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<ol><li> 1. Alice, my best friend's mother Ch. 02ALICE, the mother of my best friend - SEQUELI urge you to read "Alice, mother of my best friend" before you start the new one. It isimportant to set the scene and characters. You can access by clicking on my name aboveand go to your profile, where is the link to the first story. Then come back here and try thesequel, which I sincerely hope will give as much pleasure as the opening story, it seems tohave done some people. Thank you for all your kind criticism - just tell me yourcomments, if I succeed in entertaining the reader or not. All the characters in this storyare 18 years or older. Enjoy it!Chapter One - Later this year .....After this incident with Alice, the mother of my best friend Terry, my sexual and emotionallife dramatically and permanently changed. I felt that I was suddenly grow rapidly. And Iwas absolutely and unconditionally and forever in love with Alice.Before that day, Alice was a beautiful fantasy, mature mother, adored friend of her son, butunattainable. Kind of dreamy beauty floating before my eyes, completely out of reachexcept my wildest imagination. And now, suddenly seemed within reach when my youthfulhead and heart still did not know how it could be achieved. But that did not stop the heartand body, wanting to Alice, even my head thinking about the maximum fulfillment withher; It was what seemed like a holy grail, as I look back on many years later.I wanted to be with her, love her, have her marry her. Do it alone.It did not matter that it was a real grown up and I was a school child of eighteen, a youngadult; It did not matter that Terry's mother. I felt that my immature way that my friend willunderstand. He knew nothing, of course, nothing of what happened between us, the daywhen my mother took his beloved's hand and gave me a powerful sexual experience of heryoung life. And now I can not even begin to discuss it with him. But, as I say something, toshare my very mixed, but heartfelt emotions with my best friend - as we shared almosteverything else.From the side, Alice acted for some time as if nothing had happened between us. AlthoughI was able to find the courage, even if it was that moment of privacy when I could talk toher, it would be an important step for me to take the matter up. This was particularlydifficult because Terry and I were almost always together. It seemed that I would never bealone with Alice again in the same manner as it did that on Saturday morning accident inthe spring. My bowels yearned upon her.Whenever I spent my weekends and school breaks Terry house, I came withanticipation, trepidation, with trembling legs and pounding in the chest, not to mention mytwitching penis. Just think about Alice, where I was at home, at school, anywhere, from myheart beat faster, brought on a rapid sexual arousal. My penis responded spontaneously tothe vague thought of her slender body, long elegant legs, her large breasts grapefruit, palecleavage I had only once, and only once looked at and smelled very close. And that is what </li><li> 2. is happening now, every day, from morning till evening. Her soft hands that caressed myface and massaged my young cock in a wonderfully intense ejaculation, were still in mymind. I was lost in love and did not know what to do next. In addition, to celebrate theirlove for Alice indulging in frequent masturbation.At night, every night I could not sleep until I relived those few minutes of Alice gentleministrations to my turgid penis. I held my penis as she did, turning his hand around sobulbous head resting in my palm, fingers stretched along it and rubbed ever so gently, as itshould. And then, with eyes closed, whispering Alice's name, I come quickly, blasting hardinto their own hands and imagine that Alice was a woman's hand.I went to sleep thinking about it. I woke up thinking about her. When I woke up, I wasagain difficult - for Alice.I lived for the weekend I would spend on Terry's house. I had my best friend, our sport andentertainment together, and I was Alice, the focus of all my youthful love and unbridled,but secret desires.On the part of Alice, there was only one change at all, but it was a very important change.When we were at Terry's house, at the table, and Alice hovers around us, serving food andspoil us, as usual, when I occasionally touched. It was almost nothing, but my heartskipped a beat and my already hard cock jerk too. She had a habit of ruffling Terry hairquite often, or squeezing his throat, causing him to duck his head and twist. One day, aftersome ribald remark or else it ruffled our hair, Terry and down at the same time. It was abig leap forward for me, and my chest swelled with hope and anticipation. I could not helpbut smile with pride inside. It was the first time I felt her soft hand on me from the groundbreaking day for several weeks before, when her hand got my seminal fluid and her fingerssqueezed my youthful head of the penis for the