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  1. 1. Journal of Chris Sangster
  2. 2. The stamp that the colonists designed to show their displeasure towards the Stamp Act. Colonists burning newspapers, marriage licenses, and paper with the stamp on it 22 March 1765
  3. 3. Dear Journal, I AM SO UPSET! Apparently, the Parliament has passed a new tax so everyone has to carry a British stamp to become legal! My friend, John Carpenter, told me that the British put these taxes in place because they spent a massive amount of money during the British and French Army. This led to the Sugar Act, and the Stamp Act. God knows what other taxes there will be! But there is also bad news! We needed more soldiers and my father and older brother was taken away by some soldiers this morning to train for the war! THIS IS NOT FAIR!! You cant just take away someones loved ones and expect them to never see them again! What if they get killed in the war? And Im not the only one whose father was taken away! They saw the mixture of anger and sadness on my face and said that I had a choice to join them. WHY WOULD I JOIN THEM? I mean sure, I could watch out for my brother and father but I would
  4. 4. I heard from my friends that everyones first born son and father has been taken away. No wonder they said I had a choice to join the army! I mean, I am 16 and it is said that boys over 17 are wanted to join the army. That means that no one is safe Well, no BOY is safe. And the only times we get to see our loved ones who joined the army is after the war. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the war end soon. Ok, back to the Stamp Act. This means that we have to pay taxes if we want to make to buy newspapers ad commercial documents! Were already really poor and we dont have a lot of money to pay these taxes! I heard that the colonists drew stamps with a skull and crossbones to show their belief that the Stamp Act is a death of Liberty. I totally agree with them. We have too many taxes to pay! URGH! I mean sure, were fine with paying taxes to our local government but I think this I s a bit too much. I mean, every newspaper, marriage licensee, EVERY piece of paper? I heard that the Sons Of Liberty went into the homes of stamp act collectors and warned them to resign. Some of them were like us! Some were poor uneducated
  5. 5. British soldiers getting ready to fire during the battle The picture on the newspaper I received in the morning that showed the Battle Of Lexington and Concord on the front 19 April 1765
  6. 6. Dear Journal, OH MY GOD. The Battle Of Lexington and Concord was all over the news this morning! Apparently, we won the battle! Im so proud of us patriots! Over these few years, the only thing that happened was probably the Boston Tea Party. It started when King George appointed the Tea Act and the patriots were outraged. Its just another tax we have to pay! Anyway, some patriots disguised as Native Americans and climbed aboard the ship. They started to dump chests of tea in the water. Although it seems like a very rebellious act, I find it a very peaceful riot. I mean, no one died or was injured. Remember how I was deciding whether to join the army or not? I obviously did not make the right decision. I was woken up by a loud wailing from my mother and ran outside. Two patriots were standing there with a paper in one hand and sorrow faces. They told me that my older brother had died in battle. I was shocked and grief-stricken by this news. I feel like my heart has
  7. 7. Our crops have also been failing. We havent had anything except cabbage soup for the last week. I few continue like this, Im going to go crazy! Were not the only ones experiencing this shortage though. Apparently, all of our neighbors seem to be having the exact same problem. What does this mean? I may not be the religious type of person but could this be a sign? That the British will take America and we will be forced to starve till death while they take all of your food? With this and the news about my brother dying, I dont think I can take all this. I hope my father is okay too. I havent heard from him since he left to join the army. Anyways, back to the Battle Of Lexington and Concord. What happened was that the Red Coats set out from Boston to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock and destroy our store of weapons and ammunition in Concord. Luckily, the duo were able to escape AND hide much of their ammunition and weapons. Imagine the shock when the lobster backs found no weapons ANYWHERE. I heard from my friend John Carpenter that there were 60 patriots and 700 British soldiers! 700! After the patriots saw the army of British soldiers, the person in charge of the militia soldiers called a disperse when someone fire a shot, Im not sure who though because the newspaper didnt say. Anyway, the small group of patriots were instantly defeated by the soldiers. But the next part caught the British by surprise. While they were marching to Concord, they were ambushed by a larger group of patriots. Under constant
  8. 8. A copy of the Declaration of Independence that A copy of the Treaty Of Paris. Yay for those fifty- six delegates! 3 September 1783
  9. 9. Dear Journal, I am shaking writing this right now. SHAKING OF EXCITEMENT AND HAPPINESS! ITs all over the news! Weve become a free country!!! Nothings really changed the past few years, always some minor battles and major wars waging everyday. The only major change is that were finally an independent country! Also, one other major thing was the signing of the Declaration of Independence. John Carpenter (friend of mine) told me that 13 colonies met at the Second Continental Congress to discuss this unavoidable war with Britain. Some wanted war to show the British what we were made of, but some wanted to avoid it and have peace. The delegates signed the Declaration of Independence and are now part of the United States! This means that they are now dependent from the rule of England! AND MORE GREAT NEWS! Our crops are finally growing faster. Im not sure why but Im super happy that I dont have to eat any more cabbage soup! Looks like all bad things do come to an end! However. Today, it was the day that the soldiers were able to come home to visit
  10. 10. Mother immediately spotted him and ran over to him, fussing over little things like how he should get inside before it was cold (even though it was a warm summer evening). My father just stared ahead. When his gaze met mine, I knew instantly that something was wrong. He wasnt the same loving father who struggled to raise his family with tenderness and lovingness. During the war, he was too close to a cannon and when it was fired, the impact and sound from the cannon caused him to become permanently deaf. Mother was crying and holding Fathers arm when she heard the news. I remember Father telling me that good things always come with a twist when I was young. Is this what he means? Back to the main subject. The Treaty Of Paris has been signed in Paris by representatives of Great Britain (David Hartley and Richard Oswald) and America (Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Henry Laurens, and John Adams)! This means were finally a free country! Its the end of the American Revolutionary War! Peace negotiations have been happening since April of 1782 by France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic, also known as the Peace Of Paris. They supported the American cause and the
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