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1. WHY YOU NEED TO SEND MORE EMAIL Case Study: Total Wine & More 2. WHO IS TOTAL WINE & MORE? Americas Wine Superstore The countrys largest independent retailer of Wine, Spirits and Beer Started in 1981, we now operate more than 115 superstores in 15 states and growing! Our typical store features more than 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirits and 2,500 beers. 3. HOW WE VIEW EMAIL MARKETING 4. THE BIG QUESTION How do we increase revenue from email? 5. SETTING UP THE TEST We divided the database into 2 groups: 1) Continued on the established cadence 2) Received 60% more email than we previously sent We then monitored these for a 2 month period. Note: We had previously established how much incremental customers and revenue the current email cadence generated so did not have a no mail control. 6. RESULTS Change between groups # Sent +68% Total Opens +62% Open Rate for each email -80 BPS Total Unsubscribes +67% Unsubscribe Rate for each email 0% Transactions +54% Revenue +49% What does this really mean? In the given period there was 62% more visibility of Total Wine Email A reduced number of customers saw each email Customers shopped more frequently Average transaction value dipped slightly Despite some attrition to the base, there were significant benefits including increase incremental revenue. 7. SENDING THE SAME OFFER MULTIPLE TIMES How do we increase visibility of our key campaigns? 8. SETTING UP THE TEST We set up the following groups: a) Receives 1 email with the coupon b) Receives 2 emails with the coupon c) Receives 3 emails with the coupon d) Receives 4 emails with the coupon 9. RESULTS Coupon Redemption Rate Incremental Customers Sales / Emailed 10. CONCLUSION Remember: Customers want to receive your emails! Test to find out the right cadence for you Test to find out if your customers need reminding of your offers