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  • AuctionMonday, April 19th at 12pm

    Sale 1364

    Exhibitions:Thursday, April 15th & Friday, April 16th


    Saturday, April 17th & Sunday, April 18th


    or by appointment

    Inquiries:lynda caintel:

    amy parentitel:

    AuctionTuesday, April 20th at 10am

    Sale 1365

    Exhibitions:Thursday, April 15th & Friday, April 16th


    Saturday, April 17th & Sunday, April 18th

    12pm5pm or by appointment

    Monday, April 19th


    Inquiries:lynda caintel:

    amy parentitel:

    Bidding:natalie difeliciantonio

    tel: 267.414.1208

    fax: 215.599.2240

    Catalogue $30

    Inside Front Cover: Various lots from the

    Easby-Stevenson Collection

    Inside Back Cover: Lot 182

    Freemans1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Telephone: 215.563.9275

    Fax: 215.563.8236

    126 Garrett Street

    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    Telephone: 434.296.4096

    Fax: 434.296.4011

    Color images of every lot

    are available on

    Printing by Brilliant Studio

    Exton, Pennsylvania

    American Design & AmericanIndian Arts 04/19/10

    American Furniture,Decorative & Folk Art04/20/10

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  • Important Informationfor Buyers


    Buyers Premium

    Sales Tax

    Catalogue Descriptions



    Removal of Purchases

    Shipping and Packing

    All potential buyers must register for the sale prior to placing a bid.Registration information may be submitted in person at our reception desk,by fax or through our website at We will requireproof of identification and residence and may require a credit card and/or abank reference. By registering for the sale, the buyer acknowledges that heor she has read, understood and accepted Freemans Terms and Conditionsof Sale.

    A Buyers Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payableby the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyers Premium shallbe: 25% on the first $20,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on theportion from $20,001 through $500,000, and 12% on the portion of thehammer price exceeding $500,000.

    All items in the catalogue are subject to the 7% Pennsylvania andPhiladelphia sales tax. Dealers purchasing for resale must register their taxnumbers on current PA forms. Forms should be submitted to our ClientServices office on the second floor.

    All item descriptions, dimensions and estimates are provided for guidanceonly. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all lots prior to bidding toensure that the condition is to their satisfaction. If potential buyers areunable to inspect lots in person, our specialists will be happy to preparedetailed Condition Reports on individual lots as quickly as possible. Theseare for guidance only, and all lots will be sold as is as per our Terms andConditions of Sale.

    At the sale Registered bidders will be assigned a bidder number and given apaddle for use at the sale. Once the first bid has been placed, theauctioneer asks for higher bids in increments determined by the auctioneer.To place your bid, simply raise your paddle until the auctioneeracknowledges you. The auctioneer will not mistake a random gesture for abid.By phone A limited number of telephone lines are available for bidding byphone through a Freemans representative. Phone lines must be reserved inadvance. Requests must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to thescheduled start of the sale.In writing Bid forms are available in the sale room and at the back of thecatalogue. These should be submitted in person, by mail or by fax no laterthan one hour prior to the scheduled start of the sale. The auctioneer willbid on your behalf up to the limit indicated, but is not responsible for errorsor failure to execute bids.On the internet A fully-illustrated catalogue is available on-line Registered bidders may leave absentee bidsthrough the web site and will receive email confirmation of their bid.Freemans is not responsible for errors or failure to execute bids.

    Lots purchased will not be released until we have received full payment.Payment may be made in cash, by check, money order, or debit card.Payments by check must clear the bank before goods will be released.

    Deliveries will not be made during the time of the sale unless otherwiseindicated by the auctioneer. All items must be paid for and removed byApril 30th at 3pm. Purchases not so removed may be turned over to alicensed warehouse at the expense and risk of the purchaser.

    Responsibility for packing, shipping and insurance shall be exclusively thatof the purchaser. Upon request, Freemans will provide the purchaser withnames of professional packers and shippers known to us.

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  • lots 1102

    Monday April 19th, 2010at 12pm

    AmericanDesign &AmericanIndian Arts

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  • 41Two shadow box mounted arrowhead collectionsearly 20th century.The first shadow box with arrangement of arrowheads, identified byhandwritten labels, From Cloud Auble Spencer Ohio and HermanSchaefer Newark Delaware, the second and larger shadow box witharrangement of arrowheads, tools and arrows, with inscriptions, SaginawMichigan, Wisconsin, Mt. Ephron, Mt Laurel, Florida, Ohio and Tennessee.provenance:Collections of Herman Schaefer, Newark, Delaware. and Edward Schaefer,Philadelphia.$700-1,000

    2Southwest coiled basketplains indians, late 19th/early20th centuryOf ovoid tapering form with steppedgeometric design.H: 8 in.$800-1,200

    3Southwest woven coiled basketrybowlearly 20th centuryOf tapering form, with geometricdesign.H: 6 in. Diam: 11 1/2 in.$400-600

    4Decorated splint Northeast IndianCovered Basketmohegan pequot, new england,early 19th centuryDecorated with oval, cross and dotdevices in red, lined with newspaperdated 1818.H: 12 1/2 in. Diam: 17 in.$800-1,200

    5Beaded buckskin Flatheadcradleboardearly 20th centuryThe oblong top beaded withsawtooth border enclosing flowerspray and butterfly in white, blue,brown, metallic and green, fringedback.L: 38 1/2 in.$6,000-8,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts







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  • 56Southwest woven wool rugnavajo, early 20th centuryNatural dyes, patterned with doublestepped diamonds.55 in x 82 in.$400-600

    7Southwest woven wool rugnavajo, early 20th centuryNatural dyes, woven with steppeddiamonds within fret border.56 in. x 93 in.$500-700

    8Wild West Vaudeville show itemslate 19th/early 20th centuryIncluding a handwritten and typedscript for The Tenderfoots Troubleswith corresponding materials:vaudeville posters and photos, ahide beadwork vest, a beadworkpurse, a painted hide signed BobHopkins decorated with figures,labeled Capt. Brunswick and Co.and Tender Foots Frontier; togetherwith a painted tapa cloth withcentral medallion enclosed by adouble circle border.Largest Diam: 84 in.$1,000-2,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts


    6 7

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  • 69Carved oak drop leaf gateleg tablerose valley shops (1901-1906)rose valley, pa.The oval top with butterfly jointsand hinged conforming leaf abovean arched flower and strapwork -carved apron on turned taperinglegs joined by straight stretchers,flattened bun feet, bears Rose ValleyShop brand on underside.H: 28 in. Diam: 36 in.$6,000-10,000

    10Eight iridescent gold tulip-formshadestiffany studios, new york,early 20th centuryOf paneled tulip form.H: 5 in.$2,000-4,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts





    11Iridescent blue Favrille Art Glassvasetiffany, new yorkEtched L.C. Tiffany Favrille 1811,flaring feathered form with globularbase.H: 10 3/8 in.$1,000-2,000


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  • 711ADurand vasenew jersey, 20th centuryOf tapering form with flared rimhaving green pulled feather designand goldthreading, marked Durand,1790.H: 7 in.$500-700

    12Iridescent art glass vasepossibly quezel art glass,brooklyn, new york, early 20thcenturyTapering form with pulled featheringin gold and red.H: 10 1/2 in.$600-800

    13Standard glaze Art Pottery Vaserookwood, cincinnati, ohio, 1902Decorated with chestnuts.H: 6 1/2 in.$300-500

    14Patinated bronze floor lamptiffany studios, new yorkBears Tiffany stamp, model 428,not original shade.H: 54 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    15Leaded Art glass and bronze tablelampcirca 1890The base stamped PEG, the domedshade with flowers and geometricmotifs on a tapering fluted basewith three arched legs.H: 27 in.$1,500-2,500

    16Art glass and patinated metal tablelampbradley & hubbard,early 20th centuryThe tapering hexagonal shadestamped, Bradley & Hubbard Mfg.Co., PATD Oct.20.08, with acornand leaf patinated metal overlay ona hexagonal brass column withconforming base incised with leafand acorn decoration.H: 26 1/2 in. (includes finial)Shade Diam.: 20 1/2 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts


    12 13



    17Bronze art glass table lamp20th centuryThe domed shade with light yellowand blue glass panels with patinatedmetal overlay on a tapering leaf -decorated base.H: 24 in. (includes finial);Shade Diam.: 19 3/4 in.$600-1,000

    18Art Glass table lampearly 20th centuryDomed slag glass shade patterendwith a flowering vine on a taperingtree form base.H: 24 in.$600-800

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  • 819Carved giltwood frame with eaglefinial.herman joseph kleiner, sr. (1885-1973), philadelphiaRectangular form with deeply carvedleaves, scrollwork and cartouche.H: 36 in. W: 55 in.$1,000-1,500

    20Carved panel of Madonna andChildherman joseph kleiner jr.,(1910-1993, philadelphiaSigned H.J. Kleiner.H: 63 3/8 in. W: 18 in.$1,000-1,500

    21Carved table lampherman joseph kleiner, jr.(1910-1993), philadelphiaBulbous spiral-turned form paintedblue-green with gilt highlights.H: 18 in.$200-400

    22Carved and painted side tableherman joseph kleiner, jr.(1910-1993), philadelphiaA molded rectangular top with adeep apron carved with peacocksand foliage on carved straight legs.H: 29 in. L 32 1/4 in. D: 27 in.$2,000-4,000

    23Walnut library tableherman joseph kleiner, sr.(1885-1973), philadelphiaThe rectangular top with gadroonededge raised on leaf, scrolls andmask-carved ends joined by ashaped stretcher.H: 30 in. W: 64 in. D: 24 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    24Turned cherrywood pedestalherman joseph kleiner, sr.(1885-1973), philadelphiaWith molded circular top onbaluster turned stand, rectangularbase on bun feet.H: 37 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts



    20 22

    25Carved bookendsherman joseph kleiner, jr.(1910-1993), philadelphia circa 1930Of arched form, carved with cranes.H: 5 3/4 in. W: 5 in.$150-250

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  • 926Sterling silver seven piece tea andcoffee servicemarcus & co., n.y., n.y.,early 20th centuryComprising an urn form kettle-on-stand, coffeepot, teapot, waste bowl,cream jug, covered sugar bowl andtwo-handled tray, with shell andflowering basket borders.Teapot :H: 11 1/2 in., 300 oz approx.$6,000-8,000

    27Sterling silver tea servicereed and barton, taunton, mass.,1st half of the 20th centuryOval elongated melon form withscroll finials to lids, on scroll andshell feet, including hot water pot,teapot, covered sugar bowl andcreamer. Includes a 27 in. twohandled tea tray by Reed andBarton, 5 pieces.Height of hot water pot 10 5/8 in.Weight of sterling silver : 82.5 oz.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts




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  • 10

    28Sterling silver flat table servicereed and barton, taunton, mass.,20th century"Francis I" pattern, service for twelveincluding place forks, place knives,cream soup spoons, salad forks, flatbutter spreaders and teaspoons,together with four tablespoons,large serving spoon, sauce ladle,sugar shell, pie knife and cheeseknife.Total weight of weighable silver:117 oz.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts






    33 33





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    29Sterling silver centerpiece bowlwatson, attleboro, mass.,1st half of the 20th centuryCircular with deep everted rimhaving leaf and basket of flowers rimand midband, edge of rim repoussewith loop and leaf decoration,circular foot.Diam.: 13 3/4 in., Total Weight: 28oz.$300-400

    30Sterling silver bowlreed and barton, taunton, mass.Having scalloped edge with floraland foliage decoration.Diam.: 9 in. Weight: 12.4 oz.$200-350

    31Sterling silver wine bottle coverHaving an overall curvilinear and Sscroll pattern with a hinged topopening on a slightly stepped base.H: 9 in. Weight: 16.04 oz.$800-1,200

    32Sterling serving tray20th centurySlightly serpentine rectangularshape with pierced pansy border,together with a smaller rectangulartray with a floral border.Length of trays 14 7/8 in. and 10 in.,Total weight: 38 oz.$350-500

    33Unusual sterling silver piercedserver19th/20th centuryPierced "shell" form bowl with oval"seaweed" handle, together with apair of grape decorated shears.Total weight of both pieces 12 oz.$100-200

    34Sterling silver fruit bowlblack, starr and frost, new york,new york, early 20th centuryCircular serpentine and openworkchrysanthemum border.Diam.: 12 1/4 in., Weight: 22 oz.$400-600

    35Sterling silver creamer and sugarwhiting, providence, rhode island,20th centuryRuffled rims with string aboutthe necks, floral engraved, togetherwith Mexican sterling silver flaringsauce bowl with stand by CasaPrieto.Total weight: 30 oz.$300-400

    36Sterling silver after dinner servicegorham, providence, rhode island,20th centuryElongated Plymouth patternincluding coffeepot, open sugarbowl, creamer and circularserpentine tray, together withmatching sauce boat, 6 pieces.H: of coffee pot 10 3/4 in., Diam oftray 11 in., Wt: of entire set includingebony handle to coffee pot 44 oz.$1,000-1,500

    37Collection of sterling silver hollowware20th centuryIncluding a fruit bowl, oval box, floralrepousse mug, childs porridge bowlwith chicks, sauce bowl, creamerand sugar, open salts and mustardstand, cigarette holder and silverdeposit decanter, 12 pcs.Weight of weighable silver 46 oz.$200-300

    38Collection of sterling silver flatware20th centuryTwo salad sets, pierced servingspoons, gravy and small ladles,7 pieces.Weight:16 oz.$200-300

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts



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    39Sterling silver flatware servicegorham & co., providence, rhodeisland, 20th centuryOld French pattern, issued 1905,including seven dinner knives, eightdinner knives, seven cream soupspoons, four salad forks, oneluncheon fork, one fish fork, four flatbutter spreaders and fifteen teaspoons, 47 pieces.Weighable silver: 52.5 oz.$500-600

    40Collection of sterling silver flatware20th centuryIncluding seven iced tea spoons, sixoyster forks, six ice cream forks,twelve teaspoons and assortedsmall servers, 44 pieces.Total weight : 38oz.$400-500

    41Sterling silver tazzatiffany and co., new york,20th centuryOf scalloped edge with shell andpierced heart shaped decoration ona conforming base.H: 4 1/2 in. Weight: 19.8 oz.$700-900

    42Two pair of sterling silvercandlesticksretailed by j.e. caldwell co.,20th centuryThe first of tapering fluted form onstepped base; the second having abaluster stem on a stepped base,both weighted.H: 10 in., H: 6 1/ 4 in.$400-600

    43Group of silver serving pieces20th centuryVarious patterns and makersincluding a ladle, Stieff demitassespoon, Buccellati sauce ladle, pieserver, and an unmarked gilt sugarsifter.$250-350

    44Pair of sterling silver childs mugsgorham, providence, rhode islandOf cylindrical form with incisedbanding and applied handle. .H: 3 1/4 in. Weight: 13 oz.$150-250

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts









    45Pair of sterling silver three lightcandelabragorham, providence, rhode island,20th centuryEach with twisted candle arms,tapering stem and stepped base,weighted.H: 11 1/2 in.$500-700

    46Francis I sterling silver compotereed & barton, taunton, mass.,20th centuryWith grape and pomegranatedecoration to scalloped edge andfoliage decoration to foot, markedunder base.H: 5 in. Weight: 13.7 oz.$400-600

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  • 13

    47Francis I sterling silver bon bondishreed & barton, taunton, mass.,20th centuryOf circular form with scalloped rimdecorated with border of grapes andpomegranates, marked under base.Diam.: 8 in. Weight: 11.3 oz.$300-500

    48Sterling silver pierced bowlredlich, new yorkOf pierced and applied floral and Cscroll decoration, footed base.Dia: 9 in. Weight: 10. 17 oz.$500-700

    49Sterling silver pierced bowlwhiting, providence, rhode island,1906Of scalloped edge with C scrolldecoration to edge and curvilinearopenwork.Dia.: 12 in. H: 3 in. Weight: 22 oz.$600-800

    50Sterling silver pierced cake plateblack, starr, & frost, new york,new yorkOf circular form with floral and vineborder with four medallions havingbaskets of flowers, footed base.Diam.: 11 5/8 in. Weight: 21 oz.$700-900

    51Sterling silver flatware servicealvin, providence, rhode island,mid 20th century Vivaldi pattern, service for twelveincluding place knives, place forks,salad forks, dessert spoons,teaspoons, two piece salad service,cold meat fork, large serving spoonand gravy ladle (lacks a teaspoonand a salad fork), 63 pieces.Weight of weighable silver: 106 oz.$1,200-1,600

    52Silverplate tantalus20th centuryThree cut glass liquor bottles withcut glass stoppers having Stieffsterling silver liquor labels, stamped,Williamsburg Restoration.H: 12 1/4 in. l: 13 3/4 in.$250-350

    53Sterling silver two piece salad settiffany, new york, new york,20th centuryClinton pattern together withMexican sterling silve two piecesalad set in the Danish design.Total weight of both sets: 13 oz.$200-300

    54Large sterling silver fruit basketmade for tiffany & co.,1st half of the 20th centuryHeavily scrolled, pierced and floraletched slightly everted rim, piercedand floral molded swing handle onfour cast scroll feet.L: 14 1/2 in., Weight: 47 oz.$3,500-4,500

    55Sterling silver frametiffany & co., new york, new york,20th centuryDecorated with Classical deviceswith easel back together with pairof Tiffany sterling silver frames withfoliage decoration to each cornerand wooden easels.H: 12 1/2 in. W: 9 3/4 in. (largest),H: 10 in. W: 7 1/ in. (pair),total silver weight 24 oz.$1,000-1,200

    56Sterling silver cake tazzagorham & co.1st half of the 20th centuryAll over hammered finish, circularleaf and rosette engraving to center.Diam.: 10 3/8 in.Total Weight: 14 oz.$300-500

    57Pair of salt and pepper shakerstiffany and company, new yorkVasiform body with canted cornersand strapwork decoration togetherwith sterling silver ladle with vermeilinterior with floral and leafdecoration to handle, engraved1876.H: 5 1/2 in.; Weight: 8.5 oz. (saltand pepper); L: 10 1/2 in.;Weight: 4.5 oz.$300-500

    58Sterling silver circular serpentinefruit bowltiffany & co., new york, new york,20th centuryEverted thread mold and leaf chasedrim. .Diam. 8 3/4 in., Weight: 13 oz.$250-400

    59Circular sterling silver fruit bowlsamuel hawkes, 20th centuryRim with flaring lip and beaded bandbelow. The sides are set with fivepear shape carved lapis medallions.Signed on bottom.H: 5 1/2 in., Diam: 7 3/4 in.,Weight: 20 oz.$300-450

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts


    55, 56, 57, 58, 59

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  • 14

    60Octagonal sterling silver servingtray1st half of the 20th centuryBeaded edge, eight curved leafgarlands creating a center roundmedallion with monogram, four leafand claw cast feet.Diam. 15 1/8 in., Weight: 32.5 oz.$350-500

    61Sterling silver creamer and sugarbasketdominick and haff, new york,early 20th centuryOval sugar basket with swinghandle, oval creamer with Chandle, both with all over floral andleaf repousse decoration and ovalthread mold bases.Weight: 13 oz.$400-600

    62Sterling silver chamberstickudall& ballou, 20th centuryRosette and "wave" chased urnshaped shaft on circular rosettedecorated attached tray, includessnuffer.Diam. of tray: 6 in., Weight: 7.5 oz.$100-150

    63Pair of circular covered vegetablestandstiffany & co., new york, new york,first half of the 20th centuryPlain design with fixed turnedhandle to lids. molded edges.Diam. 9 1/2 in., Total weight: 78 oz.$1,800-2,500

    64Two sterling silver mugstiffany & co., new york, new york,19th/20th centuryOne with floral and scroll chasedmid band, the other with daisyrepousse mid band, both with leafchased lyre form handles togetherwith a smaller straight sided mugwith lyre handle.Total weight: 18.5 oz.$200-300

    65Group of sterling silver itemstiffany and co., new york,new york, 20th centuryIncluding one open salt, six mustardspoons, two salt spoons, fivedemitasse spoons, one teaspoon,and one serving spoon, variouspatterns.Total Weight: 11.5 oz.$300-500

    66Sterling silver fruit bowlwhiting division of gorham,1st half of the 20th centuryHeavy floral and bud openworkslightly everted circular serpentineborder with matching footed base.Diam.: 13 1/2 in., Weight: 40 oz.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts


    60, 61, 62, 63, 64

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  • 15

    67Cabinetedward wormley (1907-1995) fordunbarIn two parts, the upper section withdoors, the lower section fitted with along drawer and two panel doors.H: 52 1/2 in. W: 39 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    68Pair upholstered swivel easy chairsedward wormley (1907-1995)H: 27 in.$700-1,000

    69Polychrome and patinated bronzecoffee tablephilip la verne (1908-1988)new yorkIncised signature Laverne, therectangular top with a recliningfigure on tubular legs joined bystretcher.H: 14 in. W: 36 in. D: 48 in.$3,000-5,000

    70Set of eight cherrywoodHarpswell dining chairsthomas moser, auburn, maine,signed and dated 1997Including two armchairs and six sidechairs, each with upholstered back.$1,500-2,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts




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  • 16

    71Mission style cherrywood settlestickley manufacturers, manliusnew york, circa 1990H: 29 1/4 in. W: 84 in. H: 29 in.$800-1,200

    72Mission style cherrywood spindlebed framestickley, manlius, new york,circa 1990Branded Stickley and labeledStickley Handcraft Craftsman.H: 45 in.$600-800

    73Mission style cherrywood sofatablestickley, manlius, new yorkRectangular top above two drawers,spindle base.$300-500

    74Pair of enameled metal and wireglass coffee tablesjoe durso (b. 1925) for knollinternationalH: 14 1/2 in. W: 27 in. D: 27 in.$6,000-8,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts




