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<ul><li> 1. AlternativeEnergy Danette Bull, InstructorKent Career Tech Center Celebrating 40 Years</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Alternative Energy?alternative One of the things, propositions, or courses of action that can be chosenenergy Many available definitions, but the ones we learn about include generating power (electricity), using the suns or earths heat as supplements, and alternative fuels 3. Power GenerationLarge-scalewind farmSmall-scale residential windAlternative EnergyWind energy project 4. Power Generation, cont.Large-scalehydroelectricity Micro-hydroelectricity for a small village Alternative Energy Hydroelectricity projectKent Career Tech Center Celebrating 40 Years 5. Power Generation, cont. Large-scale and residential Solar PV Alternative Energy Solar PV projectstill to comeKent Career Tech Center Celebrating 40 Years 6. Solar ThermalLarge-scaleand residentialSolar ThermalAlternative Energyand HVAC-R jointSolar Thermal project 7. Geothermal Large-scale and residential geothermalLocal Geothermal NewsNew installations at:Still to come.Alternative Energy &amp;HVAC-R joint geothermal project Kent County Correctional Facility63rd District CourthouseKent Career Tech Center Celebrating 40 Years 8. Alternative FuelsElectric carsEthanol Biodiesel 9. Alternative Energy Blenders 10. Departmental Rotations Aviation MaintenanceResidential Construction HVAC EngineeringAuto Maintenance 11. Aviation Maintenance Rotation 12. Why Alternative Energy?Compare/contrast to conventional energyRenewablePros and consWhere to use itHow it worksPolicy issues 13. Jobs Outlook is Great!!! 14. High School Credit 1.0 Science0.5 Math 0.5 Language Arts V = IR P = rCpA2V3 15. Come Visit Us!! KCTCAlternative EnergyKent Career Tech Center Celebrating 40 Years</p>