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1. Demand Response in Complex Buildings The Missing PieceApril 7, 2011 George Plattenburg, PE Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing Advanced Load Control Alliance Meeting San Antonio, Texas 2. Topics

  • What Are Complex Buildings
  • Why Complex Buildings Dont Participate in DR
  • Need for Education
  • Getting Inside the Skin TMof a Building
  • Creating the DR Recipe
  • Leveraging Existing Assets and Knowledge
  • ManualandAutomatic DR (notversus )
  • Supplemental Measures
  • Integrated System for DR in Complex Buildings
  • Following the DR Recipe
  • Why Complex Building DR is So Important

3. Who Participates in Demand Response Today?

  • Industrial Customers
    • Curtailable Load
    • High Correlation between Electricity and COGS
    • Back-up Generators
  • Residential Customers
    • Air Conditioning Duty Cycling
    • Time of Use Rates
  • National Accounts
    • Retailers
    • Grocery and Drug Stores
    • EMS standards and NOC

4. What is Missing?

  • Complex Buildings: Biggest missing piece of your demand response resource

5. What Are Complex Buildings? 6. Large Office Buildings 7. Hotels and Resorts 8. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities 9. Servidyne and Complex Buildings

  • Founded in 1925
  • Energy Engineering expertise for 30+ years
  • NASDAQ listed since 1983
  • Sole Focus Optimizing operational efficiency of existing buildings
  • Audits, RCx, Demand Side Projects, Benchmarking, Sustainability
  • We understand complex buildings from the standpoint of owners and operators
  • Added Fifth Fuel Management TMdemand responses services in 2009

10. Why Complex Buildings Dont Participate in DR

  • Education
  • Staffing
  • Focus on occupants tenants, guests, patients
  • Building engineers dont want to be fired
  • Minimum program requirements
  • Not enough incentive

11. Need for Education

  • Owners and operators dont really understand demand response
  • Lack of program flexibility can force a quick no
    • Length of an event
    • Requirement to deliver contracted capacity (no opt in and out)
    • Complex tariffs or penalties

Important Lesson: Utility representatives and marketing results are the most effective for one reason Trust 12. Need for Education An Example Regency Hill Country Resort Regency San Antonio 13. Inside a Complex Building 14. Inside the Skin TMDemand Response

  • Demand Response Assets exist inside a buildings skin
    • Chilled water production and pumping
    • Air distribution efficiency
    • Space temperature conditions
    • Space lighting conditions
    • Decorative water features
    • Kitchen and ice-making equipment
    • Laundry equipment
    • Makeup and exhaust air delivery
    • People moving

15. Inside the Skin TMDemand Response 16. Inside the Skin TMDemand Response 17. Creating the DR Recipe

  • Interest created through marketing and dialogue
  • Begin with phone call to qualify opportunity
    • Can customer meet minimum requirements?
  • Conduct a demand response audit
    • Identify every system that truly contributes to peak
    • Identify all available control systems
    • Perform in conjunction with building personnel
    • Engineering estimates and actual measurements
    • Quantify value of each Demand Response Measure
    • Ensure compliant meters on site
  • Customer enthusiasm increases with knowledge and participation

RECIPE Marketing & D Phone call DR Audit Knowledge & particip 18.

  • Granular detail on each demand response measure
  • Identify measures that require manual action
  • Stagger events to accommodate personnel and avoid post-event snap back
  • Provide written plan to engineering staff
  • Communicate plan in person and/or on the phone
  • Send the recipe to building staff as a reminder before each and every called event
  • Critical to conduct an on site test

Writing the DR Recipe 19. Demand Response Recipe 20. Leveraging Existing Assets & Knowledge

  • The best DR resources for utilities are reliable, persistent, and cost effective
  • The best participation tools for complex buildings are also reliable, persistent, and cost effective
  • Most complex buildings have critical success pieces in place already
    • EMS
    • Lighting Controls
    • Staff Knowledge
  • Leverage these existing assets to minimizes costs and optimize results

21. EMS 22. EMS 23. Lighting Controls 24. Lighting Controls 25. Leveraging these Assets

  • Load shed strategy programs exist
    • Space temperatures
    • Pressures and flows
    • Lighting levels
    • On and off
  • Many in use for demand charge limiting
  • Others can be enabled & used for DR participation
  • On site staff and their vendors can modify and add programming as necessary
  • These demand response assets become automated

26. Manual AND Automatic

  • Some measures are easily automated cost effectively
  • Automated measures respond to a utilitys dispatch signal
  • Manual measures require human interaction
  • Some measures must be manual because:
    • Economic constraints
    • Technology limitations
    • Size of load shed involved
    • Need to maintain on site decision making
  • Of these, the last obstacle is the most critical one for complex buildings

27. Why Is Manual Necessary?

  • Landlord and tenant relationship
  • Special events (weddings, meetings)
  • Life safety
  • Not all measures lend themselves to being fully automated at all times
  • Local building engineers will need to maintain digital or analog control over some measures on some days these are supplemental measures

28. Supplemental Measures May Include

  • Lighting control schemes
  • Temperature control resets
  • Plug loads and soft stuff
  • Tenant participation
  • These measures may be fully available most of the time but not all
  • Can the utility live with this diversification in DR load forecasting?
  • Utility offerings should reflect your answer to avoid mutual disappointment & to maximize complex building DR participation

29. Integrating Manual and Automatic Measures

  • Need a single dispatch system
  • Use email with tracking and stamping for manual
  • Need an open protocol gateway controller for automatic
  • Customer feedback on manual measures ideal
  • Need utility and customer dashboards

30. Integrated DR System for Complex Buildings Utility Dashboard JACE 31. Servidynes Learnings to Date

  • In Complex Buildings
    • On average, 60 to 80% of available Demand ResponseAssets lend themselves to cost effective automation
  • Approximately 10 to 15% of peak demand can effectively be reduced through Inside-the-Skin TMdemand response
  • Clarity, dialogue, and program simplicity may drive participation as much as incentive
  • Timely post-event feedback enhances success

32. Importance of Following the DR recipe

  • Communication is key to success at all phases
    • Share the demand response audit
    • Send out the DR recipe initiation steps pre-event
    • Dispatch automated measures during an event
    • Send out the DR recipe restoration sequences post-event
    • Call the customer asap if results don


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