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American Furniture & Decorative Arts Auction 11/14/09


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  • AuctionSaturday November 14th at 10am

    Sale 1351

    Exhibitions:Wednesday, November 11th

    through Friday, November 13th


    Inquiries:lynda caintel:

    amy parentitel:

    AuctionSunday November 15th at 12pm

    Sale 1352

    Exhibitions:Wednesday, November 11th

    through Friday, November 13th


    Inquiries:lynda caintel:

    amy parentitel:

    Bidding:bids department

    kati gegenheimer


    Fax 215.599.2240

    Catalogue $30

    Inside Front Cover: Lot 734

    Inside Back Cover: Lot 118

    Freemans1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Telephone: 215.563.9275

    Fax: 215.563.8236

    126 Garrett Street

    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    Telephone: 434.296.4096

    Fax: 434.296.4011

    Color images of every lot will be

    available in early November at

    Printing by Brilliant Studio

    Exton, Pennsylvania

    American Furniture &Decorative Arts 11/14/09

    The Pennsylvania Sale11/15/09

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  • Important Informationfor Buyers


    Buyers Premium

    Sales Tax

    Catalogue Descriptions



    Removal of Purchases

    Shipping and Packing

    All potential buyers must register for the sale prior to placing a bid.Registration information may be submitted in person at our reception desk,by fax or through our website at We will requireproof of identification and residence and may require a credit card and/or abank reference. By registering for the sale, the buyer acknowledges that heor she has read, understood and accepted Freemans Terms and Conditionsof Sale.

    A Buyers Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payableby the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyers Premium shallbe: 25% on the first $20,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on theportion from $20,001 through $500,000, and 12% on the portion of thehammer price exceeding $500,000.

    All items in the catalogue are subject to the 7% Pennsylvania andPhiladelphia sales tax. Dealers purchasing for resale must register their taxnumbers on current PA forms. Forms should be submitted to our ClientServices office on the second floor.

    All item descriptions, dimensions and estimates are provided for guidanceonly. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all lots prior to bidding toensure that the condition is to their satisfaction. If potential buyers areunable to inspect lots in person, our specialists will be happy to preparedetailed Condition Reports on individual lots as quickly as possible. Theseare for guidance only, and all lots will be sold as is as per our Terms andConditions of Sale.

    At the sale Registered bidders will be assigned a bidder number and given apaddle for use at the sale. Once the first bid has been placed, theauctioneer asks for higher bids in increments determined by the auctioneer.To place your bid, simply raise your paddle until the auctioneeracknowledges you. The auctioneer will not mistake a random gesture for abid.By phone A limited number of telephone lines are available for bidding byphone through a Freemans representative. Phone lines must be reserved inadvance. Requests must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to thescheduled start of the sale.In writing Bid forms are available in the sale room and at the back of thecatalogue. These should be submitted in person, by mail or by fax no laterthan one hour prior to the scheduled start of the sale. The auctioneer willbid on your behalf up to the limit indicated, but is not responsible for errorsor failure to execute bids.On the internet A fully-illustrated catalogue is available on-line Registered bidders may leave absentee bidsthrough the web site and will receive email confirmation of their bid.Freemans is not responsible for errors or failure to execute bids.

    Goods purchased will not be released until we have received full payment.Payment may be made in cash, by check, money order, or debit card.Payments by check must clear the bank before goods will be released.

    Deliveries will not be made during the time of the sale unless otherwiseindicated by the auctioneer. All items must be paid for and removed byNovember 30th at 3pm. Purchases not so removed may be turned over to alicensed warehouse at the expense and risk of the purchaser.

    Responsibility for packing, shipping and insurance shall be exclusively thatof the purchaser. Upon request, Freemans will provide the purchaser withnames of professional packers and shippers known to us.

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  • Saturday November 14th, 2009at 10am

    AmericanFurniture &DecorativeArts 11/14/09 lots: 1515

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  • 1freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    4Pair of Chippendale carvedmahogany side chairsEach with a serpentine volute-carved crest with a centraldiaperwork panel above a strapworksplat and slip seat on square stop-fluted legs joined by recessedstretchers.H: 37 1/2 in.provenance:Blackwood, New Jersey, 1960sMrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah,New Jersey$2,000-3,000

    3Chippendale mahogany easy chairSerpentine crest on out-turnedwings and scrolled arms, moldedstraight legs joined by recessedstretcher.$1,000-1,500

    2George Washington Peace medalrestrike of 1792 medal, late 19thcentury2 in. x 1 1/2 in.$200-300

    1T. Clark, engraversacred to the memory of theillustrious g. washington,boston,1801Stipple engraved aquatint, framed.8 1/2 x 8 in. (sight)$1,000-1,500


    5After Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828)matthew Clarkson (1758-1825) inuniform wearing society of thecincinnati emblemUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.30in. x 25 in. (sight)note:Clarkson, an officer in theContinental Army during theRevolutionary War, was an originalmember of the Society ofCincinnatis New York branch. Theoriginal portrait of Clarkson is in thecollection of the MetropolitanMuseum of Art.$2,000-2,500



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  • freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    10Anglo-American School, 19thcenturyportrait of a gentlemanUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.25 1/2 x 22 1/2 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500

    9Chippendale figured maple lookingglass19th centuryWith a scrolled cresting andcorresponding pendant below.L: 40 1/4 in.$500-700

    7Chippendale mahogany lookingglass19th centuryWith a scrolled cresting above amolded frame and gilt liner,corresponding pendant below.L: 23 1/4 in.$250-350

    8Eight Chippendale and Chippendalestyle side chairs18th to the 20th century$2,500-3,500

    6Chippendale mahogany drop leafdining tableprobably new york, late 18thcenturyRectangular top with deepconforming leaves on six squaredlegs ending in Marlborough feet.H: 28 3/4 in., L: 42 in., D: 19 1/2,open: 56 1/2$4,000-6,000





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  • freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    13A group of turned wooden items and a looking glass19th centuryIncluding two hour glasses, a hand mirror, watch stand,dressing mirror, wig stand and a small Classical split balusterlooking glass, together with a metal snuff box, a framed printentitled, Char de Mars and a heart-shaped brass trivet.$600-800

    12Mahogany tea tablemid 18th centuryWith a circular top above a balusterstandard raised on cabriole legsending in slipper feet.H: 29 in. Dia: 31 1/2 in.provenance:Property from the Estate of WilliamF. Heefner, Bucks County, PA$400-600

    11Group of silhouette and waxportraitsenglish and continentalIncluding five hollow-cut portraits,one pair identified on verso asJacob and May Halsey, a pair offull-length reverse-paintedsilhouettes, a wax bust lengthportrait of Admiral Duncan, awatercolor miniature of an elderlywoman and two reverse-paintedmemorials.H: 8 3/4 in. (Largest)$600-800





    14Figured mahogany knife boxamerican or english, 19th centuryThe slant top above a serpentine front, inlay to inside oflid with fitted interior.H: 14 1/2 in., L: 12 3/4 in., W: 9 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    15Mahogany writing box19th centuryThe rectangular top lifts to a fittedinterior above drawer with brassescutcheon, on floral decoratedbrass ball feet.H: 6 in., L: 13 5/ 8 in., D: 10 1/4 in.$500-700

    16Miniature Federal inlaid mahoganychest of drawers19th centuryThe rectangular top above fourgraduated inlaid drawers, scallopedinlaid apron and french feet.H: 13 in., W: 15 5/8 in., D: 8 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000


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  • freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    23American School 19th centuryhatchment: coat of arms by louisar. greenUnsigned, watercolor and ink onpaper . Inscription in verso, ThisCoat of Arms was painted by mycousin, Miss Louisa R. Green,daughter & only survivingdescendant of Rev. Samuel Green. Itwas presented to me in the frame byher April 23, 1880. The work is acopy of one in the possession ofMrs. Amos Hagar, of Lincoln, Mass.Mrs Hagar is the youngest child ofmy fathers Uncle William Green.The original at Mrs. Hagars is onpaper, evidently very old........signedby Thomas Green13 in. x 10 5/8 (sight)$2,000-3,000

    21Queen Anne maple high chestnew england, 18th centuryFlat cove molded cornice over fourgraduated lip molded drawers, onbase with three small lip moldeddrawers, the center most carvedwith fan, shaped apron on cabriolelegs ending in pad feet.H: 62 in., W: 37 in.$3,000-5,000

    22Chippendale carved walnut sidechairnortheast, 18th centuryHaving a serpentine crest rail abovea strapwork splat and rush slip seaton square straight legs joined byrecessed stretchers.$500-800

    20Chippendale cherry chest ofdrawerslate 18th centuryThe rectangular top with reedededge above arrangement of fivebeaded drawers on ogee bracketfeet.H: 34 3/4 in., W: 39 1/2 in.,D: 21 1/4 in.$800-1,200

    20AChippendale walnut side chairsouthern states, late 18th centuryThe serpentine crestrail abovepierced back, molded trapezoidalseat rail and squared legs joined bya stretcher.$1,000-1,500

    17Pair of uncolored blown glasshurricane shadesH: 17 1/2 in.$250-350

    18Late Chippendale mahoganylooking glass18th centuryShaped and scalloped cresting withpine cone ears and correspondingpendant below.H: 52 1/2 in.$400-600

    19Queen Anne Style high chestIn two parts, the upper section withmolded cornice above arrangementof six drawers, the centered topdrawer carved with a fan, the lowersection with arrangement of fourdrawers, the central drawer carvedwith a fan on cabriole legs ending inpad feet.H: 69 in., W: 38 1/2 in., D: 19 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000




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  • 824Queen Anne cherrywood highchestnew england, 18th centuryFlat cove molded top with fourgraduated lip molded drawers inupper section, one wide and threesmall drawer in base on cabriolelegs, pad feet.H: 68 1/2 in., W: 37 in., D: 21 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    25Queen Anne maple candlestandnew england, circa 1780Having a serpentine top raised on aturned pedestal on three outsweptcabriole legs with pad feet.H: 27 in., W: 17 1/2 in.$400-600

    26Silkwork picturemary, joseph, and baby jesus ondonkey, 18th/19th centuryWorked with a variety of stitches insilk and metallic threads, the facesof printed paper, framed.H: 7 in., W: 10 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500

    27Three Chippendale mahoganychairslate 18th centuryEach with a serpentine crest railabove a pierced urn-form splat,trapezoidal seat and straight moldedlegs.$800-1,200

    28Cherry tray top candle standnew england, late 18th centuryHaving a turned pedestal and threeoutswept legs ending in snake feet.H: 26 1/2 in.$300-500

    29Federal inlaid cherry woodsecretary bookcaseearly 19th centuryThe upper section with brokenpediment with carved rosettesabove two molded doors opening toshelves, the desk with molded andinlaid slant front opening to a fittedand inlaid interior above fourgraduated and beaded drawers,bracket feet.H: 93 in.$2,500-3,500

    30Federal candlestandearly 19th centuryShaped top and ring-turned taperingsupport, with three cabriole legs.H: 26 1/2 in.$600-800

    31Federal carved mahogany armchairThe molded oval back with piercedsplat carved rosettes, swags andflowerheads, shaped arms,serpentine front seat on moldedtapering legs.$300-500

    32Federal mahogany gentlemansdressing tablenew york, 19th centuryThe rectangular top with outsetcorners on reeded tapering legsenclosing shaped medial shelf.H: 35 in., W: 35in., D: 19 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




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  • 933Late Federal mahogany sideboardmid-atlantic states, circa 1830The rectangular top with outsetcenter above three drawers withturned pulls and four doors, flankedby reeded uprights, turned feet, thecase sides with recessed panels.H: 39 1/2 in., W: 60 1/2 in.,D: 21 3/4 in.$6,000-8,000

    34Classical brass-inlaid and carvedmahogany sideboardbaltimore or new york, circa 1825With scrolled backboard aboveswell-front paneled center, flankedby inlaid drawers and door enclosedby leaf-carved and reeded cornerson ring and ball turned legs endingin brass paw feet. .$10,000-15,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





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  • 10

    35American School, 19th Centuryyoung girl in white dressUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.H: 23 in., W: 20 in.$300-500

    36A map of England and Walesneedleworkmaria seaton, probably england,19th centuryWorked in polychrome silk threadson a linen ground, framed.21 3/4 x 19 3/4 in.$600-800

    37Federal mahogany secretarybreakfrontmid-atlantic states, late 18th/early 19th centuryThe molded cornice above fourglazed doors opening to shelves, thecentral outset section with longdrawer and two recessed paneldoors, opening to drawers with glasspulls, flanked by recessed sides withsingle recess panel door.H: 82 in. W; 92 in.$8,000-12,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




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  • 11

    38School of Louis Remy Mignot(1831-1870)a skating sceneUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.17 3/4 x 21 in. (sight)$2,500-3,500

    39American School 19th centuryportrait of a gentlemanThree quarter length portrait ofseated gentleman holding book,oilon canvas, framed, indistinctlyinscribed in verso,....Barrys, Meat...,Dover, NH.H: 31 in. W: 25 in. (sight)$1,000-1,500

    40Pair of wrought iron and brassandironslate 18th/early 19th centuryThe brass belted ball finials onbulbous iron shafts on arched legsending in penny feet.H: 17 1/2 in.$300-500

    41Pine blanket chest with drawersnew england, 18-19th centuryRectangular top with appliedmolding opening to well, the casewith applied molding and two fauxdrawers over two graduated drawerson straight bracket feet, old bat-wing brasses. .H: 41 1/2 in., W: 37 in.$700-1,000

    42Queen Anne chest on frame18th century and laterThe upper section with moldedcornice above five thumb-moldeddrawers, the frame of later date withshaped apron and cabriole legsending in pad feet.H: 59 in., W: 40 in.$800-1,200

    43Six Chippendale style mahoganyribbon back chairs20th centuryHaving serpentine crest-rail abovepierced ribbon back, raised onstraight legs.$1,000-1,500

    44Anglo-American school 19thcenturychildren at playUnsigned, watercolor on paperbacked with canvas, framed.$800-1,200

    45Pair of blown amethyst glassapothecary jarsengland, 19th centuryH: 15 3/4 in.$3,000-5,000

    45AThree glass bottlesOne cobalt blue with ribbing, onegreen glass of square form withdiamond and rib decoration, and thelast, cobalt blue bellows bottle,engraved with G.W. and foliagedecoration.H: 5 3/4 in., H: 8 in., L: 4 3/4 in.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





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  • 12

    46After Gilbert Stuartfull-length portrait of georgewashingtonUnsigned, oil on canvas laid onmasonite, framed.64 in. x 42 in. (sight)$8,000-12,000

    47Pair of muskrat glovescirca 1794Fur gloves with leather palms. Accompanied by a note Gloves presented bythe late General Washington to the late Earl of Buchan.L: 9 in.provenance:David Steuart Erskine (1742-1829), the 11th Earl of Buchan, was a eccentric,well-educated Scot who loved America and frequently corresponded andexchanged gifts with Washington. They were distantly related, bothdescendants of David I of Scotland. Washington sent Buchan copies ofLEnfants designs for Washington D.C. and a snuff box mounted in silvermade from oak tree that sheltered the patriotic Sir William Wallace. There isrecord that Washington sat for a miniature portrait rendered by Mr.Archibald Robertson and sent it to the Earl. Washington also proposed theEarl for membership in the American Philosophical Society.$3,000-5,000

    48John James Barralet(Irish 1747-1815)commemoration of washingtondrawn and engraved by J.J. Barralet,.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





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  • 13

    49Black transfer-printed andenameled creamware pitcherattributed to herculaneumpottery, early 19th centuryOf elongated ovoid form, decoratedwith ship, the reverse with figure ofHope, and under spout thirteenstars above E. Pluribus Unum orgreat American Seal.H: 10 in.provenance:From the collection of HarryWetherstine, Germantown, PA.$1,000-1,500

    50Dome-top small trunk19th centuryThe interior lined with New Map ofthe Land of Promise and the HolyCity of JerusalemH: 13 1/2 in., L: 25 in., D: 12 3/4 in.$300-400

    51Brass bound leather camphor woodtrunk19th centuryRectangular form having a flat,hinged lid with brass tackdecoration,.L: 30 1/2 in.$700-900

    52Silver porringerjacob hurd, mid 18th century,bostonOrnate pierced flat handle engravedwith a coat of arms of a demirampant winged dragon bearing asquare chamfered cross. The back ofthe handle is engraved with themonogram E E B and the makersmark.Dia: 5 1/4 in., L: 7 3/4 in.provenance:Christies, New York, June 17, 1992.lot 53A$1,500-2,000

    53Five silver tablespoonsmid to late 18th centuryOval handles, all with monograms,makers, Zachariah Brigden andEphraim Cobb, Boston, two possiblyContinental and one early 18thcentury English,.L: 9 in. to 7 5/8 in.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    53, 54, 58

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  • 14

    54Five silver tablespoonsmid 18th centuryLewis Feuter, New York, WilliamHolms, Boston, possibly JohnEdwards, Boston, possibly ThomasArnold, Newport,RI and Jacob Burt,Boston.$500-700

    55Five silver tablespoonsmid 18th centuryAll with oval handles andmonograms and demi-rattail bowls.Makers Joseph Hopkins, Waterbury,CT, Peter de Riemer, NY, EbenezerCrittenden, New Haven, CT, andJohn Potwine, Boston (2).L: 8 1/8 in. to 7 13/16 in.$375-550

    56Four silver tablespoonsmid 18th centuryAll with oval handles, two withshells on bowls, all withmonograms. Makers: Lewis Feuter,New York, Gideon Casey,Providence, RI, John Foster, NewYork and Nathaniel Coleman,Bridgeton, NJ.L: 9 in. to 5/8 in.$200-300

    57Silver tablespoondaniel henchman, boston, mid 18thcenturyOval bowl with shell, oval handlewith monogram RGR.$100-150

    58Pair of silver tablespoonsjohn waite, kingston, ri, 2nd halfof the 18th centuryOval handles, monogram SK,together with a tablespoon possiblyby John Gray, New London, DT,monogrammed IB and two spoonswith illegible marks, 5 pcs.L: 8 1/2 in. and 8 1/8 in.$350-500

    59Four early silver tablespoonsmid 18th centuryAll with oval handles and and shellson the bowls, makers Benjamin Burt,Boston, William Breedy, Boston,John Stuart John Stuart, Providence,RI and Gibbs (?). 3 pieces .L: 8 1/4 in. to 7 1/2 in.$300-450

    60Three silver tablespoons18th centuryOval handles, one by DanielHenchman, Boston and a pair ofspoons from New York with ovalhandles, one with feathered edges.$100-150

    61Three silver tablespoonsearly to mid 18th centuryOval handles, one by SamuelSoumaien, New York, rattail bowl,with monogram ET & R Abel; one byJohn Tanner, Newport, RI, rattailbowl with monogram BHW & AW;and one possibly by John Potwine,demi-rattailed bowl andmonogrammed LHA$300-500

    62Silver tablespoonwilliam cowell, boston, 1st halfof the 18th centuryOval bowl with rattail,monogrammed MF$150-225

    63Two silver tablespoons18th centuryOval handles with monograms T &AA and P D, by Isaac Hutton,Albany and Thomas Bently, Bostontogether with a fiddle and threadhandled stuffing spoon, 3 pcs.$200-300

    64Three silver tablespoonsmid 18th centuryThomas Edwards (2) and PhilipGoelet, New York. All with ovalhandles, Edwards spoons haveshells on bowls and inscribed ElizGibbs 1752, crest on the handles,the Goelet spoon with a rattailedbowl, the handle with Actue TenEyckL: 7 7/8 in.$200-400

    65Silver tablespoonjohn edwards, boston 1st quarter18th centurySlightly trefoil handle, rattail bowl,monogrammed E W.L: 7 3/8 in.$150-225

    66Silver tablespoonmoody russel, barnstable MA,late 17th/early 18th centuryOval handle and bowl with rattail,monogrammed ZT MC.$200-300

    67Early silver teaspooncirca 1700Trefoil handle, monogramed GHH(marks worn), together with fiddlehandled teaspoons and mustardscoop, 4 pcs.$100-150

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


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  • 15

    68Twelve Chinese Export porcelainsoup platescirca 1800Each with band of blue with giltstars at rim, the center with red andblue star enclosing cornucopia.Dia. 10 in.$1,000-1,500

    69Three piece Chinese Exportporcelain blue and white garniturelate 19th centuryTogether with five polychromedecorated export porcelain plates.H: 10 5/8 in.$400-600

    70Two large Chinese export Cantonginger jars19th centuryH: 9 1/4 in.$400-600

    71Six Chinese Export porcelainNanking pattern teabowls19th century$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    72Chinese Export porcelain decoratedbowllate 18th century.The exterior and interior decoratedwith a variety of polychromeMasonic devices.H: 5 1/4 in., Dia: 13 1/4 in.provenance:A nearly identical bowl is in thecollection of the White House.$5,000-7,000


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  • 16

    73Group of Chinese Export porcelainCanton ware19th centuryIncluding seventeen plates ofvarious sizes, platter, two shapedserving dishes, leaf-shaped dish, twocreamers, small bowl, teabowl,saucer and teacup.platter L: 16 in.$600-800

    74Small Chinese export porcelainbowl19th centuryDecorated with polychrome floralsprigs.Dia: 7 3/4 in$250-350

    74AChinese export porcelain pint muglate 18th centuryDecorated with polychrome floralsprigs.H: 5 3/8 in.$200-300

    75Group of Chinese Export porcelainrose medallion table items19th centuryIncluding twelve soup plates,shaped serving dish, platter andcovered vegetable dish, all centeringthe initials.L: 18 1/4 in. (platter)provenance:From the collection of a prominentCincinnati family.$2,000-2,500

    76Two Chinese export porcelainplatters19th centuryEach of oblong form with shapedrims with polychrome sprigdecoration.H: 13 1/4 in., L: 16 1/4 in.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





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  • 17

    77Chinese export porcelain TobaccoLeaf pattern five-piece garnitureComprising three lidded urns ofbaluster form with domed lids withshaped rims and two taperedcylindrical vases with wide rims;each decorated with blue and pinkfoliate decoration.H: 12 1/4 in.$700-1,000

    78Federal mahogany inlaid secretarybookcasepossibly massachusetts, circa 1815Shaped top with five urn finials,bookcase with four glazed doors, thetwo center doors with black, gold,and white eglomise panels, the sidecabinets with figural white and goldeglomise panels, on case withcenter secretarial drawer abovedrawer and spandrels flanked by twosmall drawers and two cabinetdoors on short tapering legs. Alldrawers and doors are inlaid.H: 91 1/4 in., W: 65 in., D: 19 1/2 in.$20,000-30,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



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  • 18

    79Federal cherry wood tall case clockprobably new jersey, circa 1800Double scroll cresting with two urnshaped finials and inlaid rosettes,arched face door with slendercolumnettes, white painted facedisplaying phases of the moon,polychrome fan corners, Romannumeral chapter ring with subsidiaryArabic numeral seconds ring andday crescent below, lip moldedwaist door with fan carving at top,pencil line inlaid base with deepscrolled apron on straight bracketfeet.H: 94 in.$4,000-7,000

    80Federal inlaid mahogany shelf clockaaron willard, boston, ma, circa1820With three brass finials and fretcresting above hood having glazeddoor and kidney-shaped paintedface, the face retains worn signatureof maker, line and band inlay,bracket base.H: 39 in.$8,000-12,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    79 80

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  • 19

    81Federal walnut chest of drawerspossibly southern, circa 1800The rectangular top above two shortand three long drawers on bracketfeet.H: 42 in. W; 44 1/2 in. D: 21 3/4 in.$800-1,200

    82Federal mahogany camelback sofaWith arched back above scrolledarms with serpentine front restingon eight molded legs supported bystretchers.H: 40 in., W: 78 in.provenance:Property from the Estate of WilliamF. Heefner, Bucks County, PA$1,000-1,500

    83Mahogany stick barometereggert & son, new york, 19thcenturyH: 31 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




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  • 20

    84American School, 19th Centuryportrait of a young gentlemanUnsigned, oil on canvas, gilt frame.30 1/4 x 23 1/4 in. (sight)$1,000-1,500

    85Mahogany and parcel gilt banjoclockwilliam cummens (1768-1834),roxbury, ma 1st quarter of the19th centuryBrass winged eagle on ornate ballfinial, white painted face with blackenamel Roman numeral chapterring, Warranted by WilliamCummens, floral and gilt neck panelwith Warranted below, brassspandrels. Pendulum panel with anaval scene The escape of theConstitution.H: 34 3/4 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$2,500-4,000

    86Mahogany case banjo clock2nd half 19th centuryPainted egg finial, white painted facewith black Roman numeral chapterring, brass bezel and spandrels,black and floral eglomis neck panel,box pendulum panel with farmscene and black border.H: 28 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$800-1,200

    87Mahogany case banjo clockamerican, 1st half 19th centuryBrass eagle finial, white painted facewith black enamel Roman numeralchapter ring and brass bezel, brassspandrels, eglomis neck panel ofleaves and shield, pendulum boxpanel with eglomis panel of ahouse with swan and figures.H: 32 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$600-900

    88Mahogany and parcel gilt banjoclock2nd quarter 19th centuryWhite enamel face with Romannumeral chapter ring. eglomis neckpanel with Willards Patent andAmerican Naval of the Constitutionengagement on the base panel, giltball molded bracket below.H: 41 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$2,500-3,500

    89Mahogany and partial gilt banjoclock2nd quarter 19th centuryHaving a gilt acorn finial, white facewith black enamel Arabic numeralchapter ring, brass bezel, brassspandrels, red and gold floral andleaf eglomis neck panel, and basepanel of a hunt scene with sameborder as neck.H: 33 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    90Mahogany case banjo clockamerican, mid-19th centuryHoward type, circular white paintedface with Roman numeral chapterring, black and gold neck panel andpendulum panel with carved sides.H: 28 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$500-700

    91Federal inlaid mahogany butlersdeskprobably baltimore, early 19thcenturyThree rectangular top above deep,hinged drawer that opens to a fittedinterior above three long drawers allwith oval inlay, shaped apron andflared French feet.$800-1,200

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:52 AM Page 20

  • 21

    92American school 19th centuryA pair of portraits: a lady andgentlemanUnsigned, oil on panel, framed.28 in. x 23 in. (sight)$4,000-6,000

    93Federal cherry and birds-eyemaple two drawer work standnew england, early 19th centuryRectangular top above two drawerswith stamped metal pulls, flutedbulbous-turned legs ending in ballfeet.H: 26 1/2 in., W: 18 1/2 in., D: 17 in.$300-500

    94Federal cherry corner chaircirca 1800Having ring-turned taperingsupports on conforming legs joinedby turned stretchers.$400-600

    96Assembled set of eight Federal-Style shield-back chairsWith two arm chairs, the heartshaped backs inlaid with oval fandevice.H: 37 in$1,500-2,500

    97Federal giltwood and eglomiselooking glass19th centuryHaving a stepped cornice withspherules above an eglomise panelof a home on a riverbank, framed byleaf decoration; above mirror plateflanked by cove molded and twistedgilt rope inset.H: 30 3/4 in., W: 14 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    95Federal Cherrywood serving tablepossibly southern states, circa1810Having a rectangular top withgallery over two drawers with turnedknobs on tapering turned legs.H: 38 in. W: 33 3/4 in. D: 20 in.$400-600

