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1. Album Cover Mock Ups I have decided to make some album cover mock ups to experiment with my skills in Photoshop. I used some of my existing photos and just edited them then used a couple of different fonts I like that I could use on my own product. 2. For the first mock up, I decided to use a photo from my photography work which I thought would look good if I blurred it. To do this, I first went on filter then converted the file for smart filters. After doing this I selected motion blur (one of the many options out of the blur section) and I selected the angle and how much I wanted it blurred, which I can see in the preview above before I press ok. 3. I then cropped the photo into a square, so it looked like an album front cover. I did this by using the crop tool which you can see above. I then pressed ok for the cropping and you can see the result on the next screenshot. 4. I then got one of the fonts from the options I looked at and deleted the white background so it was just black text. I did this by using the magic wand tool then selecting the colour white then just clicking delete. This then got rid of the white background and I was able to drag it across to the photo. I then did the same with the album name. Below is the final result. This is the final result for my first mock up. I really like this and I think the text is good because it stands out. The only problem is if this were a real product, the album and artist name is quite difficult to read at some parts because it is in black so I would have to change the colour of it with it being on such a dark background. 5. As I said, if this were a real product, I would have to change the colour of the black text to make it more visible. I decided to try this and use my Photoshop skills to do so. I first got the paint bucket tool so that I could fill in the album/artist name. I then clicked on the colour picker so I could choose the colour I wanted. As this is just a mock up, I decided to just choose the colour white. I then pressed ok and was able to fill in the letters. 6. I used the paint bucket tool after choosing the colour white to fill in the black text. I did this on both the album name and the artist name. Below is the finished result. This is the second mock up album cover. I think this looks a lot better to the first because you can actually see the text this time so you are able to easily make out what it says. If this were an existing product I think it would be successful because even though it is basic, I feel as though it is a nice simple look and would work for an upcoming artist. I like how the background is blurred out, making the text the focus of the album. Obviously these were only mock ups so I havent included all the conventions but if this were a real product I was making I would know to add all the other things to follow the conventions. 7. For this mock up, I did similar and used a blur effect but decided to change it up a bit and use radial blur instead. On this one you cant preview how much it will blur but I decided to just do it subtly as I hadnt done it before. This is the finished result. I obviously followed what I did for the text on the previous screenshots to get the text on. I really like this one and even though it is quite simple, I think it still stands out due to the colour. When showing my friend, he said it reminded him of the existing artist Miguels album Kaleidoscope Dream album cover. I find this really interesting because I wasnt intending for it to look anything like an existing album. 8. This is another of my mock ups. I took this photo in New York and I think it looks really simplistic. I decided to edit this by using colour balance. I played around a bit with the colouring until I was satisfied with a colour. As you can see I experimented a few times with the colour red and also a green/blue colour. 9. As I said, I experimented a bit with the colour until I was satisfied and I really liked this blue colour so I decided to use it. I then followed the same way to edit the text and then added the text to the photo. Below is the finished result. This is the finished result. I really like this one as I think it looks really professional and therefore good enough for an existing product. The only thing I would change about it is probably the font size as normally albums have either the artist or font name a different size. 10. This is the final mock up and was the most technical. This is something I am looking at doing for my own product. To do this I got the brush and then went on colour picker. The blue colour and the pink colour signify the sex of the persons hand. As my video involves a boy and a girl as love interests I thought this was a good idea. Also, the song is called Hold On and the hands look as though they are fighting to hold on. I then got the brush and coloured the hands in. If I were to do something like this as my real product obviously I would try a lot harder to make it look more professional.