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  • 17

    75Walnut R benchmira nakashima (b. 1942)Having a free form edge androsewood butterfly joint raised ontwo cylindrical tapering legs and oneterminal leg, signed MiraNakashima November 1995.H: 14 1/2 in. L: 79 1/2 in. D: 20 in.$6,000-8,000

    76English walnut plank stoolmira nakashima (b. 1942)Having free form edge raised onturned straight legs.H: 20 3/4 in. W: 27 in.$3,000-4,000

    77Burl walnut New chair rockermira nakashima (b. 1942)Having ten hickory spindles, saddleseat, H-stretcher and signed withclients name Drucker andNakashima May 31, 1996.H: 37 in. Seat height: 16 1/4 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts





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  • 18

    80Six wirearm chairswarren platner (b. 1919) for knollinternational, 20th centuryHaving an upholstered crest rail overopen back with rods, upholsteredseat, and rod base and basket.H: 29 in.$2,500-3,500

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts




    78Walnut hanging wall cabinetgeorge nakashima (1905-1990)Having a rectangular top with a freeform edge, dove tail edge and twinsliding paned doors, the right sideenclosing an open compartment andthe left side enclosing an adjustableshelf.H: 14 in. L: 72 in. D: 14 in.$4,000-6,000

    79Writing Armchairgeorge nakashima (1905-1990)Walnut lounge chair with oneshaped arm having eleven hickoryspindles and shaped saddle seat,signed George Nakashima, 1989.H: 32 3/4 in.$2,000-3,000


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  • 83Pair of iron and canvas butterflychairsafter 1960$100-150


    81Walnut and cast aluminum diningor conference tableeero saarinen (1910-1961) for knollinternationalOval top on tulip base.H: 28 1/2 in. L: 77in. W: 47 in.$1,000-1,500

    82Seven vinyl covered and tubularsteel side chairseero saarinen for knollinternational, dated 1972provenance:Designed by Saarinen in 1948, thischair was manufactured by Knollfrom 1948-1976.$2,000-2,500

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts




    8484Three wirework side chairsharry bertoia (1915-1978),for knollTogether with two wirework sidechairs having pink cushions.$400-600


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  • 85



    85Leather lounge chair and ottomancharles and ray eames, 1907-1978 &1912-1988, for herman millerMolded plywood frame withrosewood veneer and button tuftedblack leather upholstery on starbase.H: 34 1/2 in. (chair); 16 5/8 in(ottoman)$1,500-2,000

    86TwoWassily armchairsmarcel breuer (hungarian,1902-1981), for knollEach with tubular chrome frame anddouble faced brown leather armsand seats.H: 29 in. W: 29 1/2 in.provenance:Designed in 1925 by Marcel Breuerand manufactured from 1968-1988.$800-1,200

    87Glass top coffee table with walnutcube base20th century$400-600

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts



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  • 88



    89Mirrored and silvered Asian-Moderne dining tablejames mont (1904-1974) new york,new yorkRectangular form with mirrored topwith fret carved apron onconforming base, three leaves.W: 44 1/2 in. L: 95 1/2 in. (withoutleaves) leaves W: 14 in. ea.$8,000-12,000

    88Painted carved chestnut Asian-Moderne style breakfrontjames mont (1904-1974) new york,new york.Branded, James Mont, the carvedcabinet doors open to shelves,above two drawers, the topmostfitted for flatware, flanked by twodoors, blue finish with silverhighlights.H: 80 in. W: 95 in. D: 17 in.$10,000-15,000

    90Set of eight upholstered Asian-Moderne dining chairsjames mont (1904-1974) new york,new yorkEach with tapering upholstered backabove circular seat and conformingsilvered wooden bases, includes sixside chairs and two armchairs.$6,000-8,000

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts



    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:23 PM Page 21

  • 22

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts



    92 93


    91Glass and 18 karat gold Partridgein a Pear Treedesigned by lloyd atkins,for steuben, ohioModeled as a pear with portion cutaway enclosing a gold partridge andtree, model #1014, in a fitted case.H: 6 in.provenance:The design was introduced in thelate 1960s,$1,000-1,500

    92Uncolored glass urnsteuben, ohio, 20th centuryH: 8 1/2 in.$250-350

    93Thirteen green glass platessteuben, ohio, 20th centuryDiam: 8 1/2 in.$400-600

    94Group of fourteen crystallineglazed porcelain itemsbevan norkin (20th century)Signed and dated, of various forms.Tallest 16 in.$1,500-2,500

    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:23 PM Page 22

  • 23

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts



    95Three pieces of sculpturalblown glasssigned c. goodman 90Largest : 13 X 22 in.$800-1,200

    96Multi-colored blown glass vasenine iron studios, pennsylvania,circa 1998With an orange ovoid body and twoscrolling green handles, below adeep purple neck, inscribed onunderside Nine Iron Studios /1998.H: 21 1/2 in.$200-300

    97Three pair of colored anduncolored pressed glasscandlesticks20th centuryEach of paneled or faceted form,together with one single canaryyellow stick and a decanter.H:$400-700

    98Three turned itemsthomas nicosia (italian/americand. 1978), philadelphiaIncluding a chalice, a spherical,footed string box, and a small vase,all of exotic woods.H: 10 1/2 in.$300-500

    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 23

  • 24

    freeansamerican design & american indian arts





    99Jean Juhlin (20th century)woman seated on a polar bearBronze, mottled green patina,signed, copyright and dated in castJuhlin AP 1994.H: 14 in. W: 9 in.$2,000-3,000

    100Wrought iron chandeliermanner of samuel yellin,early 20th centuryThe chain-hung circular form withdragon heads and leaves and fourlarge candle cups.Dia: 33 1/2 in.$600-800

    101Group of four painted plasterbaseball and golf figuresrittgers novelties, 1940sEach base ball figure marked,Lafayette L. Rittgers co. 1941,including Umpire and two ballplayers and golfer figure/ ashtray.H: 7 1/2 in.$400-600

    102Group of eight painted plasterboxing figuresrittgers novelties, 1940s to 1950sMarked, L.L. Rittgers, co. 1942 or Rittgers Co. 1941.H: 8 1/4 in. tallest$800-1,200

    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 24

  • lots 150590

    Tuesday April 20th, 2010at 10am

    AmericanFurniture,Decorative& Folk Art

    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 25

  • 26

    150Embroidered Seal of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvaniaphilippines,first quarter 20th centuryWorked in polychrome silk andmetallic threads on a silk ground,framed.19 x 22 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000

    151Group of painted cast leadPhiladelphia First City Troop toysoldierswest germany, mid 20th centuryIncludes nine figures on horsebackin dress parade, in original box, withhandwritten note, Margaret wasmade an honorary member byCmdr. Bill Stokes 1956 or 1957.H: 2 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    150 152

    152Large carved and gilt-painted eagleThe figure with raised wingsperched on a rocky plinth, gessoedand painted.H: 36 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    153Two plaster busts: AbrahamLincoln and George Washingtonlate 19th centuryThe Lincoln bust bears inscription,Abraham Lincoln modeled by H.Manger Patented August 1865, andon the back 1900 Chestnut St.Philadelphia, P.H: 26 in. and 24 in.$1,600-1,800


    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 26

  • 27

    154Pair of muskrat glovescirca 1794Fur gloves with leather palms. Accompanied by a note Gloves presented bythe late General Washington to the late Earl of Buchan.L: 9 in.provenance:David Steuart Erskine (1742-1829), the 11th Earl of Buchan, was an eccentric,well-educated Scot who loved America and frequently corresponded andexchanged gifts with Washington. They were distantly related, bothdescendants of David I of Scotland. Washington sent Buchan copies ofLEnfants designs for Washington D.C. and a snuff box mounted in silvermade from oak tree that sheltered the patriotic Sir William Wallace. There isrecord that Washington sat for a miniature portrait rendered by Mr.Archibald Robertson and sent it to the Earl. Washington also proposed theEarl for membership in the American Philosophical Society.$1,500-2,500

    155Charles B. J. F. de Saint Memin(1770-1852)three engraved portraits ofphiladelphiansThe first, portrait of M.A. Meschert,engraved Drawn & engrd. by St.Memin, Philadelphia, (no. 573, St.Memin and the Neoclassical ProfilePortrait in America (1994), Ellen G.Miles ) the second and third,identified traditionally as Mr andMrs. Allen Smith (nos. 756 and 757ibid) but suggested by owners of St.Memin original drawings for theengravings to be Gilbert Rodmanand Sarah Biggs Rodman.plate size 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 in.$300-400

    156Painted American shield20th centuryOn metal.H: 20 in. W: 18 in.$400-600

    157Painted and carved eagle on standlate 19th centuryThe eagle with outstretched wingson orb and hexagonal stand.H: 55 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:39 AM Page 27

  • 28

    158Carved coffee table20th centuryRelief carved dolphins flanking eagle,American shield and crossedanchors, raised on anchor form legs.H: 16 1/2 in. W: 34 5/8 in.D: 18 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    159Wool and cotton Ships Commissioning or HomewardBound pennantprobably new bedford, ma.circa 1840Comprised of red, white and blue woven wool with twenty-six cotton stars hand sewn, the hoist of cotton duckenclosing wooden shaft, hand lettered in ink W.H. Bartlett1894 one side and J.D.T on the other side.H: 8 in. L: 56 ft.provenance:Commissioning pennants, also called homeward boundpennants were used by both Naval and merchant ships. The26 stars indicate that this flag dates between 1837 and 1845.The inscribed name on the hoist may be William H. Bartlettof New Bedford, a commission merchant dealing with oil,whalebone and spermaceti who owned shares in twowhaling ships, The Mary & Susan and The Bounding Billow.$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 28

  • 29

    160Nantucket basket with swinghandle20th centurySlightly oval swing handle shelldecoration to top.H: 12 in. (including handle);L: 10 1/2 in.provenance:Property from a Virginia Estate$100-200

    161Small scrimshawed tooth19th centuryOne side decorated with twomasted ship, whale, and whalers inrow boat; the reverse side inscribed,Pedro Varela Built at Somerset 1853Mass. Lost At Sea 1919.L: 3 3/4 in.$250-350

    162Transfer-printed and enameledcreamware jugengland, early 19th centuryOne side decorated with theAmerican ship Brig Sukey,heightened in polychrome, the otherwith E Pluribus Unum andChristopher Whipple Junr. withina wreath under the spout.H: 9 5/8 in.provenance:Christopher Whipple, a privateerfrom Providence, RI, was master ofthe Sukey when she was seized byFrench privateers in 1804.$1,200-1,800

    163Half hull model of the Jack Snifelate 19th centuryInscribed W. Littleton June, 1899.Overall: 7 1/4 x 31 3/4 x 5 in.$500-800

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 29

  • 30

    164Painted three masted ship modelearly 20th centuryIn a glass case.H: 21 in. W: 28 in. D: 10 in.$800-1,200

    165Copper three masted shipThree masts with rigging, Vshaped hull, on stand.L. 36 in., H. 36 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    166Wood model of the steam sailingvessel, EmuWith plaque inscribed Designed byHines, built by S. Pine ca.1885 in aglass case.Case H: 18 in L: 22 in.$2,000-3,000

    167Thomas Chambers (1808-1869)ships at calais, maineStretcher incised Calais MaineMount Edge.... the canvas inscribedin ink on verso, John P. RobertsBoston 1845, oil on canvas, framed.18 in. x 24 in. (sight)$6,000-8,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/29/10 11:44 AM Page 30

  • 31

    168Painted and decorated Civil WarRegulation Military Drum,horstmann, brothers & co,philadelphia, circa 1863Decorated with an eagle withoutstretched wings above Americanshield and bannerette inscribed "Reg: US and Infantry," brassstudded, printed label on interior"Manufactured by Hortsmann,Brothers & Co., Military Furnishers,Fifth and Cherry Streets,Philadelphia."H: 15 In. Diam: 11/2 in.provenance:By 1864, Horstmann, Brothers & Co.were the largest producers ofmilitary goods in the nation.$2,500-3,500

    169Civil War Reunion Crazy quiltmary e. keedy and others, 1892Comprised of twenty-five squares worked in satin, silkand velvet each embroidered with name and servicehistory of Civil War soldier including: Jas. Games C.A.54th Reg. D.V. Fisher Hill; C.B Ellsworth 198th Reg. P.Natchers Run, Va; Thos. Parfitt, C 55 PA VV 1861 T.1865;Thos. Roths 54 Reg.1 Penn Vol; John Price Co. M. 12 Pa,Prison, Florence, Andersonville; John D. Reese Co. M. 2ndP.v. Cold Harbor, Fort Donaldson; W. H. Keedy enlisted inColes Md. Cav. Aug. 10 1861, wounded twice, prisoner inBelle Isle; Isaac A. Decker Co. A 54th P.v., Killed atWinchester; Alf, AN Hart, P.r.v.c. in 28 Engagement,Gettsburg, Bull Run; Andrew Forst Musician 31st NY Vol,Captured at Snickers Gap, Nov.1861; WRC No. 27, Mary E.Keedy, President 1899; William H. Young, FifthPennsylvania, Wounded, Salem Va; Emery West, 1st BrentCo. H, 11th Pa Cav, Franklin, Va, Derbytown Road; JamesA. Wilson, 1st and 2nd Eastern Shore, Reg; Capt. W. B.Keller, Co. 67th Regt, P. Vol, Mine Run, WinchesterWilderness; R. S. Graham, Drummer Boy, Co. E. 54thRegt., P.V.; William F. Moupt, Co., A, Pa., R, 10th Regt.; J.Berry Co. 84th Regt, P. Vol, 1861, Co. A. 1863, Woundedat Winchester; D. R. Bryan, Petersburg, Winchester, HighBridge; John Price, Co. A. 133rd PV, Chancellorsville,Fredericksburg; James James, Co. A. 54th Regt., P.V.Wounded, New Market, May 15th. 1864; John Inglert, Co.54th Regt., P. Vol, Cedar Creek, Winchester,Andersonville; H. Pennkarch, Co. G 192 Regt, P.V.79 in. x 77 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 31

  • 32

    170Bottle with Sand paintingandrew clemens, mcgregor, iowa,dated 1886Shaped bands enclose an ovalreserve with eagle in flight andAmerican Flag, the back with floralwreath enclosing the date, "1886."Printed label on base, "Pictured RockSand put up by A. Clemens DeafMute, McGregor, Iowa,"H: 5 1/2 in.provenance:Andrew Clemens (1857-1894)collected variously colored sandsfrom the Pictured Rocks region ofIowa.$4,000-6,000

    171American School 19th centuryportrait of abraham lincolnThree quarter length portrait ofAbraham Lincoln, oil on canvas,unframed.H: 30 in L: 25 in.$400-600

    172Queen Anne maple rush seatarmchair18th/19th centuryYoke crest rail, slender vasiformsplat, curved arms with scrolledknuckles, turned and square frontlegs, vigorously turned frontalstretcher, turned side and rearstretchers.H. 41 in.$1,000-2,000

    173Federal maple chest of drawersnew england, late 18th centuryFlat rectangular molded edge top,two small and four graduated widelip molded wide drawers on straightbracket feet.H.45 in., W. 38 in., D: 18 in.$800-1,200

    174Two Staffordshire polychromefigures of boxers19th centuryH: 8 1/2 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    171 174

    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:40 AM Page 32

  • 33

    175American School 19th Centuryhorse and sulky on race-trackUnsigned, oil on canvas, framed.25 1/2 in. x 35 in. (sight)$3,000-4,000

    176Plaster bust of Washington Irving19th centuryTogether with the plaster bust ofanother gentleman, Irving identifiedon back.H: 16 in.$1,500-2,500

    177Two pair of brass candlesticksenglish/american,late 18th centuryOne pair with urn shaped candleholders, the other with vasiformcandle holders, both with squaretapering shafts on flaring squarebases. One pair plain the other pairwith reeded tapering shafts, flaringsquare bases with bead decoration.H. 10 1/2 in. (plain) and 9 5/8 in.(reeded)$400-600

    178Group of four pairs of brasscandlesticks18th and 19th centuryVarious forms, including pairbaluster form on squared base onfour tapering feet, a pair with tulipform candle cups on reeded stem ondomed base, a third pair of bellmetal with paneled trumpet formstem and domed and scallopedbase, the fourth of baluster stemand domed base.H: 5 1/2 to 10 1/2in$1,000-1,500

    179American School 19th centuryportrait of a gentleman with aclay pipeOil on canvas, framed.27 1/2 x 22 1/4 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    176 179

    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:40 AM Page 33

  • 34

    180Chippendale tall chestlate 18th centuryMolded cornice above arrangementof nine drawers flanked by flutedquarter columns, ogee bracket feet.H: 66 in. D: 44 in. D: 23 1/2 in.$2,000-4,000

    181Chippendale walnut corner chairvirginia or south carolina,circa 1780With pierced urn form splats,molded square legs joined byconforming stretchers.$800-1,000

    182American School 19th centurytheorem: rabbit and still life onthe greenWatercolor on velvet, framed.9 in. x 15 in (sight)provenance:Noted on back: Found in Maine.Bears printed label of American FolkArt Gallery, 43 E 51st St, New York.and marked with accession number46.59 in verso. Formerly in thecollection of Edgar William andBernice Chrysler Garbisch.$2,000-3,000

    183American School 19th centurytheorem: wreath of shells, fruitand a roseWatercolor on paper, grain paintedframe, marked with an accessionnumber 49.421.18 1/2 in. x 16 3/8 in.provenance:Ex. Collection Edgar Willaim andBernice Chrysler Garbisch.$800-1,200

    184Four bow back Windsor side chairsWith bamboo turnings and shieldform seat.H: 35 in.$400-700

    185Blue-painted stoolThe shaped overhhanging toppierced at center for hand hold oncanted base.H: 8 in. L: 15 3/4 in. D: 10 1/4 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 34

  • 35

    186School of John James TrumbullArnold (1812-1865)pair of portraits: a lady and agentlemanOil on canvas, framed.30 in. x 25 in.$8,000-12,000

    187Two slip-decorated redware platespennsylvania, 19th centuryEach with crimped edges, decoratedwith yellow trailings.Diam: 7 3/4 in. and 10 in.$800-1,200

    188Quaker pine meeting house bench19th centuryThe straight crest rail and backrest enclosed by shaped ends.H: 31 in. W: 111 1/2 in. D: 13 in.provenance:According to oral tradition, thebench came from the closed CopanyMeeting House located in theArnie's Mount/Mt. Holly area. TheMeeting House was used as ahospital during the RevolutionaryWar.$1,500-2,500

    189Printed and hand colored birth andbaptism certificatea.w. blumer, allentown pa, 1838For Amanda Aeona Weaver, born toSolomon and Henrietta Weaver,April 13, 1837, Upper MilfordTownship, Lehigh County, printedwith eagle and angels and birdsflanking inscription.16 1/4 x 12 3/4 in. (sight)$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT20-35:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:24 PM Page 35

  • 36

    190American School 19th centurystreet sceneOil on canvas, marked withaccession numbers 45. 21 and1981.4.11 on verso, lined, framed.22 1/4 in. x 16 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:Ex. Collection: The Fine ArtsMuseum, San Franciso, Gift of EdgarWilliam and Bernice ChryslerGarbisch$500-800

    191Grain-painted wardrobecirca 1840Molded top above two recesspaneled doors, on arched basecontinuing to bracket feet.H: 71 in. W: 49 in. D: 20 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    190 191



    195 196

    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:48 AM Page 36

  • 37

    192Cherrywood rope daybedcirca 1830Vase and cylinder-turned ends onbell and tapering turned supports onvase turned feet.$300-500

    193Painted and carved rooster19th centuryThe flattened form painted darkgreen, on a modern stand.H: 12 1/2 in.$600-800

    194David Ellinger (1913-2003)two works: winter landscape anda country sceneOil on panel.12 in. x 14 in.$400-600

    195Painted and carved roosterThe figure mounted on acontemporary stand.H: 8 in.$250-350

    196Four carved and painted ice fishingluresWith metal fins, tack eyes andweighted with lead.L: 7 to 8 in.$400-600

    197Inlaid red oak and red elm spicechest18th centuryThe molded top above door with anarched and recessed panel inlaidwith bird and tree, opening toarrangement of nine drawers,bracket base.H: 24 1/2 in. W: 18 3/4 in. D: 9 in.$5,000-7,000

    198Federal maple and mahoganydocument box19th centuryRectangular mahogany panel withbirds-eye maple border, maple sideson shaped apron and straightbracket feet,.H: 9 in. L: 20 in. D: 10 1/4 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:48 AM Page 37

  • 38

    199Needlework Samplerann jane bordman, pennsylvania,early 19th centuryA meandering floral vine borderencloses potted flowers and hillockwith house, trees and animalsworked with silk threads on a linenground.$600-1,000

    200Pair of banister back rush seat sidechairsMolded, pierced crestings abovebanisters flanked by turned stiles,rush seat raised on block-turnedlegs joined by bulbous turnedstretchers.$300-500

    201Original ink illustrations and signedfirst editionWeathervanes andWhirligigsken fitzgerald, clarkson n. potter,inc. publisher, 1967$600-800

    202Iron weathervane in the form of ahorse and rider19th centuryH: 28 3/4 in. L: 24 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    199 201


    203Double sided painted gameboard19th centuryOne side decorated with black andmustard playing squares, the reversepainted with Parcheesi playingsurface with black, red, green andburgundy, both sides with scrolledborder.$1,200-1,800

    204Cherry tall chest of drawersWith a rectangular molded top overfive lip molded graduated drawerswith circular wooden pulls onbracket feet.H: 51 in. W: 37 1/4 in. D: 19 in.$800-1,200

