am i “alcoholic?” call now! 888 487-7997 substance treatment

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AM I ALCOHOLIC?” Call Now! 888 487-7997 Substance Treatment

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AM I ALCOHOLIC? Call Now! 888 487-7997 Substance Treatment Slide 2 These days, one of the most popular pastime of teenagers are ALCOHOL. Slide 3 ALCOHOL is the CAUSE and the SOLUTION to many of LIFEs problem. -Mr. Dan Castellaneta Slide 4 Yet, is this statement true? Slide 5 At present, statistics regarding alcohol usage in teenagers include that about half of the junior and senior high school students drink alcohol on a monthly basis, and 14% of teens have been high at least once in the past year. Nearly 8% of teens who drink say they drink at least five or more alcoholic drinks in a row. Slide 6 What else Slide 7 are result of the complicated ways alcohol that affects the human body. And also, most of the accidents happen along the road is because the individual is in the spirit of Alcohol. PHYSICAL ILLNESSES HEALTH COMPLICATIONS PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS Many and Slide 8 GOOD NEWS or a BAD NEWS? Slide 9 Is it possible to STOP Alcohol Addiction? Its up to you BUT, Slide 10 The Answer is YES!!!! !! Slide 11 But HOW? Slide 12 By means of OUR ALCOHOL TREATMEN T AND RECOVERY. Slide 13 Wherein We offer the most beneficial blend of reasonably priced outpatient accommodations Slide 14 And Blended with the twenty-four hour monitored care that is expected in top quality inpatient facilities. Slide 15 It is never too late to be what you might have been, It is your life, make it great. Regain your life today! Slide 16 We can provide your treatment needs. Slide 17 Feel free to call us. Slide 18 Website Email [email protected] Call for Help! (888) 487-7997 Substance Abuse Recovery