Amazing inventions that made our lives better

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<ol><li> 1. Amazing inventions that made our lives betterIn our day to day rushing life and living spaces getting shorten, we call those things better which aresmall, functionally accommodating, easy to handle and convenient to move. This is now not onlyrestricted to mobile, palmtops, cameras or other technological products but also have gone to an extenttowards such things we never thought it is possible.Lets have a look on some amazing inventions that changed the world and made easy to live: Walkman- launched by Sony introduced us to a wearing technology. Making the big stereos, gramophones, radiograms compact in to a small cassette player with stereo outputs given in ear phones. Not to mention that the audio quality was just the same as the big size stereos. Since then there has been continuous improvement in quality of ear phones and walkman. It will not be wrong to say that todays IPods are the modern invention based on this wearing technology. Microwaves-Technology once used as radars as in battle of Britain are now used in certain wave length used SET TV sets, WI Fi internet, mobiles and cooking ovens. Flat pack assembly-Although introduced in 1950 by Swedish furniture giant, flatpack is now a basic furniture assembly need all around the world. It has mad moving with furniture easy. It has saved coast on carriage while saving furniture form wear and tear. Some other small inventions that made our lives convenient were: Zipper Safety pins Electric or gas liters </li><li> 2. Locking tapes Aluminum foils to keep food warm and freshWorth to say that, such inventions made things comfortable for us and also are great saviors of ourprecious time.</li></ol>