    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:48 AM Page 38

  • 39

    205Group of works on paperlate 18th/19th centuryIncluding five pages from a late 18thcentury album the watercolorillustrations and Germaninscriptions, a hollow-cut silhouette,three framed printed and watercolorheightened Fraktur fragments.$400-700

    206Ladder back rush seat armchairFour arched slats joined by turnedposts with inverted bell form finials,shaped arms, turned legs on ballfeet joined by double vase-turnedstretchers.$400-600

    207Collection of Staffordshirelustreware19th centuryIncluding pitchers, mugs, mustarddishes, open salts, casters, 34pieces.$1,200-1,800

    208Mounted grouping of sevenambrotypes or tintypesmid 19th century8 1/4 x 6 1/2 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 39

  • 40

    209American School 19th centurythree quarter length portrait ofan older gentlemanOil on canvas, framed.31 1/2in x 25 (sight)$800-1,200

    210Corner cupboard19th centuryIn two parts, molded cornice abovegothic arched glazed doorsopening to three shelves, tworecessed panel doors below, raisedon turned feet.H: 88 1/2 in. W: 47 in. D: 27 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    211Large painted and decoratedtinware octagonal trayDecorated with gilt scrolls enclosingpolychrome floral spray, wirehandles at ends.27 in. x 21 in.$400-600

    212Applique cotton quiltlate 19th centuryOrange, red and sage solid cottonpieces arranged in a sawtoothborder enclosing oak leaf medallionsheightened with cable and diamondquilting.92 in. x 76 in.$600-800

    213Cotton Feather Star pieced quiltlate 19th centuryComprised of printed yellowpatches arranged on a muslinground, flowerhead, feather anddiagonal line quilting.86 in. x 87 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    209 210

    212 213

    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/29/10 3:52 PM Page 40

  • 41

    214Appliqued cotton quiltdated 1882Bears needleworked inscription,"M.C. Harter M. Boyer 1882," afloral wreath enclosed by foureagles, and flowerheads, worked inred, green gold solid patches,heightened with diamond, feather,cable and conforming quilting.94 in. x 90 in.$2,000-3,000

    215Star of Bethlehem patchwork quiltpennsylvania, 19th centuryComprised of printed cottonpatches in green, pink and gold.82 in. x 76 in.$500-800

    216Slate rolling out board19th centuryOf circular form with pierced shapedhandle.L: 23 in.$250-350

    217Jacquard red and blue coverletsamuel weisz, bucks county pa.,1841Corner block reads M.K.Springfield: to. Bucks Co. 1841Samuel Weisz, comprised of twopanels, woven with eagles withshields alternating with dottedgeometric devices within a border ofa pair of birds flanking floweringtree, fringed on three sides.78 in x 90 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    218Red painted rope bed19th centuryHaving shaped head and foot boardand turned posts with ball finials.H: 45 in. W: 42 in.$400-600

    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 41

  • 42

    219Woven three color jacquardcoverlet19th centuryBittersweet, green and deep taupewool and natural cotton woven in aeye dazzler geometric design.96 in. x 88 in.$250-350

    220Hooked wool rugThe color block border enclosingbrown field and giraffe, camel, bearand elephant, worked with wool inshades of blue, green, beige, brown,burgundy and grey on a burlapground.29 in. x 34 in.$600-1,000

    221Cherry and punched tin pie safedated 1860The rectangular top above twodrawers with glass knobs and twodoors with tin panels punched withthe inscription, Jan. 9 1860 P.Williams, similarly punched tinpanels to sides.H: 52 in. W: 42 in. D: 19 1/2 in.provenance:Purchased in Ohio$800-1,200

    222American School 19th Centuryportrait of george l. silliman,troy, new york, circa 1840Unsigned, graphite inscription onverso, " Geo. L. Silliman Born Troy,N.Y Dec. 31, 1838," oil on panel,framed.23 1/2 in. x 30 in. (sight)$8,000-12,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 42

  • 43

    223Painted and decorated brides boxcontinental, 18th/19th centuryOval form, the lid decorated withlady and gentleman, the sides withfloral vine.H: 6 1/2 in. L:18 1/4 in.provenance:Collection of Edgar William andBernice Chrysler Garbisch, SothebyParke Bernet.$2,000-3,000

    224Painted and decorated pinedocument boxdated 1797Rectangular form with hinged liddecorated with star and sprigs, withthe inscription Diefe Rift GehertMier Anne Dref, on conforming baseinscribed with date and decoratedwith stars, crown and birds.H: 6 1/4 in. L: 17 in. D: 6 3/8 in.$2,500-3,500

    225Painted and decorated dower chestlast quarter 19th centuryGrain painted in red and yellow,having a rectangular molded lift lidon case with two recessed panelsdecorated with tulips and foliage,marked, 1873, shaped apron,straight feet.$1,200-1,500

    226Painted game board19th centuryOf rectangular form, with blackpainted squares, applied molding.H: 17 1/2 in., W: 21 in.$200-400

    227Classical maple tester bedcirca 1840Bulbous turned posts joined byshaped headboard.$400-600

    228Group of five hooked rugslate 19th and 20th centuryTwo worked with ships, one dated1885, one worked with two dogswithin a scrolled border, and twowith floral sprays and scrolls,polychrome wool and cotton onburlap grounds.largest: 50 in. x 71 in.$500-800

    229Four hooked floral patterned rugs20th centuryWorked in variously colored wooland cotton.Largest: 58 in. x 35 in.$400-600

    230Federal cherry chest of drawersearly 19th centuryMolded rectangular top above fivegraduated drawers bracket base.H: 42 in. W: 40 in. D: 18 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 43

  • 232


    231Thomas LeClear (1818-1882)portrait of lydia spragueHandwritten note on frame, AuntLydia Sprague. This portrait it ispresumed was painted between1850-1860 by Thomas LeClear, oilon canvas, framed.37 in x 32 in. (sight)$500-800

    232Patent model of a cultivator andoriginal patent documentsemlen family, philadelphia andmontgomery countyThe wood and steel patent modeltogether with patent documents andan ink on linen drawing of a streetsweeper for Samuel Emlen ofPhiladelphia, 1865.$300-500

    233American School 19th centuryphysicks folly, 1860Inscribed "Robert's Mansion 19th &Walnut, "watercolor and ink onpaper, mounted on board.provenance:This house stood at 1901 Walnut St,corner of 19th, on RittenhouseSquare, now the site of RittenhousePlaza. of white marble built by PhilipPhysick an attorney. Physick becameinterested and invested in thecultivation of the mulberry tree forthe silk worm and silkmanufacturing. As this provedunsuccessful he was forced to sellthe house in 1846 to AlgernonSydney Roberts (1797-1865) It wasdemolished in 1925.8 1/2 in. x 8 1/2 in.$250-450

    234Green and gilt painted tin andbrass table lampConical shade and adjustable singlecandle cup on brass upright, deepweighted saucer form base.H: 20 in.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 44

  • 45

    235Augustin Edouart (1789-1861)silhouette of the thomas tatnalland frances clark lea familySigned, Aug Edouart, fecit 1843Philadelphia, framed. A note onverso identifies the sitters: FrancesClark Lea, Mary Clark Lea, SallieAnne Lea (married Jos. S. Perot),Thomas Tatnall Lea, and theGoverness, Mary Lavarell.12 in. x 15 3/4 in. (sight)$10,000-15,000

    236Augustin Edouart (1789-1861)silhouette portrait of therobeson family of philadelphia,1843Signed, Augn Edouart fecitPhiladelphia 1843 framed.11 1/2 in. x 23 1/4 in. (sight)$10,000-15,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 45

  • 46

    237Group of three silhouettesand twodaguerreotypescoche and archer families,amelia county, virginiaIncluding a silhouette, inscribedJames Powell Coche, Amelia Virg.Died 1861 Age 80, and twosilhouettes of Richard ThompsonArcher (1797-1869), adaguerreotype of Stephen EdwardArcher, son of Stephen CocheArcher and a daguerreoptype ofLeander Masters.13 in. x 9 1/2 in. sight$1,000-2,000

    238Collection of silhouettes19th and 20th centuryIncluding a pair, a lady andgentleman, hollow cut heightenedwith watercolor, two pair of Georgeand Martha Washington, one ofThomas Jefferson, four ladies, twoyoung boys, and a gentlemanheightened with gilt, all framed.largest: 4 in. x 3 in.$600-800

    239Register of William Shaver Family18th and 19th centuryInk and watercolor on paper withvines with berries, heart, andhexagon decoration, framed.H: 14 in. W: 11 5/8 in. (sight)provenance:Matthew Sharpe$1,000-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    240Wood knitting bowl on standTurned bowl on turned tripod legs,stretcher.H: 21 1/2 in. Diam: 16 3/4 in.$200-250

    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 46

  • 47

    241Pair of carved and painted harpyfiguresPainted with red, yellow, green andblue splotches.H: 23 1/2 in. L 15 in.$1,000-2,000

    242Double-pedestal Tramp art boxlate19th/ early 20th centuryThe triple-pyramid form top lifts towell, the central pyramid top slidesto reveal recess, two drawers below.H: 12 in., W: 16 in.$800-1,200

    243Six tramp art frameslate 19th/ early 20th centuryIncluding a crown of thorns frameand a white painted frame withcarved horseshoe and the wordMotherLargest: 17 in. x 19 in.$400-600

    244Continental School 19th centuryThree scenes from pastoral play:love, jealousy and despairOne bears inscription SylviaAmintas, watercolor on paper,framed.4 in. x 4 3/4 in. (sight)note:The play, Sylvia, by Torquato Tassowas first published in 1580.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    242 243


    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:49 AM Page 47

  • 48

    245Federal corner cupboardearly 19th centuryIn two parts, the cove moldedcornice above single glazed dooropening to three shelves, therecessed panel doors below,scalloped skirt continuing to bracketfeet.H: 88 in. W: 41 1/2 in. D: 22 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    246Punch and Judy bankshepard hardware company,buffalo, ny, late 19th centuryHaving red, yellow, and bluepolychrome decoration with Punchand Judy enclosed in a stage,marked Buffalo, NY, PAT. US JULY15:84 AND JULY 22:84.H: 7 1/2 in. W: 6 1/4 in.provenance:From the collection of GeorgeGunning, Jr.$600-800

    247William Tell mechanical bankj. & e. stevens co., connecticut,late 19th centuryHaving polychrome decoration,William Tell aiming his rifle at ayoung boy in front of a castle,marked PATENTED JUNE 23,1886.H: 6 3/4 in. L: 10 1/4 in.provenance:From the collection of GeorgeGunning, Jr.$500-800

    248Grenadier mechanical banklate 19th centuryPolychrome decorated grenadieraiming a rifle at a target on a tree,marked Feb 2 1875, PAT.H: 6 3/4 in. L: 9 3/4 in.provenance:From the collection of GeorgeGunning, Jr.$500-700

    249No Lot

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    246 247 248

    250Carved and painted miniature Bob-White and chicksallan j. king (1878-1963)north scituate, rhode islandSigned.H: 2 in. L: 4.5 in.$800-1,200

    251Carved and painted miniature pairof quailallen j. king (1878-1963)north scituate, rhode islandSigned.$800-1,200

    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:31 PM Page 48

  • 49

    252Carved and painted miniature pairof railsallen j. king (1878-1963)north scituate, rhode islandSigned.$600-800

    253Miniature painted and carved pairof pheasantsallan j. king (1878-1963)north scituate, rhode islandSigned.$800-1,200

    254Carved and painted Canvasbackhenjames corb reed (1897-1983)chincoteague, va.Signed, original paint, in a flyingposition with outstretched wingsand trailing feet.L: 21 in.$300-400

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    256Group of five chromolithographedtobacco crate labelslast quarter 19th centuryFrom various Virginia tobaccocompanies including AlexanderCameron & Co., David Dunlop,Watson & McGill, Petersburg, T. C.Williams Co., and Wm. Cameron &Bro. Petersburg.$250-350


    255Federal carved and paintedfireplace mantelmid atlantic states,early 19th centuryMolded and dentil carved cornicewith vertically grooved and fan-carved entablature, paneled stiles.H: 64 in. W: 48 1/2 in.$400-600

    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/29/10 11:48 AM Page 49

  • 50

    257American School,19th centurypair of portraits: a lady and agentlemanOil on canvas, oval mat, framed.25 in. x 19 1/2 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500

    258Needleworked picturemary and a young jesus,19th centuryWorked with chenille, silk threads,ink and paint on a silk ground,eglomise mat, framed.16 in. x 12 in. (sight)$600-800

    259Silkwork picturemary, joseph, and baby jesus ondonkey, 18th/19th centuryWorked with a variety of stitches insilk and metallic threads, the facesof printed paper, framed.H: 7 in., W: 10 in. (sight)$800-1,200

    260William and Mary caned daybed18th centuryMolded and carved cresting onadjustable backrest enclosed byturned stiles on caned seat on vaseand block turned legs joined bypierced arched stretchers.H: 41 in. L: 63 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:32 PM Page 50

  • 51

    261Queen Anne walnut secretarybookcasepennsylvania, mid 18th centuryThe molded cornice above twotombstone-shaped raised paneleddoors opening to shelves aboveslant lid desk, opening to a fittedinterior, above arrangement of sixdrawers, molded bracket base.H: 85 in. W: 39in. D: 22 in.$4,000-6,000

    262Queen Anne cherrywood highchestnew england, 18th centuryFlat cove molded top with fourgraduated lip molded drawers inupper section, one wide and threesmall drawer in base on cabriolelegs, pad feet.H: 68 1/2 in., W: 37 in., D: 21 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    263William and Mary mahogany andburl veneer high chestIn two parts, the upper section withmolded cornice above five drawers,the lower section with three drawersraised on trumpet-turned legs joinedby serpentine flat stretchers, ballfeet.H: 68 in. W: 39 3/4 in. D: 20 1/4 in.$1,500-2,500

    264Chippendale walnut slant frontdeskmid to late 18th centuryThe lip molded slant front top opensto a fitted interior above case withan arrangement of four lip moldedgraduated drawers, ogee bracketfeet.H: 42 1/2 in. W: 38 1/2 in. D: 20 1/2in.$800-1,200

    265Chippendale carved walnut sidechairnortheast, 18th centuryHaving a serpentine crest rail abovea strapwork splat and rush slip seaton square straight legs joined byrecessed stretchers.$400-600

    266Chippendale easy chaircirca 1750Arched back, shaped wings and Cscrolled arms on bowed seat railcabriole legs joined by block andturned stretchers.$1,000-2,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art






    G10-07840_TXT36-51:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:49 AM Page 51

  • 52

    267Chippendale mahogany wing backarm chair frame18th centuryArched cresting, deep curvedwings, roll arms, curved seat rail onsquare chamfered and grooved legs,H stretchers.H. 48 in.$2,000-3,000

    268American School 18th centuryportrait of a lady holding a fishUnsigned, Ingleby pencilled onverso, oil on canvas, framed.H: 29 in. W: 25 in.$1,800-2,200

    269Walnut dished top tea tableThe circular top with molded edgeon bird cage and tapering belted ballsupport on cabriole legs ending insnake feet.H; 28 in.. Diam: 30 in.$2,500-3,500

    270Queen Anne side chairschool of william savery,philadelphia, circa 1740Yoked crestrail above vasiform splatand slip trapezoidal seat, cabriolelegs ending in slipper feet joined byshaped flattened stretcher.$1,000-2,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 52

  • 53

    270AQueen Anne walnut tilting topcandlestandmid 18th centuryCircular dish molded top, columnarshaft with suppressed ball below oncabriole legs with snake head feet.Dia. of top 21 1/2 in.$3,500-4,500

    271Queen Anne maple high chestnew england, 18th centuryFlat cove molded cornice over fourgraduated lip molded drawers, onbase with three small lip moldeddrawers, the centermost carved withfan, shaped apron on cabriole legsending in pad feet.H: 62 in., W: 37 in.$3,000-5,000

    272Queen Anne walnut dressing tablephiladelphia, 18th centuryThe rectangular top above fourthumb-molded drawers above ashaped skirt, cabriole legs ending inSpanish feet.$2,000-4,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 53

  • 54

    273Chippendale mahogany arm chairphiladelphia, 18th centurySerpentine crest rail with centershell and scrolled volutes, gothicpierced splat, trapezoidal slip seatwith shell to front rail, shell carvedcabriole legs on claw and ball feet.,birds, flowers and rabbit needleworkseat cover.$15,000-18,000

    274Mahogany and parcel gilt fretcarved mirrorcirca 1780, possibly by john elliottOrnate fret carved frame with finelycarved and gilded eagle finialbetween two scrolls, rectangular giltbezel. .H: 42 1/2 in.provenance:Acquired by the father of the currentowner in the early part of the 20thcentury from a household employeeof the Johnson familys house inGermantown, PA, where it hadresided for several generations$1,000-1,500

    275Sterling silver jugjoseph richardson, jr.,philadelphiaFormerly a tankard, of plain taperedcylindrical form with a hollow loophandle, monogrammed MP andinscribed on the base Ruth Woodto Mary Paul/ 1804.H: 4 1/2 in.Weight: 16 oz.$2,000-3,000

    276Pair of American silver tablespoonsjoseph lownes, ad.1780Plain oval handles with monogramA R,.L.: 8 5/8 in.$150-250

    277Set of three silver tablespoonsjoseph and nathaniel richardson,philadelphia, last quarter of the18th centuryOval handles with monogramS M N in block letters, shell on thereverse of the bowl.L: 8 1/2 in., Weight: 7 oz.$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 54

  • 55

    278Nine silver tablespoons2nd third of the 19th centuryFiddle handles, makers includeHenry Gooding, Hall Browne &Co.,E.E. Bailey & Co., Jones Loweand Ball, Nevil Harding, BenjaminBussex and others, together with afiddle handled salt dip by RobertWilson, 10 pieces.Total weight 13.5 oz.$100-200

    279Six silver dinner forkswhartenby & co., philadelphia, pa,circa 1820Fiddle and thread handles,monogrammed, H K.L. 7 1/2 in., Total Weight: 14.5 0z.$150-250

    280William Penn Treaty Tree oval elm tea caddy. Presented by RichardJordan to Susanna Horncirca 1813Having a stepped wooden lid with circular handle with and a second lidinside with a circular bone handle, lined with gray paper, branded with theinitials R.J. The inside of the lid bears the inscription, During thetremendous Gale of Monday Night last the great Elm Tree at Kensingtonunder which it is said William Penn the founder fo Pennsylvania ratified hisfirst Treaty with the Aborigines, was torn up by the Roots. This celebratedTree having stood the Blasts of more than a century since that memorableEvent is at length prostrated to the Dusk. It had long been used as aSandmark, and handsomely terminated a North east Vien of the City andLiberties on the Delaware. Extract from Poulsons Amer. Daily Advertiser,dated Mo. 1810. This Cady was made by Richard Jordan from a part of theabove described Tree, and presented to Susanna Horne when on a visit tohim the first day of Fifth Month 1913. .H: 5 in. L: 6 1/2 in. Dia.: 4 1/4 in.acknowledgements:We would like to thank Laura Kim and Jay Stiefel for their help in researchingthis box. Finally, it is interesting to note the box has been consigned fromScotland through the good offices of our sister salesroom, Lyon & Turnball, inEdinburgh demonstration how far the fascination of the William Penn storyof the founding of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania extends especially back inthe United Kingdom.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 55

  • 56

    281James Peale (1749-1831)portrait miniature of john thomas harris, jr. anne arundel county,marylandSigned and dated, JP 1892, watercolor on ivory, gilt locket case with plaitedhair and cipher, JH, at back.2 1/2 in. x 2 3/8 in.provenance:Information accompanying miniature states that John Harris Jr. marriedEleanor Davidson, daughter of John Davidson. The Davidson family wererelated to the Beall family. Both these familes were from Georgetown-Washington, D.C. The miniature descended through the family to thepresent owner. $10,000-15,000

    282Chippendale cherry tilt top teatable18th centuryThe circular top over a turnedtapering standard with a suppressedball on tripod legs, with scallopedcarving underneath, snake head feet.H: 28 1/4 in. Top: 31 3/4 x 33 in.$700-900

    283Needlework samplermary crage, middlesex,massachusetts, 1797A floral vine encloses a virtuousverse, the alphabet and spot devicesof birds, flowers in a basket, flowersin a bowl, deer, and the inscription,Mary Crage Finished In the NinthYear of Her Age, 1797 worked inred, yellow, and green silk threadson linen ground, framed.H: 15 1/4 in. W: 12 in.provenance:Matthew Sharpe$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 56

  • 57

    284Chippendale walnut dressing table18th century, pennsylvaniaRectangular top with one wide andtwo lip molded drawers, piercedbatwing brasses, carved apron, shellcarved cabriole legs on claw and ballfeet.Top 35 1/4 in. x 20 in., H. 29 in.$10,000-15,000

    285Chippendale mahogany ladderbackside chairphiladelphia, circa 1780Molded serpentine crest rail abovethree molded and pierced slats,trapezoidal seat on molded legsjoined by stretchers.$300-400

    286Chippendale mahogany chest ofdrawers18th centuryWith a rectangular molded top overan arrangement of four cock beadedgraduated drawers flanked by flutedquarter columns, ogee bracket feet.H: 33 1/2 in. W: 39 3/4 in. D: 15 5/8in.$1,000-1,500

    287Walnut slant front desklate 18th centuryThe slant top with inlaid escutcheonopens to a fitted interior above twodrawer and bracket base.H: 38 in. W: 37 1/2 in. D: 19 1/2 in.$600-800

