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KBART UpdateMarlene van BallEgooie, University of Toronto LibrariesALA NISO Annual UpdateJune 26, 2016

What is KBART?Knowledge Bases And Related Tools

A recommended practice to improve the supply of metadata from content providers to knowledgebasesJoint project between NISO and UKSGPhase 1Completed in 2010Main focus on serialsPhase 2Completed in 2014Build on Phase 1 to accommodate ebooks, OA publications, consortial holdings



KBART Data Elements

KBs are the center of thee-resource universeTracks new additions, title drops, URL changesEnsures user is sent to the appropriate copy that the library subscribes to



Knowledgebase Supply Chain


The ProblemIf metadata contained in the knowledgebase is incorrect or missing, it impacts all services that are reliant upon it (ERM, discovery service, OPAC, etc.)Common issues:Title changes / title transfers / ceased titlesIncorrect coverage datesIncorrect standard identifiers (ISBN, ISSN)Missing/outdated information on what is included in content packages


KBART to the RescueBest practice guidelines for the delivery of metadata from content providers to knowledgebase vendors

Data fields (what elements to include and how to format them)File formatFile naming conventionsMethod of exchangeFrequency of exchange


Who is KBART?Administration

KBART Standing Committee

KBART Endorsement ProcessProvider submits file to the KBART Standing Committee ( and content are reviewed by KBART Standing Committee members and recommendations made If revisions are necessary, content provider makes recommended changes and re-submits file for endorsementMake data publicly available to your supply chain contactsEndorsed!

KBART Registry

Current PrioritiesOutreach to content providers, solicit more endorsementsRe-endorse providers for Phase IIDevelop materials to make it easier to implement KBARTKBART education for content providersCharleston pre-conference (November 2015)NASIG pre-conference (June 2016)Where next? You tell us where we need to go!

Future WorkExploring cross-recommendation collaborations (such as ODI)Changes in the industry Non-textual content Automated exchange of title listsLibrary-specific entitlementsPotential changes to the scope of KBART

For more informationRecommended practice: