All Creatures Great and Small- Chapters 13-21

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<ul><li><p> All Creatures Great and Small Chapters 13-21</p><p>Chapter 13- Mrs. Pumphrey </p><p>- an elderly widow- her husband, who passed away, was a beer baron- wealthy- lives in house on the outskirts of Darroby - has a Pekingese dog named Tricki Woo- gave widely to charities- intelligent, amusing, and has a lot of waffling charm</p><p>- Henry enjoys the sherry Mrs. Pumphrey serves- Mrs. Pumphrey overfeeds Tricki Woo- Mrs. Pumphrey calls James, Uncle Herriot- Mrs. Pumphrey calls Tricki Woo's symptom, flop-bott- Mrs. Pumphrey's blind spot is Tricki Woo- Mrs Pumphrey tells James that Tricki Woo has a pen pal and wrote a letter to the editor of Dog World enclosing a donation, and that Tricki would adopt the name of Mr. Utterbunkum- Bonzo Fotheringham is a lonely Dalmatian - Tricki Woo calls his new summer house 'the bloody hut'- Mrs. Pumphrey's gardner is Hodgkin- Tricki Woo sent James boxes of oak-smoked kippers, tins of tobacco, and a pound or two of tomatoes every week. Tricki Woo also sent James a Christmas hamper from Frortnum and Mason's</p><p>Chapter 14- Tristan is back in college - Siegfried's good news is that they are going to have a secretary- Miss Harbottle</p><p>- Siegfried's secretary- in her fifties, big and high blossomed women, round healthy face, wears gold rimmed spectacles, and has dark curled hair</p><p>- Miss Harbottle retired from her previous job after thirty years as a company secretary for Green and Moulton in Bradford</p></li><li><p>- Miss Harbottle points out Siegfried's poor handwriting- Siegfried's cash box is a pint pot on the corner of the mantelpiece- Miss Harbottle suggests that Siegfried should use a simple card index system for his accounts</p></li></ul>