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:57 AM Page 57

  • 288Chippendale mahogany chest-on-chestphiladelphia, carving attributed tonicholas bernard and martinjugiez, third quarteDouble scrolled bonnet top, floralcarved rosettes, three small and fourgraduated lip molded drawers, thecentermost of the three smalldrawers is incise carved with a shelland applied leaves, very similar to apiece in the collection at Winterthurwhich is identified as being byNicholas Bernard and Martin Jugiez.The bottom section has fourgraduated wide drawers, quarterround fluted columns in bothsections, on ogival bracket feet.H:97 1/2 in. W: 43 1/2 in. D: 23 3/4 in.note:This piece belongs to the greatgranddaughter of Charles LaceyHamilton. Mr. Hamilton was aPhiladelphia paper manufacturerwho, very early on, became acollector of 18th century furniture.His interest in American antiquesstarted during the CentennialExhibition. He became quiteknowledgeable in the field, studyingbooks of the time and scouring theEast Coast for the finest examples hecould find. He became quite wellknown so that when buying atauction he used the name Lacey,his middle name, so as not to be runup by dealers when he bought atauction. He housed his collection at1825 Arch Street, a building he andhis family had left years before. Untilabout 1910 he continued to add to hiscollection on Arch Street. At aboutthat time the building was closed anduntil 1956 no one had screened thecontents therein. At that time thefamily divided about half of thecollection among themselves and theother half was sold at public auction.$90,000-140,000


    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 58

  • 59

    289Walnut tall chest of drawerspennsylvaniaThe rectangular molded top overthree small arched drawers abovetwo smaller drawers and threegraduated long drawers all with batwing brasses and escutcheons onbracket feet.H: 51 in W: 43 in. D: 23 in.$1,000-1,500

    290Chippendale walnut tea tablepennsylvania, late 18th centuryCircular dish molded top onbirdcage support. Columnar andsuppressed ball pedestal, the ballhas beading about the middle oncabriole legs with claw and ball feet.H: 29 1/4 in. Diam.: 33 1/8 in. x 335/8 in.$4,000-6,000

    291Chippendale mahogany camelbacksofaphiladelphia,last quarter of the 18th centuryThe arched crest rail continues tooutscrolled arms on a serpentineseat rail and ten molded legs joinedby stretchers.H: 36 in. W: 82 in.$6,000-8,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    292Benjamin Trott (1770-1843)miniature portrait of john jordan, jr. (1808-1890)Watercolor on ivory, framed.H: 2 2/3 in. W: 2 1/8 in. (sight)provenance:John Jordon, Jr., born in Philadelphia, was the son of John and ElizabethHenry Jordan. He held many positions at the Historical Society ofPennsylvania, including member of the Executive Council, 1846-1896,Corresponding Secretary, 1846-1848, Vice-President, 1876-1890 andRecording Secretary. Descended in family to the present owner.$2,000-3,000


    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:57 AM Page 59

  • 60

    293Chippendale cherrywood linenpressnew jersey, late 18th centuryIn two parts, the upper section withtwo shaped recessed paneled doorsopening to shelves, the lowersection with three short lip-moldeddrawers and two long lip moldeddrawers, rope turned corners andbase, ogival bracket feet.H: 77 1/4 in. W: 49 1/4 in. D: 21 in.$3,000-5,000

    294Chippendale cherrywood slant-topdesklate 18th centuryThe slant molded lid opens to afitted interior above five beadeddrawers, rope-carved apron on balland claw feet.H: 45 in. W: 45 1/2 in. D: 25 in,$1,200-1,800

    295Six mahogany Chippendale sidechairsphiladelphia, 18th centuryEach with serpentine crestrail aboveGothic pierced splats, trapezoidalsquare legs with frets joined bystretchers.$4,000-6,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 60

  • 61

    296Queen Anne walnut corner chairShaped crestrail with flattenedoutscrolled arms over two piercedvasiform splats, square upholsteredseat, straight seat rail over onecabriole leg and pad foot with threestraight legs.H: 32 in.$1,000-1,500

    297American School 19th centuryroxborough or manayunk landscapeSigned and dated, Sallie C. Levering, 1847, pencil on paper, framed.provenance:Sallie C. Levering (1831-1853) was the daughter of Charles and HesterHullings Levering . A handwritten note verso reads It was proposed thatthe first meeting house be built Nathan and Sarah Levering executed a deedand gave to the church (Baptist) a lot now and in front of the oldRoxborough burial ground. They were two of the constituent members about1793$300-400

    298Pair of large glass hurricane shades20th centuryTogether with another largerhurricane shade having grape andvine decoration.Pair: H: 17 1/4 in. Tallest: H: 19 3/4 in.$500-1,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/30/10 8:24 AM Page 61

  • 62

    299Chippendale mahogany drop leafdining tableprobably new york, late 18thcenturyRectangular top with deepconforming leaves on six squaredlegs ending in Marlborough feet.H: 28 3/4 in., L: 42 in., D: 19 1/2,open: 56 1/2 in.$2,000-4,000

    300American/Continental School 19thcenturypair of portraits: a lady and agentlemanOil on canvas, framed.10 3/4 in. x 8 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000

    301Mahogany candlestandlate 18th/early 19th centuryCircular dish molded fixed top,columnar pedestal on tripod cabriolelegs, snake head feet.Diam of top 19 3/4/19 1/2 in., H 245/8 in.$1,500-2,500

    302Thomas Sully (1809-1893)portrait of actress fanny kemble(1809-1893) as julietInscribed on verso "Juliet risen fromthe tomb, vede Romeo and Juliet,Act five Scene three TS 1860(?)" oilon panel, framed.H: 19 in W: 15 1/2 in. (sight)$10,000-12,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/30/10 8:24 AM Page 62

  • 306New York State coat of armsduncan phyfe, new york,first quarter of the 19th centuryReverse frame signed Painted by Duncan Phyfe, watercolor on paper,,eglomise mat, contemporary gilt frame. The shield with spread wing eagleon a hemisphere above, interior of the shield painted with a RISING SUN,flanked by two female figures Justice and Liberty, bottom of shieldEXCELSIOR in a ribbon.4 1/8 in x 5 1/8 in. (sight)note:The signature bears strong resemblance to a signature included in the DAPClibrary at Winterthur. This is the only, so far, known watercolor by DuncanPhyfe.$15,000-20,000


    303Engraving: Declaration ofIndependence July 4th 1776w.l. ornsby, engraver,after john trumbullframed.23 1/2 in. x 21 in. (sight)$400-600

    304White metal figure of BenjaminFranklinlate 19th centuryThe figure of a seated Franklin withbook and pen mounted on a woodenbase.H: 13 in.$200-300

    305Copper-plate printed cotton panelfrance, 1785-1800The Apotheosis of Franklin andWashington printed in brown oncotton ground, framed.note:This fabric, was included in theBenjamin Franklin Tercentenaryexhibition and pictured in theexhibition catalogue, BenjaminFranklin in Search of a Better World,December 2005-March 2008.39 x 30 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 63

  • 64

    307Federal inlaid mahogany secretarybookcaseearly 19th centuryIn two parts, cove molded corniceabove diamond-latticed doors, thelower section with molded topabove drawer front that opens todesk, and two doors, flared bracketfeet, inlaid throughout.H: 90 in. W: 44 1/2 in.$6,000-8,000

    308Set of twelve green gold paintedcaned seat Fancy chairsnew york, new york, circa 1815Including two arm and ten sidechairs, each with tablet crestdecorated with griffins flanking andurn above double-crossed back,balloon seat rail decorated withGreek key motif, on turned, reededand tapering front legs decoratedwith gilt leafage, joined by a bowedand turned stretcher.$7,000-9,000

    309French School 19th centuryminiature of a young girlWatercolor on ivory, framed.1 3/4 in. x 1 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    310Continental School 19th centuryminiature portrait of twochildren with pet birdWatercolor on ivory, framed.3 in. x 3 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    309 310

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  • 65

    311Federal mahogany and satinwoodinlaid sideboardprobably south carolina, circa1815Double-tiered with brass galleryabove beaded panels inlaid withshell patera, above shaped top andtwo drawers flanked by two doors,fan inlaid spandrels, squaredtapering legs ending in spade feet.Line inlaid throughout.H: 51 in., L: 82 1/4 in., D: 30 in.$10,000-15,000

    312Pair of painted cane side chairsbaltimore, early 19th centuryEach with tablet crest with threeshaped flat spindles caned seat,turned legs shaped stretcher,decorated with Classical devices.$400-600

    313Miniature inlaid mahogany federalsideboard19th centuryRectangular top with bowed front onconforming case with three drawers,two deep drawers and two doors,string inlay throughout.$1,000-1,500

    314School of Thomas Birch(1779-1851)boats on a riverOil on canvas, framed.17 in. x 26 in. (sight)$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





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  • 66

    315Classical inlaid mahogany cardtablecirca 1825The D shaped reeded edge top onconforming line inlaid apron andspiral -turned urn form supportdownswept legs ending in brass feeton casters.H: 29 1/2 in. W: 36 in. D: 17 5/8 in.$600-800

    316Federal mahogany chest of drawersearly 19th centuryThe rectangular top over four tigermaple cockbeaded graduateddrawers having circular brass pullson turned tapering legs.H: 37 3/4 in. W: 42 in. D: 20 1/2 in.$600-800

    317Federal figured mahoganysideboard19th centuryThe serpentine top with crossbanding over an arrangement of twofigured graduated drawers flankedby two figured doors and one doubledoor on tapering legs with stringingand banded inlay to legs.H: 38 1/2 in. W: 68 in. D: 23 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    318Needlework mourning pictureearly 19th centuryDepicting a young lady leaningagainst a monument worked withsilk, chenille and metallic threadsand ink on a silk ground, eglomisemat, framed.13 in. x 13 1/4 in. (sight)$800-1,200

    319Federal inlaid figured mahoganyand satinwood sideboardmid-atlantic states, circa 1800Rectangular top with bowed front,three drawers and two doors andtwo smaller drawers below, shapedapron, tapering legs, satinwoodbanding throughout.H: 42 in. W: 72 in. D: 27 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    320Federal candlestandearly 19th centuryShaped top and ring-turned taperingsupport, with three cabriole legs.H: 26 1/2 in.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    318 321

    321American School 18th/19th centuryportrait of thomas foxUnsigned, small paper affixed toback inscribed Thomas Fox, oil onpanel, framed.10 1/4 in. x 10 5/8 in. (sight)$600-800

    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:49 PM Page 66

  • 67

    322Federal inlaid mahogany shelf clocksimon willard, roxbury, ma, 1stquarter of the 19th centuryArched fret carved cresting withthree urn and spire brass finials,arched glass face door, whitepainted face decorated with with giltacorns, signed "Simon Willard",base with molded edge, quarterround corners with brass capitals onogival bracket feet, oval brasses tosides, pencil line inlay to top andbase.H: 35 3/8 in.$30,000-50,000

    323Mahogany and giltwood banjo wallclocknew englandBrass bezel over the painted irondial, gilded rope molded framesenclosing eglomise panels, the waistpanel with leaves, acorns andPatent, the lower panel with navalbatte.L: 28 1/2 in.$1,200-1,800

    324Mahogany and giltwood mirrorclockattributed to benjamin morrell,new hampshire, circa 1820The turned split-baluster frame withcorner blocks with stamped brassrosettes enclosing mirror panels,painted iron face.L: 30 in. W: 14 1/4 in.$400-600

    325Mahogany and eglomise lyre wallclockjames cary, brunswick, maineCarved finial above brass bezel andpainted dial, signed J. Cary,Brunswick, above lyre formenclosing eglomis tablet withcolumn and scroll work, moldedpendant below.L: 40 in.$2,500-3,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT52-67:Layout 1 3/29/10 8:58 AM Page 67

  • 68

    326Federal inlaid mahogany shelf clockaaron willard, boston, mass., circa 1820With three brass finials and fret cresting above hood havingglazed door and kidney-shaped painted face, the faceretains worn signature of maker, line and band inlay, bracketbase.H: 39 in.$8,000-12,000

    327Green-Japanned Pembroke tableRectangular top with shaped leaves,tapering squared legs joined bypierced, shaped stretchers.H: 28 in. W: 17 1/2 in. D: 35 in.$2,000-3,000

    328Grain painted tall case clockjohn fair scauer, bethlehem,dated 1797Double scroll cresting with circularmolded rosettes, arched face doorwith slender columnettes, archedpainted face displaying the phasesof the moon, black enamel Romannumeral chapter ring with datecrescent polychrome fan corners,arched lip molded waist door withfan carved top, oval eglomisepainted ocular to center of door,black painted molded base, all overstencil and grain finished.H: 95 in.$1,500-2,500

    329Federal cherrywood four drawerchestearly 19th centuryThe rectangular top above fourgraduated drawers and shaped skirtcontinuing to flared bracket feet.H: 34 3/4 in., W: 37 1/2 in., D: 201/2 in.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT68-83:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:56 PM Page 68

  • 69

    330Federal bowfront mahogany chestof drawers19th centuryThe rectangular top over fourgraduated drawers each with cock-beaded edges, cross banding, ovalbrass pulls, and brass keyhole liners,flanked by reeded stiles, shapedapron and terminating on reededtapered legs.H: 39 3/8 in. W: 43 5/8 in. D: 24 in.$800-1,200

    331Federal mahogany drop leaf diningtable19th centuryThe rectangular top with deepleaves on eight reeded and ringturned legs, peg feet.H: 30 in. W: 47 in. D: 24 in. (closed)$300-500

    332Federal tiger maple inlaid sewingstandA rectangular top with wide bandinlay over two drawers with ovalinlay, circular brass pulls on taperinglegs with narrow band inlay.H: 30 3/4 in. W: 16 1/2 in. D: 16 in.$800-1,200

    333Federal mahogany two drawerstandmassachusetts,first quarter 19th centuryThe rectangular top with outsetcorners on reeded, ring and spiral-turned legs ending in peg feet.H: 28 in. W: 21 in. D: 18 in.$750-1,000

    334Late Federal mahogany secretarydesk19th centuryThe triangular cornice above twoglazed doors opening to shelves andcubbyholes, above a hinged slopedtop opening to a fitted interior,single long drawer with stampedbrass pulls, spiral turned legs endingin peg feet.H: W: D:$1,000-1,500

    335Federal cherry candlestandearly 19th centuryCircular top raised on turnedpedestal with tripod tapering legs,snake-head feet.H: 28 1/2 in. Diam.: 17 in.$250-350

    336Federal mahogany tilt topcandlestandearly 19th centuryThe oval top on a tapering turnedsupport on three arched legs.H: 27 1/4 in. Top: 19 3/4 x 15 in.$350-450

    337Federal cherry candlestand19th centuryShaped top over a baluster turnedpedestal, downswept legs.H: 29 in. Top: 19 3/4 in. x 26 in.$200-300

    338Two Federal carved mahogany armchairsnew york or philadelphia,early 19th centuryThe stepped crest rail with a carvedfloral, swag and urn splat havingdownswept molded arms, slip seat,shaped apron on tapering flutedfront legs.H: 34 in.$1,800-2,200illustrated page 61

    339American School 19th centuryportrait of a young manoil on board, framed.17 in. x 13 1/2 in. (sight)$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





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  • 70

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    340Set of eight Federal carvedmahogany chairsephraim haines or henry connellyphiladelphia, early 19th centuryIncluding two arm and six sidechairs, the arched backs carved withcrossed leaves and flowerheads atcorners, above a fruit filled trumpetflanked by leafy scrolls, acanthusleaf-carved and molded stiles, shieldform seat on tapering molded legsending in spade feet, joined bystretchers. The armchairs withacanthus leaf carved supports.H: 36 1/2 in.$60,000-100,000

    G10-07840_TXT68-83:Layout 1 3/30/10 8:29 AM Page 70

  • 71

    341Mahogany inlaid tall case clocklate 18th/ early 19th centuryPierced fret cresting to top withthree brass balls and spire finials,arched face door with flutedcolumnettes, brass capitals, moonphased painted face with Romannumeral chapter ring in black,subsidiary seconds ring, date crest,gold and black painted corners,rectangular molded frame waistdoor, quarter round fluted corners,pencil line inlaid base panel, straightbracket feet.H: 91 3/4 in.$1,200-2,000

    342Needlework samplermary alice parkinson, dated 1834Alphabet above pious verse, bottom,numerals and inscription MaryAlice Parkinson, 1834, all within avine of flowers and leaves workedwith silk threads on a linen ground.15 1/2 in. by 12 5/8 in. (sight)$350-500

    343American School 19th centuryandrew robinson maxwell(1812-1895)Oil on canvas, gilt frame.H: W: 29 x 19 1/2 in. (sight)$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    343 344

    344Bass Otis (1784-1861)seated woman in lace cap withblue ribbon in olive colored dressOil on canvas, framed.H: 30 in. W: 25 in.$1,000-2,500

    G10-07840_TXT68-83:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:56 PM Page 71

  • 72

    345Classical figured maple and cherrychest of drawerscirca 1830The rectangular top above two-shortand one deep outset drawers andthree recessed drawers flanked byspiral-turned pilasters, ball feet.H: 46 1/2 in. W: 46 in. D: 19 1/2in.$800-1,200

    346Classical figured maple butlersdeskcirca 1830Rectangular top above deep hingedoutset drawer opening to a fittedinterior, above three recesseddrawers flanked by sausage andring-turned pilasters, turned feet.H: 42 1/2 in., W: 43in., D: 21 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    347Federal cherry chest of drawers19th centuryThe rectangular molded top abovefour graduated beaded edge drawersflanked by chamfered corners,bracket feet.H: 35 1/2 in. W: 43 in. D: 22 3/4 in.$600-800

    348Federal cherry chest of drawersearly 19th centuryRectangular top above fourgraduated beaded drawers, shapedapron continuing to bracket feet.H: 36 in. W: 37 in. D: 19 in.$400-600

    349Inlaid walnut Pembroke table18th/19th centuryRectangular top and leaves, apronwith diamond band, apron drawer,Square tapering legs with pencil lineand diamond inlaid bands.Top 31 in. x 30 in., H. 29 1/2 in.$400-600

    350Federal walnut tilt top table19th centuryWith a rectangular top raised onturned baluster support on archedtripod legs.H: 28 in. Top: 22 x 18 1/4 in.$600-800

    351Federal inlaid cherry candlestandcirca 1810Rectangular top with stringing,canted corners raised on turnedpedestal with three downswept legson ball feet.H; 28 in. W: 24 1/2 in. D: 17 1/4 in.$400-600

    352Classical carved mahogany sofaphiladelphia, circa 1820The crestrail with shaped carvedends on upholstered back and seatflanked by scrolled arms, bolectionmolded faced arms carved withrosettes continuing to seat rail, leafyscrolled legs ending in paw feet.$800-1,200

    353Mahogany inlaid federal folding topcard tablecirca 1790Demilune band inlaid top, flat apronwith ebony and pearwood inlaidovals, inlays to knees, pencil lineinlay to square tapering legs onspade feet.W: 35 1/2 in. H: 28 3/4 in, top open33 1/2 in.$1,200-1,800

    354Federal cherry kettle stand19th centuryThe circular top on tapering ring-turned and urn form support, archedlegs.H: 28 5/8 in. Diam: 14 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    345 346

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  • 73

    355Late Federal mahogany chest ofdrawersmassachusetts, circa 1825The rectangular top with outsetcorners and bowed front above fourcockbeaded drawers flanked by ringand spiral-turned corners raised onturned feet.$1,000-1,500

    356Federal mahogany bow front chestof drawersmid-atlantic, early 19th centuryThe molded bow form top over fourgraduated and cockbeaded drawers,shaped skirt turned feet.H: 35 W: 41 L: 19 in.$800-1,200

    357Federal carved mahogany testerbedsteadThe reeded, leaf carved and urnform posts on tapering legs joinedby molded and shaped headboard.H: 81 in. W: 61 in.$2,000-3,000

    358Cherrywood pembroke table19th centuryRectangular top and shallow leaveson square chamfered legs with Xstretcher.Top is 38 3/8 in. by 38 1/4 in., H: 271/2 in.$500-700

    359Needlework samplerelizabeth ann lodge, 1838Three sided floral peony borderenclosing a resignation prayer withspot devices of flowers in basket,strawberry, trees, birds, and theinscription, Elizabeth Ann Lodge,1838, worked with silk threads onlinen ground, framed.H: 14 3/4 in. W: 15 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:From the collection of GeorgeGunning, Jr.$1,000-1,500

    360Memorial needlework to RobertThomas (1762-1812)circa 1812Worked with silk threads on a linenground, framed with a lock of hair.$300-450

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





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  • 74

    361Two needleworked samplers19th centuryThe first with sawtooth borderenclosing rows of alphabet workedby Martha Longfellow Foster, in silkthreads on a linen ground, thesecond with rows of alphabet, bothunfinished, framed.11 1/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. and 11 in. x8 1/4 in.provenance:The first sampler accompanied by aletter of provenance.$350-550

    362Two needleworked pictures20th centuryThe first depicting a house withhorse and carriage and the seconddepicting a cottage with women andchildren to the foreground pickingapples, both framed.H: 11 3/8 in. L: 15 1/4 in; H: 11 3/8 in.L: 15 in.$250-350

    363Needlework samplercatharine ann febring, bornjanuary 11th, 1811, circa 1825A floral vine border enclosed piousverse, spot devices of trees, birds,house and potted flowers workedwith silk threads on a linen ground,framed.16 3/4 in. x 21 5/8 in.,$600-800

    364Pair of brass and iron ball topandirons19th centuryBall and reel-form finial, cylindricalplinth, spurred arched legs ending inball feet.H: 20 1/2 in.$600-1,000

    365Pair of brass and iron andirons19th centuryThe faceted finial on belted balusterform shaft and spurred arched legsending in ball feet.H: 15 1/2 in.$300-500

