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  • Brad [email protected]


    Note: this is an all demo talk, so I will not be going through these slides they are here for reference only

  • Visual Studio 2008 Web Developer Express-100% Free (as in free beer) -Full development experience (from data to Ajax development and debugging)-Great Editor and Debugger for JavaScript

    ColorizerFormattingCross-File IntellisenseWorks with ASP.NET AJAX, jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, YUI, ExtJs, and othersDebugger

    -Does not require Windows on the web server or on client OS

  • Visual Studio & jQuery jQuery support in ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC,

    and Visual Studio Available in October:

    jQuery included with ASP.NET MVC download Fully documented jQuery IntelliSense in Visual Studio

    and Visual Web Developer Express Update to VS/VWD to support *.debug.js version w/o

    reference jQuery to be included in future Visual Studio releases Same experience possible for all frameworks using

    Visual Studio documentation format

  • Demo walk through Find the full demo walkthought herehttp://blogs.msdn.com/brada/archive/2008/03/06/mix08-


    CSS supportData Access with LINQWeb Services using JSONASP.NET ListView ControlAjax without JavaScriptClient Side Java Script development and debugging in VSAjax Control Toolkit

  • ASP.NET AJAX ClientTemplates JavaScript library to bind data to HTMLSimplifies displaying data returned from Web

    ServicesSimple, easy-to-understand syntaxProvides clean separation of Data and UI Interoperable:

    Doesnt require ASP.NETCompatible with other JavaScript frameworks

  • In Summary Enhance the Visual Studio intellisense experience for

    your Javascript library:http://tinyurl.com/MSajax1

    Powerful templating you can use today:http://tinyurl.com/MSajax2

    Read Step by step walk through:http://tinyurl.com/MSajax3

    Ajax Control Toolkithttp://tinyurl.com/MSajax4

    Tell me what you think: [email protected]