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:52 AM Page 21

  • 22

    98Cherry tall case clockworks by timothy chandler,concord, nh, case by david young,hopkinton, nhA printed paper label inside case, Made by David Young. JoinerHopkinton New Hampshire, thehood with molded broken pedimentwith carved rosettes above apainted moon face dial inscribedTimothy Chandler, moldedrectangular waist door, shapedbracket base.H: 87 in.provenance:Margaret Schorsch, Inc. Greenwich,Conn. A similar clock is illustrated inParsons, Charles S. New HampshireClocks & Clockmakers (1976) Fig. 13,p. 23. A David Young printed label isalso illustrated in the above book,Fig. 28, p. 36.$8,000-12,000

    99Mahogany pillar and scroll clockephraim downes for georgemitchell, bristol, connWith printed makers label, the dialpainted with floral swag and giltdevices in spandrels, the tabletreverse -painted with landscapewith house.H: 31 1/4 in.$1,500-2,500

    100Classical mahogany and eglomiseshelf clockephraim downs (1787-1869), bristolconnecticut, early 19th centuryPrinted makers label, archedcresting above two turned pilastersenclosing painted faced decoratedwith floral ring and floral sprays atspandrels above eglomise paneldecorated with landscape and largewhite house.H: 28 3/8 in.$600-800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:44 AM Page 22

  • 23

    103Carved and painted girandolelooking glass19th centurySurmounted by a eagle with spreadwings on plinth above molded frameenclosing mirror, two candlearms. .Dia: 22 in.$800-1,200

    104Federal style mahogany three-partdining tableHaving an oval top raised by threeturned pedestals with four downswept legs terminating on brasshairy paw feet on casters, togetherwith leaves.H: 28 1/4 in., L: 28 3/4 in., W: 45 in.,(without leaves)$1,500-2,000

    105Samuel Harris, engraveremblem of the united states ofamerica peace with all nationspartiality to noneHand-colored engraving, Publishedby John Coles, sen. Boston, Sept. 7,1804, in gilt frame.13 5/8 x 9 1/4 in. (sight)$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    106Federal inlaid mahogany dressingmirrorfirst quarter, 19th centuryThe inlaid rectangular mirror frameswivels on turned posts on swell-front case fitted with two drawers,on ball feet.H: 20 in. W: 17 in.$250-350

    107American school, 19th centurytheorem: a spray of wild rosesWatercolor on velvet, eglomise mat,framed.14 in. x 14 1/2 in. (sight)$300-500

    108Etched mercury glass covered urnThe domed cover with faceted finial,on a baluster base etched withgeometric panels and radiatingstars, raised on a circular base.H: 25 1/2 in.$400-600

    101American mahogany banjo casewall clockmid-3rd 19th centuryTypical form with carved spandrelsand spire finial, white face withRoman numeral chapter ring, blackand gold eglomis panels, and boxpendulum base.H: 33 1/4 inprovenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$500-700

    102Giltwood and eglomise pier mirrorprobably england, circa 1815The stepped cornice hung withspherules above eglomise panel ofgilt roses on red field, above mirrorplate flanked by ribboned columns.L: 58 in.$1,500-2,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:52 AM Page 23

  • 24

    109Federal cherrywood four drawerchestearly 19th centuryThe rectangular top above fourgraduated drawers and shaped skirtcontinuing to flared bracket feet.H: 34 3/4 in., W: 37 1/2 in.,D: 20 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    110American School, 19th centuryportrait of three children, newyorkUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.H: 48 1/2 in. W: 36 1/4 in. (sight)$2,000-3,000

    111Federal applewood four drawerchestmiddle atlantic states, early 19thcenturyThe rectangular top above fourgraduated drawers on flared bracketfeet.H: 36 in., W: 30 1/2 in., D: 201/4 in.$2,000-3,000

    112Seven Federal style mahogany sidechairsThe shaped crest rail above piercedsplayed splat and slip seat onstraight tapering legs and recessedstretcher.$1,000-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    113Classical mahogany and brasssideboardnew york, 19th centuryThe backboard joined to rectangulartop by brass galleries, above threedrawers and three recessed doorsflanked by vase and ring-turnedpilasters, reeded bee-hive feet.H: 54 in., W: 70 in., D: 24 in.$1,500-2,500

    114Mahogany bedside commode19th centuryGallery on rectangular top, door anddrawer below, the sides with handholds, raised on molded taperinglegs.H: 31 in. W: 23 in.$500-700

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:44 AM Page 24

  • 25

    115Federal mahogany and satinwoodinlaid sideboardProbably south carolina, circa 1815Double-tiered with brass galleryabove beaded panels inlaid withshell patera, above shaped top andtwo drawers flanked by two doors,fan inlaid spandrels, squaredtapering legs ending in spade feet.Line inlaid throughout.H: 51in., L: 82 1/4 in., D: 30 in.$10,000-15,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    116Charles Fraser (Charleston, SC 1782-1860)miniature portrait of john ball laurens (1799-1827)Inscribed on verso, Painted by Ch. Fraser Oct. 1823 Charleston,SC, watercolor on ivory, leather case.3 7/8 in. x 3 1/4 in.provenance:The grandson of Henry Laurens, planter, merchant and Presidentof the Second Continental Congress and John Rutledge, signerof the Constitution, first Governor of South Carolina afterIndependence, Associate Justice and Second Chief Justice of theSupreme Court. John Ball Laurens was the son of Henry Laurens,Jr. (1763-1821) and Eliza Rutledge(1776-1845). The portrait ofhis brother, Edward follows as lot 117. Accompanied by a handwritten note on case, John Ball Laurens Husband to CarolineOlivia Ball, Father of John Laurens Grandf. of Mrs. RobertChisolm( Margaret Horry Laurens) Gr. Grandf. of Mrs. Robt.Cotten (Caroline Ball Chisolm) Gr. Gr. Grandf. of MargaretLaurens, Robt. Ewing & Frances Cotten. Decsended in thefamily to the present owner.$8,000-12,000

    117Charles Fraser (Charleston, SC 1782-1860)miniature portrait of edward rutledge laurens (b. 1806)Inscribed on verso, Ch. Fraser May, 1825 Charleston, SC,watercolor on ivory, leather case.3 7/8 x 3 1/4 in.provenance:Edward Rutledge Laurens was the son of Henry LaurensJr.,(1763-1821) and Eliza Rutledge Laurens (1776-1842) andbrother of John Bull Laurens, see Lot 116. A handwritten note oncase reads Edward Rutledge Laurens father of Mrs. JohnLaurens Husband to Margaret Horry Grandfather of Mrs. Robert(Margaret Horry Laurens) Chisolm Gr. Grandfather of MrsRobert (Caroline Bahh Chisolm) Cotten Gr. Gr. Grandfather ofMargaret Laurens, Robt. Ewing & Frances Cotten. Descended inthe family to the present owner.$8,000-12,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:44 AM Page 25

  • 26

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    118American School, 19th centuryview of the whitebluffs,tombigbee river and demopolis,alabama, circa 1850Unsigned, oil on canvas, framed.23 x 28 in. (sight)provenance:The white columned Greek Revivalstructure in the center of thepainting, Bluff Hall, was built byplantation owner Allen Glover, in1832, as a wedding present for hisdaughter Sarah Serena Glover andher husband Francis Strother Lyon.Bluff Hall is now a historic siteowned by the Marengo CountyHistorical Society. To the left of BluffHall are shown the warehouses andstore of Allen Glover . The sidewheel steamboat, Allen Glover, tothe far left, was built in 1847.$15,000-25,000

    119Historic mahogany and ebonizedbeverage cooler19th centuryHaving a round top with turned ballfinial, on a reeded cylindrical bodywith ebonized rim and base, fittedwith a brass spigot, on a mahoganytop-cast iron stand.H: 54 in.provenance:Purportedly used in the WhiteHouse during Andrew Jacksonsadministration. Property of aPhiladelphia gentleman.$700-1,000

    120Alabaster figure of ConfederateGeneral Thomas JonathanStonewall Jacksonlate 19th centuryA bell jar encloses the figure onplinth inscribed Jackson.Figure and plinth H: 7 in.$1,000-1,500

    121Paper-mache and cloth figure of acotton pickercontinental, late 19th/early 20thcenturyEnclosed by bell jar, on a turnedwooded stand.Figure: H: 6 1/2 in$500-800


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:52 AM Page 26

  • 27

    122American School 19th centurythree young peopleUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.12 in. x 14 in. (sight)$600-800

    123Federal mahogany inlaid fourdrawer chest18/19th centuryRectangular top with pencil lineinlaid edge, four graduated widedrawers with pencil line on Frenchbracket feet.H: 39 3/4 in., W: 44 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    124Federal inlaid figured maple chestof drawerscirca 1815Rectangular top with outset cornersabove enclosing four drawers,shaped apron and ring-turned andreeded legs ending in tapering feet.H: 41 3/4 in. W: 42 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    125George Henry Hall (1825-1913)portrait of a gentlemanSigned on verso, G.H. Hall Pnxt/Jan 1848, oil on board, framed.11 1/8 x 8 3/4 in. (sight)$500-800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:44 AM Page 27

  • 28

    126American School, 19th centurywinter scene with two figuresUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.H: 20 1/4 in. W: 26 1/2 in. (sight)$600-1,000

    127Federal inlaid mahogany card tableThe serpentine top with outsetcorners on conforming inlaid apronand reeded, tapering and ring-turned legs.H: 29 in. W: 34 in. D: 17 in.$800-1,200

    128Federal birch chest of drawersnew england, late 18th/early 19thcenturyThe rectangular top above fourgraduated and beaded drawers,bracket base.H: 35 1/2 in., W: 40 1/4 in.,D: 18 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    129Federal inlaid mahogany butlersdeskcirca 1815Rectangular band inlaid top abovedeep drawer opening to a fittedinterior above three inlaid drawerswith beaded edge, flared Frenchfeet.H: 45 1/2 in., W: 41 in., D: 23 in.$1,000-1,500

    130American School, 19th centuryportrait of James DuaneLivingstonUnsigned, oil on canvas, in giltframe, in verso James DuaneLivingston 17 and stamped,prepared by Ed wp Dechaux.H: 11 3/4 W: 9 1/4 in. (sight)$1,000-1,500

    131American school 19th centuryportrait of a young ladyUnsigned, oil on panel, framed.25 in. x 19 1/2 in. (sight)$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts






    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:53 AM Page 28

  • 29

    132Federal giltwood and eglomisemirror19th centuryThe stepped cornice with spherulesabove an eglomise panel of twohomes by a river with sailboatsflanked by cove molding with atwisted rope inset.H: 29 1/4 in., W: 12 in.$300-500

    133Late Federal mahogany folding topcard-tablecirca 1820With rectangular top with roundedcorners and reeded edge opens to afelted playing surface above inlaidapron ring and spira-turned supporton four reeded saber legs ending inbrass feet.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 36in. D: 17 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia gentleman$600-900

    134Federal cherrywood chest ofdrawersearly 19th centuryRectangular top with reeded edgeabove four graduated drawers andturned tapering feet.H: 38 in.$1,000-1,500

    134AFederal maple chest of drawerslate 18th centuryWith rectangular top above fourgraduated drawers on a moldedbase terminating in bracket feet.H: 32 1/4 in., W: 38 in., D: 19 1/4 in.$800-1,200

    135Federal oval top candle standearly 19th centuryWith an urn form support, threearched legs with spade feet.H: 28 1/2 in.$300-500

    136Federal figured maple one drawerstandearly 19th centuryThe rectangular top above drawerwith turned pull and ring-turnedtapering legs ending in peg feet.H: 29 1/2 in. W: 21 1/2in. D: 19 in.$500-800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    137Federal two part birds-eye mapledining tablecirca 1820Each with rectangular top withrounded corners with deeprectangular leaf on conformingapron and ring and leaf-carved legsending in peg feet. .H: 29 in., W: 45 1/2 in., L: 19 3/4 in.and 62 in. (open)$1,000-1,500

    138Federal Mahogany side tablecirca 1810Rectangular top above single widedrawer on round reeded legs, tallturned feet.H: 30 in. W: 40 in. D: 20 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$500-800

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:53 AM Page 29

  • 30

    139Staffordshire blue transferwareWild Rose serving pieces19th centuryIncluding basin, four platters, twocovered vegetable dishes with lionhead finials and strainers, anothercovered vegetable, two openvegetable dishes, one with moldedhandle, a covered sauce tureen,gravy boat, tazza and small tray .(14).L: 18 in. (platter)$1,500-2,500

    140Large group of Staffordshire WildRose pattern plates and soupplatesvarious makers, 19th and 20thcenturyIn various sizes and shades of blue,including twenty-eight dinner sizesoup plates or plates, five smallplates, three saucers and one bowl.Dia: 10 1/4 in. (Largest)$400-600

    141Staffordshire blue transfer-printedWild Rose pattern basket andstandcirca 1825Each with recticulated border,decorated with bridge, river andfisherman in foreground.L: 12 1/4 in.$300-500

    142Assembled pink transfer-printedSower pattern tea serviceadams, circa 1835Including a teapot, creamer, coveredsugar, two waste bowls, twelveteabowls and twelve saucers.$800-1,200

    143Staffordshire miniature Bee hive-Industry pattern transferware teaitemswilliam adams, first half 19thcenturyIncluding a blue-transfer printedteapot, covered sugar and threeteabowls and saucers, with a pink-transfer printed covered sugar bowl.H: 4 1/2 in.$400-600

    144Large group of blue Leeds-typecreamwareengland, 18th/19th centuryVariously molded and decorated,including three casters, two gravyboats, open salt, octagonal platter,small oblong platter, five small openvegetable dishes, thirty-nine platesand soup plates, nine luncheonplates, seven shallow bowls or saucedishes, seventeen small or toddyplates and four cup plates.$700-900

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    145Large group of green decoratedLeeds-type creamwareengland, 19th centuryVariously decorated, molded andsizes, including two casters, onecovered mustard pot, a cylindricaljar without cover, two gravy boats, asauce tureen without lid, openvegetable, twenty plates and soupplates, a cup plate, a toddy plate andone small plate.L: 18 1/2 in. (platter)$700-900

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:53 AM Page 30

  • 31

    146Staffordshire blue transferwaresoup tureen, cover and ladleenoch wood, burslem, circa 1825Decorated with Dix Cove on theGold Coast, Africa.H: 12 1/2 in. W: 13 1/2 in.$400-600

    147Staffordshire blue transfer-printedtea waresenoch wood, burslem, circa 1840Decorated in the Man in Sleigh pattern, a teapot, covered sugar,creamer, waste bowl and twoteabowls and two saucers.$300-500

    148Staffordshire blue transfer-printedtea warescirca 1830A teapot, covered sugar, creamerand teabowl decorated with TrewanHouse Cornwall pattern, togetherwith a two oblong strainersdecorated with a couple onhorseback reviewing ruins andfisherman with net with bridge andbuildings beyond.$300-500

    149Staffordshire blue transferware teaitemsstevenson, circa 1825Including a waste bowl, creamer,cup plate, five saucers, threeteabowls, and two casters alldecorated with urn with flowers, boxand basket with leaves pattern.$250-350

    150Staffordshire historical bluetransfer-printed platecirca 1827Decorated with Landing of GeneralLafayette at Castle Garden NewYork 16th August 1826.Dia: 8 in.$200-400

    151Group of Staffordshire bluetransfer-printed items.stubbs, clews, wood and othersIncluding four plates and a platterprinted with three cows before acountry estate, a plate with VuePrise en Savoie, another platedecorated with an Oriental scene, ateabowl decorated with white horse,another teabowl decorated with urnhaving American eagle, a saucerdecorated with a bee skep, and acovered sugar bowl decorated withshepherd and shepherdess.L: platter 16 1/2 in.$400-600

    152Staffordshire blue transfer-printedassembled tea setcirca 1835Including a teapot, covered sugar,creamer and six tea bowls and sixsaucers, decorated with hunter, twodogs and ducks.$250-350

    153Assembled Staffordshire bluetransferware tea setclews, stevenson, and adamsIncluding a coffeepot, teapot, twocovered sugars, creamer two waistbowls, nine tea bowls, and tensaucers and one toddy plate, alldecorated with pattern of a basketof flowers.H: 11 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    154Pair of Staffordshire spaniels19th centuryWhite with gold highlights.H: 13 1/4 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:53 AM Page 31

  • 32

    155Classical mahogany card tablecirca 1825Oblong top on arched shapedsupport and saber legs with brassfeet on casters.H: 29 3/4 in. W: 36 in. D: 16 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    156Brass-bound mahogany wine cooleron stand19th centuryOctagonal form with hinged lidhaving carved rosette opening tofitted well, the conforming standraised on four hairy paw feet.H: 29 1/2 in.$2,500-4,000

    157Classical mahogany dining tablein the manner of duncan phyfe,new york, circa 1825The rectangular top with roundedcorners with single conforming leafon two turned columnar posts andtrestle base with cylindrical feet.H: 29 1/2 in., W: 46 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    158Classical carved mahogany sofanew york, circa 1825The crest rail carved with acornsand oak leaves, above upholsteredback and seat, reeded armscontinuing to seat rail raised on pawand feather feet.H: 33 in., L: 94 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    159Classical mahogany work tablecirca 1825The rectangular top with outsetring-turned corners above twodrawers with turned pulls and spiral-turned support on molded shapedlegs.H: 31 in. W: 22 in.$800-1,200

    160Classical carved mahogany twopart dining table, circa 1825The rectangular top with roundcorners on conforming apron andring and leaf carved support onshaped platform with scrolled leafand hairy-paw carved feet.H: 27 1/2 in., W: 48 in., D: 24 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:44 AM Page 32

  • 33

    161Mahogany center pedestal tableprovidence, rhode islandThe rectangular top with shapedleaves, acanthus-carved support onleaf and hairy paw feet on brasscasters.H: 30 1/8 in., W: 25 in. (closed),51 3/4 in. (open), D: 37 3/8 in.$2,500-3,500

    162Classical carved mahogany gametablenew york, circa 1825The rectangular top with roundedcorners above conforming apronraised on a leaf-carved urn-shapedsupport on circular platform andfour leaf and hairy-paw carved feet,on casters.H: 29 1/2 in. W: 35 in. D: 18 in.$1,500-2,500

    163Oliver Tarbell Eddy (1799-1868)portrait of mrs. henry evansInscribed on verso, Portrait of Mrs.Henry Evans, Painted by O.T. EddyJany 1840 Elizabeth Eli Evans Bron1810 Buried Newark N.J., oil onpanel, framed.26 1/2 x 23 in. (sight)$4,000-6,000

    164Classical style mahogany chest ofdrawersmid-late 19th centuryThe rectangular top with conformingcase of two over three drawersflanked by carved corner posts onturned feet; the drawers withpressed glass pulls.H: 44 1/2 in. W: 42 7/8 in.D: 22 3/4 in.provenance:Morleys Bicycle Shop, NorthWoodbury, 1960sMrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah,New Jersey, to present.$600-800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    165Classical carved giltwood girandolemirrorA spread wing eagle on a rockyplinth above molded mirror frame, aleafy pendant below.L: 41 in.$2,500-3,500

    166Classical figured maple butlersdeskcirca 1830Rectangular top above deep hingedoutset drawer opening to a fittedinterior, above three recesseddrawers flanked by sausage andring-turned pilasters, turned feet.H: 42 1/2 in., W: 43in., D: 21 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:53 AM Page 33

  • 34

    167American School 19th centuryportrait of a mother and childUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.46 in. x 39 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500

    168Assembled set of eight mahoganyGondola chairscirca 1830$500-800

    169American School 19th centuryportrait of a young lady with ared shawlUnsigned, oil on canvas, gildedframe.29 1/4 in. x23 1/2 in. (sight)$600-800

    170American School, 19th Centuryhorse and sulky on race-trackUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.25 1/2 in. x 35 in. (sight)$6,000-8,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/19/09 7:53 AM Page 34

  • 35

    172Three mahogany and rosewoodshelf clocksjerome & co., new haven, ct andansonia clock co, ansonia, ctEach with printed makers label, thefirst two by Jerome with reversedecorated tablets, the third reverse-decorated with an American eaglewith shield.H: 11 1/2 in. and 13 1/2 in.$600-800

    173Mahogany Beehive mantle clockt. bray & andrews, east bristol, ct.,mid 19th centuryWith printed makers label, lyre-etched glass panel, painted metaldial.H: 19 1/2 in.$300-500

    174Three rosewood Beehive mantleclocksh.m. welch, ansonia brass and co.,and new haven clock co, ct.Each with a printed label, each withpainted metal dial, two with reverse-painted tablets, one with eagle withoutstretched wings, American shieldand bannerette inscribed E PluribusUnum, another with an etchedtablet.18 7/8 in. and 18 3/4 in.$400-600

    175Two rosewood gothic or sharpsteeple mantel clocksdaniel pratt, boston and brewster& ingrams, bristol, ct.Each with printed makers label, onewith a painted zinc dial, the firstreverse-decorated with BallstonSprings, the second with Broadwayfrom Ninth Street, showing GraceChurch.H: 20 in.$400-600

    176Mahogany shelf clockchauncey jerome, new haven, ct.With a painted zinc dial inscribedC. Jerome, New Haven, CT. printedlabel on backboard,.H: 13 1/2 in.$300-500

    177Chippendale-style inlaid mahoganysalesmans sample or dwarf tallcase clock19th centuryThe hood with molded brokenpediment above inlaid banding andglazed door opening to an inlaidwaist and shaped waist door flankedby fluted quarter columns, the plinthwith inlaid and chamfered cornersand applied molding, ogee bracketfeet, German movement of a laterdate.H: 63 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia gentleman$1,000-2,000

    178Miniature or dwarf Federal stylemahogany tall case clockelmer o. stennes, weymouth, mass,The hood with molded brokencornice centering brass finial abovetomb-shaped door enclosingpainted rocking ship dial inscribedElmer O. Stennes, Weymouth,Mass, shaped waist door, bracketfeet.H:$5,000-7,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    171, 172

    173, 174 175 177 178

    171Three gothic or sharp steepleclocksterry & andrews, and jerome & coTwo with printed maker labels,painted metal dials, tablets reversepainted with a lyre, a basket of fruitand a decorative motif.H: 20 3/4 and 19 3/4 in.$600-800

    175 176

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT20-35.pdf:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:45 AM Page 35

  • 36

    179Empire mahogany card tablecirca 1830The serpentine top on conformingapron and squared support, shapedplatform on carved and turned feet.H: 29 1/2 in., W: 36in., D: 18 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    180Late Classical mahogany foot stoolWith rectangular needlepointupholstered top on conforming basewith ogee molded and bracket feet.H: 19 1/2 in., W: 19 1/2 in.,D: 16 1/4 in.$200-400

    181Late Classical mahogany chest ofdrawersmid-atlantic states, circa 1820-40The rectangular top with conformingcase of four long drawers, resting onscroll front feet and turned backfeet.H: 47 1/4 in., W: 41 1/2 in., D: 22 in.$400-600

    182Three piece Renaissance Revivalcarved mahogany parlor suiteprobably new york, last half 19thcenturyA sofa and two arm chairs, eachwith mask flanked by griffinscentering a scroll and leaf-carvedcrestrail, lion head hand holds,flowerhead carved seat rail andturned legs joined by ring and vaseturned stretchers.L: 78 in.$1,500-2,500

    183Mahogany inlaid music box19th centuryRectangular case with moldededges, decorated with banding and afloral motif on lid.H: 8 1/2 in., W: 17 in., D: 11 in.$1,000-2,000

    184John W. Casilear (1811-1893)view of lake georgeUnsigned inscribed on versoRogers Slide, Lake George, J.wCasilear, oil on canvas, framed.16 1/2 in. x 20 1/4 in. (sight)$5,000-8,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:10 AM Page 36

  • 37

    185Victorian rosewood and porcelainmounted four piece salon suite19th centuryComprising a settee and three sidechairs, carved with foliate garlandsand mounted with Sevres style ovalporcelain plaques, with upholsteredbacks and seats, raised on taperinglegs with brass casters. (4).Settee L: 67 in.$3,000-5,000

    186Carved mahogany chest of drawers19th centuryThe serpentine top with gadroonededge above three conformingdrawers flanked by pineapple andleaf carved corners abovegadrooned base and paw feet.H: 38 in. W: 43 1/2 in. D: 22 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    187American School 19th centurywhite house, trees, lady andturkey in yardUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.9 3/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. (sight)$1,000-2,000

    188Folded printed paper guide to NewYorkfrom c. adlers printingestablishment, dated 1857With images of famous New Yorksites.9 in. x 9 in.$250-350

    189American School, 19th centurythree quarter length portrait ofa lady in a lace capUnsigned, watercolor on paper,framed.4 3/4 in. x 4 in. (Sight)$250-350

    190American school 19th centuryminiature portrait of an 18thcentury ladyUnsigned, watercolor on paper, giltlocket case.H: 2 1/2 in.$200-300

    191English/Continental School 19thcenturytwo miniature portraits: a ladyand a gentlemanUnsigned, watercolor on ivory,framed.3 1/2 in. x 2 1/2 in. (sight)$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    187 188 189

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:10 AM Page 37

  • 38

    192American School, 19th centuryminiature portrait of a youngladywatercolor on ivory, framed.2 3/8 in. x 2 in. (sight)$200-300

    193American School, 19th centuryminiature portrait of mrsmcdonald clarke (mary t. brundage)Inscribed on verso, Mrs. McDonalderst. Wife of the Mad Poet 1843 ArtistMcDonald Subject his wife, watercolor on ivory, leather case.H:3 1/2 in. W: 2 3/4 in.note:McDonald Clarke (1798-1842) was born in Bath, Maine, the illegitimate son of ship merchant. Mr. Clarke lived inPhiladelphia and moved to New York by 1819 honing his skills as a journalist and poet with little monetary success.While in New York, he met and eloped with an actress, Miss Brundage. Regrettably, the marriage did not last andended in divorce. Mr. Clarke continued to support himself by imitating Byron (mad poet role) and selling his poems.His health declined and he died, a pauper, by drowning in the city. prison.$600-800

    194Painted and carved AmericanshieldWith raised stars, weatheredsurface.H: 30 1/2 in.$400-600

    195Painted game board19th centuryOf rectangular form, with blackpainted squares, applied molding.H: 17 1/2 in., W: 21 in.$200-400

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    192 193




    196Double-pedestal Tramp art boxlate19th/early 20th centuryThe triple-pyramid form top lifts towell, the central pyramid top slidesto reveal recess, two drawers below.H: 12 in., W: 16 in.$1,000-2,000

    197Tramp art table20th centuryThe circular top with chip-carveddecoration, the edge with rosetteson tapering support and steppedcircular base.H: 28 in.$500-700

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:10 AM Page 38

  • 39

    198Carved and painted Canvasbackhenjames corb reed (1897-1983)chincoteague, va.Signed, original paint, in a flyingposition with outstretched wingsand trailing feet.L: 21 in.$600-800

