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  • Alternative Energy Project

    You and a partner will randomly select an alternative energy and create an 8-10 minute PowerPoint presentation. You

    will present your presentation on ________________ and __________________. Make sure to include a bibliography of

    your sources for your presentation and make sure to reference them in your actual presentation. Both group members

    must equally contribute to the production of the PowerPoint and presentation. Some sections will require more work

    than others. Please dress professionally with your partner. The required items that must be in the presentation:

    1. History of the Energy source

    a. Who founded this type of energy (developmental pioneers)?

    b. When was it invented, developed, or used?

    2. Specific use of energy source?

    a. What do we use it for?

    b. How do we use it?

    c. Where is this energy useful (applications); not useful or not efficient?

    d. Name all that apply and provide a description of each one.

    e. Is it used to produce electricity?

    f. Is it used to produce heat?

    g. Is it used to move objects (machines)?

    3. How has the function of the energy source changed throughout history?

    4. How much does your energy source cost?

    a. How much do consumers pay to use this energy

    b. Is it cost effective to make?

    c. What is the estimated cost of maintenance?

    d. Are costs per (J) joule, (kJ) kilo joule, BTU available?

    5. How much more energy efficient (effective) is this energy source than others in doing a task?

    a. Is it better at providing heat, electricity, etc.?

    b. How much better or worse (looking for % or factual referenced based data/calculations)?

    6. Where is this energy source most often used (where would we see it)?

    a. Please show visuals for locations in order for audience to visualize, local, state, U.S., world?

    7. What are some positive effects of your energy source on the environment?

    8. What are some negative effects of your energy source on the environment?

    9. Laws or subsidies for/against your energy source, U.S., worldwide?

    10. Are there plans to use this energy source to produce new types of energy in the future?

    a. What is the latest research taking place with the energy source, will it have more than one function or

    use in the future?

    11. Include two recent current events on your energy source, summarize and give your opinion on.

    12. Include a strong conclusion on why your energy source should be used over all others or not?

  • Rubric



    Keeps audiences



    sources, very

    informative, dress

    prof., 50/50

    presentation (25)


    sources, some


    informative, dress

    semipro. 60/40


    Does not


    sources, a lot of

    reading, no eye

    contact, not dress

    prof. 70/30

    presentation (13)

    Incoherent, does

    not show

    evidence of any

    knowledge of

    topic, 2nd did not

    present (7)



    Addresses the

    majority of

    content in an


    manner (25)

    Addresses the

    85% of content in

    an informative

    manner (19)

    Addresses the

    75% of content in

    an informative

    manner (13)

    Addresses the

    65% of content in

    an informative

    manner (7)




    quality, very neat

    and balanced

    with text keeps


    attention at all

    times (25)

    Less than


    quality, less clear,

    text takes away

    from pictures,

    mostly keeps


    attention (19)

    Poor graphics,

    dull, too much

    text causes

    presenter to read

    from slides does

    not keep


    attention (13)

    Little or no effort

    evident, no

    concern for

    graphic rules (7)





    correct, clear and


    explanation, cites

    all sources (25)

    One science error

    or limited

    explanation, cites

    most sources (19)

    Two science

    errors or vague

    and limited


    unclear, rarely

    cites sources (13)

    Three errors or

    little explanation

    given, does not

    cite more than 1

    source (7)

    Four or more

    errors or no

    explanation (0)

    Total Score ______

  • 1

    Name ____________________________

    Sustainable Energy

    Please number each concept below, if the concept has an *, please illustrate.

    Active solar system Biofuel Energy efficiency

    Fuel cells* Geothermal energy Hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles

    Passive heat absorption* Photovoltaic cell*

    Chapter 20 Sustainable Energy

    A. Conservation

    1. One of easiest ways to avoid energy shortages and to relieve environmental degradation is simply _________

    2. There are ways to save energy

    a. _________________- produce 4x the light and last 10x as long compared to incandescent bulbs

    b. ___________________- even more efficient than fluorescents

    c. better insulation, sealing of cracks, new ___________________

    d. More efficient ___________________- washers- use 35% less water,

    e. orienting your house _____________________ allows for passive solar gain in the winter

    f. Turn off appliances to save energy!!

    3. Transportation could be far more efficient______________________ emissions

    b. 13.3 mpg in 1973, 25.9 mpg in 1988, 20.4 mpg in 2004 (lowered due to cheap gas and SUVs)

    c. Some argue that trucks and SUVs are safer during collision, however studies have shown they are

    more dangerous than the typical midsize auto due to being hard to control due ______________

    d. Hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles- have the highest efficiency up to 55 mpg and lowest emissions in the


    e. Diesel- some European models can get up to 78 mpg

    B. Tapping Solar Energy

    1. Solar collectors can be passive or active

    a. ________- glassed walled sunspace/greenhouse have walls that absorb heat that can be used at night

    b. __________- generally pump a heat-absorbing fluid (water, air) through a relatively small collector

    that can provide heating or hot water

    C. High-Temperature Solar Energy

    1. _________________ can focus on a central tube where fluid in the tube can reach much higher temperatures

    2. Solar box cookers are a great option in developing countries

    3. _______________________ capture solar energy by separating electrons from their parent atoms and

    accelerating them across a one-way electrostatic barrier creating an electrical current

    D. Fuel Cells

    1. Devices that use ongoing electrochemical reactions to produce an electric current, similar to batteries but

    rather than recharging you add more fuel

    a. Advantages- small size, high efficiency, low emission, net water production, no moving parts and high


    b. Engineers are focused on improving efficiency of fuel cells for autos but this could take

    __________________ to set up with infrastructure

    E. Energy from Biomass

    1. Biomass has the potential to be a prime source of energy, it is renewable and easy access, accounts for

    ______ of total world energy use

  • 2

    2. Examples-wood, wood chips, bark, branches, leaves, starchy roots, etc.

    3. Developed countries mainly use wood through woodstoves, drawbacks _____________________

    4. In Vermont, fossil fuels are expensive, unmarketable ______________ are burned to fuel a 50 megawatt

    power plant in Burlington

    5. Developing countries depend on ___________________________ as their primary energy source, due to

    rapid population growth, deforestation has increased

    6. Dung and methane can be fuel

    a. Where wood is in short supply, people dry and burn _____________________, drawbacks- not

    putting manure on back as fertilizer reduces crop production

    b. Methane is the main component in natural gas being produced by anaerobic decomposition of any

    moist ______________________ (swamp gas is explosive, swamps are large methane digesters)

    -Burning methane produced from manure provides more heat than burning the dung itself

    -Developed countries landfills produce methane that is used to generate electricity for 1 million


    7. Fuels can be produced from crop plants

    a. ___________ (grain alcohol) and _______________(wood alcohol) can be used to power

    automobiles, combined with gasoline is called biofuel or gasohaul

    b. Brazil has instituted an ambitious national program to substitute crop-based ethanol for imported

    petroleum, ethanol is 40% cheaper than gasoline

    c. Some crops are being raised specifically as an energy source: eucalyptus, poplar, shrub such as alder

    and willow, milkweeds, sedges, marsh grasses, cattails, drawbacks- ecosystem disruption and increases

    the price on food- corn and wheat, when being shifted towards energy

    F. Energy from the Earths Forces

    1. Hydropower- _____________ electricity come from water turbines, Three Gorges dam (2 km long and 600 ft