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    3 Learn how to play Bicycle Quidditch! FREE HP Rubbers!


    How to play quidditch / bicycle quidditch pg.1 Month Horoscopes pg.5 Book review pg.6 Surveys pg.8 Interview with Emma Watson pg.10 Buck-beak and Dragons pg.12 Potter poems pg.14 Harry Potter jokes pg.15 Daily Prophet pg.16 Quizzes pg.18 Spells Pg.20

  • How to play quidditch So that you can have a little non-muggle fun. What you will need: 14 players (7 for each team) 1 quaffle 14 broomsticks (1 for each player) 2 bludgers 1 snitch Steps: 1. There are 3 chasers on each team. Their job is to throw the quaffle to each other and to score through the 6 hoops. 2. There is a keeper for each team, they try to protect the other teams from scoring through the hoops. 3. There are 2 beaters for each team that hit the bludgers. Bludgers try to knock players off their brooms. 4. There is a seeker who tries to catch the snitch, if they do the game stops and they earn their team 150 points. Pg. 1

  • 5. If you get the quaffle in the hoop you earn 20 points. The aim of the game is to have the most points by the end of the game. (The longest game has lasted for 3 months) Now you can have a little non-muggle fun. The Snitch is the small golden one.

    The Quaffle is the big red one. The bludgers are the brown ones. HOW TO PLAY BICYCLE QUIDDITCH

    This is the equivalent to Quidditch, but it`s for

    Muggles. WHAT YOU NEED: pg. 2

  • This has been continued from previous page 14 players 7 for each team, all on bikes: 3 chasers to score goals 1 keeper to protect their teams goals 2 beaters to hit away the Bludgers 1 seeker to catch the Snitch 1 Golden Snitch probably a tennis ball 1 Quaffle probably a footy 2 Bludgers any two balls that are the same size and shape 6 HOOPS 1 REFFEREE WHAT TO DO: 1:while players are sorting out teams, the referee hides the Golden Snitch 2: the seekers job is to try and find the golden snitch 3:the chasers pass the Quaffle to each other while trying to score a goal in the other teams hoops. But they have to be careful that the other teams chasers don`t get the Quaffle. 4: the keeper tries to stop the other team scoring. You score a goal by throwing the Quaffle into one of the hoops. 5:beaters hit off the bludgers with bats, and then throw the Bludgers to the other team to try and hit them. 6: the team who wins is the first team to find the Snitch. Pg. 3

  • Magical Me by Gilderoy Lockhart Youll need it for school so come by at Gilderoys shop at 1:00 august 2nd (autographs include)

  • January You are sporty and strong therefore you will play in the Quidditch World Cup February You are going to go to Hogwarts keen and ready but soon realise you are a squib March Your favourite animal is a snake because you can speak parcel tounge April You are delicate, kind and sweet which means you will go to the Bauxbatton Academy of Magic May You are strong, smart and magic-wise meaning you will go to Drumstrang June You will be a favoured student and a prefect at Hogwarts

    July You are going to one day be the headmaster of Hogwarts as you are very organised August You love the dark arts and will teach it as a teacher

    September You are a little clumsy with potions but a genius at charms October You are a Slytherin who loves scary things and are hardly ever frightened November You to will go to the bauxbattons and perfect transformation December You are brave and willing for adventure therefore you are in Gryffindor Pg.5

    Month Horoscopes

  • The Half-blood Prince I really enjoyed reading this and liked it when Harry and Dumbledore had secret meetings, also when Gryffindor were playing quidditch. On the other side it was surprising and disappointing when the locket was a fake. I rate it 4/5 wands.

    Pg. 6

  • Review Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I found it both interesting and exciting. I felt sad for Ron when he lost his rat. I also felt happy when harry won the Quidditch cup. I was happy for three days. But I have to admit; I was a little disappointed when there was no Voldomort. That really disappointed me. I rate this book 3/5 wands. I also recommend this book to 7-10000000000000000000 year olds . Pg.7

  • Conclusion I surveyed 32 grade 5 students. Most of the boys picked buck-beak and most of the girls picked buck-beak so clearly buck-beak is the favourite. Also with a surprizing and disappointing 1vote Harry lies at the bottom of the line. Buck-beak Buck-beak left

    0 2 4 6 8

    10 12

    Hermione Harry Ron Buck-beak Twins


    ber of People


    Which Harry Potter Characters do You Prefer?

    Girls Boys

    We will be giving more information on buck-beak and dragons on page 12. Pg.8

  • 0 2 4 6 8

    10 12

    dragon cat owl hippogriff


    ber of Peole


    Which Wizard Animal Do You Like Better?

    I think that most people voted for a dragon because A: they don`t know what you can use owls for. B: they see cats almost every day C: they haven`t got any idea what a hippogriff is. But I think if I showed them a picture of a hippogriff, more people would have voted for a hippogriff.

