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Alternative Comics is releasing nine new graphic novels from September through November, 2015 and one multi-media box set by multi-talented artist Steven Cerio.Alternative Comics has been a co-operative organization of independent comic book editors, publishers and artists since 1993 and is the home to some of the finest creator-owned graphic novels and comic books.Alternative Comics' books are distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution. Visit or


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  • Conditions On The GroundKevin HooymanConditions On The Ground weaves a graphic stream of consciousness with metaphysical atmospheres and a mystical cast of characters. Kevin Hooymans fantastically detailed comics elevate everyday situations into psychedelic self-reflection and humorous revelations. This gorgeous 360 page hardcover collects all 10 issues of Kevins self-published breakthrough series. Kevin Hooyman is a graduate of Brown University with a degree in Visual Arts. Kevin's energized linework captures the lushness and vibrancy of a psychedelic experience. His illustrations have been featured in Arthur Magazine, various album covers, Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, and a number of self published books. A Floating World Comics productionSeptember, 2015360 page black & white 6"9" hardcoverISBN: 978-0-9886624-9-0$29.95 / $37.50 CAN

    Alternative Comics has been a co-operative organization of independent comic book

    editors, publishers and artists since 1993 and is the home to some of the finest creator-

    owned graphic novels and comic books.

    Distributed to the trade byConsortium Book Sales & DistributionVisit

  • SchmuckSeth Kushner & Co.Foreword by Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death, Blunt Talk, The Alchoholic)One mans awkward coming-of-age-quest to find love in New York City, illustrated by 22 artists, whose individual short stories together tell a complete narrative. Artists include Josh Neufeld, Nick Bertozzi, Dean Haspiel, Gregory Benton, Noah Van Sciver, Stephan DeStefano, and Christa Cassano. Cover Art By Joseph Remnant. Book Design By Eisner Award Winner Eric Skillman. Seth Kushner was an environmental portrait photographer whose work has appeared in The

    New York Times Magazine, Time, LUomo Vogue, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker and others. He was a founding partner in Hang Dai Editions with Dean Haspiel, Josh Neufeld, and Gregory Benton. September, 2015A Hang Dai Editions Production176 page full color, 8"10" paperbackISBN: 978-1-934460-84-9$19.95 / $24.99 CAN

  • Beef With TomatoDean HaspielWith an introduction by Jonathan AmesA native New York bruiser is fed up with life in the dregs of a drug-addled Alphabet City where his neighbors are shut-ins and his bicycle is always getting stolen. He escapes from Manhattan to make a fresh start in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, only to face a new strain of street logicwhere most everything he encounters is not as it seems. Dean Haspiel is an Emmy award winner and Eisner and Harvey Award nominee. Haspiel created Billy Dogma, illustrated for HBO's "Bored To Death," was a Master

    Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, is a Yaddo fellow, a playwright ("Switch To Kill"), and is the co-founder of Hang Dai Editions. Dean's comics include The Fox with Mark Waid, The Alcoholic with Jonathan Ames and The Quitter with Harvey Pekar. A Hang Dai Editions / Alternative Comics Co-Production. September, 201596 page black & white 7"10" paperbackISBN: 978-1-934460-81-8 | $14.99 / $18.99 CAN

    SmokeGregory BentonAfter an accident on an industrial farm unhinges two young brothers from reality, they are guided through a weird and wonderful journey by Xolo, the Aztec's mythological protector of souls. Gregory Benton received the Society of Illustrators inaugural MoCCA Award of Excellence for his critically acclaimed wordless book B+F. Smoke is another chapter in the lore of that universe.

