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  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
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  • Aluminum Electrolytic Advantage The high value capacitor choice Typically last more than 10 years Lowest cost dielectric for high capacitance and energy storage 4 to 10 times the capacitance per dollar of film capacitors Great for power electronics bus capacitors to 600 V
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  • Aluminum Electrolytic Principal Applications Power-supply input capacitors output capacitors Bus capacitors for inverters in UPS systems Motor-drives Photoflash and Strobe Flash Welders
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  • Switching Power Supply Application
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  • Linear Power Supply Application Transformer steps 120 Vrms down to 12.6 Vrms 12.6 Vrms AC voltage is 35.6 V peak to peak Fullwave rectified voltage is 0 to 16.4 V Add 200 F capacitor: filtered voltage is 16 V with 0.4 V ripple voltage.
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  • Ripple Current is King Ripple is from rectification and switching Ripple current heats the capacitor (blue peaks below) Higher temperature shortens capacitor life But operating life claims and calculation methods are not standardized, so the capacitor maker with the best models, technology, and technical sales force has an advantage
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  • Temperature Rise The temperature rise T is the thermal resistance from the capacitor core to ambient times the power P T = P = ESR) To lower the temperature rise lower thermal resistance lower power P
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  • Lowering Temperature Rise Lower thermal resistance with Thermal Pak capacitor construction Lower power P with lower ESR from new electrolytes, separators & foils You can lower with capacitor choice and cooling with a fan or heatsink
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  • Thermal Pak Compression Design with extended cathode, low thermal resistance Better shock and vibration Safety vent cant be blocked by tar Lighter weight
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  • Extended Cathode Handles High Ripple Current Extended cathode foil at right gets heat out Rilled Potted Double Peg Compression
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  • CDE Expected Life Calculator Allows you to predict life with your operating conditions Calculates temperature rise and expected life for screw terminal capacitors snap-in capacitors AccurateBased on extensive thermal measurements of capacitor materials
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  • The following is a CDE Calculator Comparison of 550C to DCMC Both in 3 inch diameter by 5 long cans 550C is 3700 F, 450 V DCMC is 5600 F, 450 V Both 20 amps of ripple current at 360 Hz Both 25 amps of ripple current at 2 kHz Expected lives: 550C about 20 years, DCMC about 1 year.
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  • Screw Terminal Capacitor Types
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  • Type 550C, The 105 C Inverter Capacitor
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  • Type 550C, The 105 C Inverter Capacitor Longest life, highest ripple current type Standard of comparison 200 V to 450 V, inverter voltage range Compares with UCC LXR Series Special specifications, part number 550CExxxx
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  • Type 520C, The 85 C Inverter Capacitor High value, high ripple current type The next step below Type 550C 200 V to 500 V, inverter voltage range > 80% of Type 550C ripple capability Compares with UCC RWF Series Rifa PEH 105 C
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  • Type 500C, Long-Life Capacitor Twice the life of Type DCMC 6.3 V to 500 V, wide range > 60% of Type 550C ripple capability Compares with CDE Type 3188 Aerovox Type CG Rifa PEH 169 85 C
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  • Type DCMC, Best Value Capacitor General purpose, first-choice low cost 6.3 V to 550 V, widest range 150% of Type 550C capacitance > 40% of Type 550C ripple capability Compares with CDE Type 3186 Aerovox Type CGS UCC U36D Series
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  • Typical Hi-Ripple Lifetimes 4700 F 450 V Comparison 60 C, 12 A @ 120 Hz, 400 V TypeCase SizeLifePrice (in) (years)(%) DCMC3x5 4.6100 500C3x59.5110 520C3x523.7130 550C 3 x5 48.8142
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  • The Snap-in Capacitors Industrys widest selection including New Type SLPX 85C, 3000 h, low cost New Type SLP 105C, 3000 h, low cost 25% smaller Types 380LQ & 381LQ 25% more ripple Type 381LR, 105C 4 & 5 pin Types 382LX and 383LX
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  • Type MLP, Flatpack Capacitor Welded seal, flat capacitor can replace multiple snap-ins in high ripple aps New, 450 V. Now available 7.5 to 450 V Double the ripple capability with a heatsink 50-year life with nearly hermetic seal MLS with stainless case, 100 year life Less than inch tall 20 joules of energy storage Easy to stack into modules Easy to heatsink Great at cold to 55 C
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  • Next Remember CDE Cornell Dubilier as your source for aluminum electrolytic capacitors Enjoy the benefits of the life calculator at http://www.cde/com/calc.htm Go to major distributors for CDE Cornell Dubilier capacitors.