    Next time What is your favourite H.P movie? What is your favourite shop in Hogsmeade? Go onto to vote Pg.9

  • A.A chats with Emma Watson A.A What was your favourite scene to film? Emma Oh my goodness, (laughs), thats hard. Um, well, I did like using the time turner in the (pause) 3rd one. Oh yeah, and why? Well I guess it was fun and things, you know with the effects and stuff. A.A Were you nervous when you had to film your first movie? Emma Oh yeah, I guess I was. Dan kept on making me laugh so I got a few red cards and for a little bit I thought I was going to be replaced. But, that never happened. (Giggles) A.A Who are your two favourite H.P characters? Emma Of course I like Hermione thats obvious. And the other one Im not quiet sure. I think it might be, um, Ron. I dont know why. A.A What is your favourite spell and why? Emma Alohomora, because it was funny when like, I saw um, their faces when I stopped them losing house points, sorry I didnt know how to word that. Pg.10

  • A.A How did you feel on the last day of filming and what did you do after the last scene? Emma Well, after the last scene we had a party and yeah, it was a pretty emotional but fun night. I never thought the filming would end so quickly, meaning it was really fun especially when people cracked up (small laugh) A.A What was your favourite movie to film? Emma Punching Draco was pretty fun but I think the last one beats them all A.A Is the actor who plays voldomort actually really nice? Emma Defiantly, absolutely and any other words that mean that. A.A Do you still meet up with your friends from the movies, and if you do, who? Emma Well, I meet up with nearly everyone every second Friday night, so yes Pg.11

  • Buck-beak and dragons Buck-Beak: Buck-beak is a cute and clever creature. But you wouldnt want to get him angry because he can be very vicious. He is a type of creature called a hippogriff, which is kind of a mix between a unicorn and a hawk. In the 3rd Harry Potter Buck-Beak plays a very important role. Which includes helping Harry and Hermione save Serious and defeat the werewolves.

    Dragons: Dragons are very vicious and will do anything to save their egg. In the 4th book Harry only just escapes one by using his broom. Dragons are illegal to keep as a pet even though Hagrid attempts it. The hardest dragon to get past is called the Hungarian Horntail. As you should know dragons breath out lots of boiling fire, which could really hurt you unless you do something about it quickly. Pg.12

  • From the smallest rats to the biggest owls its all here at Eeylops Owl Emporium or Magical Menergie down at Diagon Alley so come get yours.

    Only 3 galleons, 2 suckles and 5 knuts

  • Potter poems Hermione granger Bossy at the start But extremely smart Fred and George The twins are very funny And love to trick their mummy Dumbledore Dumbledore is mysterious And also very curious

    Ron Ronald is very gullible Some people think him incapable Voldomort Voldomort is very cunning And sends muggles running pg.14

  • Knock-Knock Who`s there? You know You-know-who? It`s all right, he's dead now. You can say his name. Harry runs up to Ron and says Ron! Someone killed Dumbledore! You Serious? No, I'm Harry.

    Why did Crabbe and Goyle cross the road? Because Draco did. Pg.15


  • Daily prophet!

    VOLDEMORT DEAD After torturing many wizards/witches, writes Amelie Keane, reporter for the Daily Prophet Lord Voldemort has finally been killed. So many people are happy. I used to always stay up late worrying that my children would be killed, says Madgi Call, mother of three. It`s such a relief to go to bed and know they will be safe. But not everybody is relaxed. The Ministry of Magic has been catching stray Death-Eaters everywhere. It`s tiring work, but I know that the more of them we catch, the safer everyone will be. Says Arthur Weasley, one of the workers in the Muggle Artefact Department, I feel much more important now, working on more than just my job. Fingers crossed that this safeness will last forever. Pg.16

  • Fire bolt 2 The fastest broom in history!





  • Harry Potter Quiz! Which Harry Potter character are you?

    1: Your going camping with your friends and you find a wreaked castle with a sign that says DANGER, UNSAFE. What do you do? A: You go in anyway. Youre not scared! B: You don`t know what to do so you go back to your tent and forget about it. C: You go and tell your parents. Maybe they should knock it down.

    2: Your teacher has just given you enough homework to last you a year but you have to get it done in two days. What do you do? A: Let someone else do all the work and then copy it. B: Make up your homework. Who cares if you get it wrong? C: Easy Peasy! You can get this done in no time! 3: Your walking in the woods all by yourself. Suddenly, you hear a twig crack behind you. You turn around and see Voldemort. What do you do? A: Try and kill him B: Run! C: Get out your wand and put Protective Charms all around you

    4: Your walking in the park and you look up and see a flying car. What do you do? A: Try and signal it down. It could be fun! B: No, you didn`t see anything. You go home and don`t say anything C: What the? You call the police immediately!

  • 5: It`s your birthday. What do you wish for? A: A present B: A new pet C: A book

    6: You get a mysterious letter about lots of random things and somewhere to meet with the person who sent it. What do you do? A: You go, but you make sure you`ve got something to protect you. B: What! Of course you go! Your family has been getting this letter for years! C: You go, but ask an adult to come with you. Hermione Granger! Harry Potter! Hermione Granger! Ron Weasley! Mostly As Mostly Bs Mostly Cs

    Just like Harry, youre brave and adventures. If there is someone who is wanting to get rid of you, you will stand up to them and defend yourself.

    Like Ron, youre the youngest and everyone looks over you, everyone except your friends. Youre a little jumpy, but that doesn`t matter.

    You're another Hermione! You like to study and get everything right. You're extremely smart and like to correct people. There is no spell that you don`t know.

  • Harry Potter Spells

    By Amelie Keane and Alannah Hibbard

    Spell What they do Expelliarmus Avada Kedavra Alohomora Lumos Accio Reparo Wing-gardium Levieosa Silencio Crucio Sectamsempra Locomotor Mortis Riddikulas Legilimans Protgeeto Stupify Duro

    Disarm, pass wand Kill Unlock doors Light-up your wand Summons something Fixes something Levitates something Makes something be quiet Fire comes out your wand Blood everywhere Legs stick together Boggarts reverse Take your mind out Reverse a spell Explode Turns something to stone