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  • 1. Alexandra Kepler
    Spring, 2011

2. Teaching Philosophy
I view teaching as the chance to share ones love of learning with students in order to encourage a life-long interest in intellectual growth.Students should view school as a place where they can use their individual talents to achieve challenging and empowering goals.Teachers must also convey the importance of this learning environment by remaining consistent, equitable, and inspired.Effective and positive classroom management is the foundation that makes the flourishing of academic growth and student confidence possible.While content knowledge is extremely valuable, exceptional leadership skills, an optimistic disposition, and a great appreciation for learning and teaching most accurately determine the level of success, engagement, and fun students and teachers experience together.
3. Credentials & Professional Materials
Undergraduate Transcript from The College of William and Mary
Graduate Transcripts from James Madison and Drexel Universities
Praxis Exam Scores
VCLA Score
Child Abuse and Neglect Certificate of Course Completion
Letter of Recommendation
See Appendix A
4. Classroom Management
Maintaining interest involves shared passions
Teachers and students expressing ideas freely and confidently is critical to confidence and overall well-being
Independence and responsibility maximized with appropriate rehearsing and training
High expectations determine effort levels
Classroom organization as a tool to support learning and communication
Cooperation is key to engagement
Click on the attached link to view a town hall meeting that I organized as a culminating project for our air pollution unit.The students really enjoyed this simulation and I enjoyed watching them incorporate learning from the previous four days in class.The password is ais
5. Classroom Environment

  • Student-centered learning environment

6. Student work is visible 7. Confident expression of ideas integral to the generation of original thought 8. Utilizing class websites helps manage paper management leading to a tidy and efficient classroom 9. Strategic placement of desks permits easy navigation of classroom and multiple assessment opportunities 10. Encouraging students to feel accountable for their learning and each other adds to their engagement and commitment