    366Pair of brass and iron andirons andpair of chenetsBelted shaped finial on reel andbaluster form shaft, arched spurredlegs, the chenets with reel andmelon form finial on ball form shaftand arched legs ending in hoof feettogether with a wirework and ironfirescreen.H: 13 in. and 13 3/4 in.$300-500

    367Pair of brass and iron andirons19th centuryThe bell form finial on turned andcylindrical shaft, arched spurred legsending on ball feet.H: 20 1/4 in.$400-600

    368Brass and iron ball top andirons19th centuryBall finials on reel-turned neck andbelted baluster shaft spurred, archedlegs.H: 18 1/2 in.$400-600

    369Pair of brass and iron andirons19th centuryThe faceted ovoid finial on beltedand faceted baluster shaft onscrolled legs with double ball feet.H: 19 in.$600-800

    370Pair of iron and brass andirons19th centuryBelted and faceted ovoid finial onturned baluster shaft, spurred andarched legs on ball feet.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    366 367

    368 369 370

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  • 75

    371American School, 19th centuryportrait of a young gentlemanInscribed John R. Ney (?) EsqPhila, l.l., oil on canvas, framed.29 1/2 in. x 24 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    372American School, 19th centuryportrait of a young womanSigned TS 1849 in red left, oil oncanvas, framed.29 1/2 in. x 24 1/2 in. (sight)$1,500-2,000

    373American school 19th centuryminiature portrait of a little girlWatercolor on paper, framed.H: 3 3/4 in. W: 3 in. (sight)$600-800

    374American School, 19th centurytwo portraits: a lady and agentlemanThree quarter length portrait of agentleman seated in a red chairtogether with three quarter lengthportrait of a woman with a redshawl.H: 29 1/2 in. W: 24 1/2 in.;H: 29 in., W: 24 1/24 in.$500-700

    375American School, 19th centuryportrait of matthew b. lowrie,mayor of pittsburghUnsigned, oil on canvas in carvedand gilt wood frame.30 x 25 in. (sight)$600-1,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





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  • 76

    376Large collection of Chinese ExportRose Mandarin tablewareConsisting of a punch bowl,scalloped bowl, two lamps, teapot,two creamers, one sugar bowl, teacups and saucers, candlesticks, platewith scalloped edges, large shallowbowl, soup bowls, and plates.$2,000-3,000

    377Chinese export Canton plattertogether with 9 plates.Dia.: 9 in. Platter: 13 1/2 in.$400-600

    378Sterling silver Medallion fruitbasketball black & co.,2nd half of the 19th centuryCircular gadrooned rim, plain bodyon four cast goat head and hoovedfeet, medallion of an ancient Greekscholar to swing handle .Diam. 9 1/8 in., Weight: 32. oz.$1,500-2,500

    379Sterling silver Medallion tazzatiffany & co., late 19th centuryShallow circular beaded edge top,tapering shaft terminating in acircular three part medallion with amonogram and raised busts of alady and a Roman soldier, three outcurved supports with rosette andball ends, on triangular base.Total weight: 31 oz.$8,000-12,000

    380Sterling silver twin handledMedallion fruit compotetiffany & co., union square,19th centuryCircular rosette rim with twin raisedmedallions of ladies with shellabove, twin scroll leaf chasedhandles supported by flowers onscroll stems, circular chased tomatch rim.H: 7 1/2 in., Diam. 10 11/4 in,Weight: 42 oz.$10,000-15,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



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  • 77

    381Collection of American silver Medallion flatwareassorted makers,2nd half 19th centuryOval Medallion handles, mostly with relief portraits of women, few Roman soldier busts, one with an Egyptian bustof a lady and one with a bust of Shakespeare, including twenty -three flat luncheon knives, twelve luncheon forks,twelve teaspons, twelve demi-tasse spoons, dessert spoon, pair of table spoons with vermeil bowls, two masterbutter knives, youth knife and fork, sugar tongs, small and large pierced and vermeil bowl sauce ladles, cold meatfork, angel food cake cutter, pair oval serpentine bowl serving spoons, two spade shape bowl serving spoons one ispierced, two gravy ladles with vermeil bowls, shovel-shaped serving spoon with vermeil bowl, pierced serving spoonwith vermeil bowl, oval pierced serving spoon with vermeil bowl, tart server with vermeil blade, shell form andcircular serpentine form bowl soup ladles with vermeil bowls, 12 solid repousse handled butter spreaders, twist-handle olive fork, two open salts and six bust molded tip English luncheon knives (20th century),101 pcs.Weight of entire set 137 oz.$10,000-12,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    378 379 380

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  • 78

    382Silver Medallion flat table servicegorham &co.,2nd third of the 19th centuryCircular medallion handles withraised busts of Roman soldiers, twowith busts of Roman senators,including five luncheon forks(English, 20th century), twenty flatluncheon knives, twelve teaspoons,seven tablespoons, eleven sherbetspoons with vermeil bowls, fourteenice cream spoons, five salt dips,mustard dip, sauce ladle with ovalpierced vermeil bowl, small sugarshell, larger sugar shell, masterbutter knife, ice tongs, pierced sauceladle, round bowl gravy ladle, ovalpointed vermeil bowl gravy ladle,round bowl serving spoon, ovalfluted vermeil bowl serving spoon(vermeil on bowl is worn), two piecesalad set, large pie server, pair ofvermeil bowl shallow servingspoons, bone-handled shovel-shaped server with vermeil bowl,pair of oval fluted vermeil bowlserving spoons, stuffing spoon, largetongs with claw and oval grips andsoup ladle with pointed and vermeilbowl, 92 pieces.Total weight including bone handlepiece 155 oz.$6,000-8,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    383Parcel gilt silver punch ladlegeorge sharpe, philadelphia,circa 1860With a curved twist handle and giltwashed ladle bowl, with a sphere tothe tip, marks to underside of bowl.L: 12 in., Total weight: 5 oz.$300-500

    384Rare sterling silver sauce ladlegorham, circa 1860Rare Saxon Stag cast handle, ovallobed bowl top of handle, marked tounderside of handle.L: 7 3/4 in. Total weight: 2.4 oz.$500-700

    G10-07840_TXT68-83:Layout 1 3/29/10 9:15 AM Page 78

  • 79

    385Three sterling silver serving piecesbrowne and spaulding,late 19th centuryAll pieces with demisphere, disc andball finial ends, hexagonal rodhandles. Including two graduatedspoons and a pie server and aslightly variant spoon, 4 pcs.,.Longest L: 10 1/2 in., Weight 11 oz.$800-1,200

    386Sterling silver teapottiffany & co, new york, circa 1880Of flattened urn form with repoussefloral bands and wavy gadroonedsides, on a spreading oval foot, withan ebonized finial and angular loophandle.H: 6 in. L: 9 1/2 in.Total weight: 17.3 oz.$700-1,000

    387Two sterling silver serving piecesTiffany & Co., 20th centuryWindham pattern tart server withsquare pierced blade and Palmettegravy ladle.L. of tart server 9 in.,Weight of both pieces 8 oz.$150-225

    388Group of four American sterlingsilver serving pieceslate 19th early 20th centuryComprising a Whiting sugar sifterwith applied ivy leaves and anelongated conical finial, an ivory andsilver cream ladle by Meyers, aWilliam Gale parcel gilt cream ladlewith conical finial and a vegetableserver. (4).$800-1,200

    389Sterling silver bon bon basketgorham, providence, r.i. circa 1887Woven basket with a flared rim andswing handle, engraved: 1862-1887.H: 6 1/4 in. L: 6 in. Total weight: 5.17oz.provenance:Property from a Virginia Estate$150-250

    390Heavy sterling silver two piecesalad setreed and barton, circa 1900Les Six Fleurs pattern, togetherwith a matching large serving spoon,3 pcs.L. of fork 11 5/8 in., total weight ofall pieces 19 oz.$700-1,000

    391Sterling silver vegetable serverwhiting & co., providence, ri.,late 19th centuryWith a shaped parcel gilt bowl withapplied leaves, with a spade shapedfinial and cast figure of a bird at hernest.L: 10 in.$300-500

    392Sterling silver sugar siftergeorge sharpe, philadelphia,circa 1870Gothic Dome pattern, squarebeaded handle, gilt bowl.L: 7 3/4 in. Weitght 2.75 oz.$300-500

    393Attributed to John Francis(1808-1886)portrait of juliett h. l . campbellOil on canvas, framed.29 1/4 x 24 in. (sight)$4,000-6,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 80

    394Anglo-American School,19th centuryyoung woman in white withlandscape beyondOil on canvas, framed.24 1/2 x 29 1/2 in. (sight)$800-1,200

    395Classical mahogany drop leafdining tablecirca 1825Rectangular top with deepconforming leaves, on frieze withleaf-carved panels and acornpendants, on a double lyre base,each lyre with brass strings, moldeddownswept legs with brass paw feeton casters.$1,000-2,000

    396Pair of Classical brass inlaidrosewood upholstered armchairsprobably philadelphia, circa 1825Straight crestrail inlaid with brassscrolling line and vine within moldedstiles continuing to padded arms,reeded arm supports, beadedswelled seat rail, brass-inlaid blockand tapering legs.$3,000-5,000

    397Classical giltwood girandolelooking glass19th centuryThe eagle on rocky plinth flanked byscrolls above molded mirror platefitted with spherules, ebonized linerenclosing mirror plate.L: 24 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    398Classical marble, giltwood andmahogany pier tablenew york, circa 1830Rectangular white marble top abovea bolection brass inlaid frieze fittedwith a drawer, white marblecolumnar legs, paw feet withcornucopia brackets, shaped base,mirrored back flanked by marblepilasters.$6,000-8,000


    G10-07840_TXT68-83:Layout 1 3/25/10 2:57 PM Page 80

  • 81

    399American School, 19th centuryportrait of a ladyOil on canvas, framed.29 1/2 in. x 24 1/2 in. (sight)$700-1,000

    400Late Classical mahogany drop leaftablecirca 1830Rectangular top with leaves,bolection frieze with turnedpendants, tapering cylindricalsupport on arched legs with carvedpaw feet, on casters.H: 29 in. W: 24 in. D: 38 in.$400-600

    401Classical ormolu mountedmahogany workstandprobably philadelphia, circa 1830Rectangular top on case fitted withtwelve functioning and twelve blinddrawers on a cylindrical supportwith four paw-form legs on glassball and brass casters.H: 37 1/2 in. D: 24 in. W: 24 in.$1,800-2,000

    402Group of brass candlesticks andchambersticks19th and 20th centuryIncluding seven pair of candlesticksof various size and baluster form,and a pair of chambersticks withsnuffers, together with a pair ofscissor form snuffers.tallest 12 in.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    403Mahogany Canterbury19th centuryWith acorn finials on tapering postsand pierced uprights, on brasscasters.$800-1,200

    404Attributed to Thomas Sully(1783-1872)three quarter length portrait ofa young manBearded and holding a hat, bearsmark TS, oil on canvas, framed.28 x 23 in (sight)$500-700

    405Empire mahogany and figuredmaple secretary deskpennsylvania, circa 1840Rectangular top above two beadeddrawers and ogee molded hingeddeep drawer that opens to anelaborate interior with hiddencompartments, two recesseddrawers below, flanked by scrolledpilasters.H: 53 in. W: 44 in. D: 22 in.$1,500-2,500

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  • 82

    406Henry Few Smith (1821-1846)pair of portraits: a lady and agentlemansigned, Henry Few Smith oil oncanvas, framed.36 in. x 29 1/4 in. (sight)$1,500-2,500

    409Three Gothic-revival walnut chairs19th centuryTwo arm and one side chair, eachwith crocket finials on trefoil-piercing and oval upholstered backsflanked by spiral-turned stiles,faceted arms and supports, blind-fret carved seat rails, taperingfaceted legs.H: 55 in to 65 in.$2,000-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    407Attributed to George Drew (b. 1833)19th centurywoman working in garden on farmWith laborers and coast in background,oil on canvas, signed lower right,framed.19 1/4 x 29 in.$500-700

    408Group of mercury glass candlesticksand vases19th centuryIncluding a pair of candlesticks, threesingles of baluster form and threevases.H: 3 1/2 in to 11 in.$400-700


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  • 83

    410Oliver Tarbell Eddy (1799-1868)portrait of mrs. henry evansInscribed on verso, Portrait of Mrs.Henry Evans, Painted by O.T. EddyJany 1840 Elizabeth Eli Evans Born1810 Buried Newark N.J., oil onpanel, framed.26 1/2 x 23 in. (sight)$2,000-3,000

    411Edwin Weyburn Goodwin(New York, 1800-1845)a pair of portraits:mr. and mrs. weedSigned, each with paper label versoE W Goodwin, painter/CatherineWeed Albany/May 16-1824/Age40/signed on old stretcher, and EW Goodwin painter/ThurstonWeed/Age 41/Signed on oldstretcher, oil on canvas, framed.H: 30 in W: 24 in. (sight)provenance:From a Philadelphia restaurant,Deux Cheminees.note:Mr. Weed was a member of LincolnAdministration.$600-800

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 84

    412Victorian rosewood and porcelainmounted four piece salon suite19th centuryComprising a settee and three sidechairs, carved with foliate garlandsand mounted with Sevres style ovalporcelain plaques, with upholsteredbacks and seats, raised on taperinglegs with brass casters. (4).Settee L: 67 in.$2,000-4,000

    413Painted photograph of youngVictorian girl19th centuryYoung girl standing by a chair with ared drape in the background, onboard, unframed.H: 20 in. W: 16 in.$300-500

    414American School, 20th Centurycatch of three fishSigned and dated, C. Heller, 1900,oil on panel.H: 30 1/2 in., W: 16 in.$1,000-1,500

    415Richard F. Outcault (1863-1928)evening at the worlds columbianexposition, chicago 1893Signed lower right, R.F. Outcault.gouache, framed.29 x 43 1/8 in.(sight)$5,000-8,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





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  • 85

    416Three Renaissance Revival inlaidrosewood chairsnew york or new jersey, circa 1875Including two side chairs and onearmchair, each with shaped crestingabove an inlaid panel and oval backenclosed by inlaid stiles, the armchair with inlaid arm supports,baloon seats, on tapering legs oncasters.$800-1,200

    417Rosina Emmet Sherwood(1854-1948)portrait of frances josephinerodenbough of easton, pacirca 1882Gilt framed portrait on concaveporcelain plate, together withframed Fretz family photograph,caricature of Billie Fretz by CharlesDana Gibson, and four photos ofFrances Rodenbough Fretz as anadult.Diam: 15 in.provenance:Frances Josephine Rodenbough, wasborn in 1875 and married John EdgarFretz in 1904. Descended in thefamily to the present owner.$4,000-6,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 86

    418Thomas Otter (1832-1890)old ross property, doylestown, paSigned, T.D. Otter, oil on canvas, framed.11 1/4 in. x 17 1/4 in.provenance:A typed note on verso, "This painting wasmade by Thomas T. Otter, of Bucks County, and waspurchased by Phillip H. Fretz, in whose possession ithad been for many years. It represents the "OldRoss" property, and a portion of the house on thesame property. It is of immediate interest to theFritz family, because it was in the possessionof early ancestors on the Johnston side. NathanielShewel was the great-uncle of Margaret WilhelminaJohnston. He bought the property and built adwelling on it. Shewel turned the dwelling into atavern known as the "Indian Queen." The lastlandlord of the "Indian Queen" was WilliamMcHenry. After that the property was sold to theDoylestown bank. William McHenry was thegrandfather of Margaret Wilhelmina Johnston. "Thebuilding stood in the center of town, north of andfacing the monument"$2,500-3,500

    419Turned and incised Gothic Modern walnut partners deskattributed to daniel pabst(1826-1910) philadelphia,last third of the 19th centuryOf triangular sarcophagus form with ring turnedcresting, raised panel slope fronts, one opening to a fittedinterior with drawers and incised panels, the other toopen interior, the ends incised with scroll and floral,fitted with single drawer with brass lion head pull onpierced trestle base joined by turned stretcher on casters.H. 59\0 in., W. 46 1/2 in. depth 29 in.$2,000-2,500

    420Marble top Eastlake side tablelast quarter 19th centuryThe shaped, oblong marble top onconforming incised apron, on turnedpost with four projecting legs, oncasters.H: 30 1/2 in. W: 28 in. D: 22 in.provenance:Bears printed paper label fromCharles V. Putnam, Auctioneer,Worcester, Mass.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT84-99:Layout 1 3/25/10 3:04 PM Page 86

  • 87

    421Octagonal games tableattributed to daniel pabst(1826-1910), philadelphia,circa 1880The octagonal top with molded edgewith leather playing surface aboveconforming apron fitted with threedrawers, griffon-carved base on pawfeet.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 41 in.$2,000-3,000

    422Empire carved mahogany diningroom tableprobably philadelphia,late 19th centuryRectangular top with molded andribbed apron on griffin form outerlegs joined by carved stretchers toturned secondary legs, the table hasfourteen leaves.Diam: 40 1/2 x 40 1/2 in.H: 28 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    423In the school of George ThompsonHobbs (1846-1929)cows in pasture with woods nearpondOil on board, framed.H: 14 in. W: 20 in.$700-900

    424Group of glass itemsamerican, 19th centuryIncluding pair of uncolored Gothicpatterned celery vases, a pressedGothic pattern covered sugarbowl, two pressed casters, a milkglass egg cup in the form of asquirrel, a milk glass boat-shapedbox, a group of eighteen cup plates,including Henry Clay and theBunker hill Monument and twonovelty glass syrups.$200-400

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    425Pressed glass wine coolergarrett & co, st louis andnorfolk, va.Tapering form, molded with grapevine and the inscription, Garrett &Co. Pioneer American WineGrowers Established 1835 St. Louis,Mo.. Norfolk, Va and have youtried Virginia Dare.H: 8 1/2 in.$250-350

    426American School, 19th centuryportrait of fanny burrThree-quarter length portrait ofyoung girl with hat and corsage, oilon canvas, framed.H: 26 in. W: 20 in (sight)$1,500-2,500


    G10-07840_TXT84-99:Layout 1 3/29/10 9:44 AM Page 87

  • 88

    427Renaissance revival walnut halltreecirca 1875The arched cresting centering amedallion above molded mirrorframe enclosing mirror plate, flankedby turned hat pegs, on molded topwith scrolled extensions, on turnedsupports and shaped base, cast ironshell form inserts.H: 95 in.$1,000-1,500

    428Chippendale carved mahoganyreplica wing back armchair20th centuryShaped crest rail, deep wings. rollarms, curved seat rail, acanthuscarved cabriole legs on claw and ballfeet. Covered in gold brocade.$500-1,000

    429Chippendale mahogany andgiltwood looking glassThe shaped cresting pierced with agilt feather device above the shapedand molded liner, shaped pendantbelow.L: 39 in.$400-600

    430Chippendale mahogany replicacamel back sofa20th centuryDeep arched camel back, rollarms, straight seat rail on three frontlegs ornately carved with leafdecoration on hairy paw feet.Covered in gold brocade with brassnailhead studs.L: 88 in.$1,500-2,000

    431Chippendale walnut slant frontdeskThe rectangular top over a lipmolded slant front withcrossbanding to the side edgesenclosing a fitted interior, fourgraduated drawers and ogee bracketfeet.H: 41 in. W: 39 1/4 in. D: 18 1/2 in.provenance:Collection of a New Jerseygentleman$1,000-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    428 430

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  • 89

    432Chippendale mahogany slant frontdeskThe rectangular top over a slantfront opening to a fitted interiorabove an arrangement of two lipmolded short drawers flanked bytwo small lip molded drawers andthree graduated lip molded drawerson ogee bracket feet.H: 43 3/4 in. W: 41 3/4 in.D: 23 1/4 in.provenance:From a private Naples, FL collection$5,000-7,000

    433Carved mahogany Sheraton stylefour post bed19th/20th centuryReeded vasiform and drapery carvedposts on claw and ball feet, shapedheadboard with bar to top ofheadboard with pineapple ends.H: 72 in. W: 62 in.$600-800

    434Carved mahogany andneedlepoint pole screenpossibly southern statesHaving an acorn finial, rectangularleaf carved and pierced screenframe, an urn of flowers needlepointpanel of an earlier date, roundtapering pedestal, on three cabrioleleaf carved legs, claw feet.H. 51 1/2 in., size of frame interior25 in. by 20 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    435Pair of upholstered mahoganyChippendale style easy chairs20th centuryOn shell carved ball and claw feet.$1,000-2,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    436Mahogany two part corner cabinetcharles bender, acanthusworkshop, late 20th/early 21stcenturyArchitectural cresting with urn finial,cove molding below, arched moldingabove door frame continuing tofluted pilasters, off-white finishedinterior with interior shell at top,arched glazed door, the base withtwo double raised panels, the upperfluted pilasters continue through thebase, straight block feet.H: 106 1/2 in., W: 511/4 in.$1,000-2,000

    437Federal inlaid mahogany sideboardThe shaped rectangular top withthree long drawers and four doors allwith contrasting fan and string inlay,squared tapering legs.$800-1,200





    G10-07840_TXT84-99:Layout 1 3/30/10 10:49 AM Page 89

  • 90

    438Queen Anne style spice chestRectangular top above twotombstone-arched paneled doorsopening to above four small drawersand cabriole legs ending inSpanish feet.H: 32 1/2 in. W: 18 in. D: 15 in.$1,000-1,500

    439Federal mahogany bow frontsideboardThe rectangular top with outsetcorners and pencil line brass inlayover an arrangement of three cockbeaded pencil line brass inlaydrawers flanked by two pencil linebrass inlay doors flanked by taperingreeded, leaf carved, and ring turnedlegs.H: 40 1/2 in. W: 58 in. D: 24 1/4 in.$1,500-2,500

    440Pair of diminutive Classical stylefootstoolsHaving outscrolled and turnedhandles on paw feet.H: 10 1/4 in. W: 19 1/4 in.$1,500-2,500

    441Federal mahogany sideboardA rectangular top over anarrangement of three drawers overone double door flanked by twosingle doors all with inlay ontapering legs with oval floral inlay.H: 40 in. W: 72 in. D: 23 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    442Chippendale style mahoganysecretary bookcase20th centuryThe rectangular top with moldededge over two doors with Gothicpaned enclosing one shelf over a fallfront desk with circular brass pullsover two recessed paneled doorsflanked by fluted quarter columns,ogee bracket feet.H: 85 in. W: 43 1/2 in. D: 24 in.$2,000-3,000

    443Chippendale style dining chairs20th centuryConsisting of two armchairs and sixside chairs having a leaf carvedserpentine crestrail over a carvedand pierced splat with trefoil, slipseat, gadrooned seat rail on leafcarved cabriole front legs, claw andball feet.$1,000-1,500

    444Queen Anne-style mahogany dropleaf tablealexander maranca (1891-1978)philadelphiaWith rectangular top with demiluneleaves above a shaped skirt restingon tapered legs and pad feet.H: 27 1/2 in. W: 16 in. D: 39 3/4 in.(closed)$800-1,200

    445Two cast-iron garden urnsReeded and fluted urn forms ontapering squared stands,.H: 40 in.$500-700

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 91

    446Set of eight Chippendale stylemahogany dining chairs20th centuryIncluding four side and four armchairs, each with molded crest railabove pierced splat, molded straightlegs.$800-1,200

    447Classical style mahogany doublepedestal dining table20th centuryThe oblong top with band inlay andreeded edge on urn form pedestalbases with downswept reeded legsending in brass caps.H: 30 in. W: 68 in.$1,000-1,500

    448-449No Lots

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • G10-07840_TXT84-99:Layout 1 3/25/10 3:04 PM Page 92

  • Selections fromthe Stevenson-EasbyCollection,Chestnut Hill,Philadelphialots 450590

    Tuesday April 20th, 2010

    George Gordon Meade Easby (19182005) inherited a remarkable collectionof 18th century Philadelphia furniture, Philadelphia silver, and Chinese exportporcelain. A descendant of several Signers of the Declaration ofIndependence and of some of Philadelphias most powerful merchantfamilies including Penington, Shoemaker, Dickinson, Hartshorne, Waln,Large, Sargeant, Stevenson and Meade, Easby was most proud of his greatgrandfather, Civil War Major General George Gordon Meade.

