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<p>Project 5 3D Model</p> <p>3D Design - Rui Rela - 2037710University of MadeiraFinal Project organic modellingInspirationFirst of all, I already had in mind what I was going to do: A character and a scenario around it.My idea for the character was a alien-like xenomorph creature, based in alien franchise.So I started to do some research and I came upon some of the different types of aliens in the quadrilogy (not counting with the recent prequel released Prometheus).INSpirationGiger Necromonicon surrealist print that formed the basis for the Aliens Design</p> <p>Gigers Alien Design, inspired by his earlier print Necronom IV, for the film Alien.</p> <p>INSPIRATIONAverage Alien from the movie Alien 2.</p> <p>INSPIRATIONDog Alien and Gigers Panther Alien from Alien 3(David Finchers first movie).</p> <p>This type of alien is quadrupedal, has digitigrade hind legs and lacks the dorsal tubes of the human-spawned Variety.</p> <p>inspirationNewborn Alien from the movie Alien 4: Resurrection.Creature mutation between human and alien organism.</p> <p>inspirationAlien Queen / Mother from Alien 2/Aliens.Highest and most powerful Alien known, this alien is larger and stronger than the normaladults, their body structure differs also, having two pairs of arms, one large and one small. The head is larger and its protected by a large, flat crest. In the second film Alien 2/Aliens the queen had high-heel protrusions from its feet unlike other adults.The eggs laid by the queen are ellipsoidal leathery objects with a four-lobed opening at the tob. As a potential host approaches, the egg's lobes unfold like flower petals, and the parasitic facehugger extracts itself from the egg and attaches itself to the potential host.</p> <p>inspirationMore pictures of the Alien Queen.</p> <p>inspiration</p> <p>inspirationSo, despite being the most complex character between all different types of aliens I decided to accept the challenge to model the Alien Queen, even because its my favorite type because of its shape, nature and characteristics.The Alien queen, like other aliens, has acid blood, high intelligence, quick movements and a inner-head-tongue.Addicional pair of arms, large crown on the head, bigger and different torso.Since there is a lot of amateur art on the Internet I decided to mix a lot of details into a unique type of Alien Queen.At the beggining it was hard to have a view of the character because the torso(not only the torso) was always changing from picture to picture and sometimes it was too dark too see and analyze the details well, so, I decided to make some sketches with all the information to have the character in my mind before I started modelling it.Drawings</p> <p>drawings</p> <p>drawings</p> <p>drawings</p> <p>Process day 1So, since I found at least one picture on Google withAlien Profile it was more accurate to draw above it instead ofHand-made sketches, I drew splines and extruded them, I did itIn the head, the torso, the legs and the tail.</p> <p>Process day 2Then I started by the head, I added Symmetry and began to add teth and the rest.</p> <p>Process day 2I putted almost perfect squares in the teeth zone, added a tiny bevel and then extruded and collaped to have only on vertex on the edge of the teeth, then I did the inner-head-tongue with a spline too, extruded, added tiny teeth with the same process and inserted inside the mounth.</p> <p>Process day 3I added a turbosmooth to the head and I was really pleased to see what I had so far! It gave me more motivation to continue my work.I continued doing the body but I didnt liked it, so I started over the torso(right picture).</p> <p>Process day 3At the end of the third day I had this:All three pieces(head, tongue and body) with turbosmooth and simmetry.</p> <p>Process day 4In the beggining of the fourth day I stumbled upon my first obstacle: I wanted to attach the head, neck and body, but for some reason it was not possible to weld faces and it said illegal new face when I wanted to create a face from vertex. I posted on Autodesk forums and other users helped me, the problem was that I had to flip some faces to fit both pieces well.(right picture).</p> <p>Process day 4At the end of the fourth day I had both pair of arms, back spikes and I was starting to do the legs.The arms and spikes were made by extruding faces and working directly with the body piece, later on I re-made every arm because I didnt liked it. The main tools I used for the modelling was bevel, extrude, ring and loop(edge selection tool, very useful!), I used break sometimes to split edges, I used a LOT of insert vertex on edge selection and connected them, ALL of the modelling was made on 3ds Max, I couldnt have acess to Zbrush so all the details in this project were made directly in 3ds max, scalling, moving, rotating, connecting vertex, creating faces by selecting vertex and splines to create new parts.