albania. find albania albania capital of albania: tirana

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  • Albania

  • Find Albania

  • Albania

  • Capital of Albania: Tirana

  • Capital of Albania: Tirana(Mother Teresa Square)

  • Capital of Albania: Tirana

  • Albania is a mountainous country

  • She is a Nobel Prize winner from Albania and she worked in the slums of India. Who is she?Mother Teresa

    Marie Curie

    Emilia Earhart

  • Albanias coast is along the Ionian Sea and which other Sea?North SeaAdriatic SeaCaribbean Sea?

  • Albania is located on the Balkan Peninsula, this country is NOT, what country is it? TurkeyBulgariaSerbia

  • Before the First Balkan War Albania gained independence, what year was that? 194518401912

  • After WW II, which Russian supported party came into power?CommunistDemocraticFederalist


  • The capital of this country is Athens. What country is it?GermanyGreeceNorway

  • The capital of this country is Bucharest and it borders the Black Sea. What country is it?EnglandRomaniaBrazil

  • During WW II, this country was taken over by Russia and Germany. What country is it?SwedenItalyPoland

  • Most households in this country are heated by geothermal energy. What country is it?ItalyIceland Germany

  • This country is named for Christopher Columbus. What country is it?Columbia HaitiCosta Rica

  • 88% of the population are descendents of European setters. What country is it?JamaicaBrazilUruguay

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