all new beauty wellness facials begin with a detailed consultation and skin ... new beauty wellness...

Download All New Beauty Wellness facials begin with a detailed consultation and skin ... New Beauty Wellness facials begin with a detailed consultation and skin analysis. ... Flawless Airbrush

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  • At New Beauty Wellness, Its beautiful being well.

    Going beyond the traditional aesthetic medical and spa experience, New

    Beauty Wellness integrates the very best of wellness, utilizing the latest proven

    beauty technologies along with offering timeless, therapeutic and

    rejuvenating body treatments.

    New Beauty Wellness is designed to provide our clients with a sophisticated

    environment that promotes complete relaxation. New Beauty Wellness

    specializes in non-surgical luxury spa services that will leave you feeling

    refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized. Our mission is to create an intimate

    environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit promoting health and

    wellness, while enhancing beauty and relaxation.

    All New Beauty Wellness facials begin with a detailed consultation and skin analysis. Our highly trained and skilled aestheticians will customize a treatment protocol to improve your skin's vitality and appearance. Using the latest in skincare technology chosen for your specific needs, see your skin transform, revealing true radiance.

    Diamond RadianceExperience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. Our indulgent facial treatment begins with a dry acupressure scalp massage to imbue deep relaxation. A unique vortex fusion delivery system deeply cleanses and evenly exfoliates the skin. Antioxidants and peptides replenish vital nutrients. Light therapy encourages collagen synthesis and elastin production while calming the skin. Nanotechnology infuses the epidermis and dcollet with marine collagen proteins to diminish fine lines and restore fatigued skin. A hand and arm massage encourages deeper relaxation. Results are luminous and revitalized skin. 95 min $425

    NBW Signature Powerful and effective, our signature facial incorporates the latest in skin technologies with the highest pharmaceutical grade skin care, resulting in dramatic and lasting results. A professional lactic acid peel gently exfoliates, improving skin texture. LED light therapy energizes skin cells, reduces inflammation and promotes collagen production. A marine alginate mask, rich in minerals, normalizes skin PH and restores hydration revealing a smooth, glowing complexion. 80 min $275

    Facial Therapies

  • Restorative Infuse your skin with antioxidants, plant stem cells and botanicals to re-mineralize and restore skin to its natural beauty. This restorative facial treatment targets the most sensitive to the most problematic skin types. Natural fruit enzymes, extracted from either cherry, pumpkin or fig, smooth and brighten devitalized skin while botanical serums replenish skin at the cellular level. Hydration is restored and collagen synthesis renewed, revealing clear, radiant skin.

    50 min $175-$200

    Sensory Truly unique, our sensory treatment combines a proprietary tea complex designed with white, black, red and green teas which combat free radicals, improves complexion and reduces inflammation.Thai and Vietnamese beauty tools tone and stimulate the skin while encouraging elastin production. Skin is then oxygenated with facial acupressure points while natural teas detoxify and soothe the skin. Immediate results reveal a hydrated and youthful radiance.

    50 min $175

    Corrective Revolutionary age defying facial resulting in immediate skin renewal. The highest-grade pharmaceutical products infuse skin with vital vitamins, A, C & E to improve collagen and elastin levels, reduce uneven skin tone and increase hydration. The synergy of these active ingredients will leave skin brighter, firmer and more radiant, reversing the unwanted signs of aging. Ideal choice for those concerned with age related changes. Complexion will be nourished and revitalized.

    * 80 minute treatment includes Ionzyme precision vitamin therapy, which uses low-level currents to penetrate the skin for deeper purification and micro-exfoliation.

    50 min $175-$200 80 min $250

    Beauty Express Beauty on the go. A perfect treatment before a special event, makeup application or pre-procedure. A deep cleanse, mild extraction, mask and finishing treatment will leave skin refreshed and glowing.

    30 min $95

    Hydrafacial MDA powerful skin treatment where you will see and feel the results. An alternative to laser skin resurfacing, this custom blended skin treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. This innovative skin treatment works at the deepest layers of the skin to combat aging, reduce inflammation resulting in clearer more beautiful skin. Suitable for most skin types.

