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<ul><li> 1. ALKALINE FLOODING</li></ul> <p> 2. WHAT IS EOR?Enhanced oil recovery or Improved oilrecovery is the special technique in which oilis extracted From a reservoir after primaryand secondary recovery methods.It can beused at the start of production also if thereservoir is not suitable for primary orsecondary recovery. 3. EORINCLUDESChemical floodingGas injectionThermal flooding 4. Chemical flooding consist of Polymerflooding Surfactant flooding Alkaline flooding 5. WHAT IS ALKALINE FLOODING?It is an EOR method in which an alkaline chemicalsuch as Sodium hydroxide,SodiumOrthosillicate or Sodium carbonate is injectedduring polymer flooding or water floodingOperations.Alkaline flooding is also known asCaustic flooding. 6. HOW THIS WORKS INSIDE THERESERVOIR?The alkaline chemicals reacts with certain typesof oil,forming surfactants inside the reservoirEventually,the surfactants reduce the interfacialtension between oil and water and trigger anIncrease in oil production.Wetting characteristicsof the reservoir also can change due to Formationof surfactants inside the reservoir or it can be dueto some other reasons. 7. CONSIDERATIONS FOR USINGAlkaline flooding is not recommended forcarbonate reservoirs due to the abundanceofCalcium:The mixture between the alkalinechemical and the calcium ions can produceHydroxide precipitation that may damagethe formation. 8. CRITERIA FOR USINGCRUDE OIL Gravity 13 35 APIViscosity 20 mdDepth</p>