    199Carved and painted Canvasbackjames corb reed (1897-1983)chincoteague, va.Original fine paint, carved in flyingposition with outstretched wingsfeet trailing.L: 21 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    200Carved and painted Preening Blackduckjames corb reed (1897-1983)chincoteague, va.Original paint, scratch and reliefcarved, both feet showing at sides.L: 15 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    201Carved and painted balsa CanadaGoose decoyl.t. ward brothers, 1948Signed and inscribed on bottom, oldworking paint.L: 23 1/4 in.provenance:Ex. collection: Bobby Richardson.Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$1,200-1,500

    202Carved miniature ruffed grouseallen j. king (1878-1963) northscituate, rhode islandFinely painted, relief-carved detailsto ruff, dropped wings and fannedtail.H: 3 in., L: 2 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    203Miniature carved and painted pairof mallardsallen j. king (1878-1963) northscituate, rhode islandThe drake standing, the hen nesting,with fine original paint and relief-carved wing details.H: 2 1/2 in., W: 3 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    204Pair of carved and paintedminiature Bob White Quailallen j. king (1878-1963) northscituate, rhode islandSigned, highly detailed paint, layeredrelief-carved features, custom base.H: 2 1/2 in., W: 3 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    198, 199, 200, 201

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:59 AM Page 39

  • 40

    205pair of carved and paintedminiature Pintailsallen j. king (1878-1963) northscituate, rhode islandFinely painted with relief-carvedwings, sanded and painted base.H: 3 in., W: 3 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    206Pair of carved and paintedminiature black ducksallen j. king, (1878-1963) northscituate, rhode islandSigned, finely painted with highlydetailed feathering, custom base.H: 2 1/4 in., W: 4 1/4 in.$4,000-6,000

    207Carved and painted miniature pairof ring-necked pheasantsallen j. king (1878-1963) northscituate, rhode islandSigned, the hen nesting and cockstanding, finely painted and carved.H: 3 in. W: 3 in.$4,000-6,000

    208Carved and painted miniature pairof perching dovesallen j. king (1878-1963) northsituate, rhode islandSigned, fine original paint anddetailed carving.H: 4 in.$2,500-3,500

    209Pair of carved and paintedminiature wood ducksallen j. king (1878-1963) northscituate, rhode islandFinely painted with carved layeredfeathering, custom base.H: 2 3/4 in., W: 4 in.$4,000-6,000

    210Pair of carved and paintedminiature Virginia RailsDrake and hen, original paint.H: 2 1/4-2 1/2 in.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    207205 208


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:59 AM Page 40

  • 41

    211Carved and painted shorebirdsigned, h. v. shourds, 20thcenturyWith glass eyes mounted ondriftwood base together with carvedand painted shorebird marked R WC, and two other shorebirds, onecarved with paper label, John theCarver, Kennebunkport, Ogunquit,ME and the carved and painted,marked, Marthas Vineyard, 6/79.H: 6 1/ 2 - 9 in.$300-500

    212Two carved and painted golden eyeduck decoysjulius edward mittlesteadt (1888-1957), buffalo, new yorkDry original paint, carved bills, tackeyes, one with makers brand J EM.L: 14- 14 1/4 in.$500-700

    213Pair of carved and painted mallardduck decoysjulius edward mittlesteadt (1888-1957), buffalo, new york,Drake and hen, with originalweathered paint, carved beaks andtack eyes.L: 16 1/4 -17 in.$400-600

    214Two painted and carved Black duckdecoysbarnegat bay, new jersey, 20thcenturyHollow-carved, painted flockedsurface, carved beaks, glass eyes,leather rig strap.L: 17 1/4 in., each.$300-500

    215Four carved and painted decoysjulius edward mittlesteadt (1888-1957), buffalo, new yorkThe first two, a Golden Eye and aBlue Bill, by Mittlesteadt, onebearing makers brand, the third andfourth of Canadian origin.L: 12-16 in.$300-500

    216Carved and painted black duckdecoyjulius edward mittlesteadt (1888-1957) buffalo, new yorkWith original weathered paint, tackeyes.L; 17 1/2 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    217Three carved and painted decoys20th centuryIncluding a laminated Coot withoriginal paint, a Black duck, and aPin Tail drake.L: 14 -19 in.$200-300

    218Carved and painted plover decoyearly 20th centuryWeathered surface.L: 11 in.$200-300

    219Pair of painted cast iron sink boxcanvasback decoysprobably marylandA hen and a drake.L: 13 in.$800-1,200

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 10:59 AM Page 41

  • 42

    220American School, 20th Centurycatch of three fishSigned and dated, C. Heller, 1900,oil on panel.H: 30 1/2 in., W: 16 in.$2,000-3,000

    221Attributed to Walter Parkes(b.1909-)figures on beach with hot airballoonUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.16 in. x 18 1/2 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000

    222Walter Parkes (b.1909-)snow scene with horse drawnsleighSigned Walter Parkes, oil oncanvas, framed.11 1/2 x 15 1/2 in (sight).$3,000-5,000

    223Walter Parkes (b.1909-)whaling sceneSigned Walt oil on canvas,framed.11 3/4 in. x 15 3/4 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts






    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:00 AM Page 42

  • 43

    225Small yellow-painted cornercupboardnew jersey or pennsylvania, late18th centuryThe dentil molded cornice abovetwo doors, each with raised panels,on tall bracket base.H: 79 1/2., W: 31 1/4 in., D:$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    224Attributed to Walter Parkes(b.1909-)skating scene with covered bridgein backgroundUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.17 12 in. x 22 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000



    226Carved and painted roosterThe figure of a crowing rooster on arock-carved plinth.H: 21 1/2 in.$400-600

    227Carved and painted cornercupboardodessa, delaware, early 19thcenturyThe molded, reeded and flutedcornice above two raised paneldoors opening to shelves, the waistwith diagonal fluting, above tworecessed doors, all flanked by flutedsides, shaped bracket base.H: 87 in., W: 46 in.$4,000-6,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:00 AM Page 43

  • 44

    228Wrought iron adjustablecandlestandTall knopped shaft on tripod basewith two candlecups.$250-350

    229Two brass fluid table lamps19th centuryEach of columnar form with bowlform fonts and squared bases,electrified.H: 19 in. and 15 in. (without harps)$400-600

    230Two Colonial Revival Iron and brassfloor lampsEach with adjustable arms, tripodbases.H: 57 and 58 in.$200-300

    231Three pair of brass and Sheffieldcandlesticksengland, 19th centuryThe first with squared bobeche oncolumnar shaft and stepped squaredbase, the second pair with shapedbobeche and trumpet form shaftson a squared and molded base, thethird Sheffield-plated EgyptianRevival columnar form.H: 7 1/2 in. to 10 1/2 in.$500-700

    231APair of Queen Anne brasscandlesticksRinged candle cups on flutedbaluster shaft and serpentinestepped base.H: 7 in.$400-600

    232Walnut and pine jelly cabinetsouthern, circa 1840-1860The rectangular top above two shortand one long drawer with inlaidescutcheons and two paneled doors,all with turned wooden pulls, onturned feet.H: 44 3/4 in., W: 42 in.,D: 20 1/4 in.$2,500-5,500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    233Two cobalt decorated stonewareitemslate 19th centuryThe first a two gallon ovoid crockdecorated with floral spray, thesecond, a two gallon jug with large2 and wavy line decoration.H: 10 in. and 14 in.$400-600

    234Five gallon incised and cobaltdecorated stoneware jugmarked gardiner stone waremanufactory, maine, late 19thcenturyIncised with eagle and swan,heightened with cobalt.H: 20 in.$200-300

    235Large turned wooden bowl19th centuryDia: 20 in.$300-500

    236Large turned maple BowlDia: 19 1/2 in.$200-300

    846 845 233-236

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:00 AM Page 44

  • 45

    237Painted and decorated bellows19th centuryPainted yellow and decorated withvase of flowers in polychrome.L: 17 1/2 in.$200-400

    238English School, 20th centurystill life with grapesSigned H L Robbins. 1902, oil oncanvas.H: 14 in. W: 12 in.$400-600

    239American School 19th/20thcenturystill life with strawberries, ivyand green applesUnsigned, oil on artist board,framed.12 3/8 x 16 1/4 in.$300-500

    240American School 19th/20thcenturystill life with grapefruitUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.10 5/8 in. x 17 in. (sight)$400-600

    241Star of Bethlehem patchworkquiltmaine, 19th centuryWith band of zigzag devices abovestar worked with variously printedcotton patches on a white ground,cut at corners for bed posts.$800-1,200

    242William and Mary side tableRectangular top with breadboardends on splayed vasiform legs.H: 25 1/4 in., L: 28 in., D: 20 in.$400-600

    243William and Mary drop leafbutterfly tableThe oblong scrubbed top with Dshaped leaves on a red painted basewith straight apron, vase and ring-turned legs, joined by stretchers.H: 27 in., W: 17 in. (leaves down),D: 30.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts







    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:11 AM Page 45

  • 46

    244Pair of late Classical brass andironsmid 19th centuryBoldly turned shafts on scrolled legson double ball feet.H: 18 in.$300-500

    245Butterfly tableOblong top with D shaped leaves;butterfly supports and turned legsjoined by stretchers.H: 25 3/8, W: 26 3/8, D: 17 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    246Wallpaper covered pine hat box topbearing printed label of hannahdavis, jeffrey, nhThe wallpaper printed with soldierand Lafayette, backed withnewsprint.15 1/2 in. x 19 1/2 in.$350-450

    247Two William and Mary rush seatarmchairs18th centuryThe first with four arched slats,shaped arms and vase, ball andcylindrically turned posts, thesecond with split baluster back,shaped arms and sausage and ballturned posts, together with a thirdturned and rush-seat chair.$500-700

    248Pair of painted and decorated fancyrush seat chairscirca 1825Each with shaped back restdecorated with bowl of fruit flankedby cornucopia.$400-600

    249Painted rustic carved framelate 19th centuryThe rectangular frame carved withivy leaves wrapped around crossedbranches enclosing mirror plate.28 x 29 1/2 in.$400-600

    250Pine blanket chestnew england, 18th/19th centuryRectangular thumb molded topabove two false drawers and twofunctional drawers on tall straightbracket feet joined by scallopedapron.H: 39 1.4 in., W: 40 1/2 in., D: 20 in.$2,500-3,500

    251Two bamboo-turned bird-cageWindsor arm chairsearly 19th century$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    252American School, 19th Centuryportrait of a woman in a frilledbonnetUnsigned, oil on canvas, fauxdecorated frame.H: 26 1/4 in. W: 24 1/4 in.$500-700

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:00 AM Page 46

  • 47

    253Painted and decorated washstandearly 19th centuryPainted yellow with blue and whiteleafy scrolls and striping.H: 36 in., W: 21 in., D: 14 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    254Two grain painted and decoratedrush-seat fancy chairsearly 19th centuryWith rosewood graining, the shapedback rest decorated with pair offlower-filled corucopia.$200-400

    255Grandma Moses (Anna Mary RobertsonMoses),(1860-1961)covered bridgeWorsted picture with embroidered signatureGRANDMA MOSES bottom. Executed circa 1939 andsigned by the artist in embroidery in 1949.9 1/8 x 15 in. (sight)provenance:Collection of Mrs. Louis Cassell.Private Collection, Ohioliterature:Otto Kallir, Grandma Moses, New York, 1973, p. 283, No.12W (not illustrated).note:The present lot is one of only 52 worsted picturesGrandma Moses executed. Most, unlike this example,were not signed. For two Moses worsted pictures verysimilar in subject to this lot, see Kallir, no. 13W,The Covered Bridge, and no. 22W, Hoosick Bridge.The copyright for this picture is reserved to GrandmaMoses Properties Co., Inc., New York.$12,000-18,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:11 AM Page 47

  • 48 256Carved Meerschaum pipecirca 1905The bowl carved with two NativeAmericans, one holding a horse andwith an amber mouthpiece, in afitted leather case inscribed on awhite metal plaque, To Col. W. F.Cody/Buffalo Bill/from/George O.Starr.L: 9 in.note:Presented by George O. Starr (1849-1915) to Colonel William F. Cody(1846-1917). Mr Starr held manyroles with Barnum and Bailey Circusincluding press agent, foreignrepresentative, and managingdirector. Mr. Starr oversaw Mr.Baileys interest in Europe includingthe Buffalo Bill Wild West Showduring its 1902-1906 tour. It isprobable that Starr presented topipe to the famous Buffalo BillCody during this tour.$6,000-8,000

    257Painted cast iron figure of an Indian19th centuryThe figure wearing featherheaddress, fur cape and tomahawkat waist, mounted on an octagonalbase.H: 8 1/4 in.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    259Group of five chromolithographedtobacco crate labelslast quarter 19th centuryFrom various Virginia tobaccocompanies including AlexanderCameron & Co., David Dunlop,Watson & McGill, Petersburg, T. C.Williams Co., and Wm. Cameron &Bro. Petersburg.$250-350


    258Painted papier mache Cigar StoreIndianprobably new york, circa 1900The figure of a warrior with raisedarm, original paint.H: 87 in.$3,000-5,000


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:11 AM Page 48

  • 49

    260American School 20th Centurytwo portraits of american indiansUnsigned, watercolor on paper,.H: 7 1/2 x 6 1/4 in. and 7 1/2 x5 1/4 in. (sight)$800-1,200

    261Woven Plains Indian basketlate 19th centuryDia: 17 1/2 in.$300-500

    262Three woven splint basketseastern woodland indian, early20th centuryThe first of footed bowl form, thesecond of tall tapering form, thethird of shallow cylidrical form, allwith curlicue decoration and retaintraces of color.H: tallest 10 in.$200-250

    263American school 20th centurysunset on the trailSigned, Charles Damrow, oil oncanvas, framed.36 in. x 46 in. (sight)$500-700

    264Three Inuit stone carvings20th centuryIncluding a double figure group,signed A. Kayutak, and two fishcarvings, marked Josy .opy, andPatrick Mezzenna King IslandAlaska.H: Tallest: 8 in.$600-800

    265Inuit carved stone eagle head20th centuryWith gallery labels Sanavik Co-opBaker Lake, artist identified asAgosanlook.H: 7 in.$300-400

    266Large Inuit soapstone figure of akneeling seal hunter20th centuryWith a wood, bone and leatherspear, bears label of CanadaEskimo Art, inscribed makers markand C 7848,H: 14 in.$2,000-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts







    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:11 AM Page 49

  • 50

    267Walnut Victorian inlaid game tablegeorge w. davis, what cheer, iowa,1888-1889Oval top inlaid with gameboard andgeometric devices, raised onshaped, carved and inlaid legs.H: 31 in. Top: 28 1.2 in x 20 1/2 in.provenance:Accompanied by contemporaryphotographs of the table, sketchesof inlay designs, and newspaperarticles. George W. Davis, owner ofa shoe store in What Cheer, Iowa,made the table between 1888 and1889. He collected exotic woodsfrom friends and people around theworld. Many pieces came withhistorical associations, a piecepurportedly from a shingle fromGeorge Washingtons barn, anotherfrom the stockade of the infamousAndersonville prison. With only apen-knife, Davis put the 1333 piecesof wood, from 84 people together tocreate the table. It was exhibited inChicago at the 1893 WorldsColumbian Exposition.$6,000-8,000

    268Shaker rocking chairlate 19th/early 20th centuryWith original red and green wooltape back and seat.$300-400

    269Cased bone model of whaling ship,Peru.20th centuryCase H: 13 1/4 in., W: 13 1/4 in.,D: 14 3/8 in.provenance:Frank F. Silvia Antiques, Main Street,Nantucket MA, 1972. Accompaniedby a photocopy of a note from thedealer, the ivory model ofwhaleship Peru was made by aman by the name of Eskildson..$1,000-2,000

    270American School 19th/20thcenturyminiature portrait of lt.col jamess. petitWatercolor on ivory, framed.3 1/4 in. x 2 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Lt. Col. Petit was active in theSpanish American War, occupying aSpanish Naval base on Isabela deBasilan in 1899.$1,500-2,500

    271Four Scrimshawed or carved items19th and 20th centuryIncluding a whalebone plaquepierced with holes carved with twoships at sea, a lighthouse andleafage, an ivory covered frameinscribed Reading PA and 1831,and a whales tooth carved withthree masted ship in open waters,together with a ivory carving of fourgeese, probably Inuit.plaque 2 1/2 in. x 9 in.$1,200-1,800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:00 AM Page 50

  • 51

    272Scrimshawed whales toothOne side decorated with the CivilWar naval battle The Monitor andthe Merrimac exchange fire, theother side with figure of Liberty in achariot holding an American flagwith the inscription EmancipationLiberty to All.L: 6 in.provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc.,Hyannisport MA, 1979 or 1980.$600-800

    273Scrimshawed and polychromedwalrus tooth19th centuryOne side decorated with two-masted ship, mid-century lady andflowers, the reverse with a steepleand neo-classical arch with angels,shell and heart.H: 8 1/2 in.provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc.Hyannisport, MA 1979 or 1980$600-800

    274Scrimshawed whalebone busk19th centuryWith a lobed edge, decorated withbaskets of flowers and fruit, twothree-masted ships, a star and amonument.L: 11 3/4 in.provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc.Hyannisport, MA August 2, 1983Lot 104$400-600

    275Whalebone jagging wheel19th centuryThe handle in the form of a womansleg.L: 5 1/4 in.provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc. August 7,1979 Lot 33.$300-400

    276Scrimshawed teeth and two tools19th and 20th centuryIncluding a whales tooth decoratedwith the Charles Morgan, a sharkstooth decorated with the figure of awoman, and two tools, a net menderand a rope scraper.L: 7 1/2 in. (tool)provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc.Hyannisport, MA 1979 and 1980$300-500

    277Pair of scrimshawed whales teethinitialed rm, 20th centuryEach depicting a whaling scene, withwhalers in dory.H: 5 1/2 in.provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co. Inc.Hyannisport, MA., Lot 129, August7, 1979.$1,000-1,500

    278Relief-carved whales toothnorthwest coast indian, 19thcenturyRelief-carved with three totems.L: 5 1/2 in.provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc.Hyannisport, MA, August 2, 1983,Lot 162.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    279Two scrimshawed walrus tusksThe first decorated with scenes ofArctic hunting, fishing, and cooking,seals, walrus, seal hunters, whalingships and whales at sea, beaver andcaribou; the second, also decoratedwith scenes of Arctic hunting,showing archers with moose andcaribou, an Inuit family preparingfood, and drying meat, traveling bydog sled, and seals, polar bears,walrus, and whaling ships.L: 29 in., 26 in.$3,000-5,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT36-51:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:00 AM Page 51

  • 52

    280Painted and decorated slant topboxRectangular form painted dark greenand decorated with a three-mastedschooner, yellow pinstriping and redflourishes and the date 1851.W: 22 in., D: 16 in.$500-800

    281Painted and decorated tinware trayprobably american, mid 19thcenturyWith shaped sides pierced withhand holds and decorated withsteam and sailing ship in a bay,buildings and people on shore.L: 27 3/4 in.$600-800

    282Two painted and decoratedtinware serving trays19th centuryEach of oblong form, the firstdecorated with exotic bird and floralspray, the second pierced with handholds and decorated with floralspray and gilt scrollwork at borders.L: 26 and 27 1/2 in.$500-700

    283Two Victorian toleware servingtraysComprising a large rectangularexample and a smaller oval example;each with painted flowerheads onan ebonized ground.Longest L: 30 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    284Red and gilt stenciled serving tray19th centuryDecorated with leaves, flowers andberries.L: 26 in.$600-800

    285Oval twin handle painted trayWith floral design enclosed by goldpainted foliage border.L: 27 in.$200-400

    286Painted and decorated trayOblong form with gilt floral borderenclosing man in kilt.L: 24 in.$200-400

    287American School 19th centuryan american battleship at seaUnsigned, pastel on paper, framed.14 1/2 in. x 22 in (sight)$2,500-3,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:11 AM Page 52

  • 53

    288American School 19th centurythree-masted ship at sea flyingamerican flagReverse-painted, rustic frame.8 3/4 in. x 13 3/4 in. (sight)$600-800

    289Painted pond model sailboat withstand20th centuryH: 42in. W: 47in.$400-600

    290Painted wood ship model19th centuryWith three masts, a black and whitehull and elaborate rigging.H: 28 in., W 34 in., D: 8 in.provenance:Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah,New Jersey.$600-800

    291Painted wood ship model19th centuryWith three masts, a red, black andwhite hull and elaborate rigging.H: 25 in., W: 40 in., D: 8 in.provenance:Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah,New Jersey.$600-800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    292Painted wood ship model19th centuryWith three masts, a black andbrown hull, elaborate rigging andflying an American flag.H: 24 in. W: 37 in. D: 8 in.provenance:Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah,New Jersey.$800-1,200

    293American School, 20th centuryPortrait of a sidewheelsteamboatSigned J. Claek, oil on panel,framed.8 in. x 18 in. (sight)$1,000-1,500


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:17 AM Page 53

  • 54

    294Round Nantucket basketnantucket, ma late19th/early20th centuryThe bottom with three lathe-turnedrings.Dia: 8 1/4 in.$600-800

    295One egg-size Nantucket basketShaped handle, turned bottom.H: 2 1/2 in. (without handle)provenance:Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc.,Hyannisport, MA August 5, 1980,Lot 272.$300-500

    296Nantucket friendship basket purse20th centuryH: 12 1/2 in., Dia.: 10 1/2 in.$100-200

    297Large Nantucket two handledbasketjose hormoso reyes, nantucketisland, ma, circa 1950Deep, circular form with two ushaped handles, turned base,inscribed with outline of the islandand Nantucket and Jose FormosoReyes,Height to top of handle 12 3/4 in.,Dia.:12 in.$2,000-2,500

    298Nantucket lighthouse basket withswing handlesigned, farnum, 20th centuryOval shape. the lid withscrimshawed oval depicting TheAmerica Winning the Royal YachtClub Cup at Cowes, 1851, anotherscrimshawed oval interior with threemasted ship.L.10 3/4 in., H. 4 in. with handledown$400-500

    299Circular handless Nantucket basketearly 20th centuryThree turned rings on base.H. 5 1/8in., Dia.: 8 3/4 in.$200-300

    300Nantucket basket with swinghandleearly 20th centurySlightly oval, flat swing handle, threeturned rings on base.L: 9 1/2 in., H: 5 in. with handledown$200-300

    301Nantucket basket with swinghandleearly 20th centuryCircular shape, four turned rings onbase.H: 3 in. with handle down, Dia.6 1/4 in.$250-300

    302Large splint gathering basketnew england, late 19th/early 20thcenturyWith two carved handles, wrappedrim.Dia: 21 1/2 in.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:17 AM Page 54

  • 55

    303American School, 19th centuryship under full sailoil on canvas, unframed togetherwith house in winter landscape,signed lower right, Hennings,unframed.8 3/4 in. x 12 in., 8 in. x 11 1/2 in.(sight)$300-500

    305Brass, glass, iron navigational tablethomas w. gleeson, boston, ma,early 20th centuryPlate attached to base inscribed,Made for Arthur A. Carey,Waltham, Mass by Thomas W.Gleeson, Boston,. with a PhilipsTerrestrial globe,.H: 34 in. Dia: 37 in.note:In 1912, Arthur A. Carey helpedfound Sea Scouting in America. Thatyear he was appointed Chairman ofthe National Committee of SeaScouting and published a pamphlet,Cruising for Sea Scouts.$10,000-15,000

    306Terrestrial table globeh. schedler, new jersey, copyright1889On a wooden stand.H: 12 in. (globe)$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    304Fog or Fire Signal Hornsiebe, gorman & co., london, late19th centuryBellows operated with brass hornand foot plate on a woodenplatform, another plate inscribedwith instructions Code of Signallingby means of Life Line.H: 29 in.$400-600

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:17 AM Page 55

  • 56

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    307Rare large gilt bronze terrestrialfloor globelewis paul juvet & co., new york,circa 1880Lacking original globe.H: 47 1/4 in.$5,000-7,000

    308Pair of Chippendale stylemahogany and giltwood lookingglasseslate 19th centuryH: 72 in. W: 29 in.$1,500-2,000

    309Federal style inlaid mahogany tableprobably potthast bros,baltimore, 20th centuryHaving a circular top with inlaidedge on squared tapering legs inlaidwith fans, ribbons and bellflowers,on brass feet and casters, leaves.H: 29 in.$800-1,200

    310Five piece silver repousse Castlepattern tea servicea. g. schultz & co., baltimore,maryland, 1st half of 20thcenturyIncluding a coffeepot, teapot,creamer, waste bowl and coveredsugar bowl, each of baluster form,the handles cast with rams headterminals.H: 14in., Weight: 114 oz.$10,000-12,000

    311Silver fish slicephilip statler, baltimore, circa1825Plain fiddle handle design withtriangle in a row cut outs.L: 12 5/8 in., Weight 4 oz.$200-300

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:11 AM Page 56

  • 57

    312Set of four sterling silvercandlesticks by Stieff20th centuryBaltimore Rose pattern .H 10 in., Total weight of all fourapproximately 60 oz.$3,000-5,000

    313Group of sterling silver flatwares. kirk & son, 1st half of the 20thcenturyIncluding cold meat fork, servingspoon, large round bowl servingspoon, pie knife, three tine fork(Stieff) together with a sterlingsilver soup ladle by Gorham.Total weight of all pieces 20 oz.$475-550

    314Sterling silver flat tablewarejames e. arminger and stieff, 20thcenturyBaltimore Rose style patternincluding eleven, place knives (twoslightly different), six dinner forks,five salad forks, five egg spoons,sixgrapefruit spoons, five demitassespoons, six dessert spoons, fourcream soup spoons, five oysterforks, ten teaspoons, four oclock teaspoon, five ice cream spoons, fishknife, three jelly servers, gravy ladle,two master butter knives, steakknife, fowl shears, grape shears,sauce ladle, salt dip and marrowscoop, 87 pieces.Weight of weighable silver 105 oz.$1,800-2,200

    315Art Nouveau sterling silver traykennard & jenks, boston, circa1880Circular with a varisized border withbamboo shoot decoration, thecenter with a spider and webdecoration, hammered finish,engraved RSS and dated 1886DIa.: 6 5/8 in., Weight 4 1/2 oz.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    317 315 316

    316Silver mixed metal Japanese stylesugar and creamerwhiting manufacturing company,providence, rhode island, earlyEach of hammered ovoid form.H: 3 3/4 in.$800-1,200

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/22/09 9:56 AM Page 57

  • 58

    317Sterling silver sugar and creamergorham manufacturing co,providence, ri, circa 1870In Medallion pattern, of beltedspherical form.H: 5 in. Weighable silver: 13.5 oz.$300-500

    318Large oval silver two handled teatrays. kirk & son, late 19th/ early 20thcenturyLarge beaded border with leaf andbead twin handles, cross hatchengraved tray with oval leaf andfloral engraved center medallion.L: 34 1/2 in., Weightapproximately: 275 0z.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$5,000-8,000