    Gregory Benton has been making comics since 1993. He cut his teeth on the political anthology World War 3, moving on to writing and drawing stories for Nickelodeon, Vertigo, DC Comics, Disney Adventures, Watson-Guptil, Entertainment Weekly, and his books Hummingbird and B+F. A Hang Dai Editions ProductionSeptember, 201572 page full color, 7"7" hardcoverISBN: 978-1-934460-79-5$14.99 / $18.99 CAN

  • Sky In StereoMardouIris, a young woman turning eighteen in early 1990s Manchester, England, is slowly losing her tenuous grip on her world of burger-flipping, drugs, and Rock n Roll. After quitting her job at a clothes shop, Iris takes a position at a burger bar at the train station, where her crush on fellow burger-flipper Glen takes her down a dark path. Mardou is from Manchester, England and now lives in St Louis, MO. She has been making mini-comics, including Anais In Paris and Manhole since 2001, and was a founder of the all-girl comic Whores Of Mensa. Mardou contributed art to the 2015 film The Missing

    Girl. A Revival House Press Production.October, 2015180 page Black and White, 6"9", PaperbackISBN: 978-1-934460-83-2$17.95 / $22.50 CAN

    Imitating Life, Succe$$, And Other StoriesKarl Stevens & Gustavo TurnerSucce$$ is a post-9/11 story about a new breed of young capitalists. They're eco-friendly, gadget-obsessed, and they scorn the gaucheness and vanity of the Gordon Gekko yuppies. They're Reagan babies, programmed to "Just Say No" and "Just Do It" at the same time. If you looked at the back seat of their Priuses, you'd find well-thumbed copies of Atlas Shrugged. This collection also includes never-before published Stevens-Turner collaborations prepared especially for

    Imitating Life in 2015. Karl Stevens The Lodger was A Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist in 2010. 96 page full color 8"10" hardcover.October, 2015ISBN: 978-1-934460-72-6 $14.99 US / $18.50 CAN

  • Shes Not Into PoetryMini-Comics 19911996Tom HartA collection of celebrated mini-comics from the early and mid-90s by Tom Hart, creator of Hutch Owen and director of the Sequential Artists Workshop. Includes the classic comics Love Looks Left, The Angry Criminal, Maria, New Hat, Maana, Heike and more. Tom Hart is a cartoonist and the Executive Director of The Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida. He is the creator of the Hutch Owen series of graphic novels, and has been nominated for all the major comic book industry awards.

    272 page black and white 6"9" paperbackOctober, 2015ISBN: 978-1-934460-88-7$14.95 / $18.50 CAN

    Incomplete WorksDylan HorrocksDaydreams, fantasy, true love and procrastination feature strongly in this marvelous selection of Dylan Horrockss shorter comics. Running from 1986 to 2012, Incomplete Works is both the chronicle of an age and a portrait of one mans heroic struggle to get some work done. First North American Edition. Dylan Horrocks has written and drawn graphic novels, comic books, comic strips and short stories for publishers around the world. His graphic novel Hicksville has been published in six languages. His second graphic novel Sam Zabel And The Magic Pen was published in January, 2015.October, 2015

    192 page black & white with 22 color pages 6"9" PaperbackISBN: 978-1-934460-54-2$19.99 / $24.99 CAN Our cover art is by Dylan Horrocks

  • Alternative Comics Are DeadAlternative Comics flagship anthology returns. This volume will feature contributions from comics creators Anders Nielsen, Leslie Stein, Paul Hornschemeier, Anya Davidson, Noah Van Sciver, Charles Forsman, Lane Milburn, Julia Wertz, Zak Sally, Malachi Ward and many others. Cover art by Hellen Jo.November, 2015192 page black and white with 48 color pages 8"x10" Paperback

    ISBN: 978-1-934460-90-0 | $24.95 / $30.99

  • Sunbeam On The Astronaut Box SetSteven CerioA box set of books and disks documenting Steven Cerio's work on the book Sunbeam on the Astronaut and the short film The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow. Includes the complete book and film as well as a full color reproduction of sketchbook drawings and studio photos, and the entire soundtrack to The Magnificent Pigtail Shadowfeaturing narration by Kristin Hersh. Stevens work is best known from his ongoing

    collaboration with San Francisco-based group The Residents.November, 2015ISBN: 978-1-934460-75-7$39.99 / $49.99

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