</p> <p>Process day 5Fifth day: I finished the legs shape and started doing the crown.I created a spline with the approximate shape of it and then started adding vertex and connecting them to create edges as always and then I added depth. (left picture without turbosmooth).</p> <p>Process day 5Then I putted the crown on the characters head applying a bend (the crown is usually flat in the movies but this is not a exact copy of the character, I added some personal differences).</p> <p>Process day 6Then I adjusted the crown a bit and the face of the character.</p> <p>Process day 7Minor adjustements on the body.</p> <p>Process day 8Started doing the back spine, it was not easy to work with the simmetry, later on I removed the double-spiked spline and upgraded to a single-spiked spline, also, I distributed equally the distance between each spike, in this picture, it was before those changes so there was still some spikes shorter than others I didnt like it either.</p> <p>Process day 9A lot of progress was made on this day, I did a lot of minor changes, including the bones all over the body, on the neck, on the side holes of the armor and on the lower-frontal part. I added the neckless bone and changed the back spikes.Also, on the back there was already the gap where I was going to put later the new spine.And, since there was so many vertex I removed the edged faces view to have a better view of the model.Process day 9</p> <p>Process day 9</p> <p>Process day 10I deleted turbosmooth to take this screenshot, we can see that now its a single and not double-spiked-spline, also, its regular unlike before. In order to make it regular I divided a large rectangular into several edges with equal squares and then I alligned it with the body, it was a hard process.</p> <p>Process day 11I continued to build he spine until the end of the tail. spikes where added.I manually changed the size of the spikes until they were tiny on the other edge ending in a final spike.</p> <p>Process day 12A lot of tiny changes, also replacing both arms again until I liked how they look, I did them apart and then attached them to the main body.</p> <p>Process day 12 &amp; 13</p> <p>Process day 13</p> <p>Process day 13I lowered the alien to give a more offensive position, added spikes on the lower part of the tail and adjusted the tails position to be the continuity of the torso as the sketch shows.</p> <p>Process day 14Other minor changes, such as rotating the left leg to add a more dynamic position and I took some photos.</p> <p>Process day 14</p> <p>Process day 14</p> <p>Process day 14</p> <p>Process day 15After the main character I started doing some eggs.The brighter shape on the right was the spline I created to add Lathe modifier(saw it in organic modelling slides in moodle), rotate it and created the egg, then I used bend on each upper part of the egg to open it like a flower.</p> <p>In bend properties I had to add 90 more on each side and placing the gizmo on the lower part of each folded part (on the same weight as the vertex on the V shaped gap).</p> <p>Process day 15Here I started to texturize! I started with the crown and the tongue to boost my motivation and because it was easier. I added blue to the top and red to the bottom of the crown to see if it was well divided.</p> <p>(yes, I had to open on-screen keyboard because macbook doesnt have printscreen button)!</p> <p>Process day 15Here I splited the tongue in two: the front part with teeth and the tail. The tail I used box mapping and the front part box mapping apart, and then organized in the mapping canvas.</p> <p>Process day 16 &amp; 17Then I moved on to the main body mapping. The crown and the tongue were pretty easy but the body wasnt.It was the same process but I had to have a LOT of mapping at once since it was a big piece. I stumbled upon a second issue. The application was always crashing when I was opening the pelt map, after some time frustrated and analyzing I found out that probably the problem was that my computer was out of memory. It has 8GB RAM but it needed more than that.Once again I asked for help in a forum and while waiting for an answer I started doing the powerpoint presentation.Nobody answered, never! After many attempts to go around the problem I found out that if I changed the vertices to faces it would open the pelt map(sometimes!!) without crashing, I managed to do all the unwrapping butit looked like the next picture:Process day 17 (last day)There were a lot of overlapped faces, I figured out that I had to pelt almost always to avoid this problem, I couldnt use normal mapping so much.