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The famous Carcassonne dwellerALBERT FERT

Did You know thatBiographyContribution to the world scienceAchievements & awardsReferencesOWERVIEW

Did you know thatHe was elected to the French Academy of Sciences (2004)Now hes 76 years oldHes author of 7 books about physicsHes an emeritus professor at Universit Paris-Sud in OrsayAlbert Fert was born 7 March 1938

His father professor of physics at university

His mother professor of economics at lyceumBiography

During the WW2 his father, Charles Fert, was captured by German troops and released in June 1945During the occupation Albert and his brother lived in Toulouse with their grandparents

After the war the family reunited in Toulouse where Albert went to school

Influenced by father, he was interested in physics and maths, but also loved literature, arts and rugby

During the studies Fert prepared himself for exams in the cole Normale Suprieure in ParisHe was admitted in 1957. There he studied physics and was engaged in photography, cinema and jazz

Albert Fert graduated in 1962 Lcole normale suprieure

He received his Ph.D. (doctorat de troisime cycle) and his Sc.D. (doctorat des sciences) in 1963 both from the Orsay Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris.Contribution to the world science

In 1988 Fert discovered the Giant magnetoresistance effect (GMR) in multilayers of iron and chromium

One of the main applications of the GMR is magnetic field sensors, e.g. in:

hard disk drivesbiosensors

detectors of oscillations in MEMS

Achievements and awardsAmerican Physical Society's International Prize for New Materials (1994)Grand prix de physique Jean Ricard of the French Physical Society (1994)International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Magnetism Award (1994)Hewlett-Packard Europhysics Prize (1997)Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Gold Medal (2003)Wolf Prize in Physics (2006)Japan Prize (2007)Nobel Prize in Physics (2007)presentation by Eevarn Maximovforcarcassonne.weebly.com