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Thriller Opening Sequence Alex Patrick-Smith 2015 The Decoy

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  1. 1. Thriller Opening Sequence Alex Patrick-Smith 2015 The Decoy
  2. 2. Conventions We Needed to ensure our sequence was unique in a crowded marketplace We decided to do this by including suggestions of modern day issues such as racial intolerance and terrorism. We also decided to avoid the clich of opening the film with a chase scene. Instead we wanted to build tension by showing interactions between the characters but without divulging to much of the films plot. We wanted to get the audience asking questions which would be answered as they continued to watch the film. As we were using a spy thriller format main stream films such as the James Bond films were our main comparison. The conventions of such films are that the audience often sees the villain planning or carrying out the crimes early in film so that they are ahead of the films hero and are drawn in to cheering on that hero as they uncover the villains plans. We followed this convention by showing the shady meeting and transfer of a suspect package during the opening sequence
  3. 3. Social Groups We have decided to not segregate social groups in our product because we are trying to get the message out that it does not matter what you look like because everybody is the same and it will make people question who they think are the real enemy. Having said that Social groups are not always defined by Skin colour or external looks. Groups can be formed among those of similar religious leanings or similar lifestyle outlooks. In cities social groupings can show up in the form of gangs where individuals need to wear identifying insignia or clothing to show their membership of a particular group. In our introduction sequence we have deliberately attempted to avoid any distinction between different characters so that the audience will judge the characters by their actions alone and avoid pre-assessment based purely on looks, clothing or other social markers. Our target audience are mainly younger adults who we believe are far more open minded about social groupings than some older members of the public
  4. 4. Distribution The UK company Metrodome would be able to distribute our film because it mainly produces low budget thriller films to be viewed by a niche market. Also a big company would want to take a look at it because the public are very interested in thriller espionages and so this could be a big hit if a big company picked it up and chose it.
  5. 5. Audience Overall our video would contain a lot of realistic violence and so would be aimed at an adult market. Our film would need to contain violence to depict a relevant story and to keep the audience interested otherwise it would seem like there would never be a real motive in the whole of the film and therefore would not be very interesting to watch. We attracted and addressed the audience by using a variety of marketing skills to entice people to come and look at the film. For example we created a poster that people would see so that the word would get spread around about this new up and coming film. We also would create a trailer for the film which would try and make it look as exciting as possible to get the audiences attention and make them think that it would be a good film to watch.
  6. 6. Technologies We feel like that we have learnt a lot about film and animation technologies during the construction of this product. For example we have learnt more about how to use the Adobe program Premier Pro for editing. I have learnt how to cut down videos and the importance of accuracy in creating smooth edits. We also learned how to render our work effectively and efficiently therefore enhancing our editing skills and ability to use available technology. Furthermore, we have also learnt how to use DSLR cameras in a more efficient way. For example we now know how to change the ISO settings and why this is important. This helps improve specific shots within our two minute video so while we are learning these new techniques with technology, it is also improving our video as we get through this process. We also learned how to create stunning effects using the DSLR camera and tanks of ink and water and how digital camera settings can help to automate processes for capturing these effects.
  7. 7. Lessons Learned I feel like we have learned many things throughout the course of making this product. Firstly, we have learned that to work in a group we all need to work together and to keep communication going within the group otherwise the project will just fall apart like ours did at certain points. We have also learnt that you always need to play to peoples strengths in tasks like this because it will enable them to go to there full potential and also have fun while doing it. This links back to how you always need to maintain communication with your group at all times so that this can all happen. Overall the task has taught us the importance of communication in any team project or task. Looking back at the preliminary task and seeing the final sequence we have created in our team I realise how much we have learned about the complexities of making a short film sequence and the number of different elements that have to be considered even before filming begins. Filming itself was more complex than I had expected, having to ensure continuity and think about the final edit even though scenes were often filmed out of order.
  8. 8. The Decoy Alex Patrick-Smith, Jordan Brown, Benoit Ganesan, Georgie Druce, Shawnean Milton