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Allstar Martial Arts Academy\'s December 2010 Newsletter - The Allstar Alert -- filled with information on upcoming events and announcements!


<ul><li> 1. The A llstar AlertAllstar Martial Arts Academys News and EventsDec. 2010-Jan. 2011Allstar Martial ArtsDecember Rank Testing Ceremony AcademyHard Work Pays Off 9128 Forest Hill Blvd.Wellington, FL 33411Rank testing is right aroundstudent, and your parents,classroom or standing inthe corner. The hard work understand that a spot at the front of a group of your561-790-5422you have put in these pasttesting ceremony is earned, peers giving a presentation, few months is about to payit is never a gimme. We you will be confident inwww.amaawellington.comoff and you will be one steppride ourselves in theyourself because you KNOWcloser to your Blackoutstanding performance ofwhat the pressure of being inInside youll find greatBelt.some will even reachour students and know thatfront of an audience feelsnews about: their Black Belt during thisevery one has earned theirlike, you know thatrank testing ceremony.rank. This should make you, perseverance and dedicationthe student, feel provides the greatestSchedule Change 2 Testing Ceremonies are theexceptionally proud, knowingrewards, you know thatculmination of all of the that YOU earned the new indomitable spirit drives youNew Schedule3 training, commitment, rank you receive becauseto do better and want more.perseverance, and effortyou trained and practiced forYou are a martial artist andFun Week4 you, the student, give us init and persevered throughnothing can stop you.class every week. If youthe tough times in class.learn your material and canBirthdays 5demonstrate proficiency, youMartial arts is a continuingwill be invited to test for yourchallenge. It gets markedlySpecial points of new rank. Then, you mustharder and harder as ainterest: perform in front of anstudent progresses. Youraudience, proving tocommitment and desire to Testing/Awards Ceremonies EVERYONE that you are improve yourself will only FUN WEEKBRINGproficient enough in your prove to serve you well inYOUR MOM OR DAD TOcurrent material to be able tolife; whether you areCLASS THIS WEEK earn your next rank.defending yourself against a(Dec. 14-18)bully outside of ourIt is important that you, the Like us on Facebook andget Facebook Only specialsRANK TESTING CEREMONYand deals. Stay up to date Saturday, December 11, 2010on all events and 8:3010:00 a.m. All 4.5 through 10 year old Beginnershappenings. 10:1512:30 p.m. All Jr Int. &amp; Adv. Belts (Green Belts and up) p.m. All students of the TEEN/ADULT classesallstarmartialartsacademyAWARDS CEREMONY Winter Holiday ClosureMonday, December 13, 2010December 20th through4:00 p.m. All Students Ages 5 &amp; 6Monday, January 3, 2010. 5:00 p.m. All Students Ages 7 &amp; 8Reopen Tuesday, January6:00 p.m. All Students Ages 9, 10 &amp; 114, 2011.7:00 p.m. All Students Ages 12 &amp; upAs a courtesy, we extend the option to families with different aged sibling students to attend one Awards Cere- SCHEDULE CHANGE &amp; mony, rather than two different ones for each age group. Please let us know in advance if you are going to doso, as we need to know which Awards Ceremony you will be present.MAKEUP POLICYMake-up Testing is offered for extreme circumstances causing a conflict with the regular testing ceremony date.CHANGE (Red Belts and above MAY NOT attend a makeup testing, these ranks MUST attend the regular testing ceremonydate. There is an added fee for the make up testing. Makeup test date: Friday, December 17, 2010 6:30 p.m. Must register by Dec. 3, 2010.</li></ul> <p> 2. Page 2 The Allstar AlertSCHEDULE CHANGE EFFECTIVE JANUARY 4, 2011Makeup Class Policy Adjustment - Very important! ADD AN ADDITIONAL EVERYONE MUSTdays each week.CLASS EACH WEEKUPDATE THEIR NO STUDENT WILL BEAT NO CHARGE!CLASSES PRIOR TOALLOWED TO ATTEND(*Weapons Class notJAN 4, 2010. (Email usANY CLASS HE/SHEincluded)and let us know whatIS NOT SCHEDULED Train more for FREE. days/times you willFOR. attend). 