    319Sterling silver covered vegetabledishgorham, providence, r. i.,Oval serpentine shape with leafchased removable finial, leaf andshell repousse lid, leaf and shellchased border to bowl, floral, leafand reed repousse decoration onfour scroll feet. .L. 9 1/2 in., Weight 38 oz., Stocknumber A 1743$700-1,000

    320Oval sterling silver coveredvegetable stand19th centuryPlain design, removable handle tothe lid in the Egyptian manner, rimof lid and stand chased with a fandecoration.L 11 1/2 in., Weight 36 oz.$500-700

    321Sterling silver fruit bowlwhiting division of gorham, 1sthalf of the 20th centuryHeavy floral and bud openworkslightly everted circular serpentineborder with matching footed base.D 13 1/2 in., weight 40 oz.$2,000-3,000

    322Sterling silver fruit compotes. kirk & son, early 20th centuryOrnate floral repousse border,repeated on the foot, repousseswing handle.Dia: 11 1/4 in., Weight 33 oz.$400-600

    323Oval sterling silver roast platterfirst half of the 20th centuryWide fern leaf and flower repousseborder, cross-hatch engraved center.L: 16 1/2 in., Weight 28 oz.$400-600

    324Sterling silver fruit bowlwhiting, 1st half 20th centuryWith six ornate orange blossomreserves to rim.Dia: 11 3/4 in., Weight 27 oz.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    324ATwo Gorham sterling silver rolltrays20th centuryBoth of oval form one with repousseand cartouche decoration withmonogram, MB and the other withfluting and scalloped edge.L: 15 1/2 in. (longest)$300-500

    318, 319, 320, 324A


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:18 AM Page 58

  • 59

    325Sterling silver easel style photoframetiffany & co., 1st half of the 20thcenturyRectangular shape with plain squarecorners, frame chased with leaves,horseshoes and line.Overall size: 10 3/4 in. by 9 in.,photo opening 8 3/8 in. by 6 1/8 in.$800-1,200

    326Oval sterling silver coveredvegetable dishtiffany & co., 19th / 20th centurySerpentine edges, lid with cast leafedges, border of bowl floral cast.L 11 in., Weight 36 oz.$600-800

    327Sterling silver serving spoontiffany and co., new york, 20thcenturyWave edge pattern.L: 8 3/4 in. Weighable silver: 3.5 oz.$100-125

    328Sterling silver fruit bowltiffany & co., 20th centuryCircular shape with scalloped andeverted rim chased with leaves,vermeil interior.Dia: 11 7/8 in., Weight 26.5 oz.$550-750

    329Large sterling silver fruit basketmade for tiffany & co., 1st half ofthe 20th centuryHeavily scrolled, pierced and floraletched slightly everted rim, piercedand floral molded swing handle onfour cast scroll feet.L: 14 1/2 in., Weight: 47 oz.$3,500-4,500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    321, 322, 323, 324

    325, 326, 327, 328, 329

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:18 AM Page 59

  • 60

    330Sterling silver lighthouse formcoffeepottiffany & co, 1st half of the 20thcenturySquat round form with medallionengraved sides, pearwood handle, #19588.H: 7 3/4 in., Weight 22 oz.$600-800

    331Pair of Classical style silver opensaltsball, black & co., new york, mid19th centuryEach of oval form, with putti andfoliate garland decoration, raised ona shaped foot, gilt washed interiors.(2).H: 2 1/4 in., L: 4 in., Weight: 11 oz.$500-600

    332Sterling silver water pitchertiffany and co., 20th centuryPlain, slightly tapering shape withsquare C handle.H: 7 1/2 in., Weight 28 oz.$500-700

    333Sterling silver two handledLovingcupgoodnow and jenks, boston circa1896Hexagonal urn form with shellchasing at top corners, large lyreform handles with shells above andbelow, plain hexagonal foot.H: 8 7/8 in., Weight: 55 oz.$750-1,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    330, 331, 332, 333


    334Twelve sterling finger bowls withunder traysredlich & co., new york, nycirca 1890Open design work with four floralsprays together with twelvematching under plates. Alsoincludes eleven cut crystal liners.Dia.: of underplate: 6 5/8 in., Totalweight of silver 90 oz.$1,200-1,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:11 AM Page 60

  • 61

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    335Sterling three handled cuptiffany & co.,new york, early 20thcenturyThe tulip form bowl with reeded,strapwork and bellflower bandabove shield-shaped reserves,flaring, circular foot.H: 12 in. Dia.: 9 in.$800-1,200

    336Sterling silver demi-tasse cup andsaucer service by Tiffany & Co.1st half of the 20th centuryTwelve each of openwork cup withtwelve saucers. All in a fitted tancanvas case with twelve Lenoxcream and gold band liners.$2,000-3,000



    337Sterling silver New York Yacht Clubtrophyjohn c. moore and sons fortiffany & co. 1863.In the form of a circular coveredbutter dish. Ball handle to lid withfigure of a recumbent sailor and ananchor beside, incurvate panel sides.Lid is inscribed 14th AnnualRegatta, Handicap Sweepstakes,SLOOP FANNIE, New York YachtClub, June, 11th 1863 andmonogrammed: E. H. W. for E. H.White (the owner of the winningSloop) .Dia. 8 3/8 in., Weight 36 oz.$8,000-12,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:18 AM Page 61

  • 62

    338George Paulding Farnham (1825-1927)silver and enameled vase, fortiffany and co., new york, 1901Bearing the Tiffany marks for itemsmade specifically for the Pan-American Exposition, the Vikingvase of baluster form with Celticinspired entwined strapworkhandles, the body inset with semiprecious gem stones includingcitrines and garnets, intricatelycut with scroll-work, masks andbeaded strapwork, green, yellowand purple enameling at shoulders,masks, base and domed foot.H: 8 in. Dia. 4 in.provenance:Exhibited in the 1901 Buffalo, Pan-American Exposition, this vaseshares many similarities with a teaservice designed by Farnham andalso exhibited at the Pan-AmericanExposition, now in the collection ofthe Newark Museum. GeorgePaulding Farnum studied in thestudio of Tiffanys chief designer,Edward C. Moore, and in 1885became his assistant. His skill as adesigner and sculptor was

    recognized by Moore and CharlesLewis Tiffany. At the age of 27 hewas selected to create the Tiffanyjewelry collection that would be sentto Paris for the ExpositionUniverselle of 1889. Farnum andTiffany recieved the gold Medal forjewelry. With Moores death in 1891,Farnum became Tiffanys chiefdesigner of both jewelry and thesilver collections. Inspired by Asian,Islamic and American Indiandesigns, Tiffany & Co. won awardsat the Worlds Columbian Expositionin 1893. For the Pan-AmericanExposition, Farnum sought newdesign inspiration from Viking,Byzantine, and Roman artifacts.Artistic disagreements betweenFarnum and his new employer, LewisComfort Tiffany, began with thedeath of Charles Louis Tiffany in1902. In 1908, Farnum left Tiffany &Co. and the creation of jewelry andsilver to pursue other interests. Oneof his best known works is theAugust Belmont Memorial Cup$30,000-50,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:11 AM Page 62

  • 63

    339Sterling silver well and tree plattergorham manufacturing co,providence, riOf oval form decorated with neo-Classical devices raised on fourscrolled feet.L: 20 in.$800-1,200

    340Sterling silver bowl and standgorham manufacturing co,providence ri, circa 1935Florenz pattern, with everted rim,Classical devices and engraved1911 and 1936 with themonogram MKK.Dia: 12 1/2 in. Weight:$800-1,200

    341Sterling silver flat table servicegorham, issued 1952Gold Tipped pattern including 12place knives, 12 place forks, 12cream soup or dessert spoons, 12salad forks, hollow handled butterspreaders, and 24 teaspoons. .Weight of weighable silver: 86 oz.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    339, 340


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:18 AM Page 63

  • 64

    342Sterling silver flat table servicetuttle, mid 20th centuryLamerie pattern including eight grapefruit spoons, twenty-one fish forks,twenty demitasse spoons, eleven flat butter spreaders (all without featherededge), twenty-three cream soup spoons (two without feathered edge),twenty-five salad forks (thirteen without feathered edge), forty-twoluncheon forks (fifteen without feathered edge), sixteen dinner knives,twenty-five dinner forks, twenty-seven dessert spoons, fifty-two tea spoons(thirteen without feathered edge), six luncheon knives all without featherededge), thirteen 4 oclock tea spoons, gravy ladle, sauce ladle, lemon fork,pickle fork, three tined small fork, butter spear, three jelly spoons, small jellyserver, marrow scoop and olive spoon total of 289 pieces.Total weight of weighable silver: 470 oz$10,000-15,000

    34312 sterling silver sauce dishestiffany & co., 20th centuryCircular serpentine shape withshell molded border.Dia.: 5 1/2 in., Total wt: 38 oz.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$300-500

    344Sterling silver tea servicereed & barton, early 20th centurySt. George pattern, square Chandles. Including hot water pot, teapot, covered sugar bowl, waste bowland creamer.Weight of total service: 81 oz.$1,500-1,800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:18 AM Page 64

  • 65

    345Sterling silver tea and coffee seto.n.c. handwrought, retailed byblack, starr and frost, early 20thcenturyInverted pear shapes, shell andscroll repousse decoration. Includinghot water kettle on stand withburner and swing handle, coffeepot,teapot, covered sugar bowl, wastebowl, creamer and two handled tray,7 pieces.L: 26 1/4 in. (tray), Weight of entireservice including tray 195 oz..$5,000-7,000

    346Sterling silver tea and coffeeservicedated 1925Flattened ball form with ornategarland and floral reservedecoration. Including hot waterkettle on stand, coffeepot, teapot,covered sugar bowl and creamer(lacks waste bowl), together with anoval silver plated two handled teatray with floral chased border,engraved tray with crest engravedcenter. .Length of tray 30 in., Total weight ofsilver 148 oz.$4,800-6,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:18 AM Page 65

  • 66

    347Sterling silver flat table servicereed & barton, issued 1907Francis I pattern, service for twelveincluding place knives, place forks,cream soup spoons, salad forks andteaspoons, service pieces includingcold meat fork, table spoon, pieknife, master butter knife and sugarshell. In fitted mahogany case.$800-1,200

    348Sterling silver flat table servicegorham, issued 1895Chantilly pattern, service for eight,comprising place forks, salad forks,fish forks (hollow handles), seafoodforks, place knives, butter knives(hollow handles), fish knives (hollowhandles), teaspoons, iced teaspoons, dessert spoons and twopiece salad set, (82 pieces) .Weight of weighable silver: 60 oz.$1,200-1,800

    349Sterling silver tea and coffeeservicegorham, providence, r.i., 1st halfof the 20th centuryEngraved circular melon form withleaf chased spouts, lyre formhandles (swing handle to hot waterkettle), on scroll feet. Includes hotwater kettle, tea and coffee pots,creamer, covered sugar bowl andwaste bowl. Stock numbers 2833 A,2829 A, 2828 A, 2831 A, 2830 Aand 2832 A respectively.Height of hot water kettle withhandle up 12 3/4 in., Total weight174 oz.$2,000-4,000

    350Pair of silver fruit compotes20th centuryPlain circular serpentine tray tops onplain shafts and conforming bases.Dia: 8 in. Total weight: 28 oz.$600-800

    351Large sterling silver circular caketraywallace, 20th centuryGadrooned edge, pierced and shellinner border.Dia: 14 in., Weight 24 oz.$400-600

    352Sterling silver flat table servicefirst half of the 20th centuryThread mold border with arched tipsincluding six place knives, six placeforks, six oyster forks, six saladforks, six bouillon spoons, five creamsoup spoons, ten teaspoons, sixdemitasse spoons, sauce ladle,gravy ladle, tart server and silverhandled wooden salad set.Weight of weighable silver : 35 oz.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



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  • 67

    353Sterling silver tea serviceschofield co., early 20th centuryOrnate Baltimore Rose pattern oncast claw feet including burner,coffeepot, teapot, covered sugarbowl, waste bowl and creamer.Height of hot water kettle: 9 in.,Total weight of set :75 oz.$3,000-5,000

    354Sterling silver flatware servicealvin, mid 20th centuryVivaldi pattern, service for twelveincluding place knives, place forks,salad forks, dessert spoons,teaspoons, two piece salad service,cold meat fork, large serving spoonand gravy ladle (lacks a teaspoonand a salad fork), 63 pieces.Weight of weighable silver: 106 oz.$1,200-1,600

    355Sterling silver tea service1st half of the 20th centuryClassical fluted urn design, gadroon,leaf and rosette decoration onsquare bases. Including hot waterpot, tea pot, covered sugar bowl,waste bowl and creamer.H: of hot water pot 4 7/8 in., Totalweight of set: 76 oz.$1,000-1,500

    356Iridescent glass decantertiffany & co, new york, new yorkEtched, L.C. Tiffany-Favrille and241, the flattened ball stopper onbody with elongated neck andbulbous base.H: 9 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    357Three iridescent blown wineglassestiffany & co, new yorkTapering bowl on button knoppedand circular foot, two marked l.c.t.favrile.H: 5 1/2 in.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    358Small iridescent blown glass vasesteuben, corning, new yorkFlaring tapering neck on squatpinched base, etched aurene.H: 5 1/2 in.$300-500




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT52-67:Layout 1 10/22/09 10:13 AM Page 67

  • 68

    359Lead glass, patinated bronze tablelamptiffany studios, new yorkWith maker mark, also with mark ofTiffany Glass Decorating Co., withdomed shade in vine pattern on atapering columnar and lobed base.H: 20 in. Dia.: 14 in.$10,000-20,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT68-83:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:47 AM Page 68

  • 69

    360Bronze table lamptiffany studios, new york, early20th centuryMakers mark, also marked withTiffany Glass and Decorating Co.,monogram, with opaque leadedglass shade.H: 22 3/4 in., Dia.: 16 in (shade)$4,000-5,000

    361Favrille glass and bronze floor lamptiffany studios, new york, early20th centuryWith makers mark, lamp base withfive arched legs, no. 423H with adome-form green-yellow Favrileglass shade.H: 57 1/2 in.$8,000-12,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT68-83:Layout 1 10/22/09 5:50 AM Page 69

  • 70

    362Art glass table lamphandel, circa 1915The tapering and molded shadesigned Handel 6351 anddecorated with trees and mountains,on a patinated metal naturalisticbase.H: 14 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    363Leaded glass and patinated metalfloor lampThe domed shade above threecandle arms shaft and circulardomed base.H: 65in.$1,000-1,500

    364Leaded Art glass and bronze tablelampcirca 1890The base stamped PEG, the domedshade with flowers and geometricmotifs on a tapering fluted basewith three arched legs.H: 27 in.$1,500-2,500

    365Gilt metal bon bon dishstamped tiffany & co..first half20th centuryModeled as a Viking ship, with aneagles head masthead, resting onwagon wheels.H: 7 1/4, L: 7 1/2 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    366Partial Abalone desk settiffany studios, 20th centuryInlaid in gilt bronze Including rockerblotter, pen brush, pen tray, calendarframe, and inkstand each stampedTiffany Studios, New York.L: of pen tray: 8 7/8 in. H: ofinkstand: 3 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    367Gilt-Bronze Abalone pattern traytiffany studios, new yorkMarked Tiffany Studios New York1739.Dia: 12 in.$400-600


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT68-83:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:47 AM Page 70

  • 71

    368Patinated bronze Zodiac inkwelltiffany studios, new yorkH: 4 in.$250-350

    369Bronze and glass pine needlepattern pen traytiffany studios, new yorkMarked Tiffany Studios, New York,1004 together with two engravedTiffany printing plates formed intotrays and a Tiffany printing plate andtiles.2 1/2 in. x 9 1/2 in.$200-300

    370James Earle Fraser (1876-1953)bas-relief bronze portrait plaqueof theodore rooseveltCast, Fraser 1920 rectangular formwith bust-length profile of Rooseveltwith inscription Aggressive Fightingfor the Right is the Noblest Sport ofthe World, reverse marked DecArts.12 7/8 x 10 in.$1,200-1,500

    371Four Arts and Crafts glazed potterytilesbachelder, los angeles, ca andmoravian, doylestown, paThe first depicting a hunter and dog,two with signs of the Zodiac, thelast with ship at sea.3 7/8 in. square$250-350

    372Standard glaze Art Pottery vaserookwood, cincinnatti, ohio, 1901Decorated with dogwood.H: 9 1/2 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts





    373Standard glaze Art Pottery Vaserookwood, cincinnati, ohio, 1902Decorated with chestnuts.H: 6 1/2 in.$300-500


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT68-83:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:47 AM Page 71

  • 376


    376Gustav Stickley side chairharvey ellis (1852-1904)Double horizontal rail over threevertical slats with wood, copper, andpewter inlay, caned seat withdetachable leather cushion,conforming stretcher, straight legs,and branded emblem.H: 43 in. Seat height: 16 1/2 in.$7,000-9,000

    377Mission oak side tablel. & j. g. stickley, new york, 20thcenturyHaving an octagonal top over fourstraight legs with X stretcher.H: 17 in. Dia.: 16 in.$500-700

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    374 375

    374Three molded Art Pottery vasesrookwood, cincinnati, ohio, 1920,1930, and 1944The first of tapering ovoid form witha green-blue glaze molded withband of penguins; the second, ofovoid form with a blue-green glazemolded with wide scale and scrollband at shoulder; the third of squatform in a white glaze molded withbutterflies.H: 6 in. to 4 1/2 in.$300-500

    375Two Art Pottery vasesrookwood, cincinnati, ohio, dated1912 and1913The first of ovoid form in vellumglaze of blue with white band,initialed E.T.H. for decoratorEdward T. Hurley, impressed 1773date mark of 1912; the second oftapering form with flared rim, blueto purple glaze with carved band offlowers at neck, blue to purple,Initialed C.S.T. for decoraterCharles S. Todd, impressed 1660D,H: 7 1/2 in and 9 1/4 in.$400-600

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT68-83:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:47 AM Page 72

  • 73

    378Wall unitpaul mccobb (1917-1969)Two piece mahogany and tubularbrass frame, the upper sectionhaving open shelving and fourcentered small drawers over threepanel door on straight legs.H: 82 in., L: 60 in., W: 19 in.$500-700

    379Cabinetedward wormley (1907-1995) fordunbarIn two parts, the upper section withdoors, the lower section fitted with along drawer and sliding doors.H: 52 1/2 in. W: 39 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$5,000-7,000

    380Pair upholstered swivel easy chairsedward wormleyH: 27 in.$2,000-3,000

    381Large flask form vasewillaim morris, 20th centuryFree flask form with abstractdecoration in range of blue, gray andgreen.H. 16 3/4 in. x 14 1/2 in.provenance:Signed on edge of bottom WilliamMorris 1984$4,000-6,000

    382Dining room tablefrank lloyd wright design forhenredonHaving a rectangular top with twoleaves.H: 29 in. W: 61 in. D: 42 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    379 381


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT68-83:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:47 AM Page 73

  • 74

    383Three pair of pewter candlesticksmeriden britannia co., meriden,connecticut, circa 1850The first two pairs of taperingtrumpet form on circular foot withgadrooned bobeche, shoulders,stem and base, together with a thirdpair with reverse-trumpet formstem.H: 10 in. and 10 3/4 in.$500-800

    384Two pair of pewter candlestickshenry hopper, new yorkEach with removable bobeche onturned and trumpet form stem ondomed foot, one pair with bright-cutbanding, one pair unmarked.H: 10 in.$600-800

    385Six pewter sparking lampsjames putnam, dunham and j.whitlock, troy nyIncluding two with cylindrical fontsand baluster stem on a domed foot,a chamber lamp with cylindrical fontand tapering stem, a chamber lampwith urn-form font and reel-turnedstem and saucer base, a chamberlamp with urn-form on saucer base.Tallest 4 1/2 in . (with burners)$400-600

    386Two pewter camphene burnerlampsf. porter, meEach with tulip form font on balusterturned stem and circular base.H: 9 1/2 in. ( with burners)$400-600

    387Five pewter lampsunmarkedIncluding a bulls eye lamp withoutburner and lenses, a whale oil lampwith pear shaped font, baluster stemand saucer base, a shapedcylindrical chamber lamp on a flaredstem and saucer base, anotherchamber lamp with urn form fontand a lamp with modified acornform font.H: 5 1/4 to 7 in. (without burners)provenance:Stanley and Rose Rich pewtercollection$400-600

    388Three pewter whale oil lampsweeks and taunton b.m. coEach with bee-hive fonts on balusterturned stems, saucer bases, onewith ring handle, one unmarked.H: tallest 8 3/4 in. (with burners)$400-600

    389Six pewter chamber lampsIncluding two pair, all with acornshaped font on flaring stem andcircular foot, three with cast handlesone a Newells patent lamp,another fitted with a wick.H: tallest 7 1/2 in. (with burners)$600-800

    390Two pewter lampsendicott & sumnerOf similar form, each withsuppressed ball form font onbaluster turned stem, saucer base.H: 7 1/4 in. (without burners)$1,000-1,500

    391Pewter whale oil lampyale & curtiss, new yorkThe font of modified bell form onbaluster stem.H: 9 1/4 in.$400-600

    392Three pewter cylinder-form fontlampsroswell gleason (1822-1871),dorchester, maEach with a reel and cylinder-turnedstem on a stepped circular foot,.H: 7 3/4 in. (without burners)$300-400

    393Pair of pewter push-upcandlesticksengland, 19th centuryEach with beaded bobeche onbaluster stem on beaded andstepped circular foot.H: 11 in.$450-650

    394Pair of pewter whale oil lampsInverted bell form font on balusterstem and cast C form handlesaucer base.H: 7 5/8 in.$400-500

    395Two assembled pairs of whale oillampsone pair with touch of f. porterTwo with reel-turned stems and twowith knopped stem.H: 7 in. tallest with burners.$400-500

    396Assembled pair of pewter whale oillampsroswell gleason (1822-1871),dorchester, maEach with stepped tulip form fontson a baluster stem, domed bases.H: 9 in.$700-800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    lots 383515: The Stanley and Rose Rich Pewter Collection, Part II

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  • 75

    397Four pewter whale oil lampse. smithIncluding a pair, three lamps withreel and ball turned stem, domedbase, the fourth with double reel-turned stem, with mark of Yale &Curtiss, N.Y.H: 8 in.$400-600

    398Pair of pewter whale oil lampsjames putnam, malden, maWith shaped and belted fonts on abaluster stem.H: 8 1/2 in. (with burners)$300-500

    399Pair of pewter whale oil lampsroswell gleason (1822-1871),dorchester, maOn bulbous stems and steppedcircular bases.H: 8 in.$300-500

    400Two pewter sparking whale oillampsw. calder, providence, r.i.The first with cylindrical font ondouble-reel stem and stepped foot,the second with bulbous-turnedstem and stepped, circular base,unmarked.H: 4 1/2 and 5 in.$400-600

    401Four tall pewter camphene lampscapen & molineux, new yorkIncluding an assembled pair, all withturned stems and saucer bases.H: 11 in. (with burner)$300-500

    402Ten pewter cylinder font shortcamphene lampscapen & molineux, new yorkWith cylindrical or taperingcylindrical fonts, with saucer, slightlydomed, or molded bases.H: 3 1/2 to 5 in. (with burners)$500-700

    403Five pewter acorn fontedcamphene lampscapen & molineux, yale & curtissOf varying heights and turnedstems, saucer bases, one a chamberlamp.H: tallest 8 1/4 in. (without burner)$500-700

    404Three pewter champhene burnerlampscapen & molineux and smith andco.Including an assembled pair, eachwith tulip-form fonts, on knoppedstem on stepped circular bases, allwith burners, two with caps.H: 7 1/2 in. (with burner)$400-600

    405Four pewter beaker-fonted lampsyale & curtiss, new york and e.smith, beverly, maThree with reel-turned stems ondomed, the fourth a chamber lampwith saucer base.H: 5 in. to 6 1/2 in.$500-800

    406Five pewter cylinder font whale oillampsvarious makersWith variously shaped stems,makers include: Putnam, Capen &Molineux, Porter and Gleason.H: 6 1/4 to 7 1/4 in. (withoutburners)$500-800

    407Five pewter urn form lampssmith & co. and capen & molineuxTwo similar with baluster-turnedstem, another with tapering stem,antoehr with bulbous and ring-turned stem, the last with reel andknopped stem, all with saucer bases.H: 7 in to 9 in.$400-600

    408Eight pewter cylinder fonted lampsWith variously turned baluster,trumpet or reel turned stems, threewith handles, marks include : Rustspatent New york, Putnam, Smith &Co., Roswell Gleason, Calder.H: 7 1/4 to 8 in. (without burner)$400-600

    409Three pewter camphene burnerlampsendicott & sumner, trask, beverlymaWith variously shaped fonts andstems.H: 8 in. to 9 in. (without burners)$400-700

    410Assembled pair of campheneburner lamps.attributed to meriden britanniaco.With gadrooned foot.H: 7 1/4 in. (with burners)$400-600

    411Six pewter whale oil lampsattributed to meriden brit. co, andfuller and smithEach with tapering cylindrical formfont, including a pair with trumpetstems with C form handles andsaucer bases, a single of the sameform with Fuller and Smith touch,and an assembled pair with waistedstem and domed base, some withcamphene burners.H: 8 3/4 in.$500-700

    412Two pewter camphene chamberlampsThe first a petticoat lamp withcylindrical font on a domed base;the second of urn form on a reel-turned stem and saucer base.H: 5 1/2 in.$250-300

    413Two pewter chamber lamps andtwo glass peg lampsrusts, and capen & molineux, newyorkIncluding Rusts patent lamp,without burner, a glass globular peglamp without burners, a shortcylindrical font lamp and acylindrical glass peg lamp withwhale oil burners.$300-500

    414Four pewter camphene chamberlamps with gadrooned basesunmarkedThree with shaped and incisedcylindrical fonts on flaring stems ondomed bases, the fourth withmodified acorn form font.H: 6 in. (without burner)$400-600

    415Six pewter camphene sparkinglampscapen & molineux, new yorkOf bell or cylindrical form, two withtouch marks.H: 3 1/2 in.$200-300

    416Four pewter cylindrical fontchamber oil lampsjames putnam, malden, ma, r.gleason, t. wildesVariously turned stems, saucerbases.H: 5 1/2 in. (without burner)$600-800

    417Five pewter bell- form chambercamphene lampsmorey & ober, boston, maOne of beehive form, two of beltedbell form and two of stepped bellform, all with cast handle, threeunmarked.H: 5 1/2 in. (with burners)$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


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  • 76

    418Four pewter beaker-fonted lampsw. calder,providence, ri and morey& ober, boston, maIncluding an assembled pair ontapering stems and stepped circularbase, a chamber lamp with saucerbase, another chamber lamp withshallow saucer.H: 4 3/4 to 6 1/2 in.$500-700

    419Seven pewter camphene modifiedbell-form chamber lampscapen & molineux, endicott &sumnerH: 3 1/2 in. (without burner)$500-700

    420Two pewter lard lampsEach with molded urn-form .H: 6 1/8 in.$400-600

    425Double bulls eye lampleonard reed and barton typeH: 8 1/2 in.$900-1,000

    426Pewter cylinder font chamber lampt. wildesWith a reel and cylinder-turnedstem on saucer base.H: 8 1/4 in. (with burners)$300-400

    427Two gimbal chamber lamps19th centuryOne with cylindrical font, the secondwith an inverted bell-form font, eachwith saucer base with finger ring.H: largest 6 in. (with burners)$300-400

    428Pewter double gimbal whale oillampunmarkedpossibly Yale and Curtiss, New York.H: 4 1/4 in.$500-600

    429Group of pewter candlesticks andswivel lamps19th and 20th centuryIncluding an associated pair ofbaluster turned candlesticks withtouch of F. Porter, chamber stickwith the touch of Hyde a silverplated baluster-turned candlestick,unmarked and three reproductionwhale oil swivel lamps.H: tallest 7 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    421Group of pewter miniature itemsamerican and continental, 19thcenturyIncluding a teapot, two handledbeakers, four basins, mini castorframe with bottles, and one plate.$300-500

    422Group of pewter buttonsvarious makersMakers include A. Mathews, H.Smmith, G. Smith, D. Prichard andSpence & Hotchtiss.$600-800

    423Group of pewter itemsIncluding a circular bright-cut snuffbox, a shot cup, a tasting porringer ahandled beaker with the touch of J.Danforth, New York, and anotherhandled beaker with the touch ofMorey & Ober Boston.$400-500

    424Six pewter boxes19th centuryL: 2 3/8 -6 1/2 in.$200-250

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  • 77

    433Five pewter lampsputman, fuller & smithIncluding a whale oil lamp withoblong font, baluster stem andsaucer base with ring handle, acamphene lamp with urn form font,reel-turned stem and flaring base, awhale oil lamp with bell form fonton tapering stem, a chamber lamp,and a patent lamp with cylinder fonton knopped stem and a domedbase.H: 5 in. to 9 in. (without burners)$400-600

    434Four pewter cylinder font lampsr. gleason, (1822-1871), dorchester,maThe first two a pair, with balusterstem on a stepped circular base, thesecond two an assembled pair withincised band at cylinder, double reelform stem and stepped circularbase, three lamps unmarked.H: 6 1/2 in. (tallest)$500-700

    435Three pewter urn-form lampsIncluding a pair, each with double-reel form stem and domed base.H: 7 3/4 in.$400-600

    436Pewter teapothale & sons exporters, late 18thcenturyWith a stepped and domed lit onpear-form body, paneled spout,wooded handle.$1,000-2,000

    437Four pewter lighthouse-formteapots.morey & ober, boston, ma, 1852-1855 and f. porter, westbrook, me,1835-1860Three with touch of Morey & Ober.H: 6 3/4 to 7 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    438Two pewter teapotswm mcquilken and m.l.l. williams,philadelphiaH: 8 1/4 and 9 1/2 in.$600-800

    439Three pewter teapotsgeorge richardson, rhode islandEach with domed lid on a globularbody, flaring foot.H: 7 3/4 in.$600-800

    440Pewter teapotluther boardmanWith a domed lid on a squat incised,body, molded foot.H: 7 1/4 in.$500-600

    441Three pewter teapotsl & c. ny and james munsonThe first with a domed top onincised globular body, with touch ofL. and C. The second and third withconical lids on molded globularbody, both with touch of Munson.H: tallest 8 1/2 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



    430Four pewter porringersfirst half 19th centuryThe first with crown handle, thesecond with a flower handleengraved with the initials MW, thethird with heart and crescent moonhandle, and the fourth with oldEnglish type handle.Dia: 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    431Pewter spittoonjosiah danforth, middletown, ct,early 19th century.molded, flaring sides on cast paw-form feet, ring handle.Dia: 7 1/2 base$120-180

    432Two pewter whale oil lampse. smith, beverly, ma and morleyand ober, boston, maEach with a tulip form font, one witha reel and cylinder-turned stem, theother with a reel turned stem.H: 6 in. and 8 in.$500-700

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  • 442Three pewter teapotsj w cahill and roswell gleason(1822-1871), dorchester, maIncluding two of bullet form, onemarked Gleason and the third ofsquat globular form with touch ofCahill.H: 7 in. to 8 3/4 in.$400-600

    443Three pewter teapotsboardman & hart, new yorkEach with a domed lid on globular orsquat urn form body.H: 7 1/4 in to 7 3/4 in.$400-600

    444Two pewter or Britannia wareteapots and a covered pitchertaunton britannia mfg. co. andmeriden britannia co.Including two fluted urn-formteapots, with wooden finials andhandles and a double-wall patentcovered pitcher with grapevine finial,scrolled handle and incised Greekkey motif at mid-section.H: tallest 10 3/4 in.$200-300

    445Pewter teapotcrossman, west and leonardThe stepped lid with turned finial onfluted baluster-form body andmolded circular foot.H: 8 3/8 in.$300-500

    446Two pewter teapotsi.c. lewis, meriden, ctEach with a conical lid on a squatbody, flaring foot.H: 8 1/4 in.$300-500

    447Two pewter teapotss. simpson and savage, middleton,ctEach with a domed lid on squat urn-form body and flaring foot.H: 7 1/2 in.$300-500

    448Two pewter inverted mold teapotsl.j.curtiss, mid 19th centuryWith conical lids, one teapotunmarked.H: 8 3/4 in.$300-400

    449Pewter hot water kettle and standjames dixon & son, sheffield,englandThe pot of paneled ovoid form withmolded spout on scrolled supportsand shaped base raised on bun feet,together with a teapot of relatedform on scrolled feet.H: 12 in.$300-400

    450Pewter teapotcharles yale, wallingford, ctH: 8 in.$450-500

    451Two pewter teapotshummiston, troy, ny and putnam,circa 1830.The first of squat urn form, markedinterior base, the second slightlylarger of similar form with incisedband decoration.H: tallest 7 1/2 in.$500-700

    452Three pewter teapotsh. b. wardEach with conical lid, one invertedmold, one with modified acorn formbody, the other with short balusterform body, two with touch of Ward.H: 9 in.$300-500

    453Group of five pewter teapots withgrape and leaf finialsmorey & ober, boston.Each of banded pear form withdomed lid and flaring molded foot,one pot unmarked.H: 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 in.$250-350

    454Assembled five piece pewter teaand coffee serviceleonard reed & barton circa 1840Including coffeepot, two teapots,and covered sugar and creamer,each of paneled baluster form, thepots with wooden handles.H: 12 3/4 in. (coffeepot)$600-800

    455Two pewter teapotsdaniel curtiss, albany, new yorkH: 7 in. and 8 1/4 in.$400-600

    456Four pewter tea itemsjames dixon & son, sheffield,englandIncluding a boat-shaped flutedteapot, a pear-form creamer withleaf shaped cast feet and a creamerand covered sugar with cast scrolledhandles on a reeded body.H: tallest 3/4 in.$250-350

    457Two pewter teapots, one silverplatedt.s. derbyEach with conical lid on squatbaluster body.H: 9 in.$300-500

    458Four pewter teaware itemsshelton & feltman, albany, homan& co. cincinnati and T. D. and S.BoardmanIncluding paneled and footed sugarand creamer by Shelton & Feltman,covered sugar bowl with domed lidhaving a cast floral finial and beltedpear form body, with touch ofMoran and a teapot with acorn finialwith touch of Thomas D. andSherman Boardman.H: 6 to 9 in.$200-300

    459Four pewter teapotsjosiah danforth, hyrim yaleThe first of urn-form with domed lid,scrolled handle, the second ofsimilar form with conical lid, thethird of modified globular form withdomed lid, the fourth of squatglobular form with incised banding,two unmarked.H: tallest 9 in.$400-600

    460Rococo pewter teapotholland, 18th centuryWith a lobed and domed lid onconforming pear-shaped body,figural spout.H: 6 in.$300-500

    461Four pewter teapotsroswell gleason (1822-1871),dorchester, maEach with a domed lid on incisedglobular body, stepped flaring foot.H: 7 1/2 in. - 9 in.$400-600


    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


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  • 79

    462Three pewter teapotsh.h. gravesTwo of inverted mold, form, onewith touch of Graves, the third ofglobular form.H: tallest 8 3/4 in.$300-500

    463Four pewter teapotsfreeman porter, westbrook, maineand dunhamThree with conical lid on pigeonbreasted body, one with touch ofDunham two with touch of Porterand the third of inverted mold form.H: 6 1/2 in. to 9 in.$300-500

    464Four pewter covered water pitchersroswell gleason, dorchester, ma(1822-1871), boardman and hart,hartfordonnecticut, (1805-1850)., anddunham, maine, (1861-1882). Thefirst two covered pitchers, each witha domed lid, bulbous body andmolded foot, the third pitcher withtouch of Boardman and Hart, thefourth with touch of Dunham.H: 10 3/4 to 7 in.$500-800

    465Pewter coffee urnleonard reed & bartonWith flowerhead finial on balusterform body, 15 cup capacity.H: 14 1/2 in.$700-900

    466Five pewter coffeepotsjames putnam, malden, ma andashbil griswold, meriden, ct, ca.1840Three of pear form on moldedcircular and spurred scrolledhandles, two of urn-form.H: 10 to 11 in.$600-800

    467Pewter coffeepotboardmanWith a wooden finial on conical lidand ringed double belly body,molded foot.H: 11 1/8 in.$300-500

    468Two pewter lighthouse form coffeepotswhitlock, troy, ny, mid 19thcenturyThe first with wood disc form knopand belted body with stepped footbears Whitlock touch, the secondunmarked, with domed and steppedfinial, spurred spout, stepped foot.H: 11 3/4 in. and 12 in.$500-700

    469Pewter flagonroswell gleason (1822-1871),dorchester, ma, circa 1830With domed lid on belted taperingbody molded foot.H: 11 in.$600-800

    470Three pewter bullet-shapedcoffeepotsmunson, wallingford, ctEach with peaked lid on moldedovoid body and molded foot,spurred C shaped handle, onebears touch of Munson. .H: 11 to 12 in.$300-500

    471Five pewter coffeepotsfuller & smith and t. s. derby, ct,circa 1840Each with a domed or peaked lidson bullet-form body, cast spurredC form handle and circular foot,three unmarked.H: 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 in.$400-600

    472Three pewter coffeepotslyman and boardmanEach with button knop on peaked lidand belted bullet form body, spurredC form handle, one unmarked.H: 8 1/2 in to 10 1/2 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


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  • 80

    473Four pewter coffeepotsa. griswold, meriden, ctEach with domed lid on an incisedor molded elongated pear-formbody, three unmarked.H: 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 in.$400-600

    474Pewter coffee urn and pair ofpewter candlesticksholland and france, 19th centuryThe urn of paneled pear form withstepped and domed lid and scrolledhandles with figural terminalstogether with candlesticks oftapering fluted form.H: 15 in. and 6 in.$300-400

    475Two pewter coffeepots and twopewter teapotsg & w troy, ny, savage, ct. andbabbitt & crossman co.The first coffeepot of moldedlighthouse form with leaf decoratedhandle, and domed lid, the secondcoffepot of pear form, the firstteapot of fluted form, the secondteapot of tapering form, both withdomed lids.H: 11 1/2 in. (tallest)$400-600

    476Group of pewter tea waresleonard reed & bartonIncluding two baluster-form coffeepots with octagonal feet, a balusterform creamer, a paneled and shapedbaluster form coffeepot withoctagonal foot, two paneled balusterforn teapots with octagonal feet, apaneled baluster form covered sugarbowl and a coffeepot of paneledtapering form on case feet, mostwith flowerhead finials.$500-700

    477Three pewter coffeepotse. smith, circa 1840The first of modified beltedlighthouse form with touch of Smith,and two of tapering urn form,unmarked.H: 8 5/8 in .(tallest)$400-600

    478Two pewter coffeepots and apewter teapotvose and co, albany, rosewellgleason,and leonard reed andbarton, circa 1840Each of paneled baluster form withwooden handles and woodenflowerhead knops, one coffeepotsilver plated.H: 13 in.$300-500

    479Pewter castor frame with bottleselijah braman, taunton, ma, andwarren, ri, 1834-1839with five lobed bottles together withTrask (Beverly, Massachusetts)pewter caster frame with six bottles,another Trask (Beverly,Massachusetts) pewter casterframe with five bottles and a pewtercastor frame with four paneledbottles.H: 8 1/2 -9 in.$400-600

    480Pewter castor frame with bottles19th centuryHaving four paneled glass bottlestogether with another pewter castorframe with four threaded glassbottles.H: 7 1/4 in.-7 3/4 in.$80-120

    481Tall silver plate castor frame withbottlesroswell gleason, dorchester, ma,1822-1871Having five etched bottles togetherwith Victorian pewter castor framewith six lobed bottles.H: 13 in and 13 1/2 in.$100-200

    482Pewter basinjosiah danforth, middletown, ct.,early 19thMolded rim.Dia: 8 in.$800-1,200

    483Two pewter deep dishesjoseph danforth sr., middletown,ct, 1780-1788Dia: 13 1/4 in.$700-900

    484Pewter basinrichard austin (1792-1817), boston,ma, circa 1800With molded rim.Dia: 8 in.$500-700

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


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  • 81

    485Two pewter platesjohn watts, london,One with flat rim and the other withmolded rim, each with touchmarks,together with two Sam Duncombflat rim plates, 18th century, andnine plates of various Continentaland English makers.Dia: 8 1/2 -9 5/8 in.$400-600

    488Pewter plater. kingFlat rim plate with DS hallmarkstogether with three unmarkedmolded rim plates.Dia.: 7 3/8 -10 3/4 in.$200-300

    489Three pewter plates with moldedrims, various makers18th centuryOne by George Lightner, Baltimoretogether with one by John Skinner,Boston, 18th Century, and one byThomas Badger, Boston.Dia.: 8 11/16, 9 1/8,$700-900

    490Three pewter plates with moldedrim18th centuryThe first by John Will, New York,hammered booge, the second plateby Samuel Kilbourne, Baltimore, andthe third plate by William Ellsworth,New York with hammered booge.Dia.: 8 3/4 - 8 5/8$1,000-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


    491Three pewter platesrobert bush and co., bristol,englandtogether with one pewter plate withtouchmark, Townsend & Compton,London, one pewter plate withtouchmark, John Townsend, London,one pewter plate, Bristol, England,one plate, Richard Yates, London,and one pewter plate, Fasson andSon, London.Dia.: 7 1/4-9 1/2 in.$400-600


    486Two pewter platesrichard austin, boston, ma, 18thcentury early 19th centuryEach with molded rim.Dia.: 7 1/2- 7 3/4 in.$400-600

    487Pewter platejoseph danforth,sr., middletown,ct, 1780-1788together with two pewter plates,Edward Danforth, Hartford,Connecticut, 18th century, onepewter plate, Thomas Danforth,Taunton, Massachusetts, and oneunmarked pewter plate.Dia.: 7 7/8 in.$350-450

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  • 82

    492Group of pewter itemsamerican and continental, 19thand 20th centuryIncluding a Dutch coffee urn withshaped brass undertray, two coveredsyrups, touch of Homan, Cincinnati,creamer, a mustard pot with touchof Philip Ashbury & Sons, achocolate pot, a tapering coveredbox with side handle, a pair ofengraved salt and pepper shakersand creamer.H: 13 in. (tallest)$250-350

    493Ten pewter handled beakersreed and barton, taunton, ma,19th centuryVarious forms and sizes, two byReed and Barton.H: /4 to 4 3/8 in.$200-250

    494Eleven pewter beakersmost american, 19th and 20thcenturyOf various forms, most of banded orincised tapering cylindrical form.H: 2 1/2 to 3 3/4 in.$150-250

    495Three pewter beakersboardman & hart, hartford, ct,and ashbil griswold, meriden, ct,early 19th century Each of slightlyflaring cylindrical form with incisedbandings, two with touch of AshbilGriswold.H: 3 1/8 in.$700-900

    496Four pewter plates, a pewterplatter and two pewter scale platesrobert nicholson, london,andothersIncluding a molded, serpentine edgeplate by Nicholson engraved with acoat of arms, three flat rim plates,an oval platter with two scale plates.L: 14 in. (platter)$500-700

    497Assembled three piece tea serviceleonard reed & barton circa 1840Including a coffeepot, teapot andcovered sugar, all of paneledbaluster form, the pots with woodenflowerhead knops and woodenhandles.H: coffeepot 12 7/8 in.$400-600

    498Pewter basinsamuel danforth, hartford, ct,circa 1795-1815Molded rim.Dia: 8 in.$600-800

    499Five pewter basinsboardmans, hartford, ct.All with molded rims, mostunmarked.Dia: 5 1/2 in.-8 in.$300-500

    500Pewter platejohn danforth, norwich, ct, 18thcenturyDia: 7 11/16 in.$1,000-1,500

    501Group of bright-cut Sheffield andpewter tablewaresenglish and american 19thcenturyIncluding three boat-shapedteapots, a baluster-form syrup and acreamer, one teapot withoutbrightcut decoration.H: 7 in. (tallest)$250-350

    502Pewter syringe and bedpanfrance and england, 19th century$100-200

    503Two pewter deep dishes and threepewter basinsengland, 18th/19th centuryOne deep dish with touch ofDuncomb, basins bear touches ofSamuel Ellis and Burford & Green.Dia: 13 1/4 - 9 in.$300-500

    504Three pewter mugs and a beakerenglish, 18th and 19th centuryQuart tulip form mug on a moldedfoot, initials L L, a cylindricalbanded mug with mark of R.Pringle, a half-pint banded beakerwith initials engraved underside, anda footed handled cup marked 1795H: 5 7/8 to 3 1/2 in.$600-800

    505Pair of pewter chalices and a singlepewter chaliceleonard, reed, & barton, taunton,ma, 1835-1840 and samueldanforth, hartford, connecticut, 1795-1814 Thepair with molded rim and reel-turned stem on a domed foot, thethird with slightly flared rim on ring-turned stem and molded circularfoot.H: 7 1/8 and 7 1/2 in.$600-800

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts



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  • 83

    506Pewter chalice and a two-handledchaliceengland and james dixon and son,sheffield, englandThe chalice with flared rim on abelted bowl, knopped stem anddomed foot, the two-handledchalice with mark of James Dixon &Sons.H: 7 3/4 and 8 in.$600-800

    507Red cut to clear glass decanter19th centuryDecorated with elongated ovaldesign.H: 15 1/4 in.$200-400

    508Pair of cobalt blue loop patternpressed glass fluid lampsboston and sandwich glasscompany, sandwich, ma., circa1840-1865With pressed octagonal standardand square base, whale oil burner.H: 12 in.$800-1,200

    509Pair of cobalt blue pressed looppattern fluid lampsboston and sandwich glasscompany, sandwich, ma., circa1840-1865With pressed octagonal standardand square base, whale oil burner.H: 10 in.$1,500-2,500

    510Three colored pressed and blowncologne bottlesTwo in dark amethyst, each withhexagonal paneled stopper onconforming shaped bottle. Thelarger with projecting ellipses, andthe amber with a hexagonal paneledstopper on conforming base.H: 7 1/8 in. (tallest)$300-500

    511Pair of uncolored pressed glassfluid lampsbarlow and kaiserIn flattened Sawtooth pattern with abaluster paneled stem and pressedhexagonal base, fitted for electricitytogether with glass light with burner,circa 1850.H: 11 1/4 in. (tallest)$200-400

    512Canary yellow pressed glass fluidlampboston and sandwich glasscompany, sandwichmassachusetts, 1840-1850With Three Printie Block patternedfont, on hexagonal stem and base.H: 9 1/4 in.$200-400

    513Pair white milk-glass lamps.19th centurytogether with a brass skaters lamp.H: 11 1/2 in. (tallest)$100-200

    514Group of four blown and pressedglass itemsnew england, 19th centuryIncluding opaque white glass fluidlamp with paneled gourd form fonton a flared hexagonal base, a Canaryyellow Star and Punty colognebottle, and two uncolored blownglass sparking lamps.H: 8 1/4 in. with burner (tallest)$400-600

    515Group of four uncolored pressedglass lampsmid 19th centuryIncluding three pressed lamps, onewith heart pattern, two with Puntyand Star, pattern, another withsawtooth pattern and a blown fluidlamp.H: tallest 12 in. (with burner)$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture & decorative arts


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  • Sunday November 15th, 200912pm

    ThePennsylvaniaSale 11/15/09Rare Books lots: 700722

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT84-99:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:30 AM Page 85

  • 86

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    700133 vols.[Pennsylvania Commonwealth.] Archives & Records: [ColonialRecords.] Philadelphia, 1852-1853. Vols. 1-16. 8vo, later blackbuckram; scattered light wear, slightly dusty. Scattered light foxing.* Pennsylvania Archives. Philadelphia, 1852-1855. Vols. 1-11 (of 12).[1644-1790]. 8vo, later black buckram; light wear, slightly dusty.Fold. maps. Scattered light foxing. * General Index to Colonial Recordsand Pennsylvania Archives. Philadelphia, 1860. 8vo, later blackbuckram; light wear, slightly dusty. * Pennsylvania Archives.Harrisburg, 1879-1890. Second Series. Vols. 1-19. 8vo, later blackbuckram; slightly dusty. * The Third Series of the preceding,Harrisburg, 1894-1896. Vols. 1-30. Fold. map. 8vo, contemp. blackbuckram; light wear. * The Fourth Series of the preceding,Harrisburg, 1900-1902. Vols. 1-12. 8vo, contemp. buckram;occasionally slightly dusty. Plates. * The Fifth Series of thepreceding, Harrisburg, 1906. Vols. 1-8. 8vo, contemp. morocco &bds.; spines often rubbed. * The Sixth Series of the preceding,Harrisburg, 1906-1907, vols. 1-15 (in 16). 8vo, contemp. morocco &bds.; spines often rubbed. * The Seventh Series of the preceding,Harrisburg, 1914. Vols. 1-5. 8vo, contemp. morocco & bds.; spinesrubbed. * The Eighth Series of the preceding, [Harrisburg], 1931-1935. Vols. 1-8. 8vo, contemp. red buckram; occasionaldampstaining. * The Ninth Series of the preceding, [Harrisburg],1931. Vols. 1-7. 8vo, contemp. red buckram; occasionaldampstaining.$250-400

    7013 vols.Memoirs of The Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture.Philadelphia, 1808, 1811, 1814. Vols. 1-3. 8vo, contemp. 1/4 straight-grained red morocco & bds. (vol. 1); extremities rubbed, or sheep(vols. 2 & 3); rubbed, covers detached or detaching. Table & 2plates in vol. 1; 2 plates & facsimile in vol. 2; portrait & 6 plates invol. 3. Internally generally clean. Vol. 1 includes a Statistical Accountof the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge, with the plan of the bridge -some offsetting on facing title. Vols. 1 & 2 printed by Jane Aitken.Ex-library - labels on paste-downs, no internal markings.American Imprints 15916, 23677 & 32490$250-400

    7021 piece.Broadside. Franklin, Benjamin. The Way to Wealth, by Dr.Benjamin Franklin. Derby: G. Wilkins, n.d. [179?]. Folio, 17 x 10 3/4inches (430 x 273mm) - sheet size; 15 3/4 x 9 1/8 inches (400 x230mm) - printed surface. Minor discoloration at old folds.$250-400

    7031 piece.Broadside. (Franklin, Benjamin.) Bowles Moral Pictures; or PoorRichards Illustrated... by the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin. London:Bowles & Carver, Sept. 29, 1795. 18 7/8 x 23 5/8 inches (479 x600mm). 25 oval pictorial panels. Mounted on bd., lightly tomoderately dusty, several cracks in bd. causing separation in bodyof broadside.See Ford 137 * [Manchester: 1796]$300-500

    7041 piece.Printed Broadside on Silk. The Inaugural Address of J. AndrewSchulze, Esquire,... Oath of Office as Governor of TheCommonwealth of Pennsylvania. [Reading], December 16, 1823.14 1/2 x 10 3/8 inches (368 x 263mm). Some fraying at edges,some spotting & occasional minor staining to text.$500-800

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT84-99:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:54 AM Page 86

  • 87

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    7051 piece.Printed Broadside.Packet Boat Accommodation. The BeautifulPacket Boat Mercury, of Fairmount, Starts from Fairmount WaterWorks... for Manayunk..., Thomas Whittaker, Captain, George Clopp,Proprietor. [Philadelphia]: Atkinson & Alexander, August 1, 1827.14 3/8 x 11 3/8 inches (365 x 288mm). Some chipping to edges, afew small areas of paper loss in body. Mounted on archival paper.Printed in red & black with vignette.$800-1,200

    7061 piece.Printed American Revolutionary War Broadside. At A Meeting ofThe Committee of Inspection and Observation of The County ofLancaster, at Lancaster, on the 29th Day of May, 1775. EdwardShippen, Esq., Chairman. Lancaster: Francis Bailey, [1775]. Printedin English & German. 13 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches (343 x 216mm).Mounted on archival paper. Light creasing & minor discolorationalong old folds, other minor spotting. Old ink docket on verso.Against violence to persons whose religious tenets forbid theirforming military associations.Evans 14141$5,000-8,000


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT84-99:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:54 AM Page 87

  • 88

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    7074 vols.Philadelphia Ward Atlases. Elvino V. Smith Publisher: Atlas of The6th, 9th & 10th Wards of The City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1921.Double-page index map + 27 double-page color maps. Slightlytoned, edges starting to darken, some creasing to front matter.Delaware to Schuylkill Rivers, Chestnut to Vine Streets. * Atlas ofThe 5th, 7th & 8th Wards of The City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia,1923. Double-page index map + 28 double-page color maps.Internally generally clean, edges slightly darkened. Delaware toSchuylkill Rivers, South to Chestnut Streets. * Atlas of The 11th[through] 17th Wards of The City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1909.Double-page index map + 23 double-page color maps. Slightlytoned, edges starting to darken. Delaware to Schuylkill Rivers, Vineto Poplar Streets. * Atlas of The 1st & 39th Wards of The City ofPhiladelphia. Philadelphia, 1931. Index map + 19 double-page colormaps. Internally clean. All folio, orig. cloth; moderate wear & dustsoiling.$300-500

    7081 vol.(Main Line Property Atlas.) Smith, E.V. Atlas of Properties along ThePennsylvania R.R.... Overbrook to Malvern Sta. Philadelphia: J.L. Smith,1900. Folio, orig. gilt-lettered pebbled green cloth; spine defective,bdg. broken. With double-page color index map + 33 double-pagecolor maps. Minor dampstaining to bottom fore-edge corners, a fewsmall tears to title page, minor chipping to fore-edge margins offront matter & first several maps, creasing & close tears at foot ofgutter of map 23, minor discoloration from newspaper clipping onmap 33. Mostly internally clean & intact.$300-500

    7091 piece.Lithographic Map. Bowen & Co. Map of The Early Settlements ofDelaware County, Penna. Philadelphia, n.d. [ca. 1870]. Approx. 15 x18 inches (380 x 460mm). Slightly toned. Not examined out offrame.$100-200

    7101 piece.Hand-Colored Engraved Map. Lotter, Matthew Albert after Scull,N. & Heap, G. A Plan of The City and Environs of Philadelphia.[Nuremberg], (1778). 23 3/4 x 18 1/2 inches (603 x 470mm),trimmed at or just within platemark. Minor scattered spotting, oldink annotations on verso. With the inset illustration of the StateHouse. Framed.Snyder 48Property of a Philadelphia Gentleman.$800-1,200


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  • 89

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    7111 piece.Engraving. West, Benj(amin), after. William Penns Treaty withThe Indians, When He Founded The Province of Pennsylvania inNorth America, 1681. London: John Boydell, 1775. Engraved by JohnHall. 18 1/2 x 24 3/8 inches (470 x 619mm), wide margins. Lightmat burn, light to moderate foxing - primarily at side of image. Inlate 19th-Century frame.Strongly presumed first state, not examined out of frame. Likelyapplique process issue?Snyder 168$500-800

    7121 piece.Hand-Colored Engraving. Seymour, Samuel after Birch, Thomas.The City of Philadelphia in The State of Pennsylvania, NorthAmerica. Neshaminy, Near Bristol: Wm. Birch, May 1, 1801. 21 x24 1/2 inches (533 x 622mm) - plate mark, 23 1/2 x 28 1/2 inches(597 x 724mm) - sheet size. Light to moderate toning, a few smalltears in margins, partly mounted to bd. Attractive. Framed.Snyder 581$1,500-2,500

    7131 piece.Hand-Colored Aquatint Etching. Krimmel, J(ohn) L. Procession ofVictuallers of Philadelphia, on The 15th of March, 1821.Philadelphia: Joseph Yeager, printed by Charles Woodward Jr., 1821-1822. Second state. 19 3/4 x 24 3/4 inches (502 x 654mm) - platemark; 19 7/8 x 26 5/8 inches (504 x 676mm) - sheet size.Scattered light foxing. Washed. Framed.Snyder 665Property of a Philadelphia Gentleman.$800-1,200

    7141 piece.Hand-Colored Engraving. Kohler, I.G., pub. Philadelphia andEnvirons / und Umgend. Philadelphia, [ca. 1850]. Drawn &engraved by J. Serz. 15 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches (393 x 546mm) - image& text, 19 7/8 x 26 3/4 inches (505 x 680mm) - sheet size. Veryslightly toned, but clean,bright & attractive. Framed.Snyder 636Property of a Philadelphia Gentleman.$400-600



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  • 90

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    7151 piece.Hand-Colored Wood Engraving. Birds-Eye View of Philadelphia.New York, June 15, 1872. Supplement to Harpers Weekly. 22 3/4 x31 3/4 inches (578 x 806mm). Light mat burn, but bright &attractive. Framed.Property of a Philadelphia Gentleman.$250-400

    7164 pieces.Hand-Colred Lithographs. Wild, J.C. Panorama of Philadelphiafrom The State House. (Philadelphia), (1838). 9 1/4 x 12 1/4 inches(235 x 312mm) - image & text. Some minor light foxing, veryoccasional minor spotting, but generally bright & attractive. In fourframes.Property of a Philadelphia Gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    7171 piece.Stipple Engraving. Tanner, B(enjamin) after Barralet, John. J.America Guided by Wisdom: An Allegorical Representation of TheUnited States, denoting Their Independence and Prosperity.[Philadelphia], [ca. 1810]. 17 3/4 x 23 13/16 inches (450 x605mm), trimmed at or near plate mark, slightly toned, somesoiling & occasional dampstaining outside of image, a few smalltears extending into image expertly repaired.$200-400

    7181 piece.Tinted Lithograph. Hunter, Thomas after Story, William. TheMonument to Liberty to be Erected in Independence Square,Designed by William W. Story. Philadelphia, 18[7]5. 18 x 11 7/8inches (457 x 300mm). Some chipping at edges, a few small areasof paper loss below image, edges of verso taped to mat. Veryslightly toned.$150-250


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT84-99:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:30 AM Page 90

  • 91

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    7191 piece.Manuscript Document. Petition of Incorporation & Constitution ofThe West Philadelphia Boat Club of Philadelphia, 1873. 29 x 24 1/4inches (735 x 615mm), old canvas back. Moderate staining &discoloration, some chipping at edges. With ms. Decree of Court,Sept. 15, 1873, recorded Oct. 22, 1873. Signed by members J.G.Pinkerton, A.W. Browne, et al.$250-400

    7201 piece.Document Signed. Penn, William. [London], July 27, 1681. 1 p., folioon vellum. Generally clean, minor spotting along edges. Minorspotting to generally dark William Penn signature, creases alongfolds, a few small separations along one fold.Pennsylvania land patent to William Smith.$2,000-3,000

    7212 pieces.Pen & Ink &Wash Architectural Drawings. Hoxie, J.C.; Price,Benj. D. Fourth Baptist Church, 508 North 5th Street, Philadelphia.Ca. 1820 & 1879.Hoxie, J.C. Original Pen & Ink & Color Wash architectural design forthe Fourth Baptist Church (incl. its ambitious steeple), titled &signed by J.C. Hoxie, ca. 1820. 47 1/2 x 20 3/4 inches (1206 x527mm). Toned & stained. Framed. This drawing also contains thems. ink annotations signed & dated, Jan. 13th, 1879 by the architectBenjamin Price, detailing his proposed improvements & renovationsto the churchs steeple (designed by J.C. Hoxie).(Price, Benj. D.) Original Pen & Ink & Wash architectural drawings.Plans for renovated steeple of the Fourth Baptist Church,Philadelphia. 26 1/2 x 15 inches (660 x 380mm). Dampstainingalong bottom 2 1/2 inches. Matted. Not signed, but the drawingsare consistent with Pricess annotations on Hoxies orig. plan above.Both drawings professionally conserved, clean & de-acidified.$800-1,200



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  • 92

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    7223 pieces,Original Drawings - Architectural Plans, Sections &Elevations. D.H. Burnham & Co., Archts [WanamakerBuilding]: One Half of East and West Elevations Main Court,Wanamaker Building, Philadelphia, PA.; Detail ofIntermediate Piers, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floors, Main Court,Wanamaker Building, Philadelphia, PA; South Elevation andOrgan Details, Main Court, Wanamaker Building, Philadelphia,PA. Approved, Dec. 6, 1906. All approx. 29 1/2 x 60 inches(750 x 1525mm). Minor chipping at edges. Generally clean &attractive.$2,000-3,000

    723, 724, no lots

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  • Sunday November 15th, 2009

    ThePennsylvaniaSale 11/15/09 lots: 725931

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT84-99:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:30 AM Page 93

  • 94

    725Charles B. J. F. de Saint Memin (1770-1852)three engraved portraits of philadelphiansThe first, portrait of M.A. Meschert, engraved Drawn& engrd. by St. Memin, Philadelphia, (no. 573, St.Memin and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait in America(1994), Ellen G. Miles ) the second and third, identifiedtraditionally as Mr and Mrs. Allen Smith (nos. 756 and757 ibid) but suggested by owners of St. Meminoriginal drawings for the engravings to be GilbertRodman and Sarah Biggs Rodman.plate size 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 in.$600-800

    726After Joseph-Siffred Duplessis(French 1725-1802)portrait of benjamin franklinUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed,conservation report accompaniespainting.27 1/4 in. x 22 in.provenance:This painting hung for many years inthe board room of a Staten IslandSavings Bank$4,000-6,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




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  • 95

    728William and Mary walnut slantfront desk18th centuryThe slant lid with applied moldedledge, opens to a fitted interior withtwo small and two wide drawers onstraight bracket feet.H: 39 in. W: 32 1/2 in. D: 19 1/4 in.$1,500-2,500

    729Chippendale mahogany chestof drawers18th centuryThe rectangular top above fourgraduated drawers and ogee bracketfeet.H: 35 in. W: 35 in. D: 18 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    727Sterling silver wax seal bearinglikeness of Benjamin Franklinfrench, 19th centuryBearing French silver mark, the ovalsilver frame with green glass profileof Benjamin Franklin and theinscription Plus Ultra pivots on aturned and scrollwork pendant.Overall L: 2 1/2 in.$500-800


    730Chippendale mahogany cornerchair18th centuryFlat curved arms with center moldedback, two wheel pierced splats,slip seat, and double arched carvedseat rails, turned, plain cabriole frontlegs with pad foot.H: 32 in.$1,000-2,000

    731Copper-plate printed cotton panelfrance, 1785-1800The Apotheosis of Franklin andWashington printed in brown oncotton ground, framed.note:A length of this fabric, printed in red,was included in the BenjaminFranklin Tercentenary exhibition andpictured in the exhibition catalogue,Benjamin Franklin in Search of aBetter World, December 2005-March 2008.39 x 30 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000


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  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale



    732An historic mahogany book press associated with Benjamin Franklinlondon, paris or philadelphia, 1750-1790Having a rectangular curved edge top above four recessed panel cabinetdoors on straight bracket feet.W. 57 1/2 in. H. 48 in. Depth 20 1/2 in.provenance:One of a pair of book presses purportedly owned by Benjamin Franklin, theother is now in the collection of the Independence National Historical Park.Chalk inscription on the back board indicates where on board ship the piecewas to be stored. The bookpress is included in the Frankliniana Databaseonline Interactive Exhibit, established during The Benjamin FranklinTercentenary in 2006, and maintained by Franklin & Marshall College, ThePhillips Museum of Art.$50,000-100,000

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  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    734American school 19th centurya philadelphia street scene: corner of third and chestnut street circa1815Unsigned, original stretcher inscribed N. Green, Summer of 1812, a typednote accompanying painting reads, Painted by a cousin of Cecilia Sowers,back in Benjamin Franklins time. He was an art student, and a storm wascoming up. The place was a corner across from Benjamin Franklins workshop in Phil. dated 1964, oil on canvas, framed, and relined. A conservationreport accompanies painting.18 1/4 in. x 22 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:The corner shop shown in the painting belonging to Edmund KingseysManufactory; Saddles, Bridles, Harnesses & Whips is listed in Philadelphiadirectories from 1811- 1815$40,000-60,000

    733Chippendale walnut tall case clockmovement signed john wood, sr,philadelpha, pennsylvaniaThe hood with straight moldedcornice above square glazed dooropening to brass face with Romannumerals and ormolu cornermounts, the molded waist withtombstone door with shield-formpendulum window, resting on amolded base set on bracket feet.H: 86 in. W: 20 in. D: 9 in.provenance:Alonzo and Bertha Wood, Wenonah,New Jersey, 1970s;Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah,New Jersey to present.$4,000-6,000



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  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    735William and Mary chest of drawersThe rectangular molded top abovetwo short drawers and three longdrawers all enclosed by appliedmolding, molded base on ball feet.H: 37 1/2 W: 36 in. D: 20 in.$1,500-2,500

    736Collection of cast-iron andbronze firemarksphiladelphiaIncluding marks of the FireAssociation of Philadelphia,Insurance Company of NorthAmerica and the LumbermensInsurance Company of NorthAmerica, together with two turnedwood noise makers and three brassprinting plates with images ofAmerican and English firemarks.largest 11 in.$600-800



    738After Benjamin West (1738-1820)the artists family, late 18th centuryUnsigned, accompanied by a handwritten note,The West Painting. Presented to Hannah Vicary(1772-1859) from her guardian Samuel Coates,(an ironmaster from Coatesville) about the year1795, and left to Ellen H. Levering (Ellen H. Many1820-1897), great niece of Hannah Vicary, at herdecease in April 1859. oil on canvas, framed. Aconservation report and correspondenceaccompanies painting.28 3/4 in. x 41 in. (sight)provenance:Benjamin Wests, The Artists Family, painted inLondon, circa 1772, shows the artist, his wife andsons, and Wests uncles visiting from ChesterCounty, Pa. The original work is in the collectionof Yale University. This version is thought to be acontemporary copy. A file of correspondenceregarding this copy, from Yale University, thePhiladelphia Museum of Art, and an article fromthe New York Recorder, Sunday Feb. 19, 1893regarding the history of the painting and theengravings made of the painting accompany thelot.$3,000-5,000

    737Walnut Pembroke tablepennsylvania, late 18th/ early19th centuryThe rectangular top with conformingleaves on apron with single beadeddrawer, faux drawer at other endjoined to molded tapering legs bycarved frets, shaped stretchers.H: 20 in. L: 32 in. D: 38 in. (open)$1,500-2,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT84-99:Layout 1 10/22/09 6:02 AM Page 98

  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    740Queen Anne walnut secretarybookcasepennsylvania, mid 18th centuryThe molded cornice above twotombstone-shaped raised paneleddoors opening to shelves aboveslant lid desk, opening to a fittedinterior, above arrangement of sixdrawers, molded bracket base.H: 85 in. W: 39in. D: 22 in.$8,000-12,000

    739Transitional Chippendale armchaircirca 1760With serpentine crest rail surmounting vasiform splat; trapezoidal slip seat,fitted as a stool chair, above scalloped drop apron on turned legs supportedby an H-form stretcher.H: 41 1/2 in.provenance:Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah, New Jerseynote:This chair is associated with the Howell Family of Chester County,Philadelphia and Woodbury, New Jersey; they were prominent Quakermerchants, farmers and land owners. The chair may have been made forJohn Howell (1713-1765) who married Katherine Ladd (1710-1764) in 1733. Itdescended to their son John Ladd Howell (1738-1785) and Frances PaschallHowell (1740-1812), who married in Philadelphia in 1761. They moved to thefamily home Candor Hill outside of Woodbury, NJ in 1780. Their son,Joshua Ladd Howell (1762-1818) served in the military from 1793 until hisdeath, when he was Colonel of the Second Regiment, Gloucester Brigade, ofthe New Jersey Militia.$4,000-6,000


    741Cherrywood tilt top tea tablepennsylvania, 19th centuryPlain circular top on flaring turnedpedestal ending in a suppressed ballon cabriole legs.H:2 7 in., Dia: 39 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500



    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT84-99:Layout 1 10/19/09 8:55 AM Page 99

  • 100

    742Chippendale mahogany folding topgames tableattributed to thomas affleck,philadelphia, 1775Rectangular top with a slightlyrounded edge, gadrooned carvedapron with openwork frets at theknees, square chamfered legs onblock feet.H: 29 in.; Top 35 in. x 33 1/4 in.(open)$15,000-20,000

    743Chippendale mahogany camelbacksofaphiladelphia, last quarter of the18th centuryThe arched crest rail continues tooutscrolled arms on a serpentineseat rail and ten molded legs joinedby stretchers.H: 36 in. W: 82 in.$6,000-8,000

    744Chippendale mahogany ribbon-back side chairphiladelphia, late 18th centuryThe molded and pierced crest railand slats above trapezoidal seat andstraight square-turned legs joined bystretchers.$1,000-1,500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



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  • 101

    745Chippendale transitional mahoganyside chairphiladelphia, 18th centuryThe serpentine crest rail abovepierced back splat and trapezoidalseat with scalloped skirt, cabriolelegs ending in ball and claw feet.$1,000-2,000

    746Transitional walnut side chairphiladelphia, 18th centuryThe yoked crest rail above urn-formsplat on molded trapezoidal seatand shell-carved cabriole legsending in trifid feet.H: 42 in.$5,000-7,000

    747Attributed to William Birch (1755-1834)miniature portraits of father and son: william davis and william davis,jr.Unsigned, inscribed in ink on verso, September 2nd 1805 in the 38th year ofhis age and September 2, 1805 in the 6th year of his age,pencil andwatercolor, eglomise mat, framed.H: 4 in. W: 3 in. (sight)provenance:The gentleman depicted, William Davis (1767-1842) married MarthaLeacock, daughter of Philadelphia silversmith, patriot, and playwright JohnLeacock, at Christs Church, January 30, 1794. Their son, William Davis, Jr.(1799-1873) married Mary Ann Middleton, September 28, 1825 at the OldSwedes Church, Philadelphia.$600-800

    748Attributed to William Russell Birch( 1755-1834)river landscape with reader, dogand childUnsigned, inscription on verso,Wm. R. Birch, 1832., oil on canvas,relined, framed.20 in. x 26 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    749Queen Anne cherrywood dressingtablepennsylvania, 18th centuryRectangular molded edge top havingnotched corners above threedrawers, straight turned legs endingin pad feet.H: 27 1/2 in. W: 33 in. D: 17 3/8 in.$2,000-3,000

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  • 102

    750Queen Anne walnut high chestpennsylvania, mid 18th centuryFlat cove molded top with five smalldrawers above three graduated widedrawers, base with one wide drawerand three small drawers, all drawersare lip molded.H: 65 1/4 in. W : 42 1/2 in. D: 22 in.$8,000-12,000

    751Queen Anne walnut drop leafdining tablepennsylvania, mid 18th centuryThe rectangular top with conformingleaves having shaped corners onarched and molded apron andcabriole legs with stockinged drakefeet.H 28 3/4 L: 47 3/4 D: 18 1/4 in..Leaves: 17 1/4 in.$3,000-5,000

    752Painted and decorated porcelaincreamerattributed to the tucker factory,philadelphia, (1826-1838)Of urn form decorated withpolychrome floral band, gilt swagsand decorative borders.H: 5 1/2 in.$500-700

    753Silver salverprobably philip syng, philadelphia,18th centuryCircular piecrust form, molded rimwith twelve shells, on threehooved feet. Bottom is markedfour times P S in an oval andinscribed with a monogram T M H.Dia: 10 in., Weight : 16 oz.$2,000-4,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    752, 753

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  • 103

    754Philadelphia silver tablespoonj. shoemaker, circa 1800Plain oval bowl and handle withmonogram, together with teaspoonsby Burnett and Ryder, S. Richards, G.Armitage, Alexander Camman, 19thcentury teaspoons by L. Ladomus, J.Peters Son and six teaspoons byHarvey Lewis, 12 pcs.$125-175

    755Set of three silver tablespoonsjoseph and nathaniel richardson,philadelphia, last quarter of the18th centuryOval handles with monogram S MN in block letters, shell on thereverse of the bowl.L: 8 1/2 in., Weight: 7 oz.$450-650

    756Set of six silver tablespoonsthomas shields, philadelphia, 2ndhalf of the 18th centuryPlain oval handles with monograms.L: 8 1/2 in.$500-700

    757Four silver tablespoonsphiladelphia, 2nd half of the 18thcenturyOval handles and oval bowls, threewith monograms. Makers: Joseph &Nathaniel Richardson, EdwardLownes (2) and Samuel Richards.$350-500

    758Pair of silver tablespoonsjoseph richardson,philadelphia,mid 18th centuryPlain oval handles, each marked onetime J.R.$200-300

    759Silver tablespoonphilip syng 1703-1789, philadelphiaOval bowl with shell and oval handlewith monogram DCB on back.Stamped two times. .L: 8 in.$150-200

    760Two silver tablespoonsjoseph richardson, philadelphia,mid 18th centuryOval bowls with shells, oval handleswith monograms MH and MB toBS, stamped two times.L: 8 15/16 in.$200-300

    761Silver stuffing spoonjoseph and nathaniel richardson,philadelphia, late 18th centuryPlain oval handle with monogram RH on back, stamped three times.L: 13 in.$250-400

    762Chippendale cherrywood table withbookcase top18th centuryBoldly molded top above two raisedpanel case doors and candle slides,the table with rectangular moldededge top above single drawer onsquare chamfered legs on block feet,pierced frets at knees.H: 71 in. W: 42 1/2 in. D: 20 3/4 in.$15,000-20,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    756, 758, 760


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:03 AM Page 103

  • 104

    763Chippendale cherry slant frontdeskpennsylvania, late 18th/early 19thcenturyThe molded lid opening to a fittedinterior above four graduatedthumb-molded drawers flanked byfluted quarter columns on straightbracket feet.H: 44 W : 40 D: 22 in.provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$1,000-1,500

    764Queen Anne figured maple highchest18th centuryThe flat coved molded top abovethree small and four long lip-moldeddrawers, the lower case with onelong and four small lip-moldeddrawers, shell carved cabriole legsending in webbed feet.H: 94 in. W: 40 1/2 in.$5,000-7,000

    765Chippendale walnut drop leaf tablephiladelphia, circa 1775The rectangular molded top withconforming leaves on arched andmolded apron and cabriole legsending in ball and claw feet.H: 29 in. L: 42 1/2 in. D: 17 1/4 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    766 767

    767Painted and decorated pinedocument boxdated 1797Rectangular form with hinged liddecorated with star and sprigs, withthe inscription Diefe Rift GehertMier Anne Dref, on conforming baseinscribed with date and decoratedwith stars, crown and birds.H: 6 1/4 L: 17 D: 6 3/8 in.$3,000-5,000

    766Painted and decorated brides boxcontinental, 18th/19th centuryOval form, the lid decorated withlady and gentleman, the sides withfloral vine.H: 6 1/2 in. L:18 1/4 in.provenance:Collection of Edgar William andBernice Chrysler Garbisch, SothebyParke Bernet.$2,500-3,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:03 AM Page 104

  • 105

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    768Chippendale walnut tea tablepennsylvania, late 18th centuryCircular dish molded top onbirdcage support. Columnar andsuppressed ball pedestal, the ballhas beading about the middle oncabriole legs with claw and ball feet.H: 29 1/4 in. Dia.: 33 1/8 in. x33 5/8 in.$5,000-7,000

    769Chippendale walnut chest ofdrawersphiladelphia, circa 1770Rectangular molded top above fourthumb-molded graduated drawersflanked by fluted quarter columns onogee molded bracket feet.H: 35 in. W: 35 3/4 in. D: 20 1/2$8,000-12,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:03 AM Page 105

  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    772Chippendale cherry wood fourdrawer chestphiladelphia, circa 1770Rectangular top above graduateddrawers, quarter round flutedcorners on ogival bracket feet,batwing brasses.W: 37 in. H: 36 in. D: 19 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    773Dark-stained pine blanket chest18th centuryThe molded top on case with tworaised panels above two drawers,bracket base, the sides with raisedpanels.H: 27 1/2 in. L: 44 1/2in. D: 21 in.$1,000-2,000

    770Chippendale cherry wood tea tableprobably lancaster, pa., circa 1770Circular tilting dish molded top, birdcage support, on turned leaf-carvedsuppressed ball and reededpedestal, acanthus leaf carvedcabriole legs terminating in claw andball feet.H 28 in, Diameter of top 30 1/2 in.$10,000-15,000

    771Chippendale cherry wood tall chestpennsylvania, circa 1775Flat molded cresting, three small lipmolded drawers above fivegraduated wide drawers, quarterround fluted corner columns onogival bracket feet, oval brasses.H: 67 1/2 in. W 40 1/4 in. D: 21 in$2,500-3,500




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:03 AM Page 106

  • 775Jean Pierre Henri Elouis (1755-1840)miniature portrait of dr. john conrad otto (1774-1844)Signed and dated J.P. Elouis 1798, watercolor on ivory, locket case,engraved on verso, Dr. John Conrad Otto 1774-1844 Princeton A.B. 1792University of Penn. M.D. 1796. Philadelphia Family Physician of the oldschool. Residence 139 Arch Street. Portrait made after recovery from yellowfever.2 3/4 x 2 1/4 in.provenance:The son of Dr. Bodo Otto, Senior Surgeon of the Continental Army during theRevolutionary War, Dr John Otto was the first modern physician to writeabout hemophilia. In 1803, published An Account of an HemorrhagicDisposition in Certain Families. He succeeded Dr. Benjamin Rush asphysician and clinical lecturer of the Pennsylvania Hospital and held theposition for 21 years. Dr. Otto was well known throughout the United Statesand revered in Philadelphia. He served as physician to the PhiladelphiaOrphan Asylum and worked to sanitary measures and hospitals throughoutthe city during epidemics. Otto married Elizabeth Tod, daughter ofPhiladelphia merchant, Alexander Tod (see Lot 774) in December of 1802.Descended in the family to the present owner.$3,000-5,000

    774Raphaelle Peale (1774-1825)miniature portrait of alexander tod (1738-1811)Signed Raphaelle Peale 1809, watercolor on ivory, gold locket frameengraved on verso, Alexander Tod 1738-1811, Merchant, Judge, Alderman ofPhila. enclosing a glazed inset with hair and the initials AMT.2 3/4 in. x 2 in.provenance:Alexander Tod was the father-in-law of Dr. John Conrad Otto (see Lot 774)Descended in the family to the present owner.$5,000-7,000

    774 775

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/22/09 10:34 AM Page 107

  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    778Chippendale inlaid walnut tall chestpennsylvania, last third 18th centuryThe flat cove molded top with five varisized drawersand four graduated long drawers all lip molded withtriple line inlay to each, quarter round fluted quartercolumns on ogival bracket feet.H: 64 1/2 in. W: 40 in.$2,500-5,000


    776Silver presentation pitcherphiladelphia, circa 1835Urn form with shell edge to rim grape leaves and grape bunches tomidband,neck and base, an ornate cast floral and scrolled handle. InscribedTo Doctor John C. Otto, the City of Philadelphia, Grateful for hisdisinterested and intrepid exertions in a period of Public Calamity.H: 13 in., Weight 58 oz.provenance:The pitcher descended in the family with the miniature portrait of Dr. JohnConrad Otto (Lot 775). The pitcher may have been presented to Dr. Otto forhis many efforts to improve conditions and care for the afflicted in thecholera epidemic of 1833.$2,000-3,000


    777Queen Anne walnut high chestpennsylvania, circa 1770The molded rectangular top on arrangement of sixthumb-molded drawers on base with one longdrawer, shaped skirt and cabriole legs ending instockined feet.H: 71 in. D: 23 in.$2,000-3,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:36 AM Page 108

  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    781Queen Anne inlaid walnut dressingtablepennsylvania, 18th centuryRectangular top with molded edgeabove arrangement of four inlaiddrawers, shaped apron with twoturned pendants, cabriole legsending in stockined feet.H: 27 1/2 in. W: 30 1/2 in.D: 20 1/4 in.$2,000-4,000

    782Chippendale cherry chest-on-chestpennsylvania, late 18th centuryThe upper section with moldedcornice above arrangement of seventhumb-molded drawers, the basewith arrangement of four thumb-molded drawers, ogee bracket feet.H: 74 in. W: 40 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    779Mahogany pembroke tablepennsylvania, late 18th/early 19thcenturyRectangular top and conformingdrop leaves, apron drawer on squaretapering legs.H: 28 in. W: 32 1/2 in. D: 39 in.$500-700

    780Attributed to Jacob Eichholtz(1776-1842)profile of a gentlemanUnsigned, oil on tin, gilt frame.H: 8 in. W: 5 1/2 in.$800-1,200





    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:03 AM Page 109

  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    786Sarah Goodridge (1788-1853)miniature portrait of commanderwilliam bainbridge (1774-1833)Signed Sarah Goodridge,watercolor on ivory, framed.Inscription on verso CommanderBainbridge U.S. Navy a brave anddevoted Naval hero in the War ofIndependence Miniature on ivory bySarah Goodridge early in 1800.3 7/8 in. x 3 in. sight$1,200-1,500

