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Amazingly Fun Things You Can Do At Cubbon Park, Bangalore, Without Spending A Dime

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Amazingly Fun Things You Can Do At Cubbon Park, Bangalore, Without Spending A Dime

As Bengaluru is known as the IT hub of India. Most of the population in Bangalore are full of stress and their residential places would not be enough to help them deal with these.When the pressure in our day-to-day job and stresses in our daily routine wear us out, the only thing that we look forward to is an escape from all of this to recharge ourselves during the weekends.

Bustling with life and energy on any given weekend, this almost forgotten and nearly hacked apart treasure trove of good old Bangalore is being found again and providing refuge to us city folk. Acres of green grass and trees in the heart of the city is like a lifeline for scores of weary youngsters and family to spend a relaxing and refreshing weekend doing things you dont have the space to do anywhere else in Bangalore!


This super pet-friendly park gives you a chance to let your pets run wild and free without any bounds or pesky leashes! Spend a gorgeous morning running around and playing games with your doggy while they get their much-needed exercise. You can even fix yourself a play date with the many other friendly doggies and owners there, too. There are even designated and confined sections that have been taken over by pet lovers where you can safely let your pets roam free to mingle with the masses and maybe even pick up a partner!

SLACKLININGIf you have not tried this yet, youre really missing out! Slacklining is basically walking across a tight and flat line or a type of flat nylon rope. Theres a super cool bunch of folks at various points in the park that have been doing the balancing act for years and rocking it with acrobatics, too! Theyre always happy to give you a go, as long as you dont hog the line for too long! Dont be fooled by how easy they make it look, it takes work and multiple attempts but it is always worth the laughs.

YOGA AND ACRO YOGAThe park has many different groups doing all sorts of yoga in different locations! Theres nothing as exhilarating as doing yoga outdoors with the sounds of birds and laughter surrounding you. If youre in the mood for something more energetic and challenging, you can use your yoga skills combined with some acrobatics and join the impromptu acro yoga sessions for some extra fun.

BIRD WATCHINGYes, the ones with wings! Hard to imagine that you can spot some rare birds here but the park is a haven for bird-watchers to get some good pictures at close proximity.The little ponds draw different species of water birds like the brilliant kingfisher and herons; otherwise, common sightings would include kites, magpies, bulbuls, robins, bee-eaters and even owls.

CAPOEIRACapoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines various elements of dance, acrobatics, fight and music. They focus on the basics of the art like learning the ginga, or stance, building upper body strength for some of the movements, learning to play the pandero (tambourine), and singing Capoeira songs called ladinhas.