    The significance of the collection has long been recognized. Selections havebeen exhibited in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the U. S. Departmentof State, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the White House. WilliamMacPherson Horners seminal work of 1935, Blue Book Philadelphia Furniture16821807, included twelve plates of Easby family furniture. Previousauctions of family furniture brought record prices.

    An artist by training, Meade Easby worked as a syndicated cartoonist in the1940s, briefly acted in Hollywood and summer stock, and served for twentyfive years on the Fine Arts Committee of the Department of State. He livedmost of his life at Baleroy, a large gracious home in Chestnut Hill, built in1911. Easby frequently opened Baleroy and its collection to the public forcharity events, and as a believer in the supernatural, for ghost tours.

    The attic of Baleroy provided a treasure trove of early Philadelphiamanuscripts and documents relating to political, social and business issuesof the 18th and early 19th centuries. Highlights include a copy of MatthewCareys 1796 pocket Atlas in original sheep binding; manuscript and partlyprinted documents relating to shipping enterprises of the Hartshorne, Largeand Phillips family; Shoemaker business correspondence; and Adam MayStevensons diaries from the 1850s to the 1880s rich in details of dailyPhiladelphia life with delightful pen and ink vignettes. All will be offered inthe Books, Manuscripts and Prints auction of May 27th

    The collection was not exclusively American in origin and the Europeanfurniture, English silver, ceramics, clocks and the sedan chair from Baleroywill be sold on May 4th and May 5th in the English and Continental Auction.Oriental Rugs and Carpets from Baleroy will be offered on May 28th.

    Mr. Easby was an avid collector of pocket watches. A portion of hisextensive collection will be offered July 16 and 17. Jewelry selections will beoffered in the fine Jewelry Sale, June 14th.

    It is with great pleasure that Samuel T. Freeman and company offers theStevenson-Easby Family collection at auction.

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  • 94

    450Spanish/American School,19th Centuryportrait of richard worsammeade (1778-1828)Oil on canvas, framed. .78 in. by 61 in. (sight)note:Richard Worsam Meade, born inChester County June 23, 1778,married Margaret Coats Butler ofPhiladelphia, in Perth Amboy, NewJersey in 1801. A merchant, Meadeworked from 1806 to 1816 as theU.S. Naval Agent in Santa Domingoand Cadiz, Spain. He died at age50 in Washington D.C. and is buriedin St. Mary's Roman CatholicCemetery in Philadelphia. Thecouple had 11 children, ten survivingto adulthood, including Civil WarMajor General George GordonMeade.$10,000-15,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


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  • 95

    451Federal silver sugar urn and drum-form teapotjoseph lownes (1754-1820) philadelphia.Drum-form teapot with ebony and star finial,pierced gallery, straight spout, beaded shoulder andbase and an urn form covered sugar bowl with ballfinial to lid, pierced gallery and beaded rims onsquare plinth, monogrammed PH in oval enclosedby wheat sheaves.H: Sugar urn: 8 1/2 in. Total Weight: 29 oz.provenance:The monogram PH is likely that of PattisonHartshorne (1745-1828) a Philadelphia merchantwho married Susanna Waln December 10, 1776 atthe Philadelphia North District Meeting. TheHartshornes lived at the S.E. corner of 6th andMulberry Streets and Summer Hill plantation inOxford Township, Philadelphia County.$2,500-3,500

    452Silver teapotpossibly standish barry, baltimore(1763-1844)Oval serpentine shape with beadedmidband and base, oval lid withpineapple finial, straight spout andebony lyre handle, engraved withmonogram, JMT. base marked fourtimes S B in an oval,.L: 10 1/4 in., Weight: 20 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-2,000

    453Six silver bird back teaspoonsjoseph anthony, jr. (1783-1814)philadelphiaWith feathered edge and bearingthe initial MS, marked J A withina rectangle.Weighable silver: 3.7 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-400

    454Collection of silver salt scoops and diminutive spoonsassorted philadelphia makers, 18th and 19thcenturyFour with round bowls engraved with the initials "EP"and date "1754" on terminal and engraved "EdwardPenington" on stem back, mark of two bright cut andwith the initial "P' with pear-shaped bowls by ChristianWiltberger, three bear with initials "JL" with mark of R.& W. Wilson, four with oval vermeil bowls bear markof Thomas Fletcher,. four with vermeil bowls, mark ofBailey and Kitchen, engraved "Baird," and twoteaspoons, one engraved "SP 1754," and "SarahPenington" with mark of Joseph and NathanielRichardson, the other engraved "IP" and"Isaac Penington" with.Weighable silver: 10 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection. EdwardPenington (1729-1797), a wealthy Quaker merchant,married Sarah Shoemaker (1729-1797) in 1754. Theirhouse at the north west corner of Crown and RaceStreet was considered one of the finest in Philadelphia.$150-250

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    451, 452

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  • 96

    455Silver gobletmid 19th centuryThe bowl chased with floral and leafband on turned shaft and circularfoot, all edges with machine tooling.Total Weight: 6.7 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-300

    456Silver sugar tongsjoseph richardson, jr.philadelphia, late 18th centuryWith bright cut decoration,monogrammed ML.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$150-250

    457Silver sugar nipsthomas whartenby, philadelphia,circa 1810Shaped handles with reeded ovalgrips, bearing the initial Lprovenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$100-150

    458Silver tea wareedward lownes, philadelphia,circa 1815Spherical shape with bead and leafmidband, leaf and rod finial tocovered sugar bowl, and mask headhandles, serpent form handle tocreamer and waste bowl, all onsquare plinths.H: Sugar bowl 9 3/4 in., TotalWeight: 55 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    455, 456, 457


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  • 97

    459Four piece silver tea serviceharvey lewis (active 1805-1826),philadelphiaIncluding hot water pot, teapot,covered sugar bowl and creamer,each of urn form with "ear of corn"finial and repousse leaf lids, cast leafmid bands on square plinth withwinged claw feet, ebonized lyre formhandles, accompanied by a storagebox.H: Hot water pot 12 1/4 in. Weight:135 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$2,000-3,000

    460Three piece silver tea setandrew kitchen, philadelphia,circa 1820Teapot, covered sugar bowl andcreamer, each of melon form withpineapple form finials, leaf chasedrims.H: Teapot 10 3/4 in. Weight: 90 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-2,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 98

    461Six -piece silver tea and coffeeservicer. and w. wilson (active 1825-1850)philadelphiaIncluding hot water pot, coffeepot,teapot, covered sugar bowl, wastebowl and creamer, of lobed urn formwith serpentine flaring rims, leafform lyre handles, ribbon chasedmid-band and rim, accompanied bywooden storage box with labelinscribed.H. of Hot water pot:12 3/8 in., TotalWeight of service: 165 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.The service was presented to Mr.Cornelius Stevenson about 1837when he was City Treasurer ofPhiladelphia. It was on loan to theWhite House during the Nixonadministration.$6,000-8,000

    462Four silver open saltsbaldwin gardiner, circa 1814Of circular form with leaf chasedborders, shells above curved leg andstepped hoof feet.Diam: 3 1/4 in. Wt: 20 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$500-700

    463Collection of nine sterling silversalts19th and 20th centuryIncluding a pair with chaseddecoration by S. Kirk & Son, anotherpair of Georgian style.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-300

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    462, 463

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  • 99

    464Mahogany Tall Case Clockwilliam sellers, london,18th centuryThe flat molded cornice supportedby brass-capped Corinthiancolumnettes enclosed brass face,molded waist door and ogee bracketfeet.H: 84 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.A note inside of waist door reads, Tall Case Clock from the present No.203 S. Front St Philadelphia atauction at one time the residence ofJohn Phillips the elder described asthe Blue Anchor. This not the BlueAnchor. This clock came into thepossession of Elizabeth CliffordStevenson by purchase from theestate of her uncle John S. Phillipswho inherited it from his grandfatherJohn Phillips. Elizabeth CliffordStevenson by marriage becameElizabeth Clifford Easby. Feb. 12,1916.$2,000-3,000

    465Reticulated silver sweetmeat orbread basketjohannes schiotling (active1760-1799), amsterdamOval form with cast scroll and floralrim on openwork body andserpentine base with scrolled feet, afitted wooden caseL: 13 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Engraved on underside: JohnPhillips Died September 22, 1762 tohis son /John Phillips Died April 27,1806 to his son /William PhillipsDied Aug 24, 1845 to his son /JohnL. Phillips Died March 24, 1876to his sister/ Ann Phillips StevensonDied Feb 15. 1894 to her daughter/Rebecca Phillips Mason Died Feb8th, 1925, to her sister /ElizabethClifford Easby Died Jan. 18 1935 toher son/ May Stevenson Easby tohis son /George Gordon MeadeEasby.$2,000-3,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 100

    466Two transfer-printed glazedearthenware framed tilesliverpool, england, circa 17704 1/2 in. x 4 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Each with the following, Tile fromthe chimney place of the present203 South Front St. at one time theresidence of John Phillips, the elder.Described in the deed ofconveyance to William Phillips, thegrand son of said John Phillips asthe Blue Anchor. Not the BlueAnchor described in The WatsonAnnals Nov. 21, 1867.$400-700

    467Queen Anne ebonized side chairmassachusetts, circa 1760Molded yoked crest rail above avasifom splat with block and turnedfront legs, turned stretchers, thefront stretcher having ball and ringturning, Spanish feet.H: 42 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Publication History: WilliamMacpherson Horner, Jr. The BlueBook Philadelphia Furniture 1682-1807(1935), p. 11.$1,000-2,000

    468William and Mary cherry gatelegtabledelaware valley, 18th centuryRectangular top with D shapedleaves, on shaped apron fitted withdrawer at each end, on baluster, ringand block turned legs, joined byconforming stretchers, on casters.H: 28 in. W: 40 1/4 in. D:17 in.. Top:51 1/2 in. (opened)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    466 467


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  • 101

    469Group of eighteen hollow cutsilhouettesphiladelphia or baltimore,early 19th centurySome embossed with PealeMuseum stamp, unframed.largest 5 1/4 in. x 4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Found in the attic of Baleroy,Chestnut Hill.$500-800

    470Needlework samplerhannah hartshorne, ann marshschool, philadelphia, dated 1793A floral swag enclosed leafy vineand oval reserve with pious verse,ribboned swag and inscription,Hannah Hartshorne 1793, workedwith silk threads on a linen ground.14 in. x 12 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.For related examples, see Betty Ring,Girlhood Embroidery AmericanSamplers & Pictorial Needlework1650-1850 (1993) p.343 figs. 361and 362. Hannah Hartshorne (1779-1795) was the daughter of Quakermerchant, Pattison Hartshorne andSusanna Waln Hartshorne.$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


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  • 102

    471Walnut tall case clockpeter stretch (1670-1746),philadelphia, circa 1716Stepped cresting, square face doorwith baluster-turned columnettes,brass and silvered face with Romannumeral chapter ring, outer ring withArabic numerals, subsidiary secondsring with Arabic numerals, datewindow, signed with oval silveredplaque, "Peter Stretch, Philadelphia,"molded waist door, with ocular, plainbase.H: 96 in. with added base (new baseis 7 1/2 in.)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$12,000-18,000

    472Queen Anne walnut dressing tableattributed to claypoole shop,philadelphia, circa 1750Rectangular lip molded top abovefour lip-molded drawers, shellcarved apron with incised lineextending to feet, cabriole legsending in Spanish Feet.H: 30 1/2 in. W: 33 3/4 in.D: 21 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Publication History; WilliamMacpherson Horner, Jr., Blue BookPhiladelphia Furniture 1682-1807(1935), p. 17. According to familytradition the table was used atSummer Hill, Oxford Township, thecountry home of PattisonHartshorne and his wife SusannaWaln Hartshorne, who were marriedin 1776.$10,000-15,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


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  • 103

    473Chippendale walnut tall chestpennsylvania, late 18th centuryThe rectangular top with a moldedcornice above an arrangement of lipmolded drawers flanked by flutedquarter columns on ogival bracketfeet.H: 66 1/2 in. W: 42 in. D: 22 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$4,000-6,000

    474American/ French School, 19thcenturyminiature portrait of elizabethdavis (1773-1813)Watercolor on ivory, gilt locket casewith hair inset at back, inscribed,Elizabeth Davis Born ElizabethSmith Born 1773 Died 1813.2 in. x 1 3.4 in. (sight)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$600-800

    475Attributed to Benjamin Trott(1770-1843)miniature portrait of johnbaldwin large (1780-1866)Watercolor on ivory, gilt locket case.Accompanied by an oval brassname plaque.2 3/4 in. x 2 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.John Large of Philadelphia marriedRebecca Hartshorne (1783-1832)June 10, 1806 at the PhiladelphiaNorth District Meeting House.$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    474 475

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  • 104

    476Chippendale walnut table withdrawerpennsylvania, 18th centuryThe rectangular top with moldededge above a single thumb moldeddrawer, cabriole legs and ball andclaw feet.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 36 1/2 in. D: 23 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$1,500-2,500

    477Sargeant family coat of armsearly 19th centuryOil on panel, from a carriage door,framed.12 in. x 9 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Possibly owned by John Sargeant(1779-1852) who served for 13 yearsas a Pennsylvania Representative toCongress and MargarettaWatmough Sargeant (1787-1869).John Sargeants father, JonathanDickinson Sargeant served as amember of the ContinentalCongress. The Sargeants weremarried June 23, 1813 by BishopWilliam White. They are buried inLaurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia.$1,000-1,500

    478Chippendale carved walnut highchest baseshop of benjamin randolph,carving attributed to herculescourtenay, philadelphia, c. 1770Molded top above one longand three short lip molded drawers,the centermost with shell andflower carving and applied leafage,shaped pierced and intaglio carvedapron flanked by quarter roundfluted corners, acanthus leaf carvedcabriole legs on claw and ball feet.H: 37 3/4 in. W: 45 1/4 in.D: 23 3/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Presumed line of descent: CorneliusStevenson (1779-1860), Adam MayStevenson (1806-1889), CorneliusEasby (1842-1922), ElizabethClifford Stevenson Easby (1848-1935), May Stevenson Easby (1878-1969), George Gordon Meade Easby(1918-2005).$10,000-15,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 105

    479Carved mahogany finial in the formof an exotic birdcarving attributed to johnpollard, philadelphia, circa 1770The bird with outstretched wingsperched on a bifurcated, leafystump.L: 15 in (with support)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Presumed line of descent: CorneliusStevenson (1779-1860), Adam MayStevenson (1806-1889), CorneliusEasby (1842-1922), ElizabethClifford Stevenson Easby (1848-1935), May Stevenson Easby (1878-1969), George Gordon Meade Easby(1918-2005).$1,000-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 106

    480Chippendale carved mahogany armchairphiladelphia, circa 1775The serpentine crestrail centering ashell above a pierced urn-form splat,shaped arms with scrolled handholds, trapezoidal seatrail, deepapron carved with large shell andvolutes, cabriole legs with shell-carved knees on ball and claw feet, aclose chair.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.This chair was placed on loan at thePhiladelphia Museum of Art in 1921.$2,000-3,000

    481Chippendale carved walnut sidechairphiladelphia, circa 1775Serpentine crest rail with scrolledears centering a shell above piercedurn-form splat, molded trapezoidalseat with carved shell, on cabriolelegs ending in ball and claw feet.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.This chair has been on loan to thePhiladelphia Museum of Art since1921.$2,000-3,000

    482Chippendale carved mahogany sidechairphiladelphia, circa 1775The serpentine crest rail centering a"ruffled " shell on a pierced urn formsplat carved with volutes, moldedtrapezoidal seat carved with a shell,cabriole legs with shells at knees,ball and claw feet, marked 19.1921.3.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.This chair was loaned to thePhiladelphia Museum of Art in 1921.$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:14 AM Page 106

  • 107

    483Needlwork memorial pictureattributed to the samuel folwell school, philadelphia, circa 1805Inscribed In memory of H.H. and R.W.H., and While Fondest hopes theParents Heart Rejoyce Alls sunk in Death, by One eternal Voice. silk, inkand paint on silk ground, framed.8 7/8 in. x 11 1/2 in. (sight)note:Probably worked by Rebecca Hartshorne (1787-1852) daughter of merchantPattison Hartshorne (1745-1828) and Susanna Waln Hartshorne (d. 1828)who married at the North District Meeting House, Philadelphia in 1776. Twoof Rebeccas sisters, Hannah Hartshorne (1779-1795) and the first RebeccaWaln Hartshorne (1783-1786?) died young.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$3,000-5,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    484Two needlework picturesattributed to samuel folwellschool, philadelphia,early 19th centuryEach worked in an oval, the first withmother and child and tempiettoform in the distance, the secondwith small child and lamb withcottage, worked with polychromesilk threads, ink and paint on silk,framed.9 1/4 x 11 5/8 in. and9 1/4 in. x 12 in. (sight)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$4,000-6,000

    485American School 19th centurymourning broochWatercolor on ivory, gilt locket/pin,plaited hair at back.Diam: 1 5/8 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$200-250


    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:14 AM Page 107

  • 108

    486Chippendale mahogany drop-leafdining tablephiladelphia, circa 1770Rectangular top with conformingleaves on arched apron and cabriolelegs ending in ball and claw feet.H: 28 1/2 in. W: 54 in. D: 48 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Presumed line of descent:Cornelius Stevenson (1779-1860),Adam May Stevenson (1806-1889),Cornelius Easby (1842-1922),Elizabeth Clifford Stevenson Easby(1848-1935), May Stevenson Easby(1878-1969), George Gordon MeadeEasby (1918-2005).$4,000-6,000

    487Rare Chippendale carved mahogany pole screen basecarving attributed to martin jugiez, philadelphia, circa 1770The ring turned and fluted tapering support above urn form on cabriole legscarved with flower heads and leaves on ball and claw feet.H: 23 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection. Presumed line of descent: CorneliusStevenson (1779-1860), Adam May Stevenson (1806-1889), CorneliusEasby (1842-1922), Elizabeth Clifford Stevenson Easby (1848-1935), MayStevenson Easby (1878-1969), George Gordon Meade Easby (1918-2005).$8,000-12,000

    488Group of Chinese Export Blue and White Porcelain wareslate 18th centuryIncluding five plates with scene of fisherman, three saucers and twoteabowls with lattice border enclosing flower sprays and insects, sevenplates with paneled border enclosing flowers and birds, and two plates withfloral sprigged rim enclosing sprays.Diam: 8 1/2 in. and 9 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$1,000-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:14 AM Page 108

  • 109

    489Chinese Export Porcelain RedFitzHugh saucerlate 18th centuryWith gilt highlights.Diam: 5 1/8 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby FamilyCollection. Hand-written note onunderside reads Saucer belongingto Anna Phillips wife of WilliamPhillips Residence S. E cor 11th &Spruce streets Philadelphia.$1,000-2,000

    490Chinese Export Porcelain itemslate 18th centuryIncluding plate, tea bowl, and threesaucers decorated in sepia in variantof the Quaker Farmer pattern.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$600-1,000

    491Chinese export lacquer work box19th centuryOf rectangular form, the hinged liddecorated with a mountain viewcentering an oval reserve with theinitials JL, and opens to a fittedinterior with ivory sewingimplements including sewing birds,spools, patterns, and needles, abovea lower drawer which opens to awriting surface.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    489, 490


    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:14 AM Page 109

  • 110

    492Three Chinese Export Famille Rosevases19th centuryComprising a pair of gu-form vasesand a baluster form vase, withunderglaze blue, enameled inpolychrome flowers and figures.H:7in. and 7 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$1,500-2,500

    493Assorted Chinese Export Porcelainitemsearly 19th centuryIncluding two vases decorated withpurple diaper pattern, swags andfloral sprigs and bearing the initials"HH" , a tea caddy without liddecorated with Mandarin figuresand teawares decorated with blueand gold ,including a lighthouseform coffee pot, creamer, coveredsugar bowl and two tea bowlstogether with an oblong platter.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.The "HH" initials likely belong toHugh Hartshorne (1719-1777),Philadelphia merchant.$1,500-2,500

    494Three Chinese Export PorcelainRose Mandarin vases19th centuryTwo of cylindrical form with flaringrims, the third of baluster form.H: 7 1/2 and 8 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$500-800

    495Partial Chinese Export Porcelainservicecirca 1800Including platter with strainer, twocovered sauce dishes and one stand,three soup plates, three syllabubs,eighteen dinner plates, six luncheonplates, three bread plates, coveredoval dish, each decorated with bluebanding with gilt stars and drapedshield with P.diam: plates 9 1/4 in.note:The initial P likely stands for thePhillips family. Selections from thisservice are illustrated by JeanMcClure Mudge, Chinese ExportPorcelain for the American Trade 1785-1835 (1962) p. 119provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$2,000-3,500

    496Chinese Export Porcelain Armorialfruit basket and standlate 18th centuryOf reticulated oval form decoratedwith blue and gold banding and coatof arms of the Ross family withdexter hand holding a laurel wreathbelow the inscription Nobilis Est IraLeonis, (Noble is the Lions wrath),the exterior decorated with a gildedeight-pointed star.L: 9 3/4 in.literature:For related examples of this service,see Philadelphia and the China Trade1784-1844 (1984) p.62, fig. 17.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    492, 493, 494

    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/30/10 9:03 AM Page 110

  • 111

    497Group of Chinese Export BlueFitzHugh Porcelain19th centuryIncluding four platters, one well andtree platter, two covered vegetabledishes, three gravy boats, two ovalstands, three oblong stands, fivesyllabubs, seven dinner plates,sixteen salad plates, fourteen breadplates, seven saucers, eight smalldeep dishes, one reticulated fruitbowl one sauce boat without lid.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$2,500-3,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    498Chinese Export Porcelain platterand plates19th centuryOval platter and eight plates withtrellis border enclosing panels ofcourtiers and flowering trees withbirds.L: 18 1/2 in. Diam: 9 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$1,000-1,500

    495, 496

    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:14 AM Page 111

  • 112

    499Large group of Chinese ExportPorcelain Nanking pattern19th centuryIncluding six oval platters of varyingsizes, strainer, five warming dishes,twenty plates, four small plates andfifteen dinner and small plates withgilt banding.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$1,000-2,000

    500Large group of Chinese Export Porcelain Canton ware19th centuryIncluding four reticulated fruit baskets, five reticulated stands, four octagonalplatters, various sizes, three cider jugs, two scalloped bowls, one squaredbowl, pitcher, creamer, oblong open vegetable dish, mug, two warmingplates, eight syllabubs, seven tea bowls, six saucers, seven leaf shapeddishes, two open salts, two covered sauce tureens, two sauce tureen stands,soup tureen, large covered oval tureen, two teapots, covered sugar, largetwo-handled cup, oblong dish, creamer, three small plates, eleven dinnerplates, demitasse cup and saucer, squared vegetable.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$2,500-3,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:14 AM Page 112

  • 113

    501Large group of Chinese ExportCanton plates19th centuryOf various sizes and shades of blue,eighty pieces.Diam: 6 in. to 10 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$2,000-3,000

    502Chinese Export Porcelain Mandarinpattern itemsmid-19th centuryIncluding drum-form teapot, wastebowl, nine teacups, thirteen saucers,eleven plates, five variously sizedcylindrical boxes, the smallestwithout lid, a barrel-form coveredbox and two urn form mugs, alldecorated with Mandarin figures.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:14 AM Page 113

  • 114

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:15 AM Page 114

  • 115

    503Large group of Chinese Export RoseMandarin Porcelainmid to late 19th centuryIncluding soup tureen, two coveredovoid vegetable dishes, arectangular covered vegetable dishwith notched corners, three platters,two shallow oval bowls, twelveplates, fourteen luncheon plates,seven bread plates, paneledcreamer, two shrimp dishes, one leafshaped dish, eleven canns, eight teacups of two sizes, ten saucers, acovered bowl and a small coveredcylindrical box. Together with threeRose Medallion Pattern dinnerplates.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$4,000-6,000

    504Set of six Chippendale walnut sidechairspennsylvania, circa 1775Each with serpentine crest railcentering a shell on pierced vasiformsplat with heart on trapezoidal seatwith shell and cabriole shell-carvedlegs ending in claw and ball feet, aseventh chair matching the set is oflater manufacture.H: 38 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Presumed line of descent: CorneliusStevenson (1779-1860), Adam MayStevenson (1806-1889), CorneliusEasby (1842-1922), ElizabethClifford Stevenson Easby (1848-1935), May Stevenson Easby (1878-1969), George Gordon Meade Easby(1918-2005).$30,000-60,000

    505Pair of hand-held fire screensfirst half 19th centuryThe shaped paper fan painted withwatercolor floral spray and mountedon black and gold painted turnedsticks.L: 15 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$200-300

    506Chippendale mahogany card tablephiladelphia, circa 1770Rectangular top with slightly rounded edge, single cock-beaded wide drawer on shaped apron, cabriole legsending in claw and ball feet.H: 28 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.$2,000-4,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT100-115:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:15 AM Page 115

  • 116

    507Needlework Samplerelizabeth poultney, baltimore,maryland, 1804A sawtooth and flowering vineborder encloses alphabet andnumerals with inscription, piousverse, and date April 10, 1804,worked with polychrome silk threadson a linen ground, framed.17 1/4 x 12 1/2 in. (sight)note:Handwritten inscription on back,Elizabeth Poultney of Baltimore,Maryland Wife of James Large ofPhiladelphia, Penn. The great-Greatgrandmother of Geor. G. MeadeEasby. Elizabeth Poultney was bornDec. 2, 1792 and died in 1833. Shemarried James Large in Baltmore,Jan. 15, 1817. They resided inPhiladelphia.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$600-800

    508Needlework samplerletitia p reiff, germantown, pa1827A floral and strawberry borderencloses rows of alphabet aboveinscription,Letitia P. Reiffs Work inthe year 1827 Germantown, andspot motifs, framed.16 5/8 in. x 21 1/2 in. (sight)note:Letitia Pastorious Reiff was bornDecember 12, 1817 in Whitpain,Montgomery County, Pennsylvaniato Mary Pastorious and JohnDetweiler Reiff. She died in 1902.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,500-2,500

    509Needlework samplerl.e.w.gibbs, 1836A floral vine border enclosesvirtuous verse and lyre andcornucopia, worked in silk threadson a linen ground, framed.15 1/2 in. x 16 5/8 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$500-800

    510Needleworked map of England andWaleswrought by a. munday 1793Worked in silk threads on a woolground, framed.20 3/4 in. x 18 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    508 509


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  • 117

    511Set of six walnut Chippendale chairsphiladelphia, circa 1770Each with serpentine crest rail centering a shell flanked by volutes abovepierced vasiform splat carved with volutes, trapezoidal seat with cabrioleshell-carved legs on claw and ball feet, bear Roman numerals I through VI.H: 40 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection. Presumed line of descent: CorneliusStevenson (1779-1860), Adam May Stevenson (1806-1889), CorneliusEasby (1842-1922), Elizabeth Clifford Stevenson Easby (1848-1935), MayStevenson Easby (1878-1969), George Gordon Meade Easby (1918-2005).$60,000-80,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    G10-07840_TXT116-131:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:47 AM Page 117

  • 118

    512Chippendale carved mahogany dressing tablecarving attributed to nicholas bernard, philadelphia,circa 1750Rectangular top with molded edge and notched cornersabove one long and three short lip molded drawers, thecentermost with incised shell and leaf carving, the aproncentering a shell flanked by scrolls, fluted chamferedcorners on acanthus leaf-carved cabriole legs ending in balland claw feet.H: 30 3/4 in. W: 35 in. D: 20 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection. Presumed line ofdescent: Cornelius Stevenson (1779-1860), Adam MayStevenson (1806-1889), Cornelius Easby (1842-1922),Elizabeth Clifford Stevenson Easby (1848-1935), MayStevenson Easby (1878-1969), George Gordon MeadeEasby (1918-2005).

    publication history:William Macpherson Horners BlueBook Philadelphia Furniture 1682-1807(1935) plate 142.$60,000-80,000

    513Attributed to John Henry Brown(1818-1891)portrait of a young ladyUnsigned, watercolor on ivory,leather case.2 1/2 in. x 2 in.$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    G10-07840_TXT116-131:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:47 AM Page 118

  • 119

    514Chippendale walnut Pembroketablephiladelphia, circa 1775The rectangular top with shallowconforming leaves on cock-beadedapron drawer with brass bail handle,square chamfered legs on block feet,joined by X stretcher.H: 27 3/4 in. W: 23 3/8 in.D: 27 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$3,500-5,000

    515Chippendale mahogany tall case clocklate 18th century, robert shearman, philadelphiaThe scrolled cresting with rosettes and urn and flame finialsabove a hood with arched door enclosing painted moon facedial, on case with shaped waist door flanked by fluted quartercolumns, paneled base on shaped bracket feet.H: 106 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection. A note attached toback of waist door inscribed This clock belonged to AdamMay, born 28 January 1751 in Naumberg Hesse-Nassau died19 Feb 1816 in the City of Philadelphia. He arrived in the cityof New York in 1776 with the Hessian troops as a commissaryin that army. After the War of the Revolution he settled inPhiladelphia and married 1783 Catharine Diehl. She was born19 September 1764 and died August 1801. Their daughterCatharine born 16, November 1787, married 28 May 1808Augustus Cassimer Salargmac a French refugee from St.Domingo. Their son Leo Theodore, born 23, June 1824 died20 Sept 1902 owned the clock which was sold at auctionwith his other furniture in the autumn of 1902.$4,000-8,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


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  • 120

    516Collection of seventeen daguerreotypes andambrotypesstevenson, phillips, griffith, large and easbyfamilies, philadelphia, circa 1840Daguerreotypes include, Cornelius Stevenson and hissister Anna Phillips Stevenson, Elizabeth C. Stevenson,James Large, Anna C. Griffith, Jane Holbrook Easby,Elizabeth Clifford Stevenson, age 5 1/2, A. MayStevenson, William Phillips father of Anna Stevensonwife of A. May Stevenson, Mrs. Emmeline Griffith,unidentified child, John Phillips, Rebecca PhillipsStevenson as a child, John Easby as a child, unidentifiedyoung man, and woman together with two ambrotypes,Cornelius Stevenson, age 19, and Mrs. John B. Large asa child, some tinted.sixteenth plate to quarter plateprovenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-2,000

    517Colonial Revival four piece sterling silver tea serviceearly 20th centuryClassical urn form with amoeba engraved decoration, urn finials on circularbeaded edge plinth, including teapot, covered sugar bowl, waste bowl andcreamer.H. of Teapot 9 1/2 in., Total Weight: 39 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$800-1,200

    518Two pair sterling silver weighted base candlesticks20th centuryIncluding a pair with vasiform shafts, three with flaring shafts on gadroonedbases and one odd with a tapering octagonal shaft, 6 pieces.H: 8 1/4 in. (4) and 6 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$100-200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


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  • 121

    519Set of four sterling silvercandlesticksgorham, providence, rhode island,first half of the 20th centuryCorinthian column design.H. 10 3/8 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$700-1,000

    520Silver trophy cupgorham, providence, rhode island,dated 1908Urn form with square C handles.H: 12 5/8 in. Wt: 41 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    521Chippendale-style mahogany andgiltwood looking glass19th/20th centuryDouble Scroll cresting with tasselledrosettes and urn and flame finialabove molded mirror frame with leafand floral fillets, shaped pendant.L: 60 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    520 521, 522, 523

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  • 122

    522Regency rosewood brass bound lapdesklondon, early 19th centuryThe brass bound case mounted witha brass plaque monogrammed JLopening to a leather lined and fittedinterior with a purple stampedvelvet writing surface, the sides withrecessed brass handles, escutheoncast Tompsons Patent.H: 7 in, L: 19 3/4, D: 10 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.The initials JL probably belong toJohn Large (1780-1866) ofPhiladelphia.$700-1,000

    523Pair of Chippendale stylemahogany four drawer bombechestsfirst half 20th centurySerpentine lip molded top,graduated wide drawers with castbrass handles on ogival bracket feet.Fine replicas.W.: 33 1/2 in. H: 30 3/4 in. D: 21 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$4,000-6,000

    524Chippendale mahogany andgiltwood looking glass19th/20th centuryDouble scroll cresting with tasselledrosettes, urn and flame finial, abovemolded mirror framed flanked byleaf and fruit fillets, shaped pendant.L: 60 1/2 in. W: 23 3/8 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,500-2,500

    525Two Chippendale mahogany sidechairsphiladelphia, circa 1800Serpentine crest rail with piercedgothic splat, straight seat rail andslip seat, square grooved andchamfered legs, H stretcher withfrets at knees, together with aribbon back side chair with aserpentine crest rail, straight seatrail,slip seat, grooved and chamferedlegs, and H stretcher.H: 38 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-1,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    523, 524


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  • 123

    526Federal giltwood and eglomismirrornew york, circa 1800The eglomise panel with eagle andcrossed flags enclosing a portrait ofGeorge Washington, with theinscription, OB Dec 14 ET 68.below.L: 45 3/4 in. W: 23 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$4,000-6,000

    527Augustin Edouart (1789-1861)silhouette of two childrenSigned and dated, Augn. Edouart,fecit 1842. Philadelphia, with printedlabel of The Rosenbach Galleries onverso, eglomise mat, framed.10 1/4 in. x 8 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$600-800

    528Three Quiltsphiladelphia, 19th centuryThe first quilt in Log Cabin patternworked in variously colored silkpieces within a satin border edgedwith velvet, the second quilt workedin a variation of the Log Cabinpattern alternating rows of diamond,triangular and square centersenclosed by velvet borders, workedin silk and velvet pieces, the thirdquilt in eight-pointed star patternworked in printed cotton patcheswithin a fringed border.67 in. x 70 in., 64 in. x 66 in. and 66in. x 74 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$600-800

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




    G10-07840_TXT116-131:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:48 AM Page 123

  • 532Federal carved mahogany testerbedsteadfirst quarter 19th centuryHaving reeded and turned postscarved with leaves, swags, androsettes joined by with shapedheadboard, on block and taperinglegs.H: 81 3/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,500-2,500


    529Painted bow back Windsor armchair and side chairphiladelphia, circa 1800Each with bamboo turnings.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$600-800

    530Federal maple chest of drawersearly 19th centuryRectangular top above a deepbonnet drawer and threegraduated drawers, all cock-beaded,on turned legs.H: 45 1/2 in. L: 41 in. D: 19 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$600-800

    531Continental School 19th centuryportrait of a little girlWatercolor on paper, leather frame.7 1/2 in. x 5 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$100-200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





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  • 125

    533Classical mahogany and stencileddrop-leaf library tablephiladelphia, circa 1825Molded rectangular top with Dshaped leaves on stenciled apronwith acorn pendants, columnarsupport and circular stenciledplatform raised on acanthus leaf andpaw carved legs, on casters.H: 29 1/2 in. W: 40 in D: 24 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,500-2,500

    534Pair of Classical giltwood girandolelooking glasses19th centuryEach with eagle with outstretchedwings on a rocky plinth abovemolded frame fitted with spherulesand ebonized liner enclosing mirror,scrolling arms with candle cups,leafy pendant.L: 40 1/2 in. Diam.: 22 1/2in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$5,000-7,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    532 533


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  • 126

    535Pair of gilt and patinated metallustre candlesticks19th centuryEach with single candle cup andcast collar hung with lustres abovean eagle with outsretched wingsraised on a column base.H: 10 3/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    536Eight Classical carved mahoganydining chairsphiladelphia, circa 1825Flat curved crest rail above leafcarved and panel horizontal splat,pad seats on sabre legs, sevenmatch, one associated.H: 38 7/ in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.According to tradition these chairsdescended in the Mifflin family.$1,200-1,800

    537Late Classical mahogany sideboardphiladelphia, circa 1825The rectangular top with moldededge above three outset drawersraised on four columnar supportsenclosing four recess paneled doors,leaf and paw carved feet.H: 41 3/4 in. L: 71 3/4 in.D: 22 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,500-2,500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    535 686536


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  • 127

    538Classical mahogany ladys deskphiladelphia, circa 1825The central section with lift lidopening to a writing surface, pentrays and inkwells, flanked by two liftlid-compartments on fabric linedbaskets of ebonized and blond woodrods raised on turned supportsjoined by upholstered stretcher, onscrolled feet casters.H: 30 1/2 in. W: 27 3/4 in.D: 1 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Attached note inscribed Presentedto May Stevenson Easby by hismother Elizabeth Clifford EasbyJanuary 25th 1928. This MarthaWashington desk was given toElizabeth Clifford Easby by herAunt Elizabeth Phillips after whomshe was named. It has been formany years in her Phillips familydate unknown.$1,500-3,000

    539American School 19th century residence of samuel jenningsfirst governor of new jersey nearburlingtonSigned and dated, John Collins1884, titled in ink on mat,watercolor on paper, framed.7 1/2 x 10 3/4 in. (sight)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$600-800

    540Renaissance Revival mahoganymarble top center tablesigned b. bartolette, readingSerpentine marble top above aconforming apron carved withfoliage and fruit sprays, the legscarved with masks at knees joinedby shaped and carved stretcherswith spray of fruit finial. .H: 29 1/2 in. W: 39 3/4 in. D: 26 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-2,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    538 540


    G10-07840_TXT116-131:Layout 1 3/30/10 9:07 AM Page 127

  • 544Wooden box made from thetimbers of the frigate Macedonianearly 20th centuryCircular form, the lid mounted withgold plate engraved FrigateMacedonian, a hand-written noteinside box reads, wood from theU.S. Frigate Macedonian. She was aBritish frigate captured by UnitedStates in 1812. Made by W.B. Wood,N.C.B. 11/9/ 02.Diam: 3 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-300

    541Three cabinet card photographs:First Troop Philadelphia CityCalvarybroadbent and phillips,philadelphia, february 1875Sitters identified on reverse, andinclude: William R. White, EdwardWaln, George Audenried, Sam N.W.Peters, William Garr, Robert AdamsJr., L. Taylor Lidson, John Wright,John Hockley, J. Emlen Smith, Fred.Carrol Brewster.Largest 6 in. x 4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-300

    542Two powder horns18th/19th centuryEach with turned caps.L: 16 and 11 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$100-200

    543Carved wooden pipe in the form ofa Civil War soldiers headcirca 1865With glass eyes.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-250






    545Two pair of mens buckskinbreeches, American flag andassorted textiles19th and 20th centuryThe wool Flag with 48 stars,together with a beaded reticule, anembroidered baby cape with a handwritten note, This baby cap wasembroidered by Mrs. Joseph Reed,when she was a young girl, for myfather John Penington, about 1800,a group of lace handkerchiefs,lengths of lace, and Arts and Craftsembroidered linen table runner, aprinted Art and Crafts small tablecover, woven ribbon, a silkembroidered piano shawl and awoven shawl.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500


    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    G10-07840_TXT116-131:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:48 AM Page 128

  • 129

    546Sterling silver tea and coffeeservicegorham & co., providence, rhodeisland, mid 20th centuryPlymouth pattern including hotwater kettle on warming stand,coffeepot, teapot, covered sugarbowl, creamer and waste bowl.Included with the set is a silver platetwo handled tea tray.H. of Tea Kettle with handle up:13 1/2 in., Weight of set: 122 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,500-2,500

    547Sterling silver flower vasegorham, providence, rhode island,1st half of the 20th centuryCircular everted openwork rim withmatching circular foot.H: 9 in., Weight: 31oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$275-350

    548Sterling silver fruit bowlretailed by j.e. caldwell & co.,late 19th centuryCircular hemispherical bowl withcased bead, rosette and loop slightlyeverted rim, vermeil interior, narrowmidband on circular foot with edgeto match rim.H: 71/4 in., Diam.:10 1/4 in.,Wt.: 28 1/2 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    549Pair sterling silver bon boncompotesretailed by bailey, banks andbiddle, philadelphia,early 20th centuryCircular with shell, leaf andopenwork borders on stem.Diam:8 in., Total Weight: 32 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    550Collection of sterling silver20th centuryIncluding two pair of casters ofGeorgian urn design, a single reededcaster, a pepper mill, two swirlopen salts, another salt chased withflowers, and two circular cake trayswith openwork borders, 10 pieces.Total Wt: 42 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$350-450

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



    547, 548, 549


    G10-07840_TXT116-131:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:49 AM Page 129

  • 130

    551Collection of silver flatwarevarious makers, american andeuropean, 19th and 20th centuryIncluding twelve bright-cutteaspoons engraved with the initialM,, ten Gorham silver plate citrusfruit spoons with vermeil bowls, tendemitasse spoons by Tiffany & Co.,twelve oval handled demi-tassespoons engraved with the initialM,, twelve seafood forks, sixvermeil demitasse spoons by Reed& Barton, and six Italian citrus fruitspoons.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    552Twelve silver dessert spoonsbailey & company,mid 19th centurytogether with four matching teaspoons, each with palmetto andscroll handle, the backs bear cipher,HLB.Wt: 21 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-300

    553Sterling silver helmet shaped gravyboat20th centuryBeaded rim on hooved feet togetherwith tall helmet-shaped creamerwith beaded rim by Meadows & Co.Philadelphia, and an English 18thcentury helmet-haped creamer withflower and line engraving on squareplinth, 3 pieces.Wt: 16 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$150-250

    554Four silver mugsr. & w. wilson, philadelphia, andgorham, rhode island., 19th and20th centuryThe first reeded and engraved, SarahWise Meade, the second engravedRebecca Phillips Stevenson from hergrandfather C. Stevenson December25, 1846, the third of barrel formengraved, George Gordon MeadeEasby from Aunt Mary Fox 1918, andthe fourth of hexagonal formengraved LWH to JBL, together withtwo mustard pots.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$150-250

    555Sterling silver hot water pot, teapotand waste bowlretailed by j.e. caldwell, late 19th/early 20th century,All over repousse decoration withacorn finials to lids, C handles.H. of Hot water pot 6 1/2 in., TotalWeight: 32 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$500-750

    556Sterling silver vermeil washed fishflatware20th centuryOrnate shell, scroll and leaf chasedhandles including nine three tinedforks and nine flat knives withsabre blades.Wt: 25 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$250-350

    557Group of eleven assorted smallsterling silver serving piecesgorham and other makers,19th/20th centuryIncluding pair of master butterknives, luncheon knife, sugar shellengraved Stevenson, small fishfork with vermeil, jelly server, smallladle, fork with vermeil tines, twoshaped serving spoons with vermeilwash to bowls, 11 pieces.Total weight 15.5 0z.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-400

    558Eight sterling silver flat servingpiecess. kirk and other makers,19th/20th centuryThree assorted ladles, one withvermeil bowl, sugar sifter, three pieservers and a King pattern cheesescoop.Wt: 27 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    555553, 554

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  • 131

    559Collection of sterling silver flatwaregorham and other makers, 20thcenturyIncluding ten tablespoons withinitial M by Gorham, fourspreaders, two ladles, pierced ladle,six ice tea spoons, two serving forks,a single table spoon, cake knife andtwelve assorted flatware items.Wt: 36 oz.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-400

    560Oval serpentine silver roast plattergorham & co, 20th centuryPlymouth pattern with thread moldborder, together with fruit bowl andcompote, each with open-workborder, retailed by Caldwell,Philadelphia, all monogramed.L: 17 in., Wt: 39.5 oz.

