follow</p><p>See 97 more</p><p>IT</p><p>609,939 followers</p><p>Follow</p><p>Marketing &amp; Advertis</p><p>650,493 followers</p><p>Follow</p><p>Wall Street Journal Harvard Business R Bloomberg</p><p>NPR CNN Money Forbes</p><p>Apple</p><p>Consumer Electronics</p><p>Following</p><p>Oxford Brookes Univ</p><p>Higher Education</p><p>Follow</p><p>Azim Premji Foundation</p><p>Education Management</p><p>Follow</p><p>Infosys BPO</p><p>Information Technologyand Services</p><p>Follow</p><p>Wipro BPO</p><p>Outsourcing/Offshoring</p><p>Follow</p><p>Bharti Learning Syst</p><p>Professional Training &amp;Coaching</p><p>Follow</p></li></ul>


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