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  • Why Listen to What I Say?

  • Wake Up Smart People

  • Reality Check

  • Job-change velocity and you

  • Be your own agent

  • The Corporate Mothership is Shrinking

  • The New Ecosystem

  • When Bad Careers Happen to Good People

  • Dont Make Decisions

  • Shoot Yourself in the Foot

  • Dont Consider the Competition

  • Say Not my Job

  • Hide Behind your Computer

  • Go it alone

  • Make Excuses

  • Punch the Clock

  • Sit the bench

  • Work Til Your Dead

  • Think personal branding is cheesy

  • Ignore the Obvious

  • How do good careers happen to good people?

  • Own it!

  • Be intentional

  • Be sustainable

  • Be adaptable

  • Seek mentorship

  • Be optimistic

  • Be the Man

  • Goal SettingWhat take-aways from today will you implement?

    Within 24 hours?

    By the end of this weekend?

    Within the month?

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