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Challenging Learning James Nottingham

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Slides used with Alderbrook School, Solihull on 8th April 2011


  • 1. Challenging Learning

2. Praise can make pupils scared of challenge
Our praise often teaches pupils that easy success means they are intelligent and, by implication, that errors and effort mean they are not.
Prof Carol Dweck, Mindset
3. Focusing on learning
Pupils show greater motivation, are better behaved and are more likely to be independent and strategic thinkers when teachers are not obsessed by grades.
If there is one new thing we need in our school system right now, it is a well-developed focus on learning.
Chris Watkins, Institute of Education, Aug 2010
From an analysis of 100 international studies on how children learn
4. Carol Dweck
5. The effects of different types of praise
Mueller and Dweck, 1998
In six studies, 7th grade students were given a series of nonverbal IQ tests.
6. Mueller and Dweck, 1998
Intelligence praise
Wow, thats a really good score. You must be smart at this.
Process praise
Wow, thats a really good score. You must have tried really hard.
Control-group praise
Wow, thats a really good score.
7. Number of problems solved on a 3rd test
8. Boys get 8 times more criticism than girls
9. The effects of praise
You do your best swimming when you concentrate and try your best to do what Chris is asking you to do
What a beautiful ballerina!
10. Number of students who lied about their score
11. John Hatties Visible Learning (2009)
12. Feedback is a major influence on learning
InfluenceEffect SizeDomain

  • (1) Self-report grades1.44Student

13. (2) Piagetian programs1.28Student 14. (3) Formative evaluation0.90Teaching 15. (4) Micro teaching0.88Teacher 16. (5) Acceleration 0.88School 17. (6) Classroom behavioural0.80School 18. (7) Interventions for SEN0.77Teaching 19. (8) Teacher clarity0.75Teacher 20. (9) Reciprocal teaching0.74Teaching 21. (10) Feedback0.73Teaching 22. (11) Staff-student relationships0.72Staff 23. (12) Spaced vs. mass practice0.71Teaching