last time, milking residual liquid dropletsand pleasure from me.I waited impatiently for the next opportunity that would touch me, and it became a ritualevery time we were at the table; enough to just say something funny to laugh at her andstarted teasing. And at times, touching.Chapter Two - Summer ......Spring slipped and we fell in summer and at the end of the school year, I started thinkingabout how to get a job after the tests were done. Terry and I are both doing very well atschool, academically and in sports. Terry, smarter of the two of us had plans to stay andcontinue their education in college or high school, but I'd had enough; I wanted to get outof school, work, earn money, be an adult, so I started looking for opportunities andcareers.During this period of mild summer weather, which now begins, Terry and I carried onspending our free time together, but at the level of sport, we both sequentially andseparately devote its energies to professional events - caused by the approaching schoolsports competition and the desire to prove that we are the best. We were strong, fit, fast;We can do anything, any event, and did it well, but we were happy to impress everyone,especially girls around my school. So we decided to go for training and intense practice,each in its own way. To show the world that we were the winners, perhaps future </li><li> 3. champions, we have worked hard to be the best.Terry, one of the best runners in the school more than 440 yards or more, concentratinghard on his running and I went to jump. I was good at sprints, but I knew that there wasone or two who might have an advantage on the big day, so I worked on the weights at thelocal gym to improve your leg strength and jumping technique. These days, western rolewas the main style taught in school, but for a while I was watching the technique ofveterans of Russia, Valery Brumel and others, and managed to get a clean Stacking I knewthat allow me to improve my height. The newly developed and much discussed technique,which eventually became known as the "Fosbury Flop" was excluded because the school didnot super-soft landing pads, such as those in international fora. We could not risk breakingour necks falls headfirst into the sand. But with my rapidly improving straddle, barringaccidents, muscle or nerve injury technical errors, I knew I had to win the senior highjump, although there were others older than me, in the title. I was going to go through sixfeet barrier, and I one day hope the new British high jumps, much needed after so manyyears without a real world champion. I believed it.The tests were completed, I felt confident about the upcoming results, so at the end of theschool year approached a school sports day rushed at us, I felt really good about myworkouts. And after one or two successful interviews for jobs, I was getting more and moreconfident about my future.I also felt more confident around girls my age.I began to see Susan, who was a student in the same year during this period. My head andmy heart was full of Alice, but more and more, Susan began to come in my adolescentthoughts. Slowly but surely, my interest in Alice was abducted at odd times existenceSusan. She was slim and slender, with curly brown hair and I found it really pretty, withher deep brown eyes, a small nose and generous mouth, big smile. We first began to speakcorrectly during a school trip, when we were sitting together on the coach for two and ahalf hours on the way there. While driving our hands brushed, and I remembered from thecinema with Terry and his mother, Alice's arm when the pressure was enough to start frommy throbbing erection in a darkened Salle. Susan and I got on so well that I'm the one wasdisappointed when the first part of the day was over and we were obliged to leave the busat lunch, a tour of the castle followed by a nature ramble in separate groups.Later, at the end of a long afternoon, tired from our walk, Susan and I quite naturally andspontaneously joined up again and sat down on the coach side by side on the returnjourney. Seeing her wonderful open smile when he dropped into his seat in front of me, Ihad a feeling that she was so glad to see me as I see it. I noticed for the first time, too, hertiny waist and Pert ass under her school summer dress as they climbed the stairs to thecoach.Despite my "experience" with Alice, I have a long way to find a real confidence and overallease with the girls. But I soon felt quite at ease with Susan, and we were able to find plentyof things to talk about - especially about the school, courses, and sports. Susan was in theschool football team, and I noticed it before, the school netball court during matches. Itwas not a bad player at all, despite being small, and her slim shapely legs to impress me,out in the harsh cold weather that eats meat pink. The nice thing about watching girls playfootball saw a real woman's legs and thighs, those parts that are usually well coveredwithin the school, showed how He jumped and ran and