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    Mike Kaiser Thursday, October 07, 2010 7:25PM Nuttall, Graham (T. Windsor, MP) Rhonda Griffin; Cassandra Scott; Duncan Bremner

    Subject : RE: Broadband: top priority for regional development and health

    Fantastic. Thanks Graham.

    From: Nuttall, Graham (T. Windsor, MP) [mailto:Graham.Nuttall@aph.qov.aul Sent: Tuesday, 5 October, 2010 4:50PM To: Mike Kaiser Subject: FW: Broadband: top priority for regional development and health

    Hi Mike

    You may not have seen this



    Graham Nuttall Adviser Tony Windsor MP Member for New England

    Tamworth 02 6761 3080 Canberra 02 6277 4722 Mobile I I

    From: Gordon Gregory ......_~~~:--::-:--:--------' Sent: Tuesday, 5 October 2010 3:06PM To: Gordon Gregory Subject: Broadband: top priority for regional development and health



    Media Release 5 October 201 0

    Broadband: Top priority for regional development and health


    Released under the FOI Act

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    Last night's Four Corners program highlighted the importance for country people of having equal access to affordable, high-speed broadband.

    Deputy Chair of the National Rural Health Alliance, Kathy Kirkpatrick, said it is important for rural businesses,

    education, local government, employment opportunities and - not least - hea lth to have high speed broadband

    available at the same price for all Australians.

    "In fact, it is important that broadband reaches out to rural and remote towns and communities first, so that those who stand to benefit the most get the support first," Dr Kirkpatrick said.

    "In these places, high speed broadband would provide the opportunities taken for granted by many in urban areas to do business, study, administer local government, reduce the need t o travel, and to send and receive vital information. The earliest possible access to new technologies is critical if rura l and remote Australia is to develop and

    prosper, in t he interests of all Australians.

    "For health services high speed broadband is especially va luable, alllowing health consultations to be made in real

    t ime and enabling urgent specialist advice to rural and remote areas, often in emergency and other crit ical situations. This is not possible with dial-up because of the associated unreliability and bandwidth problems.

    "Broadband would provide confidence that rural and remote internet communication with real time video

    conferencing will not drop to snail's pace because the CBD in Sydney, for example, is hurrying to get online work done before close of business; so that the picture doesn't break up when you're trying to get help and advice. This

    capacity fore-health is fundamental to improved health outcomes in the bush in so many ways- and the opportunities to use the technology and to provide hea lth services in the most efficient way are boundless.

    "Broadband is not just about consultations. Technology exists for monitoring a patient or an aged person in their home, yet connections in the bush are not yet reliable or fast enoUJgh for that to occur.

    "Broadband is also essenti'al to attract and retain health professionals in the bush. Continuing professional development programs for doctors, nurses and other health professionals through interactive internet are becoming

    increasingly important, but these are not useful if you're in a remote location without reliable internet access. Rural health students, the professionals of the future, say they simply don't want to go to the bush unless they know they

    can maintain internet contact w ith their prrofessional and personal support networks, as well as enjoy all the other benefits of the internet available in the city," Dr Kirkpatrick said.


    Dr Kathryn Kirkpatrick- D,...e:...pu_t..:.y_C_h_a_ir...J:I.._r----..J Marshall Wilson- Media: ._I ____ __.

    Gordon Gregory Executive Director National Rural Health Alliance


    11th National Rural Health Conference Perth, 13-16 March 2011


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    From: Sent: To: Subject :

    Hi ...._ _____ _.

    Mike Kaiser Tuesday, October 26, 2010 5:05 PM Windsor, Tony (MP); RE: National Broadb'-a-nd":"":"N:-e":"tw_o_r":"k _____ _.

    I spoke to-1~..-__ _.lmoments ago. It is clear to me we made a number of mistakes which I acknowledged and apologised to him for:

    1. Based on his description of the form he received it was almost certainly the notification our contractors dist ribute in street s ahead of construction to advise of coming activity. Inside the first release site it makes sense for that form to also include encouragement to consent. It should not have been used outside the footprint where people don't have that option. As wel l the notification contained reference to a date that had passed! That would have been a mistake even inside the foot print.

