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  • Alternative Energy ResourceHydroelectricity

    Chris Nguyen

  • What is hydroelectricity?Hydroelectricity is an renewable energy that use of the power of the moving water to turns the turbine of the generator and produce energy.

  • How does it work?The common power station that use hydroelectricity is the dam. Dam is a huge barrier that block the water in a side and release the water that is use to power up the generator and produce energy the other side.There are 3 steps for producing electricity:1) The water turns the turbines of the generator.2) The generator produces electricity3) The energy produce is send to the high voltage lines

  • AdvantagesWater is a free renewable resourceWater is the most abundant resource on EarthActive all the timeHydro power plant are really cheap to operateIt is an economic way to produce energyNo carbon dioxide emission => reduces the used of fossil fuelsThe lack that is created during the built of the dam can be used as water park or for the purpose of the fish farming

  • DisadvantagesAffect dramatically the ecosystemFlooding cause the destruction of plants and animals speciesBuilding dams can cause soil erosion.Population relocation Dams are really expensive to built

  • More informationThese power stations have limited locations for many reasons:Need a close area: the water flow has to be between mountains or high elevation to prevent side flow.A middle/strong water flowA non risk area with low costs

  • More informationBuilding the power plants can be difficult for many reasons:You have to make research about the areaThe plan have to be approved by the authorityBuilding a dam can cause the death of many species and the lost of historical things.Flooding will affect the zone where the dam is and also affect the different areas linked to the water flow.People have to be relocated if the plan is approvedBuilding a dam is really expensive and takes a long time to be achieved

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