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ALB Jeopardy!. Adapted from a design from the James Madison Center, JMU. ALB Jeopardy!. Beetle Biology – 20. “ALB” Is the abbreviation for this insect. Beetle Biology – 40. These are three identifying characteristics of ALB. Beetle Biology – 60. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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ALB Jeopardy!Adapted from a design from the James Madison Center, JMU

1Beetle Biology 20ALB Is the abbreviation for this insect3Category 1 - 10Who Needs Trees? 20This is the albs favorite host tree8

BEETLES IN DISGUISE 20This photo most accurately depicts ALB12313Hurting Our Hardwoods - 20Define oviposition pit18Eradication Efforts 20This is the number of infested host trees removed so far in Massachusetts23Beetle Biology 40These are three identifying characteristics of ALB4Category 1 - 20

Beetles in Disguise 40The photo that shows an ALB12314Hurting our Hardwoods 40Most tree damage is caused during this phase of the alb life cycle19Eradication Efforts 40The ages of the Worcester infestation and Boston infestation24Beetle Biology 60Although it can fly as far as 1.5 miles, the ALB is more likely to travel to previously uninfested areas this way5Who Needs Trees? - 60These are examples of ONE local and ONE regional impact of tree loss10

Beetles in Disguise 60These characteristics indicate that this is not ALB:15Hurting Our Hardwoods 60These are two signs that a hole in a tree was made by alb20Eradication Efforts 60The establishment of quarantine zones is important for this reason25Beetle Biology 80This is the number of eggs a female alb can lay in one season6Who Needs Trees? 80ALB arrived in the USA in this type of material11

Beetles in Disguise 80You can tell that this (choose one) damage was actually caused by alb because12316Hurting Our Hardwoods 80Define and Describe frass21Eradication Efforts 80This Is one tool used to help direct survey efforts26Beetle Biology - 100This is the scientific name for the Asian longhorned beetle7Who Needs Trees? 100These are two types of trees that are NOT host trees12Beetles in Disguise 100This is the number of species of longhorned beetles in Massachusetts17Hurting Our Hardwoods 100What is done to a tree when it is found to be infested with alb22Eradication Efforts 100This is one way that you can help stop the spread of the Asian longhorned beetle27