ais at brigham young university emily cookson travis selland co-presidents, byu student chapter

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AIS at Brigham Young UniversityEmily CooksonTravis SellandCo-Presidents, BYU Student Chapter

IntroductionEmily CooksonPortland, OregonFirst Year MISM, Security & BIExxonMobil, Analytic SolutionsTravis SellandSan Francisco, CaliforniaFirst Year MISM, Software DevelopmentWorkday, Application Development

Both2HistoryEstablished in 1991Evolved from ASM to AIS in 201198% Membership among IS students

Emily3OrganizationOnce a week council meetingsEmphasis on collaboration & approachabilityStand-up Reports, AgileTrelloaisofficers@googlegroups.comA-Team

Travis4OfficersEmily CooksonCo-PresidentTravis SellandCo-PresidentTom MeservyFaculty AdvisorReid GraweDirector, IS Placement

Brittany CoonWAIS President

Travis5OfficersBen LeBaronVP, MembershipKyle LonghurstVP, MarketingDan MorainVP, Extra-CurricularsMorgan KapVP, ActivitiesCarter HestermanVP, ActivitiesRJ SmithVP, Public RelationsCathy Kennelly VP, Recruiter RelationsJimmy MarchantVP, Logistics

Carlos FiloteoVP, TechnologyNathan DudleyVP, Finance

Travis6AgendaChallengeApproach/SolutionCreating a vibrant community between students, faculty, and alumniBYU IS CommunityCommunication to MembersCommunicationKeeping up with Industry TrendsValue Added ForumsAttracting Women to ISWAISWorking with SponsorsSponsorship** Feel free to ask questions throughout **

Emily Travis

Define what makes your chapter valued to studentsWhat challenges have been faced by the chapter and what you have done to overcome these challenges7Creating an IS CommunityBridge the GapConnect students with sponsor companiesBetween Juniors (120), Seniors (60), MISM (120)Extend to prerequisite classesIntegrate Alumni, Faculty, Advisory Board

Creating a vibrant community between students, faculty, and alumni

Travis8Creating an IS CommunityMentorship Prospective StudentsJunior CoreBSIS (Seniors)MISM (1st and 2nd)Junior High Students (App Competition)Culture of Giving BackCreating a vibrant community between students, faculty, and alumni

Emily9Creating an IS CommunityOpening and Closing Socials

Creating a vibrant community between students, faculty, and alumni

Alumni Service ActivityCope family home holiday decoration

Travis10CommunicationSocial MediaTwitter CompetitionLive Twitter feeds at eventsInvolve sponsors@byuaisGoogle+ EventsCommunication with Members

Travis11CommunicationOther MethodsWebsiteais.byu.eduNewsletterOnce a week 80% open rateIn-class Announcements

Communication with Members

Emily12Value Added ForumsFocus is on allowing giving students experience with a wide variety of technologies that are in demandSoft SkillsTechnical TrainingPython/Django, git, Angular.js, deployment to cloud, BI, web analyticsKeeping Up with Industry Trends

Travis13Value Added ForumsOften led by studentsPotential SponsorsKeeping Up with Industry Trends

Travis14Women in ISSub-organization for womenWAIS President serves on AIS leadership councilOpening and Closing socialsImitation Game, January 2015Closing Lunch, April 2015Attracting Women to IS

Emily15Women in ISSix Sisters Event, Capstone Project March 2015Inform prospective women about IS ProgramModel to be rolled out for other programsAttracting Women to IS

Emily16SponsorshipEstablish student / employer connections Monetary SupportTechnical TrainingAIS Targeted Recruiting EventsPriority Scheduling

Working with Sponsors

Travis17Working with Sponsors

Travis18Sponsorship LevelsWorking with Sponsors

Travis19Sponsor ChallengesChallengeSolutionClarification of ValueROI reports for each sponsorCommunicationProcess for following up, VP of Sponsor RelationsPersonalized attentionEncouraging sponsors to bring AlumniMeeting DemandKeeping students informed of opportunities, extra advertising through newsletter & social mediaWorking with Sponsors

Emily20Sponsorship Value> 50% placement rate to 16 (sponsors) out of 100 (total) companies recruiting IS studentsIS program: 100% placementPersonal ImpactTravis & QualtricsEmily & ExxonMobil

Working with Sponsors

Travis & QualtricsEmily & ExxonMobil

TM: Could we say > 50%?21SolutionsApproach/SolutionValue to StudentsBYU IS CommunityNetwork of peersLong-term connectionsCommunicationIncreased awareness of opportunitiesHigher attendance at eventsValue Added ForumsTechnical training for attendeesPresenters gain experienceSponsors exposure to studentsWAISIncrease student diversityFriendships among women in the programSponsorshipEmployment opportunities for studentsCulture of giving backTargeted AIS recruiting

Emily, Travis Support22Questions?Emily CooksonTravis Selland

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