amandas designer decals launches its fall line of wall decals written by: waweru ndungi

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    Amandas Designer Decals Launches Its FallLine of Wall Decals Written By: WaweruNdungi

    PRESS RELEASE - JUL 3, 2015 14:30 EDT - UPDATED: JUL 3, 2015 14:33 EDT

    Bring the beauty of the season indoors with this beautifulcollection of wall decals!Amandas Designer Decals Launches Its Fall, Halloween andThanksgiving Line Of Wall, one of the fastest growing wall decalbusinesses in the country has announced the launch of its fall lineof wall decals. The company has also taken the opportunity toinclude its Halloween and Thanksgiving lines of wall decals duringthe official launch of the products slated for the 3rd of August.

    Known for producing creative and eye catching decals, the company is releasing a 10 pieceproduct line that will cater for the fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween lines. Prospectivecustomers are advised to act fast to grab these exciting wall decals because they are being puton the market for a limited period of time. Customers of the wall decals will have to make their purchases within a short window that willstart from early August and end in mid-October. The entire line will include front door decals,a large tree branch with customized fall leaves, a set of bats and a special kitchen decor forthe Thanksgiving dinner. The decal line will also include some other pieces that may be usedfor the rest of the year.Loyal clients of Amandasdesignerdecals will be pleased to learn that the new line will comewith upgrades and additional add-on's for every piece that will be sold. The company also hasfurther good news because the designers at Amandas have added new colors just in time forthe launch. Customers will now be able to choose from several new Orange and Brownshades that have been added on the company's color chart.Although the decal lines from Amandas designs are associated with high-end customers, themakers of the products have decided to include something for everyone by increasing theproduct range and also selling the new items at more affordable prices. Customers will bepleased by the high standard of products produced by the company.A huge advantage of purchasing products from Amanda is that they are different from the

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    usual designs found in the market. Having been in the business for a number of years,Amanda understands that customers value purchasing high-quality products that stand outfor their creativity.Customers that love variety are in for a treat because the company is always busy creatingnew lines of decals to suit the seasons and occasions. Any customer looking for exceptionaldeal products is invited to browse through the existing product lines and they are sure to findsomething extremely appealing.Keeping in mind that Amandasdesignerdecals only uses high quality materials for makingtheir products, customers should not have any safety concerns. The decal products will last aslong as one wishes due to their tough material. The add-on's that come with the productsmeans that a user can change the appearance of their room by adding a few items.Users of the products from the company may also want to know that should they at any timedecide to change the appearance of their rooms, they can simply peel off the decals. Due totheir superior quality, the decals are easy to remove from the wall without causing anydamage to the existing wall of paint. Customers that purchase the wall decal products willmake huge savings compared to repainting the walls.The reason these decals are easy to remove once a homeowner makes the decision isbecause they are made from a special adhesive that does not stick to walls and othersurfaces. In addition, the decals do not leave any marks on the walls because they aredesigned to leave a clean wall after the removal.About AmandasdesignerdecalsAmanda is the force behind the company. As the wife of a serving US Marine, she had tospend a lot of time on the move. As a result, she decided to use her free time constructivelyby designing wall decals to appeal and brighten up the lives of other women accompanyingtheir marine husbands. This was the beginning of a dream to transform living spaces that hasdeveloped to the present day wall decal business. The company hopes to be a market leaderin the sales of decals for walls across the country.Contact;Amandas Designer DecalsEmail: info@amandasdesigerdecals.comLocation: Fort Leonard Wood, MO.Website:

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