sports skirt flew into the design. A </li><li> 4. monitor all the more bouncing, pouting breasts on their nubile teenage bodies, especiallywhen it was cold when we could actually do their hard nipples under their Budding sportsblouses. There was always a good crowd gawping young male viewers for girls event,regardless of the sport.During the return journey from school that day out, I enjoyed the touch of Susanarm against mine as we subconsciously sat closer, and I could not help feeling more than alittle tumescent. As the journey continued, the conversation between Susan and I graduallyslowed, fatigue and rhythm coach finally took to the extent that the closed eyes and noddedoff. Within a few minutes, her arms pressed harder against mine, and her head fell slightlyon my shoulder. She was breathing deeply. I felt like I was on the first few hesitant stepstowards a new and very different sky, and it was great.I thought Alice, because lately, every time I had an erection, it's Alice, I thought. Now I hada very different kind of woman next to me. Much younger, pretty too, but inexperienced, Iguess. There was no smell of female perfume this time, his hands stroking no mother, nocleavage to look at. Only the beginnings of breast just visible under Susan school dressvague scent soap fragrance, a soft face and a nice schoolgirl pushing on my shoulder. Butit was enough to cause the flow of blood into the veins of my penis and wake up kind ofdesire that Alice did so often if she was around me or notMy natural instinct would be to masturbate, was that it is possible. For now, I just enjoyedthis new feeling that a girl my age, and is sexually stimulated by her presence, pressure onthe head on my shoulder and the rhythm of her breathing. I closed my eyes, leaned backand enjoying the moment and the throbbing in my penis all scrunched in my Y-fronts,before eventually finding it necessary to un-crunching him slyly, and allow proper bloodflow through the entire length of my now hard penis.The coach arrived, finally, at the school. Susan woke up, and we quickly gathered ourthings together to come down from the bus and go home. I stood timidly outside, waitingto appear and Susan managed to find the courage to ask her if she wants to meet one dayafter school. To my delight, she smiled a big smile and heart beating fast, I suggested awalk in the park, on the following Monday.This weekend I stayed at Terry's house. Alice house.As usual, I was pre-occupied by the presence of Terry's mother and her amazing beauty asshe did everything for us - food and so on. And as usual, I had an erection almostconstantly while she was in the room, even though it was not. The night before bedtime,regardless of the presence of Terry in his own bed next to me, I could not stop myself frommasturbating deliciously under the sheets, images Alice possessed my imagination, fueledmy strengths souvenirs of this break, which seemed so long ago, but so fresh in mymemory. But at the same time, small ideas Susan began to creep into fantasy.This weekend, Alice said with a smile that will once again adorn the spare bedroom. Roomin question was, it seemed, a total disgrace for a couple of years, full of unused things, oldfurniture, old toys Terry from way back, "glory hole" as Alice called it. Now is the time toclear it completely and make it into a proper guest bedroom, she said.And I was the first guest in the new guest room. </li><li> 5. I was bowled over by this sudden announcement. I have my own bedroom with Terry -House Alice! My mind just boggled. My own private bedroom, private sink, my ownwardrobe. My own personal space. This means firstly that I could masturbate in completeprivacy, as often as I liked without having to think about it, Terry, that in the same room. Ilet my imagination run much further than that. I began to fantasize about sharing my newroom with Alice, the long nights of passion with the object of my eternal desire, eventhough I knew it was far from reality, a fantastic young as I was.Whatever would happen next, it was the most wonderful news I could imagine, and Iwelcomed it with enthusiasm any gender-driven youth. I readily agreed, giving them a handand make a run next weekend at clearing space.Three - Susan ....The following Monday I met Susan for the first time after school. He was a shy, hesitant atfirst meeting, and we continued talking, when we did the coach during a school trip,learning about the pieces together. But this time, after an hour of walking in the park nearwhere she lived, I hesitantly took her hand. To my surprise and delight, did not pull hishand back; She squeezed my hand and smiled at me. I knew it would be fine, and my peniswas very hard in no time at all, holding her small, soft hand first. I was so hard and so fastthat my foreskin was pulled back into the fabric of my Y-fronts, exposing my headuncovered his prick into sharp and uncomfortable friction.I tried to walk normally, which was not easy. We walked and talked, and eventua...</li></ol>