40+ FREE LESSONS CLASSES WILL BEPER YEAR Students on the 2xFILLED ON A FIRST week program, you will ELIMINATES NEED COME FIRST SERVED pick an extra day/timeFOR SCHEDULED BASIS. and must attend aMAKEUP CLASSESONCE A CLASS minimum of 2 of your 3 (These EXTRA classesREACHES CAPACITY, days each week.MORE THAN IT WILL NO LONGERACCOUNT for any Students on the 3xBE AVAILABLE.missed classes week program, you willthroughout the year, pick and extra day/timedue to holidays, and must attend aclosures, illness, etc.) minimum of 3 of the 4EMAIL US YOUR CLASS DAYS/TIMESEVERYONE MUST INFORM THE FRONT DESK OF THE DAYS/TIMES THAT YOU WILL ATTEND CLASSES.THE CLASSES ARE BEING COMPLETELY CLEARED ON DECEMBER 20, 2010 AND WILL BE FILLED ON A FIRSTCOME, FIRST SERVED BASIS.IF YOURE ON TWICE PER WEEK TUITION, YOU MUST SCHEDULE 3 DIFFERENT DAYS/TIMES TO ATTEND.IF YOURE ON THREE TIMES PER WEEK TUITION, YOU MUST SCHEDULE 4 DIFFERENT DAYS/TIMES TO ATTEND.IF YOU ATTEND LEADERSHIP/WEAPONS, MAKE SURE YOU LIST THAT AS ONE OF YOUR DAYS/TIMES.REMINDERWITH THE NEW SCHEDULE (SEE NEXT PAGE) WE ARE GIVING EVERY STUDENT AN ADDITIONAL FREECLASS EACH WEEK. THIS EQUALS 40+ FREE CLASSES THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO EACH STUDENT THROUGHOUTTHE YEAR. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND THE EXTRA CLASS REGULARLY, BUT YOU CERTAINLY MAY. KEEP INMIND THAT ATTENDING THE EXTRA CLASS WILL ACCOUNT FOR ANY MISSED CLASSES THAT WILL OCCURTHROUGHOUT THE YEAR DUE TO ILLNESS, CLOSINGS, HOLIDAYS, ETC.. THESE 40+ FREE EXTRA CLASSES WILLMORE THAN ACCOUNT FOR ANY MISSED CLASSES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. THUS, THERE WILL BE NO MORESCHEDULED MAKEUP CLASSES.YOU MUST SCHEDULE YOUR CLASSES WITH THE FRONT DESK. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND ACLASS HE/SHE IS NOT SIGNED UP FOR. REVIEW THE SCHEDULE AND EMAIL US WITH YOUR DESIRED CLASSDAYS/TIMES. WE WILL INFORM YOU IF ANY OF YOUR DESIRED CLASSES HAVE REACHED CAPACITY. 3. CLASS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE 1-4-2011Students attend 2 REQUIRED classes per week AND 1 OPTIONAL 3RD CLASS (Youget a FREE 3rd class to use towards any missed classes), with the basic monthly tuition. Students who are on the 3x per week tuition, get an additional FREE 4th9128 Forest Hill You pick your days/times and stick to those days/times. Students may notWellington, FL 33411attend a class he/she is not registered for. Additional classes may be added per week, for an additional $30 per month, per class added.Leadership/Weapons is an additional fee per month and may not be as your FREE extra class.TimeMondayTuesday Wednesday ThursdayFriday Saturday 9:45 A.M.- Beginners :White, White with Colored Stripe, Yellow Beginners 10:30 A.M. Ages 5-10 and Advanced Yellow BeltsIntermediate : Green, Sr. Green, Adv. Green, Sr. Adv. Green, Blue Intermediate and Sr. Blue Belts&amp; Advanced 10:45 A.M.- Juniors 11:30 A.M. Advanced : Adv. Blue, Sr. Adv. Blue, Red, Sr. Red, Adv. Red, Sr. Adv. Red Patterns Only and Black Belts3:35 P.M.- Beginners Beginners Beginners Beginners BeginnersNEW4:20 P.M.Ages 5 &amp; 6Ages 7-10 Ages 7-10 Ages 5 &amp; 6Ages 7-10STUDENT IntermediateOFFER4:30 P.M.- BeginnersIntermediateIntermediate Intermediate&amp; Advanced TRY5:15 P.M.Ages 7-10Juniors JuniorsJuniors Juniors Sparring OnlyLESSONS FOR ONLY Weapons/$29Leadership(Weapons 3xYOU GET 2month/Leadership 1x LESSONS Intermediate &amp;monthAND A5:25 P.M.- Beginners Beginners AdvancedAdvancedLeadership 1st6:10 P.M.Ages 7-10 Ages 7-10Juniors FREEJuniorsFriday eachmonth.)UNIFORM! Add this combo class for anCALLadditional $30per month.TODAY!WE ALSO OFFER:BIRTHDAY PARTIES6:20 P.M.- Beginners Black Belts AdvancedBeginners7:05 P.M.Ages 7-10ONLYJuniorsAges 7-10PARENTS NIGHT OUTSELF DEFENSE WORKSHOPSPRIVATE LESSONSTeens/AdultsTeens/Adults Warm Up/Warm Up/ SUMMER CAMPS7:15 P.M.-All Ranks All Ranks PatternsSparring HOLIDAY CAMPS8:00 P.M.Ages 11-17Ages 11-17 (Uniform or (Uniform orAllstar T-shirt)Allstar T-shirt)BOARD BREAKING WORKSHOPSBULLY AWARENESS All RanksAll Ranks8:10 P.M.- WORKSHOPS Adults Adults9:10 P.M. (18 &amp; up)(18 &amp; up) ASK FOR DETAILS! 4. Allstar Martial Arts Academys News and EventsPage 4FUN WEEK DECEMBER 14-18, 2010 BRING MOM AND DAD TO CALSS WITH YOU Fun week is the week following the YOU CAN WEAR YOUR ALLSTAR GET YOUR ALLSTAR T-SHIRT ATtesting and awards ceremonies.T-SHIRT TO CLASS DURING FUNTHE FRONT DESK IF YOU DONTWEEK.HAVE ONE DECEMBER 14-18, BRING MOMAND/OR DAD TO CLASS WITH MOM AND DAD SHOULD WEAR MOM AND/OR DAD MUST FILLYOU LOOSE PANTS AND A T-SHIRTOUT A FUN WEEK PASS IN ORDER TO ATTEND CLASSFUN WEEK PASSMom and Dad,Come kick it with me at Allstar Martial Arts Academy! THIS FUN PASS ENTITLES YOU TO A FREE MARTIAL ARTS CLASS WITHYOUR SON/DAUGHTER DURING FUN WEEK! (December 14-18, 2010) Mom/Dad of:____________________________________Wear loose-fitting pants (no shorts) and a T-shirt. 