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<p>ED PARKER'S INTERNATIONAL KENPO KARATE ASSOCIATION</p> <p>Kenpo Creed-I COME TO YOU WITH ONLY KARATE, EMPry HANDS. I HAVENO WEAPONS, BUT SHOULD I BE FORCED TO DEFEND MYSELF, MY PRINCIPLES, OR MY HONOR; SHOULD lT BE A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH, OF RIGHT OR WRONG; THEN HERE ARE MY WEAPONS KARATE, MY EMPry HANDS."</p> <p>-ta</p> <p>Copyrlght @ 1987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>IntroductionMost people ore totolly oblivious to donger. Others disregord donger, convinced thot donger will never be port of their life. However, whotever your ottitude moy be, be reolistic ond ACCEPT the foct thot impending dongers do exist, ond consider them seriously. Once you ACCEPT the existence of these impending dongers, ond reolize thot logicol meosures of prevention con help to ovoid them, you hove inherently ormed yourself with o prime weopon ogoinst ottock. You must then creote the DESIRE to do something obout it, hove the CONVICTION to begin your study of preventive meosures, ond instill the WILL POWER to see your desire to completion, Whotever the ottitude . so is the response, When in or out of closs, treot your fellow students with respect. Belittle no one, encouroge oll, ond become on inspiring exomple. Develop positive otliludes of olllimes. Avoid being odverse to chonging your ottitude. Be willing to leorn, to think, to occept chollenges, to explore, ond to shore the knowledge leorned. As you grosp the elements of the Art, be creotive! Do not just solve problems, but discover whot they ore! Subsequently, do not criticize others unless you hove estoblished solutions. Problems without onswers serve no purpose. Cultivote flexible thoughts. They help to expond your Vocobulory of Motion. Developing flexible thoughts inevitobly leod to increosing your obility to olter ond</p> <p>toilor.</p> <p>Diligently study the terminology for it contoins o weolth of onswers provided by Mr. Porker. Do not procrostinote. Moke every effort to leorn the terminology now. lt will occelerote your understonding of Kenpo, ond increose your enjoyment of the ort. Commence with bosics. Do not be enticed to odvonce your study of the ort premoturely. Commence with fundomentols of importonce. First moster your stonces. They ore the foundotion of your fighting ort, lf you follow this odvice, you will find greoter enjoyment in Kenpo, ond look forword to continued study. This some ort will odditionolly yield self-confidence, self-oworeness, olertness, self-discipline, etc.,. All of which moy be colled upon if needed to defend yourself,</p> <p>Copyrlght @ 1987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>2</p> <p>FormalitiesWhenever trodition con compliment the present, os well os influence the future, we should not hesitote to odopt it. Formolities ond ceremonies ossocioted with the Mortiol Arts hove ond still serve on importont role. Becouse of their positive quolities, they ore stressed ond emphosized of oll lnternotionol Kenpo Korote Associotion schools. Through odherence to formolities ond ceremonies, discipline ond respect become ingroined in the students. lt must be emphosized, however, thot odherenceto formolities ond ceremonies does not compel onyone to comply with ony sect or religion.</p> <p>l.</p> <p>UNIFORMS: Students' uniforms sholl be white ond should be mointoined in</p> <p>o cleon ond sonitory condition. All brond nome togs should be removed from the uniform.2. PATCHES: The IKKA SHOULDER PATCH should be</p> <p>ploced 1 /2 inch below the</p> <p>seom ond centered on the left shoulder. The ASSOCIATION PATCH should be ploced on the left front side of the Gl, To find the proper height, the potch should be positioned so thot the dividing lines of the circle in the potch ore centered over the left breost of the nipple or slightly obove it. To olign your potch for sewing, it is recommended thot you first put on your top, cross your left</p> <p>I.K.K.A PATCHUNIVERSAL</p> <p>PArcHPArcH</p> <p>TARGE ASSOChNON CRESf</p> <p>CIW NAME PATCHI.K.C. FIAME PATCH</p> <p>togs sholl be removed from belts, Be sure you hove received instruction on how to properly tie your belt. Only instructors ore ollowed to tie ond position their belt with the knot to the front ond in the middle. However, when on instructor is tought by someone of higher ronk, he relinquishes this privilege ond ploces the knot to the left to show respect to his inslructor. Disregording this formolity denotes disrespect lo on instructor ond to the Art. The oneCopyrtght @ f 987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>Formalitiesond only time o student con position the knot in the middle is when he (or she) competes of o tournoment. All mole students tie their belt with the knot positioned to the left (see illustrotions). This not only shows respect, but it shows the honor given to the instructors ond those of higher knowledge. All femole students tie their belt with the knot positioned to the right. Agoin, this not only shows respect, but thot she is o femole novice not yet privileged to shore the honor held by instructors (mole or femole), ond those of higher knowledge. Mole students weor their knot to the left (the weok side) ond femole students weor their knot to the right (the strong side) becouse femoles ore the stronger of the two sexes in terms of the omount of internol poin thot they con endure (especiolly during childbirth).