    30 min $175 50 min $250

    Power Peels Get gorgeous results in three easy steps: Cleanse-Peel-Restore. Our highly targeted range of progressive power peels incorporate the application of Vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, TCA and Salicylic acids to treat a wide scope of skin concerns. Our expertly trained aestheticians will select the peel that will visibly improve your skin. Skin will be refined, toned and glow from the inside.

    30 min $85-$150

  • Skin technologies to add to any facial. Gold or Diamond Nano Technology Mask Face or Dcollet $40

    Marine collagen, hyaluronic acid combined with nanogold and diamond powder, gently brighten and exfoliate the skin. Instantly improving skin tone.

    Liquid Micro $30bt-micro, FDA cleared professional skin device exfoliates and decongests skin using microcurrent and ultrasonic waves resulting in soft, toned, smooth skin.

    Hydrafacial MD $75Concentrated peptides and antioxidants restore skin at the cellular level.

    LED Light Therapy $50Gentle light therapy stimulates the dermis to increase the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer more toned skin.

    Power Peel $85-$150Graduated system of clinical grade peels which are customized for your skin's greatest needs.

    Age Defense Hand Treatment $40Luxurious hand treatment that reverses aging on the hands with concentrated alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins of A, C & E.

    Facial Enhancements

    New Beauty Wellness body massages are deeply therapeutic treatments that incorporate the use of clinical grade essential oils and plant extracts, to soothe, relax and rebalance your body. Our highly trained licensed massage therapists will customize your massage session to meet your needs.

    Adrenal UpliftCombat environmental stress and give your adrenal system a lift with our Blue Eucalyptus Inhalation to enhance your bodys natural immunity, followed by a therapeutic massage with our warming Ginger Root Oil to work deeply into the muscles which helps to drain toxins and leave the body feeling energized and rebalanced.

    50 min $135 80 min $180

    Deep Tissue Allow natures natural pain relievers; Arnica, Sweet Birch and Magnesium to help relieve chronic muscle tension and reduce inflammation. Our therapists will work deep in the muscles and tendons to release muscle fascia, which allows the body to naturally heal and restore balance.

    50 min $145 80 min $190

    Aromatherapy Stress ReliefAwaken the senses and let your body feel the benefits from sea fennel, lavender blossom and natural mint to re-mineralize and deeply relax the body. Gentle Swedish therapeutic massage techniques will reduce stress, soothe muscles and increase your sense of well being. An ideal introduction to massage.

    50 min $135 80 min $175

    Body Massage & Therapies

  • Restorative JourneyA body and mind experience that begins with a guided meditation which will create harmony in your whole being. Our therapists integrate advanced massage therapy techniques such as lymphatic drainage, reflexology, cranial sacral and acupressure. Combined with healing energy modalities and custom selected aromatherapy will encourage emotional balance and energy flow. Himalayan salt stones are used on key energy points to further enhance this restorative treatment. Exclusively New Beauty Wellness.

    80 min $225

    Prenatal NurturingPregnancy needs extra care and comfort. Our prenatal massage is designed to reduce stress, improve sleep and circulation while soothing back and neck muscles. Our special blend of Gotu Kola, Calendula and Raspberry Ceramides enhances skin's elasticity and can prevent stretch marks. Supporting your body with therapeutic prenatal massage will improve your overall comfort and imbue deep relaxation. You must be past your first trimester to receive this treatment. Please consult your physician prior

    to massage.

    50 min $135

    Massage Enhancements

    Wild Lime Scalp Treatment $35Warm lime oil relaxes and calms an over stressed nervous system with pressure points and rhythmic movements.

    Reflexology $35Ancient therapy involves stimulating specific pressure points in the feet to induce a deep state of relaxation and naturally increase the bodys flow of energy.

    Hot Stone $30Warm basalt stones with aromatic essential oils promote deep relaxation by releasing muscle tension, creating a heightened sense of well being.

  • Golden Radiance A luxurious body treatment that polishes the skin and hydrates the body. A unique blend of shea butter, bamboo powder, apricot oil and Nepalese tea gently removes unwanted skin. Once fresh skin is revealed, your body is nourished with a luxurious body balm enhanced with the rejuvenating properties of black tea followed by a delicate shimmering oil. A perfect pairing to any special event.

    50 min $135 80 min $165

    Rosemary Citron Sea Salt ScrubA body sloughing using magnesium and mineral rich sea salts to stimulate circulation and energize the skin for a radiant tone and texture. Rosemary and ci


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