    2. I I rang our 1800 number and it didn't answer. No-one responded to the message he left. My only explanation is that we are using an interim call centre with limited capacity, but that's not much of an excuse for ignoring a basic courtesy and I will follow up.

    3. I lthen emailed us through our website and has not received a reply. We are currently working through a huge backlogged number of enquiries as a resu lt of a technical fault.

    The only defence I could offer him is that First Release Sites are our opportunity to trial and improve on our methods -that includes design and construction, but also our community relations processes. We will learn and we will get


    He seemed satisfied with the conversation and the apology.

    Please be assured that we will use his feedback to improve our processes and change our processes locally.

    We'd welcome any feedback from your office and as well if there are other constituent enquiries we can help with, don't hesitate to call.


    Mike Kaiser

    n Behalf Of Windsor, Tony (MP) From: ~--~~~--~--~~--~--------------------------~

    Sent: Tuesday, 26 October, 2010 11:09 AM To: Mike Kaiser Subject: FW: National Broadband Network

    Dear Mike,

    Furt her to our telephone conversation of today's date, I have spoken with I land he has given me permission to provide you with his contact details so that you may be able to ring him to discuss his concerns. To that end, I have forwarded you a copy of his email to Mr Windsor, dated 22 October 2010.

    I have advised I ~hat he can expect a phone call in the near future and he has advised that he looks forward to an opportunity to discuss his concerns more ful ly .

    Thank you again for your assistance in this matter.


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    Kind regards

    Electorate Officer Tony Windsor MP

    Federal Member fore New England

    From:~~------~--------------------~ Sent: Friday, 22 October 2010 7:48AM To: Windsor, Tony (MP) Subject: National Broadband Network

    Dear Tony

    Like you, I'm a keen supporter of the NBN but I'm a bit concerned about the roll out here in Armidale.

    According to the map on the NBN web site, we live a couple of blocks outside the area due t:o be connected in this current phase of work.

    However, we got a leaflet in our mail box a few weeks ago, saying that work would start shortly in our street, and that if we wanted a free connection to the house, we should apply (from memory) no later than 7 September. We actually received the leaflet a day or two after the cut off date. 1 wasn't too worried because of the fact that we live outside the area, and anyway my friend, who does live within, the area had received a form to complete which we hadn't. So I just thought it was an error, but to be sure I called the phone number on the leaflet we got, only to get a recorded message saying they would ring back.

    Well I left a message but no one rang back. This happened a couple of times.

    Anyway, the blokes are currently outside my bouse laying cable along l I. They say they are doing the whole town. Well I want my free connection, so I sent a email via the NBN web site seeking clarification and letting them know that I wanted a connection.

    Well, they didn't reply, or even acknowledge receipt. As a result, I have no idea what's going on and am worried that there will be no connection to my house.

    Perhaps you could establish what principles are in place here for connection. I'm also concerned about the large number of rental properties. If all they get is a slip in the mail box which the tenant may ditch, bow will the owner know they have to opt in? Will these houses not be connected?

    The Opposition - and predicaatbaly The Australian newspaper- are running stories about ineptitude and inefficency. As Mandy Rice-Davis once said "Well they would, wouldn't they." Nevertheless, the lack of information in my case, and failure to reply to enquiries, gives them some mileage.

    Any information gratefully received.


    Released under the FOI Act

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    Hi Mike

    NBN Co File No. 10/11-09- Document 3

    Nuttall. Graham (T. Windsor. MP) [] Tuesday, November 02, 2010 10:15 AM Mike Kaiser FAQ on National Broadband Network

    We are putting together Tony's next newsletter to come out first week in December.

    We would like to include a Frequently asked Questions about the NBN busting the myths being pedalled by the "nay sayers"

    Do you have such a