alessio murroni - cambium networks - rural broadband: connect the unconnected & the under-connected

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Alessio Murroni's presentation to the INCA Rural Broadband Seminar, Reaching the Final 10% on 20/11/13 in London



2. CAMBIUM NETWORKS Industry leader in Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point IP Wireless Broadband Solutions Spin out of Motorola Solutions (Nov 2011) The only vendor which covers both unlicensed and licensed frequency bands in Point-to Point and Point-to-Multipoint Uniquely positioned to deliver breakthrough scalability, reliability, and secure outdoor broadband solutions More than 4.5 million radios shipped to thousands of networks in over 150 countries Global Company with local presence in 25 + countries 3. CAMBIUMS TECHNOLOGY Benefits of Fixed WirelessPoint to Point (PTP)Fixed wireless is the most cost High-speed wireless data linkeffective solution for deployingbroadband connectivity:between two sites GigaBit bandwidth linksPoint to Multipoint (PMP) Last mile access and distribution Up to 125 Mbps x AP Up to 1.5 Gbps x towerScalable Reliable Outdoor Performance 4. CAMBIUM NETWORKS VISION AND MISSIONConnecting the Unconnected ResiliencyScalabilityPerformanceAFFORDABILITYSecurity 5. CAMBIUM PMP WIRELESS ACCESSBENEFITSPMP BROADBAND SOLUTIONS Consistent coverage across large service areas Multiple solutions meeting all budgets and bandwidth needs Supports voice, video and symmetrical data Incredibly reliable field proven technology No trenching, boring, or copper needed Can be installed rapidly Can support VoIP, Video and Cloud access Flexible solution which can be adapted to your needsCopyright 2013 Cambium Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved.5 6. INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER NETWORKSCopy right 2011 Cam bium Netw 6 orks, 7. EU DEFINITION NEXT GENERATION ACCESSThe term next generation access (NGA) is commonly used to describe the requirement of fibre coming closer to the end-user, or providing the direct connection. As a result, the copper or cable wire is to a larger extent or fully replaced with fibre-optic technology. Wirelesstechnologies can also be considered as NGAs. Indeed, wireless can provide a vital option to extend and improve broadband coverage. 7 8. WHAT IS CAMBIUM DOING IN UK? Airband was selected by the Worcestershire County Council Cabinet to deliver enhanced broadband services to 14 parish communities that applied for grant funding, and were identified as being in the final 10% of areas which may not otherwise receive more than 2Mbps download speedsAirband chose Cambiums PMP450 and PTP600 solutions as they will enable Next Generation Access speeds of 24Mbps and above in areas with low bandwidths, and those that are currently without broadband. The carrier-grade solution will enable Airband to offer wide-range connectivity, scalability and high reliability for small and medium enterprises and residents in the rural areaThis project is also a break though as BDUK rubber stamped the project for state aide support to use Cambium Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) broadband technology. This will give confidence to other councils that Cambium FWA is a technology that will provide a real benefit to rural areas, nowCopyright 2013 Cambium Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved.8 9. WHAT IS CAMBIUM DOING IN EUROPE? Milan April 2013 NGI, leading italian Service Provider and Cambium Networks, strengthened their collaboration to deploy EOLOwave access technology throughout Italy. NGI has just named Cambium Networks as its Best Partner for 2013, with plans to deliver wireless broadband innovation for residents and businesses across the country.Cambium and NGI are working together to develop EOLOwave so that it offers ultra-broadband 30Mb/s speeds, which have been set as a key goal by the European Digital Agenda. The EOLOwave platform has been designed by NGI and Cambium Networks using the PMP 450 infrastructure to further improve efficiency and management related to the uses specifically required by the EOLO network The fact that Italys largest wireless operator has chosen to work with Cambium demonstrates the quality of our products and the expertise that we can provide.This is an exciting time for broadband in Europe Copyright 2013 Cambium Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved.9 10. NEXT GEN NETWORKS NEED WIRELESSCopyright 2012 Cambium Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.10 11. CHOOSE CAMBIUM FOR FIXED WIRELESS ACCESSThank You Copyright 2012 Cambium Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.11