    785Maple and cherry birdcage tilt-toptea tablepennsylvania, 18th centuryThe circular three-board top tilts onbirdcage and urn-form support onarched legs ending in snake feet.H: 27 1/4 in. Dia: 32 1/2 in.$600-900

    784After Thomas Sully (1783-1872)portrait of henry w. longfellowas a young manUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.H: 23 1/2 W: 19 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Property from the Estate of WilliamF. Heefner, Bucks County, PA$400-600

    783Chippendale walnut tall case clockwilliam huston, philadelphia(active 1754-1780)The hood with molded brokenpediment, carved rosettes and urnand flame finials above a steel dialinscribed Wllm HustonPhiladelphia, brass spandrelornaments, the case with shapedwaist door flanked by fluted quartercolumns, the plinth with raisedpanel flanked by flutted quartercolumns, molded base with ogeebracket feet.H: 97 in.$20,000-30,000




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:03 AM Page 110

  • freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    790Late Federal figured maplesideboardprobably pennsylvaniaRectangular top above outsetdrawers supported on turnedpilasters enclosing three recessedpaneled doors, turned feet.H: 46 1/4 W: 66 1/2 D: 21 3/4 in.$2,500-3,500

    789Federal maple tall chestpennsylvania, early 19th centuryThe rectangular molded top abovesix thumb-molded graduateddrawers on molded base withshaped apron and bracket feet.H: 51 in. W: 42 3/4 in. D: 23 in.$2,000-3,000

    788Chippendale walnut tall chestpennsylvania, late 18th centuryThe rectangular top abovearrangement of six lip-moldeddrawers flanked by fluted quartercolumns, ogee bracket feet.H: 58 in. W: 41 3/4 in. D: 22 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    787Naval dirk with eagle pommelassociated with CommanderWilliam Bainbridgeearly 19th centuryWith gilt metal eagle pommel, ivorygrip, the blade inscribed Bainbridgeand Ye Navy, mounted with aprinted portrait of the Commander,together with a framed letter signedby Bainbridge from the Navy Yard,Charlestown, Mass, 18th March1824 to John Rodgers, President ofthe Navy Board.provenance:William Bainbridge (1774-1833) aNaval hero of the Barbary Coast andWar of 1812, was Commander ofsome of the most famous ships inAmerican history, The Essex,Hornet, and Constitution. He servedthe navy in Boston, New York, andcompleted his career in Philadelphiawhere he is buried at Christ Church.$1,000-1,500





    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:04 AM Page 111

  • 795


    791Mahogany inlaid Pembroke tablephiladelphia, circa, 1790-1810Having a rectangular top withconforming leaves above inlaidapron and single drawer, squaredtapering legs inlaid at cuffs.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 20 1/4 in. D: 31 in.$300-500

    792Federal mahogany stencileddecorated games tableearly/mid-19th centuryWith shaped rectangular top abovea conforming stenciled apron,resting on an acanthus leaf stenciledpedestal base supported byoutsplayed legs with paw feet oncasters.H: 29 3/4 in. W: 35 1/2 in.D: 19 1/2 in. (closed)$2,000-3,000

    793American School, 19th centuryportrait of a young womanSigned TS 1849 in red left, oil oncanvas, framed.29 1/2 in. x 24 1/2 in. (sight)$1,500-2,000

    794Federal mahogany upholsteredwing back armchairearly 19th centuryWith arched back, curved wings, rollarms, and bow shaped seat rail onring turned legs and feet.Upholstered in pink satin stripedfabric.H: 48 in. Seat: 20 in.$600-800

    795Five Classical mahogany and oneClassical-style side chairscirca 1825Each with molded stiles continuingto saber legs, paneled crest rail andcarved and pierced back rest.$800-1,200

    796Classical marble top mahoganypier tablephiladelphia, circa 1825The rectangular top on cove-moldedapron and carved and scrolled endscontinuing to carved feet, themirrored back flanked by half-roundpilasters.H: 36 in W: 411/2 in. D: 19 3/4 in.$1,200-1,800

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



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  • 113

    797Six Classical carved mahoganyside chairsphiladelphia, circa 1825The paneled crest rails and leaf,scroll and reeded oval backrestsflanked by molded stiles continuingto saber legs; together with an armchair.$1,000-1,500

    798Classical cherrywood and figuredmaple fold top card table19th centuryFolding bow shaped top, conformingapron fitted with four small drawerson turned legs, ball feet.H: 29 in. W: 35 3/4 in. D: 18 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    799Classical tiger maple servercirca 1835The rectangular top above threeoutset bolection-molded drawersand four paneled doors.H: 42 in. W: 67 1/2 in. D: 24 in.$1,500-2,500

    800Classical mahogany stencil-decorated card tablephiladelphia, circa 1825The rectangular top with roundedcorners on reeded urn form supporton carved circular platform and leaf-carved paw foot legs.H: 33 1/2 W: 41 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale





    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:04 AM Page 113

  • 114

    801Needlework samplermargaret heft, 1821A carnation and tulip borderenclosing alphabet, decorativebands, birds, baskets of fruit andtrees work, inscription andsentimental verse worked withpolychrome silk threads on a linenground, framed.21 1/4 in. x 22 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    802Four Classical figured maple andcherry cane-seat side chairspennsylvania, circa 1825Each with straight crest rails andback rests and modified saber legs.$800-1,200

    803Classical carved mahoganybedsteadattributed to joseph barry,philadelphiaTapering squared head postsenclosing double arched headboard,the foot posts with oak leaves andacorns on leaf and urn carved andlancet paneled shaft, and ring-turned and reeded ball feet.H: 86 in$1,000-1,500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    804William Van de Velde Bonfield(1834-1885)new hampshire sceneSigned on canvas verso Mt. KearsargeN.H. W. Van Bonfield -1865, oilon canvas, framed.H: 13 1/2 in. W: 19 1/4 in. (sight)provenance:Private Collection, Woodbury, New Jersey, 1960s;Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah, New Jersey, to present.note:Bonfield worked in New Jersey and the southeastern area of Pennsylvania.He exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphiafrom 1861 to 1869.$1,500-2,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT100-115:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:04 AM Page 114

  • 115

    805John F. Francis (1808-1886)portrait of william smithSigned, Jn. F. Francis Pine St. 1838,on verso, oil on canvas.30 in. x 25 1/4 in. (sight)$2,500-3,500

    806Empire mahogany and figuredmaple secretary deskpennsylvania, circa 1840Rectangular top above two beadeddrawers and ogee molded hingeddeep drawer that opens to anelaborate interior with hiddencompartments, two recesseddrawers below, flanked by scrolledpilasters.H: 53 in. W: 44 in. D: 22 in.$1,500-2,500

    806AClassical carved mahoganybedsteadprobably philadelphia, circa 1825The bulbous-turned posts reededand carved with acanthus leavesand Classical devices.$1,000-2,000

    807Classical Figured maple and cherrychest of drawerscirca 1830The rectangular top above two-shortand one deep outset drawers andthree recessed drawers flanked byspiral-turned pilasters, ball feet.H: 46 1/2 in. W: 46 in. D: 19 1/2in.$800-1,200

    808Classical carved mahogany cardtablephiladelphia, circa 1825The rectangular top with roundedcorners above apron with leaf-carved tablets and gadrooned edge,leaf-carved and reeded urn formsupport, shaped platform with hairypaw feet.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 36 in. D: 18 in.$400-700

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




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  • 116

    809Pair of Late Classical mahoganycard tablesphiladelphia, pennsylvania, circa1830Each with a rectangular top withrounded corners above a bolectionmolded apron on a double scrolledsupport on shaped and beadedplatform and scrolled feet.H: 19 1/2 W: 44 in. D: 21 1/2 in.provenance:Originally used in the Van Peltlibrary of the University ofPennsylvania$4,000-6,000

    810Bass Otis (1784-1861)seated woman in lace cap withblue ribbon in olive colored dressOil on canvas, framed.H: 30 in. W: 25 in.$3,000-5,000

    811Comb-back Windsor armchairpennsylvania, late 18th centuryThe serpentine comb with carvedears, shaped handholds on vasiformsupports, shaped and incised seat,vasiform and cylinder turned legs.$1,000-1,500

    812Cherry tall chestpennsylvania,1780-1810Flat cove molded top, five vari-sizeddrawers and four graduated widedrawers, all lip molded, on straightbracket feet.H: 56 3/4 in. W: 42 in. (case 38 in)$5,000-7,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



    810 811

    813Late Classical cherrywood chest ofdrawerscirca 1840The rectangular top above one deepbonnet drawer and threegraduated drawers, all with glasspulls, flanked by sausage and ringturned pilasters, turned feet.H: 44 1/4 in. L: 42 1/2 in. D: 20 in.$600-800

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:11 AM Page 116

  • 117

    814David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)winter farm sceneSigned, D. Ellinger, gouache onpaper, signed and decorated,Dearest Coro Lee Happy BirthdayDavid 1974, painted frame.7 3/4 x10 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$1,000-1,500

    815David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)harvest moonSigned D. Ellinger, watercolor onpaper, signed in verso D EllingerHarvest Moon, oil at the ValleyForge Heart Institute, signed inverso on frame, D. Y Ellinger 1951.3 3/4 x 5 1/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$2,000-3,000

    816David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)A cutwork, love birds and heartwatercolor on paper mounted onvelvet, signed in verso, HappyEaster Love David 1972, paintedframe.9 x 7 1/8 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$400-600

    817David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)cutwork: a pair of birds on apotted plantSigned on verso, To Cora Lee LoveD. Y. Ellinger, watercolor on paper,painted and grain-painted frame.7 x 9 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$300-500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    814 815

    816 817

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  • 826














    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:43 AM Page 118

  • 821

    818David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)theorem: rooster and flowerSigned D. Ellinger lower left, oil onvelvet with grained and paintedframe. Inscribed on back paintedfor Dear Corra Lee, Love D. Ellinger.6 1/4 x 7 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$600-800

    819David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)a theorem: still life with bowl offruit and birdSigned, D. Ellinger, and also onverso, watercolor on velvet, paintedand grain-painted frame.14 x 18 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$1,500-2,500

    820David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)a theorem: still life with basketof fruit and butterflySigned, D. Ellinger, and inscribed onverso D. Ellinger, For my dear CoraLee, No. 2., painted and grain-painted frame.14 x 18 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$1,200-1,500

    821David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)a theorem: fruit and bird in astriped bowlSigned, D. Ellinger, watercolor andink on velvet, painted and grain-painted frame.14 x 18 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$2,000-3,000

    822David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)theorem: rooster with wormSigned D. Ellinger lower left, oil onvelvet with grained and paintedframe. Inscribed on back Paintedfor my Dearest Friend Corra Lee,Love D.Y. Ellinger with ink drawingof flower and heart.13 3/4 x 13 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$1,000-2,000

    823David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)parrot and flowering crownSigned, Love, D. Ellinger,watercolor and ink on paper, signedin verso, A Remnant of Love fromthe past Happy Birthday with muchhappiness and love for the comingyears David, painted frame.9 x 7 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$400-600




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:12 AM Page 119

  • 120

    824David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)bird and vase with flowersSigned, D. Y. Ellinger, watercolor onpaper, signed in verso, To Cora LeeWith Love and Best Wishes Xmas74 David, painted and decoratedframe.9 1/4 x 8 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$400-600

    825David Y. Ellinger ( 1913-2003)bird with tulips and starSigned D. Ellinger and inscribedand dated on verso Happy BirthdayCora Lee 77 love David, watercolorand ink on paper, painted and grain-painted frame.8 x 9 1/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$400-600

    826David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)Two works: birds and flowersThe first, a cutwork of birds andtulips, ink on paper, blue paperground, signed lower center, D.Y.Ellinger and inscribed on back Love. . D. Ellinger with floral design; thesecond a cutwork of flowers, birds,and hearts in plain wood frame,inscribed Cut out on my visit toCora Lees Birthday party 1981, andsigned lower right David Ellinger,together with a third, sunflower andtulips, watercolor and ink on paper,inscribed on verso: May Day To Mydear friend Cora Lee, Love David and S. Terry Graham, watercolorpainted specially, framed.7 1/2 x 6 in., 14 x 8 in., and 6 x 8 in.(sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$300-500

    827David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)potted tulip with birdSigned, D. Ellinger, and inscribedCora Lee Happy birthday LoveDavid, on verso, watercolor and inkon paper, painted and grain-paintedframe.7 1/4 x 5 1/2 in. sightprovenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$500-700

    828David Y. Ellinger, (1913-2003)quail and tulipSigned, D. Ellinger, inscribed anddated To Cora Lee Happy Birthday1982 Love David, on verso,watercolor and ink on paper, paintedand decorated frame.7 1/4 x 5 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$250-350

    829David Y. Ellinger (1903-2003)rooster and flowerSigned D. Ellinger lower left,watercolor, inscribed on back DearCorra Lee Merry Xmas Love David,with ink drawing of flower, retainingred and black painted frame.4 x 3 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$300-500

    830David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)a roosterSigned D. Ellinger, watercolor andink on paper, painted and decoratedframe.4 x 3 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$300-500

    831David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)bird on grape vineSigned, D.Y. Ellinger, and inscribedand dated Happy Birthday CoraLee 1978, Love from D.Y.E., onverso, watercolor and ink on paper,painted and decorated frame.7 1/4 x 9 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$400-600

    832David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)bird on flowering branchSigned D. Y. Ellinger, watercolorand ink on paper, signed anddecorated in verso, Love D.Ellinger, painted frame.7 1/ 4 x 5 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$250-350

    833David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)bird on tulip and berry branchSigned, D. Ellinger, inscribed onverso, Love to Cora Lee HappyThanksgiving, David, watercolorand ink on paper, painted and grain-painted frame.6 x 4 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$250-350

    834David Y. Ellinger (1913-2003)two silk screen printsInk on artist board, plate No. 1entitled From a Box 1777 and plateNo. 9, entitled From Book Plate inBible Belonging to Catharina Guth,Folk Art of Rural Pennsylvania, Indexof American Design, Penna ProjectWPA.. Each inscribed To Corra LeeWeller Xmas 1979 from my WPAdays original silk screen prints, LoveDavid Ellinger.18 x 14 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$150-250

    835American School, 20th centurypennsylvania kitchenwareUnsigned, pencil and watercolor onillustration board, framed.8 1/4 x 10 5/8 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$150-250

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


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  • 121

    836Queen Anne walnut chest on standchester county, pennsylvaniaThe chest with molded corniceabove arrangement of eight thumb-molded drawers flanked by flutedquarter columns, the stand withdentil molding on shaped skirtcarved with a fan at center and shellcarved legs.H: 67 W: 45 1/2 in. D: 24 in.provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$3,000-5,000

    837Dark stained hanging cupboard19th centuryOverhanging rectangular top abovetwo paneled doors, molded base.H: 25 1/4 in. W: 22 in. D: 8 3/4 in.$300-500

    838Tavern table18th century and laterCircular top held by pegs on vaseand reel turned splayed legs joinedby stretchers.H: 29 1/2 in. Dia: 40 1/2 in.$600-800

    839Large copper and iron apple butterkettle19th centuryH: 16 1/2 in. Dia.: 27 1/2 in.$250-350

    840Group of spatter, Stick-Spatter and sponge-decoratedtablewaresadams and others, 19th centuryIncluding a blue spatter covered sugar bowl, a smallsponge and stick-decorated punch bowl, a stickdecorated bowl, seven sponged or stick spatterdecorated plate, four stick spatter and flow bluedecorated large handled cups and saucers, small saucerand two plates (21).Diam: 10 in. (plate)$500-700

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale





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  • 122

    841Group of Staffordshire SpatterwareitemsIncluding a two teabowls andsaucers, a blue covered sugar and arainbow blue and green coveredsugar.H: 5 3/4 in.$250-350

    842Red and green rainbowSpatterware coffeepotcirca 1830Of paneled baluster form, no lid.H: 8 1/4 in.$200-300

    843Group of Staffordshire Kings Roseitems19th centuryIncluding a coffeepot, covered sugarbowl, waste bowl and a saucer,together with a polychromedecorated creamware reticulatedfruit basket and undertray.H: 4 in. L: 9 3/4 in. (fruit basket andunderplate)$300-500

    844Group of Staffordshire tablewares19th centuryIncluding a coffeepot, teapot,creamer and covered sugar, twocreamers, a covered sugar bowl, fourplates, a soup plate, small moldedoval platter, two mixing bowls ateabowl and saucer and a teabowl,variously decorated with flowers andleafage (18).H: coffeepot 11 in.$800-1,200

    845Slip-decorated and dated redwarejugWith ivory and green tulip and heartdecoration, dated 1862.H: 4 3/8 in.$500-700See illustration, p.44

    846Slip -decorated redware chargerOf shallow bowl form with threebands of trailing, crimped edge.Dia.: 13 1/2 in.$400-600See illustration, p.44

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/21/09 11:43 AM Page 122

  • 123

    847Needlework sampleramelia sacriste, early 19thcenturyA basket of flowers enclosed byflowering vine, polychrome silkthreads on linen ground, framed.21 in. x 22 in. (sight)provenance:Note on back Sampler made byAmelia Sacriste in 1822, WalterSpoffords great grandmother.$1,000-1,500

    848Pine step-back corner cupboard19th centuryIn two parts, the upper section withmolded cornice above glazed doorand single drawer, the lower sectionwith two paneled doors.H: 83 W: 49 in.$1,500-2,500

    849Windsor comb-back armchairphiladelphiaCarved ears and hand holdsbaluster-turned supports, shapedseat, vase and cylinder turned legsending in arrow feet.$1,000-1,500

    850Group of painted chalkwareanimals19th centuryIncluding a pair of recumbent stags,two squirrels, two dogs, a ewe withlamb, and a small sheep and ram.L: 8 1/2 in., stag$800-1,200

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



    848 849


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:12 AM Page 123

  • 124

    851American School, 19th centuryeleven small ink and watercolordrawingsUnsigned, watercolor and ink onpaper.2 1/4 x 2 1/4 in. to 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 in.$300-500

    852Large Chippendale pine dowerchestpennsylvania, late 18th centuryThe rectangular top opens to wellwith covered till, the case with twothumb-molded drawers, ogeebracket feet.H: 33 1/2 in. W: 49 1/2 in. D: 23 in.$1,000-1,500

    853Black-painted bow back Windsorarm chairphiladelphia, circa 1800With bamboo-turned spindles, armsupports and legs.$400-600

    854Attributed to Jacob Maentel (1763-1863)profile of mrs. jacob hottenstein,Jr.Unsigned, ink and watercolor onpaper, framed.H: 9 1/ 2 in. W 7 1/ 2 in. (sight)provenance:A typed note accompanies portrait,Mrs. Jacob Hottenstein, Jr. Wife ofJacob Hottenstein, Jr. Great -Great -Great Grandmother of Dr. JohnWilliam Hottenstein Reberschildren-Neta Ann Reber (Deamer)/William Hottenstein Reber/ EvaCaroline Rober (Kinney)/ CharlesDaniel Reber/ Harry Groff Reber/Mabel Elizabeth Reber Dunn.$2,500-3,500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale





    855Green-painted bowback Windsorrocking chairpennsylvania, late 18th centuryWith a molded crest rail, rodspindles on saddle seat and vaseturned tapering legs.$300-400

    856Green-stained folding field bed anda benchprobably pennsylvaniaThe bed with turned posts andshaped head and foot boards splitand hinged at center to fold, thebench with rectangular top and slabends with lancet-arch shaped cut-outs to form feet.Bed L: 68 in. Bench L: 60 in.$300-500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:12 AM Page 124

  • 125

    857William and Mary poplar dressingtableThe rectangular top with moldededge and notched corners abovesingle drawer, shaped skirt, on vaseand ring-turned legs joined bystretchers.H: 30 in. W: 38 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    858Federal inlaid cherry tall case clockpennsylvania, early 19th centuryThe hood with a broken pedimentinlaid with heart, the line inlaidshaped waist door and plinth, plinthalso inlaid with a heart.H: 91 in. W: 19 3/4 in. D: 10 in.$1,000-2,000

    859Walnut step-back cupboardpennsylvania, dated 1842The upper section with molded andreeded cornice above two glazeddoors opening to painted shelvesand two short drawers, the lowercase with three drawers and tworecessed panel doors, turned feet,old surface.H: 87 in. W: 71 in. D: 21 in.$2,000-3,000

    860Attributed to Samuel Moon (1805-1860)pair of portraits: moses k. davisand mary miller davis of easton,pa.Unsigned, oil on canvas, framed.41 1/2 in. x 35 1/2 in.provenance:The Daviss lived in Easton, weremembers of the Episcopal Churchand had seven children.$3,000-5,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale





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  • 126

    861Attributed to Samuel Moon(1805-1860)portrait of william davisUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.30 in. x 25 in. (sight)provenance:William Davis was the son of MosesK and Mary Miller Davis of Easton,Pa. He was born in 1813, became anattorney and in 1837 beganpracticing law in Monroe County. Hemarried Sophia Heckman ofPhiladelphia, at Trinity Church inEaston on May 17, 1838$1,500-2,500

    862Walnut dower chestpennsylvania, 18/19th centuryRectangular molded edge top withbatten ends, three varisized small lipmolded drawers below on straightbracket feet.H: 26 1/2 in.47 1/4 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$1,000-2,000

    863Group of tin and yellowware molds19th and 20th centuryIn various forms and sizes.Largest: 8 1/2 in.$250-350

    864Cast-iron stove platepennsylvania, circa 1760Rectangular form cast with doublearch filled with tulip and centeredoval cartouche with heart flanked bytwisted columns over inscriptionDeines Nest Sten GVI and 1760flanked by tulip and heart devices.H: 24 in. W: 19 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    861 864


    865Set of six painted and decoratedplank seat side chairspennsylvania, circa 1840Each with shaped cresting opensplat turned legs painted light brownand decorated with polychromeflowers, black pinstriping.H: 32 in.$1,500-2,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:12 AM Page 126

  • 127

    866Cherry corner cupboardpennsylvania, early 19th centuryThe upper section with moldedcornice above glazed door openingto a painted interior, the lowersection with two paneled doors on abracket base.H: 85 in. W: 42 in. D: 20 in.provenance:From the collection of Karen andWallace E. Stephen, Jr.$1,500-2,500

    867Pine stepback cupboard19th centuryThe rectangular molded cornice overtwo six-paned doors enclosing athree-shelf painted interior; thelower section having two shortdrawers over two panel doors withscalloped apron on bracket feet.H: 85 3/4 in., W: 48 3/4 in.,D: 24 in.$2,000-3,000

    868Pieced cotton quiltlate19th/early 20th centuryComprised of printed star patternedwhite and red patches arranged in azig-zag pattern.68 x 77 in.$300-500

    869Federal cherrywood cornercupboardearly 19th centuryCove molded cornice above glazeddoor opening to a painted interiorabove two doors and shaped aproncontinuing to bracket base.H: 87 1/2 in. W: 41 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    870Coverlet and two quiltspennsylvania, 19th centuryThe double weave coverlet woven ina geometric pattern with red andblue wool and linen yarns, the firstquilt, Amish, comprised of solidcolor wool patches in red, blue, andbrown edges in a wild goose chasewith bars pattern, with cut-cornersfor poster bed; the third quilt with awide printed cotton borderenclosing a field of squares inmodified Lily pattern in printed redand muslin patches, heightened withflowerhead and diagonal quilting.$600-800

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:12 AM Page 127

  • 128

    871Watch hutchIn the form of a miniaturegrandfather clock.H: 22 in.$250-350

    872Apple form tea caddy19th centuryH: 5 in.$800-1,200

    875Painted and decorated woodendome-covered box19th centuryThe rectangular case fitted with ironlock and plate and hinged domecover, painted and decorated withflowers and bird motif on a blueground with yellow line borders.H: 7 3/4 in. W: 13 in. D: 8 1/8 in.$300-400

    876Walnut childs chest of drawerswith satinwood star inlayberks county, pennsylvania, 19thcenturyH: 22 3/4 in. W: 22 in. D: 10 in.$800-1,200

    877Grain-painted box19th centuryThe rectangular form with hingedchamfered lid.H: 9 1/2 in. L 20 1/2 in.$400-600

    878Turned and painted footed bowl19th centuryDecorated with red and yellowswags.H: 6 1/2 in. Dia: 9 1/4 in.$400-600

    879Walnut step-back cupboardpennsylvania, 19th centuryThe upper section with moldedcornice above two glazed doorsopening to painted shelves, twosmall drawers below, on lowersection with two doors, bracketbase.H: 82 1/2 in. W: 51 1/2 in. D: 20 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



    873Twelve drawer spice chest19th centuryDrawers with turned pulls onbracket feet, painted sides.H: 13 1/2 in. W: 15 5/8 in.$200-400

    874Red and blue painted metal box19th century, monogrammed A.B.With handle on hinged lid andmonogrammed A.B..H: 10 in. W: 12 in. D: 6 3/4 in.$200-300

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/22/09 5:57 AM Page 128

  • 129

    880Cherry corner cupboard19th centuryIn two parts, the upper section withmolded cornice above two doors,each with double raised panel,opening to a painted interior withthree shelves, the lower section withmolded waist and two doors withraised panels opening to a paintedinterior with one shelf, bracket base.H: 89 in. W: 53 1/2 in. D: 27 3/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    881Colored mezzograph, 19th Centuryportrait of a philadelphiagentlemanInscribed on back Mezzographedby G. H. Weeks 216 chestnut St.Phila, Colored 185-, with gilt matand gilt frame.H: 4 1/2 in W: 3 1/4 in.$250-350

    882Large painted step-back cupboardpennsylvania, late 19th centuryPainted squash yellow, the uppersection with a molded cornice aboverecessed paneled doors anddrawers, the lower section with tworecessed panel doors, both sectionswith chamfered corners, bracketbase.H: 97 in. W; 50 in.$1,000-1,500

    883Painted hanging cupboardlate 19th centuryThe shaped cresting above casewith beaded edge and singlerecessed panel door, molded base.L: 23 1/2 in.$200-300

    884American School 19th Centurybetsy ross and the creation of the american flagUnsigned, inscription on verso, oil on canvas, framed. A handwritten partialnote on verso reads The construction of the first American standard of theUnited States, is a design from...& stripes was afterwards accepted, tookplace under the...of General Washington aided by a Committee design a suitable flag for the nation at Philadelphia in... 1777.This took place in the residence of Mrs Ross in Arch St.... 2nd & 3rd. GeneralWashington & Committee completed...& employed Mrs. Ross to completethe work. The house still stands no. 239. Mrs. Ross was afterwards Mrs.Claypoole. Her maiden name was Griscom & according to the fashion of thetimes, she was called Betsey. Betsey Grisom had before the revolutionacquired some knowledge of the upholsterers trade, as it was then called.An occupation synonymous with that of the moderne upholsterer, and at thetime mentioned was carrying on business on her own account in her.....aboutthe 7th of June 1777.....H: 15 1/2 in. W: 19 1/2 in.provenance:A very similar version of interior of Mrs. Rosss shop appeared in HarpersMonthly in 1873.$4,000-6,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