9128 Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington, FL INFORMATIONTHIS MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL AND TURNED IN TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.In consideration of being allowed to participate in any class, training, and/or program at Allstar Martial Arts Academy the undersigned, onhis or her behalf, and on the behalf of the participant(s) identified below, acknowledges, appreciates and agrees to the following conditions:I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of the participant(s) named below, or I have obtained permission from the parent/legal guardian of theparticipant(s) named below to execute this agreement on their behalf. I agree that the participant(s) named below and I shall comply with all stated andcustomary terms, posted safety signs, rules, and verbal instructions as conditions for participation in any training and/or program at Allstar Martial ArtsAcademy. I am aware that there are inherent risks associated with participation in Allstar Martial Arts Academy programs, training, and/or use of themartial arts equipment and I, on behalf of myself and the participant(s) named below, knowingly and freely assume all such risk, both known andunknown, including those that may arise out of the negligence of other participants; and, I, for myself and the participant(s) named below, and ourrespective heirs, assigns, administrators, personal representatives, and next of kin, hereby release and hold harmless, Master Athletics, Inc., DBAAllstar Martial Arts Academy, their affiliates, officers, members, agents, employees, other participants, and sponsoring agencies from and against anyand all claims, injuries, liabilities or damages arising out of or related to our participation in any and all Allstar Martial Arts Academy programs,activities, and/or training and/or the use of the martial arts equipment. I agree that pictures, videos, testimonials etc. of participant may be used in anyway by Allstar Martial Arts Academy. I have read and fully agree to the terms of this waiver and release._________________________________________________________________________________________________Participant Name Circle one: Mom or DadParticipant Date of Birth__________________________________________________________________________________________________SignatureDate_________________________________________________________________________________________________AddressCity, State, ZIP_________________________________________________________________________________________________Home # Cell #Email Address 5. Allstar Martial Arts Acade my is family owned and operated by Jack and Jodi Lord, 5th and 3rddegree 9128 Forest Hill Blvd.Black Belts, each with over 20 years experience Wellington, FL 33411 in martial arts. Their chi 561-790-5422ldren have trained info@amaawellington.comunder their instruction (sin ce birth HAHA), and have each earned their 2nddegree Black Belts.We Make Champions One Kick at a Time.Mr. and Mrs. Lord are committed to training students of Allstar MartialArts Academy to be the best they can be, in thestudio and out. The close knit family atmosp here, bringsstudents and families together, and together we all grow and learnrootingfor one another the whole way. Keep on kickin !Happy Birthday to these December and January Birthday Students!!Julia CesareDecember 01Arto Hovannesian January 01Eduardo Javier Sayago December 02Mark Greenberg January 01Marcello Ladino December 02Rishabh MohankaJanuary 01Leor Gerges December 09Benjamin Weiss January 01Rocky ThompsonDecember 10Asha Patel January 01Trident NottinghamDecember 12Angel Vega January 03Jon Nichols December 13Caterina LeonJanuary 04Saahas RajendranDecember 15Christian MozeyJanuary 05Kristina TalioDecember 16Robert Waite January 07Gabriella Perez December 16Kush ThakorJanuary 09Isabella MunizDecember 16Matthew PerezJanuary 16Ernst Jean-Francois December 19Zelden ST SurinJanuary 18Daniel WeinsteinDecember 20Ethan GreenbergJanuary 23Jaiden PatelDecember 24Felipe HultzDecember 26 HAPPY HOLIDAYSDevyn Reese December 30FROM OUR FAMILY TOJoshua PaulsenDecember 30YOURS.We at Allstar Martial Arts Academy would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday and New Year!The studio will close from Monday, December 20, 2010 through Monday, January 3, 2011.Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 4, 2011.</p>


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