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Summer 2011


  • 1. Presents byKaty Hui,Leona LeiVictoria Huang

2. Key Strategic Issue of Amazon Kindle Losing competitiveadvantageStrong rivalry 3. Agenda Company analysisExternal analysis Recommendations 4. Key Historical Events August2007 2010November Amazon19 AmazonKindle 3rd2005 generationAmazonKindle 1stgeneration wasbought released1997 MayMobipocketwas releasedAmazonwentpublicFounded (AMZN)in 1914by JeffBezosCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 5. Vision: To be the earths most customer centric company; tobuild a place where people can come to find anddiscover anything that might want to buy online Mission: To influence technology and potential to provide thebest buying experience on the internet. Company AnalysisExternal Analysis Recommendation 6. Objectives: Gaining bigger market share by improving anddiversification of services Strategy: Offering the lowest price while offering greatcustomer service. Company Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 7. Kindles strengths Lowest Price: Access to the Longest- Kindle& largest onlinebattery life E-book e-book storeBrandText to speechRecognitionCompany AnalysisExternal Analysis Recommendation 8. Historical PerformanceCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 9. Comparative PerformanceCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 10. Industry size & GrowthCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 11. Reasons for growthCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 12. Segmentation Analysis PriceIpad Sony Function KindleCompany AnalysisExternal Analysis Recommendation 13. Competitors Analysis Kindle iPadSamsungNook US $114 US$499.99 US$499.99 US$249.99Black and whiteColor ColorColorQwerty keyboard Touch Screen Touch screenTouch screen Apple store withBarnes and Amazon Samsung Appsvarious apps Noble For serious InteractiveInteractive e- Interactive tabletreaders tablet readerCompany Analysis External AnalysisRecommendation 14. Industry Threats and OpportunitiesEnvironmentalHigh level of awarenesssubstitutes Global expansionIndustry pricecompeteStrong growth inthe e-book marketCompany AnalysisExternal Analysis Recommendation 15. Recommendations1. Focus on Differentiation2. Launch a tablet computer & compete in tablet market segment3. Globalization4. Lower Kindles price5. Corporation with schoolsCompany AnalysisExternal Analysis Recommendation 16. 1. Focus on Differentiation Focus on positioning as reading device insteadof a multifunctional tablet computer Invest in R&D More language Touchscreen Company Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 17. 2. Launch a tablet computer & compete in tablet market segment Separate the e-book reader market with tablet market Higher premiumCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 18. 3.Globalization Set up a sales center in China Eliminate region restriction on e-bookselectionCompany AnalysisExternal Analysis Recommendation 19. 4. Lower Kindles PriceCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 20. 5. Corporation with schools Provide discount for students and faculties Promote Environmental FriendlyCompany Analysis External Analysis Recommendation 21. Thank You!