American History Chapter 18: World War II: Americans at War III. The Holocaust

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<ul><li> Slide 1 </li> <li> American History Chapter 18: World War II: Americans at War III. The Holocaust </li> <li> Slide 2 </li> <li> Bell Ringer Define genocide. Besides the holocaust when else has genocide occurred? What are some synonyms of holocaust? </li> <li> Slide 3 </li> <li> Objectives In what ways did Germany persecute Jews in the 1930s? How did Germany's policies toward Jews develop from murder into genocide? </li> <li> Slide 4 </li> <li> The Nazis r </li> <li> Slide 5 </li> <li> Herman Goering Head of the police and Gestapo Head of the Luftwaffe </li> <li> Slide 6 </li> <li> Rudolph Hess Deputy Fuhrer Crash landed in Britain in 1941 Murdered in Spandau prison in 1989 </li> <li> Slide 7 </li> <li> Heinrich Himmler Head of the SS </li> <li> Slide 8 </li> <li> Ernst Roehm Head of SA </li> <li> Slide 9 </li> <li> Joseph Goebbels Head of Propaganda </li> <li> Slide 10 </li> <li> Martin Bormann Hitlers Secretary </li> <li> Slide 11 </li> <li> Albert Speer Minister of the Interior </li> <li> Slide 12 </li> <li> A) Setting the Scene Aryans are German people Semites are Arabs and Jews 10)anti-Semitism: discrimination, hostility, and violence directed at Jews Quote 609 </li> <li> Slide 13 </li> <li> B) Persecution in Germany 1933 Hitler makes ant-Semitism the official policy of Germany 11)Holocaust: Nazi Germany's systematic murder of European Jews. 6 million Jews 6 million other </li> <li> Slide 14 </li> <li> a) Nazi Policies Boycotts of Jew businesses Nuremberg Laws took German citizenship Jews and non-Jews no marriage 1938 lost businesses Doctors and lawyers forbidden to work for non-Jews Identity cards Sarah and Israel letter J on clothing </li> <li> Slide 15 </li> <li> b) Hitlers Police SS Schutzstaffel black shirts Gestapo German secret police 12)Concentration camps: place where political prisoners and undesirables are confined. Harsh. Communists, Jews, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witness, Gypsies, and homeless </li> <li> Slide 16 </li> <li> c) Kristallnacht German thugs throughout Germany and Austria looted and destroyed Jewish stores, houses, and synagogues 13)Kristallnacht night of broken glass Fined the Jews to pay for damage </li> <li> Slide 17 </li> <li> d) Refugees Seek an Escape Jews tried to get out of Germany allowed but most recaptured later US did not allow more Jews into country </li> <li> Slide 18 </li> <li> C) From Murder to Genocide Ghettos self contained areas surrounded by wall and guards where Jews forced to live 14) Warsaw Ghetto: ghetto in the capital of Poland for Jews </li> <li> Slide 19 </li> <li> a) The Einsatzgruppen Special action squads/mobile killing squads Babi Yar killed 33,000 Jews in 2 days 15)Wannsee Conference: where the final solution to the Jewish question was created 16)Genocide: deliberate destruction of an entire ethnic or cultural group </li> <li> Slide 20 </li> <li> b) The Death Camps Zyklon B poison gas most efficient way to kill people 6 camps built in Poland EZ 17)Death Camps mass murder camps 2 biggest Auschwitz (1.5 mil) and Majdanek Young and old killed rest worked to death Death chambers disguised as shower rooms Cruel medical experiments SS unit Totenkopfverbande (Death Head Units) man the camps </li> <li> Slide 21 </li> <li> c) Fighting Back 1943 uprising at Treblinka death camp closed it for days Warsaw Ghetto uprising Jews received info that they were being killed 50,000 Jews held out for 27 days </li> <li> Slide 22 </li> <li> d) Rescue and Liberation US knew about camps by 1942 but did little Denmark all 8,000 Jews smuggled out to Sweden 18)War Refugee Board: program that tried to help save people threatened by the Nazis US troops stumbled upon camps 19)Nuremberg Trials: international military tribune conducted by the allies that convicted Nazis of War crimesNuremberg Trials following orders </li> <li> Slide 23 </li> <li> Review In what ways did Germany persecute Jews in the 1930s How did Germanys polices toward Jews develop from murder into genocide? </li> </ul>