</p> <p>Process day 17Before showing the final mapping of the body here is a picture to give an idea of the pelt seams in the body:</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)So, I was ready to start texturizing this! I changed the OS to mac because I had Photoshop(basically all apps there less 3ds max, only application available for windows only).</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)After MANY corrections, minor overlapped faces, other minor issues, corrections, adjusting the best textures, adjusting saturation, hue, brightness, adding effects suc as smudge stick, plastic wrap, poster edges, mosaic and others I finished the mapping for all the four pieces(I forgot to mencione the egg). I worked with a lot of layer manipulation in Photoshop.About materials, I added bump(the best map ever!!) and changed the intensity according to the object to fit better, the eggs for example have a higher specular level and medium glossines(90,25)s to have a high shine and reflection, the alien itself has a lower specular level and glossiness(50,10). In the movies the aliens have a lot of reflection but I decided that is better like this for the rendered images, also, like I said before, I changed details compared to the original character.The last day had a lot of progress(of course, I had to finish), but I planned and distributed well the time, because I was on time of doing what I wanted, the only problem was the pressure of knowing that the deadline was getting closer.I didnt work full-time, more on the last 2-3 days. This way I was more relaxed while doing my project.</p> <p>So the result was this:Process day 17(last day)</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)A first attempt to texturize, personally, in this picture the alien looks better, the absence of the elm, the combination with brown and the white lines create a good overall color balance.</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)I even had to sketch because the mapping was really confusing and complex.Basically there were two main textures: theskin and the armor. The armor was mainlyin the torso and also the head and bigger hands. The skin was on the beggining of the bigger arms, smaller arms, legs and also the side of the head.</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)It looks pretty simple, but the work between those slides was huge, creating seams, finding the best ones, folding, best mapping, pelting, relaxing and other tools. Texturizing, putting in the right position, several blending options on photoshop such as satin, shadow and others.For the egg I used Shell modifier because it had only faces on one side.I joined all the modifiers on the main character, bended the tail 4 times, also one arm of each pair and moved the left leg forward. All of this to create a dynamic position on the character (I moved the leg before but returned to symmetry to work, it was easier, even more because of the textures).</p> <p>Process day 17(last day)Next step: Scenario and lightning!</p> <p>I used soft selection for the sand on the ground and UV map to add the texture (box), added green omni lights inside the eggs and another one on the top and not hitting the edge of the scenario to create a good transition between the sand and the landscape at night. And finally, a smooth fog trough the environment and effects window(pressing 8 on keyboard).</p> <p>And Finally.</p> <p>...The Final Rendered Images</p> <p>Rendered images</p> <p>Lessons learnedIncreased modelling skills(inserting vertex, connecting edges, extruding);</p> <p>Learned and greatly increased how to map complex textures(seams, pelt, relax, unfold, flatten);</p> <p>A lot of tiny tricks were adquired(never connect three or more vertices at the same time, it creates overlapped edges);</p> <p>Now I know why professional models had two people working on it, one models it and the other texturizes, its not easy to texturize and I had a lot of detail on the model and the textures covered some of them (bones around the body for example).</p> <p>Perseverance is Priceless!Also, keeping (almost) always a extra save file as always!</p> <p>Final notesI started working at 9th of August, I had break days and there wasnt so many days where I worked all the time;I tried to use Zbrush for the details but I couldnt have access to it, so, all the modelling and unwrapping was made on Autodesk 3ds Max;I only used Photoshop for the textures;To reach the professional level I would have to add more details in the future and I would probably have to do turbosmooth twice and model after it for the smaller details.Once again, textures make a huge difference, and environment attributes such as fog and lights.I was lucky because I only had 40 minutes left after I finished everything.This is definitely one of the works I will put on my online portfolio!Planned vs archievedEverything that was planned was archieved! </p>