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  • 1. Plain English Symposium 2008Amazingly Simple StuffNovember 7, 2008Presentation by Irene Etzkorn

2. Simple stuff sells 3. Real Simples mission is to edit life fortheir readers.Source: Kristin van Ogtrop, Managing Editor of Real Simple 4. ING Direct 5. Arkadi Kuhlmann Chairman, President and CEO of ING Direct USAThe busier life gets, the more value there is in simplicity as a point of competitive differentiation.Its good for American society, not just good business sense. Simplicity and clarity make us more productive. 6. Google home page 7. Marissa MayerDirector of Consumer Web Productsat GoogleHow does she fend off those who wouldmuddy or clutter the home page?We audition new features on the advanced search page first. 8. Less is moreThen, it goes through a scoring system:+ They assign a point each time there is a changein type style, type size or color.+ They add up the points; the maximum allowed fora promotion is 3 points.+ The goal is the fewest possible number of points.+ Mayer says, More points = less simplicity. 9. Philips Electronics+ 30% of home-networking products are returnedbecause people cant get them to work.+ 48% of people have put off buying a digital camerabecause they see them as too complicated.+ Philips asked 1,650 consumers and 180 corporatecustomers in 8 countries, to identify big societalissues that the company should respond to.Complexity and fear of technology were thesore points. 10. Andrea Ragnetti, Corporate MarketingOfficer, PhilipsPhilips is touching the core of people through simplicity. 11. Its the blend ofart and science that Simplicity requires whichtouches peopleviscerally. 12. What does simple mean?+ simple is clear.+ simple is fresh.+ simple is honest.+ simple is useful.+ simple is inspiring.+ simple is smart. 13. Why arethings socomplicated? 14. Industries talking to themselves 15. They dont want you to know 16. The stranglehold of legaleseUsing the word not three times and included twicein one sentence creates a brain twister. 17. Working at cross-purposesRight now, its like were trying to keep people out of college, not get them in The whole thing is, You want to go to college? Here are seven pages of bureaucracy, and heres what youre going to have to do to get it. As opposed to, Heres a simple way to do it, and heres what were going to do for you, so you can get it. Its the whole psychology.Margaret SpellingsU.S. Education Secretary 18. The world is increasingly complex 19. Dont take our word for itThis isnt just our opinion 20. Perplexity reignsInternet survey developed by Siegel+Gale + 17 commonly-used documents rated on clarity and ease of understanding + Random sample of U.S. consumers+ 1709 respondents completed the survey+ Response rate of 14% 21. Most perplexing informationsources in Americans daily livesType of document % of respondents Sample comment: Insurance 18% Letters from my health insurance companyexplaining whats covered and what isnt. Financial 12% Stock market information, mutual funds,money market lingo, etc. Legal 11% Anything in legalese (contracts, lease,loan, etc.). Instruction 11% Instructions for assembling things likegrills or cabinets are difficult. manuals Computer 9% Computer user guides.Source: Perplexity Poll, Siegel+Gale, June 2004, 1709 respondents 22. How do weget there? 23. A better wayHundreds of our clients have found a better way tocommunicate: + Streamlined processes + Customized, relevant content + Plain English disclosure + More powerful use of online capabilities + More cost-effective production 24. The elements of simplification 25. Analyzing information revealsunderlying issues 26. Criteria forEvaluatingCommunications 27. CustomizationAre messages andother informationcustomized or personalized tothe individual? 28. Avid, Interested, Limited 29. Structure and Navigational Ease Is informationorganized effectivelyand easy to navigatefrom the users point of view? 30. Before 31. Results of the contractssimplification+ Reduced and eliminated unnecessary paperwork: + Documents reduced from 12 to 1 + Words from 19,000 to 9,500+ Shorter sales cycle, resulting from reduced legalreview times+ 10 point increase in customer satisfaction 32. Educational ValueDoes the document help clients to understand theiraccounts or the topic in general? 33. Taking the pain out of hospital bills 34. Before 35. After 36. After 37. Cost benefits of simplifiedhospital bills$1 million additionalrevenue per monthas a result of 80% increase in patient paymentsLength of bills reducedfrom 4 pages to 2-3 pagesin 40% of bills 38. Visual Appeal Is the document easy to read andvisually appealing? 39. Personalized progress toward goal 40. Map of money flow 41. Usefulness Is the information presented clearly,using plain language or terms familiarto the audience? 42. Before and After of creditagreement 43. Use of information graphics 44. Information graphics 45. Marketing PotentialDoes the documentinclude appropriate marketing opportunities? 46. Before 47. After 48. After preferred the newCustomersstatements, particularly liking the new terminologycombineThe new format would motivate customers toaccounts into one mailing didnt miss a separateCustomersreconciliation worksheet full year of statementCustomers want ahistory online 49. Cost benefit of statement redesignAnnual SavingsMore combined statements$3,397,403Fewer pages per statement $1,505,891Total Annual Savings$4,903,294One-time expenditure of $ 806,474 50. The benefits of Simplicity+ Advance and protect an organizations image + Improved public perception and reputation + Differentiated offerings + Increased consideration, favorability, and likelihood to recommend+ Improve customer experience and make it consistent + Better prepared employees + Increased customer satisfaction and retention+ Make operations more efficient + Reduced customer service call volume/costs + Reduced printing, postage, and mailing costs + More efficient communications development process