    562Carved mahogany and embossedleather Campeche chaircirca 1820Shell carved cresting, sloping armsterminating in scrolled handholds oncurule base, shaped stretchers.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.Hanging tags attached to armsinscribed Property of Elizabeth C.Easby 1830 Rittenhouse Sq. Do notSell. and This chair was theproperty of Adam May, grandfatherof A. May Stevenson.$500-800

    563Six assorted crystal decanters19th centuryMost with ringed neck andsawtooth banding and fluted bases,one cut with diamonds and swags.H: 9 to 11 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$800-1,200

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$375-500

    561Footed circular salvers. kirk and son, baltimore, mid19th centuryWith leaf border enclosing bright-cut circles, leaf wreath and theinitials A M. S., on ball and clawfeet.D: 10 1/8 in. Wt: 15.8 ozprovenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.The initials are likely those of AdamMay Stevenson (1806- 1888)$800-1,200

    G10-07840_TXT116-131:Layout 1 3/29/10 10:49 AM Page 131

  • 132

    564Group of five cut glass pitchers19th centuryIncluding a near pair cut with starand sheaf of wheat, another cut witha fan and dot motif, another withhobnail pattern, and another cutwith panels.H: 8 1/4 in. (Tallest)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-700

    565Collection of cut glass decantersand ewersbrilliant period,19th/20th centuryIncluding two pair of decanters andfour ewers.H: 14 in. (tallest pair)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-1,500

    566Classical giltwood overmantelmirror19th centuryThe split baluster frame with ringand flower decorated blocksenclosing a three part mirror.H: 31 1/4 in. L: 70 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    564 565

    G10-07840_TXT132-144:Layout 1 3/29/10 11:16 AM Page 132

  • 133

    567Edmund Darch Lewis (1835 - 1910two works: chestnut hill home ofA. May Stevenson and a view ofwhitemarsh valleyEach signed and dated Edmund D.Lewis, October 20th, 1877,watercolor on paper, framed.approx. 12 3/8 x 19 1/4 (sight)note:Recorded in the diary of A. MayStevenson for October 18th, 1877,Did not leave place. Edmund Lewispainted the place in watercolor fordaughter Anna, and for October20th 1877, Edmund Lewis tookview of Whitemarsh Valley inwatercolor for daughter Anna.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-1,500

    568American School 19th centuryminiature portrait of adam maystevenson (1806-1888)Signed and dated "E.D. Taylor,1894," watercolor on ivory, silverframe engraved on back, "AdamMay Stevenson Born November11th 1806/Married November 15th1838/ Died September 13th 1888/Chestnut Hill," in a fitted leathercase.3 in. x 2 1/2 in. (sight)provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.The illustrated diaries of A. MayStevenson dating from 1861-1888will be offered in Books,Manuscripts, and Ephemera Sale,May 27th, 2010$250-350

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    567 568


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  • 134

    569Chippendale-style mahoganycorner cupboardlate 19th centuryScrolled cresting with floral rosettesand flame finials above incised shelland applied leaves, twin archedglazed doors open to shell forminterior and shelves, two moldeddrawers and pair of shell-carvedpaneled doors below, ball and clawfeet.H: 96 in. W: 33 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$2,000-4,000

    570Chippendale-style carvedmahogany corner cupboardlate 19th centuryThree urn and flame finials onscrolled cresting and shell carvedand applied leafage entablature,double glazed doors, with singledrawer and pair of shell carveddoors below, shell carved apron, allon ball and claw feet.H: 96 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-2,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





    G10-07840_TXT132-144:Layout 1 3/29/10 11:17 AM Page 134

  • 135

    571Group of Major General Meadecommemorative itemslate 19th -20th centuryIncluding four blue transfer-printedplates, three depicting GeneralMeades headquarters and onedepicting General Meades stafftogether with miniature pitcher andunder plate and an engraving ofGeneral George Meade.Diam.: 10 1/4 in. (plate);6 1/4 in x 4 5/8 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection.George Gordon Meade Easby wasthe great-grandson of GeneralGeorge Meade (1815-1872)$200-400

    572Late Empire mahogany andmahogany veneer chest of drawerslate 19th centuryThe rectangular top above outsetcase fitted with four drawers andthree recessed long drawers, spiral-turned pilasters, raised on turnedfeet.H: 43 3/4 in. W: 44 in. D: 22 3/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500

    573Chippendale walnut slate-topmixing tableportions 18th century and 19thcenturyThe shaped and molded slate topabove one wide lip molded drawer,on cabriole legs ending in claw andball feet.H: 18 1/2 in.Top: 37 3/4 in. x 18 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$500-1,000

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art





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  • 136

    574Chippendale-style slant frontmahogany desk19th centuryThe slant top having incised shelland applied leaf carving opening tofitted interior, above four graduatedmolded drawers with piercedbrasses, quarter round flutedcorners on leaf carved ball and clawfeet.H: 39 3/4 in. W: 28 in. D: 19 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$800-1,200

    575Mahogany swell-front chest ondrawers19th/20th centuryThe rectangular top with moldededge and swelled front above fourbeaded conforming drawers, moldedbase with carved pendant, ball andclaw feet.H: 39 in. W: 42 1/2 in. D: 23 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$1,000-1,500

    576Queen Anne-style walnut slantfront desklate 19th centuryRectangular top with slant frontenclosing a fitted interior over asingle drawer and shaped apron, oncabriole legs with trifid feet.H: 43 3/4 in. W: 39 1/2 in. D: 22 1/2in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$800-1,200

    577Pair of brass and iron ball topandironsWith a ball finial on ruffled neckand tapering shaft, spurred cabriolelegs ending in ball and claw feet.H: 16 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    578Pair of Federal brass and iron urntop andirons19th centuryUrn form on a rectangular plintharched legs with penny feet.H: 15 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    579Pair of large brass and ironandirons19th/20th centuryBulbous tops on twin scroll legs withfour ball feet.H: 21 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$200-400

    580Three piece brass and ironfireplace tool set19th centuryShovel, poker and tongs, each withribbed urn form handle.L: 31 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500

    581Pair of brass urn top andirons18th/19th centuryUrn with a ball top, taperingcylindrical shaft, spurred cabriolelegs and penny feet.H: 22 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-700

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art




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  • 137

    582Brass and iron urn top fireplaceshovel and tongs19th centuryEach with beaded urn finial onknopped iron shaft.L: 28 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500

    583Group of Brass and iron fireplacetools19th centuryIncluding a brass shovel and tongswith button finial on ribbed handleand knopped iron shaft, anothershovel and tongs with fluted ballfinial on baluster turned handle withknopped shaft, and another pair oftongs.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-400

    584Three brass and iron fireplace toolsEach with ribbed baluster formhandle on shaft with spool andfluted cylinder turnings.L: 32 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$250-350

    585Chippendale mahogany andgiltwood looking glasslate 18th centuryThe scrolled cornice pierced with giltfeather device above a gilt liner andmirror plate, the shaped pendantcarved with a shell .L: 44 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$400-600

    586Chippendale-style mahogany andgiltwood looking glass20th centuryA replica of the previous lot,accompanying by a note feathersand inner border carved and gildedby Samuel Wineck.L: 44 1/4 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-400

    587A handkerchief book: Dolly DearsHouse and Her Hankerchiefscirca 1910Two copies, each containing eightprinted handkerchiefs.10 1/4 x 11 1/2 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$100-150

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    585 586

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  • 590George III mahogany tall case clockworks by thomas wagstaff,london, case philadelphia,18th centuryFlat molded cresting, arched facewith fluted columnettes, archedbrass face with Roman numeralchapter ring, subsidiary seconds ringwith Arabic numerals and datewindow, arched lip molded waistdoor, stop fluted quarter roundcorners, molded panel below onogival bracket feet.H: 91 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$3,000-5,000


    588Group of sketchesedmund d. lewis, cornelius anda.may stevenson, and sarah orsusan large,Including sketch of a house, signedEdmund D. Lewis Sept 9, 1856,graphite on paper, three watercolors,two signed and dated, S.L. andApril 14th and April 28th 1835, ofa young boy and a group ofcaricatures, a sketch of a lion, signedC. Stevenson, a Landscape withmonument inscribed, Dedicated tomy little daughter Beck, watercoloron paper, together with a landscapewith waterfall, all unframed.18 5/8 x 12 1/2provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500

    589Two large painted and decoratedtrays19th centuryThe first of oval form, lacqueredpapier mache stenciled in gilt withputti, birds and fruit, the second ofserpentine form, tinware stenciled inmetallic pigment with sprays offlowers.L: 30 in. and 27 in.provenance:The Stevenson-Easby Family Collection$300-500

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art



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  • The Midmar Castle Collection ofFine Arms & ArmourWednesday, 21st April, 201033 Broughton Place, Edinburgh

    Viewing timesSunday 18th April 2pm - 5pmMonday 19th April 10am - 5pmTuesday 20th April 10am - 5pmMorning of Sale from 9am

    EnquiriesJohn BattyTel: +44 (0)131 557 8844E-mail:

    Illustrated catalogue15 plus postage and packing

    www.lyonandturnbull .com


    POSSIBLY AUGSBURG,EARLY 17TH CENTURY AND LATER12,000-15,000 ($19,500-24,500)

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  • 140

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    Purchase removal, shipping andoffsite storage information

    successful bidders for the property from theamerican design & american indian arts andamerican furniture, decorative & folk art sales willbe expected to pick up all property from freemansno later than 3 pm on friday, april 30th 2010.

    Shippers who have worked with Freemans clients inthe past, include but are not limited to:

    VG Packaging LLC:Contact: Gordon G Murray II12 Salem RoadSchwenksville, PA 19473tel: 484-552-8741fax: 484-552-8744email:

    UPS StoreContact: John Bohach51 North 3rd StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19106tel: 215.629.4990fax: 215.629.4992email:

    Mr. CsContact: Charles Cohentel: 267.977.9567email:

    Cadogan Tate Fine ArtCadogan House, 41-20 39th StreetSunnyside, New York 11104tel: 718.706.7999fax: 718.707.2847email:

    To ensure the safety of your lot(s) Freemans requestspayment in full and removal of property within tenbusiness days of the sale date. Collection hours areMonFri, 9:304:30pm. For larger items, please to schedule a loadingdock appointment. For purchase release to persons notlisted on your invoice, 3rd party authorization isrequired. Please mail or fax, 215.599.2240, a signedletter stating sale, lot, successful bidder and name of3rd party collecting property.

    Freemans does not handle packing or shipping. Theshippers listed here have worked with Freemans clientsin the past and will be happy to provide you withquotes for the packing and shipping of your property.

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  • Terms & Conditionsall property offered and sold (property) through samuel t. freeman& co, ("freeman's") shall be offered and sold on the terms andconditions set forth below which constitutes the complete statementof the terms and conditions on which all property is offered for bidding at the auction, whether present in person or by agent, bywritten bid, telephone, internet or other means, the buyer agrees to bebound by these terms and conditions.

    16In no event shall any liability of Freemansto the buyer exceed the purchase priceactually paid.17No claimed modification or amendment ofthis Agreement on the part of any partyshall be deemed extant, enforceable orprovable unless it is in writing that hasbeen signed by the parties to thisAgreement. No course of dealing and nodelay or omission on the part of Freemansin exercising any right under thisAgreement shall operate as a waiver ofsuch right or any other right and waiver onany one or more occasions shall not beconstrued as a bar to or waiver of anyright or remedy of Freemans on anyfuture occasion.18These Conditions of Sale and the buyers,the Consignor's and Freemans rightsunder these Conditions of Sale shall begoverned by, construed and enforced inaccordance with the laws of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania andConsignor and Buyer agree to theexclusive jurisdiction of the Philadelphia,Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas andthe United States District Court for theEastern District of Pennsylvania.

    instances, the Consignor may pay lessthan the standard commission rate whereFreemans or its representative is asuccessful bidder on behalf of theConsignor. Where the Consignor isindebted to Freemans, Freemans mayhave an interest in the offered lots andthe proceeds therefrom, other than thebrokers Commissions, and all sales aresubject to any such interest.11No buy bids shall be accepted at anytime for any purpose.12Any pre-sale bids must be submitted inwriting to Freemans prior tocommencement of the offer of the firstlot of any sale. Freemans copy of anysuch bid shall conclusively be deemed tobe the sole evidence of same, and whileFreemans accepts these bids for theconvenience of bidders not present at theauction, Freemans shall not beresponsible for the failure to execute, or,to execute properly, any pre-sale bid.13A Buyers Premium will be added to thesuccessful bid price and is payable by thebuyer as part of the total purchase price.The Buyers Premium shall be: 25% onthe first $20,000 of the hammer price ofeach lot, 20% on the portion from$20,001 through $500,000, and 12% onthe portion of the hammer priceexceeding $500,000.14Unless exempted by law from thepayment thereof, the buyer will berequired to pay any and all federal excisetax and any state and/or local sales taxes,including where deliveries are to be madeoutside the state where a sale isconducted, which may be subject to acorresponding or compensating tax inanother state.15Freemans may, as a service to buyerarrange to have purchased propertyposted and shipped at the buyersexpense. Freemans is not responsiblefor any acts or omissions in packing orshipping of purchased lots whether or notsuch carrier recommended by Freemans.Packing and handling of purchased lots isat the responsibilityof the buyer and is at the entire risk of thebuyer.

    Buyers Premium or has satisfied suchterms that Freemans, in its solediscretion, shall require. Subject to theforegoing, all Property shall be paid forand removed by the buyer at his/herexpense within ten (10) days of sale and,if not so removed, may be sold byFreemans, or sent by Freemans to apublic warehouse, at the sole risk andcharge of the buyer(s), and Freemansmay prohibit the buyer from participating,directly or indirectly, as a bidder or buyerin any future sale or sales. In addition toother remedies available to Freemans bylaw, Freemans reserves the right toimpose a late charge of 1.5% per monthof the total purchase price on any balanceremaining ten (10) days after the day ofsale. If Property is not removed by thebuyer within ten (10) days, a handlingcharge of .1% of the total purchase priceper month from the tenth day after thesale until removal by the buyer shall bepayable to Freemans by the buyer;Freemans shall charge 1.5% of the totalpurchase price per month for anyproperty not so removed within 60 daysafter the sale. Freemans will not beresponsible for any loss, damage, theft, orotherwise responsible for any goods leftin Freemans possession after ten (10)days. If the foregoing conditions or anyapplicable provisions of law are notcomplied with, in addition to otherremedies available to Freemans and theConsignor (including without limitationthe right to hold the buyer(s) liable forthe bid price) Freemans, at its option,may either cancel the sale, retaining asliquidated damages all payments madeby the buyer(s), or resell the property. Insuch event, the buyer(s) shall remainliable for any deficiency in the originalpurchase price and will also beresponsible for all costs, includingwarehousing, the expense of the ultimatesale, and Freemans commission at itsregular rates together with all related andincidental charges, including legal fees.Payment is a precondition to removal.Payment shall be by cash, certified checkor similar bank draft, or any other methodapproved by Freemans. Checks will notbe deemed to constitute payment untilcleared. Any exceptions must be madeupon Freemans written approval of creditprior to sale.In addition, a defaulting buyer will bedeemed to have granted and assigned toFreemans, a continuing security interestof first priority in any property or moneyof, or owing to such buyer in Freemanspossession, and Freemans may retainand apply such property or money ascollateral security for the obligations dueto due to Freemans. Freemans shallhave all of the rights accorded a securedparty under the Pennsylvania UniformCommercial Code.10Unless the sale is advertised andannounced as without reserve, each lotis offered subject to a reserve andFreemans may implement such reservesby bidding through its representatives onbehalf of the Consignors. In certain

    1Unless otherwise indicated, all Propertywill be offered by Freemans as agent forthe Consignor.2Freemans reserves the right to vary theterms of sale and any such variance shallbecome part of these Conditions of Sale.3Buyer acknowledges that it had the rightto make a full inspection of all Propertyprior to sale to determine the condition,size, repair or restoration of any Property.Therefore, all property is sold AS-IS.Freemans is acting solely as an auctionbroker, and unless otherwise stated, doesnot own the Property offered for sale andhas made no independent investigation ofthe Property. Freemans makes nowarranty of title, merchantability orfitness for a particular purpose, or anyother warranty or representationregarding the description, genuineness,attribution, provenance or condition tothe Property of any kind or nature withrespect to the Property.4Freemans in its sole and exclusivediscretion, reserves the right to withdrawany property, at any time, before the fallof the hammer.5Unless otherwise announced by theauctioneer at the time of sale, all bids areper lot as numbered in the printedcatalogue. Freemans reserves the right todetermine any and all matters regardingthe order, precedence or appropriateincrement of bids or the constitution oflots.6The highest bidder acknowledged by theauctioneer shall be the buyer. Theauctioneer has the right to reject any bid,to advance the bidding at his absolutediscretion and in the event of any disputebetween bidders, the auctioneer shallhave the sole and final discretion either todetermine the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the article in dispute. Ifany dispute arises after sale, theFreemans sale record shall be conclusivein all respects.7If the auctioneer determines that anyopening or later bid or any advance bid isnot commensurate with the value of theProperty offered, he may reject the sameand withdraw the Property from sale.8Upon the fall of the hammer, title to anyoffered lot or article will immediately passto the highest bidder as determined in theexclusive discretion of the auctioneer,subject to compliance by the buyer withthese Conditions of Sale. Buyerthereupon assumes full risk andresponsibility of the property sold, agreesto sign any requested confirmation ofpurchase, and agrees to pay the full price,plus Buyers Premium, therefore or suchpart, upon such terms as Freemans mayrequire.9No lot may be removed from Freemanspremises until the buyer has paid in fullthe purchase price therefor including

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  • 142

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    Upcoming Events

    *Fine English & Continental Furniture,Silver & Decorative Artsmay 4th & 5th

    Modern & Contemporary Artmay 16th

    The Labow/Seacat Paperweight Salemay 21st

    *Books, Manuscripts, Maps& Ephemeramay 27th

    Paper Currency, Coins & Medalsmay 27th

    *Oriental Rugs & Carpetsmay 28th

    Fine American & European Paintings &Sculpturejune 13th

    *Fine Jewelry, Watches & Accessoriesjune 14th

    * The above sales will include property from the

    Stevenson-Easby Family Collection


    Our Specialists will be available to accept property forupcoming auctions. (photographs acceptable for large items)

    Every Monday 10am1pm

    For further information stop by reception or contact us at.215-563-9275,


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  • 143

    freeansamerican furniture, decorative & folk art


    specialist departments

    American Furniture, Decorative& Folk Artlynda a cainsamuel freean iiamy parenti

    Asian Artsrobert waterhouserichard cervantes

    English & ContinentalFurniture, Silver & Decorative Artsrobert waterhousedouglas girtonkerry jeffery

    Fine Jewelrysamuel freean iikate waterhouse

    Fine Paintings & Sculpturealasdair nicholdavid weisslibia elena mendezaimee pflieger dolby

    Fine Printsanne henrydavid weissaimee pflieger dolbylibia elena mendez

    Modern & Contemporary Artanne henryalasdair nicholdavid weissaimee pflieger dolby

    Pop Culturesimeon lipmankati gegenheimer

    Oriental Rugs & Tapestriesdavid weissrichard cervantes

    Rare Books, Manuscripts,& Ephemeradavid j bloomjoe huenke


    Appraisalsanita heriotsauel freean iijames e buckleydonald e walter

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