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Download Amazing People Schools - BETT ??Amazing People Schools How interactive, digital stories about amazing people from the past can support our amazing people of the future

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  • Amazing People Schools

    How interactive, digital stories about amazing people from the past can support our amazing

    people of the future.

  • Who we are

    Educational Publisher since 2010 with 154 inspirational titles

    20 Book ELT series with Collins

    Working with schools for over 5 years

    Our mission is to support tomorrow's Amazing People by sharing STORIES and RESOURCES about the worlds greatest achievers


  • Developed by Educational Psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison, researcher of inspirational people for over 20 years and expert on all things amazing! It all started in William Shakespeares birthplace..

    Author of 30 books+ on life skills and management as well as the Amazing People Story Library. Founder of Emerald Insights and TMSDI, a team development tool used in over 190 countries

    The WHAT and WHY of amazing people making these stories accessible.


  • The importance of positive role models


    Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember,

    you have within you the strength, the patience,

    and the passion to reach for the stars,

    to change the world.

    - Harriet Tubman

  • The importance of positive role models

    The best way to find yourself is to lose

    Yourself in the service of others.

    - Mahatma Gandhi

  • Persistence is failing 19 times but then succeeding on your 20th attempt. I feel like I am finally succeeding in Year 10 with the help of my teachers and

    friends. Craig, Amazing People School student

    "Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it. Michelle, Amazing People School student


  • Amazing People Schools Pilot Site

    Our new pilot site has been designed, with the help of teachers, to make our stories and resources moreaccessible for schools.


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  • Students learning about amazing people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo and Percy Julian during class.


  • New pilot site developed by our technology partner, Jollywise

    Award-winning digital agency that specialise in storytelling

    Have worked with many partners including National Geographic Kids,

    BBC, ITV, Disney.Nickelodeon

    Specialise in digital content that

    extends the story.

    This is what we wanted to do for schools..!!


  • How can the site be used?


    Character Education through unique stories and resources

    Usable on a whole-school, class or individual basis

    Accessible and easy-to-use - in assemblies, classtime, for homework..

    Connect the personal stories of people with cross-curricular learning

  • Student Zone


    Students explore 'story worlds'...Science & Maths Featuring Ada Lovelace, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Howard Florey and Percy Julian Literary & Arts Featuring Charlotte Bronte, Shakespeare, Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo and Mark TwainCitizenship & Humanitarianism FeaturingAlfred Nobel, Gandhi, Florence Nightingale, Harriet Tubman and Confucius

  • Student Zone

    Featuring audio, video, timelines, eBook

    Quiz and timelines

    Teacher Resources created by teachers for teachers


  • Student Zone continued


    More curriculum-friendly Story Worlds coming soon.

    History & ExplorationInvention & Engineering Business & PoliticsMusic, Film & Drama

  • Teacher Zone


    All these resources have been developed by teachers for teachers.-Resources Sheets-Support Materials-Teacher Notes

    Designed to be flexible to fit any schools requirements

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    Character Badges

    Connect behaviours of students with the stories of Amazing People.Track this to measure impact!

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    An Amazing People School

    (for over a year)

  • 18

    Situated in New Addington, Croydon

    60% of students receive pupil premium grant funding

    Majority of students are white working class, with increasing numbers of migrant students, especially from Eastern Europe

    Was a failing school when the current head took over in 2014

    In March 2015, was graded as good for leadership, management and behaviour

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    Our challengeAspiration, expectation and ambition

    Our families do not traditionally access university, many had never been to central London and our students had gaps in their cultural understanding of success

  • 20

    Working with Amazing People Schools

    We had a meeting with the Amazing People Schools Team to discuss how they may be able to work with us on our PSHE programme

    We could see our own Amazing People programme could be a vehicle that we could also use to support and develop both the characteristics that we want our students to embody; and to widen their cultural understanding

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    Amazing People @ Meridian

    Louis BrailleMotivation

    Winston ChurchillHonour

    Marie CurieSuccess

  • 22

    Amazing People at Meridian



    AwarenessHarriet Tubman

    CourageEmmeline Pankhurst


  • 23

    Amazing People at Meridian

    Oskar SchindlerIntegrity

    Ada LovelaceFocus

    Alan TuringService

  • Group work using the website..


  • 25

    786 1217




    2490 2518 2569











    Awareness Courage Creativity Focus Honour Integrity Motivation Persistance Service Success (blank)

    Amazing Data

    Meridian Miles awarded by Amazing Behaviour Characteristics

  • 26

    Amazing Data

  • 27

    Why does it work?We have been able to tailor the way we use the Amazing People website resources to suit the particular needs of our school. ANY school could do the same.

    We didnt have to buy any expensive software to track the impact this is all done in SIMS and Classcharts and is easy to set up. It could be done with any Information Management System.

    The Amazing People Schools team have listened and supported us to make it our own. The resources are easy-to-use.

  • 28

    What next?Competitions to allow house teams to develop new Amazing People resources that represent what being part of the Meridian family means to them

    Working with other Amazing People Schools to build an Amazing Network focused on the development of all of our young people

  • 29

    Our Amazing Students

    How has becoming an Amazing People school benefitted the students of Meridian High School?

    Meet Chlo, Peter, Mollie and Brandon, members of our student council.

  • A big thanks to Meridian High School for joining us today. A truly inspiring school!


  • Thanks so much for joining is today!Frances Corcoran (

    Selena Whitehead (

    Amazing People Schools

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    Bring Mahatma Gandhi into your school. Inspire your students and staff with Amazing People. Can be used to fit your schools needs

    and increase inspiration and achievement.

    WE NEED YOU to make this pilot a success. Your feedback will help us deliver a full site that really works. If your school might be

    interested in being part of it, come speak to us at STAND H454.

    No cost, no obligation


    Become An Amazing People School


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