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Accelerating The Visible Library or Dont wait Iterate!

Resetting the Webs Information LandscapeGrowing Library Visibility with Linked DataEric

Library of Congress BIBFRAME UpdateALA Annual // June 26, 2016.Orlando, FL, USA

Libraries in the emerging WebEstablishing a foundationGrowing togetherDefining our future

Extensibility & Collaboration



Growing TogetherOver 2000 Library LocationsCommunity connections & Geo-density matter100+ Millions of Items Made VisibleTypical catalogs transform & publish in less than an hour1+ Billions of Resources describedConnections createdOpportunities to reach new and current users re-enforcing relevance

Every library, museum & archive has a storyHow is the Web illuminating and connecting with your story?

Human FriendlyMachine Optimized

The Web is moving from web pages and simple SEO to a web of data

The simple links of the original Web

Are becoming typed data - data links

subject predicate object

Linked Data becomes useful when we haveA CommonAccessible andActionable approach

The Next Generation of Search is rooted in Questions, Geography, Personalization, and RelationshipsBehave Differently

Intelligent agents

Imagine an information landscape that has learned about Libraries, their content, and services

Im looking for some good new mysteries I can pick up before I head out for my trip later this week?Let me check on some options, but first - Who are some of your favorite authors?

What would it take for Libraries to be part of the conversation?PersonalizationGeographicReaders AdvisoryContentAccess ControlAvailability

Putting it all together

Seeding the Web with Library Data









At this point, it is helpful to draw a distinction between Vocabularies and Frameworks optimized for Description and those for Discovery. It isnt a matter of either/or, but rather both when we have discussions about approaches like BIBFRAME and BIBFRAME can be seen as a way to bring together our industry specific traditions and needs, then we can project or publish in additional vocabularies like , Facebooks Open Graph or some other vocabulary we dont know about yet.21

BIBFRAME Baseline ResourcesInstanceAgentConceptCopyrightEventFamilyFormMeetingOrganizationTemporalProviderEventWorksPersonsCollectionPlaceTopicSeriesJust the beginning. BIBFRAME is inherently extensible and is moving beyond MARC & catalogs.





The Network EffectPathways to understand what is shared and uniqueWorking together to reshape the landscape

Stories at ScaleUnderstanding what is common & uniqueWho?DescriptiveWhere?LocationsWhen?HoursWhat?ContentServicesEventsHow?Access & PoliciesWhy?Purpose & Strategy

Every Library has a Local Link Graph activated

Libraries Publish Linked Data through Local Link Graphs

Each Resource is published and linked in the Librarys Local Link Graph pages.

Library First Architecture is designed to bring together disparate resources, surface relationships and provide entry paths for the Web into whats available in the library.

445,007 Catalog Records become millions of Link Graph Data ResourcesInstance(445,007)




A Person Resource doesnt yet have a Catalog page, but look at what your data can teach the Web

All Local Link GraphsConsistent vocabularyCurrent contentLocal identity and storyShared links

The Library.Link Network isLarge scaleInclusiveLocally focusedGlobally deployedCurrent contentDesigned for high volume harvest


Telling the whole story requires Collaboration

Weaving the best of libraries and the Web togetherThis isnt about gaming a systemIts not about optimizing to any one serviceIts about speaking as an industry in a way the Web understandsLeveraging the power of our community And benefiting from what all this enables

OpportunitiesLearn MoreLibrary JournalSirsiDynixInnovativeEBSCO & NovelistAtlas Systems

Get Started @

Thousands of libraries are represented in the Network

Resetting the Webs Information LandscapeGrowing Library Visibility with Linked DataEric

Library of Congress BIBFRAME UpdateALA Annual // June 26, 2016.Orlando, FL, USA