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  • 130

    885Silver two handled presentation teatrayr . & w. wilson, philadelphia, circa1875Oval with bead and gadroon border,twin loop and turned handles,scroll engraved tray with inscriptionTo the Centennial Treasurer of theCity of Philadelphia, 1876, four bunfeet.L 26 1/2 in., Weight 92 oz.provenance:This tray may have been presentedto the Treasurer of the CentennialBoard of Finance, Philadelphiabusinessman and civic leader,Frederick Fraley (1804-1901).$5,000-7,000

    886Frosted molded glass bust ofAbraham Lincolngillinder, james and sons,philadelphia, circa 1876Portrait bust of Abraham Lincoln,inscribed in back, CentennialExhibition Gillinder & Sons.H: 6 1/2 in.$300-500

    887Bright-cut collapsible pewterCentennial Exhibition cupphiladelphia, circa 1876White metal collapsible cup in case,engraved on top of case CentennialExhibition 1776-1876, Lewis Myers,and engraved on bottom of cupT.H. Snyder Philadelphia.Dia: 2 3/4 in. H: 3 in. (cup opened)$250-350


    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



    888Charles Calverly (1833-1914)bronze bust of john brown, robertwood & co., bronze founders, philaSigned and dated, C. Calverley Sc.1873H: 33 1/2 in.provenance:A casting of this bust was exhibitedat the Centennial Exposition inPhiladelphia, 1876. That bust of JohnBrown is now in the collection of theUnion League.$1,500-2,500

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  • 131

    890School of Thomas Chambers(1808-1866)landscape with castleUnsigned, inscribed on verso, Thispainting was bought in Philadelphiaby Grandmother at the Centennial1876, oil on canvas, framed.17 3/4 x 23 3/4 in. (sight)$600-1,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    891William Smith ( active second half19th century)in memory of abraham lincoln,the reward of the just.Hand-colored lithograph ofAbraham Lincoln with armsoutstretched surrounded by angels,Published by Williiam Smith,Printseller, No. 702 South Third St.Phila.25 1/2 x 18 1/2 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500



    889Inlaid ebonized Renaissance Revival Centennial tableattributed to kilian bros (active ca.1855-1920), new york circa 1876The shaped and molded oblong top inlaid with portrait medallion ofGeorge Washington, flags, eagle, ribbons and the dates 1776 and1876, on conforming skirt, trumpet turned legs joined by shaped andmolded stretchers, gilt highlights.H: 28 in. L: 28 in. W: 18$1,500-2,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT116-131:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:12 AM Page 131

  • 132

    892Stamped copper Declaration ofIndependencecirca 1876Entitled The National Medallion inMemorium Majorum with patrioticmedallions, with entire text of TheDeclaration of Independence,framed.16 in. x 12 in. (sight)$250-300

    893Two painted strap iron benches andarmchairswilliam adams foundry,philadelphia, first half 20thcenturyWith scrolled backs, arms and legs,each marked to cast metal plateinscribed Wm. Adams Foundry860 No. St. Phila Pa.H: 39 1/2 in.provenance:William Adams Foundry wasincorporated in 1903.$1,000-1,500

    894Painted plaster model ofIndependence Hall1937Inscribed 1787-Independence Hall-1937 / United States ConstitutionCelebration-Pennsylvania HistoricalCommissionL: 36 in. H: 19 in.$300-500

    895Wool work picturedeborah k. griesemer, 1852probably berks county, paA floral wreath encloses floral spray,birds above inscription flanked by asquirrel and dogs worked withpolychrome wool yarns, framed.25 1/2 x 24 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale






    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 132

  • 133

    896Empire mahogany corner cupboardcirca 1840With a broken pediment above ogeemolding and arched glazed doorsopening to shelves above bolectionmolded drawer, flanked by two fauxdrawers, two recessed panel doorsbelow, turned feet.H: 89 1/2 W: 56 in.$1,500-2,500

    897American School, 19th centuryportrait of an odd fellow inregalia with two childrenUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.H: 61 1/2 in. W: 45 in.note:An 1854 journal of the InternationalOrder of the Odd Fellows indicatesthat Penn Township Lodge No. 319was located at 23rd and Ridge,Philadelphia. The Lodge mergedwith Walker Lodge No. 306 in 1955.$1,000-2,000

    898Uncle Sam costumelouis e. stilz & bro. philadelphia,late 19th centuryThe three-piece red and whitestriped suit comprising: trousers, tailcoat and vest bearing Philadelphiamakers label; together with Gown ofred and white satin with blue bodicewith white star and a striped skirt allwith red trim.note:The Uncle Sam three-piece suit wasworn at the Columbian Exposition inChicago in 1893. Both costumeswere worn during the Bicentennialfestivites in Philadelphia in 1976.$600-800

    899K. S. Cameron, (b. 1946)portrait of the s.s. philadelphia,1889-1923A classic broadsides scene of theInman-American Line, steamer,Philadelphia, circa 1901 at sea withsails in use, oil on canvas, framed.H: 22 in. W: 46 in.$5,000-7,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 133

  • 134

    900William Van De Velde Bonfield(1834-1885)sleigh rideSigned Winter scene in N.Y. / V.deVBonfield/Phil 1873 painter, oil oncanvas, framed.H: 19 3/8 in. W: 29 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:Private Collection, Woodbury, NewJersey, 1960s;Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wenonah,New Jersey, to present.$4,000-6,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    901Queen Anne-style mahogany dropleaf tablealexander maranca (1891-1978)philadelphia,With rectangular top with demiluneleaves above a shaped skirt restingon tapered legs and pad feet.H: 27 1/2 in. W: 16 in. D: 39 3/4 in.(closed)$800-1,200

    902Federal style carved mahoganysofaalexander maranca (1891-1978)philadelphiaIn the style of Samuel McIntire withcarved and punchwork decoratedcrest rail and sloping arms, baluster-turned supports, turned and shapedlegs.H: 37 1/4 in. W: 75 in. D: 27 in.$800-1,200

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 134

  • 135

    904Chippendale-style mahogany tilttop tea tableWith a molded pie crust top on birdcage and fluted and carved columnand ball shaft on cabriole legsending in ball and claw feet.H: 28 3/4 in. Dia.: 26 in.$3,000-5,000

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    903Chippendale style carvedmahogany dressing table19th centuryWith a molded and shaped topabove blocked and heavily carvedcase with long drawer fitted forflatware, with three short drawersbelow, shell carved cabriole legsending in carved drake feet; togetherwith a Chippendale style mahoganyarmchair.$300-500


    905Chippendale-style carvedmahogany dressing tablelate 19th centuryThe shaped top above arrangementof four drawers, the center drawercarved with shell and a shaped andshell-carved apron, carved cabriolelegs ending in ball and claw feet.H: 29 1/2 W: 38 in. D: 21 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 135

  • 907 Herman Joseph Kleiner &Herman Joseph Kleiner Jr.

    The works of

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 136

  • 137

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    906Carved giltwood frame with eaglefinial.herman joseph kleiner, sr. (1885-1973), philadelphiaRectangular form with deeply carvedleaves, scrollwork and cartouche.H: 36 in. W: 55 in.$3,000-5,000

    907Carved gilt plaster oval frameherman joseph kleiner, sr., (1885-1973), philadelphiaCarved with bird cresting, drapedswag, and floral vine.L: 31 in.$600-800


    Herman Joseph Kleiner (18851973) and his sonHerman Joseph Kleiner Jr. (19101993) were masterwoodcarvers. Born in Philadelphia, Mr. Kleiner Sr.had a studio for many years on E. Firth St. Hisarchitectural interior work includes pediments inthe Senate Chambers of the United States Capitol,chair rails in the White house and interiorembellishments at the British Embassy inWashington. Locally, Kleiner Sr.s projects includethe Valley Forge Memorial Chapel, The Bryn AthynCollege Chapel and The Trinity Episcopal Church inMoorestown, New Jersey. Mr. Kleiner, Sr.s bestknown project was the carving of the figure ofNipper, the trademark His Masters Voice, for theVictor Talking Machine Company.

    Herman Joseph Kleiner, Jr., also born inPhiladelphia, was a graduate of the PennsylvaniaAcademy of Fine Arts. He assisted his father in anumber of projects including the interior of TheTrinity Episcopal Church in Moorestown, NewJersey. A model maker, ceramist, and sculptor,Kleiner operated a ceramic manufacturingcompany, Creek-Turn, in Hainesport, New Jerseyfor over 50 years.

    Lots: 906915

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 137

  • 138

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    908Walnut library tableherman joseph kleiner, sr. (1885-1973), philadelphiaThe rectangular top with gadroonededge raised on leaf, scrolls andmask-carved ends joined by ashaped stretcher.H: 30 in. W: 64in. D: 24 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    909Turned cherrywood pedestalherman joseph kleiner, sr., (1885-1973), philadelphiaWith molded circular top onbaluster turned stand, rectangularbase on bun feet.H: 37 in.$400-600

    910Carved panel of Madonna andChildherman joseph kleiner jr., (1910-1993), philadelphiaSigned H.J. Kleiner.H: 63 3/8 in. W: 18 in.$4,000-6,000


    909 910

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/22/09 10:45 AM Page 138

  • 139

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    911Carved and painted side tableherman joseph kleiner, jr. (1910-1993), philadelphiaA molded rectangular top with adeep apron carved with peacocksand foliage on carved straight legs.H: 29 in. L 32 1/4 in. D: 27 in.$5,000-7,000


    912 912913 914

    912Carved bookendsherman joseph kleiner, jr. (1910-1993), philadelphia circa 1930Of arched form, carved with cranes.H: 5 3/4 in. W: 5 in.$250-350

    913Carved table lampherman joseph kleiner, jr., (1910-1993), philadelphiaBulbous spiral-turned form paintedblue-green with gilt highlights.H: 18 in.$300-500

    914Carved wooden table lampherman joseph kleiner, jr., (1910-1993), philadelphiaRectangular form carved with oakleaves.H: 17 in.$300-500

    915Group of prints, drawings andphotographsherman joseph kleiner, jr., (1910-1993), philadelphia$150-250

    916Two glazed Arts and Craftsredware tilesearly 20th centuryEach with the figure of a dancingman.6 1/4 in. sq.$100-200

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  • 140

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



    918Walnut side tablegeorge nakashima (1905-1990)Having a rectangular top overslatted shelf on cylindrical taperinglegs.H: 21 in. 36 in.$3,000-4,000

    917Walnut bench with backgeorge nakashima (1905-1990)Having seventeen hickory spindlesand free form edge on cylindricaltapering legs.H: 33 in. L: 50 in. Seat height: 16 in.$6,000-8,000


    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 140

  • 141

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale




    919Walnut hanging wall cabinetgeorge nakashima (1905-1990)Having a rectangular top with a freeform edge, dove tail edge and twinsliding paned doors, the right sideenclosing an open compartment andthe left side enclosing an adjustableshelf.H: 14 in L: 72 in. D: 14 in.$6,000-8,000

    920Walnut New chairsgeorge nakashima (1905-1990)Having a straight crest rail with ninehickory spindles, saddle seat with Hstretcher on cylindrical taperinglegs.H: 36 in.$4,000-6,000

    G09-06965_AmericanaTXT132-152:Layout 1 10/19/09 9:19 AM Page 141

  • 142

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    921Two walnut Captains chairsgeorge nakashima (1905-1990)Having straight crest rail over ninehickory half spindles with saddleseat raised on four taperingcylindrical legs.H: 29 in.$1,500-2,500

    922Walnut R benchmira nakashima (1942-)Having a free form edge androsewood butterfly joint raised ontwo cylindrical tapering legs and oneterminal leg, signed MiraNakashima November 1995.H: 14 1/2 in. L: 79 1/2 in. D: 20 in.$6,000-8,000

    923Burl walnut New chair rockermira nakashima (1942-)Having ten hickory spindles, saddleseat, H stretcher and signedDrucker Nakashima May 31, 1996.H: 37 in. Seat height: 16 1/4 in.$2,000-3,000

    924Burl walnut New chair rockermira nakashima (1942-)Having ten hickory spindles, saddleseat, H strectcher and signedDrucker Nakashima May 31, 1996.H: 37 in. Seat height: 16 1/4 in.$2,000-3,000



    923, 924

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  • 143

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    925English walnut plank stoolmira nakashima (1942-)Having free form edge raised onturned straight legs.H: 20 3/4 in. W: 27 in.$6,000-8,000

    926Wool Love rugrobert indiana, b. 1928, for themaster contemporary originalartist rugs, new yorkSigned R Indiana in marker andnumbered, 138/150 on printedcertificate, verso.L: 72 in. W: 72.$1,800-2,500

    927Wool German Love rugrobert indiana, b. 1928, for themaster contemporary originalartist rugs, new yorkSigned R Indiana in marker andnumbered, 137/300 on printedcertificate, verso.L: 72 in. W. 72 in.$1,800-2,500

    926 927


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  • 144

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    928Three wirework side chairsharry bertoia (1915-1978), forknollTogether with two wirework sidechairs having pink cushions.$400-600

    929Two incised porcelain vasesrudolph staffel, b. 1911Each signed on base, the first offlared tapering form, incised withJon David having green decoration,glazed; the second of similar formpinched with facial features havingblue decoration, unglazed.H: 3 1/2 in., each$250-350

    930Octagonal walnut, slate and irondining tablepaul evans ( 1930 -1987),pennsylvania, circa 1980The octagonal slate top enclosed bya walnut edge on eight wrought ironlegs joined by stretchers.H: 28 in. W: 41 in.$4,000-6,000

    931Pair of cast aluminum and meshpatio chaise loungesrichard schultz (1926-), for knoll,circa 1960sHaving gray leather trim.L: 55 in. H: 33 in.$800-1,200



    931end of sale

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  • Freemans 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103Tel:215.563.9275 Fax:215.563.8236

    Detail from:JASPER FRANCIS CROPSEY(american 18231900)"AUTUMN ON THE HUDSONSigned J.F Cropsey bottom left,oil on canvas20 x 32 in. (50.8 x 81.3cm)provenance:Private Collection, North Carolina.$100,000150,000

    Fine American & EuropeanPaintings Sculpture12/6/09

    Auction:Sunday, December 6th at 2pm

    Exhibition:Thursday, December 3rd& Friday, December 4th10am6pmSaturday, December 5thNoon5pm

    Inquiries:alasdair nicholtel:

    david weisstel:

    libia elena mendeztel:


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  • Works from theLehman BrothersCollection: Part II02/12/ Freemans 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103Tel:215.563.9275 Fax:215.563.8236

    All lots to be soldwithout reserve

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  • 147

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    Purchase removal, shipping andoffsite storage information

    successful bidders for the property from theamerican furniture & decorative arts sale andpennsylvania sale will be expected to pick up allproperty from freemans no later than 3 pm onmonday, november 30th 2009.

    Shippers who have worked with Freemans clients inthe past, include but are not limited to:

    Aiston Fine Art:Tel: 212.715.0629 Fax: 212.838.6982email:

    Packaging Store:Tel: 215.361.6940 Fax: 215.361.6941email:


    A. Mastrocco Jr. Moving & StorageTel: 215.491.0346email:

    Navis Pack & ShipTel: 610.534.0750email:

    Property not picked up from Freemans within tenbusiness days of the auction will be transferred to astorage facility as noted in our terms and conditions.There will be packing, transport, storage and releasecharges. For the convenience of the successful bidder,all purchased lots will be packed and transferred to thestorage facility together.

    Payment of the hammer price, premium and anyapplicable sales taxes must be made directly toFreemans prior to the release of property.

    Please contact Freemans with shipping related queries.215-563-9275 ext. 3204.Direct dial 267.414.1242

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  • Terms & Conditionsall property offered and sold (property) through samuel t. freeman& co, ("freeman's") shall be offered and sold on the terms andconditions set forth below which constitutes the complete statementof the terms and conditions on which all property is offered for bidding at the auction, whether present in person or by agent, bywritten bid, telephone, internet or other means, the buyer agrees to bebound by these terms and conditions.

    16In no event shall any liability of Freemansto the buyer exceed the purchase priceactually paid.17No claimed modification or amendment ofthis Agreement on the part of any partyshall be deemed extant, enforceable orprovable unless it is in writing that hasbeen signed by the parties to thisAgreement. No course of dealing and nodelay or omission on the part of Freemansin exercising any right under thisAgreement shall operate as a waiver ofsuch right or any other right and waiver onany one or more occasions shall not beconstrued as a bar to or waiver of anyright or remedy of Freemans on anyfuture occasion.18These Conditions of Sale and the buyers,the Consignor's and Freemans rightsunder these Conditions of Sale shall begoverned by, construed and enforced inaccordance with the laws of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania andConsignor and Buyer agree to theexclusive jurisdiction of the Philadelphia,Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas andthe United States District Court for theEastern District of Pennsylvania.

    instances, the Consignor may pay lessthan the standard commission rate whereFreemans or its representative is asuccessful bidder on behalf of theConsignor. Where the Consignor isindebted to Freemans, Freemans mayhave an interest in the offered lots andthe proceeds therefrom, other than thebrokers Commissions, and all sales aresubject to any such interest.11No buy bids shall be accepted at anytime for any purpose.12Any pre-sale bids must be submitted inwriting to Freemans prior tocommencement of the offer of the firstlot of any sale. Freemans copy of anysuch bid shall conclusively be deemed tobe the sole evidence of same, and whileFreemans accepts these bids for theconvenience of bidders not present at theauction, Freemans shall not beresponsible for the failure to execute, or,to execute properly, any pre-sale bid.13A Buyers Premium will be added to thesuccessful bid price and is payable by thebuyer as part of the total purchase price.The Buyers Premium shall be: 25% onthe first $20,000 of the hammer price ofeach lot, 20% on the portion from$20,001 through $500,000, and 12% onthe portion of the hammer priceexceeding $500,000.14Unless exempted by law from thepayment thereof, the buyer will berequired to pay any and all federal excisetax and any state and/or local sales taxes,including where deliveries are to be madeoutside the state where a sale isconducted, which may be subject to acorresponding or compensating tax inanother state.15Freemans may, as a service to buyerarrange to have purchased propertyposted and shipped at the buyersexpense. Freemans is not responsiblefor any acts or omissions in packing orshipping of purchased lots whether or notsuch carrier recommended by Freemans.Packing and handling of purchased lots isat the responsibilityof the buyer and is at the entire risk of thebuyer.

    Buyers Premium or has satisfied suchterms that Freemans, in its solediscretion, shall require. Subject to theforegoing, all Property shall be paid forand removed by the buyer at his/herexpense within ten (10) days of sale and,if not so removed, may be sold byFreemans, or sent by Freemans to apublic warehouse, at the sole risk andcharge of the buyer(s), and Freemansmay prohibit the buyer from participating,directly or indirectly, as a bidder or buyerin any future sale or sales. In addition toother remedies available to Freemans bylaw, Freemans reserves the right toimpose a late charge of 1.5% per monthof the total purchase price on any balanceremaining ten (10) days after the day ofsale. If Property is not removed by thebuyer within ten (10) days, a handlingcharge of .1% of the total purchase priceper month from the tenth day after thesale until removal by the buyer shall bepayable to Freemans by the buyer;Freemans shall charge 1.5% of the totalpurchase price per month for anyproperty not so removed within 60 daysafter the sale. Freemans will not beresponsible for any loss, damage, theft, orotherwise responsible for any goods leftin Freemans possession after ten (10)days. If the foregoing conditions or anyapplicable provisions of law are notcomplied with, in addition to otherremedies available to Freemans and theConsignor (including without limitationthe right to hold the buyer(s) liable forthe bid price) Freemans, at its option,may either cancel the sale, retaining asliquidated damages all payments madeby the buyer(s), or resell the property. Insuch event, the buyer(s) shall remainliable for any deficiency in the originalpurchase price and will also beresponsible for all costs, includingwarehousing, the expense of the ultimatesale, and Freemans commission at itsregular rates together with all related andincidental charges, including legal fees.Payment is a precondition to removal.Payment shall be by cash, certified checkor similar bank draft, or any other methodapproved by Freemans. Checks will notbe deemed to constitute payment untilcleared. Any exceptions must be madeupon Freemans written approval of creditprior to sale.In addition, a defaulting buyer will bedeemed to have granted and assigned toFreemans, a continuing security interestof first priority in any property or moneyof, or owing to such buyer in Freemanspossession, and Freemans may retainand apply such property or money ascollateral security for the obligations dueto due to Freemans. Freemans shallhave all of the rights accorded a securedparty under the Pennsylvania UniformCommercial Code.10Unless the sale is advertised andannounced as without reserve, each lotis offered subject to a reserve andFreemans may implement such reservesby bidding through its representatives onbehalf of the Consignors. In certain

    1Unless otherwise indicated, all Propertywill be offered by Freemans as agent forthe Consignor.2Freemans reserves the right to vary theterms of sale and any such variance shallbecome part of these Conditions of Sale.3Buyer acknowledges that it had the rightto make a full inspection of all Propertyprior to sale to determine the condition,size, repair or restoration of any Property.Therefore, all property is sold AS-IS.Freemans is acting solely as an auctionbroker, and unless otherwise stated, doesnot own the Property offered for sale andhas made no independent investigation ofthe Property. Freemans makes nowarranty of title, merchantability orfitness for a particular purpose, or anyother warranty or representationregarding the description, genuineness,attribution, provenance or condition tothe Property of any kind or nature withrespect to the Property.4Freemans in its sole and exclusivediscretion, reserves the right to withdrawany property, at any time, before the fallof the hammer.5Unless otherwise announced by theauctioneer at the time of sale, all bids areper lot as numbered in the printedcatalogue. Freemans reserves the right todetermine any and all matters regardingthe order, precedence or appropriateincrement of bids or the constitution oflots.6The highest bidder acknowledged by theauctioneer shall be the buyer. Theauctioneer has the right to reject any bid,to advance the bidding at his absolutediscretion and in the event of any disputebetween bidders, the auctioneer shallhave the sole and final discretion either todetermine the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the article in dispute. Ifany dispute arises after sale, theFreemans sale record shall be conclusivein all respects.7If the auctioneer determines that anyopening or later bid or any advance bid isnot commensurate with the value of theProperty offered, he may reject the sameand withdraw the Property from sale.8Upon the fall of the hammer, title to anyoffered lot or article will immediately passto the highest bidder as determined in theexclusive discretion of the auctioneer,subject to compliance by the buyer withthese Conditions of Sale. Buyerthereupon assumes full risk andresponsibility of the property sold, agreesto sign any requested confirmation ofpurchase, and agrees to pay the full price,plus Buyers Premium, therefore or suchpart, upon such terms as Freemans mayrequire.9No lot may be removed from Freemanspremises until the buyer has paid in fullthe purchase price therefor including

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  • Samuel T Freeman & Co. 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Tel-215.563.9275 Fax-215-599-2240 e-mail:

    sale no bidder no

    name business name


    city state

    zip code e-mail

    phone (h) phone (w) fax

    resale / tax identification state

    25% Buyers Premium will be added to the first $20,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on the portion from $20,001 through $500,000, and 12% on the portion of the hammer price exceeding $500,000.

    All lots must be paid for and removed within 5 days.

    lot no description maximum bid

    bank reference

    bank name account n0

    contact name telephone

    I hereby confirm thet I have read and am bound by the Terms of Sale presented by the auction houseand which govern all auction purchases made by me. Although every attempt is made to execute your bid(s),the auctioneer is not responsible for errors and omissions.


    (signature required to execute your bids)

    absentee bidding form

    please adhereto the bidding increments

    $10until $200 is reached

    $25until $500 is reached

    $50until $1,000 is reached

    $100until $3,000 is reached

    $250until $5,000 is reached

    $500until $10,000 is reached

    $1,000until $30,000 is reached

    $2,000until $50,000 is reached

    $5,000until $100,000 is reached

    over $100,000auctioneers discretion

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  • 150

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    Upcoming Events



    Objet de Vertudecember 5th

    Fine American & European Paintings &Scultpuredecember 6th

    Fine Jewelry & Watchesdecember 7th

    Oriental Rugs, Carpets & Textilesjanuary 10th

    Fine Books, Maps, Prints & Autographsjanuary 14th

    Fine English & Continental Furniture,Silver & Decorative Artsjanuary 26th & 27th

    Freemans Friday: Jewelryfebruary 5th

    Works from the Lehman BrothersCollection: Part IIfebruary 12th

    Freemans Friday: Paintings, Prints& Sculpturefebruary 19th

    Freemans Friday: Furniture &Decorative Artfebruary 26th


    November 18th


    December 2nd


    December 16th


    January 6th


    January 20th

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  • 151

    freeansthe pennsylvania sale


    specialist departments

    Americanalynda a cainsamuel freean iiamy parenti

    Asian Artsrobert waterhouserichard cervantes

    English & ContinentalFurniture, Silver & Decorative Artsrobert waterhousedouglas girtonkerry jeffery

    Fine Jewelrysamuel freean iikate waterhouse

    Fine Paintings & Sculpturealasdair nicholdavid weisslibia elena mendezaimee pflieger dolby

    Fine Printsanne henrydavid weissaimee pflieger dolbylibia elena mendez

    Modern & Contemporary Artanne henryalasdair nicholdavid weissaimee pflieger dolby

    Pop Culturesimeon lipman

    Oriental Rugs & Tapestriesdavid weissrichard cervantes

    Rare Books, Manuscripts,& Ephemeradavid j bloomjoe huenke


    Appraisalsanita heriotsauel freean iijames e buckleydonald e walter

    Appraisal Servicesandrea vainiuselton-john torres

    useum Servicesthomas b. mccabe ivlynda a cain

    Client Servicesmary maguire carrollkati gegenheimerjessica carterbethany mobbssusannah hendersonmegan styles jones

    Operationshanna doughermarcell zomborijacob schelljulius claytonbethany mobbsgerald davis

    Financehanna dougherjeffrey miller

    Business Development &arketingthomas b. mccabe ivlily stonechristopher browne

    Trusts & Estateschristian jusselsamuel t freeman iiithomas b. mccabe iv

    Photographyelizabeth fieldelizabeth hintontom clark


    chairansamuel freeman iivice chairanalasdair nichol

    presidentpaul roberts

    executive vice presidentsjaes e buckleyhanna dougher

    senior vice presidentchristian jussel

    chief financial officereric a smith

    vice presidentsdavid j bloomlynda a cainanne henryrobert waterhousedavid weiss

    representativesdavid weissWashington, DCdweiss@freemansauction.comTelephone: 202.412.8345

    colin clarkeCharlottesville, VAcclarke@freemanssouth.comTelephone: 434.296.4096Fax: 434.296.4011

    robert and kate waterhouseAnnapolis, MDrwaterhouse@freemansauction.comTelephone: 267.414.1226


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    freeansthe pennsylvania sale



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  • 1111//1144&&1155//0099











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    ThThee PPeennnnsylsylvvanianiaaSaSalele 1111//15/015/099

    www.freemwww.freemansauction.ansauction.ccomom SSamueamuell TT FrFreeemaneman && CCoo.. 18180808 CChestnuthestnut StrStreeeett PhiPhiladelphladelphiiaa PPenennsynsylvanlvaniaia 1911910033TTell--215.215.563.563.99275275 FFax-ax-2215.563.15.563.88223636

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