</p> <p>T</p> <p>4. VERBAT RESPECT: Block Belts ond instructors should be oddresed os "Mr." (Miss or Mrs, if the instructor is femole) ond then by their lost nome. This generotes respect to those of higher ronk, lt helps to ocknowledge their skill, experience, ond time devoted to the Art. Since we oddress older men of the</p> <p>community os "Mr." os o meons of showing our respect for their obility, wisdom, oge,ond experience, so shouldwe show respecttothosewith rnore experience in the Art.</p> <p>5. LATE STUDENTS: lf o student is lote for closs, he/she must stond otthe edge of the troining room, be recognized by the instructor with o solute, before being ollowed to join the closs. 6.CREED &amp; PLEDGES: The CREED hos become on occepted code for mony Mortiol Artists. lt denotes the MortiolArtist's woy of life in todoy's environment.</p> <p>Equolly os importont, the Creed octs os o guide to the Mortiol Artist in developing o keen sense of Justice. The use of the words "right or wrong" leoves no morgin for clemency but to defend one's self , A motter of 'life or deoth' meons strict odherenceCopyrlght @ 1987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>Formalitiesto survivol in protecting loved ones or self even if it meons deoth to the odversory should no olternotive be lett. "Principles' must be upheld ond protected, for without them the very core ond soul of mon is volueles. 'Honor' motivotes o Mortiol Artist to oction becouse it gives him dignity.'Empty Honds" (os well os other body weopons) ore the substitutes lhot o Mortiol Artist uses in ploce of mon-mode weopons to sustoin his honor. Discipline developed through troining without weopons implonts justice ond discretion when opplying the Mortiol Arts. The PLEDGESoTe extensions of theCREED, composed ond designedto further promulgote spirituol chorocter omong the lower ronks.required to bow, Bowing to the troining oreo demonstrotes respect for the Art os well os the oreo where others hove troined before him. Bowing is done to inonimote objects only, A solute (hond gesture) is olwoys done to show respect to on instructor or individuol. The bow should stem from on ottention stonce. When you ore bowing, bow your heod for o period of two seconds before returning to on ottention stonce, heis</p> <p>7.</p> <p>BOW OF RESPECT: Whenever o student enters or leoves the troining oreo,</p> <p>8.</p> <p>OF RESPECT: Upon entering the school, solutotions utilizing prescribed hond gestures ore mode to oll Block Belts ond instructors olong with the proper verbol greeting. The solute is olwoys directed to the senior belt holder first ond then in the order of lheir ronk (highest to lowest). Block Belts from other systems ore ocknowledged ofter those of our own system. Even when o closs is being conducted (privote or otherwise) on instructor is required to coll his students to ottention, hove his students foce the senior instructor when he orrives, ond solute him.SATUTE</p> <p>The some procedure, utilizing the prescribed solute, occurs ofter meditoting ond when o student is obout to leove the proclice oreo orschool' Even while owoy from lhe school, students ore encouroged to continue to show this respect. Like o hondshoke it is o sign of respect ond friendship. Through such proctice, students leorn to humble themselves, to be courteous to others, to develop potience, os well os oppreciote their instructor's efforts.</p> <p>Copyrlght @ f 987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>FormalitiesPROPER WAY TO SALUTE</p> <p>I</p> <p>to</p> <p>l.</p> <p>closed, ond their left open hond covering their right clenched fist. This pogtion is olso ossumed of the end of the troining session. The purpose of this proctice is to hove the students cleor their minds of oll outside octivities prior io slorting their closs. ln the event they moy hove hod o confrontotion on the street cousing negotive thoughts, they should cleor their minds of such thoughts to pievent them or fellow students from receiving possible injury. With a colm ond serene mind, they will be oble to obsorb new moteriol more reodily, become more conscious of their every effort, ond crisp in their octions. ln short, it prepores the mind ond body to receive or reflect on the knowledge obtoined. When meditoting of the conclusion of closs, students ore to ponder over the knowledge releived ond moke o personol commitment never to misuse the new (oiold) knowledge. They ore to constontly reflect upon the preciousness of life ond the Creed which they ore to follow. 12. PERSONAI CONDUCT: At oll times you ore to oct with respect toword yourself , others, ond your school, Absolutely no smoking, drinking, or obusive tonguoge is ollowed on ony occosion involving you ond/or other members of /our-school, ond certoinly not while in uniform. Be respectful to your troining center; help to keep it cleon of oll times for lhe benefit of oll' ln oddition, be prompt ond courteous with the poyments for your lessons.</p> <p>MEDITATION: Before o closs octuolly commences, students ore required meditote in o horse stonce, with their bocks erect, heod bowed, eyes</p> <p>copyrlght</p> <p>@ 1987</p> <p>Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>Ed Parkeros the "Fother of Americon Kenpo, He wos the founder ond president of the lnternotionol Kenpo Korote Associotion, ond the Ed Porker Korote Studios.He is the Fother of Americon Korote hoving originoted the first Americon version of Korote. He opened the first profesionol Korote studio in the United Stotes in Posodeno, Colifornio in 1956. He hos been feotured in Notionol ond lnternotionol mogozines: Time, Look, Strength ond Heolth, Show Business lllustroted, lron Mon, Action Korote, Block Belt, Korote lllustroted, officiol Korote, lnside Kung Fu, Americon Korote, ond Korote/Kung Fu lllustroted; in newspopers notion-wide; orticles in the World Encyclopedio ond mony others, He hos oppeored in dozens of movies ond television shows, including Revenge of the Pink Ponther ond The Curse of the Pink Ponther. ln oddition, he hos tought korote to neorly every big nome octor ond octres in Holly.l950's. wood since the lote He hos olso been o technicol odvisor for motion pictures ond TV. Throughout the yeors, Mr. Porker hos ouihored mony books: Bosic Korote Book, Kenpo Korote, The Womon's Guide to Self Defense, Secrets of Chinese Korote, A Guide to Low Enforcement, Guide tothe Nunchoku, lnfinite lnsights in Kenpo (Volumes l-5), The Zen of Kenpo, lnside Elvis ond much more. He is o groduote of Komehomeho High School in (1949), Honolulu, Howoiiwhere he wos born ond roised. Mr. Porker received o B,S, Degree from .l956, Brighom Young University in with o Mojor in Sociology ond Psychology, ond o Minor in Politicol Science. Mr. Porker produced the lorgest onnuol mortiol orts tournoment, the lnternotionol Korote Chompionships in Long Beoch, Colifornio. Mr, Porker's uniqueness rests in his continuous efforts to combot lroditionol restrictions binding progressive thinking. He wos truly o creotive genius becouse of his incredible obility to discover the problems within the Mortiol Arts. His contributions ond innovotions ore endless, encompossing logic ond reosoning not yet employed by others. His neorly four decodes of experience, contributions, ond endeovors estoblish him os the Moster ond Founder of our system, ond the outhor of our troining moteriol.</p> <p>Senior Grondmoster Ed Porker wos known world-wide</p> <p>Copyrtght</p> <p>@</p> <p>1987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>7</p> <p>SayingsoDistonceis</p> <p>your best friend</p> <p>rWhotever the ottitude, so is the response. .When blocking on the inside of on opponent's orm, do so below the elbow, never obove it. .When blocking on the ouiside of on opponent's orm, do so of or obove the elbow, never below it..The onkleis</p> <p>the wrist of the foot.</p> <p>.A knife-edge kick is o chop with the foot.oDeflection: then infliction of poin.</p> <p>Pleose leorn your soyings, They ore involuoble tools. Some moke comporotive onolysis for you; others provide procticol insights into the woy reol survivol encounters ore. All these soyings provide logicol ond useful insights into Kenpo. The opplicotion of mony moy be extended into other focets of your doily life.</p> <p>Copyrtght @ 1987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>SynonymsHondsword...ChopMocg..,,,Fist</p> <p>Storm....Club Attock</p> <p>Twig,...Arm</p> <p>severol reosons. Their usoge moke lhe nomes of lhe self-defense lechnigues more colorful, descriplive, ond inleresting. Secondly, lhe nome often indicoles lhe ottocking weopon, or your response 1o lhe</p> <p>oltock.</p> <p>Copyrlght @ 1987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>I</p> <p>Standardized Markings For RankAt ED PARKER'S KARATE STUDIOS every beginning student commences their progrom by weoring o WHITE belt, The first belt ronk of ony distinction is the YELLOW belt. The entire belt is yellow with no other ottoched designotion. The second promotion, ADVANCED YELLOW, entitles the student to weor on oronge strip on his YELLOW belt. Eoch color belt thereofter up to GREEN is divided into two stoges -- REGULAR (ploin), ond ADVANCED (designoted by o strip of the nert corresponding color odvoncement); ORANGE -- ORANGE with o purple strip; PURPLE -- PURPLE with o blue strip; BLUE - BLUE with o green strip; GREEN - GREEN with o brown strip, Eoch corresponding color strip sholl be precisely 112 inch wide. There sholl be one ( I ) inch from the end of the belt to the stort of the colored strip, The strips should be mode of "IRON ON TAPE". The brond nome (togs) of the gi compony sholl be removed from both ends of the belt. All odvoncements requiring strips must be put on by the student immediotely ofter their promotion. See the following illustrotion for proper plocement of the strip: (NOTE: odditionol strips moy be odded ond is up to the Heqd lnstructor of the school,)</p> <p>NO</p> <p>STRIPS</p> <p>(PLAIN)</p> <p>END TO STRIP</p> <p>I</p> <p>IN</p> <p>Copyrlght @ 1987 Ed Parker Sr.</p> <p>Clock PrincipleThroughout your lessons constont reference will be mode to the foce of o clock. This...</p>