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  • 1. Ambika Biotech's CEO Saurabh Singh Tomar providing information about Organic Farming Products to Honorable Minister of Agriculture for MP State, Dr. Ramkrishna Kusmariya

2. - - 3. - 1. (Soil) 2. (Organic) 3. 4. 5. - 6. 7. 4. 5. (Soil) - 6. - , PSB) (VAM) 7. About Ambika Biotech: Our USPs An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Focused Organization. All Licenses Available. Hi-Tech Plant spread over 30,000 Sq Feet Qualified and Experienced Professional Leadership Satisfied Customers Eco-friendly Products for Organic Farming Attractive Customizable Packaging, Low Price 8. ISO 9001:2008 Certificate 9. Our Technical Capabilities We have state-of-the-art R&D and Production facility spread over , sq feet premises in industrial area We have our own farms for trial of our products Our scientists are highly qualified from Indias premier universities We have technical collaborations with ICAR institutes 10. People Ambika Biotech Group has been founded by Late Shri J. S. Tomar (Retd. Dty. Director Agriculture MP Govt.) who had more than 40 years of experience in implementing Scientific Agriculture for thousands of farmers. Chief Executive Officer - Saurabh Singh Tomar is an MBA & Six Sigma Black Belt (Motorola University), having 1 years of Corporate experience with multinational Companies. Chief Technology Officer - Chhavi Tomar is M.Sc. (Biochem) from GB Pant Agri. University and M.Phil. (Biotech) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. 11. Our Corporate Values Integrity Customer Focus Community Contribution Communication Speed Innovation Teamwork 12. Dabur Cadila Pharma (Agro Div.) J M Agrtech HeartsIndia Agril Solutions K M Foods Gomtee Tea Estates 13. Trichoderma Viride 1% WP 1. We have been successfully making Trichoderma Viride since last years 2. QUALITY is our strength 3. Large and Satisfied customer base, including reputed private companies like Cadila Pharma, Dabur and many more... 4. Robust & Effective Strain 5. Qualified Staff 14. TRICHODERMA VIRIDE FORMULATIONS Wettable Powder Granules Liquid 15. Our Trichoderma Viride Improved strain for tolerant to commonly used fungicides besides possessing nematicidal activity against reniform nematodes. The formulation consists mixture of mycelia, spores and chlamydospores of native strain of T. viride with minimum of 2 x 10 8 cfu/g. 16. Our Mycorrhiza (VAM) Advantages of Technology: Enhanced Uptake of Nutrients and water: Increased Solubility of Soil Minerals: Uniform Plant Growth: Improved soil texture & structure with reduced soil erosion: Secondary disease controlling agent and enhanced resistance to root related diseases: Increase resistance against drought, salinity, heavy metal and other abiotic stresses: Improved Hardiness and Transient Transplant Shock of Tissue Culture raised Plant: Increase efficacy of other soil applicable biologica formulation: Available Formulations: 120 I.P./ gram (infective propagules) for soil application Recommended Doses : 5 kg per acre for all crops 17. Biofertilizers Azotobacter Rhizobium Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria 18. Broad Spectrum Bioinsecticide (Beauveria Bassiana) Acts on All kinds of caterpillar ( Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera litura etc) Thrips Aphids Mites White flies Root grubs 100% Organic. 19. Broad Spectrum Neem Biopesticide Formulations Available: 1500 ppm 3000ppm Acts on more than 250 species of plant pathogenic insects and pests. 100% Organic. 20. Sulphur 22% ( Liquid) Broad Spectrum contact fungicide. Major plant nutrient 21. Seed Care Complete Seed Treatment Protects seeds from several diseases Improves germination Enhances plant growth 22. Ambiboost Plant Growth Enhancer Soil Conditioner Improves yield, Quality and Quantity Saves Water 23. Contact Us Thank You For Sales Enquiries Call: 975 390 2100 Email: